How Artistic Unique Wooden Designs King Platform Beds

King platform beds always come with the unique designs that will give you the fascinating atmosphere while sleep. The designs are quite different with other king beds. King platform bed is quite popular, especially in Europe. The beds have besides modern and sleek, it also serves as a storage area. Platform beds are often made of wood and equipped with built-in drawers or nightstands. Mattresses placed on the platform as usual. Size platform beds varies. This bed is wider than the mattress so it looks like a traditional bed frame.

King size Bed with bed linen and pillows are all layered brown color

King size Bed with bed linen and pillows are all layered brown color

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really artistic unique wooden designs king platform beds. Some king-size platform bed has a storage unit that is built into the base of the bed. This gives more space to store the big things like blankets and clothes for their seasonal live in an area with four seasons. Some beds also features trundles disguised in the form of a drawer at the base and can be pulled out at any time if there are guests who want to use it to sleep at night. King platform bed designs typically leaner than metal-framed bed. The beds have a mattress does not require secondary as support. While additional storage space underneath is very useful for home with small spaces. If you need a traditional bed to get into the bedroom decor that is, you can still select a platform bed with a certain style. The bed is not very different from the classic bed but visually wise enough if you choose a king bed and a sleek modern platform slightly lower.

King size Platform Bed and there are ornamental plants in the right hand corner of the bed

King size Platform Bed and there are ornamental plants in the right hand corner of the bed

Platform King Bed is crafted from Tropical Mahogany Solids

Platform King Bed is crafted from Tropical Mahogany Solids

Platform beds are also present in the futuristic style featuring an attractive curved lines and design that makes them look as if they float above the floor. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really artistic unique wooden designs king platform beds. Thanks a lot.

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  8. Lucia Alani N. says:

    The Country Living link actually goes to a Southern Living link.

  9. Julianne911 says:

    I rarely comment on Before & Afters but I just fill to say…wow. gigantic job.

  10. Ayla.Ayleen says:

    I too the IKEA LOKKA table and it. It has fit perfectly in 4 different apartments in the tiniest spots. If we upgrade, it will probably be to a drop-leaf table of the vintage variety. luck with the search!

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  12. Adrienne-Aislinn says:

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  14. Jordyn-Kamila says:

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  15. Jimmy_Aydin says:

    Hey, I objective had a intellectual idea! How about putting cupboards over the countertops? With doors! Cleaner, extremely convenient, and no visual clutter.

  16. Jadyn Sammy says:

    That living room/salon is gorgeous! Too formal for me to live with, but I it greatly. :)Also, I really all the plants, particularly in the bedroom. Could I glean the names of those plants, by any chance? Thanks!

  17. RyleeJulietaAryana says:

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  18. Esme_Vada says:

    Gotta say I am squarely in the before camp. The after removes the highlights and turns it into a downhearted blob. Kudos, however, for the attempt at working with what you have.

  19. Ean J. says:

    Im having computer problems. I meant to ask which font you for the letters on the wall.

  20. Ruben 1993 says:

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  21. Jalen says:

    The exposed clothes storage and kitchen seem in discontinuance proximity to one another. Are your clothes and shoes affected by cooking smells at all? Curious…

  22. Wyatt Orlando says:

    I esteem the stuffed cat. Not extremely PC… but favorable touch.

  23. Fernando says:

    i been wanting to accomplish this, apt shocked that the box spring will bow over time without the wood supports under it. anyone any experience with this?

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  28. Fatima says:

    Ahhh . . . the after pictures areposted (they must disappeared somewhere for a while). Lovely!

  29. Lucy_Elyse_Joselyn says:

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    @Clotilde SoupertOMG , too funny!!! Mine too! If I had a pantry I would certainly want it to appreciate one of these…Probably the last one.

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  35. Blake J. says:

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  36. Holly says:

    AlanaYour reminds me of the one on another thread about the white room with the cerise pillow.If you were asking me the question, I would say that “ice” tones of any color will warm up a white room without violating the inherent “coolness” of the space. Because colors bear hues and values, Maxwell is not contradicting himself. Darker shades are warmer than lighter shades. Purer shades are cooler than muddied shades.So for my two cents, or perhaps given inflation, my toonie.

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  38. Abel says:

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  43. Ricardo-Felipe says:

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  47. Magnolia Aliya Z. says:

    One of my absolute favourite tours. So personality and creativity that is clever & humorous. Thanks for sharing.

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  56. Jane-Kaylynn says:

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  58. Alonso-2010 says:

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  59. AbigailKarlie says:

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  60. Leanna G. says:

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  65. HeavenKyraMonroe says:

    I strongly suggest that you come by a fabric that you appreciate that includes the color of the sofa, and that as a cue for selecting other colors. (For instance, I I in my pile of fabric a Japanese quilting fabric with peonies this color, navy blue designs, white and shades of green.)Use the fabric for some simple-to-make sofa pillow covers, and bewitch your other colors based on the print.(A marvelous of artwork could conclude the job, instead.)

  66. Laurel_Sutton_Simone says:

    I WANT TO LIVE HERE!!!! aesthetic place! Such a style! That bicycle poster in the bathroom is my favorite!

  67. Elijah says:

    I am sitting on the couch pictured above and it rocks! My aunt looked at it and replied “that looks hideously uncomfortable” and then proceeded to asleep on it saying it was fabulous.

  68. Jada Lilia S. says:

    I am up for the hot water, chilly weather methods of killing off what you can, but I am not changing out my carpeting or banning my cats, so I guess a amount of dust mites will be something I fill to as the tradeoff. (I wonder of steam cleaning the carpet would much?)

  69. DaltonVincenzo says:

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  70. Conner 2005 says:

    When my kids were we could engage up the ends of newsprint rolls free from our local town newspaper. They had enough paper left to last for months (maybe years!) worth of kids drawings, and would otherwise absorb been thrown away.

  71. Andreas says:

    So that people are orange haters! I can honestly say i all colours equally. There is a dwelling for every colour even orange. Maybe that is why i got my orange kitchenaid mixer half off : ) Anyway Carolyn you acquire given me a lot to consider about. Cheers!

  72. Sophia Kyra says:

    care for the layout and the device you designed everything to on what you wanted to on. I seriously never noticed the embarrassing window treatment or even the walls at all while examining the whole apartment. Well done!! My thing is the painting over your bed and when I read afterwards that it was your inspiration I could why. :O)

  73. Junior Cale Keanu says:

    I affection this transformation! (and the “flip” is effective too!)

  74. Derrick.Roderick.Norman says:

    Agree with 212G. To me, it also looks really cheap. I would not exhaust this in a space where I was hoping to build a professional impression.How about researching filters to insert in the cans? It would benefit diffuse the light from those harsh, harsh, harsh fluorescent bulbs?

  75. Heavenly says:

    My advice (I live in 560 sq ft).
    Carry your measurements with you, I mine in the phone. If you several items to fetch or spaces to contain achieve the measurement on you so if you come across something you know if its gonna work or not. This is more if your actively working on your dwelling and many nooks to fill. Also with spaces I learned to be flexible with my ideas…my set has turned out to ogle nothing bask in imagined.

  76. Craig says:

    I the floral chair! Where did it go? Personally I tried having my desk facing out but always felt distracted by what was going on in the room or hallway. Now I spot it in front of a window and I acquire lots more done. And I agree that whatever you enjoy in will work for you… what you glimpse for you will find. I found the “before” to be comfortably cluttered and perfectly OK but as I always people, “Whatever floats your boat.” I objective hope that chair is around. It gave life to the room.

  77. Nina-Carly-Zariah says:

    While I that a piedestal or console sink makes a bathroom appear larger, it is often not a great for spaces because there is no storage!

  78. Logan Josef says:

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  79. Melissa_Jolie_Deborah says:

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  80. Pranav Menachem says:

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  81. Isabelle-Skyler-Maisie says:

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  82. Matthew Harley says:

    adore that Maharajah chair. It combines to of my elements Asian and sky blue.

  83. Joanna says:

    Love! I beget a purple guest room and a turquoise living room, so I was immediately drawn to this tour.

  84. Zechariah_Milton says:

    I would in a asymmetrical mantel- across the top of the fireplace all the over to one of the side walls, but not the other. I would employ a fragment of wood the with the same width as the beams and in the same stain. I assume the horizontal line there would assist the room not quite so top heavy, and the asymmetry would current things up a little. Then you could lean some astronomical frames or decorative items on that ledge, and perhaps balance it with a or mirror hung on the other side of the fireplace. It would up a little bit of your stone, yes, but I deem there will be plenty left visible to construct quite the statement.I agree with many other commenters about keeping whatever new hanging light fixtures you consistent. Hopefully you can ditch everything that is currently there, including the ceiling fan. Alternately, the idea of uplighting your ceiling was excellent. Perhaps that, and then a hanging fixture over a reading chair in a corner or something.What an animated challenge! luck!

  85. Linda says:

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  86. Terrell-Josh says:

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  87. Nathan.Royce says:

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  88. Aadhya says:

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  89. Dallin A. says:

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  90. Lily.Vada says:

    @Ziyal haha, yeah my fiancé was really frightened about the height at first as well. We fill been sleeping on it for almost a year now and no accidents yet! Our cat loves it, she thinks she queen of the jungle.

  91. Paige.Paislee says:

    Both she and her dwelling is even more enticing if the viewer possesses a sense of humor.

  92. ReaganLailaJolene says:

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  93. Josie-Ruth-Irene says:

    An unexpected, fun mix and so personal! Terrific tour and cherish the musty turntable!

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  96. Jazmine-2005 says:

    The of this is great! I wanted to something this for my niece and nephew for their birthday – ended up filling a box with a family game night. popcorn, root *, candy, board game and a few balloons. (double as padding in the box! large idea. 😉

  97. Leroy-88 says:


  98. Paola says:

    Looking at these photos, it seems the main requirement is having an attentive mantel to with. My brick fireplace is more be pleased image 9, but not painted. Alas, that is the most image.

  99. Enzo Van says:

    i those laurel lamps in the third pic… i a similar table version

  100. Rowan.Darrius says:

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  101. Brendan.Corbin.Rocco says:

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  102. TroyJovanny says:

    I many of these are great, including the sustain And Drink Coffee (or whatever). I know lots of people complain about them being in nearly every house tour but so be it – they are there for the residents and not for the audience.

  103. Talia Karen Oakley says:

    I agree that the Eames LTR occasional table is the best match for this chair:

  104. Kolton I. says:

    You are bask in my twin. Same neighborhood, same paint color, same too doorways that you fill to pry furniture through. I would cherish to copy you in one other if you can include a tutorial on those wood tubing garment racks.. Its weird, because bask in you, twin, i saw them on etsy a while ago and opinion about trying it myself, but got pushed attend on my DIY list behind reupholstering chairs and making lamps from gourds.

  105. Aydan_Lamar says:

    living room, the center table!that gold table lamp is from Delightfull?

  106. JaquanDarien says:

    I stayed at the Frank Sinatra House this spring and AT posted some pics. It was such an experience! If anyone ever has the opportunity, hobble for it!

  107. Kylan N. says:

    Maybe the caption should say “10 things productive people within 5 hours of rising” – not so catchy.

  108. ScarlettCameron says:

    hello Niki. Pallets are typically treated with a lot of chemicals to prevent invasive bug species from migrating. You may want to rethink their exercise for growing edible plants.

  109. Brittany says:

    charles is the one with the carefully planned yet casually unintentional half-untucked shirt.

  110. Daisy-Perla says:

    Fabulous.This nursery is TINY, but sooooooo welcoming.I it transports you.The color is perfect and the items to decorate the are well-chosen. I affection the mobile, the french doors, the mural and the crib bedding.These parents clearly an for “cool”.***********

  111. RebeccaPaisleeAddyson says:

    I would imagine that having it be tarred would be handy on a boat because it would repel water, but why would that be useful in your house?

  112. Erik Cristopher Haden N. says:

    Is anyone making an * version of this? It is space-saving, and would peek in a cramped kitchen.

  113. Maria Reese Khaleesi R. says:
  114. Claire says:

    @Holiday05 Joists are probably the boom preventing the medicine cabinet from being inset. If I accelerate by my bear reno…

  115. Aditya T. says:

    This is my house tour in fresh memory. Fun, comfortable, and personal.

  116. Romeo99 says:

    All white interior? It must be a * to that clean! Then again if you can afford that place you could probably afford to pay someone to it for you.

  117. Allen Deangelo Keanu says:

    I the of the long narrow rug in the first and the wallpaper in picture 5. You can these from any angle. As for hanging art I absorb the impression you only the frames.

  118. Kaleb Maximilian Rey says:

    blooming lampchris_94131 :: thanks for that link *really* liking the Lily lamp!

  119. Gerardo Casey Ariel says:

    i bought a tea * because it was first-rate looking but it pours terribly so tea goes all over. it irks me in a contrivance that other virgos would understand.

  120. Irvin B. says:

    Can anyone identify the outdoor lounge chairs in the last photo?

  121. Joseph-Jaydon says:

    @lttwhivy I agree. Unfortunately, looks like a sloppy paint job with gloomy paint on the windows. A razor blade and 30 minutes would fill it looking mighty sharper and neater.Nice makeover!

  122. EllieRuthEmmy says:

    $275. is fine but what considerate of jobs these people that they can afford $3000. a month for rent? what achieve the utilities run? ins.? Parking fees? What ever it is I want a job that! Ps what is the age of these tenants? SS must be extremely for those over 65 yrs of age..please add more demographics in future critiques.

  123. Jamari says:

    We friends in another that we visit and their toilet paper is so thin and rough I bear started taking my own. It matters!

  124. EstherSloanLaney says:

    I grew up in a but near-urban environment, so outside keys me.Our backyard shed has a combination lock, so I can send the combo to a family member in an emergency. But if someone bothers to demolish the door down — well, the clutterbomb went off in there so a waterproof bottle is safely hidden!

  125. June Tiana Lyra says:

    Decorate them: paint on them as stained glass with glass paint, or if you want something less permanent – paper cutouts! AT has had some cute paper window decorating posts in the past

  126. Christian.Amare says:

    MiklakMiklak, I was wondering the same thing; how could you possibly not fill a second BR in 1700 SF? I the same square footage and 3 bedrooms, though granted one is dinky and is as an office…

  127. Charlotte.Ashley.Danna says:

    @stationeryfiend and a lot more patience than I probably 🙂

  128. Rolando_Jovani says:

    Hopefully this will become a yearly contest, and you can rep next year?

  129. Charli Lilia R. says:

    Usually when I people actually try to enact yellow, it looks awful. It takes a lot of curating of the rest of your stuff to pull off a strong, vibrant yellow. That first really does it for me, with the whole south of France cottagey thing thrown off kilter by the yellow and the retro futuro wall clock/calendar. How fun!

  130. Cade Zackery Braiden says:

    Is the guy pictured on the left, “Mike”, lisp to be healthy? That chronicle had more of an impact on me than the monkeys. If this is what a grievous calorie diet can to someone, I would rather stick with my new diet and muscle. That is apt spooky.

  131. Zion says:

    I these ideas and variations of most of them. The only one I oppose is putting a mini-bar in the guest room. Food and drink in my area is restricted to the dining room and kitchen. No exceptions. And clean-up must be done immediately with any food away in either the freezer, refrigerator or in glass canning jars. I am not taking any chances with ants.

  132. Phoenix-Hugh says:

    When we recently moved out of our last apartment, we were required to the wall-to-wall carpets cleaned. The professional services were exquisite expensive, even for our microscopic space, so we opted to beget it ourselves.We researched online, and the best option for us was to consume a Rug Doctor, rented from U-Haul. Bought a couple bottles of cleaner, a bottle of place remover (we had stains), and it was easy to figure out. The carpet was noticeably better afterwards, and we got our whole deposit with “very clean” written on our notice. 🙂

  133. Jack says:

    Article mentions running cords behind the wall. Unless you are having an electrician hardwire your equipment you should NEVER any cables or extension cords behind drywall. In many jurisdictions that is not to code and a really effective intention to void your insurance in event of a fire.

  134. Emersyn Madalynn says:

    i ancient to the same color cabinets, in a kitchen half as wide! AWFUL. my landlady was immediately on board with painting them, and the room looks adorable now.color suggestions: the bottom cabinets in a dim downhearted blue-gray, faded Navy by benjamin moore, which would offset the yellow beautifully. then compose the top in a crisp white. the makes the top cabinets seem even lighter and more by comparison, and you can finish graphic print curtains.

  135. RoyaltyKailey says:

    I broken-down to that too JamesM. I tried bar soap, shampoo, shaving cream, etc. Sometimes it worked, other times not. But what did happen was a gunked up mirror!

  136. Jacob says:

    Armless sofas never been and never will be comfortable. Never. Ever.

  137. Luke@999 says:

    Hmmm. I actually both the before and after. The before is glowing although it is dark, and the after feels extremely refreshing. first-rate job! And I adore how you added the additional top cabinets. Makes the room behold taller.

  138. Alex-Clark-Deon says:

    @Nadia-in-Australia Thanks for the feedback. However, I believe a frugal lifestyle which means my fridge is perfectly adequate for what I want to store in there. Although not my entire house is minimalist, there is no clutter and especially in kitchen and bathroom I tend to only allow essential items in and achieve the countertops as as possible. Also I all my meals from scratch with fresh ingredients and I not drink *, wine or soda. Thus you will not accumulate an entire collection of sauce bottles, alcohol beverages etc. in my fridge. Our tap water is so apt here in the Netherlands that water I drink is just tap water in a aluminium bottle that is stored in the fridge only in summer. I assume only what I will employ up in half a week or so, hence I never throw food away. I bake my bread and will it to the extremely last scrap. If it is I will bread pudding, Tuscan bread soup or exhaust it as crumbs on a pie f.i.

  139. Jayce says:

    Wow!! That inspired me. I am currently thinking of enrolling in online classes for interior decorating but debating if that type of certification can really me into interior work and helping people do living environments. I currently work in corporate America in a field no where to my dream. you any suggestions? you I should catch the course and contemplate where it leads me? astronomical article all around 🙂

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