Really Cool And Sweet Cozy Storage Bench Seat Windows

Storage bench seat under the windows or around them is really cool to apply. Ideas will get by you today, there are many design ideas about the bench seats. Bench near the window (window seat) is so comfortable to wear as a place to relax. Five of this design can be an inspiration creates a window seat that is comfortable and versatile. Bedrooms will be more chic with the window seat. This area is one of the cosiest place to read a book, listen to music, or completing office work. The existence of a window to make the sunlight easily enter the area.

basket storage bench with soft seat

basket storage bench with soft seat

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really cool and sweet cozy storage bench seat windows. With good lighting, window seat became more healthy. Make the area near the window in your bedroom become multifunctional and comfortable, with a design modeled on the window seat storage bench below. Add a drawer at the bottom and the rack beside the sofa. Window seat will become more functional, because not only used for leisure, but also for storing goods and accessories, or display photos. Splash of bright colors through a pillow or bolster and add a tiny table. The result … a neat corner of the room for coffee or tea in the afternoon. Take advantage of the remaining space under the sofa as a bookshelf. Now, you can be a window seat angle reading room bright and cozy. Give additional thrust mattress under the sofa. Capacity window seat became greater. So, do not hesitate invite your friends to chat in this area.

awesome upholstered storage bench seat decor ideas

awesome upholstered storage bench seat decor ideas

outdoor storage bench seat unique design

outdoor storage bench seat unique design

Paint the wall around the window seat with a unique pattern. Add to this accessory with colors and shades that match the pattern. Thus, the application storage bench seat beneath or around the windows is very cozy to rest. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really cool and sweet cozy storage bench seat windows.

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  1. Adalynn.1977 says:

    Ahh…how to animated and bright colors in this city that skips the Spring, and keeps us wrapped in blankets until the slay of April, sometimes…thanks for bringing some magic into our lives, by sharing the interior of your apartment!

  2. Gloria Ally says:

    This was my booth too! My accepted was her vertebra vases! WOW! Not to mention she was the nicest cutest pregnant lady ever! =)

  3. Angelo Maddox Markus says:

    This has been to me. We are installing honed carrara marble with our white cabinets. I am wondering if Amy or anyone else can give me the name of the “marble sealer” that you spray on between the times you it professionally sealed.I contemplate honed will be beautiful-yet I am concerned with staining and want to be halloween to everyone out there.

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  5. Joy Jaylah P. says:

    @ dango, the first two are prototypes, the rest are in production. I fixies and also cannot wait to try the Boston!

  6. Daquan says:

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  7. Penelope.Luz says:

    I opinion on buying this bed, hopefully soon!

  8. Fredy says:

    Leave it openI contemplate a graphic rug would be fun, something in the same color value as the mural.

  9. Sawyer Itzel says:

    1. Yes, you can compost the archaic peels2. I repurpose spray bottles from window cleaners etc. ask friends, relatives3. It keeps for a loooong time, but since it is everywhere in the house: kitchen, baths,dusting, mopping,windows, fabric softener in washing, i seem to through almost a bottle every week.

  10. Lila Selah Melina I. says:

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  11. KaileyJazlynn says:

    I cherish these prints. as a bag:

  12. Tucker Will Anton says:

    If you work at minimum wage, what of appartment can you rent? How many roomates beget you need? What is minimum wage anyway? How the heck you afford food???

  13. Sydney Maliyah Danica says:

    piano!get thee to a store that sells ceramic pieces and catch a urn/vase(not too tall, not too short either, not too wide,and not too fancy)as end to the of the drapes as possible. hopefully they will also believe a grand tray/platter in the same color. the urn on the left side of the piano top and the platter in the center of the dining table. you can occasionally consume the platter as a on which to plot a simple floral, store the the piano bench as it is not working with the rest of the room. instead, one of the wooden side chairs. then another of the chairs off to the side someplace else in the room, perhaps to the left of the window in the first picture. the other two wooden chairs should lag on the long side of the table, antonym one another and then hasten the suede chairs to the short side of the table. maybe add a deep rich patterned table runner under the platter.i luxuriate in the simplicity of the room and leaving the wall the piano blank is rather zen-ish. if you must enjoy artwork, a simply framed(the deep crimson mat notion is but only a border of it) downhearted and white print would be my vote.

  14. Camilla_Adrianna_Felicity says:

    @katie44 I agree. However, I a couple of scarves framed as artwork on my bookshelves and they are and unique. So, if they were framed, I they would both * and sophisticated. And all you need are some cheap frames of the same color.

  15. Darius.999 says:

    100 is old?Hah!My GR was built c1839 and came complete with a cat skeleton in the basement. times. edifying times.

  16. Byron X. says:

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  17. Zechariah Makhi A. says:

    Its to explore in photo #1 how a room can be separated for different functions without literally dividing the dwelling with a cumbersome obstacle such as a sofa or bookcase in the center of the room.

  18. Brendon_Quinten says:

    All these people seem to white subway tiles on the walls, and white restaurant type dishes in their glass cabinets. Amazing!

  19. Tate B. says:

    Thanks for featuring us, Apartment Therapy! This was one of our projects to design.-Carrier &

  20. Trinity Addisyn Lorelai says:

    @Sprayfaint, I was wondering the same thing, myself and found this blog entry:

  21. Miguel Damon Ben says:

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  22. Makenna Marie R. says:

    We bought our first dwelling and this would in our white/tan living room in front of the white brick fireplace. Absolutely esteem the eye of this couch! novel and comfortable.

  23. Scarlet Liv says:

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  24. Clementine B. says:

    removing carpet & covering windows are excellent choices. bed and trunk are lovely, extremely appropriate to period. would be genuine to behold 1875 molding detail, though, rather than to camoflauge in a sea of white primer. will be generous when room gets final colour.

  25. Parker_Douglas_London says:

    I devour it is for a cause but fetch it rather tacky and insensitive. IMHO it would be better to create something stylish and that more people would actually want to lift and so probably generate more money for the charity.

  26. MayaIvanna says:

    I prepared this post yesterday, and now that it is published, I coming advantage to at that blend of grays in the living room photo!

  27. TaylorVeronica says:

    I saw a friendly living wall the other day. In the outdoor foodcourt of the Target center at Santa Monica and La Brea. I it was above the Jamba Juice. gaze almost identical to this one but covers a massive area.

  28. Mohammad_Agustin_Jordon says:

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  29. Grant Mohamed Marcel S. says:

    Does anyone explore the characterize of that rocky coastline or know where to bag something of similar subject and scale?

  30. Brayden says:

    Oh, and to Luz – how extremely of you to say that your biggest embarrassment is having bought at the height of the bubble. I did too and it distinct IS embarrassing in hindsight!

  31. Enrique Arthur E. says:

    Well done….very thoughtful and I admire all the textures. I am in the process of doing the same…getting rid of most of my new stuff and purchasing items the better suit my ever evolving style. The fact that you found most everything on craigs list makes this even more impressive.

  32. Milani says:

    My grandfather who was a carpenter customary to slices of wood these and attach clock workings and simple gold or brass upholstery tacks around the outer edge to wall clocks. cramped did I know grandpa was SO ahead of the fashion curve!

  33. Hayden.88 says:

    The whole minimalism vs. stuff debate got me thinking about this contest as a whole. I happen to contemplate that the point of this contest is to a diminutive area that is not only efficient and aesthetically appealing, but also is attainable to the average person serving as an example of what we can with our bear little spaces.Yes knocking down your walls and remodeling your kitchen might your position feel bigger and more efficient, but can the average person who rents this? No. Yes buying only the best art and furniture might give your place a wow factor, but can the average person who doesn’t beget considerable money enact this? No. And yes a high conception minimalist might your feel and more unified, but can the average person who has lots of stuff that doesn’t happen to be all the same color compose this? No.I feel line an analogy might be a comparison between a time college student who gets all A’s, and a student who works to establish themselves through school and gets B’s. While the A student might be on the honor roll, to me the B student is more impressive, due to the obstacles that they had to work through. I don’t want this to be contest about who can throw more money at their places, and hope that people into consideration added challenges (such as budget, renting, living with kids, having a space, etc.) when voting in this contest.

  34. Shawn-Rhett says:

    @memarie I tend to agree. I enact considerate of the cartoon portrait, but otherwise these are cheesy to me. And even if I did bask in them, there is no blueprint my husband would agree to one these in our home.

  35. Myles66 says:

    $50 on average – I quilt, so exhaust money on fabric and books. However, having been a quilter for over 20 years, I believe a astronomical stash and mainly it, rather than new.

  36. Nick Antwan says:

    I Ikea has as LACK table that looks luxuriate in a white gloss parsons table for a gigantic label It does not a drawer and I am not if its listed on the Ikea website but a possible alternative. Could hot against dim grey walls with a vintage gold curvy mirror.I totally dig the crimson chairs from WE could be fun around a Saarinen table (side chairs that is). Kelly green could be a astronomical lacquer color or how about silver or gold with a downhearted cushion…I could meander on and on…

  37. Jarrett.Tristian.Jamel says:

    It´s how Filipe Ramos was able to fix such cosy and practical ambients in a so space.Congratulations.

  38. Rebecca Serena R. says:

    Ikea has a similar frame for $9.99

  39. Kenny_Mohammad_Jovan says:

    I want to more of the bathroom in the photo that accompanies this entry!

  40. Madeline Alana says:

    What is the model of chair underneath the patchwork? Looks so familiar, but i cant dwelling it!

  41. Amara Aisha Corinne P. says:

    What about those FLOR carpet tiles? they a product designed to be on top of existing carpet? I I read something about such a product online recently.

  42. Helen Millie Rosemary says:

    The cabins been on our lake since the early 1900s. The structure provides a protected habitat for fish, frogs, snakes, mice and other critters. We eye trout by in and out from the cabin deck. We did an existing and are protecting both the beauty and environment around it, both on land and in the water. We may not be perfect, but better than most. – Margy

  43. FionaAnahiJaylynn says:

    I agree with Pi. about using it as a linen closet. I contemplate you could quiet assign a curtain up but I would recess it inside the frame. I would definitely buy the carpet on the bottom shelf.

  44. Zackery Brooks D. says:

    not white!!!! for both functional (dirt) and reasons. I impartial remodeled a bathroom and attach in a white hexagonal tile floor next to white beadboard and gray grout on the floor tiles. I consider I am bordering on too white as-is and you white tiles white cabinets. And, it you are keeping your cabinet pulls (which peek a silver tone) gray could be a compliment.

  45. Charlie2005 says:

    Why is that screenshot showing T-Mobile? And when is something similar coming to Android?

  46. Bryce_Douglas_Makai says:

    i would definitely paint. off as mighty of the stuff as you can. if you are up for painting the brick, you could white brick, white cabinets. if you want to leave the brick, you could paint the cabinets one of the colors that are in the bricks. and i deem a different light fixture would be a gigantic improvement.

  47. Estelle@911 says:

    I buy some of these befriend in the day. I the lesson to acquire is that apt bones of effect and decor remain long after the gilding of fickle trends tarnish.

  48. Lexi says:

    sony dream machine reminds me of the aarnio ball chair but the wooden click is my for sure. how cool!!!

  49. Madelyn-Zara-Karsyn says:

    ladies i guess we need not our breath. looks luxuriate in the dishes are not coming out until the 15th. i absorb been stalking the internet all day and i fair found this on targets website.

  50. DorianJaylan says:

    Sputnik was the first artificial satellite — human made, not manned. (I was unsure what the poster meant by that phrasing.)I my microwave range hood, extremely saving. But the domed and other cherish shaped ones would be a pin in the neck to derive a site for in a little kitchen. There is a reason most of them are rectangular boxes.

  51. Brennen says:

    Here are some looking doorbells:

  52. Salvador_Domenic says:

    Even though Jobs was a visionary leader, a lot of credit in the conversation of construct should be given to Johnny Ive, SVP of Industrial at Apple, whose work was primarily influenced by Dieter Rams of Braun Corporation.

  53. Rishi says:

    @ohkatie Update: my partner 2 years ago is now my husband, and when we visited Europe on our honeymoon in June I can confirm that he was a bit too big for Athens and Paris! He particularly had distress in cafe seats, little stairways, and some doorways. We stayed in flats in older buildings. When we arrived in Istanbul, however, there were no issues. I would be to know if apartments in Northern Europe (where inhabitants average over 6ft) are also 600sqft or less.

  54. Gideon says:

    boy, could we this! our phone never seems to a charge anymore, and money is too tight to another … but if Santa can hear me, this would be a immense gift!

  55. Nikhil says:

    Shaker architecture is one of the most amazing styles of architecture to date. The simplicity and scale of their buildings is absolutely breathtaking. In a world where materialism has become a necessity, the lack of material objects, minimalist furniture, and simplistic finishes is a breath of new air.

  56. Reese says:

    We a place built sometime before 1909. We enjoy found 1899 Indian head pennies (cool), a bamboo stick/cane that when opened reveals an ice (creepy), and skeleton keys (some of which work on the doors, some not). mild looking for the hidden millions!

  57. Madelynn_Cameron says:

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  58. Lorenzo Arjun Bernard says:

    What?! I impartial clicked on this to what the heck the 5 things could possibly be. Aside from possibly being more expensive, everything else seems made up to me. I never heard of these things at all. In anything living alone means financially or otherwise, independent to me! You to socialize when you want to, acquire company or not.

  59. Samantha1968 says:

    Those sofas, while perfect for a man cave, up design too of the room. He the room up for watching that great feeble TV and using that massive coffee table for putting his feet up while calm having plenty of room for a variety of snacks and drinks. You might want to inaugurate by talking to him about the purpose of that room. Could you be doing more there than ogle the telly and munching?If there was no of upsetting him, your first step in redecorating would be to call Goodwill to by with a truck.

  60. Sophia Cora Amina M. says:

    We about a dozen solar-charging “paper” lanterns from Ikea — they last all night and are so flexible to use.

  61. Aden-Clarence says:

    @RocketScientist Thank you, exactly where I was going. A gift is a gift…if people are enough to you a gift then you say “thank you”. I contain read multiple articles admonishing guests not to things that are not on the registry. To me a registry is to with suggestions…no one is obliged to follow it.

  62. Josie_Alicia_Miah says:

    Try replacing the bulbs with 3 of those:

  63. TerryKeyon says:

    It appears that the b/w guy is giving testament: “… effect your hand under my thigh, and I will accomplish you command by the Lord ….” (Note: This means “put your hand under my testicles,” which is the manner in which oaths were taken at the time; “testament,” “testify,” and “*” enjoy the same root.)

  64. Angel V. says:

    I bought the Bristol Sofa they believe at Dania about 6 months ago. It is the only smallish sectional we could in our label range. The standard size seems to be about 20 inches longer, which would not fit in our living room.It is versatile, as it has simple lines, but we ordered it in brown, and it fits in well in our not so contemporary apt. It is also comfortable and we were assured that NHF has never had anyone complain about the quality.We did not extinguish up buying it from Dania, but from Northern Furnishings in Lincoln Square. They were able to give us a better price, and we felt better buying from a local store than from a west chain.

  65. AndersonBraylen says:

    I would NOT want the bathtub in the bedroom. It should be a separate room with the sink and toilet.

  66. Chase_Caiden_Haden says:

    I the pop of orange under your kitchen cabinets. All the art and glowing cup shapes are absorbing details in a difficult to decorate space.

  67. Angel.Wyatt.Amarion says:

    Here is the link…

  68. Briar says:

    I want all of you to know that I read all of these responses before going to bed last night. I had to leave the light on as well as my tv and went to sleep for the first time in the two years I absorb lived alone. Thanks apartment therapy. Now I need genuine therapy.

  69. Shiloh@99 says:

    i cant it took this long for something this to advance out.

  70. Giselle-Frida-Faye says:

    always helps to with bones: proportions, high ceilings, windows, comely detailing!

  71. Aden_Reece says:

    i made regular visits to wyeth when it was on franklin st, and was disapointed when they moved and went private. however i made an appt. in the spring and had a visit the staff answered my questions and the collection of pieces on were impressive.i care for the they groups together.i would reccomend a visit to wyeth to that rock star or anyone who wanted some inspiration.

  72. Tristen says:

    I really affection this room, the freshness and simplicity, except the bookshelf, I had a unpleasant experience with a shelf above my bed, my cat jumped up and knocked the lamp down on my slumbering face, I woke up with a split lip. Would you not it awkward to your books down each time, Other than that I this room and the painting is too.

  73. Andi@1976 says:

    They slide. if you at the gallery you can inspect several pieces with the doors partway open. This one:

  74. AlexisKaliyah says:

    Also, you can listen to audiobooks! This is my common time to up on some reading.

  75. William-Ivan says:

    @LollyW I agree. Almost all commercially made anti-bacterial products are of toxins. I my own: 1 1/2 cups water, 1/2 cup *, 3 drops liquid castile soap, several shakes of tea tree oil (or other necessary oil).

  76. DevinPhillip says:

    Ooo, I adore the blue dresser with the new flowers and bird vase on top. Looks a elegant space. I bear a miniature studio apartment as well and it can certainly be to a of the entire thing. Panorama on iphone can work well.Tips for studio apartments –

  77. Elliott says:

    Wow, what a exercise of orange. It looks great! that it was as an accent wall, rather than overpower the entire room with orange. I can gape how an orange (and only orange walls) would be an eyesore after a while.

  78. Everly.Tegan.Miya says:

    The patchwork rugs drive me insane; it manages to glance both sloppy and overwrought at the same time. an entire rug that will adequately the space.

  79. Ashton.Albert says:

    For a few years my Mother lived with DH and me in the winters. Because of differing schedules, we ate breakfast separately. We had the and ability to achieve a kitchenette in the corner of her living room, and that meant she could acquire up and her absorb breakfast when she wanted it. And had a private living space, though we spent most of the day together.

  80. ClintonRashad says:

    I the digital visually blends into a background more than the former camo with the hard edges. Maybe the military-industrial complex infiltrated a foundation color theory class.

  81. Reed-Cash-Antwan says:

    My beloved sewing machine broke this afternoon. My half finished holiday projects could soooo this.

  82. Leighton-Stevie-Saoirse says:

    I enjoy only ever fostered and adopted rescued dogs. I will befriend any company, and any company to their competitors, which promotes adoption!!! This is such a idea!!!

  83. GiselleSaraiSandra says:

    i appreciate the kitchen! there is such to off a few really pieces in there: art on the walls, a of Le Creuset or vintage enamelwear, a intelligent potted succulent, a vintage pitcher, a glass vase chubby of lemons, a runner on the floor, maybe some Marimekko draped across the window…have some creative vision, people!

  84. Jessie says:

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  85. Trey1972 says:

    Wow. I to assist the negative comment I made in a previous post about using brick in construction — this looks great, delight in it was there all along. Perhaps it is because you also feeble other materials and finishes in the region that seamlessly complete the industrial, loft look. Bravo!

  86. Jayde-Blaire says:

    Fun home. I loved seeing Settlers of Catan up in the basement lounge on that immense round game/coffee table. We refer to it as Game amongst our group of friends, because of the crazy competitive behavior that has erupted in the heat of play. But we esteem to it! I highly recommend it for its addictive quality.

  87. Myles-999 says:

    Bradley is officially my current York boyfriend. I will be staying his apartment next time I advance to the city.J/K, apt apartment. I forgot how grand I the geometrics of African tribal prints.

  88. Brandon.88 says:

    I a 32oz size bottle of Mela ( and it lasts me 6 months (64 loads). I only attain a few loads of laundry a weekend but you only need 1/2 ounce per load in an HE washer/dryer. There are also no phosphates to polute the water system which is nice. I also bask in the dinky bottles because they fit in the microscopic amount of plot between my stackable washer and dryer and the wall of the little closet they are in. If anyone is alive to or wants more info on these products you can email me. Sassydo they also acquire scent free!

  89. Carly_Emerie_Kenya says:

    Spectacular windows and astonishing view. adore all the residence as well. I agree about the openness, it is extremely accepted especially in eastern parts of the Netherlands where people a lot of pride in showing off their living rooms through windows. I enjoy adopted the same attitude but it is because I scheme from the top floor overlooking a park in Toronto.

  90. Maria-Elsie-Aryana says:

    If you are leaving a furnished apartment, gape if you can bargain with the landlord with extra furniture you plan on leaving behind. I was going to be docked $50 for stains that had long predated me (previous roommates of previous roommates) and we made a deal to forget about it because I left two twin mattresses. Was correct going to donate them anyway…

  91. Kyle-Rylan-Johan says:

    Justice7, your post cracks me up. 🙂 Funny… and practical advice!

  92. Jaxson Reginald says:

    ooo, extremely noble sarah!looks they are in RVs alot . . .

  93. London-Elliana-Farrah says:

    It turns my stomach to consider about bathroom functions and eating in the same physical space. We decided once to pass up on buying a house because a bathroom was proper off the kitchen, next to the stove. Yech.

  94. Juliette.Kayleigh.Kehlani says:

    I might be in the minority here but I of appreciate the smell. Granted, if my apartment smelled luxuriate in that all the time it would lickety-split fade. My husband complains though…

  95. Aleena.Yareli says:

    One trick from childhood that has always worked for me (when living on more than one floor, in a house) is to things that bolt upstairs or downstairs ON the steps in that direction. Next trip, lift them where they go. They stepped baskets for this considerate of use, but we always impartial the items on the stairs. They are of in the intention so you are motivated to recede them, but you are saving steps by waiting until you are going in that direction anyhow.I this every day when cleaning, tidying, coming dwelling fro work, whatever.

  96. Celine Zaylee says:

    Awesome! I would loved accurate drawers too, but I realize they would bear been so more complicated to make. Anyway this is astonishing work!

  97. Kayleigh.Hadassah.Aranza says:

    I purchased the American Leather Dawson sleeper, and it was the most thing I ever slept on. Having a cramped studio apartment, I needed a bed that I could for everyday use, but I awoke sore all over. After two weeks, I returned it to Room and Board and went out an purchased the Orion Wall Hugger by Strata. Not only was it less than half the price, it is absolutely beautiful. No portray does it justice. I first saw it at The Futon Shop in San Francisco, but as unable to any Strata products in York City. I simply called the store, and they sent it to me. The black solid walnut horizontal slats are extremely modern, yet the is collected warm looking. It is not large, yet opens to a double mattress. With the mattress hide it looks anywhere, and best of all I can finally sleep again. Sorry American Leather, but I would never lift your products to sleep on for a guest, let alone for every day use. The Nomade by Ligne Roset is simply to expensive, albeit it is beautiful. I also liked the slider by DWR, but also pricey, and has a down the middle which is not comfy for every day use. The Orion was the perfect choice, and at only $700 a actual bargain!

  98. Adam B. says:

    @bblanken question. Yes, you can donate to the IKEA Foundation. This is their website

  99. Lyra says:

    Disney World/ Epcot has so many chilly plants this. It is one of my things to at when I budge there.

  100. James Leo Zechariah G. says:

    This is a classic telephoneshelf (telefonhylla in swedish), here in sweden you can them at practically any secondhand store.. check out this swedish “ebay”

  101. MaximusOswaldo says:

    Branches duvet in blue:

  102. Bryson Jude Mariano says:

    It goes to reveal that light is so indispensable in a microscopic space. Kudos to the judges; it must been bright with all the fabulous entries this year.

  103. Trinity_Ryleigh says:

    I always initiate my weekend cleaning with a * mary. I the house then tackle 1 or 2 larger projects each week. This spring it took a case of * to the attic.

  104. Leila_Elsa says:

    OK, so the point made is about how the recent trend in animal decor is as appalling as road *. Not pretty. But an actual rug that is being sold somewhere?

  105. Sariah Lillianna says:

    ckk, on her blog, anna says she actually made it!

  106. Abraham says:

    @ec05–expanding on that: Only rid of item where fresh version is better, which, increasingly, is rare (hanging onto 100% cotton exact jeans as long as possible; rubber/spandex/lycra is unattractive & does not breathe). sometimes, that means new-to-you.

  107. Kaya@2014 says:

    I hope we are not competing with any Eames hater we been seeing in AT tours over years

  108. Menachem says:

    Can anyone comment on whether or not I should a cushion for our Tripp Trapp chair? Not determined if its critical for comfort, or unprejudiced something additional to clean!

  109. Callie Milena T. says:

    This house is fabulous. So comfortable and real. The paintings by the bed and also above the bed are so interesting. I wish I could gawk all of them up. I am the yard is as wonderful as the house. I want you to another spread in here with images of your yard! mountainous environment and so of love!

  110. Kimber@1984 says:

    Perhaps because boys with patches contain no depth perception.

  111. Sophia Evalyn P. says:

    @JudiVE –having lived with both, often without dishwasher, single-bowl is far preferable to double-bowl. chipped device too many glasses & plates, bashed blueprint too many pots on that @#$% allotment in middle.

  112. Chase.Dustin says:

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  115. Tanner.George says:

    I looked at the Linen website, and it says they no longer carry these towels.

  116. Marco_Gilberto_Clifford says:

    I learned about candles too conclude to the wall the way. I burned a candle on the shelf next to a textured wall and the resulting smudge was impossible to grasp due to the texture.

  117. Giuliana_Heather says:

    Apparently there for the meatballs. I must say the malm was hidden –a better pic and I would surely be a window shopper!!!

  118. Bryleigh says:

    By far the best entry in this contest – you managed to efficiently maximize a position while not sacrificing the fine appeal AND doing it all with a personal flair for design!

  119. Serena Ansley Z. says:

    Warning with anyone with kids – the kids admire to those S-hooks off, play with them, leave them around, loose them, camouflage them, etc. Basically, those hooks will never be where they are needed 🙂

  120. AvahCaseyRhea says:

    Yeah I called this two years ago haha. I affection green and when couches started becoming popular, I started searching appreciate heck for a emerald green one for when we moved and needed a modern couch. the color but I am not a fan of velvet, actually would hold leather. Rich green I deem would be stunning.

  121. Gilberto_Bo says:

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  122. Julieta Jaelynn Malaya S. says:

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  123. Allen.2009 says:

    1. sizable place, but I wish the MCM was mixed with other periods/styles more. A bit unimaginative.2. The painting of the ingestion of birch/dog/cat/thing needs to go.3. If bepsf becomes an AT blogger, we will all need prozac.4. vintage range is awesome.

  124. Frank Kadyn X. says:

    The wooden rocker is gorgeous. The exaggerated wings not so much.

  125. Amelia Allison H. says:

    I usually camp out on the toilet. That stool looks really cool, though! If I contain a bigger bathroom when I fill another baby, I might invest in one!

  126. Jaylan says:

    I am lucky enough to my fill bathroom, so my polishes live in my medicine cabinet. I believe also seen spice rack-like polish racks on Ebay.

  127. Cadence says:

    What about Pilsen? Or University Village? Or Bridgeport? “Chicago” is not unbiased the north side!

  128. Eloise-Kelly-Azalea says:

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  129. Dante_Noe_Damari says:

    This region is great. I lived in Shanghai for a while myself but in a corporate high rise. I was always jealous of people who had these places in the sections of the city.

  130. Jameson Keagan Branson W. says:

    Newmama08, I am working on a write-up of steps for you lawful now and will post them here for you soon. Thanks for the interest in the Trike. It was a fun project that I had hoped to sell once complete – here is the link to the craigslist posting (has additional photos of finished trike –

  131. Emma.Carolyn.Carlee says:

    I consider a tile in a rich, saturated color would great. factual now, the white wall tile makes the beige floor tile inspect dingy and old. I would in a emerald green or cobalt blue subway tile. That would effect the room “pop” and look honorable with the beige floor tiles. You would to paint the wall a neutral color, of course.

  132. Jordan Clare Desiree H. says:

    Holly,No… the pregnant wife is testing recipes for her book – unprejudiced hanging out in front of a 350° oven… your average Friday for an almost 8-mth pregnant woman! good-looking tart-making weather.

  133. Caiden says:

    I enjoy a yellow and grey kitchen, but the other blueprint round. I really admire my egg yolk yellow walls and dim metallic grey cabinets. The kitchen faces north and gets light, but everyone comments on how welcoming it is.

  134. Austin-Willie says:

    What a idea. It looks it was meant to be there.~ Sarah @

  135. Brennan Javon Jaydin R. says:

    Check out the affordable Wave and Asparagus pendants from Both can be hardwired and consume 100w bulbs

  136. Brycen.Hugh says:

    A nice blueprint to “save” cards to at in future years.But….If I found out that someone I was sending cards to tossed them out on arrival, no more sending cards. Clearly an email message would suffice in the future.

  137. Bennett-Will-Ronaldo says:

    I appreciate this! was thinking of downsizing when we retire and contain been putoff by this floorplan/space when looking at condos, but this is terrific. The minimal kitchen makes it all work.

  138. Lilah says:

    and thank you for addressing the areas that you feel lack diversity. Please converse of any negative or racist things you know about Santa Monica.

  139. Marjorie K. says:

    Not everyone can things delivered to their office. In fact, post 9-11, many companies expressly forbid non-work packages.Having lived in places where packages tend to be left outside and vanish, I consider this idea is awesome. more convenient than missing the delivery truck multiple days and then having to glide to fetch the package myself during hours.

  140. Blaze_Baby says:

    Looks ample if all you is flat sheets, placemats, runners and the like. If you acquire fitted sheets, darts or other tailored items? The cuff they being ironed – oh, so mighty easier than ironing with a hand held iron. How will I survive without it?Seriously, it looks less convenient than a iron – harder to use. More PITA all the device around.

  141. Stefan says:

    The shadowy thing is, my aunt and uncle beget a driveway that is a practical replica of that one! Slightly at the top, but their cars are mild sitting at a ridiculous angle. In fact one time their some, who was around 5-7 at the time got in the car and messed around with the break, and the car flew down the driveway, and into the neighbors yard across the road. Had there not been a tree, he would contain gone right through into their house! I might add that the neighbors the same sort of driveway, except you believe to creep down to it, instead of up. That whole neighborhood is insanely pitched.

  142. Luis_Reid_Malaki says:

    Well for someone who got heavily criticised because of my living room, I assume I deserved this book the most.

  143. Myra B. says:

    We received “The Three cramped Pigs: An Architectural Tale” as a baby gift. The pigs describe three architects: Frank Gehry, Phillip Johnson, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Its really great!

  144. Elisha.Markell says:

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  145. Lewis C. says:

    @MonikaK – I to disagree. My husband and I a humble home, but we the most of our by making it “us.” One of the ways I that is with Jonathan Adler Utopia pottery collection (like those featured on the Bond dining table). It adds a bit of whimsy and character to our residence and simply makes me smile unprejudiced looking at them 🙂

  146. Diana_Aspen_Hadassah says:

    I fill metal cabinets in my kitchen. you assume this would adhere to them? I cannot paint them again; I almost died from the fumes last time even in spring with all the windows and doors til midnight!

  147. LukeKalebJavon says:

    A protractor. We broken-down it one time in the 4th grade and then never frail it for the rest of the year. Completely useless!

  148. Alma@1981 says:

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  149. Aliyah-88 says:

    I mix a gallon of water, a few drops of dish soap, and a couple of glugs of both alcohol and vinegar together. window cleaner both inside and out.

  150. Mya says:

    First “Babyfest 2004” and now this? This was the one I wanted to check this morning. Thanks a lot.

  151. Asher-Camren says:

    @PaperStar I recently started using Better Life cleaning products. They work with no etching for me. The company was featured on Shark Tank and the products are extremely safe. You should check them out! They are inexoensive, too. The website is My monthly cleaning company introduced me to them since I am extremely picky about cleaning supplies- my Yorkie and I both allergies:)

  152. Adelyn.Makenna.Marina says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes! I impartial removed about 100 promotional decals from a camper trailer. Dealer was mystified.

  153. Israel1981 says:

    My next tax returns going toward paying off allotment of the cost of the fresh windows for our house. Energy star and UV blocking and all that.Then the trees kristenverity. Then maybe solar panels.Even so, a complete (have to into fable the inverter, storage, etc.) system to even a cramped house mine would cost almost as as the house itself cost.Not really an option for the less well off yet. Not converting faded construction at least. A newer house with it built in would probably beget subsidies and such built into the augury of the house.

  154. Evie.Nayeli.Salma says:

    fair on trailingedge. I want to know unbiased how loud that tower booms every 30 mins and hour.Not that I acquire 25 million lying around.

  155. Nelson1969 says:

    My neighbor had a similar color combination — crimson house with cream trim. They reversed it and now a cream house with elegant and a door. It was a refreshing change and looks great.

  156. Jonathon says:

    Actually, scratch that comment; apparently the law has honest changed recently in BC. Typical. But check out your local ones anyway!

  157. KiaraDanna says:

    HiI believe a “resin” countertop and backslashes. The is Caesarstone, it has many advantages of marble or granite, though less expensive and with many colors. We chose a pink with sparkles we much.

  158. NiaSiena says:

    Rebecca, I archaic a long lighter to light the candles inside. If the opening of your glass was larger you could also a larger candle… It stayed all evening long:)Eleneb… yes, it is a faux chop glass project making it and cute to line a deck for warm summer nights.

  159. Sierra-1982 says:

    No landlord in his/her legal mind can ask? you to live with this ! Try to persuade him/her to exercise some paint on the wals and/or cabinets.

  160. Payton London Yosef says:

    This is a spacious hardware store. The staff has expertise. It can be hectic in there on a weekend, but any wait for the staff person, with the knowledge, is totally worth it.

  161. Tyson_Reuben_Fredrick says:

    This is a house with style, but I acquire the comment about the artwork amusing because the first thing that caught my glance in the opening image is the “keep and carry on” image, which is everywhere. So I guess it unprejudiced goes to that “originality” is subjective…

  162. Collin Ricky River M. says:

    I commissioned Scott Yeskel to paint my building in Los Angeles, the LAX Theme Building. It now holds a of honor in my living room. Scott has a diagram of capturing the city and the quality of light in the city no one else.

  163. Jackson Micah says:

    Did the TAJT inspire some cheaper kids furniture where they had a extreme pillow and two square foam cushions connected by fabric alone that became a “bed”? Or am I warping a childhood memory upon seeing this?

  164. Georgia_Kaylie says:

    hi, pls can u give the measurements for this apartment.. i relish it much. its totally unique. pls email the measurements to shaina25883 at rediffmail dot com, sorry for the exertion but i would be grateful if u could enact so. pls..thanks

  165. Frances says:

    My house is a terracotta color. I transformed my front door from white to attractive turquoise (leaving all the rest of the trim, including the door trim, white). It perks up my entire house and I it!

  166. Nasir says:

    My mom always made them using Tupperware, too! The only flavors we ever had, for some reason, were chocolate pudding and orange juice. Mmm, summertime memories.

  167. Jolene Keyla N. says:

    Of course, rather than trying to blend something you could try and the arms stand out. Perhaps construct a leather for the arm ends in a contrasting color for each side and add it with upholstery cement. the top, the front and triangle pieces on the sides, with stitched edges. in the the missing foam with foam from any store. net the finished leather of many colors from Tandy or someplace and sew the shapes yourself. consume an musty leather miniskirt!Fancy and would be to beget those covers in stainless, sand any edges, and add them.It will be to match the leather and color, but something that stands out and contrasts on both sides could eye relish a IKEA hack. exercise you imagination and match your apartment.

  168. Chandler says:

    nicknyc10k, I bought the same table at Crate & Barrel, but 5,years ago. Try Environments.

  169. Skylar-Londyn-Shiloh says:

    I affection it all but the colourful stool – the pattern looks identical to a canvas backpack I had in elementary school. The house is truly extraordinary though!

  170. Josephine Averie Joyce says:

    Maybe the Bloom Chocolate – Ginseng print

  171. Bryant Reed Daryl says:

    In the midst of a HUBOANHC challenging 50 years of paperwork and a million tech cords. Totally stalling by reading and commenting on this blog.

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