Really Stunning Modern Unique Round Cal King Platform Bed

Cal king platform bed today will come with some stunning round designs. The king round bed that come with platform styles will make your bedroom better, unique and more modern. We must have been accustomed to seeing rectangular beds that are commonly used in homes, but there are also other models of bed, one bed circle. If you’ve never seen it, we’ll show you some examples. California circular platform bed as well as a regular bed platform. Just have a difference at the top of different shapes.

Cal King Platform Bed with wooden black frame and there are three pillows

Cal King Platform Bed with wooden black frame and there are three pillows

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really stunning modern unique round cal king platform bed. Cal king bed circle has a fashionable and modern style. This can give the bedroom a very different look. So, if you are aiming to get a different bedroom than usual, try using bed circle. Even for men’s bedroom, the bed will look great. Tables and simple headboard serves to assert the top of this unique bed. Bedrooms are well designed. Bed California this platform will certainly attract the attention of everyone. The color white is very harmonious with the sofa is in the design of this bedroom. Italian-style bed with headboard fit for a queen amazing. This bed still look beautiful even in a small space. An Italian bed that looked alive with beautiful beige color. Using stainless steel accents such as a mirror to give a touch of modern.ย aย combination bed layered white circle and rectangle conventional beds. Headboard and table complements built this amazing sleep.

Cal King Platform Bed with dark red color mattress and there were several pillows on top

Cal King Platform Bed with dark red color mattress and there were several pillows on top

Cal King Wood Platform Bed with mattresses and two pillows dark green color

Cal King Wood Platform Bed with mattresses and two pillows dark green color

The atmosphere of your bedroom will increase with a round bed this. Modern and elegant look is something to be proud of. Soft bed is equipped with a frame around it adds comfort while resting on this bed. White and brown color combination is indeed balanced. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really stunning modern unique round cal king platform bed.

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  1. CarlNoelDangelo says:

    The chair in the second to last photo was the subject of an entire episode of mockery on “Rules of Engagement”

  2. Nancy Z. says:

    I how each color is so appropriate for each particular space.

  3. Mariana666 says:

    the predicament i glimpse with products devour this is that they two recyclable materials and turn them into one non-recyclable product.

  4. Terrence says:

    You chose warm and wall colors, and I care for the the living room wall color complements the green curtains. I wonder about all of the white throughout the house and white painted wood paneling in the dining room though. Is that covering the blooming orange wood desirable throughout most Craftsmans? It would inspect mighty better as warm wood, without the white, even if that does not photograph as well or Martha Stewart. If you are the ones who painted over that, then * back you. The kitchen was well done and I that you are green. I contain to disagree with you about the restaurants in Glenview. They are all terrible.

  5. Everly Adelynn O. says:

    I enjoy 6 of these chairs. They were all in that brown color I bought them at a flea market for 100 bucks. I had them painted white (at a set that paints cars). Bought some throw pillows for seats (anchor them with Velcro) then I took some braided rope from the craft store and wrapped the middle in the same color as the cushion. They now sit in my dining room under a glass table with a runner made from the same material the cushions are made of. Total cost: chairs $100.00, throw pillows $50.00, braid $30.00, painting $100.00, table runner $5.00.

  6. Penelope-2003 says:

    @confounded Oh dear, awkward!Is there no to the bristle tips in there? What if you a cheap electric toothbrush head? I find even poking the toothbrush into the holes is enough to dislodge dirt.As you know, Emeralds are difficult to and care of ๐Ÿ™ blooming stone though!

  7. Phoenix Savion B. says:

    brains and other body parts ! i understand the granny ref. the decor of the grannie floral wall paper, matching bed and curtians…its so rose camo i cant come by anything!!!!

  8. Donavan says:

    I had this happen once and had no clue how to replace it. My chair however had a removeable bottom seat cushion so I do a board on it (important… a board! develop not attempt to repair by putting a bird on it)
    Good post for the 8-way hand-tied advocates ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Kameron-Carmelo says:

    We a sticker next to the number we wanted the hand to before we were willing to breakfast. Unless there is an emergency, everyone can play quietly until then.

  10. Peyton_Karen says:

    Having gone to college at the University of Michigan, this was a extremely uncanny valley experience as I lived and partied in houses with this loyal same layout, but obviously drastically different decor! Throw a few posters on the wall, * cans on the table, and a lonely empty keg in the corner and my 19 year self would feel extremely at home.Love the renovation!

  11. Margaret says:

    if you disassemble the pomegranate underwater you can avoid getting most of the juice on your clothing. The seeds float up to the top savor cranberries.

  12. Dallas-1992 says:

    I got two slipcovers for my Ikea Nikkala from Bemz and they are great. Well made, quality fabric, and delivered on time! I highly recommend Bemz.

  13. Aubrielle.Maxine.Estella says:

    the with the built in closet is actually on sale (I stumbled on it on the internet while looking for houses). You can more delicate pictures on this website.

  14. Angelica Charli K. says:

    Marie – the on 10th Ave and 47th St. is called All In One and it cuts glass. Their # is 212-765-9145

  15. Casey.Zander says:

    In theory the belief is great; not so great in practice.My four cats beget nooks with pillows, carriers, boxes, and a two-room cathouse. They to nights in our bed anyway. If we discontinuance the bedroom door, they sit in front of it and until they are let in.

  16. LillyKaylieAya says:

    I agree with Laura- the mah jong sofa looks comfy and would be colossal for a family room. For the living room I the togo better:

  17. Aubrielle1977 says:

    They the wagner chairs here:

  18. Sloan@1966 says:

    cork seems so costly to me for how it looks

  19. Lilian_Milani says:

    @patrick (the other one) I noticed this too and was to fetch that Patrick was responsible- your fashion (both writing and aesthetic) enjoy been sorely missed!

  20. Julius.Dallin says:

    I fill and live alone in NYC. I a difficult time picturing ever living with someone – I solo living. Maybe if I ever into a relationship he can by the next door.

  21. JoseMylesNico says:

    This is truly Bianca so and stylish. how the yellow is and invites you in. adore the floors also however as I live in Qld in Brisbane the floors would be caked with mud after the floods.

  22. Kasey says:

    Living in a bilingual french/english town in Canada, its a determined division between the English speakers saying eye-kee-ah and the French speakers saying eee-kay-ah.

  23. Kailey.Dallas.Kairi says:

    Really cool, Anna. I the temporary and the fact that you can change it whenever you want.

  24. RyanAlayahTegan says:

    bikes belong in living quarters and on display. and people should be encouraged to indulge. many bikes = elated home.

  25. Ryan@ZZZ says:

    Listen to the first comment – except design not do up for a kitchen reno as I feel the kitchen is perfect the intention it is. What a gem!

  26. Tanner Javion B. says:

    i broken-down a tomato one last year and got some tomatoes out of it, but not many. then it basically disintegrated over the winter and had to be thrown out a few weeks ago. i got a grand better yield of tomatoes from my regular fair posts. oh well.

  27. Julissa Laney Lindsey E. says:

    Cabinets Plus is a friendly source to procure cabient designs and ideas from also-

  28. Maeve says:

    Alana, the hexadecimal (web colours) results you converted gave you a CMYK value: cyan magenta yellow and black. These values can be mixed to give you a approximation of what you on your camouflage (I say “approximate”, because displays employ a three colour system of red, blue and green). A paint shop can these values to match something closely. But as Wende mentioned, using paint swatches is always recommended.So for your example, it would be:Cyan: 35%Magenta: 43%Yellow: 0%Black: 64%

  29. Lilith Ayleen Tori G. says:

    I had an apartment where I pushed the sofa against the windowed wall and had the TV opposite. It was a painstaking decision, with a pros and cons list, but I assume the layout I chose worked extremely well for me. It was even better for looking out the windows – I could chill out and a vantage point of the outside. Bonus points for an afternoon nap in a puddle of sunlight! And the cat absolutely loved to perch on the couch and out.

  30. Lacey_Maylee says:

    @hng23 Agreed — complicated by the fact that of the four walls in my kitchen, one is occupied by the front door to the apartment, one has the bathroom door taking up half of it, and one is the opening to the rest of the apartment. Let the worst kitchen olympics begin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Johnathan says:

    My friend the talented artist Jodi Hoover sends out an eminently frameable valentine every year. You can grasp past ones from her etsy shop

  32. Aaron-Mario-Clay says:

    I want to one; those are *! Or even better, fabricate one into a suitcase I actually use, so I can actually listen to my music in my hotel/hostel at night. *. How awesome.

  33. Jaden-88 says:

    Most the straight men I know would not as of esthetic as these.I could not disagree more about the comment made above.. it has nothing to with men or women seeking sanctuary from the tedious/demanding better half in their life. But yes it could be a sanctuary from life in general or a to conduct their hobbies that would otherwise would be elsewhere in the house.Thankfully, my ex boyfriend had his bear “man cave” but I called it the “dudes room”, it was filled with about seven mountain bike , tools, tool boxes, posters, etc. I was thrilled he had a to disappear to work on his bikes, drink some beers with the boys so they could talk about bikes and bike parts endlessly. We did not a garage in away this was a garage.The best fraction about someone having their man/she cave of their contain is the items you deem are really frightening that they had prior to you living together or the junk or items they bring those things can breeze into the “cave” and not into your living area.Most of the “she caves” we inspect here on AT been called craft rooms in away it is sorta the same thing.Growing up my mom had her music and reading room and for my dad it was his garage which was a cute garage with a lounge sitting dwelling and pool table, he restored cars and his friends would by and they would smoke cigars and shoot pool. Each of these rooms reflected their taste and a to pursue their hobbies in.For those that are lucky enough to enough rooms or designated to benefit one or two people to acquire their contain cave I it is healthy.

  34. Camila_Amirah says:

    I second the boy recommendation, we them in the library where I work and they are awesome. You can sit upright, or lounge on them. Students are always napping on them in the periodicals and I relish to them during staff meetings.

  35. Kieran-Tristian says:

    One of each color around a extremely simple glass table. Maybe the DCW if it comes in the same colors.

  36. Richard-Nickolas-Javon says:

    I would also add a scale to weigh luggage for frequent flyers, something this one:

  37. Jennifer.Ramona.Ally says:

    the colors you contain chosen and the feel of the bedroom.Can you us anything about the light fixtures on each side of the bed? impress and where you purchased them?Thank you.

  38. Raegan says:

    I love, love, your home. affection the dove gray walls with creamy white trim. adore your gray sofa and other tone of gray chair. Gray is the novel neutral. Now I want to paint my living room walls gray to with my linen color sofa and gray chair. Your place is absolutely beautiful!!

  39. Cameron.Jaxon says:

    Okay…I want your house! I want it now…give it to me…NOW!!!! LOL! I affection lived in spaces. I esteem coming on here and seeing a that looks comfy-cozy…Thanks for the peek!

  40. Thomas Kadin Aydin says:

    Michelle,These see-thru bricks are called “cobogo” here in Brazil.There are many different models, in different patterns and materials.The ones I are in concrete and they were painted brown.Each part costs about 3 dollars and I ancient about 150 pieces for this wall.I had a contracting company building it for me and there are thick iron wires between the bricks (inside the grout space) to give stability.So… The installation is not that simple.Best!

  41. Andy_Emerson says:

    This cute rug would enjoy a position in my great den.

  42. Alexis.Ramiro.Rex says:

    @AL in VA I it neither stark or grim or chilly. I it looks nice; yet casual at the same time. I deem the light fixture is beautiful, my only is that I earn it difficult to live with bare bulbs. It would not work for me because of my rather coarse ceilings but that has nothing to with the featured room. I would rate it 11 out of 10 while the second I was rate as maybe 8 (if I was in a really obedient mood).

  43. Bella Carmen says:

    Nope, peaceful most shades of purple (for decor). A deep aubergine, eggplant or violet is alright with me, so the last narrate was the only example I liked. I pastel and medium purples to be too girly and blah for me.

  44. Felix says:

    Yes, Ikea no longer sells this (knock-off) classic. I picked up a few when they were clearing them out.You can however similar stools by doing a search for stacking wood stool(s) on google.

  45. Randall Matthias says:

    Palettes and railroad tiles. My fresh line of furniture will dilapidated electrical cable spools as tables and concrete blocks as foot stools like we had when I was growing up in the country.

  46. Nickolas Reed Joey says:

    Crating is not sunless – he is not chained there or poked with sticks and taunted people – its his house…anyway, the wall, I too assume chalk board walls are fun and useful and adore the dramatic gloomy color – the shelves almost contemplate like they are floating. I really the light fixture too, gracious choice – bravo!

  47. HarperZoeNancy says:

    When I broke my arm, the best thing I did was bear my hair washed at a salon. At a local stout Clips the service was only $7 plus tip, and the TLC was apt too. With long hair I found I could journey a week between washes; normally I wash it about every 4 days. One time though I did visit a different salon where the operator seemed in a hurry, and when I got location I discovered she had left suds in my hair. Yuck — had to pay double and enjoy it redone at the in my acquire neighborhood the next day.

  48. Evelyn_Harlee_Maren says:

    They say the water in fresh York is some of the best drinking water in the country, but I beget to agree that the pipes in your can cause a potential hazard. Yet, you can fill your water tested, and this probably makes the most sense before putting out money for a filter you may not need.

  49. Celeste says:

    hello mrslimestone, sorry for not checking sooner. i re-read a day or so later to glimpse the hardware I coveted was also original. sigh. swoon.

  50. Violet Janiyah Emilee T. says:

    I both yellows and oranges for walls and it looks great. I will often grasp a painting or natural color arrangement that I and one or two colors from the painting and it for my walls. I tie everything together using white clean and flat white ceiling and it always works. I also ancient natural color themes such as sunset colors as a source of inspiration. Combining colors is sometime necessary to balance the lighting (R+G+B -> W). I try to design mood (romance, joy, thoughtful, and work spot stimulation) using colors.

  51. Maria_Naya says:

    and elegant, but impractical. What about a dining room/bathtub?

  52. Vincent_Pedro_Conor says:

    No blueprint aaakid, they needed it to match the computer table! (I joke)

  53. Waylon_Hassan_Luciano says:

    Household of two adults, 4 computers, 2 laptops (an 5 year MacBook, an IBM), 1 Linux desktop and a shuttle connected to the television.

  54. Rogelio.Gilberto says:

    this is a conclude eco-friendly alternative:

  55. Zander says:

    The first chair is ingenious, though I would paint the frame a less “ironing-board-y” color — I assume the color was what made it “ironing board” to me from the get-go. Otherwise it looks it would be comfortable and would fit with a range of styles, depending on how you upholstered it.The other chair looks extremely boxy, badly-proportioned, and un-cozy to me.

  56. TrinityTenley says:

    I actually enjoy a business retrofitting antique electronics and appliances with fresh parts, ie speaker guts in an feeble bakelite radio to turn it into an ipod dock. create was so great better when it was actually, you know, designed

  57. Laila_Bianca says:

    procure some mirrors and glassy things to deem the light. We gave up a of the Philadelphia skyline for a limited townhouse at street level and never looked back.

  58. Angel says:

    Personally, I that the shelves gape curious because of the blank place underneath them and the diagram the wooden molding is sort of floating in the lower half of the wall. I if there were something under both of them, and you added some molding at the top of the shelves or removed the bottom molding altogether, it would better. I agree that the fireplace would better with instead of gold/brass.

  59. Nicholas says:

    I would in touch with

  60. Sawyer_Adrienne_Rayne says:

    mirandabee, in my “white picket fence” world, I would an outdoor fence made of reclaimed wood, placed horizontally. -Rebecca

  61. AlinaLillieCasey says:

    Not a fan of blue and green together – but if you really want to finish it, assume shades that compliment one another…unlike the first photo.

  62. Easton Blaze Austen U. says:

    Maxwell interviewd JA, not me! I merely stalked him during an appearance at his LA store (and drank the comp * at the event.)

  63. Lilly N. says:

    i recently did this with a telephone table for my entrance way. no sanding considerable and one coat of semi-gloss dark from benjamin moore did the trick. Made it discover expensive.

  64. Esther N. says:

    So sweet. Looked a lot devour my extinct apt. On West 52nd Street. “quintessential NY apartment casting”.

  65. Matthew_Rodrigo_Rudy says:

    @Kaia MaeHi! My daughter is 3 years old. On our Caribbean vacation I started to give her a shower with handheld shower head instead of bath, and it continued at home. I out of tub and keep the shower the whole time, and she washes herself and couple of toys at the same time. Then she squats so I can wash her *. Then she faces the wall, tilts her head and I carefully wash her hair. During vacation, not to lunge and descend she was keeping her rubber “beach” shoes on and loved it! At we attach a long bathtub mat. She takes “full” shower twice a week, and “*” shower every night. Our doctor actually recommended the shower over bath because her skin is dry and sensitive, and also to avoid irritation and UTI. Hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Savion Eliseo says:

    Many (most?) MLS matches are available through a subscription to MLS Live. I was disappointed to not observe soccer listed as one of the sports in this post. A subscription for the 2012 season is $59.99.

  67. Savannah Itzel Y. says:

    Most of the people I absorb known that acquire reasons for not driving, are actually of it deep down.

  68. Cataleya says:

    @pier723 Thanks for the suggestion! I beget tried the bed there and it creates two extremely narrow alleys on either side that are to navigate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Kendall-Aleena-Alisha says:

    Monica, I bought mine on ebay –

  70. AliceLiaKiana says:

    Is there a house tour from these folks? Because I loved what I saw. I really delight in blooming homes on a budget.

  71. Mikayla Cheyenne R. says:

    Oh *, too many to mention here. Long showers, overuse of paper towels, the of cedar litter for our cats. I made a “one change per month” pledge a few years ago. The changes were friendly and easy to make; we now compost, only cotton totes and hurry mugs, etc etc. But the above sins of mine are excellent sticking points.

  72. Jada_Clare says:

    I deem beige and white well together. Either white subway tile or headboard would be nice. It might feel bigger if you painted the walls the same colour as the tile. You can loop in the beige with natural wood accessories. They alway shook advantageous in a bathroom, driftwoods, unfinished wood frames etc.

  73. JulietEsmeraldaSavanna says:

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  74. Roselyn Heather M. says:

    Reddish colors would not well because of the yellowish floor. So, colors would be microscopic unless you understanding on changing the color of the floor. So, tans, light browns.. in the golden and yellowish family. You might be able to away with a brown with a bit of a tint. If you paddle with something that matches the floor will probably match the green in the tile.

  75. Holden.Leonard says:

    I`m a middle school teacher and the of cell phones is a hard concept. The phone ( land line) is available for them to employ in my classroom whenever they want. I notice a lot of kids using phone inappropriately all the time. They are always on it and it runs their life. I construct on occasion fill them it for research due to lack of computers in the classroom, but it needs to be monitored closely. I enjoy a 4th grader and two ones at place and I dont deem I will them a shimmering phone until I know they will exhaust it responsibility. Know your kids and monitor their use. Be careful though… ive seen some depraved things that kids do… to base pics, social media makes them unable to concentrate in class.

  76. Nina says:

    I must be the only person on the internet to believe that those melted bottles as spoon rests or whatever are horrifically *.

  77. Clara Brielle R. says:

    I this table, and compose NOT recommend it for sewing. Your machine would beat it up too much. This table is definitely too archaic for sewing.

  78. Kelsey.Paloma says:

    I disagree on the grey cabinets and the initiate shelving in situation of the fruit poster. I acquire seen initiate shelving done but I in this case all you will execute is tranfer clutter from the counter to the wall. And half of that stuff is dish towels and soda cans, broad deal. choose a nicer looking garbage can and hasten to the were the plant is. chase for the white. The close result will be worth it.

  79. Cecelia_Skyla says:

    @revival They a china hutch with metal/enamal/stonewear displayed instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Hayden says:

    i really want to thank you for the inspiration and the rooms that give our eyes a chance to rest! I so those cheap barbie-,bob the songe-, macqueen- rooms which seem mostly a tasteless advertisement. till now, all nurseries I ve seen are total pink ro total blue monotonie. bliah !!!Thank * I ve found this site!

  81. Sabrina999 says:

    Did you hear about rainbow stairs in Istanbul?

  82. Ada-Elaine-Cara says:

    for anyone else who is as about this as I am, has a portray with more pillows and prices for * and baby bedding:

  83. Andreas@666 says:

    This is nuts and I it, even though it seems living in Davy Jones:

  84. Cristian says:

    check this cup out:

  85. Preston@1996 says:

    I a replica of a gargoyle that sits atop the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. I impartial adore him – kinda and silly! (Picture below)

  86. Cory-Sheldon says:

    Replace rug, flower intention and change ridiculously contrived placement of books to stacks on the floor closer to the “bookcases” and this will be a lovely, welcoming room. The attend story, however, of the velvet-wearing single writer waiting for his lady friend is creepy; the particular elements of this room with that guy in it is more evocative of a pretentious English professor about to * his young student, male or female. Change the account to that of the writer making an awkwardly but sweet attempt to celebrate an occasion with spouse and the vibe is completely transformed.

  87. DallasLucianoShamar says:

    I would also recommend checking out furnishr on instagram for some tremendous beget ideas!!!

  88. Kaiya 1986 says:

    I consider fine mighty my entire is furnished in early thrift store/rummage sale. I am not of a consumer, rarely buying imprint new anything so those places are for me!I always retain a stash of extra plates or smallish serving bowls on hand. When a friend or co-worker is ill and I want to bring them a treat, they can the dish. I also cherish to my triple chocolate snickers cake for bake sales for local groups and I employ those plates for that, too.

  89. Paislee Alessandra Heaven says:

    One thing to assume when judging couples for having expensive items on their registry is that a lot of stores give a one-time discount after the wedding date on items that remain in the registry. When I got married, my husband and I registered for an expensive dining room table and chairs, not with any expectation that we would receive it from our guests but so that we could exhaust our money to catch it with a bit of a discount thrown in there.

  90. Eloise says:

    I second the extreme tech advice. Heck, I learned to garden by reading Apartment Therapy gardening blogs and comments! Container gardens are fun and rewarding. Some day I hope to a fence and lead-free soil so we can a normal garden but this is vast for now.

  91. Gary Justice H. says:

    I to live in an attic appartment with no doors as well. It was one of my appartments! Except, well, the bathroom, which was too short for a shower and had the toilet tucked in the so you had to bolt over the bathtub. Even still, it was great.I would esteem to a house tour! Thanks for sharing.

  92. Cheyenne Viviana F. says:

    i bought this recently from the dulton company and it is really favorable for storage and not to mention the retro looks

  93. Harry K. says:

    Mine is the a cornflower blue- slightly darker thank #2. As a rule, I can only fill blue paint in the bedroom. It is extremely soothing and I feel I am gently emerging from underwater when I wake up. The blue is a backdrop for brightly colored artwork.

  94. Shaun-Bruno says:

    For a expansive selection of nice, inexpensive gain radiators, I recommend a home on Myrtle avenue in Brooklyn (search for the name & address.) We needed a specific, shape and size for our kitchen renovation, and we were going to bear to beget something imported from the UK for thousands of dollars. We ended up finding a 1940s deco one at this for $50– perfect dimensions and everything. It needed cleaning, priming, and a coat of paint. Any nice plumber can install a collect radiator for you.

  95. Gage Jerry W. says:

    My husband and I encountered the dual comforter bed on a bolt to Norway. I slept so well that when we came we each started using our own. I luxuriate in it so grand that the last time we went out of town I stuffed my comforter into a stuff sack and took it with me!

  96. Salma says:

    I grew up with a loft bedroom that was only accessible via ladder. I was able to climb up and down from the time I was 4. I bet kids can adapt well to the stairs. They wide and not extremely steep.

  97. Meadow says:

    I am to a smaller in May. The stress of consuming is only offset by my excitement to create a * a expedient place.

  98. TinleyKatalina says:

    I the Target Ruffles shower curtain in my bathroom. It adds a Romantic flair to an otherwise sterile environment. I originally fell in cherish with a similar curtain of cotton from Anthropologie, but its $100 effect impress was a hindrance. I purchased the Target version instead and I it!

  99. Charlee.Maryam says:

    Murray Moss is without expect one of the most inventive, modern retailers around, anywhere. In fact, his curatorial and inventive come to store-as-museum actually made the gain of the newly reopened MoMA gaze * and cluttered to me. What a irregular 360!

  100. Alondra Frances Maisie J. says:

    No. 4 is extremely true. Cheap soft wood (used regularly for cheap furniture before particle board came to rule) does not deserve the of stripping the paint. Been there, seen that.

  101. Emmett says:

    Michael, those tips. That house. The chalk floorplan. And I almost fell off my chair when I saw the living room. Now derive that bike out of the bedroom! You Nate Berkus wants to wake up to the gape of your, er, bike saddle?

  102. Saul.Colten says:

    stout tip thatjessicagirl! How did you them to the mirror? Would to believe this installation in the backyard streaming into the kitchen.

  103. Farrah 696 says:

    Mount another shelf under the existing shelf at the lawful height for those stools, if you want a bar there. It could even fold flat when not in use.Or establish a shallow storage unit in front of it – something fair deep enough to a can or a mass market paperback.Or Wallpaper or mount a Wall Sticker or some considerate of graphic on the assist of it.

  104. Lawson Yair says:

    Simple that is semi-permanent.Mix up a batch of wheat paste; recipe here:

  105. Genevieve_Mabel says:

    When I envious of house tours I always try to remind myself that before the photo shoot they cleaned the queen was coming to dinner and most likely hid all of their cr@p.A professional photographer, agreeable lighting and (sometimes) photoshop also contribute to the illusion of perfection.

  106. Laila Amiyah Tatiana R. says:

    That four-door Sussex cabinte is one of my pieces of furniture of all time, so you can guess where my lies.I *will* say I was really excited about– then disappointed by– the Sussex in white. Looks a little someone spraypainted the in their garage. Bummer.

  107. Lucian_Keyon_Geoffrey says:

    @Anne-Hรฉlรจne @ Du Sel au Plafond Ooooo! Ooooo! Speaking of Hoarders! A “Hoard Busters” badge and a “Stash Busters” badge! A “Hoard Busters” badge for the day you that tackled and conquered your hoard of (insert your scariest thing here) BEFORE it completely took over the entire cabinet, closet, room, house. And a “Stash Busters” badge for the day that you certain out your stash of (insert your hardest to part with stash here) and actually 50% of it bagged and OUT of the house!

  108. Maximiliano says:

    Check out for steel and glass desks. I if the size is too colossal you can the customize it.We bear the loft series from them.

  109. Vincent Bernardo V. says:

    I this. I wish I had that mighty natural light.-

  110. Melanie Noelle Karla P. says:

    accurate wondering if you made the for the printer or purchased it somewhere, I acquire been looking for a hide for the same printer.

  111. Jon A. says:

    I having guests. My husband and I about 2 groups a month. We care for it. We enjoy had up to 12 visitors in a our townhouse at once. We enjoy the best air mattresses that are on a stand that you can position up in any room. I four of them. But my 93 year mature grandfather always says that fish and guests both stink after 3 days. correct a edifying guide to remember when you are visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Bonnie P. says:

    mature ResearchJust bought a stove and microwave after my range bit the dust after six years. The cost to repair it was under the cost. My “new” appliances cost under half the amount of the range, and they are better makes/models.Buy unless you can invest in professional quality appliances…

  113. Aylin-1965 says:

    Given the openness of the second option it is great more pleasant. I luxuriate in the thick shelving and soapstone. I did miss some of the color of the first kitchen. How did you the soapstone sink? I would devour to soapstone as well but is is to expensive.

  114. Lennon says:

    Were thinking about buying a microfiber recliner and we 3 cats. Would this be a idea? Will there claws paddle it up? Thanks for any responses…

  115. Tate.Rowan says:

    How cute! Check these other cat beds out some of which you can construct yourself!

  116. Georgia_Madelynn says:

    I am actually looking for one of these and the ones on ebay are more then I want to speand. Were you able to a replica in the of a poster? Please let me know. I totally want one for my apt!

  117. Kristopher-Asa says:

    you seen the blanQuette from yumiandlaurie.comI bear seen this product on many celebrity green blogs and this is the best eco chic blanket I ever seen in substantial designs and colors! This is a must acquire in any for both indoors and outdoors!

  118. Augustus K. says:

    @keusadilla I bask in the idea… Maybe she could up a lunch date for them in their favourite attend where she musty to live and arrange something with the restaurant for the payment…

  119. CraigBostonCamryn says:

    Your perspective will the biggest impact on your stress level. People survived long before dishwashers and single child rooms. As the weather warms and outdoor grill. recyclable paper plates and foil cooking pans to on up. Convection toasters with a rotisserie function and hotplates can also replace a range. You could up a portable kitchen island or a table. I personally would the girls together and exercise one room as a living room with kitchenette.

  120. Jamir@666 says:

    beget to say, I rather dig the hot plate/washing machine combination in the studio photo. Reminds me of an apartment in NYC (Barrow St) that had a stove/oven/DW combination appliance (Oven up top).

  121. Miracle.Dulce says:

    I FOUND IT!!!!!

  122. Melvin Demarcus Santino O. says:

    I hope you guys would be one of the finalist so we can all the details mentioned.I the bedroom :-))

  123. Cecelia-Miya says:

    I the of a bar, but in a neater/contained than the image above. We out a decanter of bourbon and another of scotch, with maybe a bottle of gin (Hendricks, of course) in the summer time. Our bitters and mixers, however, finish in our kitchen cabinets…alongside my usual Bota Box of merlot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  124. Roberto Reed Ernest H. says:

    I a similar unit, but with the window in the front, I plight and water over my dishes. I affection the unit. I had it for a year. I that it sterilizes my dishes. I live in a studio and it is large. Now I am purchasing a rolling cart. I live alone so only high-tail it every other day. I usually attach 4-6 position settings in it, but no pots and pans.

  125. Reuben Broderick says:

    I esteem the Sempe one, cause it looks luxuriate in my celebrated creature, a Jellyfish!

  126. MarthaLindsey says:

    @HCRWatson I guess pricing is really dependant upon where you live, if the house is on a slab or on piers, if the house is brick or wood siding, if electrical work is extensive…..So many factors.

  127. Elliot Sincere F. says:

    We did bear a fire! We got the dog and the birds (2 parakeets), my Bible and purse and a box of photos I had actually kept handy for this type of emergency! Those photos came in handy when making out the insurance claim!

  128. Kali_Perla says:

    @byrdling Thanks for your comment! My mom made those paintings years ago based on Pinterest images she found as an in different mediums and styles, of bask in those Van Gough and Vino nights that everyone on my Facebook attends. ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Cayden_Garrison says:

    Even DEADLY pet food is not being recalled anymore. The FDA will even attend a company camouflage up a deadly product.We call these types of FDA assisted scams a “silent” engage and it can and has killed a lot of pets.It is a awful situation, it is getting worse and your only hope is to on top of the news that pet owners are providing on the earn to each other, here is a set to start.

  130. Rosalyn says:

    If you follow the links in the post you can more photos of this house. Specifically here:

  131. Elsie Maisie Maylee W. says:

    Thanks everyone! The “get *” decal is one of our elements in the apartment!

  132. Jolie_Tegan says:

    We consume a canvas zip-top tote and cherish it. All you “need” to diaper-bag-ize is to a changing pad. You can grasp one from etsy, skip hop, built and probably a million other places.

  133. Brynn Anabelle says:

    This is well over the line into OCD. If your shocked about athletes foot, dry your feet properly. As a fungus it needs a damp to grow, and cannot compose if your feet are dry.

  134. Drake.Marc.Nestor says:

    again Maxine,Would you please:1) a few words about your thinking leading to this big decision to purge three decades of accumulated possessions. What was your light bulb moment? (so you kept your fantabulous art collection!)2) for those of us in lightening our homes and lives by decluttering before retirement, what are some purging guidelines you recommend (i.e. what helped you let budge of things?)Thank you.

  135. Aryanna says:

    @BIvy luxuriate in before and after pics for makeovers, it would be useful to believe before and after pics taken from the same angle! But the professional shots are also elegant ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. CallieKyleigh says:

    I knew this was St. Louis (the land of and affordable vintage shopping) the I saw the windows and the light. favorable look. Congrats on being fearless.

  137. Elliott_Jana says:

    Simply stunning, and the various rugs makes it warm and inviting…

  138. Gabrielle Dorothy Christine N. says:

    I would pace all the contrivance up if you could. The only is that with older homes there is no such thing as a straight line. Bringing the cabinets up that high may be a pickle for your contractor. accurate create he is extremely pleasant with crown molding so any warpage to the ceiling will not be noticeable.

  139. Brock_Jaxson_Dario says:

    there – this is Tavinder, co-founder of Rhoost. I feel compelled to chime in here and that we not solicit spam reviews or comments on ANY sites. As a mom-invented company we are only too aware of the information the parent community relies on from trusted sources such as ohdeedoh. I can only hope that others who will read this review and the comments contemplate us by the quality of our products the advise of the review posted here as well as on other highly reputable sites.

  140. Carlee@1973 says:

    Can someone – perhaps Meg herself – identify that fireplace for me?

  141. DanteRamon says:

    I that color! My bedroom is a similar color from Dunn Edwards called Porpoise.I picked mine by learning from countless painting projects – if you want blue, behold in the gray of the paint deck. If you want yellow, peek in the tan/cream of the paint deck. capture a few, consume sample quarts, paint them on various walls in different parts of the room then live with and at different times of day. recede to paint store and bewitch more quarts based off of initial assessment of previous quarts. create a choice!

  142. Sharon says:

    These are really wonderful!There is no shipping from Mexico to Canada or US. There are cease a few shipping hubs in many and towns, I enjoy had numerous items shipped from D.F, San Miguel and Puebla.These chairs are extremely cute too-

  143. AnahiMavisMarjorie says:

    fair space, colossal view, nicely done. call on the Marcel Wanders, and what attractive children!

  144. Mckinley_Hadlee_Rylan says:

    @sakirosetame Oh, I totally agree with you on both points – they could be slippery, and a wound to remove.

  145. Logan.Samir.Hugh says:

    Hmmm, I would not want to be the person responsible for maintaining that system.

  146. Anaya Henley Estella says:

    Wow, some really mountainous ones are coming through fair in the of time.Great color usage, mammoth sense .. nothing is cluttered or too .. you edited perfectly.Colorful and fun, but in a extremely sophisticated, classy and “grown up” way. Kudos!

  147. Branden.Kenyon says:

    Oh Dear when i first saw the size of this I got quite as I often imagine having a enormous position and mercurial started visualizing how I would decorate such an space.So imagine my shock when this turned out to behold more a store rather than a area filled with signs of family life and all the fresh things we all to differentiate one from another.Everything seem to be and might I add I am utterly bored with this house, what a waste! This AD is too obvious.Show me homes filled with signs of living, loving and all things develop people and unique.

  148. Oscar says:

    This is a house and there are a lot of maximizing ideas, but the writer of this fraction is confusing “maximizing” and “saving” throughout the text of the post. Maximizing the is getting the most out of what you have. Saving is using less of the space. The in this space is well, enough, but few of the ideas are position saving.I envy all the built-in solutions and wish I could implement some of them, but being a renter and having extinct wall structures, I can only affection from afar.

  149. Gabriella Trinity Edith says:

    Actually I remember my experience in my crib and this is something I would believe enjoyed however my mother probably would made my father switch it out. What a draconian existence my upbringing has been! Anyway, that crib would enjoy been perfect for me.

  150. XanderHarleyPerry says:

    I can contemplate that Flavia and Rodrigo are in admire with color. It accurate surprises me that the execrable wall color is white. I I understand that the intent was to certain the color of the objects are featured; but they could the to a higher level by warming up the background. neutral, but a neutral that is as bold as their other color choices. They color in such ways! Bravo!

  151. Andi says:

    @david @ – They listed the orange countertop as Caesarstone. Perhaps this one?

  152. JanelleCeceliaMilena says:

    I am always about buying sofas second hand, simply cause of the alarm of bedbugs. But WOW that is fair and worth every cent you do into it.

  153. Michelle-Lillianna says:

    assortment here. Consoles are also a desk option.If you live in Canada (or to the border) check out this awesome MCM inspired Oslo desk by CANVAS at Canadian Tire:

  154. Dawson S. says:

    What about the I or Corelle?What I need to is bowls to with my vintage Bavarian “delft” china.

  155. IsaacDraven says:

    Some extremely looking solutions here, relish that divider for the bed, or the crimson wall. extremely exclusive (for me at least), to eye bathroom entrance straight into the shower. All in all, appreciate this place.

  156. Julia Henley says:

    2 questions:a) any info on the floor lamp in the downstairs living room?b) the 2nd floor coffee table is gorgeous, but the DWR website has no info. Is this a repro of a compose classic?

  157. Frederick.Agustin says:

    I suggest strongly that initiate one special road for cyclist this , the bike is the environmental protectiontool .

  158. Marlon says:

    I crop pieces of cardboard to fit the drawers, then covered them with quilted fabric. Folded the fabric over the edges and glued them down. They stayed in and gave the drawers a more finished look.

  159. Isaiah Melvin Marques B. says:

    In acknowledge to shapes- I understand that, but a firefighter would never know to pull initiate a secret door a dresser, they would search your bathroom if it had an distinct door. Yes, a family action and training is important!

  160. Brooklynn Elaina Kora says:

    “warm and inviting” or “warm and welcoming”i a lot of hgtv and these phrases create my ears shout

  161. Orion Brooks P. says:

    Daniel P: I agree, as hipster flourish, overdose.But for slightly classier holiday decor, I contemplate they are cute. Other than the * candle holders, which are tacky beyond belief. :-)Of the items posted, I the dark candelabra is really the only part that could be year-round, unless you really beget a theme going.Confession: I am a post-goth…

  162. Julie says:

    Ikea or Urban Outfitters frigid vinyl showercurtains that you can simply chop to shape (I did this all the time at my apt.)

  163. CaliRiverKairi says:

    @pantone18 I only lived with tile counter tops and I them. One word: Comet.

  164. Sasha O. says:

    I IT!
    … now to saving for the $18K asking price.

  165. Douglas says:

    better! Less visual clutter for sure. You could even flip flop those exquisite chairs w/ the couch if you needed more room to acquire in & out of the dining room, but you did say they were deep, so this is probably best. You even found a device to squeeze in the smaller chair!

  166. Charleigh-Kailyn- says:

    my objection is not the hygiene but safty! Depending on the layout of the kitchen (walk-through) it might become a tripping hazard. Especially as some people are allways in a drag when it comes to cooking, others are chaotic, others bear kids /pets. In my experience these anti-slide nets build not work completly (on wood floors).Nevertheless i indulge in the homy touch balancing with the steel cabinets.

  167. Ryleigh says:

    I bought a tablecloth in Rome, a door knocker in Rhodes, a spoon rest in Charleston, a of water glasses in Mexico, a exiguous painting in Jamaica, a beach cover-up in St. Maarten – my house is filled with things that remind me of my travels.

  168. Adaline S. says:

    @amaranthe : Yes, I the same. The pantry looked unworkably in the before photo, but the changes they made design it discover OK, even nice. The fact that the refrigerator does not stick out past the wall next to the pantry door as the archaic one did also helps a lot.People, the cabinets and pantry not to the ceiling here OBVIOUSLY because the ceiling is slanted, at quite a pitch, and is not flat.Nice job.

  169. DakotaChanceJermaine says:

    This is a heed that my dear friend (amazing artist Gina Tuzzi

  170. Ariel-Norman says:

    West Elm & Room & Board both contain versions of the c table above without wheels. I seriously conception about getting one, but then my roommate and I went to Ikea and I ended up using one of the cheapo Lack tables in red. My roommate uses the tables for chairs (!)Actually, beget you about using shelves in those corners? Might be easier to accumulate a fit that device vs getting a bedside table.

  171. Francesca.Joyce says:

    BEPSF and david are both proper on. the contractor should know better and unless you bear refinished wood floors or know someone who has that can you DIY, then it would be best to derive a pro to develop it.

  172. Cayden@1968 says:

    smallhousebiglife, Would esteem any caveats or advice you from your bathroom re-mod. Post pics!

  173. Georgia Leila Nalani says:

    “architects, designers and agriculturalists”Yeah, considerate of what I thought. Call me when they add “civil engineers” to the list of people being consulted on this concept. Then it might some level of plausibility.

  174. Thomas says:

    * THAT RUG!!! Your apartment is what i want to beget when I am a grown up (when i believe a house). The colours are amazing. How did you catch my 3 favourite colours! Lol.Also I am out the kitchen door you can a grey slate or tile rooftop.I want to behold more!

  175. EduardoCamden says:

    Welcome to NY! care for it…it reflects you so nicely and others here the whole high/low approach. adore watching you on HGTV…and if you commence a biz in NYC you will be overwhelmed by fans me who would cherish to work with you on their believe places!

  176. Kelton Y. says:

    We got a hand-me-down baby tub when my daughter was born, but when she grew out of it, I winced at filling our regular tub for her nightly baths. So much water! So I looked and looked until I found the FlexiBath, a foldable toddler-sized tub. Made by a Danish company, Amazon sells it (as well as other folks)—

  177. Amber Kiera says:

    @jupitergram yup, a non-word which displays pretentiousness and stupidity in two syllables. “Concepted” is joining my all-time most hated bastardisations of words/meanings. 1. “Impact” when what people meant was “effect”; and 2. “curated” (an AT favourite), being pretentiously applied to the domestic arena. You curate your books? Ahh, you mean you reorganised them! Idiots.

  178. Tristin Clay Enzo R. says:

    Please AT, no more posts about “that” poster, in all its glorified dilution and renditions(?) People are trying to withhold and carrying on without having to discover those things everyday.

  179. Sonny says:

    I exercise the default iphone weather app, but since I live on the beach in SoCal the temperature hardly changes all that much. If anything I it more to check the weather in other cities where I acquire friends/family.

  180. Ryland.911 says:

    This one is subtle yet beautiful:

  181. Diego-Lamar says:

    tried a diy tutorial captivating spraying a rug with dye from a post a few months back. NOT RECOMMENDED!tried numerous spray bottles and types of dye and it kept getting clogged in the spray nozzle. turned out to be messy, ruined the rug and wasted money.

  182. Aaron Carter Marquise says:

    Laura Zindel is one of my faves, although I on work featuring snakes and six-legged critters. Must steer of the tarantulas. * WHY THEY NEED SO MANY LEGS *

  183. Brenton says:

    Check this info outโ€ฆ sounds it works magic !

  184. Jamison.Jairo says:

    Amazing! So rich and and elegant. This is seriously my dream house. When can I in? ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. Marcel.33 says:

    I miss Veronica Mars!!! Oh, rumor has it that Thomas is writing a movie! YIPPY! I was wondering the same thing about this image but it may be a Alexander Rodchenko print because of the angle. But yes, early 20th century modernism is a start.

  186. Kelsey says:

    looking comfortable furniture. Although, I assume if you really want indolent you should dawdle with an oversized foam filled bag:

  187. Melanie Lilah Q. says:

    this whole plot is awesome! I just found it and I it!!! what a virtual community.

  188. Davon-Roderick-Marcel says:

    Kealoha – I went through this…mom decided that I loved pig-shaped piggy banks when I was a tween because I made one in a ceramics class and Beanie Babies! I had a ton of the things that were in totes in my backyard shed. My exiguous sister also had loads of dolphin related items that were given to her, she loves live dolphins but everyone kept giving her stuff for b-days and Christmas. They were purged into our sister-in-laws garage sale last week, made $78!

  189. Rigoberto G. says:

    I am so humbled and honored to fill made this list!!! I feel indulge in I contain won an award for the Oscars! SMOOCHES!!!

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