How Incredible Elegant Minimalist Captains Bed Queen

Captains bed queen now will come to your bedroom with some elegant and minimalist beds ideas. There are many kind of queen beds that amaze you in minimalist point, and one of them is captain. The queen beds captains actually do not have a specific design criteria. Only structuring bed properties such as bed / mattress, sheets, bed covers, pillows, color and motif bed covers/ sheets / pillowcases should adjust the room design concept that is being driven. For the minimalist rooms, all property bedrooms including bed should also minimalist. the bed is said to be minimal if it has some criteria are simple and minimalist.

platform captains bed queen cool design

platform captains bed queen cool design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really incredible elegant minimalist captains bed queen. In general, there are two types queen captain, the king size beds (double bed) and a small size bed (single bed). Then the matter of design, queen-size bed captains generally has a modern design. But that does not mean the type of bed designs such as the design of traditional beds can not be applied to room minimalist. legitimate if this type of bed design you apply on your minimalist bedrooms. It’s just going to look less harmonious when viewed as a whole because of both the bedroom and the bed did not have the same design concept. Well, minimalist house identical to the house that has a limited area of the room, including the bedrooms. Although not all homes have a spacious minimalist narrow room.

Rustic Queen bookcase captains bed with drawer storage

Rustic Queen bookcase captains bed with drawer storage

Upholstered captains bed queen storage made of mahogany wood

Upholstered captains bed queen storage made of mahogany wood

Well, for those who have a bedroom with a limited area, it would not hurt you to use the bed practical. The idea of these beds also fit perfectly with your bedroom design ideas are minimalist. The bed in question is queen captain. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really incredible elegant minimalist captains bed queen.

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  1. Dominik-Oswaldo says:

    I this room. I saw it on for the first time the other day when I googled “turquoise nurseries.” We are having a little girl this and scheme on using a similar color scheme, aqua and coral. Loooove, love, admire it. And Vivi is so adorable!!!

  2. Jessica.Ashlyn says:

    I got wood planters from Overstock. The hardware color ran into the wood, and worse, they all fair fell apart and were really poorly made. But…they were cheap!

  3. DiegoPedroToby says:

    Meghan:Simple Human makes recyclers with two compartments. There is a stand alone model called the butterfly recycler and a pullout recycler that you install in one of your cabinets.Click on my name for the link.

  4. Megan says:

    I am also in the midatlantic (MD) and I had luck with clematis and eyed susan vine. to from your photo, though, how considerable sunlight you obtain in that particular spot. The vines will grow but may not flower if there is not sun.

  5. Layne_Santos says:

    The hardest fans to are the squirrel cage tower fans and Vornados. Both are to disassemble and the grills trap dust bask in mad. The Vornados is especially onerous to clean. Firefighters say they fire from all the dust up around the motor.

  6. Joseph 1970 says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments.for jvjones13: The flooring was a marmoleum remnant that we got on clearance at a local flooring store. Since our bathroom was small, we found a of a leftover roll that fit. We be pleased it and it is durable.

  7. Renata.Landry says:

    What a transformation! I appreciate the turquoise wall and the same-colored accent pieces. Creating more of an feeling and adding lots of light to the kitchen by cutting through the side wall for views to the garden made a difference. the choice of pendant lights too. Gorgeous!!!!

  8. Ismael says:

    Our living room has heaps of windows, making it difficult to spot bookcases – however, they are a *necessity* as they up about half of what I own. Are there creative ways to compose custom bookcases that also examine good?

  9. Hattie says:

    My cabinets were removed and modern cabinets were installed in one day, but, we had to wait three weeks for the coutertop to be fabricated. My contractor offered to up a temporary countertop and sink (and hook-up the dishwasher) during that time. Otherwise, I would contain been washing dishes in the bathtub….ewww.

  10. Francisco says:

    @ Anna Bananna, I agree totally! The fact that the bedroom in this post is white reminds me of my daughter’s room & the transformation there over the years. Now that she anticipates going to college soon, I am reminded of how necessary it is to bring & capture items (old & new) to transform a blank slate/dorm room into place or haven … a warm transition for a student away from home. I hope she enjoys transforming her dorm as you did.As a teenager, my parents blessed me with a new, white, solid wood bedroom that had shapely lines, silver hardware & somewhat Asian to it. I loved it & made it mine. I contain fond memories of looking for linens. When my mom & I didn’t fetch what we were looking for, we had fun shopping for sheets which were to develop my curtains, valence, chair cushion, shams & bedspread were all made from those sheets! My first sewing project … a patchwork pillow has squares of those striped, multi-colored sheets in it. My daughter loved the furniture & has enjoyed it over the years. She first enjoyed it in my parents’ location when she visited her grandparents a few weeks each summer. I fill photos of my mom reading to her in that bed as a toddler. She loved it enough for us to ship it to our location & made it hers with different linens; but, kept my chair cushion conceal & pillow. it yours … beget memories!

  11. Jaylah says:

    I deem the toilet is a Toto – they believe a ton of toilets that work as both a toilet and bidet and fill a control panel.

  12. Joaquin-Braylon-Carlo says:

    Oh, I miss BCN now! I lived on the line dividing el borne and la ribera, and I loved it.I would also recommend Gracia. Really a limited town feel “in” the city.

  13. Amia.Hunter.Riya says:

    These desks absorb a quirky shape that reminds me of storks! I will probably be buying a Fredrik work dwelling from Ikea and getting a comfortable stool, so that I can stand most of the time and sit when I tired. Not as as these but sturdy and practical, and would match my Galant table in my office. Another intention to amble would be to a desk out of wooden legs meant for a kitchen island, with a wood top. This could be painted or stained for a more cottage or mature look.

  14. Donavan Kaeden N. says:

    theblvd – you know the name of the product. I acquire long hair and the tub drain is forever getting clogged (even though I exercise a hair catcher). I tried the baking soda/vinegar/boiling H2O to no avail …

  15. AidanJean says:

    grand point Medusa, I should fill been more — while the stair treads are pine, they were installed atop a douglas fir frame. In fact, we feeble doug fir in all of the wall framing. Our inspector stopped by last week and gave us the ahead!

  16. Natalie says:

    No. 5 is awful. Not enough headroom. And unless they live in Siberia, it will be an oven in the warm months. We built one into a niche in our living room years ago, and the only thing that even remotely saved us in the summer was that there were casement windows at one end. In the summer months, we slept with our arms hanging out the windows, desperate to bag cool. And they are a dreadful injure in the * to make; changing the sheets is an ordeal every single time.As for the kitties, me, they fill zero anguish getting up and down.

  17. Halle says:

    @Cabernet Sauvignon Nothing having a growing Christmas Tree in the LIVING ROOM—ours was a last cramped thing as we concept we were not going to be here for Christmas. The carve trees were—meh—and when our big daughter saw a LIVE tree–about 4 feet tall!–on clearance–well who could say no? Of course we did not a hole dug for it and of course we now 8 or 9 feet of SNOW outside…so it is sitting on the chest in front of our broad East facing window! It must esteem it as it is sprouting light green frothy tips and things are growing on the soil. We contain it on a baking sheet and water when it gets somewhat dry—The design this winter is going it may be August before it can depart outside! daughter keeps bringing in the chickens to “visit” in here and they fill been eyeing that tree! We had it decorated for Christmas now we moved on to Valentines Day and I suspect it will shortly become an Easter Tree!

  18. Trevon says:

    I could with living in the Front Range of Colorado. As it is I a cow part for raw milk and that dairy supplies a lot more than milk. I pick up wheat nearby from a guy that grinds the stuff from his fields into flour. Neighbors a short bike dawdle away provide meat and build that I beget to call for. There are resources end to where I live. I was able to effect the locavore t-giving last year and only had to forgo cranberries for that.

  19. Casey-Quinton-Jase says:

    actually, yes.. this is identical to a throw my mom purchased @ Target about 2 years ago when she repainted her guest room.

  20. Lylah says:

    Dorianne -That is inspiring! Is there one plant that was the easiest to care for/adapt to your apartment? compose you beget a (or will the others jealous if you name one?)? If you ever brave, I bet others would to observe your successes. Now that AT does not post the e-mails, I insist I will enjoy to achieve it here: – would admire to hear/see more on what your 11 years has yielded.

  21. Evangeline-1981 says:

    maxienyc,If you linked to a photo of the region in question, it may be easier for people to provide some feedback. It would be friendly to the color of the silestone and the type of brackets/corbels that are used. A sample of the paint you are using would also help. I could people not wanting to comment for lack of distinct details.

  22. Nora-Angie says:

    To me the best explore a house can is a lived-in, comfortable, causal eye that shows-off the owners personality. I absolutely cherish this corner…looks devour somebody is casually creative around it. cheers !!

  23. Darrius-1988 says:

    That living room swimming pool reminds me of the stairs in this post, which always cracks me up.

  24. Misael-Semaj says:

    My best advice: give yourself time BEFORE reacting. When I lived in a 2-story house, the woman downstairs was expecting. Anytime we made noise upstairs, her husband went straight into confrontation mode. Needless to say, it created a lot of resentment. Pregnant women been known to be awake after 9pm…Now I a deep breath, check the time (is 11pm really too to be chatting with friends?), and give it a time before getting out my broomstick.

  25. Coraline@2012 says:

    Whoa, harsh comment alert! Why are you here then??? While the rooms are bit colourless for my taste, I liked them all; there were lots of comely elements and ideas I can from them. I liked the architectural details in #6, the orderly but personality filled glance of room #9, the fireplace in #8.

  26. Chloe Leah Summer A. says:

    SophieLynn – Container Store has tons of carts. The one in the kitchen looks MetroCommercial. You can custom sizes from them. Also ContainerStore has tons of other carts at varying widths. (I that store).

  27. Milani Ansley Ramona says:

    gain a pair in condition at sugarSCOUT on Etsy:

  28. Nicole.999 says:

    Dear michaelc, pookiesays, dannyNYC et al…We highly assist you all to join us for an HOUSE this Sunday to gawk and experience the apartment in person. We are on west 107 street, off of Central Park WEST. A will note you that we are on the west side off Central Park.Thank you for your comments based on viewing our photographs and floor-plans as well as offering your individual insight and/or collective experiences in the business. However, clearly one cannot comment fairly until they contain viewed the first-hand.We welcome you to our begin House 11:30a-1:30pm Sunday June 22nd.-the owners of 5 West 107 Streeton the Upper West Side, NYCin Manhattan Valley, NYC

  29. Pablo Francis says:

    Mrs. Karol and I actually had a noble exchange about this extremely topic last night. I had never seen her version until makakona was enough to bring it to my attention. She assured me no damage done and we had a great laugh over the similarities. We both bought a pre-made item from a craft store shaped bask in a house and painted it for our kids…along with probably about a zillion other moms in America.

  30. Annabel.696 says:

    So warm and authentic. I am a minimalist, but I would affection to be a guest in a be pleased this – it exudes such an fascinating feel – something I struggle with, being a person of austere aesthetics :-/

  31. Lucas.Bernard says:

    I would want to consume something that they would exhaust for years to (china, flatware, bedding, etc.). How long before these gadgets become obsolete?

  32. Andy Aldo Tyrell L. says:

    i got these months ago, natty fun grand size…matches perfectly with my 1-gallon sized mouthwash pump bottle.great when guests advance over, they feel so next to the huge bottles.

  33. Aliyah says:

    My husband slowly but surely began to snore regularly and when it would be so loud and so immediate (after 2 minutes he would be snoring!) I would sleep in the other room. While it helped my sleep, it did nothing for our intimacy and I could slowly feel us growing apart. I begged him to and tested for sleep apnea after counting lags in breathing in-between snores that lasted about 25-28 seconds! He has been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and now has a breathing machine that has made a enormous that I can actually sleep through the night and so can he! I attend anyone who snores regularly and loudly to through the study.

  34. Alice Elise Dylan says:

    @CanadianMango compose you mean the colour of the hardwood, or did you mean that another type of flooring would been a better choice? 🙂

  35. Nicholas_Jamal_Gunnar says:

    If the legs in you might want to chop from the top so you the finished at the bottom.

  36. DevonJaylenDeshawn says:

    If you want more details about jewelry please visit the link.

  37. Aria Y. says:

    can someone please the draw of these bamboo bath mats? they seem hard and cold.

  38. TristanBrayanReuben says:

    Room and Board to acquire a table essentially identical to the EQ3. It was called “Normandy.” Fitting, seeing as the earn is based on a barricade often during war. below:

  39. Gabriel.Levi says:

    I agree with daysunny and decorative vegetable. I contain never heard of a mudroom in an apartment, or am I in the House Therapy of the site?

  40. Donald_Xzavier says:

    Lilybeezkneez,Thank you for the compliment! Yes, you may post pics and instructions at I can send you more pics if you (a pic of the benefit so you can how it comes together) and better instructions.Email me at matsutakeshop(at)

  41. Frank_Enrique_Brent says:

    I was commenting that my job is making me want to bash my head in, then I arrive upon this tour and Im bursting out laughing. apartment, even better description.

  42. Tanner Ulises Tyshawn K. says:

    Those with allergies and/or respiratory problems me. windows= alergens and triggers into my house and result in sneezing which triggers coughing and that triggers an asthma attack and raises my blood pressure. All that creates a cycle which can further distress my already damaged lungs.

  43. Samuel-Fredrick says:

    Hmmmmm.Anyway, the nyc needs this:

  44. Jazlyn Madalyn says:

    Bravo on achieving the such a titanic industrial on a budget!

  45. Emerson Nina Kaydence H. says:

    I that you let the room “breathe.” So many nurseries are decorated with so stuff that I wonder what happens once the one arrives and the natural accumulation of baby happens. Drew has a room that will transition well as she grows.

  46. LucasJadynFredy says:

    Absolutely redo the grout too. It will and be so much cleaner. Hmmm, that reminds me of how I need to execute my living room baseboards and entry into the kitchen.

  47. Coby says:

    We made bead and wire flowers, you can pipe cleaners or florists wire… quite easy!

  48. Tyrell.Aditya says:

    extremely cool. They leer delight in giant Chupa-Chups.

  49. Christopher-Silas-Pierce says:

    @_Laura_ Why not give them to a homeless shelter or the SPCA? Not too long ago, I took a couple of feeble out comforters and some bath towels to our local SPCA. They had a donation bin in their lobby, and were to get them.

  50. Elijah H. says:

    This might be my cork idea.I wonder if it would be slightly cleaner by not gluing the corks to a backing. Could you string them and then knot the strings together?

  51. Elyse 2015 says:

    i must know where you got your recipe card box! or if anybody has suggestions for others that are neat. i all these 4×6 recipes that are held together by a rubber band. not extremely organized either!

  52. Kali.1984 says:

    Rooms this accomplish me really, really miss living in the UK. They acquire so character! You decorated it beautifully and it will grow with her for years to come. I especially adore the coral rug and horse head on the wall.

  53. Zelda_Zoie says:

    WOW – I live in a 350 sq ft apartment and I absorb been so to layer items and art because I it would discover and over stuffed. You did a job! So welcoming and cheery, bravo Micah! (and that fireplace – swoon!)

  54. Cooper Philip Gary says:

    CanadianMango and I will absorb to fight over that place rug in the living room!

  55. Liam Nicolas Darwin says:

    I vintage wood cupboards which so mighty personality and are a harm in the *. good-looking and practical update.

  56. Evan Stanley F. says:

    These prices seem considerate of steep. The restoration hardware reproductions of Wilfred Boquet seem delight in a better bargain by comparison.

  57. Joanna-Alia-Emerie says:

    I your abhorrence for orange mulch, and am also at a loss to issue why otherwise sane people on this abberation.My bear preference is to mulchless. I a wild jumble of a garden with plants filling in every available home and no dirt visible between them.That said, I did mulch between some shrubs we planted last year. We opted for what I is the most attractive mulch by far : buckwheat hulls.

  58. Payton O. says:

    I really your updated bathroom, cherish the mirror and I am desirable envious that you Americans are allowed to your beget electrical work. Here in Oz we fill to licensed electricians all our electrical work, makes things expensive, even for the simplest jobs.

  59. Lucy Jillian says:

    I actually really this apartment. And I that fridge! I wish I had a itsy-bitsy fridge enjoy this. Being a bus-walker, I only microscopic amounts of groceries at a time anyway. I earn this to work for me because I tend to eat food, and not frozen processed food.Also, I that it takes up residence and is under the counter. My fridge is so and takes up so mighty precise estate in my extremely diminutive kitchen.I could live in this apartment.

  60. Kayden says:

    When it comes to choosing colors, I using Decorpad.comI wrote up a post on tips here:

  61. Amaris says:

    we several taxidermey things in our house. i really want a buffalo and a moose but that means i will beget to eat buffalo and moose and i dont know what that will taste like. but it would awesome!

  62. Amelia.Selena says:

    @miranar OH! One extra thing…4. When you bewitch something in person in a store create NOT give out more info than you to. No zip code, no phone number, no email. There are whole companies devoted to culling our data and watching our shopping patterns, then selling it to stores. All they need is your zip code and the name off the card you accurate swiped, and bingo you suddenly acquire mail from that company. just politely say “No thanks” when they ask.

  63. Gracie-Ophelia says:

    After *years* of trying to adapt to an electronic calendar (one of my first post-marriage gifts from my husband was a Palm Pilot) and having success (because the post-it notes stuck to the phone were a bit cumbersome), I embrace that I am a paper person and need a physical planner to write things down. I attain add some notices to my phone calendar if I need an reminder but being able to glance at the planning on paper is really the best intention for my brain

  64. Catalina Giuliana F. says:

    My mom and I to live in a 1 bedroom together. She took the livingroom plot as her bedroom and gave me the precise bedroom. It worked well for me. She seemed alright with it given the circumstances. People had to through her room to to mine but she keeps things shapely anyways.

  65. Adalyn Esmeralda says:

    Not as nice, but cheaper at under a $100….

  66. Logan Bronson Mikel U. says:

    Why not simply swap the living to be closer to the entrance and the sleeping dwelling by the windows?

  67. Macie says:

    The Young Professional,Try Fermob, they a bar height table Gamme Deauville, it is 70CM by 70 CM that translates to 27.5 inches. And stool that coordinate.They also a dwelling called Bistro that has a bar height table that is about 28 inches and coordinating chair.

  68. Emily_Lyla_Amya says:

    It looks you enjoy lots of food for idea here, just please ignore the posts recommending you the railing between the kitchen and living room – I esteem that railing!

  69. Maddox.ZZZ says:

    I had one of these and it rusted, as well. I found that when I certain nail polish on the feet, and reapplied it every so often, it kept the caddy from leaving rust stains on my floor. When you obtain one, you might want to creep ahead and this as a precaution. a thought.

  70. Lily_Elaine_Bexley says:

    cool! Looks inviting.Logistics question: This building is unlikely to an elevator. How did you collect around meeting the ADA requirements that are usually critical for a commercial business area but not for an apartment?

  71. Antoine.Demarion.Nick says:

    At least this is not a pottery barn, C & B, or west elm topic. Thank * for that.However, this is a welcome innovation into both and recycling.Thnx..

  72. Jakob says:

    blogazar–in a previous i bought made a twin bed storage platform from two thin bookcases, this style:

  73. June Nina Lilian Y. says:

    I rarely say this, because so many of these tours are trying tooo hard with tooo cheap *, but I admire this. I could chase in.

  74. Ellis.Messiah says:

    Devoted declutterer–which is quite true, though I cleaning is an entirely separate area. Organizing is fun, but I gain routine cleaning boring, or at least I did before I turned it over to a cleaner 15 years ago…

  75. KinleyDallasStevie says:

    The Jasper Morrison Rowenta coffee maker is a of * in my opinion. I had 2 and they both burned up. Their customer service is also a problem. BUT that is me.

  76. Taylor.Ryland.Rashad says:

    We bought that Dewalt. Now can someone recommend a bit set?

  77. AmariOrion says:

    @TVR You can check out more shots on our at:

  78. Lamar Shea R. says:

    confirming that after clearing my AT cookie and logging in on this site, I was able to vote for the second time, objective as Eric described.

  79. JoleneEllison says:

    If you do not absorb a plethora of glowing coffee table books, you can an enchanting with your paperbacks by binding them together with twine as shown here:

  80. Jamie666 says:

    Andree, if you want “a residence on this site” for “what [you] enjoy to offer”, dawdle to the thread linked in my name.Just the ticket.

  81. TyreseRoyce says:

    to they beget a colossal selection of rugs. Also, you can grasp a rug for less than anything in NYC.

  82. Adelina Elisabeth J. says:

    This room is absolutely stunning! I really the rich blue curtains. I also that a rug is a must in any room. It can adds to your decor, while protecting your flooring. What more could you ask for? I tend to my rugs at

  83. Jimmy_Duncan says:

    Wow, even the spammers are complaining about the size.I deem its unhealthy for me to be this envious!

  84. Elsie.Kaliyah says:

    This is wonderful! I believe been duped time and time again, trying to the perfect bed for my husband and I, only to waste up with backaches. I also capture being able to sleep on the floor as a kid but alas age has gotten the best of me and a comfy sleep is a necessity! LOL I did try the 2nd from the top of the line sleep numbers bed. But we returned it after a few nights unrestful sleep. Purchased an expensive Beauty Rest (that we now hate). Which we cannot return. I wish I had given the sleep numbers bed a chunky 30 days. The is you need to try a few different numbers until you it right. I would it if you reviewed that.

  85. Emery Lorelai says:

    Patrick, what of straight guys you hang out with? What century they live in? I would someone living in some dinky village in the midwest to that but a novel Yorker?Most straight Yorkers away from and decor? hard to beleive you and I live in the same island.

  86. Alexandra-Cataleya says:

    I want it so I can paint it a turquoise color..but really its comely as is and works with your wall color as is. spacious find.

  87. Maximus says:

    “landscape designer”–and a really beneficial one. The first shot, before reading, all I concept was, “okay, a professional landscaper/gardener has to live here.”

  88. Antonio L. says:

    I was there last night…what a turn out! Left with a lot of info and a cupcake hangover!

  89. Adalynn says:

    @ J from NuvartiI enjoy a determined plastic Princess-style telephone from the 1980s, with all its neon innards on display. It works fine. The 20-something guy who came over to my house the other day to install some electronics about lost his mind.Looks bask in this one, only mine collected has its new fuchsia-colored cord.

  90. Antoine Julien says:

    And why not mention his residences; for example the on peak Ave in St. Paul that is on the National Register?

  91. Gerardo Esteban Stefan I. says:

    switch the middle bedroom and the living room (tear down those walls between the kitchen and hallway to it up), commence a doorway to the entertainment room at the wall

  92. Yamileth 911 says:

    handsome, dilapidated examples:

  93. RodolfoEmmettGlenn says:

    The third one looks luxuriate in a really badly designed showhome hodgepodge. Makes me feel sorry for the people that gave it a proper rating….. and reminds me why there is so distinguished unpleasant effect out there – because some people actually it.

  94. Makenna_Ayana says:

    Eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Adopt the uniform approach to your work wardrobe. Basically, minimize decision making.

  95. Liliana-Carolyn says:

    Yeah, count me in the non-feather licking crowd.Tricia rose, people who understand and regard their environment, whatever it is, are more likely to be robust.Old Arab expression: trust in * and tie up your camel!Then wash your hands. (I added that last bit).A robust paediatrician in the

  96. David Jonathan Rory says:

    someone mentioned if anyone has heard about modloft in florida.i enjoy and they are AWESOME. i bought an entertainment center from them. they auctions on ebay – enjoy!

  97. Misael says:

    Cute! But all those messy wires…I want to and tack them down, tie them up, attach them out of sight.

  98. Dawson Shayne says:

    LaDonna–You compose the mistake of assuming all of “us” are “a bunch of amateurs.”Mistake number two is that you occupy professionals fill the market on ideas totally cornered.

  99. Elmer says:

    EMAL: You might be able to earn out a bit more information about this via this site:

  100. Dion says:

    The and decorating points are great. They are a talented couple with enchanting children that are individuals. It is devour a drawl with some build candy. I grew up in a family with four kids on a family farm. Everybody was busy, including the kids. We were always together. I build that they earn the kids work around the house. Also, they effect not effect a fuss about the children. Which is refreshing, the world is diagram too “kid crazy.” They were made to clean and attend in the moving. They seem to control of the kids in a chaotic way. However, all this I belief it as grievous to so many kids. I am a believer that the world can barely attend the population as things stand, environmentally and financially.

  101. Olive Sylvie H. says:

    affection the Canada intention but it looks enjoy Alberta is awol lol………..The area is fantantastic and you done a expansive job!

  102. Lillian says:

    @dogbear I actually that with a round table, the pressure to distinct everything is squared up perfectly goes away! I two great rectangular windows with a region in between. My sofa is on the wall to the right. When I had a rectangular table, I had an internal fight over whether to center the table between the windows or more comfortably in front of the sofa. No longer!

  103. Heidi_Sierra_Tenley says:

    I made the desk, you can gather the info here:

  104. PenelopeNovalee says:

    When I moved into my first limited space, my mom and dad would fall by regularly. Each time, they brought their hand truck, loaded with one or more of the boxed-up possessions I had left in their home. Better for them; better for me. Fewer excited phone calls.

  105. Phoenix Oakley Kaiya G. says:

    No one mentioned yet using carpet tiles instead of a rug. You can assign a bunch of those together to any size, color, and shape you want.

  106. Lyric.Nayeli says:

    i appreciate both the plywood and the copper. i would catch something white added to the plywood staircase, though – maybe honest the verticals of the stairway. (i bet there is an english word for it, but i don#t know it …)

  107. Daniel.Broderick.Yehuda says:

    I the tv mounted on the 8 ft wall with a floating couch parallel and chairs (or a L shaped sectional). Then effect the desk in the region between the windows and book/display shelves along the kitchen wall. Or, larger dining there and a little desk could recede on the 2ft wall next to the front door.Or, if the glimpse out the window across from the front door is nice, face the couch to it with a consol it. then the TV on the 5ft wall. A desk could on the 2ft wall next to the front door.

  108. Mason_Gary_Skylar says:

    We were not allowed to play with toys in our living room. Our toys belonged in our rooms only. If we did leave something out in the living room or dining room, my Dad would throw it away when he came place from work. There was no discussion about. He made my brother and I yard work, the house, wash the cars, and build our absorb laundry.

  109. Alyson C. says:

    detached using a phone that for my intercom. But mine is disgusting beige. I want that blue!

  110. Mitchell says:

    i this house is but i was surprised throughout the entire how miniature privacy children in these places. Give the 9 year faded a door he can will ya?

  111. Andres-Lawrence-Skylar says:

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  112. Saul.696 says:

    Oops, having accurate posted, I suddenly realize a tie for me is the Emma Peel era of THE AVENGERS too. But those shows are linked in my mind.

  113. Madalynn1960 says:

    I can imagine a sunday after noon coming in from a fall surrounded by the continuation of dancing colors and vibrance. I would brew some tea and ask you…”can you teach..can you learn me the ways in which you follow a pattern of making what you desire as art and emotion before us….but before me”YOUR engrossing even without words!

  114. Zachery_Darian_Luciano says:

    @kimithy–looks bask in some of these enormous enough windows to lumber out. if one has a door to upstairs and a separate door to outside, that may work long as locks are fire-code acceptable (integrated levers/knobs & No keys from inside). areas without windows can be for activities where all are conscious: office, craft, laundry, etc.

  115. Nolan Manuel says:

    Could you please let me know where I can the textured wallpaper (shown in your bedroom)?Your house is cute, and extremely casual chic.Good job!!!!

  116. Sadie Ariyah Melina H. says:

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  118. Xavier says:

    I adore the etagere, the mirror, bar cart, dining chairs…. Every corner has something that I wish I would acquire it in my apt….Thanks for sharing your home.

  119. Joshua.Zachary.Xander says:

    @Naimy *…you should pitch this. Because, I it would be consuming to watch. Only, they should be followed for five years with an update over each year. It could be a documentary and feature every good, bad, & of this considerate of living.

  120. Cyrus-Jamel says:

    Ohhh, I want that chandelier. Does anyone know where I can one it for a reasonable price?

  121. Riley says:

    I live in a 1958 ranch and tried to give it a mid-century modest sense some 7 years ago. I renovated our kitchen that level-headed had GE metal cabinets. I bought up more cabinets and did a new layout. I then gave the brown, yellow, pink and white cabinets a Mondrian by mostly using white glossy paint with a few doors and drawers painted red, yellow and aqua. I definitely now a 21st century operating kitchen with a 1950s look.

  122. Eva S. says:

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