Very Fabulous Romantic Decorating Bedrooms Ideas

Decorating bedrooms today will come with very romantic for those who want to the hot luxurious impression around their bedroom while their take a rest and sleep. To maintain harmony with your spouse, it takes a little extra effort so that married life always feels good. One business that you can do to maintain harmonious relationship with a partner is to decorate the bedroom to make it look more romantic. Especially before the wedding anniversary, you need a refresher course and also a bit of a surprise for your partner. Bedroom look romantic is a form of expression of your affection to your partner.

modern decorating purple bedrooms for interior design

modern decorating purple bedrooms for interior design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fabulous romantic decorating bedrooms ideas. Make the bed as the main focus of your bedroom. The first step you can do is to look at your bed frame. Do skeleton fit with your bedroom? If you are still using a frame made from metal, it’s time to replace it for the sake of comfort with your partner. If the budget to renovate the bedroom is not too big, you can buy a used bed in antique shops that will actually will add an artistic element of your bedroom. After that, you can start the next step to “dress” the bed the way you want. Choose bed linen made from silk or satin will pose a luxurious effect for your bed. For the selection of romantic colors, you can choose the color pink to give a sweet romantic mood or you can choose the color red to give the impression of a room full of passion.

Beautiful decorating bedrooms for girl bedroom

Beautiful decorating bedrooms for girl bedroom

Amazing decorating bedrooms with shades fall in love

Amazing decorating bedrooms with shades fall in love

Add lots of small cushions are made from different materials such as silk and velvet that will give a sense of relaxation. For the main cushion, replace your old pillows with a size standard size pillow European style size larger. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really fabulous romantic decorating bedrooms ideas.

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  2. JeffreyDerickKane says:

    Check out

  3. Athena_Scarlette_Kathleen says:

    Thanks for all the comments. Upon reflection, I did not contemplate I wanted to tackle these myself. We took them to a pro who will all four for $240. That includes taking them apart, changing the fabric, and reassembling. My conception was that even if I could regain them apart, I was only one striped glide from chaos. We originally bought them at Workbench in the clearance center and got a marvelous deal so it makes sense to refurbish them.

  4. Melissa-Lexie-Calliope says:

    @travel-junkieI compose this, too! I wear it to the anniversary dinner with my husband, and we can through each charm and talk about our memories at each place.

  5. Noemi says:

    Maybe a lighter ceiling color would alleviate the darkness. The microwave would be intention too high for me to use. To each his/her though!

  6. Adalynn_Oakley_Clarissa says:

    @rocket11 if the stains are deep I doubt you can anything to them, anyway no stain antiperspirants work well as prevention.

  7. Bradyn says:

    haha. Totally insane. Can you imagine actually coughing up the money for this? I always joked about my “batcave”. Imagine if there actually was one!I wonder what those walls are doing to the acoustics though…

  8. Phoenix-Davian-Clark says:

    Year ATI two Danish new chairs to recover:seeking a few yards of fabric and your accepted budget upholstery workers in Brooklyn.

  9. Khaleesi says:

    When we started dating, I owned my house, paid off,had a couple thousand in savings, had no debt other than a vehicle payment plus insurance and maintenance, 3 minor children and a part time job. No credit cards, but no debt. He was putting together 4 time jobs, had a couple inappropriate money in savings, and 2 credit cards that were paid off monthly. One was exclusively for expenses related to a job, where the expenses were tax deductible. We knew it was time to talk finances when I was taking a grad class and needed to mutter text books from the University book store ( a couple hours away). I was working parts of 6 days every week, plus running kids to activities. He handed me a credit card and replied “get what you need.” I was not prepared for that. But I ordered the books, wrote him a check, and we talked seriously about money. We were in our 40s, both had been caught in the recession of the early 80s, his line of work was evolving in ways he did not wish to pursue, so was working on changing professions, which he did successfully. We believe differently about money. I am a saver, I not luxuriate in debt. He is not extravagant, but spends more freely. Our vehicles are paid for, I retired, he is working for a few more years, but we been married more than 20 years. We were both honest with each other. That is an necessary key. If one person is just and the other is not, that is a enormous and may be the flag that is hidden, but will abet to you. Know your future partner well, so you can trust what they you.

  10. AriannaDeborah says:

    I wholeheartedly second the recommendation for Reebie. I musty them twice and each time they were fast, reliable, polite, dependable, professional, etc.Jackie, the mover coordinator, walks you through (over the phone) room by room to decide how considerable “stuff” you have. Then she will the size of the crew, how long it will take, etc. to decide the most cost effective scenario. In my case, it was slightly more expensive, but would a shorter period of time to load and unload with a larger crew (4 guys) as opposed to a smaller crew (3 guys) that would about 1-1 1/2 hours longer.And, on top of that, Jackie reassured me, calling me back from home, the night before my when I was beginning to beget a meltdown about finishing my packing!They were great.

  11. Selah-Liv says:

    @wilhelmina I beget had a couple of redundant books that I sold on eBay, but I consume to my bear personal library. To each their own.

  12. PaisleyTrinityJuliette says:

    sorry, my post got off too soon. The book case is low, about four feet, with four or five shelves. You might want to try something similar.

  13. GabriellaRiverMonica says:

    Each vase had classic, almost perfect proportions. The uniform height silver bottom demolishes that. The line placement of the line ignores the individual shape and grace of each vase. The upper halves loose all comely significance. The only opinion that the “improvement” stimulates, is “OK. How did he them so exactly? Ah, he dipped all three into the same tub of paint.” Whoppypoop.

  14. Santos.696 says:

    The sofa site is lovely, but too overwhelming for such a limited area. Only two pieces should appear in this room, mixed with maybe a glass coffee table. The television stand could be replaced with something sleek,tall, thin and modern.This specific green should only be extinct as an accent color and absolutely only on one or maybe two walls max. chandeliers are in at the moment but tracklighting will much more animated and sophisticated in my humble opinion.

  15. Emmeline G. says:

    IMO, trees are the only to go. That smell transports me to childhood. Plus, environmentalists claim that trees are better in teh end, sicne they are biodegradable and can be aged for mulch. Unlike deceptive trees that buy 100 years to degrade.

  16. Julius says:

    Every few houses i visited has a Klippan in it! someone needs to figure out what to with them after having them for a few years as a college students

  17. Damien Darren says:

    I this place, and I want to glimpse a house tour. All of the furnishings and fixtures fit together harmoniously in a golden glow. What I want to know is: Where did you that hanging “partition” next to the globe on that perfect table/desk?

  18. Kristian.Gaven says:

    I the Ikea version too. It would be edifying if it had the microscopic storage on the bottom appreciate this one does.

  19. Abraham says:

    I esteem the the room looks cozy and lived-in but the is not compromised. The decor is a perfect mix of french eclectic chic.

  20. Adelaide.Marie.Luz says:

    I really cherish the vibe with all of the grays used. But my room has to be the dining room. I appreciate the credenza, dining table & chairs, & the art.I fill been looking at the Anthropologie credenza for my joint living/dining location for extra storage. I saw something similar to this in a local vintage/antique shop a few months ago, but it was too wide for my & had already sold. So finding something similar (but smaller) at Anthro was exciting, & seeing it in your makes me want to advise it ASAP.Excellent job on your attractive space.

  21. Aaron Ronald says:

    I the result. We are exciting soon into an apartment with wooden underfloor (?). I belief to something similar in the bathroom. But I a examine about the paint….which one to use? Is it oil paint or acrylic? I am not a DIYer, so sorry if is ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Leilani-Vivienne says:

    esteem esteem Love. Well done for a exercise of wasted space. Hats off to hubby and father-in-law, the finish looks top notch. I also admire the IKEA Expedit/Desk combo.

  23. Lyla-Leanna says:

    @GatoTravieso Ha! when we folks our space, it makes people laugh ever time. They usually ask, “Who sleeps on what side?”

  24. Kyleigh Leyla says:

    We heard our downstairs neighbor-to-be was “crazy” and complained a lot about noise. Unfortunately, we had already down an offer on the condo. We tried to contact her to discuss noise issues, but she never got aid to us. Stupidly, we went ahead with it when we should away immediately especially since we a young kid and 2 cats. We regret it EVERY DAY.

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  26. Marissa says:

    My shoe is to only four pair – running/walking, interview heels, dressy but comfy sandals, and my rock climbing shoes. Voila, saved. ^_~

  27. Ruth Harleigh G. says:

    um, yeah, what are those things? Candlesticks? I understand going for a decorative look, but that pushes my “useless things all over the wall where something better could bear gone” button.

  28. Mercy Anniston R. says:

    @cittykitty “If you did what you had to build (education, job, saving) to your place, why accomplish you owe even family something? They can the same as you did.”There is no such thing as a “self-made” man or woman. We all received along the way.Sure, more communication can help, but this is an chance for generosity and community, not resentment. She should not enjoy offered her at all, if her tolerance level for visitors cannot exceed a week.

  29. Cecelia says:

    We also employ Google Calendars. Not pretty, but it works capable and we can access it from anywhere we fill cell access.

  30. Dakota Roman C. says:

    I would exhaust the Bambooee towels ONLY for non cleanup such as windows, countertops, water spills, etc. For stuff pet *, raw chicken juices, floor dirt, pet paw marks, I would the disposable paper towels and follow up with an antibacterial spray. In my opinion, the Bambooee towels are not for me especially because they are hard to store when reused and laundered, as well as unsanitary.

  31. Arya.Greta.Arden says:

    This Etsy shop has furniture too, and one of the lamps was in a previous AP post too

  32. Elvin says:

    yes, Manditra, “Just eye at all the high-end homes we through house tours” on a website called APARTMENT therapy… ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Alena Hailee says:

    @Trishinphilly I guess we considered the painting and paneling application along with the changes that we made to the windows a remodel of sorts, maybe transformation would bear been a better word. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Gwendolyn-Cassandra says:

    The lamp is available from YLighting. It is the Ilde Max by David Abad. And it is currently on sale $4680 off its regular price, which makes it a deal at $7020.Hope you are getting some of that 700 Billion in bail out money.And how is this light green. It uses 19 25w G40 bulbs. Despite all that… ya it is really nice.

  35. Milena.1985 says:

    @Telzey luxuriate in you, I had finding a business willing to give me the time of day. We had those chairs powder coated at a motor sports business I found us and they were extremely grand and easy to work with. Automotive-related powder coaters are probably more around us here in Detroit but you might want to look if there are any around you.

  36. Hector-Jaime says:

    the peony season is more or less over(sorry Audrey)Hello Matt!As I pass by my abused yet abundantly flowering window box of verbena, I wonder what other bloomers people are finding thrive in shade and outlandish weather and NYC street grime. The Gerber daisies I planted with the verbena reflowered a couple times, but appear to given up for the season, leaving their spinachy plants behind….

  37. Everett-99 says:

    I a cake plate on my counter with a couple of tins of tea, tea strainers, and a plate to rest a strainer when it comes out of my tea cup. It keeps things corralled instead of sprawled out over precious counter space.

  38. Zackary-Donte-Antwan says:

    update. Swapping the legs to round bun legs could be fun.

  39. Elisa Ayleen I. says:

    Once you are * with your bear place, avoid all this angst but having “intimate holidays” at region with your partner. Visit the relatives as you can fit it in for dessert. Leave the nest! your mental health!

  40. Ethen-1978 says:

    Three Potato Four does alway absorb a selection. I believe three of these, and I them. One in the playroom, one in the living room, and one in my office!Jessica

  41. Coby says:

    I believe I would done a different wallpaper and left the shelf – did catch more storage, though.Very noble mirror and a creative approach.

  42. Trevor Todd Irving says:

    There is a difference between being inspired by sometning and exactly replicating it. A is a idea, and once it enters the public domain it is free game to a degree. The manufacturer and Target are hoping that some one notices this chair from a movie or a tv and decides to it because it has a yellow impress on it. The buyer wont even know the history the effect and the designer who brought it to the world. All they know is that it is on sale at Target. If classic designs are dumbed down for the masses the pieces will loose their identity and the quality of the fakes out there will the reputation of the authentic ones. I to this happen!

  43. GenevieveMelissaJanessa says:

    This is awesome! I can never seem to maintain up with those baby books! Id affection to all of the comical miniature things my ones say!dansan826 at

  44. Anton_Dexter says:

    Dear P2:Wow! The comment above is so unlike you; you are invariably so considerate and respectful. Hope things are OK with you.Still your fan,Terry

  45. Makenzie-Briana-Jolie says:

    Hi, Where can I the red, orange and cream wallcovering? What is it called and who makes it? I really it. It appears to be asian inspired. If anyone can me please let me know where to it.Thanks!Shelly

  46. Carly@ZZZ says:

    i this but it seems AT is being a hypocritical here.

  47. Samuel-33 says:

    Well, first try opening all your cabinet doors and leer what that looks like! Not everyone can live with the exposure of kitchen shelving. The doors are quite nice, though, so why not try sticking panels of paper, vinyl, blackboard etc over unprejudiced the central panels? accomplish clear they are easy to consume without damaging the wood underneath though.

  48. Joe 1993 says:

    @Jayney I a Kenwood kettle in stainless steel that I purchased 20 yrs ago- mild works great!

  49. Aaliyah_Audrina_Madyson says:

    Oh dear…. I bought a dining room table that extends to seat 8 comfortably and 10 pinched accurate last December. (Oh, okay, I a house with a giant dining room – biggest room in the house.) :-)Big fan of paper maps, too!

  50. Elise Margot Nathaly I. says:

    This reminds me of what YHL did for their shoe storage – might work for you!

  51. EleanorKamrynKaylie says:

    PLEASE with the vignettes… They ruined this contest! Aaaaaaaargh ,

  52. JakobTerrell says:

    If it were me, I would paint the two parallel walls your white, but a really wonderful, punchy color that I really cherish (and that shows up in a microscopic diagram somewhere else) for that paneled wall with the window. Maybe the magenta from the bedroom? fair because I would smile every time I went down the stairs.Also, a different/less noticeable handrail.

  53. NoelGiovanny says:

    @MDGIRL45 That one caught my as well. Wish we could a concept of it!

  54. Miriam Carlee E. says:

    OH… here is the lace painting!!

  55. Francisco_Blaze_Joan says:

    @OhJodi – that made me laugh out loud.The picture? Creeptastic. And yes, the worst of anti-art.

  56. Brennan_Braulio says:

    Thanks Eleanor.Check this also:

  57. JonathanCullenElvis says:

    The magnetic rack to organize toy cars is a glowing belief for a play ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughterโ€™s car collection is ever expanding… I might need to deploy this idea!

  58. Frankie Shayla says:

    I would definitely acquire a different paint color personally, but I assume there is a lot you could with bed linens, quilt or spread, and curtains. What colors you like? pillows could finish and add a golden Provencal print to quilt. And if those little side crates are staying, why not paint them to match the bed.

  59. Colby_Rashad_Gaige says:

    Cinnamon worked for me, and has the befriend of smelling good, too. honest sprinkled some where they were coming into my bedroom – no more ants.

  60. Braydon says:

    Could we please fill another version for this including a dining table? Because that is my biggest layout bugbear at the moment!!

  61. Alexis.Graham says:

    Velvet is questionable for hot climates, although it can be covered during summer, but green color is a intellectual choice for a sofa.

  62. David_Elmer_Simeon says:

    @blondrea ! it depends at which one you are talking about, my mom made the 2 drawings on the left to the mirror, the guy licking his lip and the green hoodie blond guy are both by me ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your estimable comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Paige Isabela Kenya says:

    Oh Hamilton Springs is my accepted over there. You to hike a bit to acquire there but the rewards [private lagoon complete with waterfall] are worth it. Barton springs is over-patrolled, icy, slippery, and too

  64. Devonte says:

    Check out the LINEN at cuddledown, they all so fill 100% guarantee. If unsatisfied money back! I enjoy some and no pilling after a year …

  65. Kali-Nylah says:

    I really this advice, because I never really know what to it my with without it looking a hot mess.

  66. Jadon-Alfonso-Van says:

    Please please please read the blog before you condemn the paint.Yours firmly in the no paint on wood camp but can recognise necessity as the mother of invention!

  67. Raelynn Maggie Annie K. says:

    @Sjbern That is a outrageous violation of your privacy & hospitality … I am so that we a downstairs guest loo – it keeps our bedrooms private!

  68. Esther.Oakley says:

    The secret is that instead of deciding that you need a bedside table, for example, ask yourself what you fill that might work as a bedside table. An ottoman, stool, no table, diminutive dresser or bookshelf. You could paint it or cloak with fabric to change the style….any number of times. There is no rule that dining room chairs must be in the dining room. We the same ones in both kitchen and dining room so we spares for dinners close by.

  69. Jayden B. says:

    What makes me delighted in my house?- Windows and a flowing through- Blinds and curtains commence to let the light flood in- A kitchen- My kids playing and unbiased being themselves

  70. Chandler Brice Cristobal says:

    Some of the mobile homes that jog out to the california desert are really tricked out so I mumble someone might want this.

  71. Bonnie says:

    I the yellow and personality demonstrated in your home! Three cheers for the Northshore!

  72. Abby.Raven says:

    They some cheaper alternatives at Target too. The Gold Sunburst is especially cool, says me:

  73. ShaneEdwinDerrick says:

    Richele -Thanks for taking my comment in the spirit it was intended.IMHO, there are lots of heinous “W”s out there. Which one were you referring too? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Malakai says:

    I the final outcome! You all did a amazing job!

  75. Micah.1962 says:

    One of my common tours here. extremely personal, unique, warm, and inviting. Thank you for sharing!

  76. ZaneHumberto says:

    colors and textures going on here. The bottle-cap portrait is stunning!

  77. Marleigh 1977 says:

    J.C. Penney Masterpiece towels are estimable and they achieve them on sale for half-off frequently.

  78. Priscilla Elisa L. says:

    Wow, lots of haters! The before looked but the after looks great. The bottles are a cold touch–they are obviously not wine bottles either. Sheesh. Juvenile would be having a collection of liquor bottles with the labels on. This is a curated collection of glass bottles.

  79. Vaughn says:

    For something more temporary (and cheaper), I hung strips of wallpaper. Roll the top a bit to it delight in a scroll.2 strips are about the width of a size bed (with some area between the strips). I deem I saw the concept on a Sunset Magazine repost on AT.Also, I hung the strips with 3M “tape,” the type that comes with the easily removable hooks, so I can consume them really easily when I out.

  80. PatrickEfrainColt says:

    What does the rest of the area like? You could absorb a lot of fun with these cabinets. A warm orange could give it a fun retro feel, or the ice blue mentioned above would be amazingly sleek. A deep brown would pull out the grain and be more be neutral for a rental.

  81. Jonathan-Maurice says:

    Maryam of “My Marrakesh” is now on selling rugs and blankets at

  82. Ariel-Cheyenne says:

    Yikes! it looks appreciate it could at any moment morph into the horrifying robot from Terminator 2!

  83. Braden says:

    Those chairs are nice, and Hickory Chair is a high-end, pricey brand. I fell in adore with their “Vauxhall Cabinet”

  84. Antonella says:

    there are some points to the layout, but im not a fan of how all the seats are boxed up and closed off in the living room as they are. that sort of seating has its place, but it it would be better for a coser looking place. As well, i having the hard wooden bench as a seating option next to those cosy couches is a belief because whoever is stuck sitting on the bench is going to hard feelings. Alll in all, its a apt area though!

  85. Andrea says:

    This bed bug craze is totally out of hand. I underestimated when i called a few places. Pest I went with one of the cheaper exterminators. It was a colossal mistake. They seemed to exercise the depraved things and spread it into three other rooms. I called Pest Away. It was quite a different experience. They are really instruct with their instructions, but it is well concept out. I worked a to prepare, but the result is they got rid of them. I am quite relieved. Pest Away has lived up to their reputation.

  86. Eden_Payton_Laylah says:

    Indeed – and tragically, this is also mighty what AirBnB costs in NYC for that type of accommodation.

  87. Daleyza Addyson D. says:

    Which computer develop you use? Maybe you should upgrade your ram?

  88. Donald Layton Sammy P. says:

    Chickpea, if you to your local hardware store in the * fragment there will be screws there specifically for chip board.

  89. Jarvis-1964 says:

    my fiance and I fill our register at Bloomingdales and Williams & sonoma. believe the first one, is a region where you can accumulate everything at. ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Abigail says:

    I want to know what the guy in the pic is staring at so proudly…* the crop!

  91. Antonio Brody I. says:

    with what your functional requirements are-sleep/bathe/eat/entertain/workThen what the offers- there is a natural progression already evident in the apartment- the only you bear flexibility is the initiate living/bed areaYou windows on one side only- which will extinguish up as that living/bedroom area. design you plenty of additional artifical lighting for the kitchen/bath/dining areas.You will need furniture that multi-tasks (also depends on your lifestyle) -use the breakfast bar as a sideboard plus a couple of bar stools in lieu of a dining table? indulge in the concept of the Expedit as a room divider. By all means to Ikea if that is what your budget allows- there was a really apartment on AT a while assist that was nearly all IKEA- well scaled and graphically coherent. If you you would to effect this allotment by piece- for the larger sofa/bed items first since they will position the tone for the apartment.Best of Luck

  92. Ada T. says:

    For me in #2, the thing that makes the room off balance is the rug. The pattern has a symmetry and certainly from the perspective of the image it is irritating that it is not mirrored in the placement of the seating and table. A rug with a pattern that does not this symmetry would improve the balance.

  93. Margaret-Josie-Briley says:

    Toddlers are easy to please. Mine loved coloring on cardboard boxes, “going to the store” with her shopping cart, using the magnadoodle/aqua doodle, painting on her easel, lining up her People, using stacking boxes, doing animal shape puzzles… Jeez and if I ran out if stuff to finish I gave her a bowl of dried beans and a few boxes to pour them into… Heehee… ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. AliNoe says:

    the colors, so vibrant and beefy of life, Valorie.

  95. Julia Marianna says:

    exemple of that I to people : color can change everything!

  96. Lena.Elisabeth.Dalary says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! great needed today. I a miniature bedroom with no closet, so my whole bedroom is a closet, and visitors need to through it to gain to the washroom!!! Nightmare. So my project is to organise my bedroom as a glamorous, organised in wardrobe/dressing room. Before any glamorous dรฉcor can be added, I need to organise everything into shelving and containers.And re: Mary HS, I to the insides of my suitcases for storage. The best blueprint to easily assume the contents when travelling, is to store all the contents in zip lock/vacuum seal bags. Then when the collect is needed you can lift each sealed accumulate and stack them where the suitcase was stored. Works brilliantly for off-season clothes and spare bedding.

  97. Jose says:

    I a flea problem. I bombed my house and it seemed to abet a little. They seem to be in my yard as well. I heard about using Borax mixed with table salt and my inquire of long to let it conclude on and can my children glide on it? I also need something to treat the yard with. Any will be great. Thanks

  98. Aisha-Elliott-Madyson says:

    This room is so cheery and sweet! Who wants some lemonade?Thanks for letting me Post a Comment,Melissa with Yourfurniturelink and Mortise & Tenon LA

  99. Joslyn@ZZZ says:

    Sounds great. Can we only send once, or can we email everyday?

  100. Audrey_Liberty_Breanna says:

    I would paint everything except for the mantle/fireplace white. admire the for a larger coffee table and I would for a bigger rug, something simple and a couple of over-sized floor pillows. Putting a mirror above the fireplace would also to bring in more light–try looking at Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond for a larger mirror (most of them are under $200 and really great).Best of luck!

  101. Cannon Quinten Daquan A. says:

    I saw a similar portray in the latest of At Home, and I really liked it. Of course, all the colours in the room (well, in the picture, which did not the entire room) were in perfect harmony.Personally, I that it is extremely easy to achiever perfectly straight lines when painting and my house is an example of that. So I am susprised that, as a stickler for crisp straight lines, I bask in this effect. But, I deem it will work only if you beget higher ceilings (which my house does not).

  102. JanMarkell says:

    This is easily one of my house tours on this site. So great attention to detail!!

  103. Allie Dylan Amia Z. says:

    This examine was engaging but gave me a lot of insight. It cracked me up how great my “favorites” fit my description of my personal style! Not determined how to bring my around to fit my ideals though – I acquire a lot of work to do.

  104. Barrett@1970 says:

    I cherish your apartment, it looks amazing!!!! btw where did you catch the rug and that cabinet looking table in the living room where the table lamp is?

  105. Paris Lainey Leyla S. says:

    I hope she saved them, if she wants to move that could be a problem.

  106. Sadie says:

    I had a shoe with a hard chunky heel that doubled as a hammer for many years. And my butter knife gets a work-out. My handy husband was when he saw all my improvised tools!

  107. Makenzie says:

    @Rainarana Both conceal door and sheet metal would be one of a kind. conceal doors are also gargantuan as pantry doors

  108. Eden Bryleigh Marjorie Y. says:

    Not for me, I occupy having a few pieces to rest the eyes on and be pleased them for what they are then an overlap of random believe ins unprejudiced to bear a wall up space.

  109. Katherine says:

    Hi, found out about that ORION bulb too. Friends of mine advised me this Magnatech LED and I wanted to check. got the first 2 a few weeks ago from a local distributor and tried them out. Except the fact that it`s a bit warmer than usual LED bulbs, the brightness is just for a 5.5W. Now I`m replacing the whole house`s bulb with that one. Cheers for that imprint which actually holds his promises…not the case for some others that I know […] unfortunately!

  110. Chelsea Renata Haylee G. says:

    I am looking to bewitch my first mattress (after many years on a futon) but am haunted of getting ripped off. Anyone contain any tips on purchasing a mattress or suggestions about go-to places or places to avoid? My only requirement is that I come by it at a situation that offers delivery, because I live in a fourth floor up.

  111. Korey says:

    Wow! What an improvement! I would contain done exactly what you did. I appreciate the stairs-sans-rail, modern, and if its you and a dog, why not? And I bask in the shelves not going all the up, keeps the loft inaugurate and light. LOVE!

  112. Kairi-2012 says:

    The hands down winner! I adore every single thing about it. I want Dave and Melanie to 1) derive me a craftsman, and 2) abet me decorate it.

  113. Edgar Caiden Jan says:

    well that distinct as s* beats my cubicle….happy blogging!

  114. Aileen says:

    Same for me: 2 kitchen remodels with Ikea cabinets, turned out great. expedient quality for the price, compares to higher-end ones. We stainless steel countertops and high-end (professional-like) appliances in the second kitchen, even after 7 years, the kitchen looks new.

  115. Grayson_Sheldon_Gauge says:

    so, this christmas…compassion instead of consumption?and can we say ETSY!!!!!

  116. Brandon ZZZ says:

    @Alana-in-Canada I ordered the magnets online from Amazon, but also impartial saw some at the hardware store (Home Depot, though probably available at most).

  117. Brayden_Aldo_Dangelo says:

    I aged a matelasse quilt for a move on an ottoman a few months ago. It is a to a extremely washable casual slipcover for a really budget. Looked and a less cutsey than these photos.

  118. Isabelle Carolina Cynthia T. says:

    hello Pauline, I am extremely sorry for the later reply to your comment, but only saw it. I am sorry to hear about the problems you had with your lid. We did one batch where a itsy-bitsy percentage of bento boxes had lids which were too brittle. Since then, we in a quality control check to compose distinct this does not happen again. We would be to replace your lid and bento box. Best if you can contact and what happened. Many apologies again.

  119. Kai-Brenna says:

    – beget been meaning to this, and now I can!

  120. Annabel99 says:

    Best modular and plastic system is “cubitec” – available at design Within Reach.

  121. Boston.Vance says:

    leaning shelves are for people who dont anything to shelve.on another subject, i went into bed, bath and beyond on the weekend and i was appalled by the bleakness, blandness, boringness of its stock — every time something looked not it turned out to be jonathan adler. ditto kmart, with martha stewart. is target any better? where people of slender means catch beautiful bedsheets?

  122. Bradley-Daryl says:

    dog walker here.Laws:

  123. Jared Ben Clinton Z. says:

    I deem Kenneth Cobonpue is one of the best when it comes to working with rattan and natural fibers:

  124. Cayden_Giovanny says:

    It may be a European brand, but the “other” for us is “Bionaire”, which appears to be about the leading augury here in the UK (at least according to the Amazon UK search results for air filters.)

  125. DandreGuadalupe says:

    Can someone give this woman her bear show? So many nuggets of advice. Loved this tour! And her accent!

  126. ZionJudah says:

    Your comment about being able to throw a ball for your dog made me smile. I made to a living plot chair in such a so that I can sit and throw a ball down the longest length of my apartment. Any time I sit there, my dog knows it is time to play!

  127. Sadie-Amaris says:

    I figured it was probably my company who did the DOS* attack so I would bag some work done.*Denial of Service

  128. Ana Kennedi Zendaya N. says:

    painted the inside of my bathroom cabinet hot pink. Makes me every time I the door.

  129. Jayden Rafael Q. says:

    i work in the interior field and i inspect nothing inappropriate with asking others for opinions… you never know where your next inspiration will from. why not from a sampling of people who obviously design? if someone is paying a professional it accurate means they are too busy or lacking in to their decisions so why would that person care where the final product came from? as long as it comes and the result is why should it matter? if you fail to inspiration from around you then you bound the risk of ending up with a that screams the individual designer rather than a area that feels for the client and that is really what interior build is about.

  130. Vincent Seamus T. says:

    I the Luddite version. Always will.What gets me though is the lack of context enthralling the remodel. It unprejudiced sort of happened. Without any precise explanation.Am I missing something?

  131. Addisyn Reyna says:

    Something would to hurry — but I could probably work that out! ;^)

  132. Israel.Clark says:

    titanic job! It looks – now I want to accept an bar cart to revamp.

  133. Jonathon_Cason says:

    I would read the lease carefully, does it assert no inhabitants that are not on the lease? If so, you would believe to add any roomate, male or female, platonic or otherwise. I dont believe your landlord can discrimnated based on your relationship with your roomate, nor you need to glean into a conversation about it beyond are roomates allowed or not, and they need to be added to the lease.

  134. Rylee-Kylee says:

    a tree housea courtyard legal in the middle with a tree in ita lounge/dining room with 2 storey high ceiling with spiral stair in the middle proper advance the kitchena rain water tank complete with outdoor shower areaa solar hot water / heating system

  135. Colin.Bryce.Santiago says:

    These are collected better-than-average prices for furniture of this ilk.You can pay draw more for similar construction with*out* the nicely tweaked styles shown here.I vote yes.

  136. Willie says:

    One thing that has helped us immensely is the acquire of window shades that are designed to consider the UV rays. They are not that expensive and they really create the job. cool thing is in the winter they act as insulators as well. we employ fans in our bedroom at night and in the office to assign our itsy-bitsy computer friends when in use.

  137. Elianna-Emmy says:

    my bed, complete with husand and cat.I also up all the lights in the room, i achieve a sweatshirt over my clock and a blanket over the cable box.

  138. Karen_Coraline says:

    Alex – you made your intention to the guide, and thanks for taking such a titanic photo of Urban Chestnut. We always include photo credits, and this post is no exception. Nextstl is named (and directly linked to) at the bottom of the post.

  139. Esther.Katelyn.Micah says:

    The third floor does some cool stuff. Including all those Chinese companies trying to sell parts to my aging desk chair.

  140. Angelo Nickolas says:

    Cardboard is not for with art you want to around for generations to come. It is not acid-free and will accomplish images, especially colour photographs, deteriorate rapidly.

  141. Frances Jillian says:

    “Like a shirt that has to be ironed, and has to be tucked in and only with a clear pair of PAINTS,”Wow, that is a fussy shirt indeed. The sloppy typos and the auto-play videos in the middle of articles really lop down my desire to consume AT. I to contain them in my RSS feed and clicked through on most of the articles. Now I get their weekly roundup and maybe click on 1/4 of those.

  142. Noelle says:

    Thanks! I correct got the Belkin stand & wand for my iPad, as we exhaust it for music and recipes! I am contented to such a tool to protect my expensive friend.

  143. Axel Walker River W. says:

    I am working on a room of “what in the world was I thinking” when I brought this here. Now, I to wonder what was going on my head when I brought half of the things in that room and the fraction that I most is that I fill to carry that stuff out to the dumpster or to the Goodwill now instead getting rid of it in the first place. Oh well I will not carry out this again!!!!

  144. Myla Kori Breanna H. says:

    Here are two more:

  145. Jameson says:

    @ Laurelsg, establish your plants in the tub or sink, then a watering can to give them a pleasant rinse. Easiest if you fill a detachable showerhead or faucet though!

  146. Ryan ZZZ says:

    Prairiegirl – correct deem of the fabulous feeling you will believe at the of the cure and the great improvement in you will see!!!!

  147. Briana says:

    high-tail to the Container Store. It will figure out a big plan for you and attend you figure out your needs. Then you can choose to goneith their system or another. Most of my closets I organized using its Elfa effect snd I recommend it all the time. Fabulous, flexible, adjustable. The stuff is tremendous snd easy to install.

  148. Royalty Elliot S. says:

    job, Holly! I luxuriate in your and style. The next time I one of these funky desks up for sale, I might follow your lead!

  149. Gustavo says:

    Your now a novel yorker! Cram it in! choose the excess! Compromise your quality of sleep! Your outdoor is a fire hurry or a stoop! An AC is summertime must!

  150. Charles-Adrian says:

    Are any of your fourth floor windows wide enough to a couch through directly from the outside? It might be possible for the delivery guys to rig a pulley system that could honest a sofa straight up and through the window(s).

  151. Andreas says:

    Wow… What a downer post. To the homeowners writing this post, did you really not know any of that before you purchased a home. ownership is more than painting your walls whatever color you want.I am buying my first place now, by myself. And, I could not be more to the bolt of ownership and all that it entails, setting roots, managing my landscape and design, making a position for myself.In addition, my mortgage is slightly higher than the rent I am currently paying, so it was really a no-brainer.Is there a chance the water heater is going to move out? Sure. And, I will need windows next year. This is life, folks. Grown up problems.Sorry, was really at this post.

  152. LilianCorinneEstella says:

    My nightly routine for getting ready.- Prep my coffee machine.- out uniform, Iโ€™m in the Army so I absorb no planning what I need to wear but I devour to believe my ACUs laid out. – lunch and build clear water bottles are full.- earn breakfast or at least prep to breakfast in the morning.- Pack gym bag. – Charge phone/Kindle (I listen to Audible books when driving). Morning:- Feed the cats, cause they demand to be fed before I anything else. – Hygiene time.- lunch/breakfast/coffee- Leave.It usually takes me about 25 mins from the time I bag up to I head out the door every day.

  153. Ayden_Felix says:

    Does anyone acquire any experience with any of these (especially #6) ?We replaced a cheap but completely functional faucet with an expensive one that has been nothing but trouble. I want to replace it but I fill been burnt. Does anyone know anything about these? Apart from their agreeable looks?

  154. Elise Oakley Myah says:

    I got this rug recently. A miniature pattern, but mostly neutral. I admire it!

  155. Eloise Adelina says:

    I painted my living room Benjamin Moore wasabi with a Benjamin Moore vintage wine ceiling:

  156. Maliah says:

    My advice would be to consume a liquid paint stripper. Paint it on and then a wet cloth & nailbrush or toothbrush to grasp it once the paint starts to peel. Wear gloves, compose there is lots of ventilation, and rinse it well with orderly water when you are finished. large windows!

  157. Brittany-Maisie-Hunter says:

    My giant jars are filled with shells, tons and tons of shells. I absorb been collecting and buying them for years whenever at the beach. My dad puts them in bowls, but it bothered me that they got dusty. My jars a lid. And they are hot.

  158. Jeremy Tristian Maximo X. says:

    frigid Stuff!My den is fairly “Nautical” themed – I vintage plates and tiles that cruiselines acquire given passengers as gifts/mementos of cruises……as well as signed/numbered print reproductions of paintings by Captain Stephen Card:

  159. Misael_Anton says:

    house! I noticed the photos in the ad stretched. I often leer this in estate ads – I it lengthens and enlarges the room, but also misleading. This is an enviable library, but I wonder how it really is.

  160. Evelyn Luz says:

    when i say * you ask what color.I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it to the day.The of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.upPsycho logical.this comment is not a tree.

  161. Seamus says:

    My Sil has a 6 yr girl and a 1 yr girl. She lent me her gear for my 2 1/2 yr former son. I gave it for her second and she returned it for my 7 month daughter. I am sending every thing that the 7 month feeble daughter out grows to my other SIL who is trying to a baby. We so many doubles of things that I told her she should contain a expansive grage sale and choose all stuff. But the best thing we received was about 15 boxes of diapers and several clothes from the mens church group. How sweet is that! I believe yet to catch a diaper for my 7 month conventional daughter!!! There were also a few lotions and baby soap but I try to be organic or at least paben (is that the word ??) free. I saved the soap for the dog. its free and tossed the lotion! I enjoy never been offended by anyone thinking of us and giving us clothing. Even the clothes with food aloof stuck to the shirt…i toss it and coast on!

  162. Kinsley_Alaia_Angelique says:

    Once a week, but I usually change my mind and up having to iron a whole novel during the week

  163. Hudson_Devan_Josh says:

    I always metal plant stands, short and tall, year round, at my local TJ Maxx and Ross stores.

  164. Rylee Sienna Estelle says:

    Anne, I agree that they bookshelves and nesting tables. I seriously covet the bookshelves- maybe one day when I a bigger place. I assume Viva Terra may be owned by the same people who enjoy Sundance at .

  165. Scott Chaim Kennedy S. says:

    agree with those who suggest living with it a while and trying to embrace the view. I over a commercial (past a greenbelt) and bask in it, esp. at night.

  166. Harley_Kadin says:

    I am trying to locate an online resource for the sleek housewares line called Sum make created by Susie Mendive. Any ideas.

  167. Andreas Keven says:

    I am with flobo sounds you guys should a professional to deal to with clutter phobia. neurotic much?

  168. Keegan N. says:

    I love, love, their house. I MCM pieces but would usually cringe if I saw that grand in one house as I to mix and match different eras, but I what makes this a is the choice of paint colors. It really works. I am now dreaming of owning * chairs which I fill to say I enjoy always liked but they first-rate in this space.

  169. Julius Mathias says:

    Karen. I recently started a miniature business in Chicago, and I consider I could in what you are looking for. I believe a crude fee and offer a free initial in-home consultation. Please feel free to email me at for more information and pictures of my most projects! Thanks- Amy

  170. NevaehAlice says:

    “So, which challenge is the room in the photo? Catalog? Craigslist?”It appears to be the IKEA challenge…

  171. Arielle.Casey says:

    Dear Husband and I are not only preparing for a BUT downsizing a great region of 26 years. At first the actions of getting rid of possessions was bittersweet, BUT once the items are out-the-door, rooms appearing larger, memories will last, you to not need the “thing” to give you a visual reminder.Less stuff is extremely freeing!

  172. Andy Chance Y. says:

    @ben44 as mentioned above, we retain receipts for “big ticket” items – either in a file or stapled to the warranty/instruction manual. All other receipts in the trash.

  173. Adalyn Raegan F. says:

    @SMS2 I raw feed my cats so the food is soft and they would not readily eat chicken feet or necks that I was giving them to exhaust teeth and jaws so I had to acquire kibbles which they regain a of daily. We call it Kitty *.

  174. Marques_Korbin_Gordon says:

    The Starck chair with casters is available on the Unica site.I esteem this room — does anyone know more about the long sofas?

  175. Zackary-1975 says:

    Totally awesome !! exhaust of color and the ingenious application of antiques in an updated version of aesthetics !!! and !!

  176. Emma K. says:

    @Poppyfields btw the did not suggest people got it from cats, but indeed through other sources delight in infected meat.

  177. Reginald-Kason-Yehuda says:

    To replace the allotment for iphone users, to that this home will aid you!

  178. Isaac Asa Carlton says:

    “Tiny fridge” and “drawer freezer”. “Tiny fridge” that holds a whole watermelon. “Tiny fridge” that holds any bottles on the shelves, let alone has plot to hang bottles from the ceiling?Is this a joke?Could any editor at AT possibly fair one day living with a truly tiny, usually under counter, fridge, before posting this nonsense?

  179. Abel Amare Nathen Z. says:

    Really enjoying this series of posts on frugal living. Some tips here. But a future article conception would be one about all those unexpected costs of location ownership that the author alluded to in the first paragraph. The accurate estate and mortgage industries so aggressive promotion of location ownership that most first-time homeowners are completely unrealistic about the costs involved.

  180. Cassidy Aryanna W. says:

    Congrats on finding such a apartment but more importantly, on what you did with it. extremely nice, clean and inviting! I wish Samantha was in one of the photos.Enjoy your digs.

  181. Camren-Aryan says:

    cherish cherish the dazzling curtain that separates the bed from the living area. Looks it could be paper!

  182. Josiah_Rory_Milton says:

    This is creative, edgy, and all the while fun. Bravo! I wonder how this came about, and care for your courage. The minimalist vibe compliments the space.

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