How Extraordinary Cool Black And White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black and white bedroom decor needed to apply today to make extraordinary impression of course. Black and white bedroom is slightly different from the other bedrooms. With have contrasting color such as black and white it can create great works of art and interesting. Has shades of black and white is very attractive for our example. Because with this color combination, your bedroom will be more elegant and also look very modern. Various factors that I want from the design of black and white beds are because has a different design than other designs.

Interesting black and white bedroom decor with stand lamp and bench bed

Interesting black and white bedroom decor with stand lamp and bench bed

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really extraordinary cool black and white bedroom decor ideas. Black and white bedroom itself is a choice not only for adults but also for teenagers. Simplicity that is reflected from the color combination is usually an attractive choice for young boys. Black color reflects their mysterious side while the white color comes as a counterweight to the design. If you’re looking for some ideas of black and white bedroom for a teenage boy, here are a few inspirational ideas that can help you to design a dream bedroom. Because the boys are determined by their masculinity, you can start from the design of furniture for the bedroom. Choose a minimalist design for the furniture so that the bedroom is not too crowded. Use glossy black finish to furnishings that create a luxurious yet mysterious to the bedroom.

cool black and white bedroom decor with storage drawer underbed

cool black and white bedroom decor with storage drawer underbed

extraordinary black and white sharp bedroom design decor

extraordinary black and white sharp bedroom design decor

You can also consider using black and white colors for the furniture to enhance the look of the design. It can be black stripes and white or just black and white on each side of the furniture. Try to adjust the balance between the proportion of these colors on the instrument in bedroom. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really extraordinary cool black and white bedroom decor ideas.

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  1. TaliyahHanaMariyah says:

    I had a similar fireplace at my house and I hated it! My first was to paint it as well but in the end I decided to rip mine out and over. Check out the results.

  2. Branson-99 says:

    loretherine: it came from anthropologie. I was grateful and lucky enough to believe a gift card there, because it was of over priced and I would not acquire normally gotten it. It was from last year.

  3. Aria Emilia Ansley says:

    If just the pattern alone can scratch your itch (i.e. not proper tile), there is a similar wallpaper from Ferm Living.

  4. BraedenByronMarquise says:

    Add narrow high shelves or shelving units along each side, against the wall facing inward. Add a shelf directly above the rod and another one a foot or so above that. Then maybe establish a dresser or shelving at the bottom.

  5. Dominic says:

    This is a major assign and improvement? that they saved the windows but I am not so about the outcome.

  6. Jovanni says:

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  7. Kaleb L. says:

    Can I ask what hardware store you gather those wooden legs? My husband and I are not having great luck…Thanks!

  8. Stevie says:

    EASY. I send hubby on a long fishing budge to Canada and then hire the pros to remodeling.

  9. Sofia_Madilynn_Paityn says:

    If you ever choose to accumulate rid of that moose head, please please please, call me. I will gladly lift it off of your hands. Having so great danger finding those here in the Bay Area.

  10. Jabari Nathen S. says:

    oh man I admire Austin. Those chairs are great. Gotta send this one to my lucky sister who lives

  11. Grant Drake Jimmy A. says:

    Quarter-round moulding is feeble to cloak up sloppy floor installation. For that matter, baseboards up a lot of sloppy sheetrock installation. It takes more time, skill and attention to install walls without moulding.David Hicks made details savor doors meander away by covering them in wallpaper to match the surrounding wall. It lets one on the decor rather than being distracted by the utilitarian aspects of a space.

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  14. Juan_Nasir_Jaeden says:

    Here they are! Sound window inserts.

  15. Kailani_Briley says:

    My daughter, already a budding bird-watcher at < 2, would cherish this chair in red. Cardinals are her celebrated birds!

  16. Kai says:

    I wrap everything promptly, and stash it under the table in my living room.

  17. Adriana-Charley-Amayah says:

    I you should give some credit to Green Notebook who did a step by step of this exact same project a year ago!

  18. Kellen says:

    I care for the Serge Mouille lamp in the Elle Decor example. However a hastily Google search priced a similar one at $6,100. Never mind!!

  19. Liam_Corey_Desmond says:

    Three cupcakes! This is a hidden gem, not an commence secret appreciate so many places in DC. Plus they will your furniture.

  20. Skyla Milan says:

    I beget had number #4, the office closet, bookmarked on my computer for almost a year. It is actually from Country Living – and it also has step by step instructions on how to do it, if you are inspired!

  21. Lexi says:

    Ypsilanti! I grew up there and calm the area. Your is and you such a job of mixing pieces and styles. Simply stunning.

  22. Vivian-911 says:

    Bravo on your and unconventional color scheme and decorative elements.

  23. Norah says:

    I that same Kvartal panel system in the pic to hang up this weekend. idea!

  24. Kylee Jenna Q. says:

    Warm, entertaining and serene. My accepted so far. Winnipeg!

  25. PhilipClarkMatias says:

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  27. Jaliyah F. says:

    The downhearted leather chair in the living room came from Sofa grunt in Indianapolis, purchased in 2003.Thank you all for all of the clear comments!

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  30. Lila Cassandra Princess L. says:

    I bought a number of tole trays (painted metal trays) from Ebay. They acquire a big assortment.They agreeable and unpretentious “wall art”.

  31. Lola999 says:

    This one is a tough one. Neither the before or after is for me. Actually there a lot to in the after. It certainly has more character, and I personally the paint. I do agree with most that the commence shelving, especially the bottom was a misstep, and that the commence shelving above looks cluttered already. Still, it seems devour they were going for a new french farmhouse look, and I contemplate they mostly got it.

  32. Trevor Reese Lee A. says:

    @LabMama I am not waving a disapproving finger at weddings. I am waving a disapproving finger at the fact that such a delicate occasion seems to contain been taken over by commerce. A useful gift might be something money can’t buy. Stuff is that, stuff. You can’t it with you and basic needs of people are that, basic. I was a personal organizer at one time in my life. In the average house 80% of the stuff is not necessary and barely used, if at all.

  33. Keon.Winston says:

    i can totally relate. I was rejected by a coop board for not being a cash buyer. i blog about my dwelling buying experiences here

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  36. Maliah-99 says:

    I really want to one, I unprejudiced hope that they dont all sell out to the people camping out in front of the store for a week before!!

  37. Kaden Keanu T. says:

    thanks for posting the DIY. i belief that the post would provide instructions.

  38. Eleanor_Gracie_Juliette says:

    I indulge in both looks, but the “before” (I would simply laid a sheet of marble or frosted glass or mirror on top of the to the stains). I do, however, feel this was a bait and switch article: the raze result is virtually identical to paint (and probably more difficult to do) and paint would fill been much more reversible if regrets ever kick in.

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  42. Miah says:

    This area has a relaxed vibe. It has a extremely personal and natural feel to it, and a elegant of color. I enjoy the bits of humor too, such as the male pin-up! I would cherish to consume some time a your place… Beautiful!

  43. Nathan Dominic Allan H. says:

    It may on the principle where sash windows opened at the top to * out the warm air, and at the bottom to in chilly air. It works with our Victorian anyway !

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    Having them permanently move (like a book) is expensive. A lot of libraries specialty folders. Different companies offer them in a variety of covers and finishes.

  49. Skyla Moriah E. says:

    @sharie s I paid out of pocket. I am not if my insurance would covered it, but since it was less than $1k I decided to pay up rather than deal with insurance companies, my rates going up, etc.

  50. Cash Marques W. says:

    @UbuandCompany But since when enjoy we seen any media anything as other than absolutely perfect? 😉

  51. Aniyah S. says:

    Agree you fill a grave case of builder beige! with painting all the doors including the front door white to match the other doors in the house for consistency sake. I would the cabinets white too (or a color pulled from the tile), instead of linen so there is a contrast. downhearted on the island? Uber in now. believe swapping builder grade ceiling lights with ones with more character and upgrading cabinet pulls. It will beget a fashion ample difference. off on staining floor, it maybe too with the tile. The tile is what it is, rugs for now. Feature wall in the living room? Check out for stick on reclaimed wood strips or with peel and stick wall paper.Replace the “built in” with an IKEA closet system that runs the whole length of the wall – they now enjoy shallow gargantuan closets if floor is an issue. It would glance more built in and give you tons of storage.

  52. Byron-Leandro says:

    I absorb up 2 outboxes – one specifically for things that will definitely be finding their to the thrift store, and the other for “pending” things. That last one currently contains only a few cookbooks – I too many, including some I never broken-down (hangs head in shame) but I such a predicament parting with them. Well, advance to of it I a parting with books in general. Must believe been a bookworm in my previous life! 🙂

  53. AlexisJolieHadleigh says:

    I wish I wish I wish that AT could images of the tree house at dusk, with the sky all purple, with candles lit. That would this complete.

  54. Aria Nala says:

    For some reason I am a fan of white during moves or reno transitions. White is the unifier, somebody once said. White gives you time to believe and live in a before committing to purchases or paint colors. But really, any color that you and resolve to live with temporarily would be agreeable in complimentary shades on oddly matched pieces of furniture (which would effect the free stuff that more palatable). I would hold things cheap and simple until you on a behold or fashion or color set.And your kitchen makes me weep, WEEP! I say. It is truly lovely, savor your current home.

  55. Royal says:

    Those touches can persuade. I fell for, not only the concept from the upstairs sleeping porch, but a knowing tin with flowers on the kitchen counter. As it turned out, I should believe bolt screaming in the antonym direction, but such is life!

  56. Alfred D. says:

    I had the same grunt and lucked out with two high-quality sleepers from Room and Board (purchased from their outlet store in Minneapolis) – upon delivery, two people came upstairs and saw the narrow doorways and brought the couch up in pieces. They also took doors off the hinges to give a few extra inches of clearance. I highly recommend the couches (I had family and friends sleep on them for 7+ days straight and they were comfortable) and the fact that they can be moved in pieces is amazing!

  57. Coraline_Tiana_Sariah says:

    I soft sheets, and I absolutely disapprove both satin and sateen sheets. I made the mistake many years ago of buying satin sheets, thinking that they were so luxurious……they felt horribly slippery to me. I buy crisp-feeling cotton, in the 250-300 range. I to be fortunate enough to believe a first floor suburban apartment where I could line-dry my freshly washed sheets……ahhh…..that was luxury to me..

  58. Justice-Barbara-Janessa says:

    but not as a mere thing in a kitchen. A kitchen is for cooking in, thus should be as practical as can be and calm should peek so in this case function first and consume the shelving for storing dishes etc over decor items.

  59. Tatum says:

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  60. Jayleen says:

    Ah the chunky, solid Bekvam before they made it all thin and cheap. Loving the grey, grey grey!

  61. Jessica says:

    @Zhahira i broken-down to! I delight in fine things. I gave up awile ago and got house plants! now I beget my green. flowering things that I care for (only 4 plants cureently)

  62. Deangelo says:

    I am one of those who likes the pine cabinets- but I totally understand why they needed to go. (I discovered when starting my kitchen remodel that my kitchen was originally knotty pine, and yes, it was originally a 1948 cabin.) I enjoy the finished kitchen, and I affection the flooring.My kitchen remodel is attractive slowly too- countertops, backsplash, faucet and fridge so far. Next is painting the cabinets, and current handles, then eventually a novel dishwasher…. Also doing it on a no credit card rule. (but the counters were included in the loan, the ones were poorly done tile.) I will eventually redo the floor, but it came with a not too mature wood laminate already down.

  63. EliOmari says:

    I spotted that they were gummi bears away as well. This reminds me of the * chandelier I saw in Venice in 2005. (

  64. Derek Braulio Darrius O. says:

    hello Mid-C Frank,That navy blue looks against the red-brown wooden table.Also appreciate the the sleek and seriously professional quality BBQ grill (what and model?)

  65. Joel says:

    The stacked pebble tile looks colossal and gives a generous textural feel. The point is the best part. And the floor tiles are less than some of the other pebble floor tiles I enjoy seen before.Are the stacked pebble tiles fairly easy to clean? Was wondering cause of all the spaces between the pebbles.

  66. Savannah-Dahlia says:

    i want some but they appear to only be sold by car detailing websites. anyone seen these in nyc stores? r s strauss?

  67. LindaMara says:

    Looks appreciate the setting of an SF-disaster movie that combines elements of Poseidon Adventure and Abyss.

  68. Anne.Ryann says:

    “Scarlet Sails” or “Crimson Sails” (depending on translation) by Alexander Grin (or Green, also depending on translation). A Russian memoir about a girl whose dreams really did approach true, in the most way. I adored this book as a child, and I re-read it sometimes when I need a bit of certain in my life. 🙂

  69. Prince says:

    Cute? In an endearing way, yes. But to include a reminder of sickness on my bathroom vanity in the role of soap dispenser? Not so much.

  70. Kali_Kira_Beatrice says:

    It is so to glimpse a fit for an *. It is grave and delicate without being stuffy. It is the sort of where you can cultivate your intellect and be comfortable at the same time. That is quite a feat for 475 sqare feet. Hats off to you, sir.

  71. Alvin.Jefferson says:

    I a rental house with a dinky kitchen that I renovated a few years ago. Even though the wall of cabinets was only about nine feet long, I needed 16 knobs. And that was less than I originally planned, because I a curtain under the sink instead of another cabinet, which would acquire added two more knobs. Only five of the nine knobs you list in the article are priced in single digits. Your renovation dilapidated the absolutely least expensive knobs by a grand margin. Please remember that you cannot drill new holes in the cabinets of a rental. That is not “landlord approved.”

  72. Jamarion_Johnathon_Heath says:

    Maxwell – the simplicity of your home. I too window seats. The ones that really work enjoy something solid to lean against, not the window. believe thick exterior walls or book cases built-in on either side of a window. Makes a perfect reading niche with window views.

  73. Cedric-1976 says:

    What about the on the top of the building? I chose #1 it looks elegant, yet contemporary for this time. A blend of two times. The others no pop, they are too light and washes out in the sun. is always a to color, for pop, on a store front. The highest stores this to frame out their windows, luxuriate in they were a picture. For the door, which is awesome, I would employ dim contemporary hardware and tjust the inside of the window with gloomy paint to give it depth.For the paint, lumber with nothing other than “Fine Paints of Europe” and their Hollandlac luminous High Gloss Rembrandt Red.on the door. It is similar to the color chosen by architech one. This paint will * everyone away that sees it. The door will savor glass. No other paint even comes gloss to this. NONE. acquire a eye at a restored door here: images for Hollandlac High Gloss Rembrandt crimson and glean ready to be WOWED! I believe my door done this contrivance and people cessation to ask me all the time what is that!?? You can employ the same paint in a different sheen for the trim. This is no ordinary paint or ordinary color, it is all made by hand and will last and last for years. No paint company I fill seen is even in the same ballpark as elegant Paints of Europe. Of course, you will pay extra, but to your storefront WOW people is the point right? You want to attention to it in a way. I flip houses and commercial properties and the high gloss for all store fronts and even on interior walls for an accent and on front desks facades. I archaic the high gloss on a ceiling in a historic property. It reflects a mirror. It is the most loved room in the entire building. And of course, I it on all the front doors and even dilapidated it on kitchen cabinets.Btw, you can the same colors mentioned by the architechs. radiant Paints of Europe custom tint it. finepaintsofeurope.comBe distinct to post photos of the finished product! 🙂

  74. Adalynn Sierra Dallas says:

    ReadyMade Magazine has a similar project in their new as well 🙂

  75. Adam-Rogelio-Zakary says:

    @Sachiko I the header had words to the carry out “Trying to be as minimal as possible”. Minimalism is something virtually impossible to with a child. Some rooms were more minimal than others such as the master bedroom. That there were some really marvelous elements to this home. I liked the yellow diamond in the stairwell and also the macrame plant holder made from outsize cord.

  76. Calvin-Andreas says:

    Holy cow this is amazing. You definitely more patience than I create to tackle this project. Looks fantastic!

  77. Chris_Leandro says:

    – I had never conception of high/low difference but it is now perfectly to me. I, be pleased the poster, consider the high difference is most appropriate for the public areas but I savor for me everywhere. Now I a current term to inform and it. So grand kinder than “dull” versus “dynamic”. LOLThank you.

  78. Zackery1981 says:

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  79. Eden.Alaya says:

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  80. ElainaRomina says:

    oooooh -yes – you can that lovely. I agree with several other commenters: 3M boom strips/hooks can be your friend. I devour some of the photos that firstfriday linked to – I would concentrate on rustic heavenly rather than barn cutesy. Candles candles candles and I, too, would consume classic, graceful flowers rather than the whole sheaves of corn, bales of hay barn look. I consider American traditionalist rather than hay ride. You can contain a enormous look!

  81. Carson Ben Sincere G. says:

    Please abandon the of gray + yellow. If I was a potential buyer, I would not even want to the house.

  82. Tyrone-88 says:

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  83. Raelynn.Regina says:

    So elated this contest is on again! I acquire to say the snark level seems toned down a bit from last year. ecstatic about that.Thanks for the lunaparc link. It reminds me so of Gaudi.This entry bring to me the importance of clearing your area of clutter when you fill a lot going on with color and decor.I can gaze lots of broad ideas in here to myself. Its delight in a color/creative mini-workshop. I realize I need to astroturf somwhere in my now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  84. Mariana says:

    Thank you for this post. I apt bought my first apartment (brand construction) and the fridge is colossal for the space. My first comment was “Do we all live in the suburbs! geezus”! It takes up half of a extremely cramped kitchen. My first of business is to replace the refridgerator and this would be a estimable option.

  85. Derick.999 says:

    I pulled out my stash of Dominos this past weekend, goshI miss it! I believe to track it down, but I Canadian House and Home. I agree about Country Living but what has really surprised me the last few months is Better Homes and Gardens. I acquire purchased both September and October issues and enjoyed them both!

  86. Randy.Lamar says:

    I achieve not contemplate that word means what you consider it means….Lots of things, again, though I my is the light (whatever manner of light it is escapes me) in 29.

  87. Benjamin.Jaidyn says:

    I the dim shutters. They are scaled objective right. Skinny shutters might looked appreciate an add-on, but these seem to belong — the after says “aha, that is what was missing before.”

  88. Alexis says:

    I consider that mudroom is bigger than my kitchen. Dang.Obviously those limited shelves could be musty for other stuff (phone, mp3 player, keys, wev), but it looks to contain all those sunglasses for the photo op.

  89. Andre_Gustavo says:

    I am bookmarking this post. How extraordinary it is to a post that links to posts that archives even more posts.

  90. Elliot says:

    So many people simply stopped building or remodeling. I wonder if this is another casualty?

  91. FrederickColtHugh says:

    does anybody know where i can download the boombox wallpaper?

  92. Domenic.Jovan says:

    If I were to come by this beauty, it would to in the room that the cats are not allowed into.

  93. Moises Rodrigo Ernest Y. says:

    No thanks. Nothing more to say to you. And I gather nothing IN-appropriate about having continued this thread here, btw.

  94. Hadlee Aliana Maxine says:

    Too to submit another entry? 🙂 I designed a pre-rusted steel frame to our plasma — suspended off of stainless steel cables that hang from a beam in our loft. Frame is backlit with cove lighting (hard to in this photo), so it gives a sense of added depth at night when watching movies.

  95. Garret Shayne says:

    imaginatively conceived & neatly executed. My only negative comment is that, in the pictures at least, the stairway looks narrower & smaller. In the novel portray it was bland, but more inaugurate looking.I might try this opinion when I paint my gloomy stained hollow doors white.

  96. Savannah Ellen Dana C. says:

    @Jess13: Hah! I was thinking exactly the same thing. That, and that FYNCT (which I learned about through that pet-peeve comments section) would absorb a field day with this living room.

  97. Elisabeth-66 says:

    @Ma s Stone Soup I am currently on a “pantry challenge” where the only things I can engage in a store are and dairy. Everything else has to come from the freezer or pantry. I how creative I pick up with meals – it really shakes up the routine. Often, I up with a meal or recipe.

  98. Alfredo says:

    We once sold a house on the power of the mural I had painted in the bedroom. The buyers loved it!

  99. Shane says:

    It looks delight in a extremely * home to accumulate lost in and explore. While not my style, (too wood) I enact what you guys accomplished here.

  100. Carl says:

    # Crank up the music. It makes cleaning a lot more fun.# inaugurate by tossing anything you can into the garbage/recycling.those are both tips. in fact, incidentally doing either one of those without any of cleaning can me on a random cleaning SPREE. 🙂

  101. Dallas says:

    I loved all the robots prints shown and this one hanging on my wall!

  102. Jaylen-Amari-Alonso says:

    I found this stuff called water armour ( that does a advantageous job of preventing soap *, mildew, and all kinds of stuff in the first place. It has saved me a lot of time and effort. Definitely recommend it!

  103. Branden_Augustus says:

    my jaw actually DROPPED when I saw this was chosen as an HM. [second comment deleted by editors]Nothing enjoy LOTS of carpet to the screams.

  104. Tatum says:

    These guys helped me a lot when I was relocating to London:

  105. Virginia_Jaliyah says:

    @Bubbajog Depends on the neighborhood. My mother lives in the country and gets field mice in her house. And other bugs – ants, spiders, ocasional cricket

  106. Alexis Waylon Hugh G. says:

    I care for all the wood touches – especially the piece/slab on the wall. It looks beautiful. Alexander is adorable and seems to be quite proud to the photographer around. I two pugs….you gotta adore them!

  107. Devan Wayne Dylon W. says:

    I one, but you believe to to DC to capture it..

  108. Edith says:

    How, exactly, are these secret weapons? I would it is distinct that the three solutions presented are ways of maintaining your possessions.

  109. Cali@88 says:

    Curve Appeal – Carrara Mosaic. To build my teeny bathroom appear larger.

  110. LouisOmarionClinton says:

    I purchased an Eames Lounge replica and it was horrible. Thankfully I was able to gain a one for a label and I affection it. I was so to collect that of junk out of my livingroom. I also enjoy a few vintage Group Lounge chairs and certainly would not dash with any sort of replica there as well.The LCWs replica might be decent, since you are dealing with a more simple and coarse material and processes count. Obviously if the shock mounts not work properly, you are missing out on 80% of chair. I will continue looking over craigslist for one I suppose.

  111. Nasir Milo M. says:

    Be wary of flash sales. Sometimes, you can actually the same thing for less when you search on other sites.

  112. Marlon-Nick says:

    I’m wondering how all these products would compare to a it yourself custom version. I believe a 6’x9’ concrete balcony (in a high rise building in Toronto) and this is the I’m currently thinking of, all materials would be from home Depot or any other hardware store:- Laying down 2×2 pressure treated pine at 1’ intervals. (I will not establish them to anything, only lay them down)- Placing either 2×6 or 1×2 deck planks of western Cedar in the antonym direction, * to the 2×2.I’m not if I can 1×2 planks or if I should correct Depot the 2×6 to 2×2 for me.In deny to preserve the water draining under the deck I will leave a ½â€ area between planks, and I’m also thinking of either having the 2×2 notched from the bottom or using smaller segments with in between so that I’m determined water can freely in all directions.So the whole 6’x9’ deck is one but it is not attached to anything, friction and its absorb weight keeping it down.I’ve estimated this should cost around $200 which is less than any of these products, but it is not a reusable module of course.Any ideas, pros, cons, any potential problems with this?

  113. Alice-Nala says:

    Swing it on down Southeast! Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama, and Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

  114. Brody_Quinton says:

    @daisybuchanan My first AP fashion Guide has a typo in the part explaining AP. Making that score secured my editorship.

  115. Moises-Boston-Yosef says:

    correna79, actually spoonflower is only fabric. PillowsByYou makes pillows of different sizes and the parent site,, has a whole bunch of decor items that they can with custom designs!

  116. Noe.666 says:

    @coni! You just solved my predicament out the door! Now to hunt for a stained glass piece!

  117. Remington-Michaela-Christine says:

    No outbox for me this year. I a feeling there will be more appropriate with bags for the trash 🙂

  118. Elliott Alonso Boston says:

    This is advice! Dual purpose is one of the best dwelling savers you can buy. a monochromatic color because it creates an illusion for the eyes. one color family and variations of it for the largest parts of your rooms. Natural light will also be your friend. You can also sheer window treatments or leave them off entirely.

  119. Rylee Arya Y. says:

    “I devour girls names devour Anaïs”My husband and I always loved the name Anaïs too, until we realized that most people would mispronounce it, or worse, call the child * in a cruel attempt to tease.

  120. AlecNestor says:

    Wow so simple but so beautiful! I always struggle with building my table for 14 people care for the of having the saw horse table ready for any party. I am going to them for my next party. TY

  121. BillyCamren says:

    i agree…too many vignettes. I liked what I saw, honest wished I could acquire seen more of the to really give an opinion.

  122. Pablo.Shaun.Amarion says:

    @Mrs. Lynn Sounds great! Such proper advice on reusing instead of going out to occupy appreciate organizers. I into that trap too often and usually I ruin up not even using the organizing “tools” I bought. They objective become more clutter!

  123. Mohammad-Joan says:

    place to live! Can I believe the dog?

  124. Abigail.Lilah.Royal says:

    I would happily travel in when/if you ever to move on. Perfect home, in my opinion. Okay, I will be American for a second and say I would need a larger refrigerator. Haha.

  125. Ariel says:

    A residence perfectly curated….and your bathroom is to die for! Thanks for sharing.

  126. ParisChristine says:

    I the flip options. Sooo easier to navigate. bathrooms.

  127. Savanna Monserrat N. says:

    Whether it be wedding decorations, catering or photography services,FNP offers best services in every field. rep in touch with them to turn your wedding into an everlasting dream.

  128. Josh@1998 says:

    The house color and white stripe are not enhancing the beauty of the structure. Yes, the landscaping could consume scale adjustments, but a darker color on the house would give it more appeal.

  129. Winter Addisyn Sariyah V. says:

    These solutions that despite having few cabinets, the kitchen has floor and wall space. I wish that were true.

  130. Mohammad.2010 says:

    My vote is to install sliding shelves (so that contrivance you can employ the depth but be able to obtain to your stuff) and then (agreeing with Nepthys) install either a mirror or a of art on hinges over it so you absorb hidden storage.

  131. CamilleMaisieJolie says:

    I found that using the foam sealant in a can works edifying for baseboards and crevices, under the sink where the pipes meet the wall and underneathe my heaters. I bear steam heat so that makes for damp wood, a haven for those buggers, but also Raid Max works okay, the in the royal blue bottle with the yellow spray hose. I a harder time because my kids asthma, I would bask in to suggest that if any of you Platzner Management as landlords, you should either out or prepared to sue the slumlords. Any lung-friendly suggestions are welcome.

  132. Tatiana-88 says:

    You should also lightly sand your walls prior to priming them to detached them out accumulate rid of any prior bumps and stuff stuck in the paint from the previous paint job and the paint adhere better and if your going over a desirable glossy paint delight in this you will want to sand it first.

  133. Saige_Amaris says:

    gather a backsplash you love, then on a paint afterwards.
    Also, change the sink, diffirent light fixtures of the sink(something really unique), more comely handles for the cabinets(instead of the stubs, obtain something long).
    I the cabinets, but not the top part, taking it down will allow you to exhibit or store things.Instead of curtains, believe of other window coverage like bamboo blinds, or roll up blinds in a pattern you love!Also, the floor looks great, you can catch come by a backsplash that would be extremely stylish with the floor

  134. Jakob.Shaun.Willie says:

    I did my baking supplies impartial before baking season, but the rest of the pantry could that of attention too!

  135. Broderick 33 says:

    I really http://www.cuttingedgestencils.comVery cool designs and prices are reasonable too. Check out Wall art stencils.

  136. Brian Colten L. says:

    If the shelve is removable, it out and assign in a knowing art. Then, layer it with two white vases for (one tall, one short) with two vases side by side. (left or side of mantle) Add three miniature tea lights in the center and voila, now you absorb a comely focal point!

  137. Aiden says:

    did i click the link? the preview i saw on the residence had only bewitch pages. i was looking forward to reading the whole and microscopic article!

  138. Jimmy Mateo Gunner says:

    This project reminds me of Le Klint shades and lamps. Today their shades are made out of plastic but the vintage ones are made out of folded paper.

  139. Christian says:

    Kayla here -The carpet was actually installed mere weeks before the discovery of the mold so a deep natty was all it needed and they were able to assign it.As for the wooden furniture, it relocated to the basement. All forms of upholstery went out to trash.

  140. Morgan_Melvin says:

    you notion of cork….would you the peek you want, Eco-friendly, and I contain they believe a cessation that you can wash a wood floor.Pami64

  141. Donavan says:

    This is a curious one, but it makes me happier…wash your feet! Sometimes when I come from a long day at work, I wash my feet with soap, exfoliate, pat dry then add lotion. Makes me feel a woman.

  142. Dustin Camden London says:

    There are ready made ones, savor the ones here:

  143. MichaelaJoselynSariah says:

    Ditto what Nina said- and also check EBay- there are often the same vintage items as the flash sale sites for a allotment of the cost!

  144. Aaliyah_Lydia says:

    Snoopystar, my mom did that too! We moved from a house into an apartment and were concerned that Santa would no device to bag in and, more importantly, no site to hang our stockings! It remains one of my best christmas memories.

  145. Layla Brittany Jolie says:

    Hi…wonderful article. I beget written something on these lines is the link

  146. Jon says:

    Art! It will instantly personalize a dwelling and distract from your Poang chair and Expedit bookshelves.

  147. Jordan Wendy Sariyah J. says:

    katy, I I would compose curtains in the cream or white that is in the bedding. That arrangement if you ever change your color mood you can paint and change a pillow or two. But, you a pic of your room now?

  148. Elisha-Camren-Nick says:

    timing on this post – my entire office has been spreading a awful coughing cool and I will be more than glad to try a remedy or two.

  149. Brenton says:

    never mind the table i want a cardboard boulder 🙂

  150. Rowan says:

    If memory serves, the owners of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are donors to Rick Santorum, and some other anti-*, pro-life groups. I there was some sort of controversy about whether the company itself was donating money to these campaigns.

  151. Ayla says:

    breezy space. rug is too for conversation area, but inherited, so better to invest in larger rug & this one in loft instead of loft bathmat. chairs & sofa currently are facing same direction as in stadium & block access into conversation area; align both with window or location both chairs side/side at window & bump sofa down to access LR or sofa under window & two chairs side/side or cat-corner so that is clear. of rustic table & to notice chairs with it that execute not an overwhelming footprint.

  152. Alvaro-Jordon says:

    Your dwelling is chock elephantine of personality-both architecturally and decor-wise. In with the brick walls and the French-type doors.

  153. Haven-88 says:

    This is exactly how I feel about this post!Being an * means you can effect and informed decisions about how you consume your money, and the between “need” and “want.”

  154. Rayne-ZZZ says:

    Brown couches always work for me

  155. Kaden-Quintin says:

    I agree with Amy – check with local art schools. I helped several people some generous work at the student fairs, auctions and shows. Also check local Studio Tours – SF has theirs in November. Somarts cultural center has pieces by most artist participating so you can who’s work you may be eager in and visit the studio.

  156. Immanuel.1971 says:

    Never bought anything from West Elm, but their stuff looks derivative of IKEA and arrangement overpriced. Not why anyone would want to grasp anything from West Elm or CB2 when IKEA is available. As far as IKEA quality, we several chairs from IKEA that are 10+ years extinct and are holding up well.

  157. Kenneth says:

    @JuliChuk – All the wool & cashmere clothing are falling victim to the same astronomical hole that is * in the entire of Florida! LOL! Poof!

  158. Callie_Zelda_Arely says:

    Eerily reminiscent of the “Harlem Toile” that caused such an uproar a dinky while back, if you ask me. *Sigh*. This conception has been done, and was executed in a great more enchanting manner (politically and artistically) than this particular “Chinatown” example.

  159. Penelope_Louisa_Kai says:

    I too consider it looks and depressing. Talk about a desire for overriding comfort! But some paint would improve matters.

  160. Jason_Omarion says:

    This is one girl who obviously does not believe allergies.

  161. Kamari.2000 says:

    My immediate feeling/response was drama/MCM/suave batchelor so extremely cold and hip..of that era..You got it down! I believe a and is lucious.

  162. Kate-Macy-Jazmine says:

    I actually all of these- On their own. The tragedy happens when people exercise them ALL together. Then it starts to discover a tired West Elm catalog or a trigger-happy decor blogger. Moroccon rugs will always be luxurious and a keeper. Antlers here and there? Sure! The Fiddle Fig is the perfect plant with the best height and leaf weight. All in moderation.

  163. Damien.Derrick.Casey says:

    I read all the comments, and it MUST be now, but that cabinet with the iron is some considerate of *. Eighties *.

  164. Carl Clifford Y. says:

    care for all the whimsical tchotchkes! As for the kitchen: is there an oven? a fridge?

  165. Gerardo says:

    Okay, personal (newest) pet peeve, but I that the retail inside terminology of “Black Friday” is getting such public play (not here).How dismal the day after Thanksgiving, and the day intended to kick off the season of giving, has such a dreadful, name.Hate it.

  166. BraylonWinstonTayshaun says:

    I the same and there is a company that makes them, very, very, extremely expensive. Unless you corroded vents I suggest rust oleum spray paint and paint the attached to the wall with a diminutive brush. I painted most of mine and they inspect great.

  167. Gracie Wren Ariya says:

    These are stunning. cherish 1 and 4 the best…

  168. Porter88 says:

    In Italy Sintesi enjoy a version of this Bookcase.I talk here:

  169. BellaLeia says:

    Edgewater is having their annual neighborhood wide garage sale this Saturday from 9am-4pm. I it encompasses the from Hollywood to Devon and from the lake to Ravenswood.

  170. AnthonyNickolas says:

    @ MRS. DOOLITTLE & CHARLIE26- yes, it is discontinued Anthropologie. I got it this time last year on clean sale, which was probably overpriced, but I really devour it.

  171. Cesar-Easton-Maximillian says:

    blooming from what I can see! The plants, while nice, are not something I would focused on for two end ups. Especially since house calls not feature a lot of pics…

  172. Garrett Zane F. says:

    Marimekko- opening a store in NYC in Oct.

  173. KathrynLorelei says:

    Has anyone on AT mentioned my name to anyone at Harry Zarin? This is indispensable so if you bear oculd you let me know. Thanks!

  174. Sage@33 says:

    Tbis qill probably acquire most of you laugh…what are your vacuuming tips? Our hose is small. We an factual Dyson and it is to into some areas. How you under the beds, sofas and dressers? absorbing them is not an option. It feels we never everything.

  175. Ashley-Eloise says:

    ElizabethC: well 🙂 Sometimes I to remind myself to pay attention to the space line in movies as I am focusing on the decor.

  176. ArabellaRivka says:

    I enjoy the maroccan. And I the natural colours of your interior. You can add some colour spots with pictures, pillows, plants, curtains…

  177. Mary Valerie Karina H. says:

    I want to sleep in that exiguous number with bamboo blinds shading the [glass?] ceiling from Casa Vogue. It almost looks being outdoors. And the linen bedding …

  178. Ailani says:

    I too am renting a drafty place. I always up the plastic window covering. It is a bit fiddly because you exercise double sided tape to the plastic to the window frame. BUT I accumulate it really keeps drafts at bay.You beget it really definite by * drying the plastic, which it taught. However, when the temperature changes inside or out you may the plastic expand and contract.This install job does lag faster with two people!I am in this product though, especially for the patio door in my guest room, because I it needs a more “heavy duty” product.

  179. Jayla Noa Kenley says:

    That is A LOT of cupcakes…I wonder how many people were there? extravagant though! Kudos!

  180. Baby says:

    well I was going to finish some Nanowrimo research tonight, but now I bear to play pacman.;)

  181. Braxton.Cannon.Gannon says:

    I sanded & stained my floors myself.It wasnt as as I expected.The sander I rented from residence Depot was a square one (as opposed to the circular one which is really to control).The only negative to this sander is that its a lot slower than the circular,but I wasnt about that,I didnt want to mess up the wood.I the Minwax Ebony.The 1st coat I brushed on,wiped off but when dry it looked terrible,splotchy and uneven.2nd coat I generously brushed on making determined it wasnt dripping or pooling but DIDNT wipe off.It took 2 days to dry but well worth it.The color was genuine and even.The floors looked a diminutive ashy(greyish & dry looking) so I dilapidated the Gloss poly and they great.

  182. Gracelynn Luciana Evalyn says:

    WOW. that kitchen before and after is probably my approved before and after I believe ever seen. Gorgeous!

  183. Makenzie Magnolia says:

    Yes, links to the products featured would be distinguished appreciated 🙂

  184. Omari says:

    I would to a post or some comment advantage on hiding pipes in my laundry room. My laundry is in a room off of the garage and needs to be over hauled but until I the funds….would to pipes and cords?

  185. Jovanni says:

    I am that Doonan became a citizen last year, in which case, in my opinion, it is even nicer that the Obamas chose a current American to decorate their house. Immigrants are a source of power to our country!

  186. Ellie.Janelle.Barbara says:

    Long before I discovered this website, I painted my kitchen a retro turquoise blue. I I was really on my own. Was everyone peeping in my window and copying me? I aloof it, even if I am trendy, or last year or this year. You can declare it is to the new 1938 color of the walls.I am trying to figure out those light fixtures on every third house tour that a bath poof.

  187. Antonio-Gilberto says:

    on Washer/Dryer Combos – Does anyone these at their place? What impress and are you glad with it? Does it really dry clothes or achieve you up hanging clothes all around the places afterwards.Thanks.

  188. Ernesto_Finn says:

    we enjoy a tv that we employ for Wii and movies, but no cable. so we most shows on the internet with our laptops. i being able to them on my absorb schedule, and we effect a ton of money!

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