Great Excellence Mahogany Dresser Designs

Mahogany dresser is really solid material and create an impression looks of course. Therefore, the using of mahogany for the dresser is proper decision, and here are the excellence. Adult modern minimalist dresser we made from mahogany which has a wood structure is very strong, because we are very careful in the selection of raw materials. And definitely a good raw material will produce a good product that we use. For paint is paint duco with a white color which gives an elegant look in the shaving mirror modern minimalist adults.

yellow mahogany dresser for girls bedroom

yellow mahogany dresser for girls bedroom

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really great excellence mahogany dresser designs. We make shaving mirror modern minimalist mature mahogany very quality. So that will produce a strong and solid. After furniture raw materials that need in the can, can not directly for use, the water content contained in the timber should be reduced especially previously. After raw materials that need ready, then the next stage is the stage to make this stage furniture.Handled directly by people who are already highly skilled in the manufacture of furniture of wood furniture. After crude can we proceed with the process for smoothing the surface of the product, we used to call this process with the sanding process. at this stage is in need extra patience and thoroughness in order to produce results that satisfy. After all furniture surface smooth and flat, then we continue with the process of dyeing or finishing. For paint duco we use are fairly safe for the health of your families. So if you still hesitate to book shaving mirror modern minimalist adult is on us.

Gorgeous chests mahogany dresser with four storage drawer

Gorgeous chests mahogany dresser with four storage drawer

awesome mahogany dresser cool design with 5 drawer

awesome mahogany dresser cool design with 5 drawer

Speaking of materials, coffee table can come in a variety of well. There are industrial metals. Materials such as glass combined with either brass or stainless offers a more sophisticated look. Whether it’s oak, maple, cherry or walnut, wood has its own nuances to it. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really great excellence mahogany dresser designs.

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  1. Jeffery-Jan says:

    @shiver I wrote my wifi inside my office desk drawer because I can NEVER remember it.

  2. Milani.Judith says:

    Your set looks so warm and welcoming! cherish the simplicity and style. George is awesome!

  3. Griffin says:

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  4. Quentin Salvatore Kylan F. says:

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  5. Bryson 696 says:

    This is how I bear seen chayote grown on my trips to Costa Rica. mighty easier to harvest and it stops having fruit that rots on the ground.

  6. Kayla Leilani I. says:

    @AdeleH–optical illusion in this photo! 14*18 makes more sense for a pasta * or cookie sheet, as does minimizing floods.

  7. Andy Byron Clay F. says:

    Watercolors by Laura Treveywww.lauratrevey.etsy.comWhere I paint

  8. Gage Melvin P. says:

    I the St. Lawrence Market!!! They a substantial kitchen store in there that has everything you could ever possibly want for your kitchen. Such a market!

  9. JimmyTerrenceMatias says:

    I absolutely this. I agree, less is more when it comes to color!

  10. Mariana-Lilah-Emerie says:

    – and serene. I that you fill the bookcase in the bedroom – I notion I was the only one to finish that.

  11. Jayla Armani Amiya says:

    i must say it was completely in its silliness and hats off to the ikea employee – she handled herself professionally even in the mist of kinkiness, et al…..

  12. Josephine.Nathalia says:

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  13. Sarai Aryana O. says:

    @CanadianMango Yes, extremely frustrating. I want to how the is layed out and how the rooms look, not several conclude up pictures of objects.

  14. Liana 777 says:

    The ikea trones is a extremely idea: i never it can believe other exhaust than storing shoes.

  15. Khaleesi Lyra X. says:

    hello AT!love their work. am engaging into a studio soon and would a consultation with them. appears the phone # above is the one – you know how we can contact them? (I tried email – no response?0Thanks for your help! the website.Y

  16. Ayana says:

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  17. Tommy_Agustin says:

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  18. MabelRoselyn says:

    Not certain what home you live in, but I live in PA and we gain several Amish stores within an hour drive that sell traditional, all wood, furniture. I believe some Amish builders even sell their furniture online. A expeditiously search found this website:

  19. ChristianAlessandro says:

    I really enjoy the house tours on AT, but is it possible to get more wide shots of the rooms? It might be to acquire more shots that are chunky overviews of the residence and then hotfoot in for the cessation ups.

  20. Jason.Elliot.Gunnar says:

    i loved every single photo, and that NEVER happens. extraordinary space, beautifully done. comfy, light, and unique. kudos.

  21. Adelynn Mavis Hunter says:

    I recently bought the Avec sofa. I the color, size and fashion and it appears well-made for the price. I too live outside of Chicago and drove 3 hours to test both this sofa and a couple Room and Board sofas. All were nice, this one fit my preferences better.

  22. Dakota-Nina says:

    Also these colors are more targeted toward commerical interiors not residential. Neocon is about contract residential will always be more vibrant or less not the same as these colors.

  23. Ayden-Beau-Gonzalo says:

    @?Olu Absolutely can be torture! For me it was partying neighbors and I was threatened and harassed when I tried to effect it stop. It really is unacceptable.

  24. Amelia_Rylee_Emmalynn says:

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  25. Leilani Alisha P. says:

    My experiences with OWC been positive, and I opinion they were well priced beside the competition.

  26. Cassandra says:

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  27. Brooke_Bria_Carlee says:

    For those of you (like me) who are too to do a excellent custom job like this, a reasonable and inexpensive alternative with a similar is the line of Amy Coe bedding at Target. Same colors…brown, black, white and “that green”. The animal is an elephant.

  28. Garrett says:

    This was going to be my suggestion. A simple white bookcase on the other side of the entertainment center will give it astronomical symmetry.

  29. Ashlynn 1969 says:

    veslabeachgirl- Idea! I a similar fixture in my rental attached to dazzling (snark) former ceiling fan.I took the frosted tulip glass off, changed the bulbs to LEDS (no heat) and added a white paper lantern which doubles as a detractor from the homely fan 🙂

  30. Alonso N. says:

    @veslabeachgirl i am in that you “get” me so well from a few shots. I extremely feel protected in my location because every allotment in my home has a and in connected to someone or something in my life. thank you for “seeing” me!

  31. Amiyah Willa Rivka says:

    petmyrobot, skip the line drying and ask the laundromat to upgrade to energy efficient dryers 🙂 I know my green efforts would arrive their limit at lugging sacks of wet laundry around!

  32. Sincere-Jaylan says:

    Actually I would be chopping a lot of things on this cutting board because I am starting a catering business!

  33. Peter Franklin Bo says:

    affection these comments! Nanobelle, you gave me a favorable gift belief for my brother and sister-in-law and nephew…treat them to dinner out with babysitting provided by moi. elated Thanksgiving to everyone.

  34. Eduardo Declan C. says:

    Also, you could the Traby series 31 1/2″ wide maybe three and chase them along the wall – wall with the window and then buy the mirrors and place them ontop of these to lean against the wall. So this creates storage, a grievous surface to lean the mirrors on and position some lamps on the tops of the cubes to some light.

  35. Kareem says:

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  36. DakotaSteve says:

    No mice advice, but I esteem the video.Very “Blair Mouse Project.”

  37. Tori P. says:

    Yes shabbypink123, that stove is definitely harvest gold, and I can remember when we all wanted either it or avocado. White was totally former school, and later on we even had reddish brown appliances which were even more “modern” than the gold or the green LOL! We would never believe liked stainless, it would beget been too considerable devour a cafeteria kitchen.

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  39. Isaac.Douglas.Ibrahim says:

    Does anyone know the name, or manufacturer of this chair. I enjoy a similar one (without the armrest) where the nylon is torn and I need to if I can it replaced somewhere.

  40. Mckenna Esme S. says:

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  41. Maliyah says:

    I read an article about this a couple of days ago – the guy whose apartment it was actually got EVICTED over this.The notion alone of that happening is enough to prevent me from ever letting my apartment to strangers.

  42. Emilee Y. says:

    layering of texture upon texture. Such a coziness to the place. in spite of the wild visual contrasts. I looked at the bedroom and immediately wanted a nap.

  43. Leon_Kylan_Blaise says:

    There are a lot of ways to photos on fabric without spending $95. Quilters construct it all the time. Google it and one that works for you. You can even lift fabric that goes through printers at your office supply store, but you are to a letter-sized sheet of paper. just remember if you are doing it yourself and using transfer paper, to reverse the image because otherwise when you iron it on, it will be backwards.

  44. Tegan_Farrah_Heather says:

    This is a magazine, absorb yet to develop a project from it though…

  45. Avery Chandler Blaise says:

    What a payoff for saving your pennies! stout choices made a really whole.

  46. PiperAlannaKai says:

    Garrett, I wish I could vote more than once! Your dwelling is warm, wise & of character. Mirror/Murphy bed … genius! You beautiful, sturdy, versatile key furniture pieces that should aid you well for years to come. lines of the sideboard, chest of drawers & brass chest, etc. are relevant to any décor. care for your closing comments about illusion of organization … you’ve done well.

  47. Maisie.Clementine says:

    I deem they discover great! The chairs a spark of personality now. The textures and dark colors nicely with the wood.

  48. Jakob Matthias Kamren J. says:

    I this! extremely and simple, and I that you can customize it. You really could any fabric, although it probably would be a to wash them first, which I normally with all my fabrics anyway. Thanks for the idea!

  49. KaileeAlianna says:

    SUCH a agreeable article! Not only did it offer practical tips for a practically broke parent me, but it had me laughing out loud! Chanting over the septic tank? I can picture it, and it is hilarious. Not missing the missing pages of your book? So funny, and so true!

  50. Gemma_Cadence_Jaliyah says:

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  51. Kian-Jaidyn says:

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  52. Emmaline says:

    Yes, as one of the 98% of commuters who does not bike, I was perturbed to glance this modern bike lane which shifted vehicle traffic and caused a bit of a bottle neck at a major turn. I contain seen one person using the lane running from the Capitol toward the White House.

  53. Katelyn says:

    This is probably the nicest living region I absorb seen on Apartment Therapy (minus the guitars – not my thing). There been bigger apartments, more lavish living spaces, but this looks both cozy and stylish, and what a dazzling balcony.

  54. ElenaElliott says:

    space, so personality. I really the white walls and floors site the scene for a more vibrant, patterned, curious, and classy home.

  55. Stephen Aron Gavyn says:

    If you bear access to the attic, installing an attic fan can attend bring down the temperature significantly.

  56. Gracelynn.Marilyn says:

    an AWNING…. would provide shade, color disagreement and an arcitectural of your choice………

  57. JulietteIsabelaTegan says:

    A mixture of fabric softer and water will stickers and wallpaper. believe to soak it friendly and good.

  58. Aubrie_ says:

    extremely simple weekend project & sometimes that is needed between projects. cheers on choice of front loaders; exhaust less water, clothes less b/c of agitator placement, allow for same level transfer (if 1 L, 1 R hinged).

  59. Keegan_Ernest says:

    Those tiles (in this pictures) wild and and gorgeousness itself!But the seems it might be something with the combination of not looking permanent enough to what looks expense and what it might accomplish to the walls.

  60. Garrett.Rudy.Valentin says:

    I cant no one has posted using a bracket and making the floating books ogle that is on the of Ready Made this month. It costs about 10 bucks per stack of books and looks the one pictured in the link below. It will definitely design the attention to the books in a recent for wall mounted books picture!

  61. Jesse Giancarlo Blaze L. says:

    I want to paint my kitchen green, but I am having finding a shade of green. Does anyone know what color was on the green and downhearted kitchen?

  62. AlbertoReaganKylan says:

    oh wow – I that SAME hutch! It was left by the previous owners when I bought my house a couple of years ago. I been considering taking the top off and putting shelves above it and painting it white or whitewashing it. But I the kitchen island. Wish I had seen this before I hacked an ikea sofa table for a kitchen island!

  63. Cristobal.999 says:

    Apparantly they only paint Barbie-esque women.Seriously – the * on that last one? Ha.

  64. Salma.Madalynn says:

    Ivy is no edifying in the PNW. We actually volunteer groups that pull the stuff out here in Portland. I planted a coral bark Japanese Maple that was great. You may also want to check out a hydrangea. There are some kindly rhodies that acquire a tree-like growth pattern (not a dense bush).

  65. Tomas says:

    You could a scarf or blanket and suspend it on a simple decorative rail that hangs from a string. easy and zen.

  66. AlonzoWayneNash says:

    Well done! As a grand fan of art deco (not a houseful, but in small, strategic doses), I totally fell in with your mirror over the mantle. Your looks intention bigger than 510 sq. ft. Are we about that size?

  67. ViennaNovalee says:

    They “tents” for those littermaid boxes, they might be light and airy enough for a cat who hates the enclosed boxes.

  68. Nathaniel Frank K. says:

    Atlas Industries is great. Their soon-to-open showroom address listed in the NYT is the same address as their workshop, which you can already call and visit. I did. Got some terrific modular bookshelves, too.

  69. Macy says:

    BTW: If you were surveying experienced parents only (those with more than one kid), you would probably a definitive answer…

  70. Adelyn Yaretzi Priscilla U. says:

    I was bucking up trees at the local cross-country ski club (non-profit) this weekend for firewood. I should turn into a fundraiser for the club. Sheesh. Wood slices for $29??? Crazy.

  71. Juliana Joanna Royalty says:

    I appreciate the frames in lime and white mounted on the downhearted wall. The Kitchen is stunning. Job Guys!!

  72. Kyle Dennis E. says:

    @empresslockness –a metal backsplash is an advantageous idea. units that are 44 years also may protective asbestos in the plaster, which is NOT a difficulty if and maintained. painting metal might not be such a idea, unless it is for radiators, as regular paint does peel.

  73. Brayden Raul Judah Y. says:

    I saw some compact flourescents cleverly disguised as regular bulbs at target the other day. You could the best of both worlds there, though I doubt they fill crown bulbs.

  74. Justin-Glenn-Damari says:

    I glued the rough side of some velcro strips to the bottom of my carpeted cat scratching post and it no longer even budges on my carpeted floor. I bet that would work.

  75. Cash Jamir says:

    @inesia Hey, I am a great-aunt! I indulge in to contemplate my conversation is detached as and charming as ever. My great-nieces call quite regularly and appear to tolerate the experience without the need to create it worthwhile by folding laundry. 😀 (Of course, they are a bit young to be in charge of the laundry, anyway . . . )

  76. Porter Alden W. says:

    from a astronomical house and downsizing beget a sofa 3 pcs wall unit armoire and more want out of the house and soldWhat % we receiveWhere is auction held?We live in Florida in BROWARD CountyPlease

  77. Jake_Giovanny_Rex says:

    TxtoDsgrg, I purchased a couple of bath mats instead of rugs! a thick towel- found them at Target! easy because I can throw them in with the towels.

  78. Russell Trevon Elmer says:

    Proudest DIY: The edible garden, picking out the marble, scraping paint from iron windows::record scratch::

  79. Jose says:

    I am so when I not overly modern or minimal spaces on here, but even more so when it looks this! I love. I am alive to in seeing a corpulent house tour.

  80. Calvin Camron Garrison says:

    When I was completely making ottomans and stools, I came across the frames for these somewhere, hmmm…….to the archives!

  81. CollinsTaliyahZaniyah says:

    A corrugated steel panel laid vertically to echo the lines of the wood accent wall/bench (which is awesome!) would be cost-effective and fireproof. Concrete to enact off around the fire feature KaBoomBOX suggested.

  82. Cameron Y. says:

    I cherish effect and bear regard for it. I agree that decorators are often (but not always) not designers. Both can be capable or flogging stuff.

  83. Darryl Zakary A. says:

    Lovely! Can you me what the paint is on the living room walls (room with couch)?Thanks!–fellow DC resident

  84. Lane says:

    @life abundant-I fill luck cleaning/polishing copper (after a initial scrub with dish soap and baking soda) with the face of a lemon dipped in salt, and/or with catsup. The lemon I exercise like a scrub brush, catsup I apply & let sit for 20 min to an hour and then wipe off with paper towels.Do test in a inconspicuous location first: YBMVFRMC (your brass may vary from my copper).

  85. Leila.Leyla says:

    I employ portable air cleaners which helps compose the hairs & dust stick to surfaces, so I can easily them up, instead of letting them flit through the air. I turn on the air cleaners for an hour before I clean house. Then I consume a high quality vacuum – a reusable microfiber cloth for swiping surfaces – and – instead of a lint roller a pair of rubber kitchen dishwashing gloves (rub those over the furniture, before vacuuming, and all the fur balls up for easy pick-up – and – at far less expense than regularly replacing lint rollers).

  86. Terrence says:

    Chicago is a gargantuan place! We took our three year extinct there a few months back and we had an astonishing time. The tour of Wrigley Field was favorable and the fountains were a hit. I would definitely recommend this for kids

  87. Tobias 2007 says:

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  88. Jazmine says:

    Whatever you do, not call your insurance company. You can dumped for mold issues, and then fill to the express with a insurer, and they can you because of mold! my 2 cents!

  89. Cecilia Liberty Kallie P. says:

    You can visit for more information on how to your sofa and cushioned chairs. They enjoy also tips in cleaning your carpet or anything party in your house

  90. Taylor-Yusuf says:

    Similar in that it has birch veneer, but a different shape: The $29 Luva pendant from Ikea. Click my name to go…

  91. Mavis-Zendaya says:

    @RubyMaeLOL. I recently visited a extremely historic (1,000 years old) castle in the UK. In one of the bathrooms, there was shampoo/ creme rinse etc. lined up along the bathtub. We asked the docent about it and she that the family serene uses the house and when they are in residence, rooms are closed to the public.So we are in exhalted company.

  92. Lilian-Armani-Marisol says:

    A dwelling for everything & everything in its region is a useful one to remember.I also maintain my kitchen counters as distinct as possible so it is to & always a bowl to cooking utensils on as I cook then I can pop it straight in to the dishwasher which is quicker than cleaning the counter top.Last thing at night, I assign coffee mugs etc in the dishwasher, straighten the cushions as I switch off the light etc. It is so much nicer to come down to a first thing in the morning ….

  93. ArielGermanFidel says:

    This post is over 2 years old? Wow… Why the repost? Does he believe a fresh place? Or updates to this limited gem?and yeah, this plot is ALL kinds of fabulous.

  94. Zack says:

    I lived the MTM life too in the day. I lived in the parlor of a mansion — 15-foot ceilings, stained glass, fireplace, window seats, bathroom down the hall. All for $65/month. One friend lived in the aged dining room, another in the billiards room over the porte-cochere. We called it The 5030 Club, after the address. The landlady (just relish Cloris Leachman) lived there too. I we identified more with Rhoda than Mary. Why did I ever move?

  95. Isai says:

    I contemplate Continental Window Fashions may also sell these tracks on the web – under ceiling mount hardware.

  96. Aldo-2005 says:

    Oh, so this is the blog where you flow to exchange stories about “the most considerable magic want ever!” (a couple of comments up) and “geeky gifts”. I this was the one about the goats.My bad.

  97. Osvaldo@2003 says:

    @klarsen1839 I believe I remember being frightened by that scene. I may a pillow problem. I abhor to behold a pleasurable pillow bolt to waste!

  98. Averie_Ari says:

    Thanks for this list. It was that the Ariele Alsako is completely sold out AND that the FAQ actually has the examine about everything being sold out. Does acquire the of creating exclusivity/desire.

  99. Hunter-Agustin says:

    I had an movie theater curtain that color. You may want to gaze at theater supply companies.

  100. Liam_Ricardo_Trey says:

    I exercise my wire hangers to acquire hoop house for my plants. Then I conceal with plastic for seed germination or tulle to ward off bugs.

  101. Kayden.Giovanny says:

    grisly muddy color I would not want to this anywhere in my home. On lips or cheeks perhaps, but not on walls and furniture and certainly not on kitchen appliances, accessories or yikes in the bathroom (ugh).

  102. Kennedy.Francesca.Novalee says:

    Does it approach with an oven too? Looks I one in the picture.I guess the quality of the appliances is rock bottom at this price?

  103. Jordy Thaddeus says:

    P.S. And where is the mention of ripping an selling? I the interest in this would be for PERSONAL use. Yes, there are going to be people who may sell, but where was this mentioned?

  104. Nathaly says:

    I recently published a post about colourful stools, one of which is a DIY Ikea stools, different from the ones you around:

  105. Kira_Meadow says:

    I plain, old, white appliances in my laundry room. Although at first I lusted after the trendy colors current machines in, I learned to admire the white when it pops against my kelly green walls! Combined with the white cabinets and some fun art, it makes laundry a whole lot more enjoyable.

  106. Nehemiah Broderick T. says:

    @charleee LOL this is a comment of the century! (or mid-century?) hahahaYes, we will be two outcasts on an island of our contain while the MCM lovers will be trying to a to one foot on on another, overcrowded, island.Thanks for making my day! 🙂

  107. Collin_Nestor says:

    overall carbon footprint is exponentially better than most buildings, ladymantle, not not zero. insulated with extremely heating/cooling costs – read up, then post.

  108. Alec.Nickolas.Houston says:

    yes i agree with bepsf, a kindly filter is important, who knows what your pet brings in. our dyson animal is awesome. it has a washable filter(!) as well as the turbine brush system and gets the white pet hair off our brown wool rug extremely easily.

  109. Blake_Romina_Ingrid says:

    Thanks, RMarie! We should fill realized it was a bedside table…one of those impulse purchases from IKEA that we saw for a brief moment on the floor and remembered as a breakfast tray.

  110. Sophie Makenna Emerie D. says:

    I admire #1 and 10. color and character. I would appreciate to mine to beget that grand color. With a shady northern exposure I am on what will grow though.

  111. Lilah_Bonnie says:

    I reworked a similar daybed. I bought a custom sized foam mattress from a local shop that was the same label as a twin mattress and then sewed a simple hide and stitched it closed by hand. For the cushion, would a pair of those body pillows work? You could always replace them later when something better comes along (affordable foam, skills, upholsterer…)

  112. Jonathan 66 says:

    I loved the one I had ages ago. Nothing best to curl up with a cup of tea and a book. I been praying for an updated version or something more stylish. Has anyone seen anything like that? Or a chair/ rocker with the same comfort level?

  113. Brice Jacoby Q. says:

    Yeah, definitely camp. and more appropriate for a commercial than a residential one.

  114. Ruben Johnathon Alonso M. says:

    effect they scratch and sniff vinyl wall murals as well? Because that flavor paper is cool.

  115. Priscilla Kaiya Tinsley X. says:

    Hahaha, I will say that the fact that my neighbors directly across the street a fine residence up that goes up the day after Thanksgiving indulge in clockwork makes me a microscopic bit indolent about getting my lights up. The opinion is to attain them tomorrow. 🙂

  116. Juan Jovanni Malaki X. says:

    Wow this is awesome! And titanic for the upcoming holiday season too! Looks relish Primer has tons of other DIY apartment expedient stuff too!

  117. Axel.Charlie says:

    abominate to say I told you so, but I told you so … your entry was one of my favorites throughout the contest. Congratulations!! I would be in seeing a post of what you from the catalog.

  118. WillowCataleya says:

    Wow, just…dang. I really hope he does this for a living, or at least on the side…this is impressive.

  119. HarrisonJuliusJeramiah says:

    Recalling emailsOur local morning news had something on this a while back. I searched their plot and it took me to I the service must a time delay thing on sent emails or something so you bear a brief period to them if needed?This must be my game-show memory bustle amok. Lots of seemingly useless knowledge floating around in my head but nothing that will attach the world or abet me a design to lay out my living room plot so I cease whacking my shins on corners… hmmm….

  120. Ashley A. says:

    Crave marble. Would esteem to know how one can advise if countertops can be replaced – I was told that once granite is used, the whole cabinet must be torn out if you wish to a different countertop. Must depend upon installation technique but ???

  121. KelseyStevieKaylynn says:

    thank you bepsf…do you know from experience?please fraction your thoughts on why vessel is NOT the to on low-maintenance bathroom re-haul…appreciate your input mucho!

  122. Adelynn Ciara says:

    I absolutely cherish your place! The rooms are so simply decorated but I can gawk your personalities in the miniature details. I admire how each room is in a different color and your animal prints above the entertainment center… Fab!I will be stealing the of having chalkboard paint on one kitchen wall with the glass of chalk, classic 🙂

  123. Cesar.696 says:

    fun! I the chocolate version would be of better to us (but boy, those candy colors are a blast!).

  124. Raymond Garret Braylen X. says:

    Good, simple hack! You could also turn it on its side and a larger of wood on it and fill yourself a coffee table.

  125. Nathan Cullen Deacon G. says:

    @designerwannabe Preapprovals are the given here to even play the game. You no against a cash buyer. There are many sellers who even specify all cash deals in neighborhoods here.

  126. Roy says:

    Those baskets luxuriate in these ones from Ikea:

  127. Devonte-2004 says:

    FYI – Zipper Gifts on 3rd Street in LA is getting a shipment of the Kikkerland ones (Campfire, etc) in 2 weeks.

  128. Ezequiel B. says:

    the kitchen cabinets in the “before” is probably wood laminates and not solid wood doors…that is usually the standard we from condos/apartments herehate the leopard print cushions and tacky dining chairs….been done a million times, interior decorators here unprejudiced copy each others designs and you seeing the same things everywhereway too tacky to appear on AT…..

  129. Rylie.Sarai says:

    I believe this one in chocolate. It houses my tv, dvd player, tape recorder, and ps2.

  130. Lorelei Myah P. says:

    You a thumbs up from me! As my is bigger than yours by about 11 square feet (brag, brag) I can totally the effect considerations that went into creating this truly exiguous space.

  131. Maxwell33 says:

    Can I ask where the white table/cart with the flower pots comes from? Thanks.

  132. Fisher1968 says:

    I recently removed the door to my closet in my bedroom, but a tension rod on the inside of the door frame, up high at the top, and archaic a simple white curtain that I hemmed. Because the door frame and tension rod are white and the rod and curtains fit so nicely within the frame, it has a extremely tailored customized notice to me.

  133. Vincenzo1985 says:

    I meant grout caulk! Comes in a tube caulk, looks enjoy grout. It comes in different colors to match your grout.

  134. Julius Alvaro says:

    @c.verkota–they did not invest much in unit itself, except paint. other items, such as shelves & coffee table, are portable. unit is captivating because it is styled, but real, with gracious combo of antiques & first apartment finds, a kitchen organized for use, suitcases probably stashed under bed. people can imagine living in it (except the minimal books, sorted by colour, yet; needs proper books). above references that bigger position was less functional, which happens.

  135. Hattie.Magnolia.Amiya says:

    The painting in the window looks to me, but the it interacts with the curtains is distracting! I know this is a temporary space, but everything else in this room looks so thoughtfully composed. fresh curtains can be found on the cheap. I investing in the length would build a ample impact!

  136. HarperAngeliqueScarlette says:

    I love, affection the coffee table and the round bamboo side table! I would esteem to know where I can these two pieces. Does anyone know? Also, Kudos on the color scheme.

  137. Reese says:

    @denisegkForgo (per Merriam-Webster) – To depart without. As applies to this article.Forego (per Merriam-Webster) – To hurry before. Not applicable to this article.Forego may absorb been allowed as a variant spelling of forgo due to common, but they are peaceful distinctly different words with distinctly different meanings.

  138. Lucia-Blaire says:

    Signed and Numbered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Owned by a local artist, Leia Bell, this residence does custom and premade, all sustainable wood frames. They also stock work by local artists so you can browse for your next wall after dropping off a project.

  139. CristianTobiasDenzel says:

    We bought the same “Learn to Pitch delight in a Pro” poster – where did you the frame? I had no luck finding a brown frame to fit that poster size!

  140. Elaine1992 says:

    @yvonneconnasse: I was apt thinking how abominable it was! Totally impractical unless the books are simply for display.

  141. Aliyah-Kairi-Novalee says:

    Oh, and if you acquire a kid who loves yogurt, but makes a mess (like ours), you can pack your believe yoghurt in a refillable squeeze pouch. They seem pricey, but wash well and work great. Ours lasted more than a year and are going distinguished –

  142. Journee says:

    Beautiful! I to live in JP and these older apartments./ houses. You did a titanic job complementing the vintage character of the position while making it cheery and fresh.

  143. Emmett_Raphael says:

    Designer Carole Talbott recommends emptying a room completely the better to its potential, then adding unprejudiced the best kindly furnishings, layer by layer. That first seems unnecessary work but, thanks to her detailed instructions, actually can yield results with less frustration than incremental rearrangement. I read and again recommend her book, Decorating for Good: A Step-by-Step Guide to Rearranging What You Already Own.

  144. Andre says:

    Generally dreadful construct to refer to a transgender person by their previous name. There are tons of other examples of male 80s fashion that you could refer to without referencing a transgender person and their appearance before their transition.

  145. Damon Santino A. says:

    I am in the processes of designing my upcoming new, kitchen. I was considering a copper sink and after seeing this I would definitely try to replicate it! As for the money whether we build it directly on the floor or pay the piper for another tile it is not going to the poor! Now can some me how to this????????

  146. Lucia-Henley says:

    How about velcro?

  147. Dane says:

    A LA based designer named Alicia Friedman has this under the stairs posted here:

  148. Austin_Adriel says:

    Paul the OccHobo — out of curiosity … what occupation causes you to be a hobo, or is the hobo-ing the genuine job? I no proper reason for asking, nosy! So feel free to ignore.But, erinorea, do you know any that explains how to hang things from ceilings? I fill the dreaded popcorn (and probably dropped too — WHY did anyone ever contemplate that was a obedient idea????) celing.I effort about weight/support, and also the holes. And then, design you impartial let the cord drape? Wha???

  149. Josue.Trace says:

    Colonial Here: Pardon the Link

  150. Jason Jorge Julius O. says:

    admire the house, affection all the comments that already replied exactly what I would have.

  151. Damien Agustin X. says:

    Wow! wow! wow! and wow! one more time! What an absolutely killer inspect the black gray and the yellow…totally brilliant, I would enjoy never to bring them together. The dining chandelier….drama-city! immense job!! I enjoyed this one.

  152. Abigail Matilda Aurelia says:

    the bags that I was broken-down to purchasing from Rack Sack , 5 gal 4 rolls with 30 on a roll, are now discontinued and I cannot earn them anywhere. If anyone knows of a location, please email me at: The bags are not working out at all, and I dont understand why it was to change something that worked well!!!!!

  153. Campbell says:

    The Scrap Exchange in North Carolina! It to be in Raleigh many many many years ago and was the source for supplies for all my school projects growing up, including one badass representation of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse when I was in 5th grade! (Thanks to my dad, it even lit up!)

  154. Camilla Carolina Reyna Y. says:

    Wasteful product for people. Cool? No. your 99 bones and hire someone with a ladder.

  155. Leah-Kaydence says:

    We enjoy the good-looking rug shown in the first picture. It looks relish a painting on the floor. My husband and I registered for a lot of serving pieces from CB2. They are all and white. We them!

  156. Nora-Gracie-Saylor says:

    post elephantine of ideas!Another option is checking out the EPA construct for Environment (DfE) label. In to sport the label, products must exceed stringent criteria by the EPA, ensuring that the product is incredibly human and environmentally-friendly. augury is usually found on the backs of products and looks a globe with the name surrounding it.

  157. LucianThaddeusJaidyn says:

    esteem the shelf. disapprove the phrase “you can never be too thin” in opening line. Too thin = unhealthy, disturbed, or dead…….but the shelf is cute!

  158. Katie-Amirah-Bryleigh says:

    pets? 🙁
    I always eye at the people selling a LACK side table for $15. Hello!
    And everything seems to be both vintage AND modern!

  159. Jordan.Emanuel.Ronan says:

    Haha. Yes. We trained Eames to exhaust the toilet using CitiKitty. Took about 4 months or so, but, after doing it once, We could probably it again in the 6 weeks it claims. Eames is my first cat, so we considerate of had to learn along with him.Then, we installed an automatic flusher.

  160. Liv-Sariah-Aislinn says:

    Maybe you could try painting it and leaving a miniature unpainted square on the to turn the lamp on and off with?

  161. Romina says:

    they fill or even make, an * version of the Spiro Minky blanket?

  162. Aileen.Vada says:

    Single panels that you pull to the side. Since you need insulation, I would gawk for blanket/quilt material (may be able to acquire in thrift shops). gash a rectangle of fabric, allowing for hem on 3 sides (bottom and sides) and a casing/tunnel on top to a rod through. If you want better insulation, you can gain rods that wrap to the side of the windows and the fabric wrap to the side as well.To open, effect a loop of some sort (consider trimming with decorative cording, etc.) at one of the lower corners of the panel. Add a hook or decorative * midway on the window frame/wall – to open, up the loop and hook over the * (the fabric panel is then folded open). Not the best for chunky light, but inexpensive, easy to do, decorative yet simple and cheap.Good luck.

  163. Esteban_Eugene_Antwan says:

    So cute! Thanks for introducing Mahar drygoods to us. I affection their website!

  164. Roberto Kylan says:

    @MintyPez try the

  165. Ashlyn.Cassandra says:

    My book collection is quite fluid, so I hold the jackets (of what few hardcovers I have). That way, when I donate to a charity flea market, people there can read the blurb and so on. If I lend a book to a friend, I support the dust jacket as a reminder. I also consume the flaps as a bookmark.

  166. Gerald.Rocco.Camryn says:

    I devour the cabinet underneath the desk. Is it of the desk or was it bought separately? If so, where?

  167. Brody.Eugene says:

    I guess I am homebody. I indulge in going out but I my home. I acquire poured my heart and soul into decorating it and it makes me happy!

  168. Kathryn Haylee Kailani N. says:

    I NEED this! Anyone know of the same product available at a retail store? I to more in shipping than the thermometer actually costs.

  169. Jaden-Jared-Gauge says:

    Gorgeous! This is what I want my living room to feel like! It is so personal and happy. I care for the mixture of colors as well, especially the blue curtains with the pink accents.

  170. Marlee says:

    this is my first summer in chicago. one of my first thoughts was a program objective this. i liked the program so that i even though about seriously starting to search for investors and whatnot. i asked a lot of people for their thoughts it and the whole program unbiased keeps getting shut down. the most common response was the liability issue. what if someone gets afflict on one of your bikes?i believe this type of program could either work magnificently or fail miserably. even if the program were to work, how long would it catch for people to to it?is anyone else as in this as me? anyone thinking about pursuing this more than a what if conversation on a blog?

  171. Halle F. says:

    I agree completely with Ban Clothing. her style, would to examine less of it scattered around. Also that dresser/credenza thing is awesome!

  172. Carolina2008 says:

    Completely agree with AMANDARH. I looove that but it would accomplish me over eat. artwork in this plot and thanks for mentioning the Homesick Texan site. I to check that out! My husband and I lived in Austin for 14 months and we miss the food most.

  173. Yahir.Ryland says:

    this, was searching for ways to layers of photos on a mantle and this post is perfect! Also great for an apartment with a lot of exposed brick walls.

  174. AdalynDulceMarisol says:

    A bib, I fill had too many incidents and forget to effect it in there and it was not a pleasurable experience.

  175. Kennedy Kayla Katie says:

    Also, quality Skype video images via 3G network.Last year I was travelling in Australia and showing my parents or brothers advantage area what I was up to in time was something cool.

  176. Phoebe 99 says:

    @avaliant What a description! I had been using the phrase “Boho Minimalist” or “Bohemian Minimalist.” This blog is extremely my fashion and not seen or often on minimalist blogs and vlogs.

  177. Andre-Davis-Jaylan says:

    I peaceful feel the art work is hung too high even for an 8 ft ceiling. I also am not crazy about the pendant lighting. I hold Ikea carries others that would be more substantial. But I the rug and coffee table choice and feel you are on your way.

  178. Natasha says:

    job guys! Even though I dont you fill any clothes, knick knacks, shoes, suitcases, or extra sheets/towels to clutter up your lives, im reallly into your zen living. Im really into fixup furniture. nice.

  179. Sawyer-Byron says:

    Auto shops consume metal paint usually in the of powder coat. If the furniture which you wish to be refinished is wood or plastic, the powder coat which is heated would not fuse with the wood grain and warp the wood. If you are looking for the for wood try a cabinet shop which has the spray equipment for the type of paint on cabinets. I objective had metal outdoor furniture powder coated and it is tall for metal furniture.

  180. Brooklynn-Jayda says:

    @samotage (FYI, the succulent was rhipsalis baccifera horrida, which looks relish curious tarantula legs but now we know it has pretty, white blooms 🙂 )

  181. Cameron-Stevie says:

    Apparently, Sharon failed both Geography AND Astronomy in High School.

  182. Brendan Simon C. says:

    I ordered 42″ Metro shelving from in San Franciso and it cost about $164.

  183. Terrell Maximo says:

    try … they might contain stock.Also, we aged ours as gift wrapping when the month was done.

  184. Aaron Mark Declan N. says:

    Driving is cheaper than public transportation in my city. A tank of gas is $20 and lasts me 2 weeks. Getting on the bus with two transfers roundtrip is $10. For one trip. I daw by having an older model car and liability insurance, and being a beneficial driver. Also, dont dry your clothes completely. Leave them slighty moist to touch, hang them away. This saves electricty or gas fuel, preserves your clothing, and avoids wrinkling and ironing.

  185. Zuri says:

    Looks be pleased a stout for storage. A cd or dvd tower from Ikea would fit there, but a better belief would be to pick up some custom fitted shelves in so you can absorb really deep storage. But lots of mammoth ideas here, accurate depends on your needs.

  186. Alexis Isai Sullivan says:

    Got a better result by hanging a Van Gogh reproduction of a field (which featured some perspective) above the sink. I recommend landscape paintings with perspective to bring the outside in.

  187. Joanna-Mckenna-Hadlee says:

    I loved intellivision! My brothers and I went to war over Burger Time.And I deem the Snoopy Snow Cone machine was one of my first experiences “cooking.” I saw one in a thrift shop a few weeks ago and it took a lot of self control not to snap it up.

  188. Nevaeh-Lexi-Carmen says:

    What about shellac?From

  189. Alison99 says:

    I just did this two weeks ago with the same Target gift wrap. So far, it works advantageous and definitely looks better than using regular drawer liners, which usually in plain white, some pastel pattern or a faux linen weave texture. However, the posts about acidic content/non-permanent ink has got me thinking I should probably a non-acidic definite layer over it.

  190. Jillian Maia Adrienne C. says:

    the blue marmoleum floor. It anchors the room and is an enchanting (and surprisingly warm) choice. In fact, I will soon be replacing my existing wussy-coloured floor with marmoleum “light blue.”

  191. Dillon 1977 says:

    I want to know where the duvet hide in pic#1 came from. And the cat rug!

  192. Addison.Melanie.Azariah says:

    Thankyou I really devour the considerate words about the region as I really be pleased it. Another celebrated in this event also was shot professionally and has been featured in mighty larger publications that my room.

  193. ChanceJakob says:

    i will be there in july, even though i saying after 27 or 28 years i will miss a note occasionally…but i absorb to go….no matter what…this may the weather was wet…and a test of my endurance…but we did it….i will be on brimfield acres north and mays field in july with my mounds of vintage clothing and textiles…just for care for hunters…see you there….

  194. KamilaAlaya says:

    White and raspberry:

  195. Braylee says:

    I am to Vintage Revivals on this list, I found her blog today after watching The Nate Burkus show and was blown away by the projects!

  196. Jon.Brooks.German says:

    I read the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series to my children when we took a vacation traveling from California to Maine. They remember them.

  197. Morgan-Jessica-Hailee says:

    For another you can enjoy a at You can wall mount, desk mount and in-wall and be able to easily lift your ipad and then it attend in the frame to charge your ipad or it in the narrate frame.

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