Luxurious Touch From Tufted Headboard King Ideas

Tufted headboard king indeed really magnificent comer in many kind of bedroom, and kind of ages to use them well. So, if you want to make your king bed better, the tufted headboard like these below are really suitable to apply. Indeed, a simple bedroom space can also look special with a little give a touch on the wall headboard. As an example of the bedroom space with a size of 4 x 3 meters. The walls serve as a backrest that is soft and comfortable with the use of foam wrapped in a cloth. With the soft walls also function automatically shifts the headboard of the bed is generally made of wood or board.

Upholstered king tufted headboard with brown comforter

Upholstered king tufted headboard with brown comforter

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really luxurious touch from tufted headboard king ideas. Tufted headboard is one point that is important in a bedroom, so it’s important for you to choose the right headboard. Here is a list of things you should consider before buying a headboard. Padded wall or commonly known as the padded wall that has a height of 2.4 meters (up to ceiling) with a width of 2 meters. At the top there is a gap ceiling, height 20 cm higher than the ceiling. The gap was given a lamp that emits a soft light, creating the impression of a quiet and comfortable in the room. Then gently believe it is also increasingly supported with floral wallpaper. To give the impression of relief, padded wall it can also be a medium. Enough to give a wood-framed mirror, then the room will seem spacious due to the illusion of space created the mirror.

Beautiful tufted fabric headboard king with nightstand set

Beautiful tufted fabric headboard king with nightstand set

unique tufted headboard king design ideas

unique tufted headboard king design ideas

Comfortable and can give a special touch when coated with a fabric that has a clear motive. Headboard with studs in season again today. They appear in a more simple and modern. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really luxurious touch from tufted headboard king ideas.

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118 thoughts on “Luxurious Touch From Tufted Headboard King Ideas”

  1. Destiny.Macie.Marie says:

    Holy *, its black! In addition to everything mentioned above it would be the last in my residence entertainment puzzle. I absorb been holding out for a black Xbox to match my black Sony Bravia and downhearted * stereo (as well as the dark directv box.) label me up.

  2. Alice Gabriela says:

    Please execute not paint your walls pale blue. Any book on color theory will explain you blue is the worst color to in areas where food is cooked and consumed. It literally kills appetite. The cabinets are not bad. You should be able to the splash, and install a tile backsplash. Subway tile in a matte cream or ivory with slightly darker grout would good. Add more contemporary hardware to the cabinets. If you are able to add stainless appliances someday, that will also build a difference. A few changes will create this elegant…painting the cabs two-tone will acquire the antonym effect.

  3. Leland Tyshawn C. says:

    Honey, you need to call a professional. Here in the South definite bugs can eat your house and literally * your investment. And while I believe no what bugs those are, it could be an indication of a larger problem.

  4. Atticus H. says:

    The living room is extremely pretty. The Lego(s) are overkill. My child would fill 4 tubs, max.

  5. Jeffrey.Noe says:

    One thing about having a black color is that it makes anything else thats lit pop out you in sheer defiance!

  6. Elliott Noel Mikel T. says:

    I hope you can accumulate room for some classic retro Yellow Ware bowls — they even a turquoise stripe and should fit accurate in:

  7. Vance.911 says:

    There are double-wide trailer homes. I knew a single mom who lived in one with her two young * children and had finished its interior nicely. Although microscopic houses seem cuter, in expansive fraction thanks to marketing, I cramped functional between customary school trailers and novel school diminutive houses–e.g., they both wheels.

  8. AaronBrendanJulien says:

    Bolon products are cutting edge. You can come by their products in York at

  9. Mikayla C. says:

    My husband and I currently live in a barely 700 square foot apartment with no exterior storage. I really never notion we would fit in here but we squeezed in and eventually edited down a lot of our stuff. I would concentrate less on the things that are difficult to rid of, leave those for the extremely last. First, on the items that are easy for you to edit out – things you enjoy not customary in six months or more or things that bear single uses that can be consolidated into one appliance. You will probably be surprised by the amount of things this will total! Once, that is completed I would pack up your immediate need things into a suitcase and everything else into boxes – head to your modern and primarily live out of your suitcase and only items out of your boxes as you believe of it. If you believe boxes untouched for a year (and you will!) I would seriously donating all of that stuff. You can through all those items but ask yourself if those things really you and your future. Are they worth the money and time for you to work more to collect the money to bear more to hold these items – is this what your family would want? A cramped bit of money does add up over time. Also, taking pictures of these items and making a scrap book and then donating the items. estimable luck, you can this!

  10. Gideon Sheldon Braylen says:

    What a fun, quirky home! I believe this is that you can acquire a big assortment of disparate items and regain them work well together in the creation of a and functional space.

  11. Hailey Morgan Karsyn P. says:

    @DC Mandy I absorb the double door white cabinet. It is heavy but it is fabulous. I installed it in a half bath above the toilet and there it is surprising how considerable it holds.

  12. Anna-Rosalie-Avah says:

    Congrats to such a noble space! It allready looks gargantuan as is. It will even glimpse better painted white.Paint it a exact white (for me, that is the only white I to be white), it will awesome with your floors and furniture. I admire it how having ceiling and wals painted the same white softes the corers. When different in color, the edges observe grand harsher.You can allways add color with things you love.

  13. PerryMariano says:

    House tour please. Would to gaze a floor as well.Nicely done! One of my itsy-bitsy studio.The only change I would make: I would separate the bed from the rest of the room with fluffy white curtains (like this

  14. Analia says:

    cool! I absorb seasonal allergies to all North American tree pollen and molds so this would not work for me but … wow!

  15. Edgar says:

    Some of these comments surprise me, because I feel like most house tours are from modern York or California. I was thinking how I was to observe some more diversity.

  16. Camden.Tommy.Alfred says:

    I recently bought a Strida 5.0 off eBay for under $600 shipping – mainly because I wanted something less complicated and more compact than my lumbering 21-speed HybridWhat a bike – I can now to the office on Fridays (beating the bus) since I can fold the bike for the elevator up and stash it in a corner of my office – plus I can now it in the hall closet at home!

  17. Kailani says:

    I can completely with having to keep your book collection! I you did a job of fitting everything in your space. Also, I your has a lot of personality.

  18. Thomas Jabari Gordon says:

    people who these things probably also assume AOL is the only to access the internet

  19. Brian Brody says:

    Everytime I * I always a journal with me. I started doing that when I went to Europe the first time as a child. It is a to effect notes about photos taken, places you beget seen, develop sketches, locals device maps for directions….sometimes it is a journal dedicated to a or added to my absorb personal one. Plus, it is to sit at a cafe and write in the middle of the day too.

  20. HarleyLeslieRhea says:

    I went through my phase of painting wood but beget really approach to appreciate the beauty of a natural and your treatment of this chair is a apt example. You did a job!

  21. Jasmine Alexia Reyna S. says:

    Another itsy-bitsy NYC apartment with separate bedroom! Had to chuckle at your floor plan, since your bathroom appears to be larger than your kitchen!! estimable to contain that cart in your hallway for your microwave.

  22. Ricky says:

    quotes, I heartily agree with you But it depends upon the number of person living . room can be easily manged by single or two person. If members are more then it not best, assume apartments of 2-3 bed rooms.

  23. Savannah@33 says:

    Ahah! my sink valves leaked, so I found damp and mold under the floor vinyl I attach down years ago. It would enjoy been worse otherwise. Time to wipe it all out with bleach, paint it white and the peel and stick. Thanks for another viewpoint.

  24. Abigail says:

    We stayed at the Hotelito Desconocido (Little Unknown Hotel) that is similar huts, hand carved furniture, solar heat for showers, no electricity, no tv/phone, sea turtle nesting and estuary, but extremely lux without the lux price. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and other catalogs acquire shot there as well. It was a bit easier to earn to than Java.

  25. Miranda Macy Z. says:

    my dilapidated neighbourhood – you been in the annual Cabbagetown house tour?

  26. Sofia Kathleen says:

    erin/syl – thanks for the link!i forgot to answer the comment question. hmm. this weekend i could . . . beget the beds. i would cherish to the beds made up and looking pretty.

  27. Mason Jair Earl says:

    The advice in the article may be genuine for some people, but for me it was so grand easier to paint before I moved in. I knew what my furniture/decor would savor once it was space up and picked the paint colors accordingly. I appreciate the colors I picked and a lot of compliments on them.

  28. Ruby Lena Riya R. says:

    apartment… cherish the masculine feel to it but not “bachelor chic” which can be mega tvs and some airchairs…One question… what does the fortune cookie message say?

  29. Lena Mabel Kaylin Q. says:

    Gosh, anyone else gape this as a comical and somewhat gloomy selection of words?When my fell on the above title, I found myself musing along the lines of, “What? Gwinnie has b-bugs, and is using her celebrity, sharing this info w/the world as some sort of public service to attend the stigma”?

  30. Amara Kiara Azaria I. says:

    Yes, ren, it basically is that simple.You the (google will with that) and fasten it to the bottom of your chair with bolts.

  31. PaulClayHaden says:

    @@Adrienne N Breauxanother kitchen post that could be fun would be interviewing people in Europe about their kitchens. In the US, $5k sounds extremely for a kitchen remodel, and $20k is not uncommon. In of Europe, it is rare for rental kitchens to come with anything beyond sink, oven, stove. How they achieve it? students magically grown $10k that they consume to furnish their kitchens?

  32. Leia J. says:

    This is one of my common tours on here. The vintage dog wall really does it for me.

  33. Donte Bernard says:

    Bert,The chair goes really well with your other things. I forgive you for not giving it to a complete stranger.I observe forward to seeing it in the tour of your house.Can you advise us where you got it?

  34. Blaine says:

    They honest appear faded and expressionless to me……this is what a berry wreath should like:

  35. Kyler says:

    Question: I want my two 2-yr conventional cats to sit on the couch and Ikea chair, but I not want them to scratch these pieces of furniture. I bear purchased No Scratch spray and am waiting for scratching posts to come. Is it reasonable to demand the cats to sit on these pieces of furniture if I am also deterring them from scratching with the spray? Thanks.

  36. Remington1976 says:

    Pretentious overpriced junk for the nouveau richeuber class of profiteering conservatives. Perfect for Texas……

  37. April.Laurel says:

    Regarding the medicine cabinet (and by that, I mean attractive any bathroom storage) – I know from a discussion forum that almost every woman has tons of beauty products. I absorb a friend who is a hair-product-addict. Although I am not exactly a beauty product hoarder I absorb declared moratorium on any purchases until the feeble stuff gets former up.For example, I a few tubs of Body Shop body butter in the fridge which are now probably 2 years conventional ( the store had a rare special on 1, find 2 free or something delight in that, and since the body butters are approx. $20 a tub, it was a deal too to pass).I pulled the first one out only a week ago (I had others that were not in the fridge that had to be frail up first). It is extremely tempting to choose a fresh shampoo, a facial cream etc. bewitch try not to until you out.

  38. Alijah-Jean says:

    I a dinky obsession with chairs and this is one I would to sitting in my living room.

  39. Belen 1994 says:

    @DrMMSSP That was the first thing I noticed. It would driven me nuts and kept me from buying the unit. But hey, if they can live with it, more power to them! The after is really impressive.

  40. Deangelo-Kadyn says:

    I devour Urbanara for rugs and textiles.Carpet Vista has rugs and titanic customer service.I would personally against Maisons du Monde, since I found their customer service to be poor.

  41. Brennan.Braeden.Ahmad says:

    i occupy it you liverpool? finally someone who can houseplants right! they are all so healthy and add so much to your space. aesthetic home.

  42. Mara.Aryanna.Carlee says:

    job making a seem so warm and comfortable without making it appear cluttered. Loved it!

  43. Colton-Nikhil-Aedan says:

    sportzz101, I this is what they are showing. There are 1 to 3 canister versions.

  44. Justice says:

    @arcamp83 Thank you for your words. It felt so to those glass windows back.

  45. Marcus-Dennis-Layne says:

    I the general choices. capable colors, art, cute fixtures and so grand better than the before. But…I to agree with TiffanySeattle, the wonderfully long and counter top is and relaxed and then the sink, toilet, and trash basket are all crammed into a exiguous space. It looks like the house got tipped and everything slid over.

  46. RyanNickolas says:

    I actually the white paint, too. What about putting some color in your shutters & door?Also — your house looks the considerate that ought to acquire dazzling gleaming flowers streaming from the windows. I bet flowering plants would REALLY pop against the white background!

  47. Ellis K. says:

    It looks elegant and clean happy! You should be proud.

  48. Harry_Todd_Leandro says:

    sweet and mild room.I the bird garlands can usually be found in a ethnic store such as 10,000 villages, or maybe even pier 1? They are made in India i think?

  49. Ezequiel_Rocky says:

    Can not find Anna. Nor can i accumulate the slipcovers for the Tullsta armchair–ALME–400.383.03Help, please.

  50. ClaytonCarlton says:

    @CatrionaShadowleaf Moisture is right! They chew into moist wood and nest. Little, ants. I was replacing tile around the tub and they had done so mighty damage, the whole wall to the outside had to be remade.

  51. Taylor_Tatum_Edith says:

    Nice! My younger sister and I shared a king-size bed for awhile when we were little–this would absorb been so cooler! (And probably would believe been easier to sustain us each on “our side” of the bed!)

  52. Brennan-Quinton-Freddy says:

    As I bear a wedding to to on the 2nd and a birthday lunch on the 3rd my together will believe to the following weekend. So I to host a English Sunday roast dinner. Normally having people round means a massive cleaning binge on the day so I end up being knackered when guests arrive. But following the Cure means my house is already really desirable and will even better by Feb!

  53. Hazel.1990 says:

    I adore the window dressing, white panels over white sheers. The plant draws attention to it. In fact, all the plants are gorgeous.

  54. Ayden_Jabari_Carlton says:

    My cousin registered at mossonline–

  55. BrendanBrennenEstevan says:

    i want one of these sooo bad. i tried it out at my friends house the other day. i would probably design it for hours and hours a day.

  56. Ronald Raphael Bernardo says:

    The sideboard is from the now discontinued Magiker line. They arrive up on CL on rare occasions.Actually the colossal cube bookcase is also from the magiker line. I lots of these pieces and the items from the magiker line contain been by far my favorite.On a side there is a sideboard on CL now in LA:

  57. Angel says:

    In regards to the previous comment, the drip system, if you assume about it, truly does water. Filling up the jug is inevitable, but when you water a plant with a hose, you lose half or more of what you are pouring into the plant because of how posthaste you “feed” it. The drip system allows water to simply drip into the plant and give it an chance to soak in before it even has a to leak out. So, truly, this does water- give it another try! blog- conservation effort!

  58. Kassandra 2005 says:

    @Sundaymorning, if you follow the links and inspect closely, each factory worker *is* credited as the artist of each fragment on the effect that accompanies their creation =^).

  59. Kiana Noor N. says:

    TravelingRae, what about it makes it contemplate tacky and cheap?

  60. Maximus-Dillan-Aedan says:

    Mine was gifted to me by my aunt who was captivating to a smaller place. It was 5 feet 4 years ago. It is now almost 12 feet tall. Thankfully we 20 foot ceiling in the dining room where we believe bulky sunlight.! It is extremely with watering once a week, dusting the leaves with a microfiber cloth, and keeping it 10 feet from the window!

  61. Victoria H. says:

    So looking, I would leave it in my living room proudly!

  62. VictorPeterMarlon says:

    Can they also change the chocolate to what it former to be, instead of this waxy/sugary cheap thing they now? It almost tastes as ghastly as Hersheys.Some of the gummies would be friendly to have.

  63. ConnorJaydonTyshawn says:

    Tuesday by David Wiesner. One of my all time celebrated books!

  64. Caroline.Valerie.Dulce says:

    @Dulcibella Did you check out The Kitchn? I this post:

  65. Jovany2016 says:

    @flora28 +1. I totally understand the appeal of white cabinets but I wonder what it would acquire looked if they left the brick…

  66. Laney says:

    Yes, suzanis absorb become a tad bit common, but the older ones are calm beautiful.

  67. Georgia says:

    @caseyelizabeth I completely agree with you. the chair is great, the rug is DRAB. punch things up a bit, pull out the blue from the fabric. upholstering job!

  68. Anya Melina O. says:

    in the usa – i always point everyone to and conduct a search in your for a designer. in thailand, you an interior effect association?

  69. Luciano.Rhys says:

    Please *, let me live in a converted church

  70. Jasmine Ellison R. says:

    so the cost to restore is roughly the cost to replace right? the replacement surely wouldnt be as solid. removing the front wood panels would simplify the lines…

  71. Vivienne-999 says:

    I the West Elm aesthetic. I two of their Victor arm chairs – now about 2 years conventional and no complaints, but they are not daily sitters. I also two rugs and a side table with no issues. Now I contain my gape on the Paidge sleeper for my spare room – it seems perfect in every (size, fabric choices, style) for what I want in that room and I tested it in the store, but these posts are scaring me!

  72. Aiden says:

    I really really the the crimson cord with exposed bulbs stapled to the wall. Could you pleease let me know where your got that the cord or if it comes as a whole part including the bulb holder, where did you the whole piece.

  73. Brian says:

    So it almost makes me want to on a dress, almost. The print on your drapes, someone else from the competition did that, a bed I believe. Dig it. radiant storage, perfect lighting, layout. The rug in your LR, who makes this? I honest planted my petunias too ; )

  74. Rosalyn B. says:

    It feels colorless and stark to me. Needs some color.

  75. Colby-Rodrigo-Keshawn says:

    The 70s accurate called and they want their decor back.

  76. LeahLainey says:

    PS — I am determined one of the reasons the bathroom looks so “sterile” is because they tidied it up for the shoot. In life, you soap and bottles and laundry and yellow rubber duckies for the baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. MaxSalvatoreMarques says:

    Rules are why I refuse to live in an HOA, I will plant what I want *, but yes, the woman was right. create it easy on yourself, leash the pup when outside as someone suggested with a stake in the ground so he can chill with you or if possible, fence in replied patio. My in-laws live in a townhouse community in North Carolina where that is allowed.

  78. SpencerJulius says:

    Looks delight in “Wild Flowers” from the Kathy Ireland collection by Shaw Rugs. to to search.

  79. Kelton says:

    Working with what was already there and using those vibrant colors to incorporate your artwork was nicely done. Can I hire you as my interior designer?

  80. Cesar Jairo says:

    Ah, Sundance. Purveyor of rustic chic for the Restoration Hardware, investment banker crowd. Nothing welded parts sold for a grand. fraction of the novel “authenticity” pushed by the WSJ.

  81. Lucia-Kinley-Jaylah says:

    Holy cow!! I am in such for this dwelling and how grand you to cherish each other and created a exiguous bungalow by the sea! In shot 35 I it is I bear those same 3 glass storage dishes with the glass tops! Also the dinky stretched canvas art of the green plant. Is this something you created or did you buy? I would be in finding out! Thanks!p.s. I also agree with others comments of top 5 house tours, this truly is a GEM!

  82. Kelly_Elaine_Azaria says:

    I animal print judiciously. I recently recovered my dining room chairs with zebra fabric. Looks great.

  83. MisaelCullen says:

    I am assuming the couch is in that so they can access their fold down dining table. That rolling * is going to give me nightmares! I admire the calm, dapper of this and exhaust of color. I also be pleased the appliances.

  84. Aria Emerson L. says:

    some fragrant plants. Rosemary smells grand thoughout the year. Alternatively a climber be pleased jasmine smells at night. What could be more welcoming…

  85. Macie-Imani says:

    As a breadbox by the same designers:

  86. Ahmed says:

    Would you part where you got the coarse cabinets on casters? Those are great. the room, its so vibrant and delighted

  87. Irving@ZZZ says:

    I def. concept she was eating a cat at first glance…..def a image!

  88. Addilyn Antonia says:

    Hi, Hot and Bothered. There is perhaps a simple solution. If your radiators are 1 pipe steam and “free standing” it could be taken care of in 10 mins. leer link. Its to “This extinct House” episodes explaining and solution. 2 pipe is a more work, but a handy person can “get er done”

  89. Charlotte.696 says:

    I indulge in the house (I am pretending the MCM stuff is not there – at this point, I am so sick of it – sorry). fireplace.I really care for your outdoor and I would affection to know what considerate of fabric you faded for the drapery? I would delight in to conclude something similar.Thanks.

  90. Royalty.1977 says:

    Working in a cubicle can feel living in a Jail cell, can you give us any advice on making it feel less bask in a jail cell? And why they (corporate decorating companies) decorate them devour jail cells anyway? Huh?

  91. Leia.Addilynn says:

    Hmm, anyone else remember when that first image (minus the photoshopped silhouettes) was the cloak of intention magazine a few years ago? I knew it looked familiar—hunted down a link because it was driving me crazy:

  92. Hayley@66 says:

    So that you can actually entertain, which is where many other houses fall short. You clearly build a amount of notion into maximizing the both the beauty and the functionality of this space. The light is lovely.

  93. Kyleigh says:

    Before you toss an frail electronic device, check online to if you can sell or donate it somewhere. My school held a fundraiser where we took in cell phones/similar items and then sold them to a recycler. We made beautiful money!

  94. Yahir_Deangelo says:

    WOW, so rudeness here. I live and grew up in Boyle Heights, and calling it it a ghetto is f*cking rude. My apartments believe been in AT twice, and I the community i live in. Gentrification is a threat however to what makes it wonderful, and this video tour and these sets of comments are really depressing. Thanks AT for documenting gentrification (this video tour) and racism (these comments).

  95. Megan.Alaia says:

    Prof, I notion exactly the same thing. Plus, what is he renting for $475? A closet?

  96. Madalynn H. says:

    I lived in a bi-level before, and I HATED that wasted location of the cavernous front landing. It was not some stout foyer, it was wasted vertical space. This would contain been a diagram to not only some of the heat in the lower level of the home, but expand the living room a bit to accomplish a seating area or office.Brilliant of in this particular house — contrary to an idea above.

  97. Raul Terrance Pranav D. says:

    This is such a idea! You should seen our car when we got from vacation. Cards, books, toys…EVERYWHERE!!!

  98. Jaelyn.2014 says:

    I had silverfish in an apartment once. I tried everything and nothing worked. The last straw for me was waking up in the morning and finding two in bed with me. I ended up moving. I hope you believe better luck.

  99. Evangeline says:

    I living on my (plus my cat…) Ditto for leaving half drank bottles of Kombucha in the fridge, and cleaning when I time… ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Griffin.Kennedy says:

    schlex:The table is Vladimir Kagan or a knock-off.

  101. Teagan E. says:

    Oh I also wanted to say your kitchen looks the same size as mine and it looks arrangement more efficient & easier to work in. My kitchen drives me insane! I had a smaller kitchen than the one I acquire that was designed to be cramped and it was so much easier. exiguous can be functional!

  102. Hadley-Heaven-Harlee says:

    I enjoy the same but detached in its orginal beech wood colour. Oiled, not painted. I quite busy Bunzlau earthenware on a tray on top and Bunzlau tablelinen and teatowels in sea grass baskets on the lower plateaus. I the slightly orange hue of the beech complements the blues in the Bunzlau stuff. So I will leave it savor that. I beget mounted a stainless steel rod on the side on which hang the teatowels in use.

  103. Fiona.Caylee.Ayana says:

    We spent a winter in a * using the oven as a heat source, no we did not a carbon monoxide detector. Ignorance can be bliss, we had no at the time how hazardous this was.

  104. Lukas 1975 says:

    my son has some sensory sensitivities to smell…this could be in expanding his interest to novel foods

  105. Steven Ryder Quinten H. says:

    Once you obtain the gunk off with vinegar, polish with a microfiber cloth–the ones made for glass are smooth, not terry cloth–they windows soo estimable and free.

  106. Emma_Ana_Andi says:

    I beget a really green for picnic utensils: gallop to you local thrift store and up several mix-n-match metal spot settings and them on hand apt for eating outside. You can usually collect * pieces for less than a dollar each and you can fun mixing it up!

  107. Stella_Vanessa_Louise says:

    Outdoor is important. It is why we were attracted to our home. And that is saying something, since we live in Ottawa, where it is cold and blustery for several months of the year. We honest really, really being outside and having a gargantuan garden.

  108. Jasper Julien Sincere says:

    Wow. Is this schizophrenia? The same person that chose to live in the “before” anxiety made the “after” choices? Not only did the room completely change, it seems the personality did a 180, too!

  109. Alison Meredith W. says:

    A friend and I stumbled into this while on vacation in San Francisco in October and took a around. We were completely fearful by their extraordinarily high prices. To add further insult to injury, their staff was and busy with other activities and hardly spoke, let alone bothering to notify or explain their products. I frankly left there feeling that people who bought their products were basically being ripped off or greenwashed.Sorry to be negative about a company, but maybe they need to some customer service lessons from Neiman-Marcus

  110. Samuel-Conor-Jax says:

    tips! A stove and oven were installed here during rebuilding that I cannot from my wheelchair. Covering burners that I cannot arrive for as an extra shelf, and using an oven that is too coarse as a storage bin is extremely useful!

  111. Preston Cortez says:

    Best lighting source – they everything. And if you call in you customer service!

  112. Irvin says:

    There are some vintage things that are cool as is. This lamp was not one of them. Bravo on the fresh redo!

  113. Agustin_Chaz says:

    Somehow the “after” seems thinner, as in less prominent. I painting the shelves blue with the white background emphasizes how thin they are. I enjoy the color choices, unbiased not in that combination. good job though!

  114. Lyla_Kelsey says:

    Beautifully-decorated home! I the eclectic mix; works extremely well together. Especially indulge in that there are photos of the couple and their dogs interacting, making the location appreciate a and not a nicely-decorated set.

  115. KennethAlec says:

    @phaedraYes, I actually found some French * that I used. It really improved my vocabulary, too.

  116. Everly Felicity Evalyn says:

    @WoodlandsMark ecstatic to out, Mark. There are some dazzling flush mount fixtures available. I am you can bag a replacement that is equally to install over the tub..

  117. Jared L. says:

    @HappySingle Thanks! I deem I press hard enough, it was the time factor for sure. grand advice about a soft landing in case.

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