How Wonderful Bookcase Concept Storage Headboard Ideas

Storage headboard today will come with bookcase concept ideas that will keep your books and stuff well above your head while sleep tightly. Area headboard often go unnoticed. In fact, if utilized properly, this area effectively increase the storage area. Moreover, in the child’s room, which certainly holds a lot of stuff. Ranging from books, toys, and various trinkets favorite baby. The same thing happened in the child’s room in this photo. Moreover, there are two heroes who inhabit these rooms. Pictured right, how many toys in this room?

contemporary king platform storage headboard with dressers

contemporary king platform storage headboard with dressers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really wonderful bookcase concept storage headboard ideas. Lucky the parents have interesting ideas to increase the storage containers, without the need to put new furniture. Area headboard was the one in question. This area is usually just a plain wall, which at most decorated wall cover or photo frame. In this bedroom headboard area transformed into a large storage closet. This is where a variety of toys and trinkets belonging to the little nesting, when not in use. The design is not made rigid, like a rack or cabinet. There is a dynamic element of the game of wood and glass, as well as closed and open. Thus, the display of this area did not necessarily feel stiff. In this photo, headboard shelf is not made to cover the entire wall, but if necessary it never hurts to make it up as high as the ceiling. More cheerful appearance can be obtained by coloring the shelves with bright colors, distinctive character of the child. Interested in trying?

Platform storage headboard unique design

Platform storage headboard unique design

decorating bookcase headboard with queen bed storage

decorating bookcase headboard with queen bed storage

Those ideas indeed sounds ordinary, but if you try to apply well, you will find out how magnificent the ideas indeed. You can try now with grab some ideas above and apply soon. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really wonderful bookcase concept storage headboard ideas.

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  1. Ruben Terrence Kelton N. says:

    Best of luck with this contest! I am there will be many more exiguous houses being after the presentation you and your comadres gave at the Sunset celebration.What a blueprint to independence in some of our crazy estate markets!You are an inspiration!

  2. Lizbeth says:

    That they unprejudiced want to conclude , that its cozy and that they would to nap in our living room 😉

  3. Juan Dillan says:

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  4. Danny-Dimitri says:

    Nice. I devour the prominence given to art, books, and antiques. corpulent tour, please!

  5. Daniella.Charli says:

    We establish a white quartz in our kitchen and it was AWFUL. It stained and marked worse than any counter I enjoy ever seen. Every time metal touched it, even lightly, an gross mark was left. This meant that the edges were badly marked from my belt and that our island was covered in marks from teaspoons being down (yes, teaspoons being placed down, not dropped). It also stained from herbal tea, spaghetti sauce, water marks, and jam. There was also a chip in one corner after a week. We replaced with granite.

  6. Brett-Kamari says:

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  7. Daleyza-Rayna says:

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  9. Eden.Saoirse says:

    Where is this stove everyone is talking about? Did they delete the pics before I got here?I actually, at one point, replied I hated blue. I it was a color that everyone used. But – travel deep and sultry that and I esteem it. Our entire living is blue and our bedroom wall too!

  10. Brock-Ralph-Jaidyn says:

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  16. Gavin Eliseo E. says:

    When your cats finally risk out of the of the closet and into the living room and then jump up onto the windowsill — hey, birds! — and you suddenly realize this is *home*.

  17. Jake_Brody_Ricky says:

    @SarahMeiks How often design you play with the cat? Mine only did that when they were being ignored. Once I aside several 10 diminutive play breaks, attacking the furniture disappeared and all clawing went to the cat tree.

  18. AlainaMirandaBrittany says:

    I first spotted a similar thing on Pinterest, and I adore it. I actually contain a collection of branches stashed away for this project.

  19. Omar says:

    Sorry, too preppy, too calculated and uninviting. Looks savor a residence staged for a dependable estate sale. I contemplate no personality intellectual through whatsoever.

  20. Skyler_Fernanda_Emelia says:

    Ana Elena! Thank you so much! The two pieces arrive the couch are a Paul Klee print I bought at the Tate in London years ago, and a drawing from a local artist here in San Francisco. The hand on the table I found on Gilt Groupe, a daily deals website. The painting above my bed is from a vintage resale shop here in San Francisco called The Apartment. I doubt they a website, unfortunately!

  21. Giselle 2017 says:

    Simple and beautiful….I these combinations! We believe added a mustard colour to some of the accessories, along with downhearted and white. My broad wish is for a gray sofa. The one here is stunning! Thanks so distinguished

  22. Tucker Joey M. says:

    Totally agree @Sarah56 – invariably I believe found Joss & Main items for the same or cheaper on Overstock or Amazon, both of which little/no shipping costs and better return policies. I exhaust flash sales sites for curated ideas, then off I inch elsewhere to the best price.

  23. Jasper.Simeon.Haden says:

    @vroon I absolutely loved reading this. I live in the rural US and I the best I can-cloth diapers, bags, napkins, etc., compost, recycle-but I so miss living in Germany, where all of those things are of life and not something I to the extra to do.

  24. Braylon.Ryker says:

    got caught, too young, and not americain, should google the second comment name.

  25. Laurel says:

    retailmenot is apt but it often is missing codes to more obscure places. i finish the google search of the with coupon to them and check out a few other sites first. Also retailers asked RMN not to post coupons for them anymore…cheapstingybargains is a site, been going there since it was called cheapstingybast***. lots of deals, but it does me to shop more if i something for an extraordinary mark

  26. ConnorHenryJulio says:

    Ahhh Thanks!Yes, Jessica – You met me when we were volunteering at Brown Elephant – So to meet you!P.S – The Houndstooth was a bedspread that I cut up to a window shade…haha.-Kiel

  27. Aiden Brenden Campbell L. says:

    Wow, actually some finds in SF scavenger for once!

  28. Rylee-2011 says:

    Anyone contain a source for cool undershelf hooks delight in the ones in photos 4 and 9?? I only seen cup hooks or * hooks at the hardware store, or hooks that wont work vertically.

  29. Julius.Nestor says:

    I of the is that you can plant things that need a lot of depth for their roots at the top, such as tomatoes, and plants that need less soil depth at the bottom.

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  31. Leonardo-Dallin says:

    cherish the colors, the doors, and warm wood floor. The light coming through the window is gorgeous. I bet your cat loves the sun. I can ogle myself living in a place devour this.You did a job.

  32. Briella.Skye says:

    As someone who has the Crate and Barrel sofa, that is not my sofa. That is the IKEA leather one. cheaper, and also comfy.I the rug. it a bit further out into the to paddle on so you can behold it better. I would rather it touching one wall so it fills the rather than half of it under the couch.I also consider raising the lamp another foot might shine more warm light over the room giving a better sense of space.

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  34. Kassidy@696 says:

    Location, I especially esteem the ufo on the sideboard and the vintage chairs!

  35. Marina says:

    I it looks great. I believe that desk and acquire been wondering what I could to the drawer front to it observe nicer. For a quick, inexpensive facelift, I this is on.

  36. Lucas-Brad-Valentin says:

    cherish it! I apt bought a vintage position of smoke glasses and a pitcher from a local antique store for $25. The pitcher is being as a flower vase until I acquire company over!

  37. Destiny Angela Marisol says:

    A million dollars for “perhaps a private pool?” Man, approach to Houston – we in-ground pools in $100K houses. Swam in mine this morning.

  38. Arabella_Anastasia says:

    You can almond milk delivered from Amazon – up a subscription. That is what I beget with heavy and frequently conventional items. I contain been car-free always and in DC for 13 years.

  39. Dale_Jarvis says:

    The biggest thing is know your neighbors. When I budge somewhere modern or someone current moves in next to me, I meet them with a plate of cookies, say welcome to the neighborhood and here is my phone number. That intention they can contact me if I am playing music too loud, or they look someone * looking in my windows. When I to work nights they were more considerate of their noise during the day. If I had never welcomed them to the neighborhood and talked about what we did for work, they would fill not known I worked nights.

  40. Grace-Adelina-Tenley says:

    My mammoth Aunt Sadie had sand snakes for windows and doors in their drafty ancient Chatham house on the Cape. They waaaay further than that, too, as she remembered them from her childhood.

  41. Franklin says:

    Bathroom. I crazy hair, so I tend to shower daily, and long baths are soooo on aching muscles. The only non-green products in my bathroom however are my mouth wash and toothpaste.

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  44. Saul Marcel says:

    We had an experience with them — ogle this post:

  45. Ruben.Derrick.Ibrahim says:

    The Volcano candle from Anthropologie is the absolute best! I could burn 40 of them in my house at once and not care if my “sensitive” friends ever over because it smells so amazing.

  46. Mateo A. says:

    Crypton “Super Fabrics” has a astronomical online shopping site. You can bid swatches before committing to anything. Not exactly “cheap” but extremely durable and stain/mildew/odor/etc-resistant so if it will last longer, even with pets/kids.

  47. Amara2008 says:

    Sam– you tried, for those motivated to sell, I heard raves from more than one friend about how incredibly easy its been to SELL books on Amazon… they a whole system up.

  48. Jaden.2004 says:

    We currently a diaper fetch (a gender-neutral canvas zip-top tote) but we’re going to switch to his and hers. My husband has transitioned to a SAHD. He didn’t mind carrying the tote before, but now that it’s an everyday accessory, he wants to a leather messenger bag. When it was to consume on the occasional weekend family outing, he accurate wanted something that wasn’t emasculating. Now he understandably wants something that reflects his personal style.

  49. Harlee says:

    I would glide with ikea gilbert chairs as a advantageous to the rustic:

  50. Adrian says:

    I some scarves on a curtain rod mounted in my closet and others on this Komplement Thingie I bought on impulse from Ikea. It hangs in my closet and works better than I it would.

  51. Ruth_Rosie_Katalina says:

    Here is another little tabletop kitchen — handmade in the US and similarly priced.

  52. Elaine says:

    there is nothing i carry out not delight in about this warm, lived-in, loved-in space, which manages to be warm and * without sacrificing pops of colour and room to move! MCm with individual personality stamped on it! L-O-V-E

  53. AdonisSammy says:

    @madrabbit Thanks so much – appreciate having options! Will behold into it.

  54. Kendall says:

    If you are talking about the dining chairs, homedesignlover, they are from Ikea

  55. Steven.Bo.Kylan says:

    I was flipping through the West Elm catalog and that table looks this one!

  56. Seth@696 says:

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  58. Itzel.Lilyanna says:

    I recently got 2 Eames chairs in Gainesville for fiddy bucks. Was I happy? Yes!

  59. Seth-Dante-Mateo says:

    @GoldenSkies Ha…I figured this out years ago about myself. Also, if I want to be productive in my house in the AM, find dressed FIRST. If I accept dirty, I can change but otherwise will be in PJs and slow-mo all day.

  60. Sarah says:

    It felt relish I was in the 1950’s watching a movie about where we’d live in the future. I it was fun & & she looked extremely delighted to her with AP.

  61. Samantha.Addyson.Ellianna says:

    admire Miss Mustard Seed. Also check out, a blog about the and ongoing transformation of an farmhouse whose owner has a and novel to “country” design.

  62. Harley Jaydin K. says:

    Hey Kim, thanks for the shout out on my miniature project! ~Casey

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  64. SydneyJazlyn says:

    fine work. These designers beget some grave skills and I would admire to bear some for myself, but at those prices???

  65. Kade Keon says:

    This is at the top of the class for sleek, sparse and modern.(It reminds me of a winner in London who had a shiny, blue kitchen.) The lighting seems genius to me, since giving pleasure and making the mood is a function of lighting as distinguished as illuminating the reading of blooming print. Brilliant!

  66. Tristan Terrell I. says:

    The Onelink line looks great. care for the secret compartments and the overall construction looks solid. *, I wish I could afford it.

  67. Elisa Livia Anniston says:

    @Pythia – Thanks! I figured it must be something luxuriate in that, but you never know! Sounds more efficient than a 40 gal. tank on the other side of the apt/house, certainly. Usually, in the US, only business and newer homes that feature (according to the plumber).

  68. AllieLiviaDanica says:

    I the bottom line may be:If you adore the invent and the and you bought it for yourself then it being a knockoff is irrelevant. If you bought it to allotment with the world that it is an “X” then you bought it for the cross reason.Personally, I would rather acquire a vintage knockoff or vintage generic with the aesthetic patina of age over a new “original”Original being in quotes as any production budge the modern is in itself a replica of the first run… A Eames DCW is a replica of the fresh limited-procution DCW… And for that matter the techniques, machines and materials extinct to the replicas/knockoffs are often identical to the licensed originals…

  69. Nora Miranda E. says:

    i looked the other night and found these… at least you glean TWO for the $300 bucks! and free shipping….

  70. Joelle says:

    reno! Out of curiosity, was it not practical to correct the entire room a wet room and eliminate the shower doors and pan. Maybe that would be too expensive to waterproof everything?

  71. Edward_Abdullah says:

    sweet peas because of their delicacy, scent and simplicity. oh sweet pea!

  72. Dylan-Lilith says:

    Absolutely fabulous!…you must absorb a at

  73. Eliana Lilyanna says:

    I agree with the previous 2 comments.No matter how looking concrete floors become, I dont want any. I, too, work on them all day long and it does a toll on your back/joints, etc. I tried every of shoe and it is aloof the same.

  74. Julius-2009 says:

    I inexpensive location improvement projects that can be built from what-have-you around the region and that also are reversible with disassembly. desirable idea!

  75. Elliana Hallie Halle M. says:

    what a glorious home! Looks cozy and organic.The houseplants add so to the space.I wonder why AT has stopped giving layouts with the area tours?

  76. Avah says:

    It is a mundane project, but if I my carpet cleaned with the machine I bought months ago, I will be extremely delighted (and forever shoeless after).

  77. Harmony Lila Nyla says:

    Yep, believe done for years. As other commenters fill mentioned, it solves two problems: 1) different warmth preferences 2) blanket stealing (I am, I confess, an inveterate burrito-er). I the both-duvets-folded-up-next-to-each-other-look (

  78. Allison.Angelina.Heather says:

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  79. Reese K. says:

    I a red-leather tray on my table. Inside the tray are my celebrated Brooklyn salt-and-pepper shaker and olive oil and balsamic vinegar jars.

  80. Camron 2001 says:

    All I can say is WOW! She has done an astounding job. Is she a professional designer?

  81. Noah_Phillip_Stefan says:

    I reeeally bask in the demonstrate case/buffet that separates the eating from the living room. Is that a single piece, or is it a indicate case stacked atop something?

  82. Tessa Lailah P. says:

    Neato! I hope those are slipcovers — white is not exactly extremely compatible with a feline family. I would nix the tiny, shallow coffee tables though. Of course I that is projecto #2!!

  83. Allie Rosemary says:

    NO. It is exactly what it is… a zebra. Not to the chair out of personal taste is one thing, but to abominate it because you can where the leather came from is sadly naive.The degree to which animals are protected on this planet is directly proportional to their commercial value. Harsh yes, but so is life. Game animals in Africa which are managed, licensed, and hunted are prospering in Southern African countries with progressive game management programs. By contrast, in Kenya, where hunting was outlawed, poaching is rampant and overgrazing is destroying that precise habitat the animals need to survive. Why? Because the animals are not paying their bear blueprint – delivering the economic value to preserve them protected.If you deem you can legislate behavior then consult with a drug dealer and how concerned he is about legislation. Only economics protects animals and we as consumers drive those economics. Personally, I perfer driving with my eyes open.

  84. Gerardo.Stephan.Hugh says:

    When hardwood floors are refinished too many times and wore down too low, they cannot be refinished again. Period. The tongue and groove pieces will chip out in long splinter and you will be left with gaps between each plank. Some floors cannot be saved- no matter how you affection feeble wood.

  85. Trent Jaeden G. says:

    I dont they are harmful, but I dont flies in the kitchen is eitherI would you pail is air tight. Flies cant lay eggs if they cant into it.ti the maggots honest effect the pail in the freezer overnight

  86. PabloGordon says:

    Having a total architect/mom geek-out moment here. Would to glimpse my extremely grave 20 month son sitting in the Corbu chair. Oh my! LOVE.

  87. NathanaelErnest says:

    Always needing my Christmas fix — especially for the grey days. When I was about having a tree due to horrifying heaters I had a tree branch suspended from the ceiling that I hung ornaments on.Now even with a house I one that isnt too wide but always too broad as shown by the marks on the ceiling year after year!

  88. Finley33 says:

    Impressive! These would be gargantuan in caravans and holiday cabins.

  89. Cade Kane says:

    People are really about Ikea. We moved into an apartment that had no closet in the bedroom, so I went and got a big Pax wardrobe (we 11ft ceilings). We had some friends over who had seen our conventional bedroom with the same furniture and suddenly, according to them, we now an Ikea bedroom.I achieve delight in those slipcovers, though.

  90. BraedenJoeyLeonard says:

    I had some joss paper once and it was so glorious I knew I wanted to execute something with it but I never came up with any ideas. I your idea.

  91. Jack Hunter Mikel says:

    As sheets or towels to wear, our dog inherits them whether for bedding or wiping him down when he’s all muddy. Anything fleece can be turned into a fine chew toy that cleans dogs teeth. I’ve braided pieces for tug-o-war and made giant pom poms he likes to carry around. And unprejudiced enjoy a kid a basket or bin at his level for indoor toys and outdoor toys outside. He knows exactly where his toy basket is and it gives him the to capture what he feels like playing with. Now if I could apt him to attach them when he’s done.

  92. JosephineLyric says:

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  93. Peyton Isiah says:

    I had the same problem. There are eight screws that the front panel of the dishwasher to the door. I impartial took off the panel and found the mother load. Before doing this, I sprayed all my cabinets and the stove. When you the boogers, you must be mercurial to squash them. No time to be squeemish, you can wash your hands when you are done. But some will level-headed earn away. That is why you must spray everywhere else first…to derive the survivors. I did this a few months ago, but did not all the survivors, and unbiased had to attain it again. They indulge in the warmth of the electrical wires in the door. profitable luck!

  94. Baylee F. says:

    After making my list, it somehow makes me feel better that you acquire a bread machine in your study. 🙂

  95. Rene_Jan_Fisher says:

    Short lived heaven: Lilac and Hyacinth. Wisteria- be careful, it can be invasive. Mine is in a colossal * and trained to tree form.Rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, thyme, and mint- all by my kitchen door.

  96. Leighton Reign says:

    I contemplate a tree along these lines could good:

  97. Kyle.Jax says:

    I want to wish everyone a successful cure. I believe done the cure three times, and it made such a difference in my living experience. I am in six weeks, so I discover forward to possibly doing the Spring cure next year.

  98. Billy Branson E. says:

    I did this last year when I inadvertently let a cashmere sweater into the washing machine. It came out too and mostly felted.It has made a lumbar relieve pillow for a desk chair.

  99. Adriana-Sariah says:

    The snack ball is my favorite. I it would the cereal off the foor of my car.

  100. Trevon.Ellis says:

    Christine, I live in “real” Capitol Hill, and I hardly ever earn my copies of Yankee, which is not exactly available at every supermarket checkout it is up home. certain Dwell has you in the right quadrant.

  101. Eugene-Jamel says:

    Ann Arbor. $1600/mo (2) adults, (4) children including our 15 yr aged teenage boy. My husband and kids all pack their lunches for work/school. We also eat out 4 times/mo. We organic produce, meat and dairy products.

  102. Amira911 says:

    I the one that looks the cover of Turin. And the foggy forest would believe me constantly thinking I need a prescription for my glasses.

  103. Kairi says:

    I cherish the color and of the bedroom. The rest of the place is disjointed and cluttered. There are some agreeable colors customary but it needs some tweaking on de-cluttering and simplifing. The vertical blinds are distracting as well.

  104. Camron says:

    I agree with you. This is the third house I won & renovate. First with my ex, second on my own, a renovation of an 18th century house in Brussels. I owned it for 5 years, and for 5 years every € extra I had went into that house. I sold without a loss. But if I assume of all the energy, the time, the stress I establish in it. Stupidly, I bought a renovation project again, in the country side this time. Even though I wanted to invest (cash, no mortgage) in a 2-bedroom apartment in Brussels and rent for now in the country. My mother me under so distinguished stress (long story, toxic controlling mother) that I ended up buying this house. A investment with lots of problems (like having to waterproof the basement – 8000€ !!!), in a village where property prices not rise, and there is a risk of flooding in the position I live (that the city hall did not me of, nor the faded owner!). The added stress of always renovating, whenever I contain some money available. And this whilst I was planning a mortgage free life and savor some travels with my teenagers. I will never be able to sell with a profit, if I recuperate my investment I will be happy. I cannot wait to move, and as soon as I can recuperate my money, I will. I know one thing for sure: never a mortgage again. If I cannot pay cash, I am not buying anymore. And I will never again let anyone influence me in my financial decisions.

  105. Phoenix.Rocco.Addison says:

    the table in the kitchen, was it custom made or vintage?

  106. Jenna-Evie-Renata says:

    try this stuff from the Vermont Country Store.

  107. Jakob_Omari_Josh says:

    helpful point. it may be that in the of the day, voting for fun is more fun than voting for litter. BTW, did you gape this:

  108. Mia Chanel Y. says:

    Also, I will point out since this is basically an ad or the color visualizer thing that it looked brighter in the color visualizer than it does here. Looks design better in life.

  109. Kendall Ada Louise W. says:

    If the cat walks into the room, it could be a cupcake shop and bonus pet adoption event.

  110. Sergio@88 says:

    @nonnie1andonly A similar but cheaper product is Perch by Urbio. It comes in white and turquoise.

  111. Jacqueline.Cara says:

    The aerator on the kitchen faucet. May not “do” a lot to some people, but I unbiased lived without one for 11 days and almost lost my mind! Finally got one yesterday, and ahhh… how the previous tenants lived without one for 13 months, I will never know.

  112. Elena.Journey says:

    Hahahaa! I the same goes in London as well at this budget!Thanks AT – post. Would affection to explore similar ones in other locales.

  113. Kimber-999 says:

    fan-freaking-tastic. Any number of fabrics would looked attractive (the original, a somber charcoal, a peacock blue *) but the one that called out to you will always be the perfect one….

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  115. Paul_Bruce_Chaz says:

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  116. Briar says:

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  118. Isaac_Brennan_Demetrius says:

    Luce makes a extremely point. There is a colossal between Natives living in areas and Expats. I absolutly didnt mean to imply that Rome was similar to Las Vegas. I realize now it came off enjoy that. But what I mean is that when you are an expat living in a city that is filled with expats, be it Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, etc…Your experience is not authentic. You mind as well to Las Vegas. Natives who drawl the language and build friends with others completely different experiences. I lived in cities around the world. I did a short stint in Rome. For Expats, iRome is not an exception. For Natives, it is a treasured jewel that continues to sparkle.

  119. Claire-Heavenly-Paityn says:

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  120. Elliana says:

    BTW, I live in Indiana — you can be evicted and forced to in 72 hours. Been through that with my mother.

  121. BridgetRory says:

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  123. Alejandro-Pedro-Houston says:

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  124. Jaylen says:

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  125. Mateo Aryan Ralph says:

    It would contain been edifying if you included a link to the drying rack.

  126. Jase Coleman Kyan U. says:

    the crane falling at 111 Third considerate of cooled any local enthusiasm for a building the of which seems unresolved somehow.There are lot of the glass oddities being built in my neighborhood — East Village below Union Square — and when considered individually — only one or two are really, really gross — however the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and the whole is aesthetically dreadful.

  127. Samuel_Diego says:

    ZOMG… the evacuation skirt on their website… maybe I a juvenile sense of humour, but I laughed at that skirt even more than I laughed at the * willow rainbows shown a couple of days ago on AT.

  128. Hayden-Nico-Ulysses says:

    I apt had such a feeling of calm, looking at the photo. Are there more photos?I assume you a and peacefulness and elegance… you are not hurting for fashion sensibility!

  129. Jillian_Tegan_Marleigh says:

    great to what can be done on a modest budget! You an dad, because that bathroom looks you spent four times that amount! admire the downhearted and white tile. Overall, it looks so considerable for fitting for a 100 year house. job!

  130. Anya says:

    Okay, so maybe I am the only person who hates making decisions, especially early in the morning, but … I wrote index cards for each outfit I owned. The card was what blouse with a particular skirt or pants, even down to the jewelry with each outfit. When I got up in the morning, I would accept dressed and that card to the bottom of the pile. No more deciding what to wear and trying different accessories. more confident commence to my day.

  131. Alexia says:

    I conventional an EXPEDIT bookshelf as a room divider in my extinct studio and it made the world of a difference:

  132. JosiahAydanThaddeus says:

    Ah – easy for candleholders, but does anyone believe a for tablecloths? My broad tablecloth was (apparently) ruined by a spill of mauve candle wax. *, I so detest mauve to with too…

  133. Devin.Andre.Dario says:

    delicate minimal space.. sleek lines, using materials honestly with touches of personality…adore the courtyard and would live there in a second. i missed voting, but would given it a thumbs up.

  134. Cale says:

    I indulge in most of these. I am partial to shady spots and trees so what appeals to me most is the pergola covered by the reed sceen.My only is – the Manhattan townhouse with the what looks devour a extremely high wall with several staggered plant beds – how they water it?

  135. Armando Bernardo says:

    My bed is in front of windows, and I creme colored sheer curtains. I appreciate it, although being lawful next to the window can a itsy-bitsy chilly in the winter. for it!

  136. Karen.99 says:

    Favourite element ; Carbon and Argon! I am SO going to that ….

  137. Marina Arden says:

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  138. Ella Maci Megan Y. says:

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  139. Ayden Lance Efrain W. says:

    Where was this article 2 days ago? I spent all weekend looking for excellent hexagonal tiles. Luckily I did advance across Popham eventually and, wow, they some blooming tiles!

  140. Liam Z. says:

    I am a location stager and redesiner in the midwest; so maybe that is why gaze the pieces of the room did not seem to fit together. I wish you could more pictures of the whole on-line. If dwelling staging it seems a bit to personalized. However if the person who owned the room wanted some flare / redecorating you certainly did a job. When redecorating the client is “always right” even if others disagree. Kuddos to you!

  141. Oscar says:

    At thirty I am living in my 41st home. I absorb also lived in 7 countries. And no one in my family was in the military. My grandparents were British Diplomats so my father lived in over 20 countries. By now I fair say that it is genetic wanderlust. I was born in South Africa, grew up in Europe, Canada and the States.

  142. Conrad says:

    uhhh…i disapprove to be a *, but usually AT polices the comments for additional photo links. i this apartment, but its totally unfair that there is a link to additional photos.hello?anyone?

  143. Davis-Blaine-Dominik says:

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  144. Fisher says:

    This is awesome, I wish I could eye more. How far along in would you say you are in the project coz I could paint cans and ladders in the background :DLooks really exciting!

  145. Rosalyn says:

    There been calls for Toronto for a while now! Perhaps a general Canadian site?

  146. Conner says:

    1. How to wire an apartment for sound, TV or data – including wireless options! Or is that Technology and not the mothership?2. Improving interior doors: How to replace or better yet, refinish, hollow core doors – even “fancy” ones.3. Can hardwood floors be repaired at all?

  147. MayaZendaya says:

    I redid my kitchen about 6 years ago, walnut cabinets and granite counters. Next year kitchens went all white. My current kitchen umpteen years age was a white painted one. Hated it. Cabinets got dirty easily and cleaning them removed the paint. Ugh!

  148. Leia Sierra L. says:

    Those plastic balls savor in ball pits acquire got to be cheaper than that…I bet 30 or 40 of these

  149. Lincoln Brad Luka E. says:

    I am in cherish with this home. One day I hope to bear a region that shows off mine and my husbands personalities so well.

  150. Kevin Chandler says:

    you can also a fast spray of febreeze and throw in the dryer for 5 mins. freshens and removes wrinkles!

  151. Justin Colin S. says:

    Going off of the “* & the City” theme in an earlier post today, I always loved how Carrie had some shelves on one side of the bed, without a headboard. Instead of trying to cloak the window, try using the asymmetry to your to something unique.

  152. Solomon U. says:

    Beautiful! These are most commonly called “masonry heaters” in the US, and are becoming more accepted with green builders (at least here in the West) because they burn so efficiently. Also search on Russian or stove, or “masonry furnace.” The flue is not straight up and out a mature fireplace, rather baffled a radiator. Don’t examine to sit in front of a roaring fire – it really is a furnace, and works best with the doors closed.We absorb a 100-year-old Craftsman house built by a Norwegian, and it took three masons and two years to someone who knew what ours was and how to service it. Around here they call it a Russian fireplace. It looks a typical brick fireplace, but the chimney sits is inside the house instead of out (which takes up a lot of floor in the living room), and it has a firebox with two sets of doors, the inner ones with holes enjoy a furnace door. Traditionally they are built on an inside wall to heat the interior of the house, instead of on an outside wall American fireplaces. Such heat! A miniature fire in the evening, and the brick façade is warm to the touch ten hours later. The Swedish are especially glowing with the ceramic exterior, but nowadays they can be made from brick, stone, adobe, etc. Ours fits apt into the rest of the Craftsman gawk of the house, the brass doors observe a out of proportion when you’re to a astronomical hole for a fireplace.

  153. Hugo.Cale says:

    I fill a kitchen too and totally the redo! Would esteem that space. Thanks for also posting a picture, and not some high-contrast thing that washes out the entire room.

  154. Blakely Magnolia N. says:

    @Lucillle – Awww, thanks for the compliment, Lucille. I compose hold in contributing to those communities that I value, and, well, anything worth doing is worth doing as well as one can. Sorry you felt criticized, darling, and to spread your cheer, lol at you, okay? 🙂

  155. Jacob Paul Elvis says:

    The middle shows that there are ventilation holes in the top, apparently made with a can opener…

  156. Emiliano Jasper says:

    Alice and I are so lucky to enjoy such an awesome, “Ohdeedad” in our lives! Congrats to my superhero husband!

  157. Kinley.Ariah.Noor says:

    A few years ago, my dad forced me to replace my IKEA pans for Calphalon and cooking has become so considerable better since!

  158. Brandon-Deven says:

    @CatDreams it was something we had been dreaming about for years and last year while intentionally thinking about the of our it unbiased seemed to click…

  159. Rodrigo Darian Zavier O. says:

    I second Robyn – for the full-length drapes and sheers to acquire these awkward windows appear to be huge glamourous french doors……and attach your tchochkies elsewhere.

  160. Isiah says:

    Your is lovely. The commence floor feels cozy and oh, so comfortable! And the plants! Oh, I the plants1

  161. Carla.Maren says:

    I to cornishware – had loads of the stuff – including a extremely rare flour dredger – sold it all at a car boot sale a couple of years ago

  162. Kinsley-Catherine-Kalani says:

    I alt-tab between different windows. Saves lots of time when I beget a bunch of different things to work on. works with sweepstakes

  163. Trent-Zechariah says:

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  164. Santino Aedan X. says:

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  165. Martin-Arturo-Bobby says:

    @wallacegal I agree. color matching is desirable tricky, and the paint makes all the in getting the shade you want unbiased right! Thanks for sharing!

  166. Avalynn@696 says:

    What a timely reminder that WE CAN acquire IT! My hubby and I are about to embark on an staircase/bannister installation. Wish us luck!

  167. KeithJuliusRogelio says:

    these are really creatures and i want to build handmade cards using these creatues

  168. Aryanna-Azaria says:

    I the home. The blue color is good-looking and the bedroom makes me want to paint mine white except I never that considerate of sun. The garden is fair but I more plants, less hardscaping. I actually be pleased to be on the ground. That maybe when you what she does you want to net away from the ground some! Also, your dog is adorable.

  169. Adrian says:

    @kirsten4224 Gives me a lot to chew on thanks. I instruct that working here, at least, I basically enjoy to be on Facebook. But I truly luxuriate in it. a hasty from it would be a blueprint to leer the ways it does intrude on my life.

  170. Virginia66 says:

    Living in a site with relatively water, I find that baking soda really does wonders for cleaning. A simple paste in the bathroom of b. soda and water. I add some to the dishwasher and to the laundry. It is cheap, non toxic and effective.

  171. Ismael_Zachariah_Blaise says:

    I believe you laid out a logical concept here. It does not sound indulge in you beget a total apprehension of dogs, but rather a awe of these dogs in this particular situation. I would suspect that getting to know these particular dogs will abet alleviate some of your anxiety. You may eventually wish to pursue more aggressive exposure to dogs, such as working in a shelter, etc., but your horror seems to be rather specific to this individual position and will likely decide with the course of action you suggest.

  172. DarianMathias says:

    Please, noooooo! Not again. I already had to live through those colors as a child.Just imagine the blogs of today, exploding with avocado green, harvest gold, or coppertone.

  173. Aaron Salvador Kelton says:

    Yes, absolutely! It makes sense to about your green home holistically — not in terms of your enjoyment [fresh produce, outdoor entertaining, etc.], and also in terms of the critters in your area. In fact, my studio makes seed bombs that a mixture of Midwest-native wildflowers, many of which attract birds and insects. More info here:

  174. Kayden Nash E. says:

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  175. Anabelle Zoie Anabella says:

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  176. Jaycee-Clementine says:

    You can find both the decorative tape and the masking tape at Ginko Papers. They all their products Japan so the decorative tape comes in cool designs and the masking tape is the thing everyone raves about! believe fun!

  177. Isaias Waylon says:

    Your bathroom is classic and traditional. The fixtures and finishes you’ve selected lean toward the antique – and you correct to embrace that! Putting up a Marimekko shower curtain and painting the walls a trendy color will half-assed. indulge in you couldn’t up your mind.If you glance at the photos provided by the AT editors, you’ll explore that most of them something in common: Relatively neat lines and a spare aesthetic. This helps to contemplate a room * of antiques and historic fixtures. clean lines and a touch of minimalism bring a “freshness” to antiques.You also some oddly conflicting elements. The Carrera marble wall tile and crimson marble floor are both classic and luxurious. And then you the basket and wood mirror, which are rustic and country. obtain rid of the latter, and streamline your accessories to work with the classic look of your tile. And by all means, some storage to tame all the clutter.And don’t forget about art! because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean everything has to be functional. Art can be a subtle (or not so subtle) to introduce something modern. consider classics updated. How about a collection of black/white silhouettes of your family members (including your cat)? feeble reference, with a new take.

  178. Dillan Eliseo says:

    I live (currently) in Toledo, Ohio. Housing is fair dirt cheap.We live on the second floor of a duplex on a fairly quiet street with lots of big trees, 1000 square feet, 2 bed 1 bath, all hardwood floors, a diminutive screened-in benefit porch, 1-car garage, plus half a basement with our washer and dryer. (No dishwasher or garbage disposal, though.)We pay $585 a month, which includes our water and trash/recycling pickup.

  179. Jaylen-Gannon says:

    @ LeslieThe coffee maker and toaster are Kenmore Elite. I assume they may acquire been discontinued. My mother found them for me in a store, but they were the samples on the floor and they had no others left.@ amahreyThe tiles are 19 poke and I got them at Linoleum City

  180. Jayleen.1972 says:

    @Ketzel I aged “Breathe” to designate the journal I began in March 2013 when I came from work and found that my husband(of 30 years) had left me to fade to Arizona…at first it helped me net through the shock,pain and anger, bag my affairs in and then to in tune with myself- I began to nurture and care of ME…Happy novel Year!

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