Really Smart Comfort Designs Multifunction Folding Chaise Lounge

Folding chaise lounge now come with some multi functional ideas to make your rooms more modern and creative of course. Having a chaise in a unique home plus have multi functional uses constitute level satisfaction. How come? In addition to having a unique impression of furniture also has a function that various aliases doubles. So they can save space in your home, and make the impression of the house because it is not filled with furniture. Actually has a multi functional furniture in addition to lifestyle also serves to place efficiency.

unique folding chaise lounge cool design

unique folding chaise lounge cool design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss  and share about how really smart comfort designs multifunction folding chaise lounge. Classic concept which takes place as well as inefficient cost of switching to a minimalist concept. Minimalist concept put forward practical elements as well as simple and efficient in use of space. So, unique and multifunctional furniture design that can address the challenges the concept of minimalism. Here are some unique chaise design inspiration that are multifunctional: Design chaise multifunctional be a guest in the recliner and folding chaise lounge. Inspiration unique and multifunctional chaise lounge where you can choose the products furniture guest chair. Chaise for guests can be applied to various multifunctional them, concurrently with a chaise lounge bed. Chaise seat functioned well as a mini bar. Chaise Guests can also inbred to function for lounge chairs, regular folding chairs, recliners. Chaise sofa folding utilized empty space for archival storage or storage area your book collection.

best folding chaise lounge sunny yellow

best folding chaise lounge sunny yellow

cute folding chaise lounge orange

cute folding chaise lounge orange

The next inspiration for the design of multifunctional furniture that utilizes a cavity or empty space of your sofa chair as a storage area. As for the goods in the store could be books, archives necessary or possible in the multifunctional use for storage of clothing. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really smart comfort designs multifunction folding chaise lounge.

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  1. Angel-99 says:

    adore your – thank you for sharing. It is earthy, of light and minimalist without feeling sterile. I also admire how you objects that acquire meaning to you – not art objects (prints, photos, sculpture) but also clothing (the blue boots, the beaded necklace) and personal items.

  2. Grace Kiera Z. says:

    We recently made our company logo in Lego and wrote up a tutorial. Was a lot of fun getting paid to play with Lego!We do a tutorial online if anyone wants to accomplish their acquire Lego Logo!

  3. Abram_Karl says:

    @ABG in VA to hear – I did a lot of research before deciding on Giani and I found rave reviews from about every user.

  4. AllisonSuttonJaylynn says:

    Lots of possibilities.You could enjoy it function asa gallery space. Art on both sides.Or bookcases on the side with the pipe, covering the whole wall.You could fit a desk in there as well.

  5. Macie Jaelynn says:

    For me it was definitely too hotel looking, but in another I like that it felt a extinct space.I the dining room table and chairs were generous and looked useable even though you mentioned how dinky it was.i am really sorry but i am not a fan of the drapes, they apt a bit too…impersonal? Maybe too formal for every day life?But job otherwise!

  6. Peyton Moriah P. says:

    Target has something similar and cheaper than RH:

  7. Kendall.Sawyer.Madalyn says:

    @Anna_K. for you, or anyone else who might just want to with a “kit” of sorts, i favorited this etsy shop awhile befriend –

  8. Gabriella_Aliyah_Rebekah says:

    is anybody else really bothered by sofas that a middle leg? impartial me?

  9. EllieAmelieMonserrat says:

    in college, i lived with 6 professional drinkers, so the * fridge was an absolute necessity!

  10. Cecilia Lola Tori says:

    Definitely agree with arrangement to Eat being a money and time saver! So grand easier to what you actually need at the store versus what you want!

  11. Charlie_Luca_Kasey says:

    This book proved to be invaluable for us with our twin baby girls.Pick up a copy–

  12. Skylar.Aleena.Annika says:

    Perfect timing for this post! My boyfriend and I succumbed to a 47″ LCD HD tv at Costco this weekend…for our exiguous one-bedroom. Surprisingly though, it fits perfectly. Any bigger, and we would believe issues, but this one works…

  13. Cameron_Maurice_Garret says:

    We got a rug from Peru as a wedding gift last summer, and my smallish project is to hang it on the wall. Today I finally absorb the materials I need to it done: velcro and a of wood trim, and I can gather started!

  14. Chaim says:

    There are some magazines out there. But I assume the canadian produced Azure is tops. helpful size, forward-thinking. for designers for residential and industrial.

  15. Phillip Rocky says:

    these remote phone apps are really only useful for single people. As someone who has tried this I hastily realized that as soon as the phone is in my pocket my wife must revert advantage to using an air mouse and keyboard to control the HTPC

  16. Wesley Cale Howard Q. says:

    I want to recover a cylindrical all-foam footstool that currently has a green cover. We only our sock or bare feet on it and I really bask in the tangerine colorway of Aviary would be HOT in my family room. you guys believe these fabrics would be sturdy enough?

  17. Marie Anniston W. says:

    From the previous thread:[Question: What is the best answer to acquire in dwelling gaps left by a window installed air conditioner ? I would rather leave the critters of nature to the outdoors instead of visiting inside.]I seem to answered my with the temporary acknowledge of duct tape. downhearted duct tape around all four sides of the unit trimmed flush with a utility knife has also guarded against drafts. Appearance is somewhat lacking but not too bad in comparison to the fresh accordion extensions.

  18. Ella Aurelia Sariyah U. says:

    Even if the kids glued it together.. it would not up as a bench. A table, perhaps.. but why would you want a table made entirely out of plastic? attractive concept, but a strange.

  19. ElaineMontserratLyra says:

    I these creations. I want a few, but what I want is not available in the US. Well, now I to all the to Paris to them

  20. Romeo-ZZZ says:

    Did you know that a woman, Julia Morgan, was the architect behind the Neptune Pool? This is a gigantic article about her work:

  21. Riley says:

    Uch- my first post was there then disappeared… Emeryville- mine are all heads up 🙂

  22. Thomas K. says:

    Oh, and there is no subway under Queen Street in Toronto. Those are ventilation grates for the underground parking beneath Nathan Phillips Square.

  23. Garrett_Jay_Ulysses says:

    These are tips, I a giant leather sofa that I am panicked of damaging.Can I ask what considerate of dog that is? Adorable!!

  24. Julianna X. says:

    nice! I really like the simple flowers combined with the gingham. extremely picknicky feel to it all.

  25. Gabriel Camron A. says:

    We affection the Ingolf Junior chair. We 6 of them, one for each child (ages 2-6) and a couple extra for when friends come. My six year loves it, even though she has the option of using a normal chair.

  26. MelanieJoelleAadhya says:

    My grandma and grandad owned the identical adore seat in the 1970s-1980s! I always hated it but it works a lot better in your place. Agree with the comments about the warm/cozy vibe. For me though, the marijuana pack art does not work.

  27. Uriel_Leandro says:

    When I moved to this country – I gave away all my books, reference material, which was around 120 lbs. I donated to charity, threw away a lot of junk and I was left with 3 books which I helpfull.I moved around 10-12 times in the last 7 years. I believe to giving away stuff in announce to creep forward and It helps.

  28. DevonMarquisKenyon says:

    I what I see, but this has been billed as a kitchen makeover, and we only inspect the island. Is there a link to a blog, where we can more?

  29. Ximena.Kayla says:

    @HarpersGhost I agree, white reminds me of rentals with dirty walls and no character. Your colours sound fabulous! I now a and enjoy gone nuts with appealing and and dark and all fun stuff – I figure if you reallly admire a colour, you will affection it for years anyway.

  30. Madilyn_Kailee says:

    A Container Store bamboo filebox makes a wastepaper basket on the far side of his night stand. The furnishings beget a capital T shape. Its top bar fills the wall the passage and closet doors wall. Its perpendicular vertical bar represents the bed in the middle of the room, with commence dwelling on three sides. Everything can be reached and kept dapper easily. I recommend a storage bed for bedrooms.

  31. Raymond Tyree E. says:

    I bask in all the stuff. It adds a really personal flair. You can really a feel for who you are through the things you be pleased to collect, and this seems like a fun, colorful hangout!

  32. Calvin.Douglas.Jeffery says:

    I pour the leftover green tea from a * of tea and coffee grounds into my work plants. They are crazy happy.

  33. Misael-Santino-Reilly says:

    @MelissaH528–a/t may believe changed sizing for its categories. there is a teeny division.

  34. Kason Z. says:

    What a removing that unit alone has made! Looks a lot brighter and airier – the colour too! Well done!Shannon @

  35. JanelleAitanaBrenda says:

    meh. Could probably effect a observe similar to any of these using cork for a lot less. And a bit more sanitary.

  36. Craig Alijah Antoine says:

    I tend to agree with Aaron G to some degree- overpriced goods from developing countries is good-looking obscene, not to mention somewhat immoral. acquire you consider she gave her suppliers a price? I doubt it. Welcome to the post-colonial era of * and pillage.Furthermore, that of the owner freaked me out- she looks seriously anorexic!

  37. Kenneth_Jamison says:

    Not a fan of the cabinets, so if you replace them, the soffits and beget 42 uppers that lope to (or near) the ceiling. You reclaim a lot of storage in a little kitchen, and the is newer, too.

  38. Clarence999 says:

    I devour it. As long as you both sleep and wake on the same schedule. The overhead bit is total sharing. You can convert most any lamp with metal parts to a touch sensitive lamp. extremely useful in the middle of the night when something happens that you need to up for. devour a yowling cat, car atomize in the front yard, you net the idea.

  39. June.Kailyn says:

    I appreciate this so much. I also enjoy a bit of the “collector mentality”, and I it hard to integrate all the things I want to without getting into grandma territory. I believe this site is a example of how well it can be done, even in a itsy-bitsy space! There are few obviously elements, but somehow the microscopic updates contain a huge impact in making everything seem contemporary and fresh. Fitting a dining area, living (complete with 2 chairs and a couch!), and bedroom into one room is majorly impressive. My 1 bedroom apartment could a lesson from you. And the rug in the living region is gorgeous! Also a enormous fan of your art wall.

  40. Abraham-Darwin-Joan says:

    Makes perfect sense to me if you about the title of the category. This project is inexpensive, renter-friendly, easy to carry out, and indecent risk – if you mess up, you down the tape and no afflict done. Were there other projects that visually wowed me more? Sure. But many of them were either beyond my skill level or too time curious for me to even contemplate about trying to copy. So kudos to the winner for a witty & resourceful makeover – the self-toasting with vino in the last step of the instructions was well-earned.

  41. Kaylynn.Aubriella says:

    Visually arresting. Could you read a book in that living room area, though? Would the ceiling lights be enough? I imagine this is correct an region to receive guests in, and that reading of the Sunday new York Times must happen elsewhere.

  42. Gracelynn Maeve Elaine says:

    Seriously $180!!! When you could coast to a goods and acquire wood knobs for dollars and install with anchored screws costing you cramped over $10?If you want a similar look, but a more fraction of hardware for $100 less, try this bronze coat rack from Crate & Barrel:

  43. Adilynn says:

    i always had my sons at home. he is more comfortable in his environment and i feel indulge in (no matter how many people i cram in my house) people luxuriate in it more because they feel bask in more is into it.

  44. Hattie696 says:

    Never something I would with my beget space, but I absolutely affection it! I would esteem to sit around in it with friends drinking wine and telling stories all night. Its filled with PERSONALITY that is completely void from so many of these entries.

  45. Ava Eliza Addilynn X. says:

    We sell it too!

  46. Cali_Esmeralda_Roselyn says:

    I beg to differ on the CA seasons:Jacaranda seasonTourist seasonSanta Ana Wind seasonWinter/Rainy season

  47. Collin 1962 says:

    nice. Ditching the oak pulls is an instant updates. I appreciate the wallpaper. If a kitchen is solid why gut it impartial to change the appearance?

  48. Nickolas says:

    What a aesthetic transformation! I was extremely to the “after” for this project. I brought dwelling a leather armchair that needs to be reupholstered due to a rip on the arm. The fact that this was completed by a first-timer gives me hope that I, too, can turn my into something I can proudly in my home. job!

  49. Jamie says:

    My wife and i are the owners of this place. Maybe i should of given Kristen a miniature more detail about what was replaced and why.We did everything (counter tops, hardware, appliances, sink, and faucet) for around 4 grand, which i is a budget renovation. Everything was either on sale at cost because of a connection through a friend.The stove was donated even without a working broiler and so was the fridge. The cabinet doors where mdf covered with laminate that were pealing, stained, melting from the previous owner.The cabinet doors are solid maple covered with a vernier and painted white for the top. The bottom is stained a ebony allowing you to look the wood grain in the bottom cabinets which matches the darker allotment of our floors.the ikea hardware is miniature stainless steel pulls at the bottom of each can maybe some better pictures at my flickr site.

  50. Sara Makayla P. says:

    I to Eames in my home. This would be the direct in my living room. I need to accomplish an office area and this would be great!

  51. Adaline_Amiyah_Nathalia says:

    I definitely disagree with all the people that contemplate this apartment is too and neat. My apartment really is that clean, neat, minimalist and clutter free 5 days out of the week. (i let on the weekends).. and i enjoy blueprint more than most people.. i generous storage and i natty up after myself when i play with my toys.

  52. Malachi Greyson Davon Q. says:

    Aside from as dusters around the house, I leave a couple in the car glove box for cleaning the side gaze mirrors, esp in winter months when it gets really muddy.

  53. Kurt says:

    For place decorators looking to add fond memories of their accepted cityscape or landscape, is starting to feature a astronomical collection of framed photographs from several areas.

  54. Alayah says:

    yep, you regain it.You an for design.also, I *love* Main * cats! My aunt had one – he was really, really smart.

  55. Isaac Darion says:

    Those chandeliers are impartial crying out for a Catalog Living comment! But I covet the fake antlers that RH sells.

  56. Declan_Jameson says:

    Does anyone acquire the source for that oven/range combo in image #6? Or the House Tour this is from? I it!

  57. Milena Analia says:

    The “We Can finish It!” poster of Rosie the Riveter not only has tremendous graphic impact, but is inspirational — more than 60 years later. (P.S. I lived in Nashville and trolled Hatch all the time for posters of my accepted bands. me! me!)

  58. LillyCharleeHaylee says:

    @DioxViolet Wow. Your reply to me really must made you happy. smh

  59. Nikhil says:

    typewriters – yes! my husband gave me a vintage fire engine crimson typewriter for my birthday last year – displaying it proudly in the living room!

  60. Brayan says:

    I am not clear about the washi tape. It peels away after a bit and it looks on photo but not as life. Check this Ikea Frosta DIY, the bottom stool from top in this post on my blog, I adore it:

  61. Imani Aubriella Amya says:

    I installed a pantry, deep cleaned half the house, had a novel A/C system installed, bought allergen covers for the bedding, purged enjoy crazy, and emptied the outbox. I also made trays for 2 rooms which I will continue to work on. (Some of the items are costly.)

  62. Jenna_Meredith says:

    I am a hammock fan…some may call it the ultimate sleeping *…true. The bivvy ones with rain cruise and mosquito netting are great–much better than sleeping on the ground. Since I saw one of these tent-mocks on Pinterest, I been dying to try it–before I acquire it. I can imagine it is a BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP to out the door in the middle of the night…

  63. Baylee@88 says:

    Oh my * – I care for that you absorb a pillowcase and rope for your elderly cat. I hope you based on the room but also the cat fire escape.

  64. BrendanJordynCamryn says:

    I either * art projects (the last one: melting and * drying crayons onto canvas to a jackson pollack effect) or * around and peek law and deny svu.

  65. Abril_Briley says:

    A calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis.Top that!

  66. Alana_Lucia_Aubrielle says:

    I a ample afghan. I acquire a few that are depressing, however, and no one will them but me. One is about the size of a placemat because my great-grandma started it and then passed away, and another (ironically the most fine one) I found at a neighbors estate sale, only later to derive out the woman who died actually died with it on her bed with her under it! Eeeeep. I am the only one audacious enough to employ it, but now we lovingly refer to it as the “dead lady” blanket.

  67. Elliott says:

    Congratulations!!!! you both behold cute and so extremely and oh boy that dress was a knockout. I esteem that people seem to be doing this more and more. great weddings can be such a drain on money and energy when you really need both to your lives together. My husband and I eloped and later had a church wedding and the elopement was sooooo great better because it was about us and the moment and the wedding was about family drama and money which was a bummer.

  68. Sandra O. says:

    Dreamy. Add some filmy curtains bewitching in the sea flow coming through the windows and I might be able to force myself to there.

  69. BriarErica says:

    No time at all. I can sleep with the clock collected in my hand, after setting it. I acquire always slept easily and well. In fact, If I am tired, I can nap while sitting on my sofa. I a comfortable bed with a pillow-top, as well a layer of a featherbed topper. Uber comfy.

  70. Genesis.Liberty says:

    photoms – I actually laughed out loud when I saw that “little superstar” stage. Hilarious. I can even portray my face if that showed up at our house Christmas morning.

  71. Catalina-Kori says:

    Nice. Nan Lawson has been in my list of common shops on Etsy for quite some time :)As a full-time health policy nerd, I am in adore with the “You had me at HEALTH INSURANCE” piece. *–hysterical. Is that homemade or purchased?

  72. Arianna@ZZZ says:

    Absolutely! It would accurate be a glorified one of these!

  73. MadelineClementineSaoirse says:

    i believe this is fine. pretty. colors. great.but where is the stuff. this seems impossible. like, not “you are so clever living that, all organized and tidy”, but impossible WHERE IS YOUR TOOTHPASTE!?where are the electrical outlets? when you regain out of that snazzy tub, where is your towel? your soap?THERE IS NOTHING in the kitchen. NO PAPER TOWELS? no anything?!

  74. Angela_Gracelyn_Kimber says:

    Erin – I a bunch of these and beget been listing various sections on ebay over the last few months. This particular one from the Ralph Lauren Paint website is actually three different sections of the rollsign simply framed together. These three sections would not appeared in succession on the precise sign. If you are collected looking, feel free to email me at

  75. Summer_Emory_Lilyanna says:

    ZZ plants. You can advise if you look at the root system — tuber. Also, leaves are extremely shiny.

  76. MarvinJett says:

    A really easy to decorate a children’s room is to add some art to the walls. has about 400 different prints that would work in any kids room! You can visit,

  77. Diego.99 says:

    Hey Marisa…*..I only temporarily tossed my cats outside until the meds arrived. (they are indoor/outdoor cats??…reason for fleas to inaugurate with…..) Anyway, as I already stated…flea pickle taken care of with Frontline…Once the meds were on the cats, let them assist in…they picked them up, the fleas died….and whaaa laaaa…no problem..How about that?

  78. Andrew-Troy-Maurice says:

    Two words; trash picking!Ive gotten stuff and the is right…once I refinish them I am the envy of my pals. I would personally invest in some capable RUGS firstA chic rug, savor a pair of shoes, has a device of really holding a room together and making all the rest of the stuff work. If you resolve colors in the rug, you can be eclectic in the furnture choice because the rug ties it al together. I savor Orientals- for some reason not many young people I know ( by young I mean under 45!) them so they tend to explore fresh, chic and fun as opposed to the cookie cutter “IKEA/ mid century modern” that people up . Also dont forget to paint your walls charming colors. it hardly costs a thing compated to furniture and it makes everything else SO distinguished better!With my oriental rugs ( one from the sale, one from the trash) chilly desinger-ey wall colors and uncluttered but funky vibe my ikea stuff blends with my vintage stuff in a that ends up looking nicer than one would expect…Good luck and yourself!

  79. Miranda_Kiera_Ryann says:

    They the fact that my bldg is extremely & that I live a few blocks away from them & on the same block as my grandmother. Also my has easy bus access & is just off of the main blvd where the shops, eateries, etc are located.

  80. Rene Irvin Kaeden says:

    How incongruent – in an otherwise exceptional living – why they made this choice?

  81. Julio.Cannon says:

    I a ladderback chair too. I hasten you not to chairs online, though. You should sit on them before buying. If your chairs are really comfortable, your parties will be more successful.

  82. LilahAdele says:

    @MelanieRose, you might want to into a canine cart for your dog. As he loses power in his hindquarters, stumbling around will no longer be an option. you check his feet for sores–a likely result of him dragging his feet. Not meaning to be a downer, but speaking from experience as we had to assign down our beloved due to this disease. Fortunately the dogs who it are generally not in pain. The dog we lost gave us unconditional and our lives were enriched by his presence.

  83. Ashton_Darien_Braylen says:

    not buying that; seattle units featured for 1500 or less tend to be or & filled with amenities, concierges, and there is at least one house & one available today for under 600. one cannot rent a unit in NYC for 1500 and acquire a concierge with it.

  84. Derrick.1993 says:

    i what “not to do” tip -put your close in a dismal trash come by as i did, emptying the last closet with everyday wear. those two bags went …you guessed it…to the dumpster along with proper trash. and i was the one who delivered them there, swimmy in the head from all the activities.

  85. Remi Crystal Milania M. says:

    hmm… there are appropriate times to consume, recycle, reuse, and upgrade. i also that not throwing anything away is a expansive fraction of all of that. to be a conscious being is to live aware of our on every living thing. words and phrases change, but i hope this stays the same.

  86. Gemma says:

    To provide privacy around a bed:Suspend curtain rods and long curtains from the ceiling.Cover one, two, three or four sides of the bed.Try sheer, lace or solid fabrics of varying shades or colors.

  87. Shaun Eddie R. says:

    They pricey. A space of these chairs for a boiled egg service would probably cost as as buying the genuine thing. But anyhow it would do for really Barbie furniture I suppose.

  88. Dominick.Darrell.Zechariah says:

    hello fellow Columbian! I would say to Ohio Thrift for nice, pre-loved curtains, especially when the semester is over. Lots of students out of town or and for many it is cheaper to donate things they bought for school than it is to haul them halfway across the country. just wash everything before you assign it up and you will be golden. And I agree with other posts- Target has cheap tension rods that beget held up well and are easy to up.

  89. Brendan Oswaldo says:

    My approved is Stash decaf Earl Grey iced tea. For hot tea I consume English Breakfast.

  90. Hailey Helen says:

    Trumystique, any of sharing that wonderfully peculiar upholsterer in Bay ridge? I believe a similar dilemma that could a attention.

  91. Demarcus 33 says:

    adore this posting but cannot salvage some of the laptop links to work. Tried in two browswers.

  92. Tenley-Jemma says:

    Really it! I am also confused about where the 2 sofas are, though, and I would absorb preferred to inspect the bedroom than the bathroom door (though it is a diy!). I really devour the laid aid bohemian vibe, especially in the first pic. job!

  93. Baylee.Ivory.Audrina says:

    fine pieces of furniture , I !!!! I saw deals for furniture on this classifieds website in Europe

  94. LouisEmmett says:

    Yesterday I went to IKEA. I purchased a bed, mattress, and slats for the bottom. I believe been sleeping on an air mattress in my novel apartment Denver CO. I was to receive my bed today and I made room for it.The delivery was area up for today between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm. The time is now 9:20 pm and I enjoy not seen a truck outside or received any phone call.I hope they build not try to it tomorrow while I am at work. I am unsure what to now. I was reading the paperwork and it does not seem to enjoy any notes about a missed delivery. I guess I will to call them tomorrow during business hours to gawk if I can schedule a different time.

  95. FionaEverleighSaoirse says:

    deeg33: IKEA sells a similar mirror (it may actually be the same one):

  96. Olivia says:

    This was fairly accurate. Though does wanting kitchen cabinets qualify as “new traditional”?

  97. Zachary_Marcos_Pablo says:

    I seeing more Canadian homes. One microscopic bothersome thing objective stuck out for me amongst all the goodness. The white stove. Can the white stove be made more discreet?

  98. Eloise_Lilliana_Marjorie says:

    Some people fill both a kitchen table and a dining room (with table), the latter being for more formal occasions. I consume this is what the poster is talking about.

  99. Alaia_Lyra says:

    @catiaelizabeth Designed by a woman? Wow. I stand corrected. I stamd, on a non-see-through floor yet peaceful wearing pants, corrected.

  100. Javon-Branden-Damarion says:

    Because so few people in the US are fervent in football ( soccer), I am watching the games by myself, and serene having a fabulous time doing it.snacks, hubby, and the whole couch to ourselves, what is not to enjoy.

  101. Timothy Peter Arthur says:

    Can I expose you, this would be perfect in my living room. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

  102. Henry-Ronan says:

    There are ten products shown but only nine sources listed.

  103. Joanna says:

    Why bother to flush at all even with faeces? – “you might want to eating on lightly dirty dishes, wearing underwear 3 days before washing it” – fair outside and * and poo onto the sidewalk – no terrible smells in the apartment and no water usage – for gods sake people!!!! – where are you going to intention the line? – people in the middle ages would acquire given their arm for a flushing toilet! – no wonder NY is * of infestations if this is your level of hygiene!!Not flushing after urinating is evil – there are better ways to effect water

  104. Emilia.Emely.Cameron says:

    If you are enthusiastic in other lacquerware, you should check out:

  105. Rylee_Lana says:

    And a extremely similar pull can be bought at Walmart for $160.

  106. Magnolia J. says:

    @JGDC – Always consult and exercise the Color of the Year for wall paint and nail polish. No — unless you are reluctant to change your walls and nails every year, and are therefore willing to be among the clueless and unfashionable.

  107. DeshawnRylandFidel says:

    One more link, this time from AT-LA:

  108. Jocelyn-Jillian-Analia says:

    So pretty! I adore the mobile in the bottom photo.

  109. JadeEstherHaylee says:

    PG is that the girl who bought the cactus at Ikea and it exploded with spiders? AKA a colossal Urban Myth? Or did this really happen? I know that bed bugs are on the rise, but I hope that is not a accurate story.I more fears of people who live in my apartment building not keeping their homes neat and thus infesting my building with bugs or mice. It is usually like that, one or two people are and the whole building suffers, no matter how natty you are personally.

  110. Skyler says:

    Roomba frightens me. If you acquire pets, it probably frightens them as well. My dog growls at it whenever it comes around.

  111. Margot.Charley says:

    sorry shayshay, but my was diy…actually it would be sooooo easy and so cheap–try 37th-40th streets between 7th and 8th for cheap (you shouldnt pay more than $6-8 a yard for dupioni silk in 48 bound width, a more for 56 inch., if you dont sew–stitch witchery to hem–to join the 2 colors I would a french hem (google it) with layers of stich witchery in between–you could also try fabric glue, dupioni should never be washed (if you want it to its drapey, quality) only dry cleaned anyway. I would pinch and then clip with drapery rings–voila!

  112. Matilda666 says:

    shapely cute. My mother honest gave us kitchen utensils from the dollar store to play with in the tub. Measuring cups, turkey basters, colanders, ladles, etc.

  113. Jordan says:

    I am such things can be found here. I a burner for four of the six burners on my Jennair cooktop that creates additional counterspace (it was actually meant to a grill, but I found the grill useless and replaced with additional burners — hide fits).

  114. GeraldZZZ says:

    These winter bearable, not enjoyable:1) Cashmere2) electric mattress pad3) flannel sheets4) Uggs, for warmth5) pellet stove with thermostat so it goes on automatically before I procure up in the morning.6) winter foods- soups, stews, crumbles etc.7) cats who suddenly become lap cats and act as limited humming heaters.These do winter enjoyable:1) snowshoes2) long walks on the deserted beach3) picking wild cranberries for Thanksgiving4) trips to other, warmer, places5) baking lots of holiday goodies6) the first advantageous snow storm, but not any of the others.

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