Some Cool Wall Decoration For Bedroom Use Paper Ideas

Wall decoration for bedroom today will come with paper concept ideas. Cool impression would created directly through these great paper. The bedroom walls are plain or ordinary must be very boring to watch. But for some people certainly have the initiative to decorate his room in order to attract and of course for comfortable viewing so at home in his room. There are many ways to decorate the walls of your room, as were pictures or posters, colored with different colors, or plastered with wallpaper. Here I will share tips are simple and relatively easy to do. The materials also I think it is easy to come by.

Modern wall decoration for small bedroom with yellow bedding

Modern wall decoration for small bedroom with yellow bedding

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really cool wall decoration for bedroom use paper ideas. Usually we have the thrift of similar cardboard paper, usually the former site of duct tape or insulation or perhaps well that the kite string can be collected and utilized as an attractive garnish as below. Use scissors to cut out and glue to stick, use also some colored paper to make it more varied. It’s also easy to make, requiring only a colored paper or paper folding and necessary skills in folding. Paper flowers is also great to decorate your room. Yes indeed shaped like curtains, but could be affixed in the room, on the bed to beautify the room. Use colors to suit your taste and adjust to the room. Make several circles of colored paper, and then hanged with a wooden plug. Paper flowers this one is rather complicated and requires precision in the making.

cool wall art decoration for bedroom designs

cool wall art decoration for bedroom designs

modern wall decoration for bedroom designs with nightstand

modern wall decoration for bedroom designs with nightstand

But if bedroom decor had been finished and mounted in rooms can make your room more beautiful. Which is also similar to the above was, just that it is made of paper flowers arranged and hung on a rod. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really cool wall decoration for bedroom use paper ideas.

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  23. Journey-Kaia-Madalynn says:

    Tons of personality and creativity going on here. I appreciate it!

  24. Jaylan says:

    how you projected the movie on the wall for the photo, so creative. Plus, the roll of wallpaper your table. Another mammoth submission for the teeny-tiny category, which is my favorite.

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