How Astonishing Functional Designs Oversized Chaise Lounge

Oversized chaise lounge now come with many design ideas. Today’s topic is about one of them, the functional rocking chaise ideas that really astonishing to apply. Are you looking for the best way to add a little decoration for your home without spending a cheerful whole lot of money? If so, one good option is to add a couple of chaise seat cushion. This is a quick way to change the look of your home without breaking your budget. Of course, not only will this rocking chair pads add to the decor of your home, but you will also find that they add to the comfort of your oversized chaise few chairs as well.

wonderful oversized chaise lounge padded with cushions

wonderful oversized chaise lounge padded with cushions

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really astonishing functional designs oversized chaise lounge. If you have a chaise lounge chair, you may find that not all kinds of back when you sit on it for some time. Adding a good pillow can make much more comfortable oversized seat for you. When you buy a rocking chair cushion for your seat, it’s a good idea to choose those that bind to the chair. For one thing, they will not move around or fall out of with ease. Also, you can easily let go of them and wash them when needed. Make sure you see the cleaning instructions. Although you may be able to wash themselves, others have to be dry cleaned for best results. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from if you decide to buy a seat cushion for chaise lounge.

Adorable oversized chaise lounge designs with 3 pillows

Adorable oversized chaise lounge designs with 3 pillows

Decorating oversized chaise lounge modern designs

Decorating oversized chaise lounge modern designs

Are chairs for your kitchen, living room, family room, or babysitting, you are sure to find a rocking chair cushion that will go with the decor you choose. You will find great designs available, from cute to elegant. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really astonishing functional designs oversized chaise lounge.

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  1. Tristen.66 says:

    anyone any recommendations on where to come by a (inexpensive) one?

  2. ArjunDaquan says:

    We had ours done, twice now and it has yet to cease on our 1908 claw foot bathtub. It has peeled off both times. Unfortunately getting a novel bathtub up to our apartment is impractical, so we will probably beget it refinished again in a few years.

  3. Julian_Mitchell_Solomon says:

    gleaming Ann! clean, simple, bright, ample job!I wonder though if the cabinet placed in front of the window in the kitchen is awkward or really well designed becuase you let the light in and employ the for cabinets. The work seems a bit shift but that all depends on how the person is able to find comfort the design they work. This is extremely romantic and intelligent!

  4. Roberto Zachery K. says:

    I a maroon one that looks identical to this and it was only 6 or 7 bucks all together at place Goods. They almost every color.

  5. Teagan_Jennifer_Malaysia says:

    Monkeyme–I found mine from this US (which imports them from England):

  6. Clark says:

    Thank you Thayne of Whit! :)I can ask my landlord if you want!I my apartment is the smallest in the building.

  7. Charlotte.Cecilia.Azalea says:

    I would to beget these P5 Headphones because my headphones are not working anymore.

  8. Luke-1961 says:

    i want a down of how the $500 will be for making this product. then you can bid me it is OVERPRICED.

  9. Gustavo-Declan says:

    I definitely deem the clock is jarring, partly because I believe the fireplace has a grand Deco vibe to it. Maybe if you played up that vibe it could chic and retro?

  10. Everleigh_Avah says:

    I it, but only because I need to be “boxed in” to work productively. Give me too position and my mind wanders to the nearest thing.

  11. MillieMariyah says:

    aesthetic but with that ceiling reminds me too distinguished that the novel need for the canopy was to achieve all sorts of things from falling on your head while you slept.

  12. Miguel N. says:

    I wonder if this guy realizes that his house is of electromagnetic fields caused by the wires in his walls. And radio signals. And TV signals. And, oh yeah, the Earth itself has and electromagnetic field.I hope the contemplate throws him out and requires him to visit a shrink.

  13. Marquise.99 says:

    I the scarves I wear with coats on these, in the coat closet

  14. GustavoSammy says:

    automoblox are great, and can be found at targetoompa toys has a sizable selection of wooden trucks by haba & toys

  15. Maci says:

    extremely sweet…easy to forget that hippos are considered the most (“wantonly malicious”!) animals in Africa…and to overlook their delicious habit of spraying feces and *.

  16. Keenan Jamir says:

    respects the history & attachment of coordinated top is reversible. save. be careful washing extinct wood w hose, as it could warp (not visible here).

  17. Jaelyn@2009 says:

    I absorb to agree. This apartment has zero personality, and needs some more yin and yang balance. The living room is so stereotypical, the leather sectional, the halogen lamp and the glass tables. Josh should eye into some less new pieces to mix it up, maybe an art deco bar cart or credenza or something or some sort of wall unit from DWR?

  18. Daisy_Jolie says:

    CRAIGSLIST! you can come by really stuff on there for cheap. especially vintage. and it will be better quality than IKEA. and more unique.

  19. Edward says:

    I really the discover of the palm, the grain and colors are great.Matt at

  20. Braedon.Adriel says:

    same plight here- achieve not understand the shortly installed hand towel thing.thanks for the inspiration, gonna jump on it NOW :)(says the girl who took 1 month in the current position to install a freakin toilet paper holder)

  21. Laila Adelyn Thea says:

    Passing along the coupon <3This link gets you $50 off your Casper mattress!

  22. Chance.Tate.Brad says:

    it! So beautiful. achieve you a with the chalk staining the carpet? Or does it vacuum up?

  23. Gage Aron Soren K. says:

    @CanadianMango myPleasure 🙂 thank you for the comments , for the coffee table, it was one slab with the crust on both sides and then in half so there is a rough edge on each side 🙂

  24. Brent says:

    the baskets — on the floor, at the bottom of the benches, atop the shelves.I understand the value of corralling items needed. I understand the shortage of space,—i taken items i must but enjoy no loyal for in my seriously down sized kitchen. I assign them in cloth boxes on top of the cabinet. Really improved the behold of the kitchen which is fragment of the whole apartment. BUT with no labels how does one remember which basket has what item or group of items?Dust in the decorative storage baskets. YEP. I laid a light allotment of cloth on top of each basket. But mine are on top of the cabinets.—Any critique on the baskets under the console –Valid . BUT it may be a grave improvement or answer to storage in a space. Well, that was my thinking at first. Then i clicked the apartment and realized they are raising a one.HEY ENDS when a crawling, climbing, exploring limited one arrives.Hang the pics securely on the wall. collect all gross lying “fruit” , baskets , containers all that dazzling stuff UP out of reach.. You not want the first 4 years of each one to be a battle against their healthy need to investigate.The dilemma with any coffee table —or furniture pieces feeble as a coffee table, to me, seems to be they are to corpulent of decor . magazines etc… no exact to employ it for a serving or a foot rest.I beget to contemplate this one out more—but i luxuriate in the opinion of stool to that beverage where the person is seated mighty better than an out of arrive coffee table, I bear cramped * tables —but getting tired of exciting them to give cleaning. maybe the stool thing or something similar is a plan.

  25. WesleyAlden says:

    grand nadnuk, I went befriend and forth between an actress, a dancer, and a flight attendant (like a waitress but with coast perks!).

  26. Shaun Garret Houston says:

    Does it to be in NYC? How about

  27. Jamison-Stone says:

    To IsabelleS : the table is from MobiliaÀ Marie H : centre-ville / limite village (sur René-Lévesque)To Poppyfield : useless because access is difficult from the bedroom, the door opens badly with the bed. The balcony from the living room is better.To Nilia and Kristina KS : who mentioned single person? 🙂

  28. Reid says:

    Beautiful!! I went straight to her website to derive a doorknob, saw the $260 augury and clicked X.

  29. Alyssa_Delaney_Virginia says:

    Boring. I would acquire found a arrangement to work in the blue metal cabinets and avocado fridge.

  30. BradenHouston says:

    I absorb the Panasonic RP-HTX7 Headphones and had them for about 8 months. I bear to say, the sound quality, material quality is quite amazing, especially considering the gross price. I highly recommend them!

  31. Kallie says:

    Budda Vibe….but now under some other bad name. On La Brea between Santa Monica and Melrose (across from Jet Rag) Has some aesthetic captivating pieces for cheap – hit or miss. Check for uneven legs – but easily fixed with some love. got a baroque accent table there for $100Worth a browse if you can stand the incense.

  32. Jessie_Marlon_Kaeden says:

    I actually really the outlined cabinets. I they work well with the counters. I often assume that white cabinets and counters can look a bit stark–but with the trimmed uppers, it looks intentional and modern. budget makeover!

  33. Lila Henley Kadence X. says:

    wow, these pictures made it to at least 4 different blogs by now. And I wondering why. The second lamp is unsafe. Many sweater materials are highly flammable!

  34. Harrison Guillermo Valentin says:

    I want to explore more of the living room– I it tough to understand how all of these images fit together in your overall home.

  35. Maisie Aislinn P. says:

    @mon_truc_en_plumes I agree. The seat is gorgeous, the sofa, not so much. As a matter of fact, the sofa is the only thing that detracts from the rest of the decor. Everything in this screams, “perfect,” except the sofa. Putting the seat in the living room would really showcase it.

  36. Edwin.Pablo says:

    the National Gallery of Canada uses colour on the walls in many of the galleries where art hangs. but i hold that the areas devoted to art appear to be stark white spaces.

  37. Miriam@ZZZ says:

    spacious place! And the yard is awesome. This is the 2nd Brooklyn/Bed Stuy House Tour in a week that highlights a renter captivating out…how can I claim one of these apts??!!!

  38. Gwendolyn says:

    Really enjoyed the in together attend story, the adventurous colours (flashes of yellow -brill), clever furniture placement and BEST floor arrangement so far. You should both be proud of what you achieved!

  39. JackCalvinZain says:

    It is! I am sorry , I didnt know how it worked at first and i couldnt my other questions. I didnt gather remindersBut thank you for your advice!Can i hold the curtains and enjoy a lighter rug?

  40. Brycen says:

    My solution: rid of it. The next I live will not absorb carpet. I disapprove it. Thanks for the cleaning suggestions though, will absorb to try these as I am arresting out soon and the cleaner I can support it over the next 10 weeks the easier my life will be when I 4 days between finishing my internship and starting my international field experience to move.

  41. Jarvis says:

    Does anyone know how to fix one of these systems after the wire has loose? My cat Coco also liked to play in the curtain and has pulled the wire out. develop I contain to replace the whole system??

  42. Terrell.Greyson says:

    Eww. Somebody please buy that zebra carcass off the floor and give it a burial.Shudder…

  43. SarahOakleyAileen says:

    Yes, you can absolutely recycle shredded paper. If curbside, it in a paper accept (not plastic) to it from blowing away. If level-headed in doubt, check with your hauler.Better yet — if you bear the home — it and reuse it when sending packages. Better than styrofoam peanuts, and chances are the folks on the receiving can recycle or reuse it, too!

  44. Jason Sam says:

    Harley – I saw it done on a note once and instead of applying the fabric to the walls, they covered panels of plywood with it and then applied the panels to the walls (they were hung with some of concealed hardware from the side).

  45. Carl-Kamron-Mike says:

    Incredible. I enjoy no words. Incredible.I clearly would not be able to afford her services!

  46. Henry_Braeden_Kennedy says:

    advantageous nursery, and congrats on having it together before delivery! (Which is more than I could say for myself…)

  47. Tristen_Menachem says:

    What a pad and a delicate building. One of my things; the American Flag Kitty Food Mat.

  48. Margaret says:

    @dakini123 You are too shallow yourself to care for only blooming creatures. Please bring in your house a few snakes, roaches, rats, pigs, mosquitoes and flies. They might not be but creatures nonetheless, please yourself fortunate to care about species that most gloomy humans would demolish otherwise. Cats already acquire a lot of human admire for you to danger about.

  49. Ryan_Nancy says:

    A lot of these a really pretty. However, the zig zag border/Kate la Vie one is scary! unbiased of cleaning the dust of the top of that tile!

  50. ChanceJaylinMarkus says:

    the fact that your sofa and chairs are so boxy does not advantage your situation. You migth want to consider replacing the club type chairs with chairs that actually beget legs or anything that will light pass under and around.

  51. Diego W. says:

    Someone who worked for many years in department stores told me to always wash current clothes before wearing them. I conception that was because clothes might believe been fumigated to demolish pests that might hitched a at the factory, or because other shoppers might believe tried on the clothes – or even mature them and brought them back. Now a third reason to designate her advice!

  52. Clifford G. says:

    All lovely! But what about making a footboard, too. My daughter wants/needs a headboard and foot board, in to maintain her blankets from falling off her bed. Any first-rate advice out there ATers?

  53. Raelynn-Jaliyah says:

    Oh my what a nursery!!!! That crib is FANTASTIC!! As a person who calm likes to color, i would a hard time NOT taking some crayons to that wallpaper and coloring it in :):):)

  54. Renata says:

    I bear Flor downstairs over hardwood and never had a jam vacuuming it. I pull squares out once in a while (for the rare massive spill), but we bought lots of extras in each color so that I can a tile down while the other dries. Otherwise I fair spot-clean a square with a toothbrush and cleanser, and it dries extremely quickly.

  55. Marcus Drake Zackary says:

    the worst mess i made was spilling a plate of spaghetti all over the beige carpet in the living room. my parents were not happy.

  56. Elliott Dorian G. says:

    what is with penchant for ditsy florals on bed? both this & other swedish store are selling these in high disagreement to mod furnishings/mod clothes they stock.

  57. Arielle Penny Estelle says:

    sarajanie, you tried Bon Ami? It works well and its not chemical-y.

  58. Katelyn Kai says:

    it! Totally welcoming with a touch of the exotic. Can you arrive my closet? 🙂

  59. Eden Rhea B. says:

    I was in Ireland and visited Cong — appreciate your admire of The Man!

  60. Alicia Alena Mariyah U. says:

    The Lack table sits beside my recliner in the living room. The Malm in dusky is in my bedroom. I also two of their cd stands, a kitchen table and chair spot and my laptop desk. I guess I am an IKEA *!

  61. Jewel says:

    There are actually silicone oven liners that you can at box stores to the same function. I broken-down one but left it at my last rental accidentally. One oven was shaped in such a that the silicone mat was sticking up a bit, and that corner actually had dark scorch marks, but worked perfectly well. No fires, no warping, no issues in my experience.

  62. Randy G. says:

    For me, having a clutter-free and natty house always makes me happiest. Decorating with bright, novel colors is also important.@laurainblack My sister got me a vanilla scented flameless candle once for Christmas. I them!! SO convenient and they explore real.

  63. Kyleigh Hanna Ariadne W. says:

    @hanc I dressers for two of my bathrooms and it was a simple matter of removing the top drawers for the plumbing and not using them and be able to access the plumbing if I need to. The bottom drawers were quiet usable and I bathroom supplies in them. I found them online and they are solid wood so I painted them and a glass top on them to protect the wood and vessel sinks. Changed out the handles on one of them but spray painted one home of handles with chrome coloured paint to match the chrome fixtures because the shape of the handles was too cold to not preserve but the brass colour clashed with my decor. 🙂

  64. Uriel Rocky says:

    Send him an email with a link to this post.

  65. Moshe 1970 says:

    Ha! I notion the most important thing was extreme RENT.We believe establish up with SO much * in our building…I the unit (an building with wood floors, crown molding and charm to boot) but we contain dealt with:- cockroaches (our hoarder neighbor below us brought them) -9 month baby sharing a bedroom wall with us. -busy street noise at all hours of the day and night.-windows not properly sealed: bugs and rain water and dust everywhere.Why we stayed? Because the rent is LOW. Last year when our 1 year lease ended the Landlord called and offered to knock $100 off if we resigned. That ends in May, and I conception on doing some persuading to accumulate it even lower. We deserve it – he moved a baby in nextdoor in a building known to no wall insulation. We will be in heaven if we can earn it lower!

  66. Frankie 999 says:

    I grew up with chairs the “before” and would never consider having them in my home. . . . unless Joy would reupholster them for me. I believe the “after” is fabulous!

  67. Jaylen Fabian Konnor D. says:

    I found cabinet pulls on Craigslist and saved a bundle.

  68. Lucy.Alaina.Kynlee says:

    Assuming you fairly level-headed walls, I found the best intention to stretch a can of paint is to a 1/4″ nap roller as less paint is soaked up by the roller itself and, as a bonus, a 1/4″nap roller washes up quicker.

  69. Kyla says:

    i a place similar to yours, the only window is out to the vestibule which has a extremely archaic and dirty skylight… i painted it a light lemon yellow, i beget a tan couch and a vivid green rug, the room is so distinguished larger feeling than it was when it was baby blue.

  70. Elise.Megan.Alia says:

    Becky,This Etsy shop may be what you are after:

  71. Jasmine Eloise Anabelle S. says:

    “Primitive” in this instance refers to early American antiques, such as the chairs. It is the name of that style, and refers to the roughness and simplicity of the furniture, made for personal by non-artisans out of necessity.People need to trying to things to be offended about as a hobby.

  72. VivianLana says:

    “Interior form for the rest of us” does not conclude justice to the lisp on this location and even sounds a bit dumbing down. This home is intelligent, inspirational and loaded with genuine resources. Please stick with “Changing the world, one apartment at a time,” or with the witty and appropriate “Design Interventions,” or even “Design Interventions and Resources for Urban Dwellers.”

  73. Philip_Pranav_Deshaun says:

    Ha, yeah, I savor the Regretsy-esque in the first picture. fair what every desk needs: some sticks, wrapped in string, sticking out of a mason jar. another reminder of how microscopically thin the line between “quirky” and “absolutely ridiculous” is.

  74. Celine.Malaya says:

    The conversion is and I appreciate Target for so many reasons. I am they are not using the framed floor mirror. A mirror, not attached to the wall could be a hazard with a baby in the house. I am a grandmother with 6 grown grandchildren and one of those vigilant baby watchers so please forgive me.

  75. Keon.2003 says:

    >I really cherish your carpet! Where is it from?The 3×5 rug was from Anthropologie. I knew I really needed a 6×9 carpet for the lounging area, so I aged FLOR modular carpet tiles to the 6×9, and leaving a 3×5 inset for the rug.

  76. Vaughn Antwan says:

    I agree with SEA24 – the American Leather sleeper (which I tried at Room & Board) beats everything you mentioned.

  77. Madison_Riley_Emilie says:

    for those insecure about tipping:

  78. Nigel says:

    @Sabrina W. I beget 5 pairs for workouts as I achieve 5 a week. then 7 wool socks for winter, 7 for spring/summer, and 2 pairs of knee highs. I can usually manage at least one load of laundry a week. When holes happen they mended or replaced, hope that helps.

  79. Valentina-Jacqueline-Hayley says:

    Urban Outfitters is asking a bunch of money for something that has been around for-ever and can easily be found elsewhere, or done with materials you already beget at home. Unheard of!

  80. Philip says: is your friend, but amazon has lately started selling branded hdmi cables that seem to be of expedient quality.Also I highly suggest the following:

  81. Easton_Kieran_Ari says:

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  82. Zoey Elise says:

    20 Acres? Really?… I live in Tahoe and know what 20 Acres costs. This must be out in Truckee but aloof 20 Acres will accelerate you over a Million Dollars there. involving how they got that. Inherited perhaps? 20 Acres in Vermont, Maine, Upstate novel York, or areas Here out west are accepted and go as cheap as 1,000 an acre but in the Sierras… even out in the Sierra Valley 20 acres is rare. the house but am beyond inviting how they funded 20 acres in the Tahoe/Truckee area.

  83. Haven.Nina.Melany says:

    It took my father discontinuance to 10 years to remodel the attic into a bedroom I shared with my sister!We honest were always asking when will the attic be ready.And finally, we had a novel bedroom…We call it “the attic” after 15 years even if we are now both married with kids and our contain bedrooms

  84. Jared Donovan Dandre I. says:

    Green bookworms should also find out about BookCrossing, a web-based initiative to allotment your books with others by “setting them free” and hunting for “wild books” liberated by fellow readers.It works by registering your particular volume with a id, whereby all of its readers log in journal entries and you track its come around the world.Check it out!

  85. Oswaldo German M. says:

    Hmmm…I would fill guessed that as the third most expensive.Guess I need to more Antiques Roadshow!

  86. Luna Esme Aryanna Y. says:

    I also assume it would as long as it was more of a graphic accomplish rather than a cutesy whimsical design.

  87. Rolando_Brennen says:

    I care for this position and I REALLY the cabinets! I just ordered that health insurance valentine from OwlyShadowPuppets Etsy shop. I joke with my husband about marrying him for health insurance all the time.

  88. Lilly Noelle Martha says:

    17 comments, and is NO ONE going to ask whether this is the pad of THE Jonathan?Or is that The Name of the One Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken?Very consuming consume of and color. I your coffee tables. And I can gawk past the curtains. 😉

  89. Lilly-999 says:

    It looks to me delight in plastic photograph sleeves you can obtain at your local office supply store – and the photos are simply slid into those sleeves in front of colored paper…

  90. Dylon911 says:

    windows and the bathroom bench looks great. I would beget only one sofa in the living area. calm (I devour that) and the tips are on target.

  91. Jordyn says:

    I this but not having a rail on the inaugurate side of the stairs would my heart race, especially if there is a one already there or on the way.

  92. Evangeline says:

    That so perfectly matches her film career: offbeat choices, but a personal style.

  93. Aaliyah Tiana says:

    they carry those plants and glass/ceramic items everywhere they go? Looks for a photoshoot, but I would contemplate the need for weight savings would be greater when pulling a trailer.

  94. Analia.Sariah.Arden says:

    Holy *. This is where I want to end forever when I die. Absolutely superlative.

  95. Sara-Aylin-Chandler says:

    That pink Indian town seems be pleased a trend with the pink prison chronicle on the SF link. Pink jumpsuits keeping inmates from fighting and from returning to the pink prison. I wonder about the cultural disagreement about pink in India and in US. Some shades always me contemplate of Pepto and being sick.

  96. Kali Meredith Nathalie Y. says:

    @Mitako I agree with you. The before with white cabinet doors would been fine.

  97. Kenzie-Carter-Dallas says:

    It is not my cup of tea but transformation nonetheless.

  98. Elliott.Wade.Nigel says:

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  99. Keira_Kinslee says:

    Is that a well dressed Omnibot2000 in the Wisconsin room? And an impeccably level Hamms * sign? Wow Rose, classy digs. I wish I had an modern built-in shelving unit in my aid room. Bravo! Vintage hats off to you.

  100. Caleb Evan Lukas U. says:

    Custom reading nook with pull out drawers under, and mirrors or colorful temporary wall paper along both walls to bounce light into the room. If you believe the dim curtain to block light at night, replace with a blackout shade in white. your desk somewhere else.

  101. Annabel says:

    Like, if it was carefully caulked would it hold the yuck out? (Not renting, it can be permanent.)

  102. Roman-Pierce-Abdullah says:

    Similar lamps can be had from George Scatchard in Vermont – only a few shapes but a variety of sheens, colours and sizes. These can tilt country or mid-century but I design the clearly novel of Lotte lamps and the organic of their shades.

  103. Jameson W. says:

    We two of the Mally bibs and been using them for the past 2 years. They are great. The leather does not stiffen when you rinse them. The pocket is a must though – definitely helps to the mess to a minimum. I received the first as a gift and promptly retired all our other bibs. I bought the other one so that I could mix it up once in a while for a miniature visual variety. bib.

  104. Lillie.Princess says:

    I admire that they kept so many of the new elements in the room. It shows how impact the fair styling, placement, and accessories can beget on a space.

  105. Nathanael-Khalil-Marques says:

    @Tambora Thank you! I natural wood, as well. But this was yellowed from smokers living in the house before us, and just… not good. It has brought it so light! Thanks for your considerate comments.

  106. Rohan.Ibrahim.Jorden says:

    knobs on dresser (red would be good, you should check @ Anthropologie they contain a expedient selection), a funky mirror over the dresser, lampshades and a duvet that pulls all the other colors. A bigger of art over your bed or a hanging fabric/shawl/scarf/tapestry as well. You could also some colored rice paper on the glass doors of your armoire and perhaps catch some window coverings as well.No need to repaint anything!

  107. Anthony@2013 says:

    The first apartment I owned had a first-rate location, colossal views, lots of space, and a tub and toilet begin to the master bedroom. It was on the market for over two years — and I was able to acquire it for a song — because of this fact. The first thing I did was effect that wall up!

  108. Everleigh.Clarissa.Holland says:

    Rascally Root Vegetables from our autumn CSA share!- it was easy to up the luxurious tomatoes and zuccini of summer, but it takes tenacity to chop, chip and julienne enough rutabaga, parsnip, turnip, & celeriac to live up to the pioneer ethic- especially with no root cellar! help! 🙂

  109. Catherine.Emilee says:

    The smell dissipates very, extremely quickly. Vinegar is a deodorizer and disinfectant. It is incredibly cheap and natural.

  110. Avery.Aldo.Sullivan says:

    That headboard is an find and the bedroom and balcony seem the perfect spots to relax with books and drinks. admire that photo of Vincent looking out the window – oh and a signed from Ian MacKaye? Swoon. Thank you for the tour.

  111. Josh Houston J. says:

    I PR for CALYPSO Christiane Celle, we are currently updating our position to try and include more of our items. the Lamp is currently available at our place Store, 212.925.6200Retails for $335 (for the large)hope this helps…

  112. Sam Hugh says:

    Oh my * that first photo. I apt swooned appreciate a school girl out of breath from seeing her crush. My approved combinations tend to include white and gold and that example is fair exquisite.

  113. Everly says:

    @CPeriodDesignThe Polaroid frames are by Umbra!

  114. Sarai Elora N. says:

    Thanks for introduction of modern (to me) BLDGBLOG. They believe an post on Manhattan Sewer Project; I remember reading about it in the Yorker, at the time I mild subscribed.

  115. Galilea says:

    I acquire one of these with gravel on top–so there are strips of concrete under the tires and plants growing up through the middle.Shoveling is not usually such a deal here in Maryland, but with our insane snow this past year, it was definitely a pain.

  116. Justin Deangelo Daquan D. says:

    I I am in love. This is fantastic!@anning–Does springpad existing lists that you can edit?

  117. Sergio.Clark.Norman says:

    A different inquire that works well is: How great I esteem this?You must mentally attach a dollar figure to the item in ask? that reflects how mighty you would want to to the item. Then you at the precise effect and if it is under your figure, you can it. It really pushes you to about spending on a whim.

  118. Elena Micah K. says:

    @KeniF they are from the same point on our blog, you can check it out here

  119. Atticus Aydin Darrius L. says:

    My mother had a similar in her immense big house in Virginia. The laundry was in a particularly unpleasent basement that frequently flooded. She replaced it with an LG combo unit, which she placed in an upstairs room.The unit seems to be working first-rate – she loves being able to things in dirty in the morning and them and dry at night.However, with it being on the top floor you can really feel it if it is running. The whole house shakes! It might be because it is a somewhat older house, so I compose not know if it would be an enlighten in your condo. If you thin floors/celings in your building, you might want to prepare for neighbor complaints.

  120. Ryleigh Jillian Elliot says:

    I am too to vote but I give this room 2 thumbs up! I the bookcase/shelving unit also. effect we know were it is from?

  121. Kaiden Albert Carmelo G. says:

    This store is one of the things I miss about LA…sigh.I remember sitting outside at the cafe with an orangina or ice tea. Loved it.

  122. Clara.Kathleen says:

    Hmm, I always they were cute stylish.Just takes some accesorizing I guess. I got this Duvet, it goes really well with my asparagus colored wall, and terracota colored

  123. Trace_Javion_Deshaun says:

    This room is absolutely lovely!If I may suggest one thing : it seems as if the room is missing one gauzy or sheer element to complete it. I deem a sheer white or ivory curtain would really bring it whole. It would soften it ever so slightly without compromising your design. Or, a sheer draped over something.

  124. Taylor_Danny_Makhi says:

    I once did something similar with a ample sheet of plexiglass that I painted on one side. A whole different dynamic- ultra sleek-modern- but similar purpose and function. Plus- you can paint anything from a pattern to a solid color or picture.

  125. Leandro-33 says:

    Katrina58, actually what you claim is not factual across the board. It depends on the you live in whether there is a title act or a practice act. Here in MA and in many states, you can call yourself anything you want.

  126. Bruce Keanu B. says:

    I beget a on Energy Services in NY.How does one an ESCO for energy and gas in NY?I am thinking about switiching to a greener energy service for my Manhattan apartment, but it is to distinguish between all the options!There is a comparison chart available at, but what experiences create other people contain with ESCOs?

  127. PeterAlecClifford says:

    @cynthiafromd the pet beds were easy though, an begin vintage suitcase with some cute pillows and throws in it. The nightstands and tables and especially the seating made from suitcases require more DIY, obviously.

  128. Rylan says:

    I was thinking of the wall decals in mass could be cool. What about something devour this:

  129. Katie says:

    Fantasmagorical! unprejudiced a friendly dramatic, yet masculine-looking home. Tim, you are a collector and stylist! I imagine this house to be other-worldly and romantic looking at night when lit by candles!

  130. AmaniAiyana says:

    I never bask in this conception of cutting up(or in some device destroying) books to some other object … be it lamps in this case, or shelves, iPod holders, etc.In this instance I it even less when the wall mounted version is going for €300 – I know one pays for design, craftsmanship, etc., etc., but really here it seems to be a book with a hole in it, a light fitting, and some device of marrying the two.

  131. WillowParisTiffany says:

    I be pleased them for buying basic items…. Kitchen tools, cutting boards, food storage (my favorites are Snapware Snap N Locks). They also carry alot of drugstore items, and they the color of Loreal Feria I prefer, which no one else seems to carry anymore. They the coupons on anything, and I seem to earn at least one coupon a week. I wait until I earn a bunch, haul them all over there, and stock up.

  132. Vivienne-Adley says:

    were it fair the stone, that would be the bother, but it seems that other change has been done, what would be called a “remuddling.” house needs posts to own up its porch roof, is that bay replaced? what is going on w third floor dormer? roof looks cheap. investing in painting the stone, particularly when it is not property for long-term ownership & stone already matches next door, may not be best exhaust of resources.

  133. JordanDeandreJarrett says:

    Thanks for listing #8 Kristen Wentrcek of Wintercheck Factory. Not only are her multifunctional designs perfect for itsy-bitsy spaces but she makes everything in the USA, helping to abet American workers. She has such a first-rate when it comes to putting a current twist on items we everyday.

  134. Jada Aisha says:

    I saved a bunch of white packing peanuts and when my 3 year Granddaughter came to visit, I piled them up in the floor and told her it was snow. I gave her a plastic shovel and she had a blast digging in them and throwing them everywhere. It was a mess, but it entertained her for hours.

  135. Maliyah Karter Susan A. says:

    What about this as an idea:

  136. Lawrence says:

    the dining area! i the cafe table version of the table 🙂

  137. Shane-Damari-Cornelius says:

    went to a sneak eye on the 14th – one all…late in the season opening means that there is no extensive summer products…biggest plus – easier access to Hook

  138. Alicia says:

    @Emmasaltsugar you any how itsy-bitsy houses are in the UK? We a island crammed with millions of people; homes are incredibly limited – ceilings; rarely an en-suite bathroom; sometimes only one bathroom (in fact all social housing, even newly built has one bathroom); weeny gardens; narrow hallways….shall I continue? Mudrooms are things that exist in stately homes in this country, definitely not private homes. They are practically unheard of anywhere other than in the countryside. The British homes you on AT, glowing as they are, are more the exception than the rule.

  139. Julianna.999 says:

    Amazeballs. Why are the photos so grainy? Were these scanned?

  140. Aubrey-Kori-Evalyn says:

    For eastone777:

  141. Riley-Elaina says:

    breathtaking. It is so easy to forget about cultivating plants in and around your home with all the other stressors and activites going on.

  142. Maya_Kate_Milena says:

    Architizer has a post related to this post:

  143. Conor_Kamari_Dallin says:

    lifeabundant,The cork board is entirely self made. Friends and family me well supplied with corks — I contemplate it helps wine consumption. The frame I made with a table router.

  144. Joel Bernardo S. says:

    I admire admire the sheets here.Does anyone know where I can these dependable ones or some similar in color??

  145. Haven says:

    I the effect is reasonable, given the custom made cube and all the plants. To the lawyer who complained about the price, it costs less than one hour of time for the average experienced lawyer! And it probably takes Jeff several hours to this!

  146. Nicolas Asher Alec C. says:

    Wow! SO beautiful…I dying over the colors!

  147. Carter.Riya says:

    This has to be the C o o l e s t residence (non-concept) I enjoy ever seen on AT. It is not something I could live in, unless it was my RV, and it may not win, because it is not that visually stimulating, but it is COOL. So cool!

  148. Itzel Anya says:

    I that color too!! I was apt looking on for a similar color. I contemplate “butter cookie” or “cream yellow” are similar. Let me know what you think!!

  149. BrookeKyleighHailee says:

    “A steel frame anchors each unit and can withstand the worst weather scenarios.”A hurricane? I ask this because Haiti is in the middle of a path for hurricanes to from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.

  150. Danna.1997 says:

    A better narrate might abet . . . I the toile is actually downhearted and white, is it not? It accurate has that maroon cast from the reflection of the orange. I indulge in the and it might look in accurate life, accurate not so in this pic . . .

  151. Spencer Leland Dylon R. says:

    i started quilting a couple years ago and i care for it! you can with unbiased squares for your first quilt, they are the easiest. i believe kept it to squares and rectangles so far, but bought a free motion sewing attachment so things should catch a more exciting as soon as i the hang of it!

  152. Bo.Maximo says:

    I admire the CB2 Formosa table! it in action in my AT House Call:

  153. Genevieve_Kehlani_Alianna says:

    wow – how did you bag that Providence poster by Peck!!

  154. Ariel.Elsa.Iliana says:

    Getting closer to the one in the top picture…this has the back, LOL:

  155. Harleigh-Shayla says:

    A looong time ago I attached grasscloth remnants to cork boards and had the whole thing framed in metal frames ~ times three. Those bulletin boards did service for many years. And in the hands of the DIY person, they might looked better, too ;-)I really delight in the second #5 above ~ the painted bulletin boards. A improvement on plain, utilitarian bulletin boards, but subtle enough so that the items on expose center stage.What paint would acquire up best on a bulletin board?

  156. Travis Amarion Damari T. says:

    Yes, for resale value. There are book collectors out there who want the jackets on the book, among other things. The jacket also protects the book and binding from wear and and dust.

  157. CharleeElliot says:

    Who is michael – and why is he spamming this area for Wieder sofas – which, by the way, glance * to me?

  158. DamianEddie says:

    Try Target – search for benches and there are many options there.An affordable candidate with similar looks to the Smith & Hawken version would be the 30″ Slat Bench – Teak is for $39.99.(14″ also available.)

  159. OliveJaylee says:

    @ Heliconia: your legend made me laugh out loud. I can SO picture the cats perched on the sill watching the world…and the attendant crowd that would gather!Adorable.

  160. GarrettBryson says:

    Opening up the wall next to the stove and the fridge makes the kitchen feel completely different. Speaking as someone who lives in 400 sq ft, I can the disagreement that those subtle changes can make. Also… I the photo with the before and after slider! That is exactly what is missing from most before and after articles is a photo from the same perspective, where you can clearly examine the difference. But I would suggest making it more or highlighting the feature somehow. I almost missed it!

  161. WilsonAnderson says:

    just finished installing their glass tile in a bathroom, and am now going to be using some as a backsplash in the kitchen. enormous colors, comely quality, and definitely competitively priced.

  162. Ophelia 1969 says:

    NLB:I must agree with the young latina on this – where did all the white people from ?”. Where ever the white people glide the prices move happened to a co-op building in NJ and it happens everywhere.Please attain not grasp me wrong.

  163. Tori says:

    @May: This year, we the bottoms off and hung ours upside down from L Brackets attached to our window frames outdoors. To grow our tomato plants!You feed the baby tomato plant shoots through the bottle neck, in soil and wow – they are growing really nicely!

  164. Todd says:

    @gorfram”Pet Peeve Dept.””Picayune B. FinickyPersnicketer-In-Chief”Love thatThere are a ton of “Ps” in your comment.

  165. Milani-Mina says:

    this! Looks comfortable, stylish, first-rate storage solutions and of space. extremely nice!

  166. Maddox.Brent says:

    My daughter lives in Chicago and I know it is no task to all of the supplies needed when you live downtown. has a “pro kit” that contains the boards, foam, french cleats, screws, etc. All you need is your material, scissors and a staple gun.

  167. Cynthia 1998 says:

    As a Dec 20th baby who has shared that birthday with a step-parents (since I was 2), I always appreciated any efforts to separate my birthday and Christmas: separate party, no combined birthday/Christmas gifts, etc.LOVE the half birthday notion to give her a cramped extra something, especially when her friends can be available to celebrate.

  168. Bryant-66 says:

    Hand-hooked Chelsea Southwest Multicolor Wool Rug, from Safavieh. May be available on

  169. Triston-Ross says:

    The fabric district has zillions of choices. Or if you want truly fresh fabric, maybe check out some textile create programs (FIT?) to if students enjoy created current fabric designs.

  170. Caden-Keenan-Ronan says:

    I adore all of it…from the really expensive DWR furnishings and Philippe Starck ghost chairs to the affordable CB2 hanging tealight holders.The colors are great. I the green bedroom! The accent wall colors are not overbearing. They a perfect job of being “accent walls.” generous apartment.

  171. Rafael.Kale says:

    This speaks to my soul! Must be such a apt to approach to every day. Fun, happy, beautiful, functional. Thank you for sharing.

  172. Anika says:

    I absorb a British friend that has a Craftman house, it is so old-world and cozy. luxuriate in being across the pond when you glide in the door. Not at enjoy the rest of her American rich * neighbors. The Brits talent. I Herbie and the art studio. Kelly and Herbie, you rock.

  173. Gabriella-Melanie says:

    lcg, the slipcover is from, which we discovered through an online search. It took us a long time to more streamlined slipcovers.natnatNYC, the hanging light is a Nelson Pear Wall Sconce. We got ours at Modernica Chicago, which I believe is now closed, but you can try their website, modernica.netJany, the couch is from Jayson and Garden, which is one of our approved stores (home or otherwise) in Chicago. Their customer service is fantastic.thanks again everyone!

  174. Haden Markell M. says:

    I must shop at Ikea too considerable – I most of the pieces in this tour. architecture; the modern floors and exposed beams add interest. I care for the outdoor spaces in the back. I can lots of outdoor taking set there.

  175. Bailey says:

    I always that things that indulge in they believe character and homes that them behold truly lived in and not decorated…..

  176. Hannah-Aaliyah says:

    seth, to command you the apt truth there is no substitute. if you another similar lamp, it will be there saying, yes, you the tolomeo but, you settled for me, every day it shares your the money and buy the thing, then you can ogle at it in your plot and be that you held out for a quality lamp.

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