Great Function Mid Century Modern Nightstands In The Rooms

Mid century modern nightstands is really great presence in your rooms now. The unique and elegant designs will be the best table storage there as well. The interior design of the house is interesting is the room that is equipped with furniture. Many furniture space available in the market that can be tailored to your needs. One is the nightstand. Not many people know what the function of the bedside table in the room. Mid century modern nightstand is small with many small drawers and placed on the right or left bed. The usefulness of nightstand very much, one for storing your goods.

Modern mid century modern nightstands cool designs

Modern mid century modern nightstands cool designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really great function mid century modern nightstands in the rooms. There are many things we can do in bed. In addition to the primary function of the bed is a place to rest. Many people who transfer my bed functioned as a gathering place for fun with family or friends nearby. In addition, many who spend time in bed just to read books, newspapers or playing laptop. A lot of furniture that support comfort and beauty of the bed. Other than the bed itself there is also a bedside table. What is a modern mid? It has been described above that the bedside table is a table that has a small size and consists of small drawers. A lot of furniture that sells cheap mid nightstand with different models and sizes so it can be tailored to your needs. Nightstand mid table functions can be transferred to a place to put the room accessories such as decorative lights, picture frames or other room accessories.

cool mid century modern blue nightstands with alarm clock and vase

cool mid century modern blue nightstands with alarm clock and vase

Gorgeous mid century modern nightstands with 2 drawers

Gorgeous mid century modern nightstands with 2 drawers

The bed should have an attractive design so that we can rest comfortably. therefore, the election shall be in accordance with the concept bedside table space you use. discuss and share about how really great function mid century modern nightstands in the rooms.

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116 thoughts on “Great Function Mid Century Modern Nightstands In The Rooms”

  1. Douglas_Cory says:

    before your final decision you might want to that this color was specifically chosen to minimize loitering.

  2. Riley.Lucia.Anabella says:

    Seriously, you should and SELL those bedsidetables. That is fantastic. And yeah… maybe someone else could DIY them, but since you obviously did it SO WELL you should them and sell them.

  3. Paige-Kinley says:

    care for these! I got a of “un-napkins” from EvelynFields and I affection them:

  4. Harold-Mariano says:

    I the Single Girl Quilt by Denyse *would with the other things you already have. Here is one on Flickr

  5. XzavierGiancarlo says:

    Plasti-Dip is not something to be taken lightly. My husband needs to it occasionally at work and he wears a chemical gas cloak and several chemical air purifiers in a ventilated room with fans. Even then, he only uses it before leaving the room over night to ensure no one else will be entering and it has time to cycle out of the air.

  6. Adalyn says:

    I gone through your slideshow a dozen times to lift ideas for my office! 🙂 THANK YOU for sharing it! It looks as if you bear lights on your high pine shelves — is that right? Are they cans on the ceiling or some of fixture on the shelves?

  7. Hudson says:

    Today I pulled everything out of the upper cabinets and re-organized them to work with a better flow for the kitchen. That is something I needed to attain for a year. Thanks for the motivation. Tomorrow I will the lower cabinets and the fridge. Then I will reward myself with flowers to the work week off right. It will be good to come position to a magnificent and organized kitchen on Monday evening.

  8. Ismael.1984 says:

    I once was a nanny for a wealthy family and they had a expensive rug in their kitchen and yet you never noticed stains or anything because of the pattern. If I ever a rug in the kitchen it will be oriental.

  9. Ramon Kennedy S. says:

    Maxwell. Can you please me about your kitchen. Im in the beginning stages of kitchen renovation and the color of your cabinents. I also care for how your dishes are at your fingertips. If you could me any details about your kitchen I would be appreciative!! Thanks!!

  10. Harrison Julius Moises says:

    Jennifer, you did such a gigantic job. Having lived with several NY kitchens and one agonizingly difficult kitchen reno, I really applaud you for the changes you were able to construct along the that acquire this a spectacular addition to your apartment. Those before pictures….oh my.

  11. Vivian1994 says:

    extremely place.Rent stablized places exist, especially in downtwon Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights.I found mine via eavesdropping on a private conversation. It pays to be nosey.

  12. Matthew Ronaldo says:

    oh and the novel is nifty but, hard to photos properly. abhor that.

  13. Kylee says:

    YAY — after pictures of bedroom with painting completed are here:

  14. Addison Zariyah Lilia Z. says:

    @loirelai Thanks! Feel free to send me an email at to talk more 🙂

  15. SierraMalaysia says:

    I am sorry to hear about the setback! Since I myself am in the middle of a kitchen reno I your frustration. I found out that the sink I ordered in fact comes without the whole sink strainer allotment so I will enjoy to narrate it separately.Or, I found out a of flooring was missing under one of the existing cabinets which meant another to a store to acquire a to patch it up with and the appropriate screws. Hang in there!

  16. Lilah says:

    these are some of the nicest andsweetest comments i bear readon this sitein quite some timethanks

  17. Phoenix.Aleena says:

    need a top on this (that could be a first-rate companion piece)

  18. ErnestoJustusDandre says:

    i a christmas ornament of the brooklyn bridge. from restoration hardware. capture the ribbon extinct to hang it and voila…

  19. Leslie Mariam says:

    Thanks to all who voted and commented.This has been fun.The Eames chair comments are so to me. Thanks for the laughs. And thanks to DWR simply for making them available.I am responsible for the art. Thanks for your clear comments on my work.Like my edifying relationship, my fair constantly evolves.In “my small” the seating to be in the dining area… and vice versa. The bed has been in every position. As I evolve my things revolve. What fun it is to CHANGE.I am constantly fluffing my nest.How dull it would be for me to live in a static environment, with the same things all of my life.There are so many estimable designers and designs available. Not to mention all the bits and pieces one acquires from being here on earth. Granted these are all material things, but all an expression of one’s self at some moment in time. Feathers in your nest if you will.Enjoy them for a time and pass them on.IAN

  20. Abraham_Kane says:

    Is a snow-day like when they let us leave high school an hour early or else swim in the pool because it was over the 100 Farenheit? Or is it Christmas day in the middle of summer when we peaceful cards with snowmen and I my snowmen candles and soft toys? No? A few flakes of snow in the hills makes the news here. I feel so left out.

  21. Myra-Zelda says:

    the nativity scene was also my fav holiday item to place up. these mod/new versions!

  22. Ronnie-2002 says:

    Providing you two meals a day, a free to end every other weekend, and allowing you into their and personal is more than enough hospitality. As an *, I feel indulge in figuring out how to handle lunch for yourself on the weekends should be a non-issue. If you believe to write in to an advice column to figure this out, I suspect there may be larger problems below the surface.

  23. Jaxson-66 says:

    Dulcibella I totally agree with you. I live in a 425 sq. ft apartment, one where you in the door to be greeted with a coat closet, bathroom on the left, kitchen on the and the bedroom off the living room. I a 15 year feeble granddaughter who lives with me so finding region for her stuff and mine is difficult to say the least. There is a cramped storage but that is faded for seasonal things my Christmas decorations etc. There is no linen closet, no plot for mops and brooms unless they journey into the coat closet. I will mosey before I beget to rid of my belongings.

  24. Tessa_Delaney_Naya says:

    I found a DIY from Martha Stewart for etched glass that looks astonishing and is really easy. Her hint to binder reinforcements as stencils for polka dots works indulge in a charm!

  25. Romeo.Ross.Jordon says:

    I find the crate a sloppy. I hung a shoe organizer on the inside of the closet door in my entryway and employ that for my scarves, gloves and hats. It makes finding the good ones easier and I fair grab and go!

  26. Maurice_Dillan says:

    what you made out of this situation – appreciate it that you kept it simple instead of using a lot of colors which would acquire it honest too crowded and feel narrow. Simple simple simple – extremely and calm.

  27. Emerson.Raelyn.Charli says:

    Ok maybe this is a peculiar idea….but for the person with the blue stairs in the 2nd pic…..if you dont kids, what about NO railing at all….maybe in person its steeper so it wouldnt earn sense, but from the pic it doesnt to be a steep staircase and maybe im alone here, and no one ever does this sorta thing….but i impartial devour the blueprint it looks bare

  28. Kristopher Carl Geoffrey M. says:

    @MoniqueDC i spent quite a while on the yesterday and was relieved to things really were inexpensive (some people absorb different ideas of what that means, lol) and looked great. i enjoy a few things picked out! thank you again 🙂

  29. JorgeGiovanny says:

    blooming idea! expect about the MALM, finish the drawers in and out smoothly? I always avoided it becasue I they be an annoyance.

  30. Cory.1977 says:

    I saw a edifying product similar to this at the Superstore in Vancouver BC. Except it cost around $25.00. Patterns were more geometric. Made from similar recycled materials. Also saw some more expensive versions ($69) at Pier 21 in Vancouver.

  31. Alonso Cash Hamza says:

    Agreed with those above of Option 2, but with the dining room table placement of Option 1.

  32. Emily Riley Bailee X. says:

    Another pro for living on the top floor is that the ceiling is usually higher than the other floors.

  33. Athena Amy Joanna says:

    Best thing since clumping litter. Check the video.

  34. Philip Kamron says:

    These remind me of things one might at Scout in Temescal. I went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. What a place!

  35. German says:

    These are sharp. Is there something similar to the PB one, same size, cheaper?

  36. Brooklynn Vada D. says:

    mammoth tips for staying on top of the cleaning required in any home. Dealing with what comes through the front door away and then regular home cleaning should diminish the overall time spent on this task

  37. Bryan says:

    Sherwin already has this app out…

  38. Sawyer says:

    Your loft is gorgeous, and i admire the pup. If only i could afford the rent on a area this….

  39. Israel Ignacio says: has many versions of this bed, i dont know if there are many shown on the website, but in the store they contain alot. they speciolize in boston furniture. new furniture and contemporary furniture

  40. LiamAddison says:

    summerinbrooklyn, friendly place! i of the functional yet ubiquitous basket. Ikea has nice, cheap, covered baskets or for that matter, lots of other good, cheap, covered storage solutions. I also vote for the skirted sink.

  41. Zoie C. says:

    @jonjonjon My husband would really this comment. There to be a TV over the mantle (a battle he won for a few years) but now we enjoy one in the bedroom.

  42. Lucille_Allyson_Wren says:

    Amen Greg!!! His entire career is one grand shameless knock off.

  43. Jakob B. says:

    @Disapproving Fox Funny. It reminds me of this story:

  44. Perla_Ayana says:

    I books! But I for reading and not for decorating. If you beget only a shelf-ful of books and can easily remember which is which then by all means them if you must.But, really, I books deserve better than that…

  45. Rocco S. says:

    I an American Bulldog, over 100 pounds of pure muscle, with the most intimidating bark ever. Not only is she friendly at deterring burglers, but also door to door salespeople! I always feel grand with my Daisy around.

  46. Josie-Anaya says:

    Thanks for all of the feedback and comments everyone! I will exercise your suggestions and post the update soon. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND CREATIVITY!

  47. Claudia says:

    Ask for a fabric swatch. I wanted a gray sofa and brought location something 10 swatches of grays, or almost gray neutrals. What looked grays in the store, but ended up looking greens, purples, browns in my place.Look at it in the daytime and in the evening so you can notice it in different lighting situations.Good Luck!

  48. Fabian Ross J. says:

    What about building shutters into the casement, that would give you the novel air and a light without having to build up screens.. something delight in this

  49. Stephanie_Jaycee says:

    @sckaptein – I know what you are mean by wondering through the books with a latte. But, that can hardly be condusive to any work. Besides, if you own your latter in one hand that leaves only one hand for the book. Not extremely practical (at least my my point of view). Here in Waterloo the Starbucks fraction at Chapters has only a dinky number of itsy-bitsy tables and I am the type who would be unable to concentrate on work in such environment (I work in an office so it is not really my but I often wonder how anyone can catch anything done in a coffee shop). I guess we are all different.I definitely understand the need of having a third location because on the rare occasions when I work from I always believe I would not able to enact it on an everyday basis.

  50. Colin Edgar Deshaun F. says:

    I would this. Bottom bunk becomes a crate for my dog, top bunk for the baby. Perfect!

  51. Magnolia@999 says:

    @sharie s That reminded me–on the intention location from abdominal or pelvic surgery, something luxuriate in a pillow on the lap pressed against the incision reduces the injure of bumpy roads. My was on streets, yet I felt extremely painfully jarred. My physician subsequently confirmed I should fill had the hospital staff load me up on IV painkillers before I was discharged.

  52. Melody Liv Erica says:

    I gain it to be both depressing and irritating. It does beget a extremely institutional (run down, Soviet institution) to it, and the disarray with the cord would drive me out of my mind, both from the standpoint and the safety one.

  53. Daryl says:

    We added the shelves arrive the window for our cat, Eames. He loves to hop up there and * the day watching the birds outside. (: Thanks for the comment, globaltastes.(The TV is a little big. Haha.)

  54. JohnBraydonOmarion says:

    I affection esteem this makeover so much! I such a high on these reuse/repurpose/recycle projects, it should be outlawed. Like, when you that perfect fitting top out of the blue at a million to one odds… ahmahgahhh so endorphin, lol.Also, what is that curious looking plant? I want one, too.

  55. Reece-Jovany-Geoffrey says:

    I acquire two separate morning routines. Weekdays typically involve getting up at 5 or 5:30 (although this is harder in the winter), grabbing breakfast, pouring coffee to go, a hastily shower, getting dressed, and throwing together a lunch. Out the door by 7 or 7:15. Music or a book on the bus to work. On the weekends, I wake up without an alarm, create a * of coffee, do a late breakfast, and journey to pilates or tennis. Feels apt to initiate the day with a workout.

  56. Trevor-Omari says:

    Apparently I adore ornate gold frames, which is surprising. Gonna paddle salvage me some gold spraypaint!

  57. Nathanael Aydan Dale N. says:

    Really? Want to and organise at mine?? Kom igen Ida! 🙂

  58. Javier-Ben says:

    An absolute stopper! You a astounding – beautifully executed. It IS my of all time posts. Also, I never comment on any of the tours, but I accurate had to on this fabulous space. Would cherish for you to the kitchen cabinet and wall colors with us!!

  59. Itzel-Jana says:

    fresh and appreciate the crisp white.Glad you survived this DIY project.Thanks for sharing.pve

  60. Giovanni Beau Luka says:

    i contain the crane fall shaped one in blue and its great.the mist is visible and i cant hear it at all

  61. Uriel says:

    residence by Witold Rybczynski is hardly a “home-keeping” book either. Not in the sense that this post seems to imply, anyway.

  62. Kenzie says:

    Agree with beyourownsavior. I clicked on the links to explore it hanging on a wall…. no dice.

  63. Francisco_Khalil_Gunnar says:

    I live fairly by. 🙂 seeing A-ville represented on here! May I for tea? 😉

  64. DylanKaylieTinley says:

    i would definitely carry out some of mobile/ceiling hanging feature that spans the length of the wall (yes… the framed photo elsewhere). it would be super-cool to somehow incorporate light into your feature, because what better to bear light, when it cannot cause a glare on the tv. maybe opt for hanging containers with flameless tealights (create light), or clustered mirrors (reflect light). maybe inch a little industrial, with draped string lights (you know, the ones with the determined round golfball-sized bulbs generally hung outside). the reason for extending it the length of the wall? to the “above the tv” problem. budge shorter above the tv, sure, but let the rest drape down further in various lengths.

  65. Alonso-Santino says:

    Try these: Create-Some-Space Kitchen Hangers at saves more place and nothing is more convenient to use!

  66. Kadyn says:

    wow. one of the nicest homes I electronically seen. friendly work.

  67. Brenden_Agustin says:

    Agreed, purple is often ignored. It is such a beautiful, pleasing color that deserves more attention then it gets. I am correct i came across this. I know my personal assistant LOVES the color purple. She will die when she sees this. She did say she wanted to redecorate her room! 🙂

  68. Orlando-2005 says:

    LOVE!!!! So inviting. I feel luxuriate in to California!!

  69. Enrique Kody Dexter H. says:

    @denisegk My electricity bill is about a quarter of that of the average household. About 800 kwh a year. So no need for further frugality and obstructing the of what is in the fridge.

  70. Javion E. says:

    This is really lovely.Aggie927, it seems counterintuitive, but misting the paper well with water and letting it relax for a few minutes before decoupaging will engage care of your crinkling problem.

  71. JeromeZZZ says:

    Miss Ruth: Me too! I believe a relation by marriage with the last name “Mager” who was a major, so he would be addressed as “Major Major” on a regular basis by those who did not know it was pronounced with a “g” — cracked him up (although obviously he saved the cracking up fragment for later — I nothing undermines your military authority laughing about mispronunciations!).

  72. Keanu says:

    Yes, they are from India. Both Conran and Anthropologie feeble to carry them (~$175) but neither does anymore.

  73. Maximiliano says:

    Thank you for the information, contented to be able to visit your website cara membeli qnc jelly gamat

  74. Kieran Sidney G. says:

    Oh man this would be a to lumber across country in. Living in it day to day would be * for me ( and thats coming from someone who lived in 300 sq ft studios. Something about homes and busses them seem claustrophobic.

  75. NoelleEstelle says:

    Pinup material is Homasote, we ordered it from L Sweet in Olneyville (Providence). They delivered sheets.

  76. Makenzie.Emmalyn.Zaria says:

    @mirawing Yes! I was impartial thinking that! I admire how it looks something I could probably manage. And that color is so calming. I esteem it.

  77. Dominick-Zane-Zander says:

    My first concept was UGH but then they started to grow on me. I would paint them something and cheery and leave them in place. As for the railing, I would honest occupy it entirely and fade without a railing unless the stairs are particularly steep or you need to for some reason.

  78. Mary says:

    extremely and fun. wall treatments, textiles, details, furnishings… comfortable looking, and

  79. Hunter says:

    David Mellor for Heath. the Minimal!

  80. Matteo says:

    i gotta this one. legos are meant to be played with. not shoved in a lamp. 😛

  81. Drew B. says:

    chicagosue, I disagree. We recently stopped letting our and two cats sleep with us. Results: more sleep and fewer sneeze attacks.The animals fill adjusted quite well. Before we made the switch, we made determined that they each had a bed elsewhere that they were comfortable with.

  82. Jarvis says:

    I a non bridal look. Having that, I feel most of the bridal outfits here are not that flattering. But if the brides in examine them, so be it.

  83. Harper-Alyvia says:

    That first bed image is one of my all-time AT favorites: the headboard art with that bed, the chandelier, the overall color and feel (just minus the antlers)…

  84. Jakob_Josh says:

    @LilMissToronto Gene Wilder – actor who played * Wonka in the movie. A comedy genius who also passed away this year.

  85. Emerson says:

    I did something luxuriate in sara a., but in a completely different space. The Ikea Varde storage units work really well for underwear and other bits in a hallway/storage setup, and you can hang racks under hung kitchen cabinets for clothes on hangers.

  86. Mario-Draven-Milton says:

    I the bed in this looks silly. The headboard and footboard appear to be falling in towards the middle. The comforter looks be pleased it needs to in the laundry. And I never those cloth crowns. design too pretentious for my taste.All that said, a platform bed floated in the middle of a room could be fun. You could fair flop onto it from anywhere.

  87. Zelda Lilianna says:

    oh, bonnieprojects…here to good our grammer again…dnt u hav anythng els to do?

  88. Bridget_Ramona says:

    That last line is so true! I bear been hesitant to redecorate my bedroom until I the perfect comforter, because I know I will form around that. I been searching the ends of the internet for a coral striped comforter, and there it is!! Can you please me where you found it?

  89. Emmett 99 says:

    Are you certain about leaving SF for IL? A end friend of mine objective did the reverse( actually Sonoma) and is elated to be in CA.

  90. CeciliaAnaMalaya says:

    @DList–this will happen until volume of constituents complaining exceeds influence of lobbyists. write to your reps & bid them what you want before everything is metered.

  91. Ellianna.2002 says:

    I had a similar issue. I bought a canvas for $20.00 at Pearl Paints and had some paint from a college art class. Took my brush and slapped it around (no offense to abstract artists of course- I adore Jackson Pollack). Now it looks devour an abstract painting. I a clear picture of a gold fish, while my mother sees a rooster. We hung it over my sofa this afternoon. extremely cool. luck to you.

  92. Nina says:

    please shut the lid on your toilet if you having your photographed.

  93. Clayton Tyrone Mathias G. says:

    @Topanga Canyon I agree that altering a dining room or living room to be a guest room would be better. There was an post on here at one point about a dining room that could be easily and modified into a guest room. We bear two modular couches that can be pushed together and then fastened, and then we can build a queen-sized foam mattress topper and it works as a make-shift bed for a couple, or they can sleep on the couches separately. We contain a curtain for the entry of the living room for privacy.

  94. FernandoKaleShayne says:

    Custom and stock, vintage fashion subway roll signs and bus scrolls at favorable prices. Visit them at

  95. Irene696 says:

    That light described in another comment sounds savor early fluorescent tubes. So, conversely, it sounds luxuriate in upgrading light fixtures or bulbs might improve wall colors without having to paint, light fixtures can do people better in bath mirrors. That could be grand less work.

  96. Adriana-Juniper-Harleigh says:

    I live in almost an identical apartment. I customary the track system from Ikea. It works really well and is easy to install!

  97. Carlos_Emmett says:

    Ohhh. I want to this, but with CD racks in the side.

  98. Alice says:

    @JenniWren – I was initially wit buying a place with 1.5 baths, but to be honest, having two burly baths suits us great better. We bought a microscopic with 3 bedrooms and 2 corpulent baths. The second floor shower began to leak and has been out of commission for over a year. Other more repairs approach up, but if we had not had the bathroom on the first floor, I am not quite how we would fill managed short of having a bunch of expensive repairs done all at once. I contemplate you can join the two rooms together as long as you are going to believe another powder room/bathroom elsewhere. Best of luck to you!!

  99. Aviana-Angie says:

    robothouse: yes (on checking for more about the swivel chair). please email me at (at) … thanks!

  100. Benjamin-Joe-Alvin says:

    My husband snores to his hearts deny in a cluttered, book filled, smelly garden floor apartment in our 4 anecdote brownstone…I sleep happily ever after in aesthetic white, sparse, lavender scented aerie on the top floor. We the time we part in the middle 2 floors of living space…After 20 years of marriage we finally got something right…To each his own=)

  101. Brinley.Sasha says:

    I sleep with my doors open, but then again my security doors are closed and locked so not really:) It does allow a obliging prance through the house while collected protecting the homestead.

  102. Christian Q. says:

    BethTW…I was thinking of Hill as I read the article. Thanks for the link!

  103. Annalise says:

    I agree (and I am normally Team Paint). These are – lucky you- and a genuine desirable might be all they need. You could do cushions for extra comfort, if you wanted.If you want to decorate them a bit, I believe a bit of gold a row of shapes along the back, might be nice.I this is one of those occasions where Less is More.

  104. Ernest Clark K. says:

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the clear comments! I was about getting critiqued on my first submission :). Laura, I tried to submit “pretty” pictures, but I yet to master the SLR or learn how to collect the vibe to match the composition…sorry! There are more pics posted on flickr at

  105. Chaz says:

    Holy smokes I major typos in my last post. Sorry all, I will preview next time 🙂

  106. JaylonMosesSterling says:

    anna–Have you seen the Todd Oldham stuff at FTD? Some fresh fun things.I actually really delight in… some run-of-the-mill stuff, but they some contemporary things.What city is your Mom in?

  107. Samantha-Myah-Emmie says:

    A approved smell from would be to someone who cares about that sort of thing. a bottle of perfume, a scented candle with a lid, or some oils. Not to spray around the room, but rather to apt buy out and smell when needing some comfort. I unprejudiced flew on a long flight recently and this saved my bacon when I started getting panicky about flying. (A bacon scent would be elegant too….lol).

  108. Maliyah.Oakley says:

    Hi, Now Organized Keys in with Victorian fashion Key Rack With 6 Hooks, and antique brass finished on

  109. Damion-Rory-Hamza says:

    Hi, as a owner of this heater, I had to comment. We bought this in January and absoultely appreciate it! We contain it coiled as in the first photo and placed 2 additional hooks next to it for our towels. Granted it doesnt heat as as other ladder heaters, but it works for our exiguous bathroom and I that you can actually sustain the coils without getting burned (for the kid/pet safty concern). And it is no doubt a titanic conversation piece!

  110. Angelique_Alessia says:

    An improvement on the 50/50 vinegar h2o mixture is to also add in a few of liquid dish cleaner and – to create it smell better – 10 or so drops of lavender considerable oil.The dish soap helps to down grease & the lavender is also a natural disinfectant.

  111. CoraVienna says:

    Longtime reader, finally joining to comment (my of contest!). Always inspired online by this site, and further by your involvement in Bklyn. Cool!

  112. Chelsea 1967 says:

    hello – so great potential! impartial crying out for some soul – a rug, some natural light, a couple of affordable vintage storage ideas that you could up-cycle with paint, some fresh flowers and books…and of course the dog home free to the comfort! gracious luck!!

  113. Miguel_Malik_Reilly says:

    expansive that the room has so grand natural light, but I agree, I could not sleep comfortably with cabinets above my head.

  114. Pearl-Liv says:

    I am always looking for creative designs for my 2 cats. This looks appreciate a with multiple uses. And most importantly the cats comfortable on it, no matter what their size is. This would gape cold in an apartment or house. Lately we bewitch more stuff for our cats than we for ourselves!

  115. Blair-Noemi says:

    I believe tried this and it is not as easy as described! I was extremely careful and it looked totally rubbish. enjoy given up and procure them professionally done again now 🙁

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