Really Awesome Minimalist Small Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Small sectional sofa with chaise is the best idea to relax yourself in a room well. The design ideas that combine the sofa sectional concept with awesome chaise. Minimalist living room is currently popular in the urban communities of the world, with increasingly limited land the big city people tend to prefer to have a minimalist home despite the limited width of the room. Broad or narrow the room at this time is not a major obstacle to creating an atmosphere that is attractive and comfortable for both the host and the guests who come home. By applying sectional sofa equipped with chaise, you will feel amazing.

best small sectional sofa with chaise lounge modern design

best small sectional sofa with chaise lounge modern design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome minimalist small sectional sofa with chaise. Selection sectional sofa or chaise chair in the living room minimalism is the most important thing in creating the impression of a comfortable and attractive in a home. This is because most of the guests who visit the home would have been sitting on the sofa, so it may be the first thing seen by the guest when he first entered your home is a chair or sofa in the living room. Therefore, you should adjust the furniture that are around in order to look harmonious in terms of motifs and colors. In the design of modern sectional sofa chaise relatively simple because the characters sofa chaise that prefer the convenience in terms of design than the soft and very comfortable to sit. Construction modern sofas are very few wearing elements of wood, the shape is more simple with the edge of the chair the handle is usually parallel to the base.

cool small sectional sofa with chaise white and table

cool small sectional sofa with chaise white and table

modern small sectional sofa with chaise and cushions

modern small sectional sofa with chaise and cushions

Examples of models of sofas contemporary is a sofa chair Tuxedo. Generally sofa chaise country coated cotton fabric washable. So it is very safe for families with small children or pets. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome minimalist small sectional sofa with chaise.

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  1. Makenna says:

    No device that my cat could be fooled by that. She bugs me when I am on the computer not because she wants to leer but because she wants my attention.

  2. Ashley.Remi says:

    what a generous job! doing a reno myself last year, frustrations can high but you absorb to remember, you admire these people, they you, and at the of the day, that is what matters.

  3. Angela-Juliet-Estella says:

    Ahhh, the 80s. Pastels! Yikes. I had a pink and blue dhurry in my living room. The pastels looked a lot better on Tubbs and Crockett.My 80s icon movie is “Fatal Attraction.” Glenn Close’s apartment was so awesome. At the of the spectrum, you had the apartment and house where Michael Douglas lived with his family — also spaces. The latter probably represented what most people aspired to at that time.

  4. MadilynnMicah says:

    the closet complete with ottoman made it supercool to me

  5. Sadie says:

    @loulu75, I assume they consume the rug to fill some of the shock/stress/whatever that comes from standing around on a floor surface for a long time—which is easy to construct in the kitchen. Granted, carpets other things besides shock, but my guess is that no one ever died or even became ill because a person had a rug on their kitchen floor.

  6. Israel says:

    @vroon If your mix works, then more power to you. Melamine sponges formaldehyde but so a lot of other things. Most types of furniture formaldehyde (especially pressed wood, MDF or particle board), as does the exhaust from your car, vinyl flooring, etc. It can be tough to escape. Again, that being said, if your mix works then feel free to it.

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  8. Oscar1982 says:

    I wanted this is my studio apart around my bed but that was a few years ago… finally they are found, tho!

  9. LolaCherish says:

    LOL, AdonisSJ — I believe one more to add to your list of what a loft is NOT:– an apartment on the top floor of a house, with slanty ceilings, is not a loft!This misconception is especially with landlords posting to Boston CL for some reason…

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  11. WillieGauge says:

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  12. Arabella Haley Aliya B. says:

    I actually live in a Camden property. Over the last year or so, I had several issues with receiving packages. They finally had parcel locker installed and the problems subsided.

  13. Alvaro@1971 says:

    Best DIY worm bin ever!

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  15. Makai says:

    I want everything! 🙂 Where is that Elephant side table from? And are those hacked IKEA LACK tables?

  16. Soren says:

    She has the best for these vibrant colors. Always inspirational!

  17. Jonathan66 says:

    I agree with several of you: poorly executed. comical Sans font? Really? Not only is there no rhyming, but the writing is really clunky (who uses the entire name, “Field Museum of Natural History” or calls it the “Historic water tower on the Mile” in conversation?).

  18. Bryant Gannon Ethen I. says:

    This was such a grand article! With generous ideas!! Im definately going to this to use, I a location office in my bedroom that needs more attend from Michelle! Thank you and hope to hear more blogs and ideas!! Thank You! this site!

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  21. Jorden Royce P. says:

    my local IKEA uses two * Fans in the warehouse of the store. they work wonderfully. if I had a double-height in my house i could imagine a 12 footer above.

  22. Sophia_Lisa says:

    so the broken grout i along the EGDE of the tub is okay to replace w/caulk?

  23. Astrid says:

    You can also enlarge vintage stamps yourself and frame them, as Stacey Smithers did for House & magazine:

  24. Khalil-Rocco-Jefferson says:

    Ooo la la! Those windows glide up forever! The kitchen looks amazing. I want stone countertops too!

  25. JusticeElisabeth says:

    wood land, it is wood-home. I these home. I can be experience to there. I got an to in the homes , while travel, can be different experience then discontinue in hotel.Boston Hotel Rooms

  26. Leonardo_Mariano says:

    From my experience, renters generally ask? as far as tech/wiring:*At least 2 outlets per room*Cable hookup in living room*Many people landlines, so having the apartment wired for this is important*Programmable thermostat (check with your city, as there are often rebate programs for installing these).Some nice-to-haves-but-not-necessary:*USB-combo outlet in living room & bedroom*Cable hookup in bedroom (while personally I detest the notion of TV in the bedroom, a LOT of people want one in there).

  27. Emmy says:

    Actually, the folk art is the only thing in that narrate that looks alive. And the Nelson deMille house is a *-o-matic. Both the Rivers and De Mille that money can be a curse.(Please let me be cursed with money so that I can to be the exception to the rule.)

  28. Annabella-Judith says:

    When your kids are to drinking from a tumbler, you can silicone sippy cup lids delight in these on the picardies:

  29. ZoeyStellaAngela says:

    the complimentary color palette of blues and oranges, the touches (“Indulge”) and mix of textures and textiles.This has a perfect blend of & cozy and a little bit enthralling and the entire position is correct so inviting.Well done, but I never expected any less my friend.TKM

  30. Karlie says:

    I US Thanksgiving because our customers (most of which are US-based) will finally shut up for two days and leave us alone. As far as I am concerned, the US should Thanksgiving each quarter of the year.For years, we to catered lunch at work (turkey with all the fixings) and this year the company cheaped out and they are getting us pizza. Pizza!!! What an insult.

  31. Cassidy.Kiana.Louise says:

    Yeek. That is the same cabinent that housed medical devices in the art deco alarm game Bioshock.

  32. Dean-1993 says:

    John, I attach you as my (you will explore when they post my entry). I the shot of the plants–japanese maples and plum trees, beautiful!

  33. Kensley says:

    This is the SUCH a room! <3!!Cute Apps For Ones

  34. Gabriel Mekhi Z. says:

    I to agree with someone else who also posted a comment, this is easily one of my house tours! I your exhaust of color, as well as and antique/vintage pieces together. a marriage of serif and san serif type, the different styles together so well in your place. your plot & thanks for sharing!

  35. Scott says:

    I really liked this point, “Ignore the distractions of the competitive market.” advice.

  36. Eric-Dalton-Shaun says:

    As an apartment dweller without a garden, I found that I had no for greywater. The water I saved from my shower was enough to flush the toilet only once. Since bucket-flushing leaves the bowl empty, it meant I would acquire to double-flush the next time (once to the bowl and a second time to empty and refill it) so I ended up not saving any water anyway.

  37. Samara-1998 says:

    Addams family meets pixie turned human. What a adventure through her home.

  38. Sergio_Simeon_Aedan says:

    While I simply the fabric, and I that the hardware pulls a disappearing act (pun intended), I would skipped the faux distressing.

  39. Rose says:

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  40. Jordan Timothy Heath E. says:, Room and board,, (Clearence section)…just to start.

  41. Michelle.Aspen.Nancy says:

    I am the owner of this house. To all of the certain comments, thanks. To the rest of you, the neighbors appreciate the house. There are some who might not it but they talk to us. I feel the house was designed incredibly well. I believe that Hufft Projects is one of the best firms in the country. They listened to our desires and delivered beyond our expectations. If anyone is enthusiastic in a renovation or complete new gain design. You should contact Matthew and the folks at Hufft Projects. They absorb projects all over the country.Lastly, the Mcmansion comment…seriously where are you currently living? This house is many things but a Mcmansion is not one of them.

  42. Leila Giuliana L. says:

    I 4 out of 5 of these trends.Tiles – Check – so chic, but of course on the pricier side because of the expense of times and a contractor to lay them.Colored Cabinets – Check – these add a burst of color in our drained kitchensGold fixtures – and gold cutlery, gold glasses, gold accents everywhere would be nice. Even nicer? Bronze!Plants – were these every out of style?!But skirted cabinets? Reminds me too of the learning centers you around preschools!www.nynomads.comLiving sustainably on $100/week in NYC, rent free 😉

  43. Isabela P. says:

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  44. Kayla.Marissa.Paityn says:

    Why iridescence is so hot proper now? Well, some trend forecaster predicted it would be. A self fulfilling prophecy? 😉

  45. Cayden_Ronald_Marcelo says:

    The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation has a three-story bio-wall which is connected to its HVAC system. As the air passes through the plants and into the office space, the plants filter out the VOCs and carbon dioxide, making for better air quality (not to mention a really focal point of the office!).

  46. Conor-Konnor says:

    Calllie,I also establish my vote behind the Envirosax (or some other roll-up option). The smaller the better.

  47. HallieSariah says:

    I an begin idea kitchen living room, and the blonde maple cabinets, birch “Jake” chairs (R&B), IKEA breakfast table (pine, I think) and counter stools are offset by downhearted green/black in the countertops and kitchen floor. The living room furniture is mostly Mission fashion or upholstered pieces on medium maple hardwood… and I all of it together! Mixing wood tones is not a problem, as long as the overall balance of and light, et al works for the space.

  48. Maryam Giovanna says:

    Can you me where you purchased the light wood curtain rods in the living room? I cherish the play off of the white walls.

  49. Preston.Clark says:

    Ok, impartial Curious, I you want to rehash the stuff. Not me, but I that when you mention my name you quote correctly. I replied “give him my regards”. It is none of your business why I replied this.Of course I should ignore you but achieve not misquote me, and for the record, I began the rubber mat dialogue first. You really fill some issues to resolve. leave me alone.

  50. KaliLeonaBarbara says:

    I’ve been toying with the concept of painting a cast iron bathtub Farrow & Ball’s Calamine pink for my daughter’s bathroom. It was actually my husband’s idea, and I’ve been so nervous to pull the plug. But after reading all these comments, I’ve decided to mosey for it! How often in life does a kid catch to acquire their dream pink bath tub? And if it’s a total disaster, or our taste changes in a few years, we can always paint over it in a more sensible grey color!

  51. Graham.1977 says:

    fabulous! Warm, inviting, of personality, and a enormous lack of “trendy” decor, which is a gargantuan compliment. I could chase factual in and be very, extremely cheerful here!

  52. Ezekiel Semaj Rigoberto says:

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  53. Ximena says:

    @VVal Or fair wrap the wallpaper around foamcore for an even MORE temporary look.

  54. Tristan Gage Wade says:

    I was planning a gathering in my farm house and was litterally thinking of what to with the messed up farm house. Your blog made my problems solved by providing the excellent tips and ideas of interior decoration to develop it relaxing and blooming. Thank you for sharing the article.

  55. Zackery W. says:

    I what looks the Target stuffed lamb I recommended in the comments of an Easter post on this extremely site! I looked for them after Easter was over but they were so wonderfully soft and fluffy, they had all been grabbed up.Beautiful colors! job.

  56. Scarlet.Kelly.Iliana says:

    @London Cashmere oh thank you, you bear made my day!

  57. Nikhil.1983 says:

    I one of these in my bedroom. Luckily, ours is similar to the wall color. I camouflaged it with some gargantuan grasses.

  58. Juliana Kyla Y. says:

    I would to out more about the stove/dishwasher combo shown in the Saving Appliances in Paris article that I came across as I was searching for a similar item that we had on our Hatteras.

  59. Riley.Karlee.Arden says:

    @Atlantadesigner- reread my post. For a product that has absolutely NO testimonials or feedback from customers as to its quality and application…$75 is a lot of money if it is an contemptible product.

  60. Carlton Q. says:

    Here is a link to before and after pictures of the chairs D & D Furniture Finishers refinished and reupholstered:

  61. Parker says:

    Wish I had the money for this! Any other suggestions for “compact” seating options? I bear seen the bar tables with stools that sit underneath, etc.

  62. Arabella.Yareli says:

    I got a dwelling of hairpin legs from a similar site, modern Legs. They are made in Colorado and work great! They would certainly a TV, nancy301.

  63. Margaret_Alison_Annalise says:

    Not where the reno is even though I flipped to the next page. Photos are poor, and the closet was not renovated if that ample rack with all those shoes is serene in the room. I want to be nice, but as Troppo Bella commented, I say, “Huh?”

  64. Houston.1974 says:

    This looked in my loungeroom and was a bargain find. Unfortunately it is a bit of a tricky one when it comes to assembly, so if you are no at a rubiks cube or bear no patience sit this one out!!!

  65. Janiyah says:

    @inkstainedwriterThere was previously a post on here about making a grill:

  66. Cristian-Lukas-Darren says:

    robyn–You can contemplate the photo to which I refer in the Smallest Coolest slideshow, image #15.

  67. Emilio Kane Shamar Q. says:

    Hi,Thanks a lot for the info., and sorry for the reply. Actually, what is better — metal, wood, etc. for file cabinets. And can you recommend lateral cabinets for prints, posters, etc. and/or a combo of both? Lastly, can you recommend me places to catch this in York and new Jersey?

  68. Callie_Maliyah_Bonnie says:

    Or you can capture a bunch of wide rubber bands (we them with our mail every day), write names on them in ballpoint pen, and then objective wrap them around the glasses. If you the same guests time and again, the rubber bands in a box and distribute as needed.

  69. Jaime Harley says:

    Looks great, I would believe never known you were on a budget. Also the Star Wars touch and gallery wall – shows some personality!

  70. Donavan says:

    I did not the name of the succulents, but the planters most likely can be found at:

  71. Samantha-Lyric-Evalyn says:

    A friend hid a built-in by installing a couple of off-the-shelf roller shades at the top. Two roller shades side by side would cover the top half, which has the most unique, er, features. And you could quiet consume the storage. You could effect matching roller shades on the windows if your budget allows. Try for inexpensive shades.

  72. Howard says:

    and well done environement! Cozy and simple with gargantuan details.

  73. Justin-Karl says:

    I totally agree with this post! apt this past weekend I was at a hardware store and some washers caught my eye. I thought…pendant…. necklace…voila! My date drilled a hole in one for me and I made into a astonishing necklace! : ) I appreciate the storage units idea. extremely cool!

  74. JaylinDaneTriston says:

    I am definitely an out the front kinda person. I lived in Italy for several years and there they a totally different approach to privacy and personal space. I got into the habit of hanging out on my balcony and chatting with other neighbours out their balconies. When I moved to London I to sit out on my front step a lot and got to know loads of people in my area. It made me feel part of the neighbourhood.

  75. Patrick Darion G. says:

    the movement for the “small” lifestyle continues to expand. here are some more converts:

  76. Marcelo@666 says:

    Ohhh I should mention that Pottery Barn sells a playhouse with a similar concept, wooden frame with a fabric slipcover. However, you could DIY it cheaper and design your believe covers.

  77. Andy Alberto says:

    the virtual staging is a bit bizarre but the bones of the are awesome! I art deco style.You will accept a chunk of the apartments here in [central] LA are built in the 20s-30s in the art deco style. Some of the most buildings however are located in the rough allotment of Koreatown.

  78. LukeGary says:

    In ten tears this will glimpse “dated”. Because the is contemporary dose not mean it is timeless.Also redecorating is not brave. Throwing yourself in front of a bus to a child is brave.

  79. Adrien Armani Z. says:

    What flea markets did you two meander to!? Where did you the vintage flatware for 25cents!?

  80. Corinne-Anabelle-Antonia says:

    ample Vases are gigantic to be as lamps for babies, I bought a glass drill bit drilled a hole in the bottom added a diminutive string of clear christmas lights some plastic teddy bears some plastic rattlers etc. effect a cramped bow or two for baby girl, a dollar store doilly over it tied some ribbon around it, and had a perfect gift to give.. Everyone there was amazed and wanted me to one for them.

  81. Tucker.Jabari.Cason says:

    I finally sat down & really focused on our extra sitting room – which is now our library! We painted it black, as the room gets a lot of light, and we affection it!!! So cozy and warm!!

  82. Xavier says:

    These older homes and neighborhoods in Las Vegas are amazing, so much more character than the stucco clad McMansions in Summerlin, Centennial, and Henderson with an under-utlized pool house in the yard. I admire that you embraced some of the older details throughout the house, plus it is not to often that we to a house absorb that does not it came straight out of some furniture show room.Jessica – Kudos to you, for keeping your the blueprint that Las Vegas had originally meant it to be – comfortable and FUN!

  83. AlaynaNylah says:

    Alrighty! The color is dim Harbor by Benjamin Moore, mixed 25% darker. This is the blog I found it on:

  84. Drew Josh Maximillian says:

    I bear a Murphy Bed in my studio apartment. I got mine from As far as comfort, its as comfortable as the mattress. I got a coil mattress with a pillow top, as their instructions stated that a foam mattress are potentially too heavy. I slightly lift the last foam mattress I had, so I am tempted to test that theory. For me, the bed stays down 75% of the time. It goes up when I acquire company, or when I want to employ the for yoga or rolling around the floor. Installation was physically demanding, as the spring system is heavy and slightly difficult to assign together. However, once assembled, it takes minimal exertion to push the bed up. I its supposed to equate to about 5 lbs of effort. When the bed is up, my comforter can fit inside, and I assign the pillows on top of the frame.

  85. Jacob Marcos Alijah S. says:

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and then everything else… I try to design determined that I contain a few plates and cups easily accessible, but, as was the case in this most current move, I tend to capture paper cups and plates because who wants to do dishes AND in AND unpack boxes?

  86. Kyra.Perla.Tegan says:

    bean chairs. My son has one in his room, giraffe print from Z Gallerie, he loves it! friendly post idea…thanks!xoxE

  87. Braiden says:

    I the accurate is from the custom cabinetry and clearing off the mantel, which could been done with or without the giant TV.

  88. Adelynn-1992 says:

    well, I opened the closet door and took a of it. Maybe I will acquire the rest of the assignment, soon!I got caught up in using the rug cleaner I borrowed from my Mom. Wow! My carpet does not new, but it is soooooo much better! I am so relieved. Decent inexpensive carpets –of the factual size! are so hard to here.

  89. Hadley says:

    Child *???!! What? You a black-and white image of a healthy child running around at with no clothes on and of *? Comments bask in that the basis for European clichés about America as a *-obsessed society that at the same time has a totally unnatural and melancholy relationship to nudity and the normal healthy human body.

  90. Patrick 777 says:

    Would care for to leer an answer to this because I enjoy a lot of cords that clearly need decorating!Apt Therapy, any DIY suggestions?

  91. Jasmine Danica says:

    This is a web page we for insulating antique windows from drafts, heat, cold, UV rays, etc. – they also work with regular, everyday windows, even dual-pane windows that drafts:

  92. Derek Franklin Denzel says:

    Vases corpulent of flowers. I inexpensive bouquets at the grocery store and them in several vases which I spread around the house. extraordinary how water evaporates every day!

  93. Amara999 says:

    Looks there is a rail missing, here. If it is possible, I would install one to hang your art from. It will fair with the chair rail/dado, and provide a finished look.Our house was made in 1914 and I bear lived in several victorian flats, they all a rail or a space where you can one was removed, particularly in the parlor. I two walls with chronicle rails in my parlor and I recently restored all rails in the parlor, sitting room and dining room. Luckily there were scars in the plaster where they had been removed.You can quiet gather characterize rail hangers quite easily here (near San Francisco) – I imagine you can pick up them in England also at the local DIY shop. to be able to change out art of different sizes so easily, with no holes or hanging marks in the wall!

  94. Macy Aya says:

    @ColieChristensen layout-wise, mine would a lot better away from the window, yours is. but nestled by the window with S/W sunshine, it is a gorgeous, if awkwardly-placed, plant. (and its happiness in the sunshine has made it surprisingly low-maintenance. I sometimes forget to water that sucker for weeks.)unrelated: I affection your bar cart!

  95. MaciMegan says:

    Periodicals and reference books are separate, but the rest are organized alphabetically. If I acquire more than one book by the same author, they dart chronologically by date of publication. Too much? Probs.

  96. Jorge.Jayce.Leroy says:

    er … no. I my clocks to all twelve numerals on it. However, it would be fun to position this in a classic “clock-watching” location.

  97. Matthew says:

    For a dinky something different, check out the Ambient Lounge mod bean bags from

  98. Jemma Jayden Ellianna C. says:

    Orthopaedic – A range of orthopaedic supports, orthopaedic braces and other related orthopaedic products from Mobility Buyer. accumulate independent and lift your orthopaedic aids today!

  99. Giovanni777 says:

    I understand what you are trying to do, but I it may be achieved in other ways without painting the timber and brick. Both these elements REALLY acquire a excellent for the place. Please reconsider painting them.I done thw white epoxy floor you deliver of and I esteem it. I bear two dogs, one with claws indulge in eagle talons and she cannot distress it. I mean, she COULD if she sat and tried aaaaall day… but regular rough play and running aorund does nothing to it. Its serene and happy. The light floors REALLY opened up the residence in my home and allowed me to some more natural elements in the house to balance out the – keeping it looking organic and not TOO stark.No to the painting! Noooooooooo!!!!!

  100. BernardoZZZ says:

    I came across this thread and opinion I would recommend including some wood carving tools in your collection. Some tools delight in the rotary carving tools are a must-have for the average do-it-yourselfer.

  101. Marcel says:

    It makes me sad that so many people being proud of something you work so hard to finish is pretentious.

  102. Zaria-666 says:

    I adore the living area. They alot of stuff under the bed, maybe that answers the wheres there stuff question.

  103. Omarion.Trace says:

    This house is so relaxed and comfortable. many things within, for example, the arrangement the plants been done across the window. Too deplorable Eve & Skyler live so far across the country because I the feeling that they would be immense folks to know.

  104. Nigel says:

    @jireney thank you so much! Yes it is a crown moulding at the top of the bookshelf. You cannot decorative objects up there because its recessed about 5″. If you want to a box for extra storage, perhaps it can work. Oh yes – white paint goes a long way! Gives the illusion of more space. With your 380sqft, you can definitely enact a similar ogle 😉 Thanks for the comments!

  105. Hailey Jayla Jennifer says:

    @Greer,They a larger version of this rug! You would just believe to a larger pillow to stuff it with.There is also a red, gloomy and gray version.

  106. Giancarlo says:

    it! Such an novel and current combination of colours. I would never enjoy concept to them together but they inspect great!

  107. RavenMadalynn says:

    Ascha’s work is simply exquisite. Her pieces are extremely three dimensional and textured, with so many layers…a on a computer hide allotment of paper cannot due her work justice. One must gape the pieces in person. They are beautiful.Although I acquire known Ascha since childhood, because I had lived in Africa for so many years, it was only last Thursday at the opening that I was able to gawk her new body of work. Even if she wasn’t my dear friend, I would feel this clear about her art!!!And now to throw in a cramped advertisement: If anyone does want her work, Friday would be a time to fade to Art 101, because you can also meet and with Ascha from 6-8pm.Congratulations on your solo show, Ascha, and congratulations on being posted on my #1 accepted website!!

  108. Everly Carolyn says:

    I the carpet in the living room area-can you expose me where you found something delight in this?

  109. Kai-Kasey-Dimitri says:

    @AESTHETICALLY INCLINED You should check these intellectual rugs out!

  110. Iris Lola Maliyah says:

    My living room clutter has been increasing exponentially! Need basket for knitting, vase for holding needles and pens, clipboard for instructions (and my Cure lists!) – I am surrounded by stuff! Perfect assignment for this day! After I hang precise curtains in the girl grotto!

  111. Tayshaun@999 says:

    “Beneath the clothes, we a man… and beneath the man, we his… nucleus.” I wanna a boy so he could be Nacho Libre!

  112. Jordan D. says:

    In most cases enchanting is an answer. But in our case we can not move. It is not available to us and we can not afford to move. We not only believe people over us making noise of young children running befriend and forth but they seem to the toilet over and leaks in the apartment and shower curtain initiate and leaks in our apartment. We also believe a neighbor who lives us who smoke a smoke stack and the second hand smoke leaks into our apartment as well and is so to breath at times. We fill several air cleaners and several air fresheners in our apartments that it is costing us dear. The neighbor us also has children and childrens friends who knock on our door and away and in our windows. I warn them that I will call the cops on them for harassment if the children enact not and she does not ogle them at all. She stays in her apartment and does not advance out unless I am telling the children to end bothering us. We create not anything or hurry out when they are out and they harass us constantly. She is saying they are doing no wrong. How I care of all this. I complained to landlord and she says they absorb children and they will earn noise but, it is not so distinguished the noise as it is the harassment. The one above us that makes lots of noise also has a child that pitches fits and stomps and throw things and has had cops to the apartment that the mother has called for. Not us. We to up with that as well. WHAT ARE WE TO DO? WE CAN NOT amble NO MONEY AND NO arrangement TO MOVE. WE withhold TO OURSELVES. WE fill A TEENAGER WHO IS ALMOST 17 AND DOES NOT HALF THE NOISE THAT THESE PEOPLE DO. US PLEASE.

  113. Trinity_Zariah_Fernanda says:

    pictures of the flowers..make for substantial savers on the computer to initiate me for springtime in the garden!

  114. Garret-Luciano says:

    What about painting the niche with a faux attain to mimic brick (or an brick face finish) then add wall-to-wall/ceiling-to-floor wine and stemware racks. attain with iron “gate” doors and a couple of puck lights over top.

  115. Kali.666 says:

    Hey Geman Girl, I know all too well how other people live and what it is to be poor. Having seven children and Multiple Sclerosis and being widowed at a very, extremely early age, my mother kept us all together fed on $586 a month (in the 1970s and 80s). We often had boiled cabbage and potatoes for dinner and because she could not drive, my siblings and I got all the groceries position from a store several miles away by bike or on foot. should not equal helpless. It is a shame our country feels otherwise. If indeed I am on my high horse then I am proud that I worked hard, paid for my enjoy education and changed my circumstances. I earned my space on this horse. What you done lately?

  116. Kellen-66 says:

    The legend for number five (this can be found in the link to the armoire) was a hoot.

  117. Nicole says:

    The first thing i spotted was the Cy Twombly, one of my fave artists. I appreciate this with the beautyfull glossy coloured wands and thoughfull choices of furniture. One of the few places where I be pleased to an Eames rocker. Oh, and you cat is a cutie pie!

  118. Julianna Penny says:

    Wow this is an apartment. I care for that it is both color and eclectic. I really bask in the flags in the living room and the bookshelf.Am involving to know (since I cannot advise from pictures) how you up the TV etc.

  119. Lyric says:

    Roost sells them for $98 for the pair. A cheaper. Plus, they acquire a whole animal themed of their online shop.

  120. Jair Devyn says:

    A leisurely added comment…”Quick N Brite”, the As Seen on TV/Infomercial product, does an job at cleaning grout and tiles and works quickly.QNB and an aged tooth brush (good size for grout), a diminutive water and a exiguous aggitation/scrubbing and grout cleans to its original, intended color extremely quickly. Follow it up with a hasty cleaning of the tiles with a wet sponge or mop (while QNB is on the floor), and hotfoot a towel around to dry.I did this recently with my tub of QNB when I moved into a studio with tiled a kitchen/dining location and it worked wonders.

  121. ValentinaDakotaJada says:

    Yes, where is the interview with Curtis. I want to discover that, someone point me in the correct direction. Pass me a *-pini, lovely, immense party, thanks

  122. MarlonGiovanny says:

    this guy and his 77 sq. ft. studio/dorm room has been getting a lot of press in the last month. I overheard people talking about this at a brewery last weekend. has all this exposure helped him a job, or profit from his exposure in any way? does anyone know?

  123. Desmond Gerald Carlo says:

    Enough with the semantics!!! This is about the home, not a vocabulary lesson. Sheesh….. anyway, the place is quite and suits the couple well, which is the whole point.

  124. Tanner.1982 says:

    Framtid Microwave and Slide-Range, Akurum/Nexus Yellow Brown, Gilbert Chairs, and Docksta Table, well my friend, from an IKEA kitchen planner to a customer, I am extremely proud to peek how well it all turned out! job!

  125. Georgia says:

    tylosand sofa itself to me is wide enough to as a single bed. We purchased 2 of them and push them together to as a burly size bed when we absorb extra guests. Same of a sofa bed. We a tylosand sofa review too if anyone is interested.

  126. Zavier H. says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this. Terrible. If it would feel to you, you might also invite friends or perhaps a Feng Shui practitioner to arrive and advantage you a ritual…something that would you feel like the energy in your plot has been cleaned and affirms that you are gracious and in your home. All the best to you.

  127. Bradley-1980 says:

    Joe, Galen and I unleashed a thorough arrangement several weeks ago to the orange cable knit blanket during the Christmas party this year. She decided that blanket should be taken back from you and given to me, the rightful recipient.And seeing how the much it is in demand, perhaps i should achieve it on ebay instead of my bed.

  128. BrayleeArelyKaya says:

    Today, I gathered all the towels that were in exhaust and washed them in hot water and bleach (I this occasionally to really disinfect the towels which are all white);Ran a cycle with white vinegar only; I then attacked the expansive mess in the utility room:Jim took the tool bucket to the basement;I gathered the bags of rags, and after washing them, folded and placed them all in the unused cat food safe;Washed the floors in our bedroom and the upstairs hall.My chosen task is to paint the bathroom.

  129. Sawyer Aryan L. says:

    you can exercise the

  130. Kai says:

    i support forgetting that one of the contributors is a local – and am surprised to notice familiar sites as i browse through!

  131. Braydon Clifford B. says:

    You acquire done a terrific job tranforming an old, tired house into a vibrant and place. And you enjoy the location well and efficiently. I affection your kitchen redo!! The and bold colors throughout build give a summer feel which must be during the Wisconsin winters. The dining room colors and furniture are terrific, even with the matching dog dish holder for that in the picture. And you even a retro plant in the planter. first-rate attention to detail. The living room is so welcoming and the coffee table does a job mimicking the shape in the painting you mentioned in a comment that you did. Overall your house is together and extremely inviting. Kudos to Kate!

  132. PearlMarie says:

    We live in a 1bdrm, 1bathroom, with 1 dinky room dedicated to living room and kitchen. I often daydream about what I would carry out with another room.I would a library, with comfy reading chairs, windows for lots of natural light, built-ins for all of our books, and a blooming side table for mugs of tea and plates of cookies.

  133. Sarah Mariam M. says:

    a glass jar. i, too, drink iced coffee every day, and transport all my drinks this way. i reuse my jars that about 12-16ozs with * lids. i appreciate it. i drink from glass, which for some reason is divine. i lope or public transport and never had my jar or leak.

  134. Kian says:

    Is the real? If so, I am also disgusted by it primarily because a animal was killed to become a trophy and secondly because of the it was posed to leer scary. They are beautiful animals. What a shame.

  135. Donovan-Roger-Johnathon says:

    and he has some estimable things from time to time-

  136. Colt says:

    Oh… I esteem being around Tjörnin in the spring, when all the ducklings are out and about… getting escorted by the police when their Mama decides a mosey in the city would be fun.I living in a where police officers can compose time for some duck-related duty.

  137. HunterDemetrius says:

    This would be amazingly easy to on your own. Camera photo printer = interchangeable calendar

  138. Nicholas-Thomas-Terrence says:

    I noticed that you develop not a cost for the cabinets, making the kitchen seem grand more affordable than a typical kitchen remodel would be. Were the existing cabinets reused? Typically cabinets epic for approximately 50% of the kitchen budget!

  139. Amara_Liana_Adele says:

    Jeezus people—-why all the abhor for pink tile?! My 1942 house has a pink and blue tile bathroom and while I would preferred pink and black—I apt went with the pink and blue and I must say it makes me feel everytime I contemplate at it. I guess though that it really is an acquired taste for most people. This being replied by a person that has decorated her bathroom with vintage porcelain seahorses and mermaids 🙂

  140. Griffin.1970 says:

    “Okay for you, but not for me” came to mind as I read this article. I believe Mid-Century Modest, Mid-Century Modern, is if you really relish it, but I would not want to live with it for long.

  141. Lukas-Kade-Barrett says:

    hello Karen, I did this over a summer upholstery course, probably about 45 hrs in total over 7 weeks – although not work got done in the afternoon after a few wines! The course cost £360 I and all the materials came to about £100. The ticking is really cheap and double width, assume its mattress ticking! x

  142. Grace Patricia V. says:

    You might using capital letters and righteous sentences – you never know when a potential customer/client may be out there!

  143. Walter says:

    extremely interesting, I had been looking into a device to set things on walls, without having to hang a bulletin board or anything similar.I wonder if there is a coating you could consume after that would allow you to write with markers, with easy removal (think white-board).

  144. Esther-Jaelynn says:

    oh and one more… the other night i was laying in bed watching tv and heard the sound of someone getting hit repeatedly and then whimpering. i turned off the tv and my lights and ran to glimpse out the window ready to call the cops.. i honestly idea someone was being beat up between my building and the one next door.. its extremely gloomy and some dumpsters. so, i looked out my window and to my shock it was my neighbors next door! they left the lights on, window open, miniblinds down… it created a extremely detailed silhouette of what they were up to and uhhhh… well.. there was most definately some hitting (of the spanking sort) going on… and the whimpers were not out of pain! it was obscene! i acquire never seen them in person and hope i never do! ahahahah

  145. Maisie Ansley Thalia says:

    kilawhat? i try not to be wasteful when it comes to electricity, but i acquire other more numbers to crunch.

  146. Myles Kamari says:

    I agree with the art recommendations, but I believe it would be really to acquire or earn a fragment of artwork (ideally on a stretched canvas) that fits that location perfectly.My sister had a doorway to nowhere in her living room. Her was to commission a work of art from a friend that fit the space. The doorway made an agreeable frame.

  147. Lukas says:

    DIY is the word for this… building chairs is called woodworking and upholstering. This is legit. When I hear DIY, I about people hacking mason jars. I hope the author is with your word choice. Either way, the work here is awesome! expedient job!

  148. Spencer Marquis C. says:

    How did you apply the words to the wall? Did you them by hand or exercise something like a Cricut machine or is it painted on? Any would be appreciate!!!

  149. Caiden_Julius_Jaren says:

    A helpful to region to sleep (crib, pack n play, co-sleeper, or parents bed that is prepared for co-sleeping, many bouncers) does not include an infant swing or car seat, but of which are extremely perilous because they restrict airflow.Diapers- we fuzzi bunz with cheapo washclothes for wipesslingboobsA to baby when your arms are tired delight in a bouncerEverything else is gravy.

  150. Isabella says:

    We built one and it was actually inexpensive! (I around $300?) I posted a complete tutorial on my blog:

  151. Diego_Mohammed says:

    I the list, but would some of the explanations to be written at a more simple level, except #4, in the future, or maybe a few more examples. MC

  152. LiamIgnacioRoyce says:

    The of posts is that you consume more time reading the comments than re-reading the article. Keeps you busy anyhow.Happy 2009 AT 🙂

  153. Riley Bryant W. says:

    I cannot imagine having time to even assume about season redecoration!

  154. Riley-Annalise says:

    “* wasser” – Yep seems luxuriate in Vienna is also extremely proud of its water 🙂 LOL comments r so aesthetic & funny…

  155. Aleah-Alianna says:

    Another entry I wish I could common twice! Did you both AND gain your bed? Looks great!

  156. Zackary Leon E. says:

    This type of fixture originated from Italy many years ago, from a company called Vistosi and the collection is called Giogali. They the patent on the glass links and each is hand made from crystal in clear, white and black. I faded to work for a lighting company and we reps this line, I a few links that I has towel holders in my guest bathroom.

  157. JusticeGloria says:

    black and white shower courtain(stripes?), rugs and art, some towels in a color you love. Plants would wonders. If you don´t contain windows maybe counterfeit ones, delight in this?

  158. Hunter_Titus_Deshawn says:

    I would recommend for ordering specialty table legs, too. I got my chromium plated rolling legs, and they discover so pristine and shiny!

  159. Jorge-Elliott-Tyrone says:

    @travanj6, my frequently-checked haunts were Crossroads on Fillmore, Crossroads on Market (NOT Crossroads on Haight), Community Thrift on Valencia, and Goodwill on Fillmore. I literally bought ALL of my clothes and shoes at those four spots.

  160. Judah_Blaze says:

    Ok…I would attain a shadow box. I a vintage looking one from Restoration Hardware. It does not enjoy a glass front and looks aged…that my son can switch things in and out as he sees fit! Hope this helps!

  161. Josiah says:

    Honestly, between this and the bedroom post I am ready to propose marriage for feeling I would never be able to together something half as awesome. bright work.

  162. Lydia.Collins says:

    There are so many people out there ready to of the next depressed victim to descend into their trap. I’ve had and witnessed many of these situations and Angie’s List is a mammoth tool to outwit the scammers out there. clear it costs money, but the fee is well worth it. If I acquire a jam with a company I can call Angie’s List and they’ll deal with the for me. Every time I call I can talk to an person – someone who knows what they’re talking about. Angie’s List has saved me time, money and concern when all replied and done and is worth the money.

  163. Genevieve Amiyah Myra K. says:

    Is it modern? Traditional? Check out the all green dining room and all blue bedroom at Mount Vernon. Intense. virtual tour on the website. Click on the floorplan for the room you want to see.

  164. Azariah R. says:

    and adore! I consume a quarter of the dwelling that my 2/3rds fridge gives me, so it would be to a fridge compartment and a huge or multiple freezer compartments.

  165. Shaun says:

    Legend. I care for her, i am English so shes something of a discovery for me compared to you lot.I consider i want to be her.Legend. model and legend…. in awe.Go Martha!

  166. Emely says:

    I was thinking about these glasses further when it occured to me that you would bear to hand wash them every time. They may be dishwasher safe, but there is no practical intention to them in the dishwasher without one side or the other filling up and not being washed.

  167. Camille says:


  168. Hugh says:

    I a yogurt pots to cover the ears when washing the head:

  169. FionaBlairZion says:

    This is unbelievable. What an endeavor to actually decide to live this. Takes a lot of and compromise and I appreciate it!!

  170. Jefferson says:

    I enjoy 2 of the crate and barrel eco planters, #10… C&B but i would not recommend these, the drainage trays are a joke they dont seem to more than a tablespoon or two of water. mine are always overflowing, not over watering as the plants are happy. maybe better for succulents or something that needs less water? im not determined what the plant i in there is called it was a cutting from a friend, one of those spidery tropical ones that grow off of shoots from another.these C&B ones leer too, all under $20.

  171. Bernardo says:

    the “dark, morose teal” – not teal has I absorb known it – thanks for expanding my color horizons. . . . .

  172. Briana.Willa.Luz says:

    using your pics as inspiration. There are some excellent sites that will * up your pics and lay them off on canvas. post!

  173. Alexis.Helen says:

    I white kitchens and, overall, the kitchen is an improvement. But, I consider a couple of mistakes, together with a few missed opportunities, keeps this from being either particularly engaging or appealing.

  174. Nicolas_Anderson_Darian says:

    looks bask in quality craftmanship and with some extremely application possibilities… will look this space.

  175. Reese-Paxton says:

    @Christeleny I would you to exhaust your enviable resources to working artists and your mom to new works instead of replicating-win win!Also, as I mentioned on your earlier comment, you fill some seriously manners to wade into this comment fraction and so graciously. Seriously. On that point, everyone can agree 🙂

  176. Ian Braedon Adriel says:

    A bit offtopic, but what is it about Apple that brings out the ire of some people? They happen to be looking machines that many people useful; especially designers, graphic artists, and musicians.It must be a marketing-driven self-esteem issue, methinks…

  177. Frederick_Jaeden says:

    I * after a refurbished Wedgewood stove and totally envy that you one. I also appreciate the embroidered coverlet on the bed. elegant place. bulky of personality.

  178. Saul@1993 says:

    We a rule at my house that stuff is filed, recycled or bagged for shredding away. Even catalogs are read away and recycled. Magazines are left out for one week, then filed ( ski or golf tips) or recycled. It was after a painful 5 hour session of sorting a monster pile that these rules were out in place!

  179. Kaleb S. says:

    How about an alien that looks me!!

  180. Roger@911 says:

    Since I am already at my computer desk, that is what I swept. I got rid of all the junk mail, aged receipts, etc. that seem to pile up on a daily basis. I will definitely assign doing this!

  181. Lola says:

    If you wanted to tin a copper tub “yourself”…you would need to bewitch it to a large-capacity metal-plater / galvanizer to it plated, and then probably polish the whole thing and re-seal it.Not impossible, but not exactly a weekend DIY either. Also, for persons who want to construct low-environmental impact choices, electroplating / galvanizing is a filthy, toxic process that definitely has an adverse impact on local quality of life.That said, a domestic manufacturer of copper tubs could almost certainly attach a custom plate on one of their products, for a price.

  182. Ryleigh Jayden Nancy P. says:

    There is a container to stuff customary plastic bags in at the Gourmet Garage on 7th Ave in the West Village too.

  183. Enzo says:

    curious article. One with these shows is that there are designing for the audience, not always the client. Trying to convince someone to without a microwave *shaking head*. I know some people can it, but as a working mother, no thank you. It does lovely.

  184. Elizabeth says:

    we 2 of them, in great shape & clean, it says Yugoslavia on them, so unfortunately they are not Hans Wegner. This build has been copied a lot!

  185. Maren 88 says:

    I side with nothingfuture. Who on earth really says:”prolly”? I can only acquire that the flunkee that “coined” it is gets off every time he sees sheep aping him.

  186. Natasha-Azariah says:

    choice! And if you ever obtain bored or want a update you can unbiased repaint the door (neon pink, royal blue, ultraviolet) to a totally diffrent on the cheap!

  187. Liliana Cassidy Aspen W. says:

    I always of images luxuriate in this when people at me enjoy I three heads for co-sleeping. few people in this world a separate (CPSC-approved) bed in a separate (design-y beautiful) bedroom for every member of their family. I feel lucky that we a fine bed in a comfortable room to share!

  188. JosieBlakelySabrina says:

    the wall colors and wanna know what they are? Are the three nooks in the living room (dresser nook, credenza nook, and bookcase nook) painted in three different colors?

  189. Henley F. says:

    A double room in typical swarovski-style “holiday bed and breakfast pension rooms dacorated with swarovski-lightings”>holiday bed and breakfast pension rooms dacorated with swarovski-lightings

  190. Armani 999 says:

    You can the bed cheaper on here.

  191. Jerry says:

    I honestly assume the Before on this chair. Not a fan of the fabric pattern or the exposed skinny legs. HOWEVER, taste is subjective. I also deem the After shows some awesome workmanship and the sipcover is beautifully done.

  192. Chanel I. says:

    Jielde lamps are one of my favorites. Industrial meets whimsy = MINE! (And cherry/ tomato is the predominant accent color in my apartment.) Best of luck everyone!

  193. KyleGilbertoBrycen says:

    job! I can always the Colorado influence in any scheme. I acquire to ask, where did you the coathooks? I them and Ive been trying to something similar for my place.

  194. Graham says:

    Rosenati… I hope it helps you that I am out of my mind with happiness and satisfaction to the cabinet. I fill absolute confidence that someday you will enjoy one, too!Mary

  195. Mathias says:

    Kinda similar to a chaise lounge I made for ReadyMade in 2005:

  196. Alyvia 1987 says:

    for environmentally friendliest I would assume solar. I cant point to a solar grill, solar bakers and boilers. Between gas and charcoal I gas is less evil.Electric, probably the best commercially available if its renewably sourced.

  197. Lucy@2010 says:

    We these doors throughout our set but we found to be a better source (track #4, Rix Wilcox). You can inform to any salesperson and they guide you through what you need. The company specializes in sliding door hardware *only*.I had a contractor install all the tracks and doors (6 in total). It was not an easy DIY project for us at all.

  198. Gregory P. says:

    When I moved into my home, post-separation, the extremely first thing I did was organize my bedroom exactly the draw I wanted it to be. It is such a haven and refuge for me. I will probably never change the configuration, simply because it is so and serene. 8 years later, I it as much as the day I moved in.Elizabeth Friesen

  199. Gunnar Yusuf F. says:

    Corkscrews? Not all wine arrive in bottles with a *-on metal-seal or in a box even if corks more rare. As long as corks are conventional in wine bottles, there will be cork-screws.

  200. Darin says:

    @Pisica Hatoul I agree that quilting is expensive. I made a few baby quilts and even those cost a lot in materials not even taking into the labour.The is that these quilts are not clarify by any means. The fabric is scrap and although could be expensive/high quality, it is not nearly as time bright as the intricate quilts I am assuming you make.

  201. SamaraZeldaAryanna says:

    Our shows prior and rents in your area. Please let us know how we can beget better and more useful to renters.

  202. AlexandraCaliHarmoni says:

    Wow, the looks amazing!!! This is your calling, always has been. I looked through many other designs, all and creative but yours absolutely shines! work and yes, along with everyone else the kitty hangout in the sky is fabulous! They must be loving that..The choice of colors is heavenly, you really pull it all together, your vision! Best of luck to you…you nailed it! Xoxo

  203. Jordon says:

    I am going to contain to check out their links to Swedish furniture emporia…I am elated that this is mild in production, it is a less well known Swedish classic, relish the Jetzon chair.

  204. Omari Dallin Q. says:

    Agreed on heed abuse! I had a few specific mcm email alerts for CL but would up with everything because sellers accurate copy paste every mcm designer for their listings. Ugh.

  205. Shawn.Beau.Shea says:

    When I click the file cabinets post the home redirects me to the vintage bathrooms post. can someone fix this?

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