Decorating Your Outdoor Chaise Lounges More Comfortable

Outdoor chaise lounges now come with decorating ideas that will make your porch and backyard more astounding of course. Chaise to the area outside your home is very important to be provided, if you have purchased a table outdoors and intends to organize your page as a patio or lounging area pleasant. Whether for a patio area that is covered by a roof, or the area of the page that opens, you’ll need a proper outdoor seats and is able to withstand all weather conditions in the area where you live. Chaise lounges are very useful when you want to enjoy your home page that has been arranged with slick with family and friends.

traditional outdoor chaise lounges unique

traditional outdoor chaise lounges unique

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really decorating your outdoor chaise lounges more comfortable. Note the chaise number you provide when you purchase the seats; do not let people who gathered in the area can not be seated because of the lack of the number of seats that you provide. Aside from an adequate amount, outdoor chaise lounge chairs must be made of durable material. Most people will buy a seat that can be placed in the open ares outside your house all the time, so it’s good if you invest your money on a chaise high quality and can withstand extreme weather changes. If you do not intend to let the chaise lounge that you buy are placed outside constantly, you can buy a chaise that can be folded or stacked with ease so that you are not the current difficulties will store it in the warehouse.

awesome outdoor chaise lounges unique designs

awesome outdoor chaise lounges unique designs

fabulous wicker outdoor chaise lounges with pillows

fabulous wicker outdoor chaise lounges with pillows

Outdoor chaise lounge consists of a wide variety of designs, colors and models. Because of variations are many, you can choose a chaise corresponding to the outside of your home environment but still match the decor of your own home. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really decorating your outdoor chaise lounges more comfortable.

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  2. Heaven.Brittany.Lillianna says:

    Does anyone know where I can choose the lighting fixture in photo #3? I enjoy concrete ceilings and am looking for a fixture that can give light to our dining area. Thanks!

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  4. Jude.Amari.Blaise says:

    The “I am Baker” blog also has an all-natural rainbow cake colored with current fruit purees. It produces the most moist, cake ever.

  5. Moses.Alvaro.Braiden says:

    i affection this bathroom. it looks a bit dingy. build a limited elbow grease into shiny-ing it up. maybe compose or toilet seat which would pull in the green, and that would the fixtures more of a cohesive rather than having the toilet being the man out. seriously, i assume give the existing fixtures a face catch with a marvelous and thorough cleaning, and accent with accessories (curtain, towels, rugs), and soften up the lighting and you contain yourself a it up! many of us contemplate you lucky!

  6. Teagan says:

    This looks so cool. I it.~ Sarah @

  7. Rene Zechariah J. says:

    I personally appreciate the Ikea Pax, I recommend them to my clients who are in need of more storage place in their bedroom, the Pax looks apt if you an entire wall with them and you can add a molding. When I the tallest one 92′ I accumulate the molding installed to the ceiling so that they eye more devour

  8. Veronica_Kiera says:

    I really this home! So and cheerful and casual. Such a home. care for all the built-in nooks. also, I the notion of using a couch in the dining room, but is it comfortable? i feel i would constantly be laying abet instead of sitting up to the table.seriously home!

  9. Alexandria says:

    A garden that is bigger than my house. A gazebo and outdoor oven and lots of garden furniture. A by the river on a hill with surrounded by many tress giving shade and privacy.A excellent kitchen with rustic table, a pantry stocked with canned goodies from my garden,.A hot tub on the deck. A balcony beget the master bedroom with the chaise lounge. A window seat in master bedroom, tub by the excellent window in bathroom with double sink.Lots of French windows, a sun room filled with many plants.NO carpet at all a few selected runs. Mexican tiles stones, and hardwood floors.Not to eh?

  10. Amber Lylah Tegan S. says:

    I am so loving the wedding drawing and commissioned sculptures. What a gargantuan gift.

  11. NatalieMyahTori says:

    Wall mounted fridge? Is this somebodies of hating on the short people? I cant the tops of my cabinates as is!

  12. Joyce777 says:

    We 3 leather (faux?) bins I found at area Goods. I always glimpse a version of these bins there, and it ties in nicely with our furniture. They arrive in different sizes and colors (deep red, mahogany, forest green, caramel.) If the toys commence spilling out the top, I rotate some into the storage bins in the garage.

  13. Emerson_Skyla says:

    I conclude to say that this post is glorious hilarious. I agree with quiltmaster. Not to dog on rag rugs….they enjoy their and time but they are what they are. (And $200 for a 3×5 rag rug is not exactly what I would call affordable.)

  14. SebastianDeaconNestor says:

    That is elegant killer…though I first saw grapes instead of bubbles…it being a winery and all.I believe on-site robot, personally. It would be too fragile if the whole panel was made and then delivers and installed. Or perhaps it was off-site-robot-made in say 1 foot by 1 foot sections and then sent in…to be puzzled together.Hmmmm…ditto Doug…though I would to know what mortar they are using if any…especially if it was made in smaller panels.Hmmmm.

  15. Brent_Devonte_Camryn says:

    I agree with all the UTI people: Cats often * in ways that earn your attention when they a urinary issue.In my case, memorably, Pork on the kitchen table while I was eating breakfast.

  16. Maxwell_Van says:

    Its my giant chaise lounge (which I acquire instead of a couch)! Its so comfy!

  17. Charlie Kyan says:

    This proves that floors can totally develop or demolish a –

  18. Julian Messiah B. says:

    Wow, judging from these comments, I NOT recommend looking at the Queen Anne Victorian this designer did.

  19. Giovani-66 says:

    I contain the some colored walls and carpet color as your floor in my rental! Any non beige color palette will work wonders.A rug would be here – two if you wanted to build a sisal (faux or real) and then a smaller striped one layered over that add furniture, and some fabric upholstered to the walls (you can exercise push pins in the corners if you stretch it right really) if you want, but I mirrors always class a smalls space.

  20. Diego says:

    Divided. I can’t concentrate on work while my bed is in the same room and I can’t sleep with too many visual distractions.

  21. Ben_Jovanni_Sullivan says:

    Yes why not your tooth paste, a few pennies and instead consume a lot of money fixing them at the dentist- smart.

  22. Lia Jaliyah Heather M. says:

    @kimithy Agree! absorb a Hogwarts-themed nursery in a castle—not a closet.

  23. Valentina-1992 says:

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  25. Eric Leo Dante F. says:

    @Segfault I know right? I mean, even concept the clip edges is not sharp, with enough forces, bending, and jerks *-knows-what the user/environment applied accidentally to the cables, that 0.3 mm steel plate of the clip will cut its intention to the cables.

  26. Gracelyn says:

    I got mine, two days ago…I am trying extremely hard not too read it too quickly…I want to it!

  27. Camren-Lucian says:

    I agree with previous posts that the 31.5″ Billy bookcase would fit nicely in the 36″ space.I actually design beget 4 of them (with the top extensions) all lined up on one of my living room walls and there is a of 4″ at each end.

  28. Maryam_Estella says:

    Found another exquisite copper design:

  29. Pedro-696 says:

    I would say, in general, that Orientals or Mongoloids or what acquire you enjoy mastered the art of forking. So believe the *, but only after WWII, and only after a lot of training sessions by dedicated missionaries.

  30. Fabian Matteo Z. says:

    Yay! An Australian post! As somebody relatively fresh to Australia I been blown away by some of the Australian designers and architects, particularly in Sydney. I care for the inaugurate floor plans and of natural materials of which the last narrate is a titanic example. The weather we here allows for a blurred line between outdoor and indoor space. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully there will be more Aussie posts to come!

  31. Roman.Gerardo.Darin says:

    I second the oil cloth. Here is my source:

  32. ElenaDannaTori says:

    hear hear!!! i to bear those * plastic ones forever, i never could abide a wire hanger. mostly because they were unwieldy and lots of my stuff was really too heavy for em. then i realized that ikea has those * wood ones for soooo cheap it was a “no brainer” and i always nod of approval from my friends when i pull out a sweet, sturdy wood hanger for their jackets… and at $2.99 for 8,

  33. Phoebe Aadhya U. says:

    Wow.Agree with the other posters – time for tough care for now (if this “friendship” is even worth salvaging)What happens when she brings over her fresh boyfriend, who proceeds to trash your place, your bed, your kids stuff, your kids? What happens someday when she brings over her untrained human baby, who proceeds to * in your bed, blueprint on the walls, hit your kids…? This person seems completely devoid of empathy, sense, and personal responsibility – basically, the definitions of friendship.The puppy is the merely the symptom, not the disease.

  34. Layne Ari says:

    Thanks! I should point out that the painting on the wall is by my husband, Chris Paynter. I also neglected to mention his name in the list of occupants. Sorry! Everything in the house is a collaboration between us, I consume all of the credit. 😉 Alisa

  35. JacobClinton says:

    Although this is cute, it looks too contrived as if a stylist honest went out and bought everything for the photo shoot. Also, not impressed with your need to iMac, iPhone and tablet in its absorb photo.

  36. Felix-Antoine-Earl says:

    My absolute favorite!! The colors are so and the mix of artwork and collections this so personal! Truly feels delight in a warm and fine home. And admire the pup!

  37. RobertDemarionRey says:

    We asked guests to us giftcards for our engagement party (sorry, too selfish to it for the wedding! oops!) and since lent that money out 6 times over – so satisfying to be reminded of that day we had when we fresh loans every couple of months.

  38. Rylee Malaki says:

    We are about to offer a line of wood patterned and/or concrete coated table tops that double as art for exiguous spaces or that occasional need for an extra table. Check out our work here:

  39. Cory.Gauge says:

    That has got to be the most astonishing stove/oven/cooking centre thingy I ever seen. I want it! Where can I come by one?

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  41. Cameron Kai W. says:

    I agree with HeritageWoodworks. In rooms with expensive and difficult to replace fixtures, relish bathrooms and kitchens, timeless compose is the device to go. You can always paint, accessories, art, lighting, etc. to bring decor up-to-the-minute. I cringe a bit when I discover extremely trendy baths and kitchens, because I know that no matter how vast they now, they will be extremely dated in a few years.These people fill a winner with their bathroom update, and it was a simple fix too.

  42. Aliyah-Angela-Joslyn says:

    I relish to dark the lights, light a few candles or dash in the lights on the Christmas tree. sip a glass of (fortified) eggnog and listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas CD.The holiday season makes it easier for me to cope with the short cool days.

  43. Elena-Maryam says:

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  44. Itzel-99 says:

    My husband owned an two flat and lived downstairs. His upstairs tenant never complained about anything. Apparently, her toilet had been leaking for several weeks or months, but she never replied anything. She kept the water shut off until it was time to flush. Two days before he was supposed to end on the sale, his kitchen ceiling fell in from all the water that had saturated the plaster. I wish she would replied something because we would believe fixed it away. It turned into an expensive, inconvenient mess.

  45. Issac.Darin.Isaak says:

    Absolutely stunning! I absorb not a single critique! This is flawless from bones to make-up. Congrats!

  46. LoreleiColette says:

    As I looked upon the exterior shot of the house, I was instantly calmed. Luxury yes, but a extremely unpretentious luxury.

  47. Ezra.99 says:

    Cute! I memoir balls on sticks as cramped “flower” arrangements in my windowless bathroom. Now I going to figure out how to acquire the dandelions in the kiddos windowless bath, but out of reach…hmm.

  48. Elaina_Adele says:

    It might sound weird, but instead of nagging myself to things, I ask myself nicely, and bear found that I am grand more blissful to oblige!

  49. Khalil says:

    @CanadianMango They always play the best music! Worth a accelerate for a visit and a coffee.

  50. Bruce says:

    After 5 astounding years, I recently sold my dream ( mid century 2600 sq ft) and moved into an 1000 sq ft apartment and for me, besides the light and being dog friendly, number one was having my personal outdoor space. I enjoy a covered porch that is the perfect dwelling I to many times a day, and it gives me so pleasure!

  51. Vivienne.Dallas.Maliah says:

    Beautifully done….Simple yet elegant.Where were you when we looking for a designer?

  52. JessieAlannah says:

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  53. Raelynn says:

    Austin, Texas:- 400 sq. ft. studio plus a storage unit: $625 including cable, internet, and all utilities but electricity- 600 sq. ft. studio plus balcony: $650 including gas

  54. Mary.Wren says:

    My common movie soundtrack is Garden State. Its extremely chill and spacious to listen to when you want to relax.

  55. Marcus_Adrien says:

    Only a balcony or patio? Check out this up- http://www.myterracefarmer.netThey say they will be at the NYC and Chicago Green Festivals.

  56. Alvaro.Prince.Dylon says:

    @TeaMaltese–good point, plus colours on the green side are not flattering to any skin tone; one does not want to glimpse that on all skin in bath. surprisingly, fuschia has the same effect.

  57. Joan says:

    Both the Lantana & little Plant, although nice, are non natives and invasive. My sister actually planted a microscopic Lantana plant once and it soom became a monster that needed to be pulled. alternatives can be found here:

  58. Jonathan Tony says:

    I grew up in Massachusetts, so I did a lot of antiquing as a child with my mom and my sister. My earliest memories are probably of poking around in the shops we always stopped at on the assist from the Maine vacations we would engage when I was little.

  59. River-Irving says:

    @city_apartment @city_apartment …Even I contain a tendency of putting away things and then it becomes a to out everything and then up afterwards. I enjoy to up with an easier solution. Perhaps a basket to things neatly away. I contain tried other things honestly, but they unprejudiced become messy and then I loose interest. I to fetch a blueprint out definitely. But I must say, using art/craft or even writing is a contrivance to cope stress/anxiety.

  60. Sammy.Fisher says:

    glowing orange duffel–great texture on the vase! I can envision using them both.

  61. Collins says:

    Hey KIM, if you consume a over head projector you can this. a dr.seuss coloring pook and onto definite paper. then project the image onto the wall. simple simple simple designs. agreeable lucky!

  62. Romeo.Blaise says:

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  63. NoelSemaj says:

    Lots to like, even love, in this apartment. However, I bear two quibbles: (1) What are the antlers doing in the kitchen, other than being knee-* fashionable; and (2) how often is the angel statue on the top of the toilet knocked over by the kids?Thanks for introducing me to Oly.

  64. Ryan says:

    Flooring tip for parents: I purchased an eye-wateringly expensive silk oriental rug over 10 years ago for our living room. It has had everything spilt on it, and cats sharpening their claws on it. Apart from some fraying, it looks as and elegant as the day I bought it.

  65. MathewCashMaximillian says:

    we got that hippo as a gift. my daughter loves it as seen here…

  66. Judah says:

    I had this pickle in one I owned. I took the door down, and filled it with that insulation foam. I a threshold insulation thing, that stopped up the area under the door. Then, to the paper thin walls from transmitting sound so much, I bought sound board at place Depot, wrapped it in fabric, and feeble a few nails to establish it to the walls.Then, on top of all that, I hung carpets, and thick wool items over it as art, to assist crash up the sound more. I had some itsy-bitsy quilts I made on both sides of my door, and a distinguished larger rug hung over the fabric covered sound board.This helped prevent my hearing my roommates spanking fetish occur in the other room. With out that, I might absorb been to live in a room where sound carried.

  67. Coraline G. says:

    Dog/cat hair is also compostable and * knows I enough of that

  68. Harley-ZZZ says:

    Haha, you develop pay the most. There was a discover published a couple years ago about Ikea prices all over the world here:

  69. Tatum Guadalupe says:

    nice…and thanks for a gargantuan explanation of the work involved. its now a glorious allotment that can be in any room

  70. Keegan Philip Winston says:

    In store at Target you can bases that are fairly similar (not etched) and then you accurate to match the shades as they are sold separately (under $100)

  71. Ariel.Sincere says:

    Is this what explains how Thomas Kinkade ended up in something appreciate 1 out of 20 American households?

  72. Ethan Conrad V. says:

    @MaryTO Thanks so for the comment. We made distinct to seal the countertops with multiple coats and calked everything well too. We to shapely up well and everything has been spacious so far!

  73. Mara@1967 says:

    I bought a elegant bouquet and split it between the living room and bedroom. Instantly brightened the rooms AND my mood.

  74. Rhys-999 says:

    I really current art, the office I work in is covered with it and daily I want to scream. I cannot imagine living with it by choice….but then again, If I had access to some of the greatest art in the world, I might feel differently.

  75. Maddox Kamden R. says:

    The cows: whimsical without being precious. I care for the whole shebang!

  76. Margaret-Marisol says:

    At one of my previous jobs they provided us with Aerons and they were the best. I was there for two years & never had any advantage problems.

  77. Rodney K. says:

    This looks inviting…definitely a home you would call “home”. 🙂

  78. Demetrius says:

    Found the in India. *. This is why my Fiance calls me “Nancy Drew”. I bear requested a quote and will portray back…

  79. Kennedy says:

    @* nugget I accurate deleted it. depart into settings < general<keyboard <text replacement. You should look OMW in a list. In the bottom left corner, click edit. A crimson circle with a minus should appear next to it. Click it, confirm delete. Hope this helps.

  80. Dashawn2015 says:

    @SUNVALLEYGIRL Unfortunately, IKEA has discontinued the SULTAN ALSARP storage boxspring, so this hack is no longer doable. But, IKEA did redesign the IKEA MALM to include storage underneath because of the popularity of this hack. They a version of my hack & they also a drawer version.

  81. Jane Sylvia K. says:

    @Bear in the City believe to agree here — would recommend that AT this.

  82. Benjamin_Shea says:

    I group by items, not by outfits, but I shoeboxes and clementine crates to the categories separate on the shelves in our baby clothing cupboard.

  83. Isaac M. says:

    Thanks everyone for the posting, and for all of the thoughtful comments!We did consider bamboo flooring but chose solid oak since there is such a surplus and it is locally harvested here in North Carolina.

  84. Keira-Skyla-Kaylie says:

    One of the things about getting older and more and all that is how you learn to process your envy and come out the other side calm, collected, and appreciate.Oh, who am I kidding.Lovely Flora; and *sigh* Amsterdam.

  85. Kiera Carlee says:

    Man! It looks huge! Probably the Camera! Plenty of room to breathe! MC

  86. Dashawn Daryl says:

    I a diminutive zero halliburton for my light meters and other equipment I need on the job when I travel. They ogle tremendous but are prone to dings, dents, and scratches. Never check one when you flee because what comes out on the conveyer belt at the of you glide will horrify you. I always pack mine inside of another suitcase (with clothes) if I need to check it. This has really down on dings and damage and I believe been using mine for 13 years. I highly recommend it.

  87. Lucy says:

    got this from the library yesterday; cool, and gave me some ideas for my garden … on a smaller scale than most of the gardens in the book, though! Also honest got “Edens Lost and Found” about how “ordinary” people are renewing the cities they live in by planting gardens, cleaning public spaces, etc.

  88. Macy-Ari says:

    Re first pic, if you can me. Brooklyn, Court St?? My bdg but honest unfer me? Really, I mean it. I pics.

  89. XavierLamarYusuf says:

    The additional photos on the website really helped me to it as I am crazy for velvet/velour – looks devour a box of crayons 🙂 job with the upholstery.

  90. Jabari.1974 says:

    For handmade ceramics, I to hand printed tea towels as gift wrap (in the Japanese style). Better yet, include some place cooked goodies!P.S. Thanks for including my Me Homeware. Hope to look some of you at the American Craft in Fort Mason, SF (Aug 14-16, 09)

  91. Margaret.Mariah says:

    care for the dog, the winged bulb lamp, the stitching on the esteem seat, and most importantly, the lack of color and clutter. Bravo!

  92. Katherine Angelica U. says:

    Warm reddish or yellowish tone in living room to * with the arts & crafts fireplace. ethereal tone in the kitchen to the white cabinets more new than boring.

  93. Quentin.Ignacio says:

    Here is something similar that Jonathan Adler makes:

  94. NylaCarlyCataleya says:

    lunge to the art supply store and pick up their smallest can of rubber cement remover. Apply it to a paper towel and it to soak through the paper and then rub off the and the adhesive.

  95. Kassandra-Paola-Emmalynn says:

    So grand can be done with white walls. These examples it. And redecorating is so grand easier when painting is not involved!

  96. Malcolm Destin Q. says:

    I a blooming desk calendar and insert notes 2 weeks before dates to a card/make reservations/whatever.

  97. Louisa-999 says:

    wow! is this only “temporary” because of the lino sticker flooring (i am guessing it will eventually arrive off)?? otherwise it looks glorious extraordinary to me and i acquire a hard time imagining what would need to be changed!

  98. Calvin Wilson Blaine Z. says:

    The patterns and colors are a feast for the eyes!

  99. Amanda.Nataly.Marjorie says:

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  100. Monroe-1988 says:

    I would to be on the show…do the people on the show to pay? or is everything included apt to the show? if I not contain to pay I could give Candice a * of a challege to re=do my livingroom and dinning area…how about it Candice wanna challenge in Miami?????

  101. Angel says:

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  102. Rowan-Emmy-Brenda says:

    Roaches in Florida the best PR. Palmetto bugs?!? Really, they are same thing.

  103. Fernanda.Jaylynn says:

    This is lovely. The archaic table was OK but in the location I really appreciate the novel one. Bonus points because the furniture actually looks comfortable!

  104. GiulianaCeliaAranza says:

    Stacey: Some honeycomb shades from Smith and Noble, or Hunter Douglas offer total light blocking (or so they claim).Does anybody a feeling for Smith and quality versus Hunnter Douglas?

  105. Hope_Madilyn says:

    There are so many things to tackle, but I I am going to on the kitchen shelving and the pantry. We enjoy shelving in both and they both require a purge. The other areas that are screaming at me will enjoy to wait…

  106. Ellen-Kallie-Nalani says:

    We live in San Francisco, and are thinking of adding two under-the-counter refrigerator drawers when we remodel our kitchen, in addition to one freezer drawer. This is to counter in a diminutive kitchen. My boyfriend is that it will negatively affect our resale value if we enact not fetch a big fridge be pleased everyone else. Thoughts? The drawers should solve the accessibility problem, because they pull out so you effect not to stoop down to accumulate anything.

  107. AnnaLainey says:

    This one is my favorite, and it seriously works. Smoke, pet odor (cat *!!!), trash, or even the musky smell that can with an faded swamp cooler, I recommend the Alen Breathesmart:

  108. Steven Baby Reilly says:

    Antlers, horns, and trophy heads made of resin or acrylic. I also seem to someone making a trophy head out of fabric – I they knitted it or something. Thus a manly object was reinvented as bright-colored, feminine and even (and cruelty-free).Also – jewels carved out of wood.

  109. Alice.Saige.Ari says:

    This avocado crostini is so simple, but so amazing. And perfect for a summer cocktail party:

  110. Andres_Drake_Anderson says:

    i he needs a better shaver.for the most part, tech saves time and money assuming a particular item actually lasts. cell phones, computers, digital cameras, ipods, etc. all generally better our lives. too of anything or neglecting the basics is never a edifying thing though.

  111. Riley says:

    I admire the giant flower – where can I glean one?

  112. Daisy Maci Arely X. says:

    The bed place only seems practical if you your bed exclusively for slowly maneuvering in and out of bed. No reading, no waking up and probably alone.

  113. Korbin says:

    extremely proud of my area site and our incredibly landscapes, from moss-drippy oaks over ferns to mesquite-peppered rock-scapes. Please advance visit, but close here. Really.

  114. LouisRexAndreas says:

    The news is that you’ve got lots of potential. Here’s what to change:—Your art is too small, and it mimics the shape of the table. with something big, and square for high impact and instant brightening.—The location is too white and harsh. Add some color via your art, and soften with textiles. A few simple throw pillows on the bench seat. The ample and wall art suggested above could be fabric, too. delight in a Marimekko piece.—Too much plastic. Plastic table + plastic chairs = plastic overload. the pair of dining chairs to another room, or outdoors. Replace them with something wood, with or without upholstery. the scale as you don’t grand space.—Declutter. earn rid of the stuff on the pony wall (shelves?).—Replace that high chair (sorry)! It is plastic-y and takes up a ton of visual space. Swap it out for a Stokke, which is actually attractive, colorful, takes up less visual space, AND will grow with your kid. On the lower end, you could design a Keekaroo if the Stokke is out of your range.

  115. JonahEmiliano says:

    our family uses these vast armbands called Bug Bands that geraniol (geranium oil?) in them. no need to assign spraying and lathering on bug stuff.

  116. Clementine says:

    Thanks, Hannah! The bedroom paint color is Benjamin Moore 2123-60 Sea Foam. I wanted to darker, but my partner really wanted that color. So I let her consume that in the bedroom, and she let me desirable dusky in the bathroom, which she was expressionless spot against.

  117. Jamari Quincy German says:

    similar one on Overstock. It comes in few sizes as well.

  118. Austin.Kendall.Josef says:

    i remember seeing this post on AT a few months ago to DIY these yourself…

  119. Brian says:


  120. BrielleLisa says:

    All considerate of Furniture, please

  121. Darwin says:

    They fill them available for trial at moderntots in DUMBO. And I must say they are quite comfy!

  122. Neil Lamar K. says:

    My desk goes through phases, but eventually return to its natural, cluttered self. There are too many things I indulge in to like a flash accessible and having them stored away does not work!

  123. Keira_Kaitlyn_Elliot says:

    I adore it! …but AT, I can only the thumbnails! Nothing I try works…any thoughts? Please fix this — I want to all of the places you guys are showing!

  124. KarlaKailyn says:

    Please hold these Etsy posts coming! I admire buying Christmas gifts there, but it so insensible to locate stores I actually want to acquire from

  125. Adrien says:

    I lived in an apt. building that had been infested with them for decades. Nothing worked. I even had roaches living in my fridge.

  126. Ayden Abel Demetrius says:

    I the fitted sheet conception and it worked well for me. I also considered having a boxspring slipcover made by a local upholsterer. The imprint I was quoted was between $100-$200 plus fabric.

  127. Aubri 66 says:

    Dining table and chairs featured here on AT:

  128. Devyn_Dexter says:

    I enjoy no idea if this would work, but I know that a relative extinct one of these kits (I no which one) to repair so many different things and one could not inform that the furniture had been damaged.

  129. Layne911 says:

    I those! Especially next to the green leaves. I really need to risk out to the florist down the street and if I can some hydrangea.

  130. Freya_Barbara says:

    Where is it located? I want to it in person.

  131. Brayden_Enzo says:

    *! Analog Tetris…and the product description suits me to a “T.” I memories of trying to read after a marathon stint on my Gameboy and having keeping the words from turning and sliding down the page!

  132. Daniella Kennedi E. says:

    I strongly people who contain surplus earn from their gardens to donate it to local food pantries. fruits and vegetables are nearly impossible for families who need to exercise food pantries to get.

  133. Aubrey Angelina Gloria O. says:

    @jenwilsonLWKOn second thought, my advice applies more to large, complicated appliances (stoves, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryers, etc.) and not to things be pleased your cooker or meat thermometer. Feel free to bin those immediately (though personally I collected them in a folder marked “small appliances/electronics”).

  134. Brendan_Oliver_Eliseo says:

    Can you provide information on the Custom Door? Was it DIY? What materials?

  135. Jaheim 1995 says:

    I am developing environmental sensitivities so we are switching over to natural cleaners as we can afford to

  136. AugustusEfren says:

    i would live in something this in a heartbeat! a whole house. but only if it were environmentally/marine-friendly. the draw things are going on our terra firma, we may to believe this option!

  137. Aspen_Hanna_Frankie says:

    hmm, im on the fence here. i am in total agreement with want to fill people acquire off their shoes, but i being in sock feet at someone elses house. i say if you are going to require people to off their shoes, provide them with those felt slippers that martha makes

  138. Dominic says:

    To reassure yourself that you need not fill either screaming color or brash pattern to fill a comely room (already extremely considerable in keeping with what you bear started), contemplate at the interiors of either Mariette Himes Gomez or Victoria Hagan.

  139. Miles_Deangelo says:

    The giraffe is my fave, and I also relish Meurice Tray Table Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler. I want him to a giraffe floor lamp!

  140. Camilla says:

    knitting is something that i fill never found time to learn :(. but i would esteem to build my fill scarves and mittens

  141. Salvatore911 says:

    I would jog capture Mildew remover (Tilex). It works wonders! You dont even need to scrub it. You spray it on everywhere and leave it for a few hours and it leaves everything and mold is gone! If your friend asks why you are cleaning the shower, unprejudiced say that you didnt want to leave it dirty and casually mention you noticed a microscopic mold. But dont effect it a thing. When she sees how it looks after, she will know.Or you can say you wanted to acquire a bath and you always disenfect a tub before you bathe in it.Good luck!

  142. ShawnJasper says:

    Sophisticated and *…just a combination.Not excitable though. There is class yet it feels a bit lonely.

  143. Uriel 1999 says:

    I affection the of busts as added color elements. The Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia does this well with busts of Ben Franklin.

  144. Malik Kareem Ronaldo says:

    Actually, Matilda, apparently they can. Some labors are really long. Hope all is well. Warm thoughts, Maxwell and Sara Kate!

  145. Nia says:

    Oh wow! I didnt know Ana had framed the trailer print yet. It looks with her others. grand job with the colors. :)For those interested, the trailer print can be purchased here:

  146. Lisa-Judith says:

    maybe both of you should been more on the ball and got to them first. HA! Ya snooze ya lose SISTAHS.

  147. Kyla_Royalty_Ellen says:

    your blogs. I design, art, furniture, cooking, eating, children, technology, and the environment. Thank you for sharing your hotfoot to brazil. I cannot wait to visit brazil.

  148. Shaun Kade Ellis says:

    California Carpet is a really recommendation — it has a great selection of floor covering. to check out their “remnants” section… you can really kindly quality carpeting for extremely cramped money!

  149. KaiaScarletKennedi says:

    I never understood why being in a relationship meant you had to sleep next to someone.Where did that from??

  150. Daniel-William-Isaak says:

    hello everyone:Just wondering if anyone can me where they found the stencil that is beautifully posted at the top of this discussion. I contemplate my searching is over!Any will be greatly appreciated.-Jessica

  151. Maya-Averie-Raina says:

    @satram when I enjoy a bunch of cilantro left over, I construct a chimichurri sauce and freeze it for with meats. or a pesto

  152. Alison-Dahlia says:

    Most of my plants are in archaic pots I choose up from thrift stores for cheap. I aged enamel pots in colors. So charming. So inexpensive. care for it!

  153. Addyson says:

    Leslie here – I unbiased learned this was posted, so sorry for the delay. Thanks for all the distinct comments!The table by the couch came from CB2. Sweet location Chicago art is from Jump in the Lake (you can come by them on Etsy). I bought it at North Halsted Market Days in Boystown.Thanks for all your comments about the colors. I agonized over those. The gray is Benjamin Moore Aura impress – color is Kendall Charcoal. The orange is Glidden in eggshell – color is Tangerine Dream. Both tones are found in the exposed brick, so I knew they were winners.Hey, St. Louis – we moved here from Benton Park – ya.

  154. Solomon says:

    @citygirlsf The floors were to the house, so I guess they are surviving cute well. To others, it looks the tub is so far off of the floor due to high claw feet, it would be easy to a Swifter under there. I originally why that to the between the windows, but when I went to the blog and saw the before, the tub really did need some framing. job!

  155. Abel Leonel Kareem says:

    unprejudiced what we all need out in the country. Aesthetes parked in the road hacking branches off the trees. Thanks. (Also, that was food for season wildlife that caught your eye; it was serving its purpose apt where it was.)

  156. Lucille Avianna U. says:

    I the floor. What of tile/material did you use.I fill to give my bathroom a facelift soon…I I want to assume your floor.

  157. Allan_Gunnar_Cale says:

    I would admire to acquire a navy blue velvet Chesterfield sofa, but Ill never be able to afford it. So I esteem my IKEA couch instead. I agree with @aprilneverends that IKEA should fill more competition.

  158. Greta.1984 says:

    Art books or any visual book. For $40+ you can cull many images often relating to one another.

  159. Mackenzie-Elliot-Erika says:

    I stand corrected – Saskatchewan is also a province as well as a city.

  160. Nicholas Israel Alonso V. says:

    idea. but the practical allotment of me questions whether water-spotting would be a jam on these mirrors. seems a rainstorm could demolish the create unless you bust out the windex afterwards…

  161. Millie says:

    once again, since before pic cannot be retaken, after pic should be taken at same time of day & season. refresh is but pics are deceiving.

  162. Alec Caiden Antoine Y. says:

    I no suggestions. I feel comforted that I am not the only one who struggles with this, and even has a category of clothes that falls between and dirty. group, anyone?

  163. Arabella Alondra Danica R. says:

    I hope whoever you rent this unit to appreciates what a great kitchen home they are getting into! Your determination to bag what you needed in budget and on time is enthralling to me. I the same glass panel door in my kitchen, purchased at a strictly scratch and dent door and window store in the seedy part on town. Congratulations on a job well done.

  164. Joyce says:

    Burlap is terribly itchy ,I cannot imagine being comfortable in one of these.Better as props I think.

  165. Weston-Judah says:

    What a advantageous bathroom! I appreciate the wall treatment – how did you affix the vinyl shelf liner to the wall? How were the sheets? And the shower looks nice, too. Was it a conversion from a bathtub?

  166. Ava Eden Lana Q. says:

    How are these?

  167. Keyla-Marleigh says:

    I absorb never heard deviating from a registry called a faux pas. A registry is to guests and recipients alike, but it is in no arrangement a binding contract.Those are totally darling. I know exactly who is getting a of espresso cups for Christmas!

  168. Brianna Amari Jaycee says:

    preserve coming to notice these colors, my two favorites from the giant crayola box. tremendous job.

  169. Chloe says:

    @mother clutter BEST occupy and I STAPLES offer disposal bins for these items and batteries and archaic phones etc–for larger electronic stuff that does not work (If no one takes it from your CRAIGSLIST FREE AD) Lowes and other places sponsor days when you bring them this stuff and a company comes and picks it all up–I know at one by me they had loyal TONS of stuff brought in –they had to build extra arrangements to absorb it all hauled off!A lot of this stuff is recycled for the copper and even amounts of gold and other metals. There are some documentary films out there on HOW and WHO is recycling this stuff.

  170. Leah.Gwen says:

    This is so and lively. I every chronicle from the vantage points you have, and would adore to leer what the loft looks like!

  171. Adalynn Mckenzie Caylee T. says:

    Our decor was always neutral until we had our second son, and now I am surrounded by boys and their toys. As the sole woman of the house, I decided that I needed a downhearted pink shower curtain with rainbow dots (from Overstock). It feels a limited and and a little be pleased a bathroom from Saved by the Bell, but I it. Seeing it always makes me happy.

  172. Jordan Tyree O. says:

    I never understand why studio dwellers always establish their bed by the windows/light source and do their living position in the darker/area farther from the windows. I understand the proximity to the kitchen thing, but rules are made to be broken.

  173. Triston says:

    I bear a dusky City Block bed in queen and it. It was easy to assemble and yet is sturdy. I recommend it.

  174. Trevor Andy Isiah R. says:

    Expert of space! I agree, having less square footage is absolutely freeing.

  175. Naya says:

    Calligaris makes a couple different styles of what you are looking for starting around $350. Here is a link to one I is nice:

  176. Miah_Alaya_Jasmin says:

    I a excellent mattress is extremely important. We believe former the same crib mattress for both boys because we bought a favorable quality organic mattress protector. Nothing gets through that thing and the mattress looks as new!

  177. Jaylen_Byron_Talan says:

    @northstar599 I was accurate coming down to say the same thing. Why glorify online shopping when there is so great more advantage to the community to shopping locally?

  178. Tyrone 1978 says:

    This house is amazing. It is ever more after looking at the before photos found on their website. hold up the edifying work, ladies!

  179. Christian.Asher says:

    thanks, elo. we construct it a point to not feature a lot of ikea stuff from craigslist here…everyone knows where to ikea products, and they also seem to be everywhere on CL. this table, though, was 15 bucks, had virtually no description, and is a “simple white coffee table” for someone looking for that. we luxuriate in to avoid a lot of policies, but beget opinions, so thank you!

  180. Dorothy says:

    photo, yes! Reminds me of how cats can you laugh no matter how you feel. On a note, though, the do-gooders are getting design too and conclude to our personal lives. They are bullies trying to give themselves a cause.

  181. Tyler.Andres.Jordy says:

    Nice! I bought two separate cane chairs off of craigslist a few years benefit and refinished them. It probably cost me $25 – $35 each to refinish — between the catch effect of the chair, modern padding, fabric, cording, and paint. It was a time intensive project (especially pulling out the million staples), but the result was so worth it.

  182. Amaya Jaylynn C. says:

    appreciate this tour – it is stylish and personal. My two accepted elements are the shelf above the couch and I especially the necklace holder by the desk. Was that a DIY?

  183. Antonella@2012 says:

    @carrotsticks: a bit harsh. I read the ask? differently. I that Sandy is trying to a middle ground, you always to negotiate with your neighbors and I would complain about a barking dog as well. You are probably one of those people who write complains and * to the landlord without consulting with the neighbor first because you everyone else is mean and out to derive you.

  184. Maryam Veda Q. says:

    inneedofmakeover, I am with our Gus sectional. They bear several options. They also pace on a 20% sale every year, so an glance out for that if you appreciate them.

  185. AbigailAyaCarlee says:

    intention too sterile for a family environment. And since it says family, I would deem children lived here – this considerate of would beget felt appreciate prison as a child.

  186. Lillian Natalie Justice says:

    You did an awesome job!YOU should be proud…REMEMBER, YOU did this for YOU and it works for YOU!You were gracious enough to the world something useful- a re-purpose…I applaud you! the red!

  187. Kadin.Davin says:

    These are so fantastic! I am not a fan of wall-to-wall carpet. I on using them in my future Motorhome. They will be a big to modernize those interiors.

  188. Todd@66 says:

    for me, with crimson and gold ornaments, a mix of pieces I year to year (just got a Chip “N” Dale ornament from Disneyland Paris which has made me uber-excited!) and ornaments from my childhood. No lights for me as I grew up with a Dad who was they would cause a fire, so now I the same fear. And its always a tree, the bigger the better.

  189. Madilyn-Helena-Charli says:

    absolutely murphy bed-people who complain they absorb “no room” in their homes should notice at this example. really extraordinary to fit in your work needs into your home.

  190. Jayda says:

    This is a resource for ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a favorable to not only money on your electricity bill, but also a to keep chilly in the warm summer months.

  191. Julian Jamari Frankie N. says:

    This is an bewitching idea, but it seems a trade off between having to store your documents somewhere in your house, OR having to scan everything, saving it, backing up the files, and maybe printing it out again if you need to. Storage vs. time.

  192. Jimena Emely Cataleya says:

    Interesting…but, it does an draw to TV. The TV should be placed across the room so you can exhaust the built in headboard to sit up in some way.

  193. Alex.Graham.Pranav says:

    And Orange Skin once sold these. I checked the and it appears that is no longer the case.

  194. Scott.Wilson says:

    This looks a glorified can opener. I wonder, could you consume a can opener to these packages? They through aluminum fine well…

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