How Terrific And Very Unique Lounge Chaise Around The Spaces

Lounge chaise now come with some unique designs to make your space more outstanding. The uniqueness of the chaises can you see here and grab them being your ideas. A chaise lounge may or may not have armrests; chair with armrests, called the chair. In France, a distinction is made between fauteuil and chaise, requirements for chairs with and without armrests, respectively. If there is, armrests will support part of the weight through the arms if the arms are resting on the arm of a chaise. Armrests over function makes getting in and out of the chair easier (but from the side it becomes more difficult).

amazing lounge chaise with aluminum frame

amazing lounge chaise with aluminum frame

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really terrific and very unique lounge chaise around the spaces. Lounge chair should support the forearm and elbow area is not sensitive. Therefore, in some designs chaise, chaise arm is not continuous to the rear seat, but lost in the elbow region. A sofa, bench, or other arrangements chaise lounge next to each other may have armrest on the side and / or the armrest in between. The latter may be provided for the convenience, but also for privacy for example in public transport and other public places, and to prevent lay down on the bench. Armrest reduces the closeness of both desirable and undesirable. A padded chaise in particular, has no armrest in between. For someone seated, long-ass chaise lounge is the horizontal distance from the very back of the buttocks to the back of the lower leg.

Beautiful lounge chaise tufted with unique design

Beautiful lounge chaise tufted with unique design

unique lounge chaise design with pillow

unique lounge chaise design with pillow

Anthropometric measurements are used to determine the depth of the seat. Chaise mass-produced usually 15-17 inches. Additional anthropometric measurements may be relevant to designing a chair. Hip widely used for a wide chaise lounges and a wide armrest. The rest elbow height is used to determine the height of the armrest. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really terrific and very unique lounge chaise around the spaces.

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  1. Porter says:

    Innermost Richmond, moral where it bumps up against Laurel Heights/Jordan Park. Say between Arguello and 8th ave, and California and Geary.You are walking distance from a expedient cheap grocery store (New May Wah) and a adore one (Cal-Mart), a variety of buses (1,2,4,33,34,44,38…), extremely safe, wonderfully neighborhoody, and actually affordable.

  2. Davis Ulises Finnegan says:

    I am having Ricoh 200N Laser printer at my home…I am using it since last 3 years & dont so to be replaced it by a inket one which I was using past 3 years back..

  3. Ethen-1961 says:

    Ninakk,Can you send your email address you signed up with to scott AT so I can troubleshoot this? Thanks.

  4. DanielaIngrid says:

    creative solution. May I suggest painging the poles?House tour!@mhuggard: The rug is a celebrated IKEA rug:

  5. KhloeAnikaKinslee says:

    re: “Cound I it out on my balcony”) – from the website:”Indoor or outdoor use, even in weather, rain, or snow.”so… yes.

  6. Zackery 777 says:

    Thanks for compiling these images. We live in a extremely house, and enjoy recently moved our son (5) into a room with his sisters (11, 8) and really need to redo the girly room into a workable, fun dwelling for all. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Luciana says:

    All I want to know is where I can glean one of those wall socket situation so I can stash my erroneous pearls and $1 bills!

  8. Wynter says:

    Susmita, I adore my linoleum rug that a friend found in a store that had been closed up for decades. It looks and has held up well in a high traffic area. Unfortunately, if you to one from a vintage store, they are expensive and I assume the marmoleum is not cheap either. But is is natural (unlike vinyl) and easy to clean. I enjoy it, if budget allows.

  9. Kelly Emmalyn Tenley P. says:

    h.a.,A roommate and I hung a cheap rug (one of those ethic woven numbers) over an opening savor that. We correct achieve in a few hooks into the wall and pushed the hooks into the weave. It was a little inconvenient, as one had to up the rug every time (which made me of a tent), but it definitely kept the heat in.

  10. AlainaAzaria says:

    I would never live in an apartment:- with out a solid bedroom (as my boyfriend stays up later than I).- that didnt easy access to public transport- with out a washer and dryer in the building (does not contain to be in the apartment itself)- that was in a neighborhood I didnt feel capable in.Other than that, Im easy to please!

  11. Brad2006 says:

    As a host I try to always contain options, but the time and money that is establish in to develop a meal is alot! I would never want to add on to a hosts menuAlsoGiven the fact that you in eat meat, fish, and dairy I would say that it would be most polite to eat what is there. It would be improper to say “I only eat meat if I know exactly where it came from”. Someone who DOES in fact eat meats and fishes but only from places they approve, I would inspect you denying my food as you looking down on where I got it from.I would not accept it offensive if you brought your dish, however this by the host first and earn enough for everyone.

  12. Morgan-Braedon says:

    I vote for totally ditching the “houseplants.”I believe they effect the plot ogle dated, and if you took them out now, the would already improve.I you need a floating chaise, a side table, a rug, a framed (behind glass) fraction of high and white art that references the of the floor, and an updated console table.I could also notice the “sofa wall” being hit with floor to ceiling grommeted drapery panels, with the framed art floating in front of Check to glimpse how of the budget is going to be eaten by downlight install, and wallpaper removal/paint contracting. Not any of your $1000 is left…

  13. Elliana says:

    You could exhaust the refrigerator portion, but definitely not the freezer. If you *do* refrigerate, you to be extremely cautious about moisture from condensation when you lift it out.Given the grievous temperatures in AZ, setting the a/c to a *high* but calm not destructive level (90-95 F) is probably wise.

  14. Jaliyah-Lorelai says:

    Besides ! How can you a paint color before you your art. Backwards. Paint should last. Paint is cheap. You can repaint !!!

  15. Marvin@2001 says:

    Better yet. engage a high fridge such as Sub-Zero and narrate it “panel ready” this intention you can a cork panel in to this look. When you are tired of the cork can in a wood panel that also matches your cabinets. If you want stainless, you can insist a stainless panel as well and go that in. 3 looks, one high-end appliance.I dont clutter. But I it on my fridge!

  16. Heather1981 says:

    I waist length hair. The notion of snaking the drain gives me nightmares. Also washing our trash cans. Ughhhh.

  17. Remington_Paulina_Raquel says:

    Hot Pink Mohair Chesterfield Sofa for $250. Which I turned around and sold (supposedly) to the dude who directed the Lord Of The Rings films (prop?) for $1250. His assistant handled everything. I mature the profit to grasp a matching of chocolate brown velvet chesterfield couches. Yay!

  18. Angelica says:

    hello hmo and mormolyke – elated you the dress! I got it at Gorman, in Sydney, while on holiday last year….

  19. Zara_Haley says:

    Wow! I been on Replacements website before to track down ancient silverware; never assumed the warehouse was that big! What I was looking for was too pricey per for my budget, but I appreciated that someone offered this service if I was really desperate!

  20. DeclanTeagan says:

    the opoponax:How are you able to ahchieve hide shots? My Mac does not allow me to create a cover while a DVD is playing, either paused or otherwise. It informs me that that feature is unavailable during DVD playback.I tried on my Windows laptop and the screenshot has a black image where the DVD paused camouflage was. This surely must be designed to combat piracy?

  21. Jermaine88 says:

    I work in Lexington, MA and acquire spent time in the Element hotel from Starwood. There are studios, suites, and two bedrooms. The latter two sleeping areas that are separate from the rest of the living space, which makes animated a bit more for those who savor doing so in a less intimate environment.Also of interest from a perspective, is the Aloft of hotels. Also a novel opinion by Starwood, but inspired by their W line, as opposed to Element, which is inspired by Weston. The spaces are and tech savvy with a kicky retro color palate.

  22. Alfredo_Quintin_Gunner says:

    @Stationery Fiend Thanks!! My personal philosophy is that every room should enjoy a touch of gold 😀

  23. Amari Q. says:

    Nice.I enjoy this same dresser and I was thinking about painting the front of the draws white and adding hardware. be pleased some people done with the ikea RAST nightstand.

  24. Leah@999 says:

    @lagarce Yes, I can visualize this in a loft or aged warehouse or a bland, boxy that has no personality to initiate with.

  25. Coraline M. says:

    I second the comment about skylights! We one over our tub/shower and it is so to earn ready in the morning without turning on any lights.

  26. Jalen Joe Carl F. says:

    If you can accept it for the moral price, this looks savor it would earn a room divider! The wools sound absorption would greatly increase the level of privacy on both sides…

  27. Rose says:

    Oh come on spoil sports! admire him or abhor him, Trump is flamboyant in personality and beliefs. This post hardly makes a political statement.

  28. ToriIlianaMoriah says:

    I had a friend who also frail the bathtub as a litterbox location and it worked fine.It looks appreciate a and welcoming home! The brick shelving seems enjoy it could with some negative space, and I am wondering about what happened to their washer and dryer if they gave up the laundry room for a guest room?Really sweet space to live in.:-)

  29. Kyle.Larry.Everett says:

    there was a primer on the market in the us specifically made to paint over knots, but, after a few years, the knots showed through, and paint formulas are a bit kinder to the environment in years, so the knots may through sooner. many of the above ideas are good, including embracing the wood & scandinavian styling (that famed marrimekko poppy print?). would change out the grey carpet, or it, as the grey & pine create not seem to work here. deem kid-friendly, amenable to wet clothes & indoor picnics, then ski.

  30. Rebekah A. says:

    My accepted is Shop of Horrors. I believe been checking out those ant farms and would cherish to one!

  31. Sofia-Michelle says:

    You can our design

  32. Lexi_Marilyn_Lilianna says:

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  33. Genevieve-Alessandra says:

    As a Craftsman fan, I loved parts of this home. The living room is my approved and I affection all the surf boards & images. Some stuff was not to my taste, but overall, it is the quintessential LA beach home.One thing I noticed lately on here is that the homes are getting larger and are featured in tonier areas of determined states. I am all for house *, but there are times where I apt feel savor I am getting priced out of AT.

  34. Randy 1962 says:

    engrossing me to ditch some of my clutter. You are having a neat adds to the pleasure of your home.

  35. Adolfo-2012 says:

    Hi, Ali. Please click on the link below the article that says “See What The Staircase Looks Today.” Thank you.

  36. Julian says:

    I did my best!Some stuff made it to my outbox, I found that the best “green” cleaner is elbow grease, the fridge, freezer, counter tops, cabinets (in and out), and oven is clean. I worked this weekend and the finishing touches will happen tomorrow.Dinner was also good! Italian vegetable soup with a glass of Cab 🙂

  37. Jarvis says:

    It was custom made by LRM Interiors:

  38. Cael S. says:

    Are these available to purchase, or is AT taunting us again with prototypes we can never buy?

  39. Cole.1972 says:

    The entire esteem Actually soundtrack. Its perfectly without making me contemplate about trivial things presents and shopping.

  40. Eliana-Kensley says:

    Now this is someone with inherent and belief of color theory. You nailed it. This is what, no matter how I try, I will never accomplish. I can effect a room that an average person will contemplate looks Elle Decor… but this room is the difference between what I can and what someone who gets it can do. Excellent.

  41. Mark_Deon says:

    I a timer, too. It turns off my bedside lamp every night in case I asleep without turning it off myself. Hardware stores, Target, etc. carry timers. I never to my lamp turn on in the morning, too. I need to give it a try.

  42. Willie.Aydan says:

    i deem i spent about $2800 on the cabinets, ill let you decide if that is for the plexiglass, I installed it on Hafele Hawa sliding glass door hardware myself. I had carpenters frame and carry out a sheetrock opening with blocking in the head to establish the hardware to and then I had the plexiglass fabricated based on the finished opening dimensions. Its not really but required precision, a carpenter type could handle it all. Raydoor is a company that offrs similar looking doors, but are several thousand dollars.

  43. Reid_Conor_Kyan says:

    @veslabeachgirl Hah ! I had a similar thing happen ! We had painted our walls and assign up my window panels , which are white denim panels I made that are held by tension rods at top and bottom. They depart about 2/3rds up the window leaving the top third uncovered to let in as much natural light as possible and give privacy. And I only did these on the “public” side of the house. Nothing on the windows except I did frost the lower half of my bathroom windows.Anyway this gal came in and replied ” Grief….get some color on these walls !” Not only I contain this incredible refuge from the wacky world, the art that I enjoy bought over the years at art shows and student art shows really is what you first. That to me is amazing.Funny too, We lost our 18 yr.old cat last year and I also faded one of those rubber brushes. The other thing I did was establish white towels down in his approved sleeping places.

  44. Eduardo_Brent says:

    As develop these guys:

  45. Logan_Natasha says:

    A while Apartment Therapy had a house tour (link below) which featured some wood paneling on a couple of walls in the home. Maybe this will give you some ideas:

  46. Blake_Colton says:

    @Lifesart Ha! Maybe the inspector meant the owners were at washing their dishes!.In terms of water-use, dishwashers to be colossal hogs (10+gallons/cycle), but no longer. Manufacturers are under strict regulations, and energy star models exercise around 4 gallons/cycle, less than the average sink load of dishes.

  47. Myra.Jewel says:

    We advent gifts in the advent calender–but then, we scale on Christmas morning. Nothing about advent giving says you also absorb to absorb a blowout on Christmas. Children (and all of us) better when we time to everything we get, rather than a feast.

  48. River says:

    I it would be considerate of a fun challenge to accessories, etc. that had sort of a lean-to-the-side considerate of thing about them, so that you could achieve some museum putty underneath them and them sit on the shelf looking they were of treest growing on a hill, who contain grown straight up toward the sun! He he he… so that their were completely level, even though their bottoms were angled!Or you arrange your books on the shelves in such a that the excellent ones where down the lowest part, and the short ones on the highest of the shelf, so they had level tops.But, yes… you would to design some grave adjustments in either what you did with the shelves, or your attitude, to be able to live with this really wonderfully quirky piece!

  49. Collins_Kora_Simone says:

    I care for the pictures! Im living in Turkey and I check AT almost everyday… Im so elated that Turkey finally starts to accept another – – in the eyes of most. I was also to the post about the ?znik porcelain.

  50. Desmond Adriel Gaige says:

    This is a first-rate system for upgrades so at it. It is a bit of work, but no holes are necessary. Saved us from having to deal with our Superinsulated attic- a nightmare up there.

  51. Noel_Jaeden says:

    certain you salvage it painted by a professional. The “DIY” paints chip after a year or two and the stains turn black. My dad made a proper living removing those paints and stains. And determined the professional is a professional, not a fly-by-night “professional”.

  52. Willow_Beatrice_Lillie says:

    We did the same thing with our son (made our walk-in a nursery). I loved it. It was fun to decorate such a creatively. It was the perfect size for an infant. You guys did a job!

  53. Gracie Aitana says:

    tastefully decorated. I definitely the Parisian elements. Ron makes comprehensive of here!

  54. Chase Savion Kelton says:

    I bear been wanting a printer for a long time and this would be a edifying printer to have.

  55. CassidyLanaJazlynn says:

    *. I liked it much more before. Now it apt looks generic, rather bask in something you can catch in any store…the has stories to tell, and the rejigged version has hidden all of its stories…..the fabric, however, is fun…just not there.

  56. Adelaide F. says:

    Your round wood pedestal table and its wood castered chairs upholstered in tan leather in the first photo are surprisingly similar to the dining position I assembled. build you eat breakfast there, or play cards there? I ask because you a larger dining set. Your plot looks delightfully aloof and comfortable.

  57. Rory1992 says:

    i believe an unabashed for lady gaga and am ecstatic to someone appreciating her creativity with a “Dress my Nest” flair!

  58. BayleeGiana says:

    jhon, try – affordable, expedient styling for the money, genuine selection. I absorb a 4-door glass door credenza from them which has held up well. All require assembly, but at the price, who cares? Also check out their outlet store for even better deals!Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  59. Cora@1996 says:

    Not a millennial.Stopped having parties at years ago when near-obligatory hosting exited with my husband. At first, I had a few then realized that I was doing it to give him a social life.I contain a social life outside of home which allows me to my fortress of solitude!I am especially appreciative (and strive to be the most of guests) of those friends who develop entertain at their homes though.

  60. Lennon.Matilda says:

    I in the DC metro position and we consume about 10% of our income on housing…it absolutely can be done.

  61. Donald Marquez E. says:

    I also shared a room for a year with a obliging friend (now one of my best) and it was a perfect arrangement. We split the room in half, no dividers due to cottagey nature of the room. Her bed was spot assist from mine in an alcove, so I had my to her when in bed reading at night – felt a but being in an aeroplane! We had twin beds to max on space. I would say the room so that your living area feels social and welcoming to others, not objective a glorified bedsit. enjoy fun!

  62. Justice33 says:

    fair fyi – average time for project in my from onset of to initiate of project = 2 years. Then of course the project has to glean completed.I never ever never ever on trend. That I enjoy no regrets.

  63. Journey Nancy says:

    I second that dry & stores are vast for maintenance (but you probably already know that)… making a monster box indulge in this would be fun:

  64. Katherine-Alaia-Adilynn says:

    here is the pic with the step by step:

  65. Joe@1983 says:

    Richard, carry out you an invitation code for Graze? I would to try it out. schismarch at

  66. Jade Ivanna Shiloh Q. says:

    Gotta adore Baker Beach and the * Guys.How many car ads are flimed/shot there? Why not outside the norm and draw attention?That said, quiet, creative, cat-allergic but loving hippie sort seeks room in Denver metro….

  67. Collin Saul Salvatore says:

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I am going to check out all of the links as well as email the listed stores in SF. I really really this!!!

  68. Ivan_Mauricio says:

    And this is sustainable because…? A lotof the “fast-growing” trees are either genetically engineered or invasive exotics (think eucalyptus) wreaking havoc with native forests.

  69. Hugo F. says:

    entertaining tour. I will file this one away for inspiration. And that sofa—did you beget it reupholstered? Care to where it came from? I been searching for a long time and I adore yours!

  70. Camille says:

    @danb1974 A partner of mine signed up his name with my cell number for a number of things – insurance quotes, for-profit universities, * only knows – and for YEARS I got so many calls in waves asking for him that I finally changed my telephone number. No unpaid bills here, a and bitter ex.

  71. Colton says:

    The table is by Oly. You can the exact one here:

  72. Naomi Liana Hunter A. says:

    Ha, I live in a ample but thin walled apartment in downtown portland. With hard wood floors, and thin plaster walls it doesnt hid anything. I gotten so many people at my door telling me to turn down my music, and I comply nicely. Everyone here is capable due to most of them being couples with kids, but being a kid by himself its delicate droll hearing things. But one thing that is extremely annoying is the person above me having * almost every night. The harmful thing is that his/her bed is about 10 years too musty and you can hear them from the basement and they are on the 5th floor. So one day I wrote a letter saying “please change your bed and it away from the wall, we can all hear you…” and slipped it under their door. So far no more creaky *.

  73. KhloeAdelinaEsme says:

    Regina,If you saw the Google car, then your will probably be online. I wonder how long it takes to explain up?

  74. Leighton_Maliyah says:

    Patrick and jj, I hear your logic and agree that the Silestone would provide a great, clean look. Unfortunately, at $110/sq. ft. (“!”) it blows the budget accurate out of the water!

  75. Luca-August-Dominique says:

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  76. Raul.Jadyn says:

    All Navajo dyes are made from natural colorants… luxuriate in bugs! When you eye those Navajo rugs with a million colors in them… every single hue has a natural source.

  77. Alonzo_Gilbert_Cristopher says:

    This is great! We built a organic square foot garden over the summer for our city “yard”

  78. Leonel says:

    How about a frosted glass table upright? Here is one at ikea for $99 –

  79. Keaton_Jadyn says:

    Loved this article ~ it gave me so food for ~ most welcome at the begin of a fresh year!

  80. Eugene999 says:

    I actually the thicker volumes to acquire on trips and multi-night overnights–the Complete Collection of Winnie the Pooh, a Sesame Street Bedtime Storybook with 10+ stories, a fairy book. Instead of taking a pile of books, or reading the same 3 over and over and over again, we enjoy all of our reading in one not-all-that-cumbersome book.

  81. Cassidy Emersyn Maleah P. says:

    @enishmarati there are also rails for panel curtains (IKEA has them!) and you can the curtains on a track to flow to and fro as needed. and you acquire the added bonus of being able to change up the panel curtains when you want decor without braking the bank!

  82. Donovan Colten Prince says:

    I did my non-work clothes closet, I found 10 shirts and 2 skirts for the outbox (I beget too many clothes despite buying next to nothing the last couple of years). I also found a couple of curious newspaper articles, two I establish in a better site and one is discarded; moved some crayons (yes, how the ** did they in there?) to the outbox as well.I also washed the walls in the hall, which really needed it (lots of grime at kid-height). And the fan in the bathroom.So I believe made this weekend!

  83. Dashawn says:

    I pull-out wire shelving next to the cook-top and oven for pots and pans:

  84. Lucia says:

    If anyone is looking for more information on how to capture Melaleuca products, I can help!!! Please contact me at Educate Yourself!!!!!!

  85. Melvin Darian T. says:

    That gargantuan gigantic window with all of that excellent light is gone 🙁 I would enjoy had to catch some diagram to incorporate it.

  86. Zane-Sheldon says:

    The first photo is extremely me. We a few of these lounge pits tucked into different nooks and found a lot of cool cushions at

  87. Emmaline@1968 says:

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  88. Austen@2006 says:

    The and website are resources. I been trying to acquire my shopping list of things to assume for my position theater network using multiple sites when it was all factual here all along. information, thanks!

  89. Marco says:

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  90. Javon_Jameson_Judah says:

    @KathiSue Which cutting board you is a matter of personal choice. Professionals fill been saying for years that wood is bad, but many studies beget been done to that makes wood as generous as plastic when basic food safety is observed (and both are equally hazardous when not). As someone else stated, pathogens are absorbed into the wood below the cutting surface, trapped there, and eventually die (wood has natural antibacterial properties).In either case you probably bear a different cutting board for raw meat (and apparently raw fruits/veggies with the listeria outbreak), and also replace once the surfaces become deeply grooved with cuts.

  91. Matilda_Amaris says:

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  92. Miguel.Trenton says:

    My first was “which one is the knock-off”? Then, as I read the comments and scrolled up to check them out again and again I realized there is no comparison.The curve of the legs before the floor, the curve of the front edge of the chair, the overall proportions: Nelson, Nelson, Nelson.

  93. Lindsey@2000 says:

    So I guess they changed their tune:

  94. Lane M. says:

    Warm industrial. Though my dream would be a Lautner-style mid-century villa.

  95. Laney says:

    My husband and I purchased this item along with their lantern (

  96. Makenzie says:

    @MRSBERG – I must be missing something. Why would you care if other consenting adults are “sexually perverse” with each other?@OP – I the pics are beautiful. I had not seen them prior to your post. project!

  97. Jesus Guadalupe says:

    @EverybodyElse totally agree, I a first-rate mellow chimes and a light that slowly increases, so considerable better than any dismay clock. As soon as the cat hears it he comes running to eat LOL

  98. Aaliyah696 says:

    Link is agreeable to infusion furniture and the website has a lot of beautiful, functional and artistic pieces. All should check it out. helpful job on the of this as well… to glimpse “the client” give you FOUR THUMBS UP as well! postiive of all the elements of a design!

  99. Valentina says:

    this is such a idea….I the of this hung on a wall as art…maybe I a project!

  100. Giuliana Irene S. says:

    esz, whats faulty with thrift store speakers? I found a pair of extremely mid century sony floor speakers for 5.00 that sound better than some expensive speakers i was going to if the speakers are mini system castoffs then there werent any highs to with.

  101. Sage.Marisol says:

    How that you bear a fireplace! How about turning the couch to face the fireplace and getting a nice, comfy chair for each side of it to accomplish a conversation area. Or, you could a chair for one side and two matching, lighter chairs for the other side. You could that chest of drawers to under the window.

  102. Iris.Emmaline says:

    My husband and I made the decision long before I was pregnant to pass my name along if we had a daughter, and his if we had a son. We now a daughter who shares my last name. We on having two children, but if the second turns out to be a girl…we may give her his last name anyway. accurate to be fair…

  103. Walker says:

    Jeni From BuffaloFly in downhearted or any available jewel toneMy Fiancee and I smoking on August 1st and are cleaning our apartment from top to bottom. We beget permanent stains on the walls from where photos hung on the wall that I desperately want to up. No amount of chemicals has removed them and repainting is not in the budget for us or the landlord. Blik decals seem devour a gift from heaven!!

  104. Emery.Miranda.Sky says:

    Alton Brown from the Food Network does this. I he takes his appliances to an auto body shop.

  105. Lexi Liana says:

    thanks for all of the comments! going to beget a follow-up post next week (detailed how-to). took forever to do; (repainting mapping out stencil stenciling = 30 hours).@mei-ling– yes, i painted over the previous paint job once we moved in with white paint and stenciled using a blue paint.

  106. Hannah Perla D. says:

    dim recently launched an XL version, but please be careful – No punching allowed! ; ) Chester XL:

  107. Nathan Chad Quincy V. says:

    I enjoy some jewelery in a similar color that mixes ivory and dumb turquoise with those colors.

  108. Angelo Blaze Maxim says:

    I care for this product!! I called the company and they you can microwave or them in the dishwasher to and disinfect them.

  109. Adonis says:

    I oils diluted with water in a spray bottle. I it to mist the textiles in the room. I employ lavender in my bedrooms and eucalyptus in the bathroom. Yum!

  110. Zechariah says:

    LOL @ Crazy Lady….perfection is a unattainable goal…some people are correct foaming at the mouth ready to spew bile simply because someone (Anderson Cooper) comes from a privileged background.

  111. LeilaniMilena says:

    1) refinished floors2) a hand-made dining table3) a elegant comfortable lounger

  112. Danny-Felix says:

    I am distinct that it is prickly and uncomfortable, and detestable for anyone with allergies. That said, I want to sit in the middle of it and my best huge Bird impression.

  113. Donte Rhett says:

    I absolutely appreciate this color combination and am working on it on a dinky scale (accessories) in my bedroom. I could unprejudiced about eat up every one of these rooms (metaphorically, obviously). My favorites are probably images 2 and 4.

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