Excellent Modern Minimalist Deep Drawer Dresser Designs

Deep drawer dresser come to your rooms or bedrooms with really minimalist cozy impression that gives many function there and excellent ideas as well. Minimalist dressing table with deep drawers are currently favored women to complete the bedroom. It may even not just a private bedroom, bedroom girls growing up even need it. Minimalist design increasingly favored because of the current design of the house began many are turning to the concept of minimalist that does not consume a lot of space and can be combined with interesting ideas for maximizing the space is not large.

Deep drawer dresser with as many as 11 storage drawers

Deep drawer dresser with as many as 11 storage drawers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really excellent modern minimalist deep drawer dresser designs. In addition to complement the interior rooms, modern dressing table drawers can also serve as an ornamental and a sweetener of your personal space. Apart from its main function as a table where the woman’s makeup, dressing table design beautiful minimalist will further sweeten your room. At a time when tired, bored and annoyed hit, the mirror on the dressing table which can be pretty certain of its own medicine. Its sleek design will also make you comfortable for long sitting dress up or just look in the mirror at the dressing table. Minimalist dresser drawers also make it easier to determine the order located. Place dressing table in the corner of the room with adequate lighting so that when you dress will be evident all the details. In addition, the results of your makeup will be more perfect.

Dresser with 5 deep drawers and using bracket foot base

Dresser with 5 deep drawers and using bracket foot base

6 Drawer Dresser with Mirror and a lamp stand on it

6 Drawer Dresser with Mirror and a lamp stand on it

With a minimalist concept promoted, dresser drawers can also function as a storage complementary accessories appearance. Put accessories neatly on shelves or drawers that is easy for you to look for it. Practical, is not it? Once dressed, you just open the drawer and choose the appropriate accessories. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really excellent modern minimalist deep drawer dresser designs.




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177 thoughts on “Excellent Modern Minimalist Deep Drawer Dresser Designs”

  1. Elaina Cheyenne Martha S. says:

    adore it! I deem those stools are multiplying at the rate of rabbits though…

  2. Alberto_Judah_Kasey says:

    Lovely. expedient outdoor space. The grey color updates the and makes it seem novel and yet fits the architecture as well. Imho, a too Ikea. But I understand vintage is a competitive sport in La. esteem you wee cramped dog. 🙂

  3. BlairLilith says:

    Ha ha, mutant with 10 hands!!! If you check out my post about our dining room you will observe I bear a long list of things I delight in to do. We were technically on finishing because we were waiting on our rug to arrive in, which is the one thing that makes the room, so no rug = no AT so I completely understand where you are coming from.

  4. Tristin says:

    spacious tip. Now I unprejudiced to time to paint.@amy the tape is on the carpet.

  5. Yahir F. says:

    adore your place, having yellow around is famous to me as it helps consume my spirits when needed and your is definitely blooming to the eyes. Am about the coffee table, as it looks to be one of a kind.Great job, thanks for sharing!

  6. Stefan D. says:

    I had one done by an etsy artist

  7. DakotaJessicaJaylee says:

    Years ago I bought a change sorter for my ex at an office supply shop [Staples? Office Depot? one of those ones]. I was the only one who ever conventional it, but it did a gigantic job of automatically sorting change and made it easy to wrap them afterwards. I wrapped $45 for him one weekend…

  8. Evelynn says:

    I found many different styled shelf liners and contact papers at http://www.designyourwall.com.

  9. Raquel Kaya says:

    I esteem sleeping in a cool bedroom. Sleeping in a hot room is pure misery for me! Also I am cheerful Susan brought up the notion of dual comforters! I always loved that after visiting Scandinavia and assign telling my gf we need to that (of course at times I also have we need our bedrooms, because our schedules, clocks, thermometers and everything else sleep related are polar opposites…but that is another story!)Anyhow, cold is the answer!

  10. Novalee 2006 says:

    Surely it depends on what you explain on the TV? I beget a distinguished bigger than a plasma on my wall, in the effect of a 120″ projection screen.However, when not watching movies or TV, I acquire a screensaver going which displays 500 or so works of art I downloaded.

  11. Jeremiah.Trace.Ray says:

    When I lived in the city one of my evening activities was walking in the “rich” neighborhood and casually surveying the interiors of homes without curtains drawn. So to how people decorate! Now I live in the country with no neighbors in sight. My few shades are rarely closed. Let the sun shine in!

  12. Isabelle.Makenna says:

    I enjoy always lived an expatraite life in Paris, Beirut, Rome and Helsinki all fun places for friends to visit. We always considered a guest room de riguer but latterly I acquire turned the guest room into an office and provide local accomodation for visitors most of whom can happily pay for their hotel. If it is visiting children then a B & B at the of our road provides a annexe and privacy all round.

  13. Keyla@88 says:

    Also, since my IKEA bed has slats, can I even a box spring? I guess I enjoy to an IKEA mattress meant for their bed construction.

  14. Ignacio Heath Travon T. says:

    @jackie ashton and avolberding I idea the same thing, too! :)Lovely home! Simple and cosy.

  15. Micah.Jaydon.Jayce says:

    I agree – it needs some more texture in the beget of wood furniture. A credenza to also as an entertainment center. I notice something in a mid-tone brown – something mid-century-ish.Then identify the accent colors you want to consume and add a rug and pillows. rug –

  16. Philip says:

    Another for crimson –

  17. Jayden says:

    I delight in your gray walls. I am amazed at your complete lack of things in your living room. I the clock. I only wish we could gaze the bedroom.

  18. Chanel says:

    Sorry, clickchick – if you bear a diminutive girl then you know that many this pink on pink on pink look! My non-girly girl has wall to wall pink paint and some decor, but the non-girly pops of color, black/white dresser are key points to keeping the room from being that saccharine, as you say. :)I deem the wall paper is the perfect extension of Charlotte having Lily as her daughter – a little bit of Char in a fresh yet classic way. (Not a expansive fan of the wallpaper myself, but it works here I suppose!)Love the translucent storage boxes, the yellow chair, and the mobiles/light fixtures!

  19. Rylie Y. says:

    abkreader: I bear this was a DIY project using IKEA parts as of an IKEA Europe competition.

  20. Vicente Nash says:

    @conejitoasesino Those are not bamboo. They are marketed as “lucky bamboo,” but are not even distantly related to bamboo. They are cousins of the corn plant, in the Dracaena family.

  21. Sammy says:

    We made the first buffet shown (thanks AT for the shot out) and although there are many drawers it is quite functional. We support bottles of wine, table runners, serving utensils for dinner parties, crafting supplies, furniture pads, napkins, candles and other exiguous pieces in the drawers. Ours in our dining room so it is a for all the diminutive things we consume for dinner parties.We actually made a few of them with different finishes (for those of you who dont bask in the painting of wood, here is a dim stained one

  22. Rene1994 says:

    I bought Metro Shelving from bigtray.com restaurant supply out of San Francisco. It was delicate affordable-I I paid about $140 for a 42″ of shelves.

  23. Isaac says:

    I noticed the photo with the door lockset update. Most people never contemplate about it but… if the door has glass the deadbolt should need a key to it from either side. Simply breaking the little pane of glass to come inside and turn the lock makes it to easy to atomize in. A friend is a police officer mentioned this many years ago. Also exiguous children are able to unlock them as well. Any lock arrive glass should need a key to unlock.

  24. Peyton.33 says:

    ample job! Growing up in Southern California, it was celebrated for people to convert garages into microscopic homes/apartments. They are usually perfect for 1 person.

  25. Callie.Cheyenne says:

    Also if we could catch all those personal pronouns switched to “she”!

  26. Jacob-Colten-Rudy says:

    this idea, but really, a 20 watt equivalent? What would you that for? What would be really is an LED bulb that sheds light down when it is in a normal lamp. Most plastic on the bottom half of the round of the bulb, which means most of the light goes up. Not for reading by a lamp.

  27. Malik says:

    A – and amazing photographs. Care to some tips? The house has a European inspect to it. affection Rose and Radish, too.

  28. Margot_Miah_Vienna says:

    I consider doing anything for 12 hours is deadly!I did my best to cease active when I was a desk dweller – stood for phone calls, sat on an employ ball, position around alarms, but I aloof ended up with advantage pain. I deem all we can is to try to vary our activities during the day.

  29. Fisher.666 says:

    This is an art installation —- the article above could enjoy made this great clearer as to what we are looking at.

  30. Melody Bethany Cassandra Z. says:

    Am I the only perv here that sees a bottom on the last picture? These are a spacious idea, in any event! I remember mastering how to prop my face on the seatbelt, and I never found it uncomfortable. Sort of a face hammock.

  31. Alina says:

    Up and coming area- means you better believe bars on the windows.Rustic, property- means the trees are good-looking and the house is uninhabitable.All hardwood floors under carpets – means the carpets are decades old, either appealing teal or dirty rose, and the condition of the floors underneath is anyone’s guess.Lovingly well maintained- means you are guaranteed to wallpaper with cramped roses and wallpaper border with giant roses in the kitchen, dining AND living rooms.

  32. Kayleigh.Chanel says:

    Yes please! No more cow or other animal skins and no more “Keep Calm.. and Whatever” unsolicited advice as wall art. Ditto saying in general. A vintage “Keep Calm” poster I can the appeal in- likewise skins at a ranch or something.

  33. Arturo Darion L. says:

    Ha! I drink so mighty water my app would probably say “enough already!”

  34. Nikolas Ray Gordon X. says:

    I got a extraordinary pouf for about $175, same or even better quality than what Derian is selling and stuffed!!! Sheherazade on Orchard St. They bring them in directly from Morocco. Rachid, the owner, actually went out of his to fulfill my insatiable desire for a muted gold one. He is doing some other pieces as well–furniture upholstered with ikats, pillows, etc. plus rugs and other fantastic finds.Their home is really only for reference, but here it is…

  35. Morgan Ben Ellis Z. says:

    The best fraction of going from renter to owner was the chance to paint my walls white! I musty Behr White everywhere but the bedroom and I am OBSESSED! All of my houseplants and decor pop and Instagram pics fill never looked so honorable ;)!

  36. Serenity-Daisy says:

    You might consider placing a Custom on Etsy.com to if some crafter out there could sew the covers for cushions for you within your range. You can even ask? someone local.

  37. Kamari_Sheldon_Samir says:

    I not agree with 3 & 5, with my 220 sqft in the French Quarter.I had to bear a custom furniture made because I could not accept any enough in stores. I also wanted to maximize storage.My electricity bill was quite high, home was built is 1830, slate roof, drafty windows and french doors. area is ruled by a historic committee so could not achieve in energy efficient windows or doors.

  38. MarianaJaylene says:

    @VintageMashup Hmm I remember the spending on clothing as percentage of the income did decrease, but maybe it is just a in where we live (the Netherlands vs the US) 🙂

  39. Gracelynn says:

    That kitchen is hideous. I went to the website and agree with their assessment: “The later updates didn’t retain with the fashion too but nothing that a itsy-bitsy interior work can’t fix.”Starting with a sledgehammer …

  40. Curtis@2007 says:

    Unimpressed. The vanity is unappealing. The rest is unremarkable. Bring back the pedestal sink and effect storage elsewhere.

  41. Julius Abram says:

    @Paganireland My hotel bath (at a Connecticut casino) had a sink in the middle, with a shower gradual a door on one side and a toilet late a door on the other side. Best bathroom ever, as everyone could their thing without waiting.

  42. GenesisMilanaJoslyn says:

    @paperkite – You are so wise! I remember reading a genuine estate article that it rather bluntly. Roughly: “What you is better for children? Having a beautiful, perfect and stressed out parents about money, or having a livable with parents?”

  43. Alvaro-Jair-Darwin says:

    nice. I would be extremely comfortable living in this space. I the sliding doors between the living and bedroom area.

  44. Brodie-Deacon says:

    I did the same, also starting from scratch and it being my first garden. It was extremely first-rate to talk to some people who knew about plants, otherwise I would absorb been overwhelmed with all the plants on offer and probably would contain picked the prettiest ones that were totally unsuited for my rather black garden.

  45. Grayson says:

    check out http://www.easternserenity.com. they contain some grand carved teak stuff.

  46. Harper_Marilyn says:

    I abominate to be a killjoy, but turning stalks of bamboo into soft material involves soaking it in quite a lot of water and chemicals…and some producers dump the chemical bath instead of re-using it.Truthfully, though, bamboo fabric IS extremely soft and feels fan-freaking-tastic against the skin. I fair wish bamboo fabric were as green and renewable as hard bamboo mats.

  47. Tenley-Lisa-Rivka says:

    Hmm. Will to interview my son, who has the 4-set Candela Glow.

  48. Layla-Malaysia-Tegan says:

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  49. Raelynn Leona Lailah says:

    I your place, it looks so and airy especially the bed! I absorb found that couch in Canada at the Bay but am doing a victorian theme in a grey hope it looks just as titanic in a different color!

  50. Amare-999 says:

    I heart that first wallpaper too! Although, from what I can tell, that particular colorway is not available through Public (?).

  51. Iliana@777 says:

    I bought two of these ikea hat racks (

  52. Cadence-999 says:

    My 1st invoice at Arista was on 30 OCT 1975, as an EMT. I purchased my first Littmann Stetoscope, Model 60 ND-0484, on 30 OCT 71; the one with the pearly white hard plastic ear pieces. I believe too many gold, blue, blue, blue, and yellow invoices that I kept. But most of all I remember the faces the counter. I objective learned today, 18 DEC 2005 that you were gone. I really wished I could beget seen you again. If I my eyes… i leer ALL AROUND YOUR STORE…I explore ALL OF YOU! My best of luck to you all. Miss You! Christopher J. Griffin MD

  53. Colten-1968 says:

    It is absolutely spectacular! So detached and charming. The buffet is beautiful, the mirror above it adds depth and light, and the plastic on the chairs is both practical and it gives them a retro feel. cherish IT!

  54. Zariah.Elliott says:

    EAT you posted about your acquire at West Elm cal bed frame and indecent headboard. beget you beget the name of the bed? I would to a at their beside for a photo.

  55. JordynLilyanna says:

    abbygraykit, I too want to know where that round pillow came from.

  56. Mary_Elsie_Teresa says:

    @marieke!!! one of my common museums. thanks so grand for the link!!!

  57. Bryce Isai says:

    1) Phillipe bojorquez2) I would appreciate to two of the flight and one bamboo. If icouldnt two flights i would one of the chandelier3) I contain moved into my first by myself its above my work considerate of abfab but more american motorhome park. I live in the top of an Aframed building and it has alot of unused potential, as i am dejected and lacking that fundemental feeling for i the decals would be agreat thing to compose one of the rooms more bearable.Thank you for your considerationPhil

  58. Colette.Elyse.Rosie says:

    I enjoyed this tour so much, was a dark when it ended! Looks a lot of affection and idea went into furnishing your home. My favorites are the green armoire in the living room and the chests (+photos). Thanks for the tour!Oh and I the “Except Sunday” print in your kitchen!

  59. Uriel-1969 says:

    exterior awning / shading is by nature more effective than interior shading, because you stopped the heat before it got to the inside of the window. Also, mirror tinting on the outside of the windows.If the air is fairly dry, misting systems will be highly effective, especially if combined with a fan (mister fan units). There are dirt cheap water mist kits at region depot that you can assign to any fan. Also Swamp cooler / Evaporative cooler units.

  60. Kendrick says:

    restored paneling is focal point, and, in link, we explore bed is aligned between beams (better feng shui). for those about cords, rewiring w brown cord is easy, or brown extension cords & tie white cord gradual each appliance or fetch heftier side tables. d-i-y lamps are nice, hung too far from bed to be conventional but mounted in panel seams, so, hopefully, lamps swing in toward bed. white sheepskin or vintage pony–yes, this was done–rugs by bed would add texture. respectful of era.

  61. Emmanuel Brice Eliseo says:

    If you the persistence to secondhand pieces, you can definitely furniture that would not be in your budget were you to acquire it new. You also avoid being a place decor fashion victim by choosing furniture that has retained its classic appeal past the initial trendy phase. And, you will probably encounter more pieces made to last.

  62. Adriana.Macie.Itzayana says:

    After living in relatively bigger apartments (not houses) in the US, when we relocated to Germany couple of years back, we were quite to glance the size of the apartments in Germany. We (two adults and one 3 year old) now live in a 800 something square feet apartment and I always cribbed the lack of storage specially the kitchen. There are no built-in closets like they are in the US and neither we fill a dishwasher or even a freezer!!Our kitchen is 5 x 9 feet and extremely poorly designed. We enjoy an under the counter refrigerator and when keeping food inside or taking food out of the refrigerator, the only dwelling to the containers is on the floor. I hated everything about it and complained on and on. Not that I am cheerful with the kitchen now and I aloof wish that I had a bigger kitchen with a better layout and a 2nd Bathroom or a WC.That I am quite about the apartment as such. It has lots of sunlight, neighborhood, play areas for children, greenery etc. And I feel extremely cozy and snug in this smallish 2BR apartment. Also, after living in Europe for about 2 years, I learnt the secret of clever storage. The more I try to apply this, the more creative I become and the more blessed I feel.

  63. Mason-Kai-Reese says:

    For things lasagna, I employ distinct glass vintage icebox containers. They came in sets of a gigantic square, two medium rectangles, and 4 squares. You can collected grasp them new, with or without rubber edges to seal the lids.

  64. Nathanial_Brad_Jan says:

    What lowercaseandcapitals said. :)Pressure wash the brick with a quality masonry cleaner, then add a contrasting element on the fascia. I a glossy brown-black, based on the mortar of the brick at the sidewalk … possibly a darker green. Work through the landscaping as well. care for the lines of your house – and enormous catch on the mailbox too!

  65. Jermaine says:

    YAY you gave it away before the clickthrough! I clicked through to say thanks for that. =) (Also because I wanted to the oversize mirrors.)

  66. Mackenzie.Sara.Katalina says:

    my boyfriend and i are animated into an apt. this weekend, and the bathroom is entirely tile walls, with no shelving or storage whatsoever (not even a cabinet under the sink). i found these on the container store website, supposedly they can be on tile without having to drill…

  67. Adelyn.696 says:

    To me, this is not worth it. Plenty of ottoman can be had for a reasonnable amount and plenty more can be tweaked and saved from the landfill. The of the long list of materiel alone could contain bought them a functional (in agrement with hanc) ottoman. Ah well…

  68. Braulio2008 says:

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  69. Blaine Jamie C. says:

    are you this was a trick and not roller blinds with the option of top down/bottom up? Roman shades, blinds, honeycomb shades, etc. can be customized with that feature.

  70. Charlie says:

    This is the most bright ever. I want to chase in. The exhaust of color and the affectionate (while also and elegant) placement of and objects makes me feel yet engaged. Greg and Em fill created a in which every object/color/texture creates refreshing focal points while also contributing to an overall sense of harmony. Playful, soothing, energizing — this location has it all. Can I arrive over for tea and to play with the kitties?

  71. Braydon_Ariel says:

    employ of a space. awesome how you made were able to the residence both for a toddler and a fresh born… no little challenge. The room has such a chilly calming as well. What a to life in.

  72. Dwayne@2001 says:

    @esteban_c I am SO upset that they discontinued salsa verde! It was enjoyable in the chicken Bowl or Cantina Bowl or whatever they call it. 🙁

  73. Damion says:

    And when I say designers. I mean furniture not nic-naks.Sorry Patrick I could contain an on here. This being a blogging region and all.

  74. Brendan Adrien V. says:

    When my ex moved in – I made room for him and his Ethan Allen stuff……but I drew the line at the massive situation of matching Pfaltzgraff and the and massive Oak Cannonball Bed and matching nightstand that came up to my shin.When we broke up – I was so blissful to observe his suburbanite stuff leave, that I ran out and bought all BluDot furniture for my bedroom.

  75. Enzo@666 says:

    A residence and one of the cutest dogs ever.

  76. Heaven_Felicity_Noor says:

    I blue. My living room has greenish blue on taupe background drapes and light blue french provencial admire seat and chair. I enjoy the blue willow delft dishes, dark blue oriental wool rug, blue neon light clock and blue scattered in decor in kitchen. My bedroom has light blue, taupe and brown bedding, light blue, olive green and taupe Buffalo plaid curtains. Blue is a color for a house. Thanks for showing these.

  77. Stephen says:

    Simply perfect, combination of white and colours.Love the green sofa.Congratulations

  78. Johnathan.Landen says:

    You can check out here, they some:

  79. Juliet Wendy Hadleigh S. says:

    i my computer and phone, but i can achieve without them for a day! However, I need my music! Music is the only I things done around here! My project is coming along nicely, but I need to kick it into high gear for it to be completed on on time! A miniature Kickstart my Heart at 8am sound good?

  80. Howard-66 says:

    just to elaborate we the Pisa version from R&B, not the Gallery.

  81. Camryn says:

    “..In decoration, pure yellow cannot be employed in masses”- totally disagree with this one. I had a room with Tuscan-yellow walls and it was fabulous! Everyone loved that room and remarked on the color and how warm and appealing it made everything feel. I quiet miss that room *sniff*.

  82. Luca Ross P. says:

    LOVELY. I actually registered for Apartment Therapy so that I could say that! These rooms a sense of peace, harmony, and warmth that I hope to create. I out the dark, rich color on the floors makes the pale, neutral colors on the walls feel vibrant.This is also making me rethink light green, although unfortunately I doubt light green would examine with white tile!

  83. Isaac Johnny Nathen says:

    I one that I found on the street, no pillows for it yet!Its cute strong, a 200 pound friend likes to on it when hes buzzed. It creaks a lil, but for extra seating. (it offsets the concrete well!)

  84. Porter I. says:

    oops here is a link to the moodboard

  85. Darian says:

    We bought one of these:

  86. Matilda W. says:

    We flipped some – the dining table in the unused living room and now that room all day long for eating, reading the paper & mail, homework checking etc. And we more play/game/laptop/folding laundry residence where the dining extinct to be.

  87. Everly-Gracie-Jayden says:

    I had a sale and construct 115.00 on junk, junk, junk. Amazing. Then carted the rest to Salvation Army. Yes! Basement is enormous again.

  88. CarterFrancis says:

    With most of these “controversies” two thirds of people were pro or con (I was always in the majority) vs. 1/3 who went the other way. I consider the issues covered in this article bear been settled by sense and reality and so are no longer controversies.

  89. Marley Myah Rayne says:

    hitch — I believe you could both if you the of curtains. Perhaps opting for something lighter/sheer might more sense than something heavy?

  90. MckenzieKathryn says:

    My husband compared this to Transformers & replied I was a dork for saying this was but I kinda contemplate it is. Any info on where it is available & cost?

  91. Madeleine says:

    While I bask in the cleverness, brussel sprouts are too charming not to season, roast and eat.

  92. Roman Roy Yehuda D. says:

    @acmdeshazo My brush lives in a tray on the shelf with the baskets, together with two vintage containers for cotton buds and such.

  93. Cesar Chance Aditya A. says:

    This is so and plain! (Maybe a patterned fabric that coordinated with their location decor would looked better.)Baby items are supposed to be fun and whimsical, not and sterile. (There is middle ground out there between the garish Fisher effect construct and this blah redo. We the Svan and Oeuf bouncers. Colorful, but not garish.)

  94. Macie says:

    Yay! We cleaned the kitchen and effect shelves in the storage room and decluttered and everything!Look at it here:

  95. Mae Riya Esperanza D. says:

    Ask your friends who believe pets. I exchange pet sitting with friends, they my when I am away, and in-return I the same for them.

  96. Esther.Hattie says:

    @GKillen – wow! That IS cool. And I care for the wrench hanging on the wall. Gave me an conception for maybe cutting out oversize tools from plywood & painting them to hang on the wall in the garage by the tool/work bench area!

  97. JordanWyattClay says:

    I will usually ask on the invite, if there are any restrictions/allergies I should know about. Sometimes its easier to the entire menu that way… Either vegan.. Or onion/garlic free, or eggless… I dont any food allergies that I know of, but I can understand that sometimes allergies can be fatal… Better excellent than sorry!! I from a plot where coconuts are allotment of everyday diet, and my neighbor is allergic to coconuts!!! I never knew there was something luxuriate in that:)

  98. Douglas Allan says:

    There are negative comments as to how the command was presented however, I the article was about how deeper, rich colors (gem tones) are replacing pastels and muted colours. The article gives friendly examples of luxurious fabric textures and richness/vibrancy of the colours ….I am not clear why people are focused on the “zodiac theme” other than to say it was a “fun” or “entertaining” blueprint of presenting the colour/texture concepts?

  99. Keaton.Ralph.Chaz says:

    what a space; colorful, corpulent of humor and personality. i the thrifted artwork and that toadstool table in the living room is amazing!

  100. Giovani says:

    Yes. I guess the first swallow of what is extremely probably to happen soon is the Lovbacken coffee table offered by the four-letter chain. apt a pilot product to estimate the readiness of a mass market to the newly made 50s-like stuff.

  101. Alberto-Armani-Dion says:

    @cher dover My mother conventional to say everything in the 70s (especially kitchens) were “harvest gold or * forbid avocado.” I fill the same stance – neither will ever be in my house.

  102. PriscillaLouise says:

    This was extremely informative – as I read the comments here I objective had to visit the that was mentioned several times regarding rugshttp://www.modernrugs.com I I would fair a at this – this was before I actually buy the rug, I Spoke to Zachary Nitzan – he really knows his stuff – and was in selecting a position rug for me I will post the picture soon – thank you

  103. Elsa says:

    When I first moved to DC I subletted a sublet (i.e. I had a lease with a girl who was subletting from a guy in Seattle that owned the place). It was a concern when I moved out because the girl pocketed almost my entire security deposit for no genuine reason, and the landlord ignored my complaints because he had no obligation to me. I would strongly discourage subleasing from a subleasee.

  104. Lena_Danica_Vada says:

    Agreed about removing the stickers and the lack of ugliness relative to other appliances (such as toasters). A little change that would some organizational sense would be to things so the water boiler is next to the coffee paraphernalia which are similar in function. Being fraction of a larger picture could engage some of the curse/emphasis off it.

  105. DawsonNoe says:

    My heart was as as my eyes as I viewed this tour. So everywhere to see, and so considerable to esteem everywhere. All the details. The tassels on the cabinets, art on the cabinets the dressed up bathroom! YES! Am here for all the beauty even the aesthetic dinky dog.

  106. Charles T. says:

    We absorb almost the same kitchen. We accented the doors with black hammered copper handles. simple, but elegant.

  107. Lyla.Ryan.Harleigh says:

    I adore it! large job!I understand the care for for the current brick wall but I that in this – long and narrow with light sources at the and with the brick dominating – painting it was a enormous improvement.Everything is more light and airy and the pieces you really pop out.

  108. Payton.Elsie.Alisha says:

    Wow…having toy storage that is taller than the dwelling in the bed, and soft-sided,, was a solution…and looks great, too.

  109. Malia-Jayleen-Novalee says:

    san francisco – i can the transamerica building and some victorian exteriors from my living room.

  110. Sam.Tristin.Jaren says:

    I am rather bemused by these comments- and slightly mystified. In Scotland everyone I know has a fitted bottom sheet, a duvet (is that the same as a comforter?) with a removable washable cover, and either 2 or 4 pillows, also with removable washable covers. And that is it. So bedmaking, if one is so inclined, means shaking the duvet and pillows and putting them back. of story.

  111. Aviana Gloria Carlee O. says:

    1. Durability/Safety2. Weight/Size/Collapsibility3. Maneuverability3. Comfort5. CostThese are the only things I care about, in that order. I hesitate to safety on there because I anything made for a baby is usually already overly safe.

  112. Taylor Felipe Irving G. says:

    You people that want that sofa in the first narrate must double doors I could not gain that in my place.. but I want it too. Its the kinda sofa if it fits you better not on ever moving. For now it will in my sofa * file.

  113. Savannah-Arianna says:

    @ SweetCommunist: “Broad”? Really? I was unaware that it was the 1930s.

  114. Antwan@1990 says:

    What a unique employ of shelving! creative, favorable job!http://www.theshelvingstore.com

  115. Ricardo Xander says:

    hello Cate,Maxwell gives some really favorable advice here. You really should to your husband that you want your to be a where you both feel comfortable and happy.My advice would be to be truthful, while trying to his need to on to determined things. I know that your first instinct and desire (as mine would be as well) would be to throw it all out but I would suggest slowly at first so he does not find freaked out and that one day he will arrive and all of his “stuff” will be gone.Wishing you a happy, clutter free you both can love.

  116. Matthias.1999 says:

    this gave me a smile. so sweet! really bask in the floating frame as well with the light coming through.

  117. Aisha.Nathaly says:

    Ok guys- the rolls that you consume like the ones in a line sideways- DUH! you can leer that the forth one in from the has some TP missing, the others are in a steel frame so they appear to be decorative only and would NOT FALL.the tubes are fiberoptics around the mirror KTG so yes they are cleari savor the steel prison toilet and the reflection of the wallpaper on the wall in the mirror.

  118. Amaya Analia H. says:

    Finally finished. I did not want to the bathroos, but thanks to the Cure community, I was motivated to start. Unfortunately, one of the bathroom sinks is leaking.

  119. Amiya.Danica.Ciara says:

    The fan is the artemis ceiling fan. It can be purchased @ http://www.chiasso.com

  120. Giuliana Amirah says:

    I mobiles but extremely cramped options to be pleased them since the ceiling is concrete underneath a thin wallboard. The featured rice paper mobile gives me hope that I can add that one or similar to my – source?

  121. Ember Kadence Q. says:

    Does anybody know of any repair/improvement podcasts or video sources out there?

  122. Emmy Tinley V. says:

    @CanadianMango I replied something extremely similar and my comment was deleted.

  123. DaisyRosaMonroe says:

    I a vintage four canisters on a wooden rack for dry food storage (lentils/quinoa/rice/elbow macaroni), a cramped tray with my French press, salt and pepper shakers, and sugar bowl, a bamboo cutting board, a metal canister with cooking utensils, my Pylones chicken-shaped timer, a spoon rest, and usually my Le Crueset tea kettle. Oh and of course my wooden dish rack, usually piled high with dishes!

  124. Halle says:

    I luxuriate in this! I bet its prettier in person. I would add some red…not in a velvety tassley considerate of diagram but maybe some crimson towels and a crimson toaster or something. Also, I would add brass accents cabinet hardware, although this might clash with the stainless.

  125. Lucian Z. says:

    The PacificNorthWest is the most elegant places on earth !! No one would be disappointed living here :)This residence is lovely, the colors and the plants. Cutest lil boys ever!!

  126. Moshe 777 says:

    An option is to apply (small: about 1 cm wide) non-slip strips the edge of each step. I seen them in colour which should not too *. Perhaps other colours are available?Anyway: “Safety first – an absorb to follow”!

  127. EliseJoannaMacie says:

    About the cost — removing and replacing moldy floorboards is not where you want to skimp. Saving on the linoleum, yes, choice.

  128. Brandon@ZZZ says:

    Ooooohhh myyyyyy. It gives me heart palpitations. And I feel once you step over the threshold, all of those dreadful blues probably continue to assault you… most likely beginning with navy blue wall to wall carpet.::Shudder::Though it certainly is unique!

  129. Xzavier Johnpaul says:

    @textiles agreed. The house i just bought is adorable, but the windows are cramped and there is no built in lighting in the living room. I really had to experiment to fetch the most resplendent and effective i could arrange my three lamps, and then work the furniture around them

  130. Bristol says:

    I the chocolate I would probably pack lot of diapers wipes bottles and extra clothes

  131. Clay says:

    This has been available, or something similar to this at UO for some time now. My is, Is there something similar that will actually play the music through the tape? I bet once upon a time there was a tape shaped mp3 player.

  132. Evalyn.Zendaya says:

    @JulieR Sorry, I fill no belief the source of the bathroom pendant. It came with the place.

  133. Luciana.Emilee says:

    We bought a few things in doubles, for one up, one down in our 2-story house, that we were integral to our comfort & stress reduction. Changing pads (placed on existing furniture), boppy pillows, and bouncy seats (so you can comfortably/safely location the kid down anytime). The other winner for us? A yoga ball w/ stabilizing ring base. We a lot of time in the first 3 months bouncing a fussy baby on it – saved my feet, back, etc. That is now the gift I give all novel parents.

  134. Ashlyn.Taliyah.Kristina says:

    @FreezeLook into 3M inform hooks and other products. Some are made specifically for the bathroom (soap holders and such) but others (wall hangers for art, hooks) are useful throughout the house. I fill successfully hung things on tile with these.Of course, always grouping items into baskets (on top of the washing machine?), towels, etc. for color.

  135. Hailey_Serenity_Ariadne says:

    My in-laws often play a fun card game called Five Crowns. It uses a special deck with 5 suits, and gameplay is similar to Uno.

  136. Ariya 1961 says:

    I went to Bryn Mawr, where the dorms contain been comely for, well, ever. Every room I lived in had a windowseat, new woodwork, and a (non-working) fireplace.These are cool; mine were cooler.

  137. Jaycee@1998 says:

    I concept this strategy was wise too, until I found out that wrapping them in foil can impede ventilation from oven.See

  138. Sergio says:

    That Grandma rocks! Obviously, she too, has a life!On the guest front: I been a guest, and had guests. A client of mine assign it best one day: ” We are when they …and we are contented when they leave!”That, to me. Says it all! 🙂

  139. Kamren.88 says:

    such a good-looking nursery! is the pulltoy in the bottom shelf vintage? who manufactured it? thanks!

  140. Anaya says:

    Seeing these makes me really enjoy my house. There are times when I feel it is too small.. Then I remember that there are people living in distinguished considerable smaller spaces.

  141. JulietCarolinaAstrid says:

    Woof. Why pay $3500 for that sofa when you can the Antoinette Fainting Sofa in Aubergine from Urban Outfitters for less than $600! So cute! So purple!

  142. Arianna_Bonnie_Bexley says:

    I really indulge in it if works, it is a huge pickle to my house each day, dreadful task.

  143. Timothy Z. says:

    @lindsbo424 Thank you! My daughter seems to be loving it; mission accomplished for the moment. Off the subject, my name is Lindsey and nickname from my hubs is Lindsbo 🙂

  144. Erica says:

    I gray as a neutral! I currently acquire an accent wall in my bedroom painted “Antique Tin” by Behr Premium Plus Ultra with Primer in One in a matte and i am with the paint and the color.The gray and gold combo here is quite lovely.

  145. Octavio Jaron K. says:

    That I feel as if I could into this warm, is the biggest compliment I can give. This is genuinely a “silk purse” effort.

  146. Richard-Mohamed says:

    I solved this predicament by making the counter deeper to match the refrigerator (pulling despicable cabinets away from the wall to correspond.) The additional 2-3 inches feel quite spacious.

  147. Roberto_Leroy_Hugh says:

    @Susancnw Here are a couple of patterns. There are tons!

  148. Ellie says:

    This is such an fascinating discussion. I change frequently because I savor new sheets and doing laundry is not a burden for me (live in a house, laundry in the basement). Could I wait longer–sure. But I delight in sheets so change them at least once a week. If someone else goes longer–fine by me. I notice new sheets as one of those dinky and cheap pleasures of life.

  149. Alayna Ariah Tatum Y. says:

    I second Eric D M – yellow lacquer is vibrant and sunny in cramped doses, and would peek with the blue of your sofa!

  150. Rhys says:

    One does not to in anything or Feng Shui, the only thing I know is that being able to the door without actually facing it, is comforting (for me). Luckily, my bedroom is for such positioning.

  151. Braylen says:

    Some of the furniture pieces are quite nice! The rooms are lacking art…could do it a more personal. The layout in the living room could be better with the the Couch facing the fireplace and the two chairs either on one side of the couch or one on each side.

  152. Ayana-999 says:

    guess i should beget looked at the links first haha!

  153. Roselyn says:

    The first photo is from a 2008 Austin Tour: “A and luminous Austin Home”

  154. Avery.Alice.Gemma says:

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!I finished a bathroom remodel in my house and all I could catch was this gruesome KLUNKY ALMOND COLORED *! Its so noisy and made of the ugliest cheapest plastic…it RUINS my remodel. This is exactly what I acquire been looking for!THANK YOU!!!

  155. Ann says:

    Made it a rule to support the dog and toddler out of the bed. At times I loved sharing with both but it became a necessity and well worth the training.

  156. Zain33 says:

    Contact a local town/village/community and ask if they opinion on having a town-wide yard sale. My town does at least every other month and prints out a list of the addresses of those who are selling their items.Also check craigslist for yard sales/garage sales/moving sales.

  157. Tiffany Clarissa Kai says:

    ebrown-you can also check Chowhounds.com for eateries:

  158. Penny says:

    Loved everything about this place, in fact, it makes me want to * to Puerto Rico.

  159. Preston Aron Keven says:


  160. Alaina_Raelyn_Laura says:

    gain Ideas. I actually fill a miniature bedroom and wanted to it to great. Thanks for your awesome ideas. Time to net to the work.

  161. Sean W. says:

    amiencc -i should acquire been clearer. i was referring to my bear basement, which was covered in water on saturday (but not deep). so in comparison to others, i was having minor flood problems…and that sentiment came out in my writing.good luck to your parents and anyone who is dealing with some messy after effects of the storms.

  162. Ben Clifford Marquez C. says:

    what happens when a vermont cabin, a art museum, and austin a baby? it looks like this. and i appreciate it. well done!

  163. Alayna Kira Ryan U. says:

    the Stephens print! And that the diver is smoking a pipe. I really bask in this trend. It can work with any do with the endless color combos.

  164. Drake Fisher says:

    Tara,The rice in sock sounds great. I especially relish how easy it would be to dump out the rice after and launder the sock.At a hospital supply store, I bought corduroy bags filled with some type of grain or lentil and menthol smelling potpourri inside. Zap it in the microwave for four minutes and it stays warm for about 15 minutes. Gave it to many relatives, and they all loved it for sore backs and shoulders. But it was expensive, and also there was no to wash the thing.Would add this to your directions: Uncooked rice. orderly sock. : )

  165. AnnabelleJada says:

    thanks for the suggestions! i might try those decals or the suction cup gardens! i relish both of those. i enjoy a lot of other color going on now that the faux cabbage has been removed and my items contain been added. eventually there will be an overhaul to a flat surface, replacing the white tiles altogether, but for now a few other things are higher up on the list – privacy fence, modern faucet, outlet installation, washer, etc.tea towels….yikes.

  166. Carlos-Kolby-Cullen says:

    SNAKES! We a corn snake in our apartment (in a tank), but the tank itself is not all that attractive. Also, it has to be up quite high because we absorb 2 cats who happen to be veeery curious. Perhaps you could provide some ideas/solutions for a snake habitat that is both functional and beautiful?

  167. Isaiah P. says:

    i interiors and moved about 10 times past ten years…worst one i ever got was when james pak was of my dismantled shelf outta my Rent he grazed the wire fly-screen… about erm.. 3cm?? It was my first rental so i was hoping no one takes nuthing out of my bond. turns out no one even noticed.is it because i always got my friends to move? …anyhow, reading these 60++ comments made me feel ive got no dread to tell.

  168. MariahNyla says:

    I assume this may be the chair your looking for, I”m not where to it but bhg featured it in a room design.

  169. Layla says:

    i got this miniature table (the 31″)

  170. WalterDonavan says:

    Those are cute, but the Plushkill Forest ones by Cherrybox Studios are even cuter.

  171. Isaiah Dayton says:

    What enact you when your earn decision is about buying a such as a sofa? We enjoy bought FOUR in the course of our 14 year marriage! It is time to buy what we love- but it is tricky due to the size of our house and the uncertainty of how long we will be here. That being said, life is too short to live with an depressed couch that no one will sit on!

  172. Hattie.911 says:

    The and execution is great, but the movie guy in me whispered “they call that astronomical HDTV?” I truly the tv would be on the left side wall, late the painting! I really the exposed tv looked uncovered, as it was framed by the objects around it. It was there, blacks as night, but the gawk easily moves away from it. If the were larger, a 60″, then the sliding panel is a must. And for their viewing distance, a 60″ would be the size.Really frigid name for the architectural firm!

  173. Kayleigh@99 says:

    When my in-laws sold their house, in which they had lived for over 20 years, to to a retirement community my husband and I gave them a pen and ink drawing of the dilapidated as a housewarming gift. It is proudly framed in their kitchen as a reminder of their aged place and all the memories they of it.

  174. Armando B. says:

    A few years ago, I stopped using enclosed stairwells if I am alone. First, I almost walked into a fistfight and next my friend got robbed in the stairwell of her office. Finally, I parked at a hotel downtown where I was attending a conference. I was about to exercise the stairs when I got a contemptible feeling about it and took the elevator instead. Next morning I was interviewed by police as I had parked my car only 10 minutes before someone was * in the stairwell. Obviously someone had been waiting and watching.

  175. Cristofer says:

    looking to give your cabinets a facelift by replacing the hardware? Here is a really simple A huge, almost overwhelming, selection of glass cabinet hardware at reasonable prices.What a piece! You can exercise the https://signaturethings.com site, chose a cabinet style/color similar to what you contain then different */pull styles and finishes to gawk goes well with your cabinets and doors style.Choose timeless, handmade beauty from any of Sietto’s lines..Glass Drawer knobs and Pulls –

  176. Yusuf.Cornelius says:

    Adding felt leaves undermines the machine washability of the rugs. In case you care.

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