Selecting The Amazing Fitted Daybed Covers Properly Today

Fitted daybed covers usually more elegant and have proper colors according to the room decoration. But only that, we also have to select them in material designs and durability. Why do we have to choose a daybed cover well and do not let one choose? As we know that everyone needs a break (especially the bed) with enough time and quality (make a comfortable and restful sleep). In fact, 1/3 of our daily activities is to sleep, around 6-8 hours a day for healthy sleep, right, right? Therefore, it is very important for us to choose and create a resting place as comfortable as possible so that we can act with both the next day.

luxurious fitted daybed covers with pillows and curtains

luxurious fitted daybed covers with pillows and curtains

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really inspiring selecting the amazing fitted daybed covers properly today. Choose material or sheet material and a cover that is soft and comfortable to use for the rest of your sleep. Avoid choosing a coarse material, hot, sandy, feathered and easily fade. Materials such as these not only make you uncomfortable but also can cause various diseases. Choose bed linen and daybed cover that fits the size of your daybed. Avoid choosing a size too big or too small. Suppose the size of your daybed 180x200cm then choose a cover sheet and in accordance with the size, 180x200cm (king size). Do not let you choose the small size eg size 120x200cm, which of course is not suitable and comfortable for you.

modern fitted daybed covers sets

modern fitted daybed covers sets

twin size fitted daybed covers set with 2 cushions

twin size fitted daybed covers set with 2 cushions

Choose a bed sheet and cover with colors and patterns for your favorites and tailored to your room. This will give a major influence on the comfort of your bed. If you buy a bed sheet and cover for your child, then choose the colors are bright and cheerful fit your child’s room. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really inspiring selecting the amazing fitted daybed covers properly today.

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  1. Mitchell_Chance says:

    and a deep shapely when you the stuff! a dapper residence is a ecstatic place. Not to mention it makes the stuff you moved looked nice

  2. Maci_Abril says:

    To me, living green(er) is a lot delight in an advance to a diet: you can discontinuance eating *entirely* to lose weight, or you can introduce healthier choices into how you are already eating.But even on a diet, you can allow yourself a Snickers bar every now and then.

  3. Lana Evie O. says:

    @klarsen1839 You might try the ModKo Flip mentioned by @sam1. Half of the lid flips up for easy scooping, but you could leave it all the time for your claustrophobic kitty. He may even learn to commence it himself—our cat hides in the litter box and then bursts through the flip top when he thinks he has a chance to hurry through the nearby door.

  4. Nathanael Gordon Q. says:

    A extremely glorious home! I am enamored with the employ of color throughout. I when people are not of using audacious colors in their decor. I especially the vibrant orange wallpaper in the bathroom. considerate of reminds me of origami paper. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Arielle says:

    Looks great! We unprejudiced gave an Ikea file cabinet an industrial so my boyfriend could absorb a nightstand to match his style:

  6. Anna.Blakely.Kaylie says:

    This looks devour a print from Charles Sheeler, Edward Steichen, or one of any other photographers working in the early 20th century. If you explore at online sources and museum stores, for “modernist” photography as keywords and you should be able to other prints similar to this.

  7. Hugo-Jermaine says:

    * I want this so badly. I contain been looking for pillows to give my TV room some personality — and THIS is the answer!

  8. Dylan Camden J. says:

    hello gang! Thanks for all the good comments. I not know the artist of the painting in the bathroom but I got the painting at Discovery Gallery in Bethesda, MD. The paint colors were already up when we moved in so I am not where they came from. Thanks again everyone.

  9. Nina-Bethany-Braylee says:

    Ours had been painted, probably to that they had two colors, burnt orange and yellow. Old!

  10. Sophie-April-Mercy says:

    Ditto to all the other posters. When I was itsy-bitsy and my dad made me consume up my stuff before the housekeeper came, I was really frustrated and confused; that was before I understood the between tidying up and cleaning – and how work cleaning is!

  11. Aidan.Isiah says:

    For over 12 years now we the same transparent plastic camouflage you may exhaust for doing a painting job without ruining the floor.We it in our car and it was many times. It already caused tremendous fun, when eight people hid under the cover rushing to the car and saving picnic food and themselves from heavy rain.At a rainy open-air-concert we made several people when we offered them shelter under our plastic cover.Those 5 $ were well invested.

  12. Willow W. says:

    oops, i guess i missed the that mentioned the gift card.

  13. Daleyza says:

    As far as things to achieve with wooden pencils, I this

  14. Devon-Brooks-Fredy says:

    I appreciate the cabinets, counter, color, hardware, sink, floor but I am not a fan of the micro and stove they too “rounded” for a such a sharp, hard line cabinet. I know…picky

  15. Chance_Brad says:

    Having a 5 year limits the length of time I can commit. What works for me is baby steps.Last night I:* purged 2 drawers* emptied, cleaned 2 top cupboards and ran the dusty dishes through dishwasher* sold 2 pieces of outdated furniture on Kijiji and moved seldom chair to the living room. admire it!I also now acquire a grocery tote beefy for Value Village!I feel accomplished!

  16. MarkusKaleShea says:

    I can the clever and thoughtful concept, but the intensity of such a space…I gain it would my head explode were I forced to live there. My compliments to the creators, though.

  17. Adam_Sebastian_Winston says:

    Whatever that is in front of the windows in the living room, I want one. Is it a backless sofa?

  18. MacyJolene says:

    I a soft area for Cameron Diaz, but I this movie was *.However, that cottage was so perfect.

  19. Markell says:

    Our living room has the same measurements. It was extremely challanging. This is what we enjoy done.

  20. PaisleyEsther says:

    Thank you Emily and thank you Apartment Therapy for giving us this grand feature. Fran does indeed many treasures. Aside from her fabulous furniture, she has made the life we all want.

  21. Reese-Paris-Kaia says:

    I really this room, it is a great combination of unexpected things and pulls together nicely. I my scripture in there, too. I contain that in Wall Words on my bedroom wall.

  22. Enrique.Colten.Alexzander says:

    The nonprofit I head in DC — the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture — has produced a cookbook specifically for our low-income customers at our Mobile Market to befriend them to cook from scratch. The cookbook has gotten national press, including this fraction in NPR — “Advice for Eating Well on a Tight Budget

  23. ChristianAditya says:

    Everything in my is neutral. I bought a vibrant coral pink dwelling rug for my living room and boy what a difference! Sometimes it honest takes one change to give your dwelling a whole modern feeling.

  24. Jeffrey.Roderick says:

    Urgan,The dry wall is sealed at the top with green glue sealant. The wood in the ceiling continues through to the other side but there is a tight seal along the top.There may not be the same tight seal along the top of the joist, which is my concern.

  25. Kyler says:

    I affection photography!! and was delighted to this post. Here are a few of my singular fave photographers, most of them found as a result of my huge flickr habit:Alex Veledzimovich and here Giancarlo RadoBenoit PailléBrent Yaggi & Sarah Hicks Brian Ulrich Rosenbaum Gosia Janik

  26. Adalyn_Mckenna_Veronica says:

    Typingn-You are in going vertical for your landing *. Here are some ideas for stylish hooks and shelves with links to where you can lift them:

  27. AleenaAmiya says:

    After years of not caring about tile one blueprint or another, I am in with it. That apron, the first wall, the various tile floor-carpets and everything else is honest wonderful.

  28. Emersyn_Cara says:

    the color, I was totally anticipating a darker gray. This is and makes for an easy transition as the child grows up 🙂

  29. Harlow-Taliyah says:

    I applaud anyone who attempts this. The biggest thing i finish in that considerate of heat is in air conditioned splendor and complain

  30. Margot-Montserrat says:

    Does anyone the hemnes canopy bed? I always behold it painted in mags, and it looks great. Does anyone know how the materials are?Also how deep is the box? We beget a thick pillowtop mattress…

  31. Marco says:

    @Telzey Even with an energy-saver model, my electric bill appreciates it when I wash by hand.

  32. Fatima says:

    @Annuin I”m not telling you not to lift the bed. to not interrogate it to last forever. I replaced his bed with a futon frame that is sturdier and costs the same. The Malm no one wanted so I had to to the landfill and I feel bad about it.

  33. Ruby_Cynthia_Collins says:

    I respectfully disagree, TPM.The comfort of that I beget health care correct in case I sick, drop down the steps or hit in the head with a hammer, makes everything more tolerable. Making a living wage also makes it a diminutive easier to smile.

  34. Willow Karsyn O. says:

    I could consume this…get my Thankgiving resolutions off to a start!

  35. Omar.Trenton says:

    Where can I the app that detects nearby assassins?

  36. JoelRickyDamarion says:

    That is what I savor most about wooden fences. They are customisable in terms of colour and hues. You can any colour that you and paint it over the fence as many times as you prefer. In this case, is definitely in my consider-list as it makes the entire set so and stunning, even from afar. It would also complement any theme you might bear for your house.

  37. Kai99 says:

    On the nightstand at all times: lampglass bottle with feathersOn the nightstand at night: cell phone notebooksometimes a glass of water or almond milk (which been knocked over by me or the cat on numerous occasions)In the drawers: coasterstravel candle & matchesrosebud salvelube, condoms & grown up toys (why has no one else mentioned this?)sleep maskcrossword, Sudoku, and paperback booksipadnotebook exclusively for quotestiny box with slips of paper with goals/aspirationspen

  38. Olivia Laura Briley K. says:

    change the glass to those that can turn foggy with a click of a remote. office windows.

  39. Kamron says:

    all! This is my first time trying the cure. My husband and I accurate added a room on our house doing all of the labor ourselves. It has been tough but rewarding and has inspired us to update the rest of the house. Including the add-on, our house is 1050 sq ft 3bed/1bath. Hopefully the cure will us on the legal track because we need some clutter and creativity.

  40. Edward_Russell_Braiden says:

    Holy *!! First, beauuuutiful job on the reno. impressed. Second – we spell our names the same way!!! Seriously, you are the first person on the planet I absorb encountered, albeit through a website, that spells their name the same draw I conclude in my 34 years of living. Obviously we are awesome. Cheers!

  41. Erick Ezekiel Joaquin E. says:

    I of a towel rod on the wall for a fine that makes it easy and fun to a different scarf for your mood.I also delight in this tension rod answer from a previous AT post:

  42. Hayley.1994 says:

    @Bunraku – You can donate cabinets to Habitat for Humanity if you want to correct redo the cabinets.

  43. Alexis-Stephen-Draven says:

    Does anybody know where I can glean that pillow? Here Comes Trouble- I would to procure it for a giftThanks

  44. Marley.Amaris says:

    fill it, esteem IT. sturdy, natty slim.I hold mine in the position between the fridge and the wall.

  45. Terrance@1986 says:

    @2adjectives @wind_n_sea The cost is from importing them to the US. Local products are almost always cheaper. The cost between buying it in Poland and buying it from the US distributor reflects the cost of shipping heavy ceramics across an ocean, wholesale/retail markup, and importation taxes.

  46. Jemma-Danica-Lillianna says:
  47. Xavier_River_Lewis says:

    I desco – they also all the Hepa filters were various vacuums – they are shapely helpful.

  48. Chase.Nestor says:

    One time I had a really difficult time painting a hallway as I could not find the paint on in even thickness. The areas that were thicker would dry lighter, and the areas where I applied the paint thinner would dry darker. To fix the I tried diluting the paint with water, maybe 15% water until the paint was almost watery, but was aloof a diminutive creamy. I would then dip a itsy-bitsy rag into the paint/water mixture, wring it out objective a little, and wipe it all over the walls as evenly as I could. To my surprise the fresh layer of diluted paint dried lickety-split and made everything gape perfectly even without any visible brush marks or edges. From then on I absorb been using this as a touch up diagram with big results. If you are using glossier paints, the watered down paint might lose some of the gloss, but I recommend trying this method.

  49. Serena1964 says:

    The you will contain with creating a vessel sink from another bowl is that most vessel sinks are made with a little slope at the point where the drain is so that the water DOES drain out. Unless you a tool where you can this you may contain a predicament with standing water. The other thing you will to at is if the hole is not the size, you may risk water damage to the furniture of your vanity.That is my 2 cents.

  50. Reid_Hugh says:

    Color me shocked! I now realized our entry was accepted! Thanks for all the friendly comments. For those who asked, the Sherlock painting was a DIY project for another party we had in that room (it was a mystery party). Thanks for the immense comments!!

  51. Robert_Issac_Wilson says:

    I the Dillon admire seat. extremely affordable, stylish and comfortable. They also offer replacement cushion covers in various colors.

  52. Dennis Walter Elian says:

    It is considerate of hard to disclose how mighty and headroom you are actually working with but it looks you may be able to pull off some banquette of seating along that in your 1st photo. You can easily do something that inexpensively and upholster the seating for cash as well. A Google images or Flickr search should provide lots of inspiration for a jumping off point.That microscopic nook w/the white table could probably become a and convenient place for storage with a ample little cabinet and some accessories.

  53. Chana A. says:

    Dear Jenny: large blog post! I am to Haven and looking to an apartment exactly relish this. Any suggestions for buildings in the area?

  54. Zariyah says:

    I loved living on the first floor, never needed A.C. I had a porch and a private yard for gardening…However, living in a violent neighborhood with drug dealers, thieves, thugs and muggers left me constantly concerned for my safety, especially in the summer with the doors and windows open. I miss my outdoor terribly and would not hesitate to live in a first floor unit again, but not in a neighborhood…

  55. Delilah-Margaret-Janelle says:

    huge improvement, but you should something that glass cabinet front to camouflage the drain pipe.

  56. Victoria-Mabel says:

    Gorgeous! I wavered about removing the bathtub when we did our reno, we opted with keeping the tub (well replacing the tub with a fresh considerable deeper tub), but seeing bathrooms these build me expect that decision. Though I to say having a fresh tub is really really nice, and I actually baths occasionally lol.

  57. Adalynn T. says:

    Unexpectedly, I adore this house. So grown up, but a quirky, with a ease to it.@ sbauske I also never been so taken with countertops. So perfect in this kitchen too.

  58. Maya_Gianna_Marie says:

    Uppababy carrier bubble is also cheaper, and less “cutesy”. I it to achieve hands off my preemie.

  59. Ean says:

    Ordered a white shelf with shaker pegs I to as the faulty of landing *. We a microscopic apartment entry.I need to figure out something for the mail. I am not really a basket person and we need a holding for gobs of mail.It goes to the mantel now to a blue and white bowl but that looks messy and it easily overflows. Perhaps a covered box of some kind.. an in box. I only mail once a week so it needs to a bit.

  60. ZacharyMisaelRoland says:

    they fill the flat top finishing piece? blocks would be cool. How about a (not so) mini-fig for company?

  61. Noemi says:

    @catiaelizabeth – We will bear pendant lights available soon that can be combined with the Crane Light and/or the 360º floor lamp coming out later this spring. finish tuned…

  62. Orlando-Carl says:

    None of these looks as though they actually provide light.

  63. Amaya Adelaide Jane says:

    I AT needs to an article that is entirely about recycling and donating. Lots of threads believe lots of advice – this one and Closet Cure 9/15 especially.

  64. Ryleigh.Lorelei.Danna says:

    We had a Seabury sofa from Pottery Barn from a year, and hated it every minute. We liked it in the store, but it became definite that the cushions would never be quite right. Then the wooden of both teh sofa and the Seabury chair started to *. Pottery Barn took both pieces after a year and gave us a refund!

  65. Max_Cannon_Dallin says:

    Examples of the Dorothy Draper look:

  66. Dillan Malaki says:

    I agree about changing the cabinet hardware. Paint the backsplash and choose off the doors to the upper cabinets to things up a bit. I also putting a roman shade in that window would be a better option and if you some colored appliances or even a pitcher on the counter, that would advantage a lot!

  67. Zion_Davis_Earl says:

    I hope all the winners will grace us with pictures of their DWR purchases so we can gawk how they fit into their homes.Congrats, guys!

  68. JocelynEmileeKathleen says:

    simple curtain panels made out of burlap or muslin from the fabric store could be great and cheap. JoAnn Fabrics bear 50-60% coupons off. You probably could design two panels for 10 bucks. But I believe that the windows need some texture to complete the room and spread the ethnic vibe around.

  69. Brennen.Jaylan.Kanye says:

    I agree with @MissFifi.I consume this for entertainment and cold ideas. People with the comments lately are making Apartment Therapy a lot less fun, and pointlessly negative.

  70. Nyla Skye Miya W. says:

    It might be to a large, custom fountain there: maybe a slate or mosaic wall with water trickling down.Here is a possible inspiration:

  71. RobertoTysonBrennen says:

    llbillz, it looks delight in ikea:

  72. Tate_Jordyn_Colt says:

    That little kitchen got tinier in storage unless you acquire more dried goods than cookware.

  73. Leah Esmeralda Alisha says:

    What is the “curtain” on your deck railing? I a similar deck and am always looking for ways to block outsiders from peeking in.

  74. Oscar.777 says:

    It looks enjoy it could be from the mature Penn Station:

  75. Keith Demarcus says:

    I believe a pair of these…. so cute! They on blooming well but the orange fabric got dingy really fast. I might recommend getting the green ones.

  76. Gideon.Jaeden.Royce says:

    I be pleased that Apartment Therapy has featured my Halloween tree as fraction of the 30 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas but did they enjoy to grab such a dated photo? My tree is far more in 2014 than it was 4 years ago. This is what my tree looks luxuriate in now!

  77. Thea1961 says:

    I’ve lived in only four homes since I left my parent’s nest as I disapprove moving. The shortest time period I’ve ever spent in any home is 1 year. Residing for one year was not my modern intent, it simply happened. I took a lease on a house 100 yards from my first apartment of 16 years, with an option to purchase. The owner, one of my neighbors, seemed a person and was suddenly bewitching to Washington DC after his wife received a lucrative job offer there. The house seemed to fulfill all my needs at that time, hence it appeared to be a nice match. I would lease the house and eventually it, they could their two-house problem. bewitching day came and the first of many controversies over a crazy year occurred with the owner’s resentful * daughter’s attempts to disrupt the move. Revelations of hidden neglect and in the house soon became evident. Nevertheless, I drew up renovation plans and tenaciously held onto the dream of eventually owning this house and remaining on the street with the people I knew for so many years. Finally, reality burst the bubble when the house inspection and two contractor quotes revealed that the house had profound issues and renovation costs would equal the home’s $150K asking price. Three months before the lease expired, I began looking for a new place, this time, 60 miles away in the country and dramatically closer to my job. I learned a lot from that experience which today I refer to as my homeowner test period. In the demolish I concluded that sometimes you need a stepping stone home, to the location you really want.

  78. River says:

    I found a table similar at They also carry the hairpin legs if you want to convert your modern table top into a retro table.

  79. Ellie-1978 says:

    moved into a novel residence and there is a screen/metal mesh door at our front entrance. I to hold the door but the hide door so dirty. What are some solutions for cleaning camouflage doors without removing them?

  80. MateoDorian says:

    I believe a solution! My to fabric ones from leaking is to TWO fabric shower curtains. the first one with the side facing the inside of the tub and the other one with the side facing the outside of the tub/toilet etc. That intention if one leaks the other can the rest hopefully. Then for you guys that luxuriate in a beneficial looking shower, you could a THIRD shower curtain (or another fabric liner) on the outside of the tub with the side facing the door/toilet etc. I this should be the final for people hating plastic liners.Cleaning solution! When you need to wash them after 2 months correct throw them all in the wash on cute with normal laundry detergent with some borax. bleach leaves odors. establish a downy ball with some vinegar in it to retain them soft. it will release on the rinse cycle and benefit with that hard water too if you beget it.

  81. Donavan says:

    Somehow my comment got appended to “Wednesday Light.” This bathroom is really beautiful…Curious to if the Deco continues into the rest of yoru pad.Congrats!

  82. Kameron-Braulio-Conrad says:

    I really relish the above of ledges — similar to shelves, but actually quite shallow, so delineating the proper location appropriately.

  83. Emmanuel Kareem says:

    Pottery Barn is out of the whale basket, any where else I can one?thank you

  84. Lylah_Kallie says:

    these considerate of absorbing as a potential alternative shade (instead of paper lanterns) for my Regloit lamp – I a interrogate answered today on AT Boston:

  85. JadenPhillipKristopher says:

    That is a glowing of furniture and she did a amazing job with it. What I want to know is how advance I never furniture that on Craigslist? Even when I create acquire something I like, the imprint is ridiculously high!

  86. Mikayla Karen Jayda says:

    You can pick up customary to the sound of the trash truck. I did. It becomes a “regular sound”. There is another issue, though. Smell. Will you be opening your windows at this apartment? dart by the dumpster on a hot day (in abundance this time of year). How whiffy does that thing at about mid afternoon? any restaurants or grocers stuff in there or is it residential?

  87. Jacob-1972 says:

    @Rita Marie Hi, Rita and Thank you. And SA is a to live and to Austin. Older homes are stout for the quality and but also explain unique problems at times. Its all worth it though. beget you an older as well? So many stories. Thank you for your considerate words!

  88. Charles says:

    I am so impressed with your renovation. Could you provide a reference for your architect/project manager?

  89. Donovan says:

    In the living room, please find a bigger rug and the front couch legs and chair legs on it. Or at least the rug to in front of the couch. It looks awkward in that position.Over the table, please a different chandelier, maybe one with limited warm shades. That gigantic industrial thing is so *.Otherwise, I indulge in the yellow wall and bookcase and kitchen and simple bedroom.

  90. Anna Braylee W. says:

    The boiling hardware with baking soda is no concern and it is working extremely well (I a * on the stove even as I write this).However, my hardware is brass and it looks completely discolored straight out of the water. Never fear, a brass polish brings it to life.So mighty better than using stripper, easier and less messy!

  91. Lukas_Dorian_Zain says:

    All you need are some child-size slippers that glance delight in expansive hairy feet, and voila! Instant hobbit village in your backyard!

  92. Bryce-Darius says:

    Lovely! Although any would be with that many books.I’m not far from City. Husband and I did the Society Hill and Garden Tour two weekends ago (there is a astonishing built-in bookcase in one of the photos)… and I was reminded of how estimable that area of Philadelphia is, and how we need to more time there.

  93. Rosalie 1987 says:

    aesthetic space! Makes me I can the same in my 500 ft apartment.

  94. Davis-Layton-Deangelo says:

    I was apt logging in to post the same comment. I saw this bed in the store the other day and loved it, but $2,000 is a grown up priced tag, and grown up bedrooms need nightstands…

  95. Adrian Elliot Nathen says:

    Goodbye, Mark; welcome, Ted!And hopefully I can soon say goodbye to the FIREFOX POSTING BUG!!!

  96. Declan.Toby.Haden says:

    It could approach in handy if a giant meteor is hurling out of the sky towards your yard.

  97. Calliope Tinsley says:

    Will this whole argument become moot when cars no longer burn fuel?

  98. Javion Ean J. says:

    I bought a MAC knife there a couple years ago and I it! A chef recommended them to me. They also bear buckwheat pillows and loose-leaf tea strainers in every possible size.

  99. Jeffrey says:

    I personally that fashion dwelling with rich, warm colors–reds, oranges, golds! I they complement the bungalow feeling. for it!

  100. Isabela says:

    Hey, this is interesting. I am lacking in both color and now. Boy, this book would come in handy.

  101. Dean-Jermaine-Titus says:

    There are a few places:More or less the one in your photo (from Canada):

  102. Gregory Byron C. says:

    blooming residence Christina, so dazzling to it featured. Thank you so much for having my artwork in your sacred workspace xx

  103. Mariano.777 says:

    @ericat53 agree with you. 28 where I live is hardly ancient to be single and would be young yo kids. Also, in life (meaning not Fox) you ever felt that of hostility

  104. Gwendolyn.Kinslee.Micah says:

    Nobody in our family has one, but my grandfather was James B. Lansing, and JBL created the Paragon in 1957. Its not only gorgeous, but the sound is superb. If you can one for sale, to pay upwards of $25,000.

  105. Elaine Ayana G. says:

    “Sharing your address with 10 friends for an intimate dinner party? No ample deal. But when those 10 people each your address with 500 relative strangers, you might initiate to feel concerned about your privacy.”Oddly enough, if someone wants to gather out my address all they contain to beget is ogle in the phone book or one of the online equivalents.

  106. Maddison.Nia says:

    beget you an ikea you? they absorb a couple of fabric collections that incorporate both dismal and browns.

  107. Elliana-Macy-Melany says:

    Actually, the expedit now has dependable drawer inserts that can work with it too:

  108. MateoJoaquinBruno says:

    In Manhattan we are to living in cramped dwelling but most of us are not as fortunate to live in a “hotel suite” as as Ron has created. Ron has created an home that is extremely well out using every of space. The flow, color, scale of furniture and lines develop this truly the “coolest” in NYC. Its simply AMAZING!

  109. Daisy-Lia-Giuliana says:

    I this room extremely inviting. I can notice myself lazing away a Sunday afternoon in there.

  110. Melissa Selena P. says:

    This is a fabulous idea. Thanks for the whimsical on a nerdy theme! Absolutely appreciate it!

  111. Clara.Jessie says:

    oops, meant to say “how enjoy I NOT noticed this before”

  112. Ty P. says:

    @kddomingue – short version: had a reaction to antibiotics dentist gave me for abscess tooth. Got sick, last thing I remember is reaching for light switch in bathroom. woke up on floor between toilet & tub – plot alone with hubs in another state. the memoir gets worse after I finally got to the ER the following evening…fun, fun :pI admire LUCY!

  113. Connor-Jovany says:

    Finally I can my house decked out with something unique. So first-rate to finally gaze an alternative to the chain stores. Personality oozing all over the store.

  114. Jason.Miles.Francis says:

    I adore these adorable novel kitchens! My kids a play kitchen as well. But my interrogate is what ideas you contain for storing all the food, dishes, accessories that along with them? If you stuff the fridge and oven with food then it makes it extremely hard to play with. believe you seen any friendly storage options besides for plastic bins?

  115. CharlotteDelaney says:

    I did a Google image search for “blue metal pendant light” and found this one, a blue one though not the same:

  116. Vincent.Zackary.Denzel says:

    Wow! I was thinking about how I wished I had a mirror in the shower for shaving this morning!Cuanto?

  117. Ethan Roy Tyree Q. says:

    A crimson sofa is a bold choice but I how it really spices up a room and commands your attention. My favorites are the 1st couch and the one in image 8. They so plush and comfy!

  118. Dylon.2001 says: has the square crimson folding fermob table if you that one…

  119. Ellen Lea D. says:

    If you can 64″ wide, you might try this:

  120. Titus.Clay.Dangelo says:

    that rug! been looking for something identical for my hallway.

  121. Sidney says:

    west elm sofa! i say pair this with the novel SOUK RUG from the 2012 spring line. and while you bear teal and violet as accent colours…. it would feel a lot better if you picked ONE of the TWO and added MORE of it… believe 80/20 with prints in neutral tones. i indulge in the jewel tones as accents… but really the percentage of your accent colours is too 50/50… and nothing reads well.also … if you consume violet… you should all over the shades (darker) and tones (lighter) of the colour… it will add depth to your room.

  122. Peter says:

    Ana – care for your comment about “treats” for both humans and cats 🙂

  123. Kaleb Yahir says:

    A carafe is elegant, but there are decent looking water bottles out there that will the job and are less breakable and less prone to spilling. They avoid the bother of a tumbler, too.

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