How Fascinating Rare Design Ideas Trellises Iron headboard

Iron headboard now come with trellises material ideas to make something unique on the head of the bed with rare designs there as well. Trellis is commonly used as a safety window, apparently can be used as a decorative element to beautify the room. One of them, you can use this as an iron trellis headboard of the bed in your room. Graphic design is unique and will make the design look strange to be displayed differently than usual. Therefore there is no harm if you use an iron trellis headboard as a backrest.

white iron headboard designs decor

white iron headboard designs decor

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fascinating rare design ideas trellises iron headboard. The idea of the trellis as the headboard of the bed was applied to four students majoring in interior design Faculty of Art and Design University of Trisakti in Young Interior Designer Award at the event in 2015. They are the Perfect Home Elma Lucyana, Johana Roslinazora, Naura Ghina Laysya, Layla Nurina, and Asfarina Kholis. Elma said two bars each measuring 150×45 cm headboard of the bed is installed as a point of interest from the bedroom. The game light bulb hanging from the wall, the animate element trellis as a visual focus. The white color and paint peeling presented reinforce the vintage feel. White color selection aims to reduce the presence of bright colors on the frame and other elements that are around the bed. Meanwhile, the arch on a trellis representing girly character in accordance with the girl’s bedroom.

wonderful iron headboards with white comforters

wonderful iron headboards with white comforters

amazing iron headboard with brown bed linen

amazing iron headboard with brown bed linen

“Girly character does not always appear in shades of pink. We can use it to impress arch girly,” she said. Finally, this idea accepted by many designers and apply well as the stunning headboards ever. Now there many people want to make their bed being great with trellises iron headboards. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fascinating rare design ideas trellises iron headboard.

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