Really Stunning Creative Ideas Window Bench Seat As Decorative Room

Bench seat today will come with window bench creative concept that make your window area more stunning and cozier with outstanding design ideas there. After a tired day’s work and then go home, you certainly want to relax. You can do it in the bedroom, in your soft bed while watching TV or it could be at home with her beloved family. But did you know that one of the most comfortable areas in the house that could be an option for a place to relax is the area near the window? You can change the area into a seat near the window beautiful window by using sofas, cushions, or a small mattress.

fabulous bench seat padded

fabulous bench seat padded

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really stunning creative ideas window bench seat as decorative room. Window benches provide the perfect space to relax: the closer you are to the outside of your home space but while protecting you from the outside elements that disrupt such as heat, wind, and rain. Window bench not only serves as a place to relax, but also provide additional seating. This is the right solution for small homes that do not have enough space for additional seats. Bench window does not have to be in the main bedroom. It can also be placed in other rooms, including the baby’s room. You can sit here and pay attention to the baby to play or rest. You can also invite the baby sat down together and see what is happening outside the window. The kitchen is another suitable location for a window seat.

amazing bench seat cool designs

amazing bench seat cool designs

double bench seat modern designs

double bench seat modern designs

You can adopt the idea on the image above to get more seat without narrowing the space. Other suitable space for the window seat is the living room. Here the window bench blend with the overall design of the living room. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really stunning creative ideas window bench seat as decorative room.

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  6. Leah Lola Zaylee says:

    1. a narrow shelf/ ledge / countertop / across the window wall, at the height of the top of the AC and the top of the lower window panel of the other window. Rest one on top of the AC unit, and legs for the other. (Or not…just giving a general here.) a answer you like for the lower window panel (cover, frost, curtain that can be pulled aside, etc.)2. Mount the curtain rod away from the windows, in front of the ledge.3. Add roman or cellular shades to each window. If the windows are non-standard sizes, there are not-expensive shades you can to size.You can effect one (either the shades or the curtain) light-blocking and the other light-filtering (for privacy), as you prefer.4. Alternative solution: Instead of a ledge, effect a window seat.

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  14. RoseDallas says:

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  17. Madilyn Jayleen U. says:

    Did anyone point out that the cabinets in the photo of your paint color appear to be about the same shade of wood as your cabinets? If not, let me be the first! I agree with those who recommended not painting but adding good hardware, and doing away with the wood paneling and that weirdness up above the cabinets. And the window treatment. And that man under your sink!

  18. Allison Elisabeth K. says:

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