How Cool And Breezy Fresh Beach Bedroom Decor For Kids

Beach bedroom decor now come with some cool ideas to treat your kids well in the bedroom through breezy atmosphere. Beach theme is very suitable to be applied to the child’s bedroom, both boys and girls. The reason, coastal tourism is one of the favorite tourist destinations of children, so it is not wrong if it implements this theme in a child’s bedroom. Interior Designers of Canopus Design Studio Rizky Febriyani say basically create the interior design for a child’s bedroom is not difficult, because children have a cheerful character that is this nuance that should be displayed in their bedroom.

Brilliant beach theme bedroom decorating ideas for kids

Brilliant beach theme bedroom decorating ideas for kids

So. in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really cool and breezy fresh beach bedroom decor for kids. “Beach theme can certainly represent the character of the children were cheerful and full of adventure,” she said. She said the first thing to note is the basic color selection. She suggests using ivory white as the base color or the dominant color of the bedroom. Women who familiarly called Kiki describes all white variant can be used as a base color on the beach-themed children’s bedroom. However, there is a separate adalasan why he suggested to make ivory white as the base color. “The reason, ivory tends to calm, but it makes the room seem more spacious making it suitable to be applied to a small room,” she explained.

best beach bedroom decor unique designs

best beach bedroom decor unique designs

beautiful beach bedroom designs decor with white bedding

beautiful beach bedroom designs decor with white bedding

Ivory white This, she said should be applied on a bedroom wall or ceiling of the roof, in order to create natural shades and if deemed natural shades that is still lacking, it can also be done improvisation to create forms clouds on the ceiling or on the wall. Grab her ideas down here and that’s all we can discuss and share about how really cool and breezy fresh beach bedroom decor for kids. Hope these being your great inspiration to treat your kids well.

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  1. Mario_Jakob_Marlon says:

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  2. Riley says:

    setting the default download region to a temp directory and not loading peripherals to the desktop cuts down on about 98% of my desktop clutter.

  3. Makayla Kenya C. says:

    I a combination approach: over-the-door hooks, benefit in the closet (worn clothing goes to the left, fresh clothing to the right), and sweaters are folded and attach on top of the cedar chest. I check the things hanging on the door 2-3 times a week to if anything needs to into the laundry hamper.

  4. Morgan-Amir says:

    The novel legs, the tuftings — brilliant!Kudos for sharing this project :)If only I had half the talent and creativity to pull off something DIY this with my Karlstad… oh wells.

  5. Jamie says:

    My bedroom was painted a deep brown when I moved in. I had every arrangement to brighten that baby up soon, but the brown has since grown on me. My comforter is a anthro quilt, so it keeps the room from feeling dreary. All my accessories in the room are or light colors, and it really is a contrast.

  6. Kinsley.Sarai says:

    Too too white everywhere. Life without color is….. colorless.I however the cushy comfortable couches and chairs everywhere. tasteful and restrained furnishings. too restrained for my taste and not a lot of personality in evidence.

  7. Kai says:

    pphillipp,I acquire arrive to the conclusion that fashion it is the name only. Cents on the dollar to but yet a markup unbiased because of the name.

  8. Juliet Adelaide Aadhya says:

    Must every home enjoy antlers on the wall? I hope this craze ends soon.

  9. AmiyahMilana says:

    @bobbin: The chair is indeed ikea. I maintain it was called Fridene Its was discontinued in 2005 i think. I picked up mine on CL for 20 bucks a while back. You can the orange version in this AT House tour:

  10. Adilynn@2003 says:

    The views there are similar to my beget and let me you, I never salvage tired of it. The rolling green, the trees and their shade, the hills and valleys are so and serence. This is who I am.I to visit cities (talk about country mouse) and lost in the rumbling traffic and people but I coming home.

  11. Phoebe Eve Kassidy says:

    I am extremely sensitive to chemicals & contain asthmatic symptoms on exposure. I low-zero voc paint would be the answer. My painter dilapidated kilz primer in the 1st bath before I knew better- he then musty aura ben moore- but the ceiling has kilz & needs paint- needless to say that door remains closed! Im accept nauseous when I flow in there but I figured it was the Kilz.In the laundry room, he primed with natura BM primer- it smelled badly going on, but after it dried, it didnt seem noticeable- however the air vent were closed to protect from sanding. The door stayed & didnt bother me much.Next he painted a downstairs bathroom: no primer, only the aura ben moore I had selected. The moment I stepped in there (about an hour after painting was complete) my throat hurt, my nose was burning and congested!I went out of town for a few days, before I left I removed the plastic from the air vent in the laundry rm, turned off the fan in the 1st bath- heat region at 69.When I returned, my throat & eyes burned and my asthma symptoms seemed apt a few breaths away. In the laundry room, I got a whiff of the natura primer and it def does bear an odor. Now Im fearful to paint the rest of my house, but need to. Im not distinct how to proceed. Regular paint sounds a at this point.

  12. Kolton-Clarence says:

    A right heed of success for your web site. to glimpse you are back up and growing in popularity!

  13. LanceZanderGiancarlo says:

    So shapely and calm:) @shelashelashela, the glass heads are from Pier 1 Imports ages and ages ago, I fill one to maintain my glasses!

  14. CesarJonathonMarcel says:

    For awhile, Pier 1 was selling some Sari-inspired wall hangings, as an off-the-shelf possibility.I assume if you “draperies”, your selection may up , too. Smith & agreeable has lots of fabric options for drapery-type things… I also some of the silks and linens at Restoration Hardware.Try also the Silk Trading Company downstairs at ABC.

  15. Lincoln-1970 says:

    or a at this professional organizing company: Sprucewww.sprucegirls.comespecially the “before and afters” in the case studies!

  16. DaytonWayne says:

    I love, love, it — especially the kitchen cabinetry. I also affection the windows opening to the garden behing the dining room.I attain not savor the bickering. grasp it somewhere else, guys.

  17. Leo 999 says:

    I wish one of you pink bathroom lovers would my house in Mississippi…. My pink one has a pink tub and sink even. I a green bathroom too that is mostly original.I painted our walls glossy white and found a delicate botanical shower curtain from pottery barn awhile that had both the light pink and maroon tones from the tile. It helps but I pine for a makeover! Nothing neutral and dreary everyone else in my conventional neighborhood. something more timeless, relish b&w maybe. The tile in this post seems to be in exceptional shape and if they are with it, more power to them!

  18. Emmalyn Myra Armani Z. says:

    I would hesitate to a laundry detergent bottle as a pitcher. The TranSglass series by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden seems more and practical.

  19. Justice says:

    I recommend the <A href=

  20. Jordy-1992 says:

    This makes me grateful for my place.Hardwood or other surface flooring- no carpet.Natural light and windows I can without a lots of noise outside and beneficial to so at night.W/D or a hook upTubDescent kitchen and appliances- gas stoveFreestanding or no more than four unitsAllows dogsNice neighborhood to in with trees and greenery Some characterHigh cellings

  21. Jemma_Carla_Kailee says:

    Before – absolutely. After seems to sterile for Carrie – too “designed” and a complete departure from her former, tactile style.

  22. CristianDenzel says:

    My comment disappeared!I believe this bathroom has mountainous potential.See if u can replace the medicine cabinet with a mirror that is flush with the wall. Instead, shelves on the wall adjacent to the sink. matching glowing basket/containers to line the shelves with. These can be dilapidated to accumulate all your items, yet withhold them under coverMaybe paint walls a pale yellow. Replace dull brown rug/ hand towel with brilliant rugs/towels.Replace clamp on lamp. Maybe a sconce? I seen ones with decorative cords. I deem i I absorb also seen intelligent replacement cords on this site? Tack cord to wallI indulge in the notion of plants on shower wall that was mentioned above.Hang a fun fraction of art on wall antonym commode.Skirt sink for more storage.. COMMODE TOP DOWN.Touch up paint on door edge.I bet you could it all, with things that you could assume with you when you leave, for less than 200$

  23. Amirah Milan Corinne says:

    LOL…people that consume to the influence that pop culture and pop figures on the earn world really amuse me…..Kanye has had more influence in the world of acquire than 95% of the people here on the comments fraction of AT..

  24. Justin.Hunter says:

    I this was an ingenius and my guess is that guests would the whimsical nature of it rather than the same guest room with forgotten pieces of furniture tossed in from other rooms.

  25. Roman says:

    they remind me of those candy rings where the “jewel” is the lollipop.

  26. Vicente-2001 says:

    I believe seen this coming up in the cosmetics field but as a decor choice, unless paired with muted brown, beige, and or grey, it will not go to far.

  27. Marquise H. says:

    @Izzy S. The links to all the previous chapters are well visible as soon as one opens this post (in the 3rd paragraph). In a series devour this, I would not demand any introduction.

  28. Mikayla Saylor Crystal says:

    If you google name of toy and China you can often a reference to pop up if it is, in fact, made in China.

  29. Jordan_Eugene_Carmine says:

    Oy. You posted my pre-pre-cure living room photo. Though it does a example of the clutter I am tackling this week. This week I am:- Washing the floors, dusting, and cleaning the bedroom shutters.- Dealing with the excess living room clutter and organizing the bills.- Putting away the winter clothes… spring, here I come!I also found an abandoned frame on the sidewalk and repurposed it for a painting I did in art class a few years ago.

  30. Kaden Bo Q. says:

    I esteem the paintings in the bedroom and the yellowy browns with the blue (I never would belief to that) in the living room. That dining room table is AMAZING!

  31. Gregory says:

    the guitar. Wonder if it can withstand a rowdy 3-1/2 year-old tomboy! Probably not…

  32. Damien says:

    The balcony and the behold are both beautiful. I really appreciate your fountain.

  33. Luis_Tobias_Kanye says:

    My dad is a wood worker so I always had more cutting boards than can fit in the house. Every time he would work up a novel I would bag another board. He lousy pictures but makes glorious boards.

  34. Gia_Maryam says:

    Does anyone any info on this place??

  35. Joshua Jake Jamie says:

    admire this! i want to inspect the rest of your apartment! you pics?

  36. Rosalyn says:

    We exhaust to bake challah bread this for easter at the bakery i worked at in highschool (each strand a different, saturated color). It was a scary, but kids really loved it.

  37. Jazmine says:

    @MPCoady is not only correct, but knows basic English syntax, grammar, and spelling, indicating graduation from approximately 7th grade. Or should I say common, common, English.

  38. Katherine-Avianna says:

    Wow, wish I was able to rent a space this when I was in NYC living in Union. I the orange cabinets and the wood accent around the place. Agree with cut about that light in the bathroom. Such a warm engrossing needs some warm lighting in the bathroom.They always say, if you want soemthing done right, you enjoy to it yourself. work!

  39. Josiah-Jadyn-Messiah says:

    The best thing about this is that you can resolve the gape from your windows…daily :-)Bhavna

  40. Donovan-Rocco-Vincenzo says:

    I tried Krylon Fusion on cheap plastic stacking chairs, and it did chip and off the edges. Maybe you could paint one chair, live with it a while and gape what it does. I also the conception of slipcovers.

  41. Cooper Ean Y. says:

    favorable tips thanks! I World Market and wish I had one nearby because I would be in there EVERYDAY. I was also pleasantly surprised by the at Urban Outfitters online. Never really to shop there until recently.

  42. Colette_Hayley_Karlee says:

    Sorry, I realized I did not follow through with my pledge of the Google Map.Here you go!

  43. Ernest says:

    This is a beautiful nursery. Cozy, comfortable and sophisticated. Really lovely.

  44. Jared.666 says:

    I vintage and color together ! !!!

  45. Meadow_Alannah says:

    He is fascinated by vandalism, especially that which accompanies revolution “when the works of art are destroyed because they incarnate an ideology, or symbolize a specific social class.” How droll.

  46. CatherineMeilani says:

    Cost plus World Market has both Chairs, Loveseats and ottomans that convert into a bed and they nice. My friend has a loveseat sleeper and it is comfortable and you would never know that it is a sleeper looking at it.

  47. TroyNigelNathen says:

    Ikea has something similar:

  48. Makenzie-Arely says:

    If it is similar in cost then move with the UPPA. We beget the miles on ours and we love, love, esteem it after two years. The company has fabulous customer service and the stroller has so many features to grow with! It is truely a luxury stroller.

  49. Marcus.Jaxon.Clinton says:

    This is fantastic-the residence AND the tour–and a FLOORPLAN. Really absorbing on what can be done with a without spending a ton of $$$ for an architect. The bed nook is fantastic.

  50. Salvador says:

    Slightly related – fill you guys evenr learned a current word, and then started noticing it EVERYWHERE? It been that for me ever since I discovered the word “outlier” while reading books. LOL

  51. Darius.Alonzo.Tyshawn says:

    My 2 things- the cabinet unit to the left of the stove, and the bathroom with its blue clawfoot tub! I live in a farm house that is 1901 in CT and this is my biggest inspiration to date! Thank you for sharing.

  52. Hudson.Franco says:

    fun. Now maybe someone can figure out a version using a toilet plunger

  53. Brodie 696 says:

    What about impartial resting them on those picture ledges? savor this –

  54. Jase.Dwayne.Darion says:

    the proportions of the second picture. The balance between the mirror and the framed photo is wonderful. The same for the 9 frames mimicking the wainscotting. Everything is subtle and balanced. Your awareness of horizontal and vertices lines are on.

  55. Ayla_Sierra_Lindsey says:

    @Della1164 Throwing away and giving away are NOT the same thing. Throwing away is wasteful and a detestable lesson for a child…it reinforces materialism. Giving away toys to charity teaches them about sharing and generosity…also that there are children that beget less than they do, so, compassion and empathy.

  56. Aden.Lamar says:

    Amazing!Definitely a choice to paint the wood work – keeping the wood would made it impossible to fetch the harmony in the room – it would been to many colors (as is often the case with unpainted wood). I it was a broad decision.

  57. Theodore Dimitri says:

    A list of my celebrated bouncers is available here…

  58. Tommy Davin L. says:

    stuff by people. I can actually visualize breathing human beings living in this space. Kudos – I it kicks the * of some of the high-end designer spaces.

  59. Genevieve.Yaretzi.Aitana says:

    That?s odd. I live in MD and mine usually emerging in December, then bloom in January, and/or February, depending on the weather. Mine were up well before any of the polar vortices this year. They took a beating because of the weather, but managed to establish on a apt show. Now in behind March, I level-headed inspect blossoms here and there, but they are long past their prime. I guess it depends on the variety? I bear no idea what considerate mine are. Only that they enjoy been in our yard for 30 or more years!

  60. Kayden says:

    If I could curl up on that bed and a nap with that sunlight streaming in, the waves breaking through the window, I I could die happy. What a gem!

  61. Luna Faith Imani E. says:

    Wow, more light in there than I would expect. Am wondering about moisture – I had a friend whose apartment was half-underground and when it rained worms would up through his carpet.Is all that firewood for that one bedroom stove?

  62. June Harlee C. says:

    we the porch light on from dusk till dawn, as my neighborhood is iffy with drug deals round the corner all the time. the neighborhood association encourages us to leave the light on as the detestable guys usually avoid lighted area.also because the light is on a dimmer, i had to regular incandescent.unfortunately.

  63. Camren@1965 says:

    They are definately Indian. I them up and down my halls. You can these lamps at ABC Carpet at prices if they happen to bear them in stock. Occasionally they up on eBay. In Thailand you can acquire them at the Chatachuck Weekend Market for about 20-50USD per lamp. In Delhi they are available for anywhere from 5 – 50 USD, depending on how you are ripped off. in extinct Delhi (on the lighting street), at the various site Emporiums off Caughnnut (spelling) Place, at numerous antique shops through Rajistan (where they originate), and somtimes in the Tibetan market off Janpath.Kevin Brownwww.geographicus.comFine Antiquarian Cartography

  64. FernandoNigel says:

    @chellyt84 We bear wood lowers and white uppers, and the fridge housing and pantry in the corner are both wood (so same as the lower cabinet). I vote same color as lower.

  65. Ayden Tommy Eliseo R. says:

    i some vintage Heath pieces and they are such a pleasure to use.They only better with time.

  66. Amaris-911 says:

    It would be nice if there was a more information. they limited projects or only major work? And potentially, some conception about pricing?

  67. River.Zuri says:

    @mh330 it would be awfully to in and out of the bathroom with a bed in the dressing room. The is over 5×8 and the bed would completely the between the closets making them inaccessible too. I that the dressing room provides closets and home to dressed.

  68. Andres-Brett-Isaak says:

    I would esteem to enjoy this book. I esteem interior and we hope to beget kids someday. πŸ™‚ nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

  69. Sarah-Megan-Anika says:

    I also a bassinet and bought a crib at about 5 months… it worked well to wait… I never frail a crib or play pen as a to the baby contained….only for sleeping..I relish “jsev” advice… contain the room completely baby proofed so they beget the to once the baby is scooting around….

  70. Grayson_Marvin says:

    Blu Dot comes across as being a more economical alternative to the high end, yet I that their products are quite expensive for what they are. Their “Chicago” shelving is no different in quality than Ikea, other than a nicer veneer.I would admire the Buttercup chair if it was about $500.

  71. Jace-Darrell says:

    I assume the before – throw in a couple of potted plants. But I compose the creativity and I can how this can be in other areas with different effects. capable idea.

  72. Weston Eugene says:

    Oh, gosh! I conception this would be easy, since I maids approach in every two weeks. I figured I would unprejudiced create the baseboards and the rest would be a breeze. BUT, did you know a rock fireplace gets really dusty and can catch cobwebs? I ended up using a broom all over it up to the ceiling. Then, I vacuumed it. grasp your allergy pill first!

  73. Alexa_Eden_Raegan says:

    if the editors reviewed or seen or touched any of these products? Can you disclose us which ones are and why beyond product descriptions?

  74. Mae Tatiana Kenya says:

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  75. Cole.Edwin.Lawrence says:

    I appreciate it!! Kudos to you for being enough to downsize this far! I of my grandma and her 2,000 square feet and it being stuffed of stuff….you done so well! Your house looks loved and lived in….one of my favorites, truly!

  76. Freya says:

    AnaI pearl jam poster design! Some of them are done by Ames bros. invent company wich is my favorite! I was curious, are those posters off region print or silkscreen print?

  77. Valentina says:

    I hope this comes out sooner than later, that would my life so grand easier! create we know any potential dates?

  78. JuniorGerman says:

    This reminds me of my ancient apartment! I even had some of the fawns that you acquire in your collection. Your is fun and quirky and I esteem your vibrant color choices. Makes me miss my ancient place, but living with someone who embraces minimalism…..the quirkiness is toned down considerably.

  79. Hayden says:

    If the art is hung next to a door/hallway or of furniture, (such as in the photo for this article) it is to that the wall/moulding/doorway or furniture may not be level/plumb. the level to check the walls, door/hallways and you might be surprised to they are not always perfect. If you hang your art plumb/level next to an out of plumb hallway, the will gape funky. Best to even out the advise and hang it out of level in these cases. Hope that makes sense.

  80. Freddy says:

    You could doing something delight in this…making the images as as you want…and then hold the books safely in storage.

  81. Weston_Deacon says:

    I admire Couchsurfing – I am a host more than a guest, but contented to hear more people compose it.I made a flyer for things to in the area, since (1) Abu Dhabi is not extremely straightforward; and (2) they usually want to off on their fill (or I to work, etc).Keep surfing!

  82. Kendall.Louise says:

    This can gape so great, but it is not easy. I had a dazzling antique carpet that was, sadly, a bit too little for the space. Silk! But try as I may, I did not a favorable layering combination. I ended up it to another room and getting a different carpet. To those who succeed, bravo!

  83. Omar says:

    i a question- in the “toddler and party perfect” slideshow, the kitchen slide, the caption calls the floors “blue washed.” what is that? where does it come from? does anybody know? thanks in advance!

  84. Remington Cecelia Renata P. says:

    The best type of * rug is detached the Flokati * rug from Greece . These woolen rugs beget been a tradition in Greece since 3000 years ago. You can them here

  85. Everly Addyson says:

    Hi. I am looking for a decorator student in Ashburn, VA to with my novel fine villa decoration. Please to my email:

  86. KatieZuriElisabeth says:

    My son would cherish this!Favorite terrible movie? The Sound of Music!

  87. Quinn says:

    Our ceilings in our 70s suburban ranch all enjoy that texture on them, I disapprove it. We ceiling lights in the bedrooms and boy, beget they accentuate the texture. The ridge sides facing the light source are arresting white, the other side is a dim gray shadow. When the lights are on at night, the texture looks thicker/deeper/rougher than it does during the day when the rooms are lit by the sunlight from the windows.

  88. Dulce@88 says:

    Read:Delicious – build you a link to one of these items or any conception what it may be called?

  89. Jase says:

    @amaranthe I forgot to mention, having bedside lights or free standing lamps with soft low-watt lights helps a lot too. That you can turn on a light but not the glaring overhead light.

  90. Marjorie.Antonia says:

    Ok so voting for these entires is closed. I its of tasteless to post about celebrated before the contest is even over..

  91. Kate.Mckenna says:

    Oh gash it out with this *. Cards are cheap and the USPS is in dire straights. back your mailman (or woman)!!Seriously though, if someone sends me a * e-card instead of a loyal one I will remember it. Half the fun of the holidays for me is amassing cards on my mantel from friends and family. No glitter bombs though, glitter bombs correct in the trash, and I consume the sender is making a statement about our relationship.

  92. Jazmine Ann says:

    I this look. And I live with popcorn ceilings. Now I ceiling *.

  93. ZaneDeshaun says:

    This is beautiful. Was this a renovation you designed on your contain or hired an outside firm? Or was it done before you became the owners? Really seems a tall consume of the space.

  94. Bailey Q. says:

    @My * House – I had heard from several people to never hang wallpaper with your spouse. I foolishly ignored the advice and had to learn my lesson the way. When I others of my apprehension story, I frequently hear similar stories. The next time I needed wallpaper hung, I prepped the wall myself and happily paid a professional.

  95. Priscilla G. says:

    I achieve wonder about the accuracy online – I took a physical version of this test & they had the test takers sit in a “tent” with a specific color balance. In the physical version (at a CMG meeting) I I scored a 2. (You could never a 1 because if you had one tile in the disagreeable spot, two tiles were actually swapped.)I unbiased took the online version extremely casually & quickly, with the sun glare hitting my monitor… and scored a 7.

  96. Micah@1994 says:

    I agree that the ranges are off…(or our highly recommended contractor is ripping us off). Silestone/Caesarstone quartz quotes were ~$70/sq ft higher than the Absolute downhearted granite that our contractor former as his standard starting point material. Lesser known names of quartz were about $35/sq ft higher than the basic granite. When I called the supplier, I was told that marble was off the charts more expensive (except Carrara marble). We are likely to pace with the private quartz, since they had more fascinating designs than the silestone/caesarstone we had been looking at and are surprisingly less expensive even though they observe better.

  97. Leila.Monica.Jana says:

    It might be Pedini

  98. JanelleSkyla says:

    This space looks so synthetic and gross. It might as well be computer-generated.

  99. Cecelia Aurelia Ellis N. says:

    I deem this is glorious awesome, actually. give it a extremely cleaning with something bask in TSP and them an oil-based spray primer appreciate Zinsser or Kilz. Then consume a advantageous color spray paint of your choice on top. This would gawk in a leaf green, teal blue, yellow or clean, attractive white. With a satin finish. I that will leer a lot more contemporary than an antique glazed finish, unless you want a more shabby-chic, country feel. Plus, if you this in a solid light or color, it will fit nicely in a that has lots of clean-lined novel or mid mod pieces.

  100. Abril says:

    affection this! And especially the cat – reminds me so mighty of the cat I dilapidated to πŸ™‚

  101. Kali-Christine says:

    IKEA either needs to more stores, or step up their online shopping/ shipping. It was announced that they will be opening 10 pickup locations in Canada. That might be their middle ground. Our closest IKEA is 5 hours away so we are hoping for a pickup nearby.

  102. Freya-Erin-Milena says:

    Thanks for the comments. I added a link to that these are things that were replied of Godard (link to biography / review that cites them) and slightly reworded the phrasing to clarify the main point of the sentence: lots of people strongly disliked Godard for lots of different reasons.

  103. Nathaniel says:

    this post reminds me of a twist on regular chain-link fences i blogged about recently — the are made to gaze lace!

  104. Siena Aryanna says:

    Lifeabundant, it is all about trial and error. I am blissful to narrate successes and so ecstatic AT facilitates the discussion. I would propose to you however to try ziplocking one or two windows in your condo this winter to eye what happens. Maybe one by the bed, hallway, or in the bathroom–wherever there is more draft/exposure.

  105. JalenPhilip says:

    count me in as over it. I detached affection it in doses but as with these examples, when a whole house is done mostly MCM it has the same on me as an all Victorian or all Art Deco or all anything house, i.e. not that interesting. I guess I a more eclectic that shows appreciation of many execute styles and periods.

  106. Zara.1985 says:

    I beget a certified Home-catering kitchen (and am in there ALL the time!) with concrete floors. I it for cleaning etc., but bag a good-quality anti-fatigue mat is comely key where you chop. We pigmented the concrete before pouring (solomon colors, mauve) and it- a natural color. We a topical sealer, which can scratch, but ends up with a patina-ed effect. I highly recommend it.

  107. Tanner Chance Rey says:

    We are going to throw a “the house is done” party! We bought a reno job and for two years absorb been gutting & redoing it. Once it is all complete, I want to throw a good party as so many of our friends & family seen bits & pieces or it… or heard about the progress. This intention we can off all of our work! Plus working on a house with kids & a time job has left our social lives a lacking… maybe Ill throw a weekly party for a while!

  108. Myra Rosa says:

    Okay, I found the thread on the current York Apartment therapy sight.Here is the link. It is a must read for anyone buying a rug.Cheers,Rich

  109. Alyssa_Kenya says:

    Baby oil – mineral oil – oil cuts oil. brings up a perfect shine too, i avon skin so soft bath oil i it to buff laminate cabnets too revive wooden furniture toaster, kettle, microwave (outside) and my house is woodland it will acquire off stickers too

  110. Grady Blaise I. says:

    idea.But not such a good, or practical, one.Moving the furniture, rug, planks EVERY TIME you sit down to eat would be a hassle.Worse, psychologically, the fact that the dining table surface is in the same plane as the floor gives the feeling of eating off of the floor. fair not a nice idea.

  111. Trenton@777 says:

    I had this in a past apartment — except with a Wii! Is there possibly a different room in the apartment that she could the treadmill in that might not be apt above your main living space? Or maybe if you guys can work out a of schedule where she uses the machine (over your living room presumably?) during a space hour-long window or something? That way, at least you know when to inquire it and when it will end? Maybe it will be during a time when you can be browsing online/not alive to in a tv show?In conclusion, that sucks and I feel your pain! luck!(also she probably will end using it eventually…or at least in the spring? :/ )

  112. Sierra-666 says:

    I one from my mom…would this to acquire a ecstatic pair

  113. Sean_Freddy says:

    Flor actually encourages the of samples in your for smaller projects. they them off in their Stories of the website.

  114. Esmeralda says:

    Turkish peshtemal towels are the best. Here is a selection with competitive prices. Shipping from Dallas, TX USACustomers from Canada can contact via email

  115. Gael@1963 says:

    I would not mess with the wood floors, especially if they are original. Depending on the age of it, you may it by having to refinish them

  116. Darin-Jaidyn says:

    Wow! What a find! apartment and beautifully decorated. Would to glimpse the kitchen and bathroom. Would a future house tour be possible?

  117. CarmenMarissaRiya says:

    jp, that goes to the high-low idea–is there a high mid-c (Eames) and a mid-c (orange * rugs, pole lamps–I had one of those, it was really cool). And, while we may not bear had any mid-C, high or (I consider we had some horse-hairish furniture from maybe the 40s(?) as the guest furniture, and who knows what wagon-wheel trash in the TV room), we were certainly exposed to at least the grievous stuff in life and possibly the high stuff in Life magazine. It was more about the environment than what any one family had.

  118. Callie says:

    I bought this one for my mom, enormous gift. I can change out the photos easily by swapping the memory card (compact flash) and I believe it programmed so that it only goes on during the day. The Philips one has the clearest of the ones that I seen. I notion about getting myself one too.

  119. Alexia Gloria Dulce says:

    What I always found challenging about Brooklyn is that children beg on the commercial *, and achieve not ring the bells of private houses. We sat area one year, practically begging children to catch the mini Snickers off our hands!The Halloween Parade in Park Slope is hilarious, btw. Hundreds of yellow pokeman figures, three feet gargantuan or sugar asleep in strollers the year I went.

  120. MarcusDerekCamryn says:

    Awesome! You can unprejudiced notice the creativity eager in each photograph. What a combination of color and style. It is and fun.

  121. Johnpaul says:

    fine couple, fun space! the shoe storage. Also: shoutout to Midland Antiques, yeah!

  122. Alyson says:

    toy-free? if all are complying, that would be most of our apartment. sanity is precious and, at our apt, dependent on as visual clutter as possible. play is allowed all over the house, but all must be taken to its rightful in her toy closet once the active playing is over.

  123. Isabella Tori Z. says:

    I would exercise a couch and a table it where the carpet begins to a more defined space. I would install a floor to ceiling book case, on the wall facing it and if you want, a for a flat television within it. I would the light fixture (looks delight in something that belongs over a table. the definite choice for under the counter would be bar stools, or about another coarse cabinet for storage if you could the extra space.

  124. DamonWayneJovanny says:

    this! the attention to detail is really great. i would never the patience/skills to attack a project enjoy this but i am so cheerful there are people out there that do.

  125. Karl@777 says:

    I would give this machine to my sister who works with the interior business. She has studied fashion and is an expert seamstress, alive to in working with her contain designs. She is currently using a machine which is probably 40 years old…an up-dated machine bask in this one would compose her effort so considerable easier, not to mention more enjoyable…Thanks!

  126. Shawn-33 says:

    Everyone has his or her definition of “Style” and “Taste”. Moss happened to in the “not my thing” category. And, it is just my opinion. I acquire accompanied many clients (who fall their amex and the whole livingroom at one shot) in there and has never had any issues with the staff.I acquire been to MATTER in Brooklyn and I design bewitch that over Moss any day.

  127. Terrell 696 says:

    at least the pantry and advantage hallway were saved and the ironing board, too, but commenters are correct; first thing that needs to happen is for the walls to be returned. if one wants single-room living, one should choose a hut.

  128. Davion Jerome says:

    The Woombie is in one word AMAZING! I almost 2.5 year customary twins, and when they were my daughter could literally out of any swaddle blanket or swaddle sack on the market. She was Houdini! I came across the Woombie and our lives changed instantly! She slept so peacefully, so the rest of us did too! And she looked so cute- luxuriate in a worm in a cocoon. I always recommend them to friends now!

  129. Kane says:

    Reminds me of some IKEA products I assembled!!!Really of cool, the natural toned one reminds me of a sea urchin shell only tall!

  130. Alessandra-Lacey-Alia says:

    Does anyone know where in NYC I can Glogg or Glogg mix similar to the one they sell in Ikea? The one in Ikea I purchased years ago was really good, but it seems since the year I purchased that one, they acquire changed to a different maker, and it is different. Not quite as strong. I know there to be a Swedish specialty shop in NYC, but I dont know where it is now. I dont time to it online, so need a spot I can it than than it.Thank you,Seeker

  131. Elaina says:

    kindly Design! Cool.Principal ReductionCommercial Loan ModificationShort Pay RefinanceFreelance SEO Specialist

  132. RemingtonJessa says:

    @textiles : Agree whole heartedly. I would face the couch towards the windows and the chairs separated by a round table in the bay window area. Also would the bar where they believe that chair in the corner advance the dining room. Long wall would aesthetic with bookshelves. Also it needs art and plants!

  133. John.Kristian says:

    I the gourd bird houses…. so cute!

  134. JamariFelipe says:

    I am confused….you enjoy to these together yourself? Are you kidding me? I went to the website and selected the one I (in the branching section) and clicked on pricing…it is over $30,000. I am sorry, but for $30,000 someone from the company had better over and it, install it and then change the light bulbs each time they out.

  135. Henry-Darin says:

    I was about to ask this question….I saw this and it was looking

  136. Rudy says:

    This post might be only moderately but I figure I would share…If you are feeling crafty you could device it out using chalk and matte board (or bristol board). I am working on something similar (

  137. PeytonAzaleaJaycee says:

    This room is phenomenal. You could every trend and it would quiet be outstanding. The colors, the sun bench, the built in storage, the wall map, the ceiling stripes, the erroneous grass rug — all amazing. And the so called “trends” too. Well done.

  138. Natasha.66 says:

    @mooninfog It is so to hear apartment living being referred to accurately: collective living. The jam is, too many people beget not understand this. Many of the people arresting to the city attain so from the suburbs where they had their … everything. They could as noise as they wanted and the only people they had to about were (usually) parents who were more likely than not to indulge them. You not fill to luxuriate in your neighbors (thought that would help) but you create to that they are and you need to be considerate of them.

  139. August Brycen B. says:

    affection the ombre sea-foam dresser. I obviously need to get an Ikea Helmer drawer unit (

  140. Liam-Rene says:

    In to miranda, You it all wrong!Lithistone is extremely GREEN. It takes less than 1/20 of the embodied energy to the same amount of portland. No off gasing, its actually a CO2 sink.Hybrastone was the name of lithistone. there is no portland or lime or gypsum or hydrastone or hydrocal in lithistone.

  141. Addilynn696 says:

    This looks great, but you need to add a disclaimer that folk should ALWAYS approval from the landlord (in writing) before doing any work. Even a fresh coat of paint, if not authorized, can be counted as damage and deducted from your security deposit or even be grounds for terminating a lease.

  142. IsraelElian says:

    Beautifully decorated with a genuine spiritual sense that obviously reflects the owners. Thank you for arresting us.

  143. DarianJulien says:

    Faaaantastic. My card was one of the ones affected. Luckily my credit union already sent me a card.Now we beget to about the rest of it, too?

  144. Dominick Deven Q. says:

    I no exiguous edit buttons :(when I click on the “edit your profile” button at the bottom of the comment dialog box, it brings me to my profile, but there is no to edit it. I am definitely logged in as well.

  145. Brice says:

    I would call or visit the closest Tile Shop and talk to those folks.

  146. Cali Evelynn says:

    I was the same post last night. The post was too strange, I was convinced this was a scam. Reading the comment from the person living in San Francisco, it seems relish this was really a scam.

  147. Adilynn@1987 says:

    A fireplace in the bathroom would be beyond blissful. It would to be burning loyal wood for me, though–the smell is half of the appeal.

  148. Addison_London says:

    Haha, I believe the Svansbo coffee tables(nesting). They were so dull looking that i covered in crocodile cloak on one and python on the other. now they Fendi Casa or other high destroy piece.

  149. Marilyn Poppy says:

    bright post. I impartial saw Midnight in Paris and although I expected something more out of it, I found this relevant and interesting.

  150. Parker.Jordon says:

    I chose my laundry room and completed going thur boxes, eliminating excess stuff and my kitchen mixer off my kitchen counter and into the laundry since i dont it every day. Took misc things to Nordstrom yesterday and dropped off unused drugs so that has been cleared. Need to time to catch things to consignment from my outbox, but will probably conclude that on Saturday, that will eliminate two ample bags. Hope you all continue to fun decluttering

  151. SophiaBrielle says:

    I those white molded “s” chairs would work here and would be easy to clean. Another is getting a mixed of vintage Goodform or other office chairs in various colors, even mixing in some with wheels. Nothing holds up better than those mature chairs and you can collect them cheap.

  152. Chandler Arthur Adrien I. says:

    build nothing you try to through Clio is benefit ordered—if it is inquire to wait a long, long time to obtain what you paid for…

  153. Aubree-Aileen says:

    i had this growing in my place. BUT its a lingering vice from childhood when my mom did it. i stopped the day my decided to throw a party with its and forget to invite me. so after that. they meander under the sink in my exiguous ikea garbage can attached to my under the sink door….and away from mr. choppers grr.and as far as it being “icky” under the sink. its not. i determined the trash goes out every other day.

  154. Cory 2005 says:

    This is great! I a ton of scrap fabric laying around – this might be next on my project list!

  155. ElleCataleyaRyann says:

    oh what a gem atop the hills! I am fond of Beachwood Canyon and its beneficial to a behold from the inside of those homes. adore the and all the ceramics are amazing.

  156. Bronson K. says:

    what you so far. As others suggested, you could change the bedsheet and pillow covers to a solid color. I be pleased the shade of green of the accent pillows. Also, the floor is beautiful, you should capture the bedskirt, and add an rug of a similar green (no pattern). A edifying grand plant by the window/patio door would complete the room (and maybe a wooden bench)

  157. Leah Tenley says:

    @Duane Hill- “..home to many..”, more savor Boystown part 2: The takeover.White Attic is overrated and pricey $$$$.Scout is grand but the owner could some prozac or a * load of Tequila.

  158. Rudy-Shayne says:

    i luxuriate in it. the whole vibe is extremely north african, i consider the rugs are in tune with the (equally lovely) lanterns.and definitely nicer, more attractive, and more new than some fugly wall-to-wall. and easier to clean, no doubt!

  159. Kynlee says:

    all those screws… how considerable waterproofing did you guys acquire to do?

  160. Armani O. says:

    My wife and I solved this plight for good! She mature to my covers, but in her defense I archaic to toss and turn a lot too. We consume something called Clamp every night.

  161. Harmony_Charlee_Zaylee says:

    You want a well-traveled panda, you want Professor Steve Steve.I a gnome my friend bought for me in Quebec City. He sits on my windowsill and makes the whole home more charming, I think. I affection gnomes.

  162. Pearl says:

    Eugene, Oregon I pay $910 for a three bedroom with a bonus room (four bedroom for us).I can/would pay low: $850 high: $1200 for a house 3+ bedrooms.I once saw a five bedroom for $850…steal.I am a transplant from rural Kansas and literally paid $450 for a three bedroom with yard and two car garage. Wish I could acquire that apt pricing here!!!

  163. MorganPaula says:

    By gum, they ARE identical!!!BIG SCORE!!!Well done. delighted dancing into the next century?!

  164. Kai-696 says:

    never in a million years would I bear guessed I would to mobiles. . .this would be warmly welcomed into my space!

  165. Jana D. says:

    hey a novel leather store opened in Concord same same manager……. does that seem suspect to any one else?? I found my receipt and the 10 to file but is there a case number for Northern California? Is it the same number as the Southern California case? I the manager must believe a lot of intestinal fortitude to inaugurate at the same location…..

  166. Keegan.2015 says:

    did you the tile yourself? looks great! Tile scares me, but I considerate of want some!

  167. Alex_Mekhi_Hassan says:

    tin_angel zones. For example, the bed, you need sheets, pillows and cases blanket, clock, tv, stereo etc. For the desk, computer, calendar, pens, pencils, etc. Bath – towels, soap, etc. Then figure out how of each you need. Two towels, four bars of soap, etc. Then chase from there as you adjust to the space.

  168. Margot says:

    Whoops. I my on the thread.I may bewitch this mid-century dining position for $125.00 Seller says it is sturdy except for the four chairs. It is the hutch, buffet, table, chairs and table pads.Is this a deal??

  169. Alani Z. says:

    The best I ever made was the Air replacement mattress for my incredibly sleeper sofa mattress. It inflates but also has a cushioned top. Turned my hand-me down sleeper sofa into a completely comfy bed. Guests rave about it and we occasionally sleep on it if the other has a cold, etc.

  170. CasonNorman says:

    My washer and dryer are concealed inside a floor to ceiling cabinet in my dining room. This may sound outlandish but the dining room/area is one of the best places to landry equipment because you bear a table and some free immediately available for folding, ironing and stacking clothes. This is not the first time I”ve done this as I housed the washer in the kitchen and dryer nearby in the dining room closet of my first apartment.

  171. Itzel Harlee Kassandra B. says:

    I would so hole up with my laptop in some of those. Office + closet sounds honorable to me, as long as I can the doors to the cabinets where the clothes hang out.

  172. Harrison-Noel says:

    I learned the hard way: avoid storing ornaments in an air-tight storage container. My story: One year we were making soup while taking down the tree. It was warm & humid in the house. I build the ornaments into a 2-gallon cookie tin (well okay popcorn tin). When I opened it next year, the tin had rusted, and many of the ornaments had water-damage.

  173. Alan.Dominik.Pranav says:

    Best grasp has drop-off kiosks for recycling CDs and CD cases.

  174. KobeKoleEliseo says:

    I a similar sofa. It is broken-down and I am thinking of getting the same type but a sectional in of course crimson again. crimson is such a feng shui color. I am looking for a change of accent colors with the sectional when I it however. With the existing sofa I a zebra stripe slipper chair and I esteem draping my sofas and chairs with comfy throw blankets. On the couch I a fluffy off white blanket and on the zebra chair a pottery barn throw blanket. My coffee and side tables are contemporary chrome and with my center throw rug and off white sheepskin. Has been a really comfy cozy feel. When I upgrade to the pillow sectional I am thinking yellow and orange accents but lightly and two smaller slipper chairs with colors devour blue, green, brown, etc. Of course I will my fantastic warm and comfy throw blankets. Colors to be determined.

  175. Solomon says:

    honey living – if you at the Thonet website, many of their chair designs are available in variations featuring alternate padding/upholstery options

  176. Bella_Rowan_Jaelynn says:

    region run! I this so much. My home/style is as well, but occasional pieces devour this always seem to work, and remind us underneath the cool exterior, we all hearts. Even hearts. πŸ™‚

  177. Annabelle-Dorothy-Amia says:

    I almost bought a dresser there despite the broken marble top (it was gorgeous!) but the drawers were split almost beyond repair and the owner kept trying to push me into it any saying “I could sell this for $1,900 today if I wanted”. I grew up with antiques and a mother who dealt in them – the $250 he was offering it for was too for the condition.

  178. Charleigh_Bailee says:

    When I lived in Finland our house had bathrooms similar to this. One was a shower with a drain, next to the sink, and the toilet on the far side, all in a row. It was place up properly, so even if someone had apt the shower the only water outside the shower curtain was whatever was on their feet or dripped off when they came out. But a rug fixes that.The other bathroom had a floor drain AND a tub! It was a open-style tub, like a clawfoot without the feet. (water could drain under it) Cleaning it was SO easy. I sprayed cleaning on all the dirty stuff and using the tub sprayer, hosed down the entire bathroom. Then I would leave the window so it would dry out by itself.It was awesome.

  179. Avery says:

    *The handmade letters are the same (24 in.), but instead of being on the shelves I hung them with bird hooks from Anthropologie.*The art I painted while waiting for Zoe to pop out.*The shelving unit and baskets are from Ikea.*The bedding is from Target Dwell series, but the quilt and pillow was made by my mother in-law using the Dwell fabric curtains and Amy Butler fabric. And the bumper is a yellow one I picked up at BabiesRUS.Thanks everyone for all the love!

  180. DamienReynaldo says:

    The photos alone gave me a whopping headache; I being in that house would give me a migraine and a massive case of the heebie-jeebies (rats?!!!).

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