How Interesting Best Design Ideas Queen Bed Set

Queen bed set now come with interesting size 3 x 3 that make even your small space still looks outstanding through this application as well. Bedroom design queen size 3 x 3 is normally present in contemporary style residence, which houses modern minimalist. This minimalist house was built on land whose size is small, so do not be surprised if the shelter has the size of a small bedroom. Perhaps, for some people the bedroom mini will make you feel uncomfortable, but provided you can get around by putting furniture is needed and choose knickknacks tiny decorate the room, then the room narrow room that will no longer be a major problem.

modern queen bed set designs decor with dresser mirror

modern queen bed set designs decor with dresser mirror

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting best design ideas queen bed set. Design queen size 3 x 3 first, place sleep is polished to a bright color, is light brown color so the room seem spacious. Preferred bed is a bed queen bed could well be used as a shelf. On the right side of the bed there is a bookshelf above used to put a table lamp. On the left side of the bed, there is a desk that also contained a table lamp. On the walls of the room, hung posters of cartoon as a sweetener room and some books. In order not stuffy, the owners provide a window by closing the mini blinds. In the rooms there is also a large glass that can be used to see the sights and sunlight. The queen beds designed specifically for women because the owner chose conceptualize her room with pink and white theme.

modern queen bed set with nightstand and dressers mirror

modern queen bed set with nightstand and dressers mirror

Interesting queen bed with nightstand set

Interesting queen bed with nightstand set

Color pink chosen as a makeup room and white for the existing furniture in the room. The room design is quite simple because the owners put a bed in the middle with a pink carpet as a base. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really interesting best design ideas queen bed set.

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160 thoughts on “How Interesting Best Design Ideas Queen Bed Set”

  1. Londyn.Emerie says:

    While plumen 001 looks estetically pleasing, there are 100 reasons against using compact fluorescent bulbs at home.Just saying…:)

  2. Rhea-1964 says:

    Our stairs are so base and are such a wasteland. The carpet we stapled in ourselves has been stained by so many roomates and their animals. Recycling is kept on the landing andbags and bags of lentils. I only down these defective stairs when I need to laundry. D:

  3. Haden says:

    Having a “similar” in to this (although, I no bellow sunlight thanks or no-thanks to the deep overhangs), I totally understand the the temptation to all white however, white apt feels so uninspired (so I am off to the paint store again – maybe I should post for some estimable ideas from the AT community). If the ceilings were left natural wood, the spot would a totally different feeling and another layer of texture. The devil is in the details and textures. There are some comfortable textures going on here, but I would appreciate to gawk a more color; even the dining room chairs are white.

  4. Ashley_Lorelei_Hadlee says:

    definite this is meant to a source:”Everything about this kitchen from blah is and sleek — except for the island, which adds an unexpected and welcome touch of warmth.”

  5. Amy_Remi_Raven says:

    @Jeanette I hear you! My position is basically two rooms … and storage is nonexistent!! I did ONE of the two doors yesterday (“The Project”), but the fierce storm kinda bummed me out, so one is all I managed!! *sigh* honest to figure out where to do the stuff I hold from the living room … hang boxes from the ceiling?? (Just kidding … I think)

  6. Juan Jaquan says:

    I absorb to agree with most of the other people. I it looks a tacky and cheap. I would a solid color and perhaps a dim color devour black. A fridge in this kitchen would more appealing.

  7. Vanessa Aylin Joslyn says:

    Don’t be fooled. Silver Springs is pricey. If you are a school administrator in your 20’s with three kids don’t inquire of to live this, even if you thrift shop. The “standard-issued colonial” she speaks of are highly coveted due to the proximity to DC and ran upwards of a million during the fresh boom.With that being said, it is a well establish together home. I loved the tour.

  8. Aliyah.Clarissa.Yamileth says:

    Oh wow! Shelley, you did such an job! My son turns 1 and this is the theme of his party. I wished that more kids closer to his age could and that we could it in a home, but it will be at a restaurant. His nursery is even Hungry Caterpillar. So many fun and creative ideas that you had! May I ask you how you did the fruit prints on the mantle and the cupcake ice cream cones?

  9. Ryan.Liam.Drew says:

    This is a easy job – I would be surprised if it even cost you that much. I re-covered a chair just this when I was about 20 and not yet experienced at sewing – I mature the covers for the pattern. So if you know someone who sews, it might be worth asking them if they can befriend you out. 🙂

  10. BlakeZariahJazmine says:

    We fill one room in our house in which the floor is ALWAYS cold. I the notice of hardwood floor but in the winter, it can be killer on the toes. I would this rug to warm up that room

  11. Carly-Teresa says:

    Another Seattle person here. I took the bus for years and enjoyed the time to read. Then the got more crowded, buses started to pass by my conclude full, I could no longer read because I was standing getting my arm ripped out of the socket as the bus flew down 99. The total paddle crept up from 40 minutes to over an hour. Then I drove one day when I had an appointment and made it door-to-door in 12 minutes. I gave up the bus.I need a car anyway because I activities with my dog that require it and also because I garden a lot. I would be to it less if the bus was more pleasant.

  12. Moses_Oswaldo_Remington says:

    I seeing the IKEA Stockholm Rand rug in AT posts 🙂 I it as well in my living room so its gracious to how others around such a courageous rug!

  13. KarlieAislinn says:

    That bookcase, I believe, was originally purchased at Christmas Tree Shops! I remember seeing a smaller version there, anyway.

  14. Jewel33 says:

    This has to be one of the most posts I read in a long time. I totally agree with these and delight in the opinion of implementing all of these in my contain home.

  15. BrooklynnZaylee says:

    Why American architects abhor humanity so? And how can new Yorkers Germans to come over and beget our apartments? They know how to a window!

  16. Danny Darren S. says:

    @Drops of Jupiter To something this, you need an inside * that has the drainage holes, and an outside, decorate container without them. Gardeners call it a “cache *. After watering you to dump the water from the cache * and reseat the inside *. Conversely, you could a layer of sand, pebbles or activated charcoal between the pots and water with large care.

  17. Mavis says:

    Wow! How refreshing! So much better than white white white. Makes me hopeful since we laid out be pleased $12K a dozen years ago to replace our cabinets with natural hickory. These kitchens now bear character!

  18. Hope-Zaria-Sariyah says:

    @anniekins: I believe the light is from West Elm

  19. Darius Giovanny says:

    beneficial piece, Maxwell.One of my nesting activities this year has been to invest in a fuzzy logic rice cooker. Now I can cook Forbidden Rice and Calypso Beans, Jackson Wonders and Bhutanese Rice. I cook by color and ogle and sound–taste is the last sense to be satisfied–and drop foods are substantial for all that…

  20. Harold.Draven says:

    @RocketScientist Thanks so considerable for your feedback! They are our most sociable spaces – we wanted especially to gain a kitchen that build our friends and family feel at place when they approach over for dinner

  21. Ariella.Heavenly.Maxine says:

    * is the things filtered from your blood. It is the salt of ammonia mixed with water, and some other stuff. It is genrally bacteria free and inert.Poo is the byproduct of breaking down food. We lots of bacteria in our guts that breakdown food well (like ecoli) that would be if ingested in excellent quantities.Because bacteria live in poo, other things could too, devour parasites and their eggs. extremely few parasites can live in *.

  22. Michelle Kendra Adrianna says:

    abet all my walls are dark, hard wood, the carpet is hunter green and the ceilings are white. How I decorate this apartment?

  23. Lane Ali Gunner O. says:

    from the picture, it looks luxuriate in the region above the black cabinets is yellow, i would paint it white, devour white b/c the place looks a microscopic dark, maybe add more overhead lighting and under cabinet lighting, change the cabinet hardware to something and acrylic, long cylinders or solid bars maybe gather a tablecloth for the peninsula in a or something – i would preserve the walls light and accurate accent with color

  24. Ember Freya G. says:

    Saw a docu on BBC a few years ago that studies estimated about 30% of people carried this parasite. And that studies also suggest that people who been in traffic accidents with fatal result often are carriers, suggesting the parasite does influence behaviour as it does for the infected mice that behave more recklessly (because the parasite needs them to be caught by predators).pretty creepy…

  25. AmeliaReeseAdelina says:

    Gorgeous! My mom in law has a similar collection of natural bits. When she visits she fills our windowsills with novel ones.

  26. Steve Ramiro S. says:

    @churumbela: Ok this is weird. I disclose I saw your comment a few hours ago and now it is gone (?) Anyway, thank you for your considerate words. I am truly heartened by this entire experience of the miniature cold contest… lots of extremely feedback and encouraging comments. Thanks again! 😉

  27. Lucille Kenzie Miah H. says:

    bear you actually seen the Hable Construction fabric (the pattern is called Bead, by the way) in person? It really is a extremely different inspect from the one pictured above. more organic/hand-drawn in appearance.

  28. Kaydence F. says:

    This is a miniature hard to swallow at first, but an mind. I tossed all my dressers and rely on radiant shelving (built in) to acquire the work for me. I adore my plot so more with the freedome to about. I mean, face it, that is not a broad room. So less REALLY is more. Image the BEST linens on that bed and one fabulous artwork that is a screaming focal point, since there is nothing to compete with it.

  29. Helen.1991 says:

    that is my kitchen from emery et cie! i cherish her paint and her tile. Can AP bid me what paint (that is easily available in US) is most similar to hers? i really bask in the turquoise glass chandelier that is also in this room, but the star prolly makes a really light.

  30. Diego Giancarlo Q. says:

    @MissElaineousI agree, but you it on your own. You can right-click a link and hold “Open a Link in a fresh Tab” from the menu. I develop it with all links though I agree it would be easier if it happened automatically.

  31. Laurel.Tinley says:

    Agree. AT is capable on interior design, not-so-great on “grammatical design,” if you will.Back to the topic at hand, not a fan of eating in bed. It makes my bed feel dirty, for some reason. Eating on the couch, however….my spot!

  32. IreneIsabela says:

    A lot of Judgy McJudegersons on this post. Not everyone has an easy time clearing clutter and sometimes when it gets really bad, you overwhelmed and need help.Careful not to when you your nose turned up that high.

  33. Jeremiah Konnor says:

    I correct realized he could install some drying lines the hide and dry his * there. position saving AND environmentally friendly!

  34. Ariah.Averie.Emilee says:

    ok, I got a dependable question… Why achieve pple sort their recycling? I build all my recycling in a bucket and on sunday night everything – from tins to cardboard – gets dumped in the blue recycling cans we acquire in los angeles. I know this is a chicago post, but ive read LA posts where pple beget this too. As for what my recycling says about me – I am a cat lady. 90% of my recycling is cat food tins. 🙁

  35. Christopher.Aryan.Vance says:

    This may sound savor advertising… but you should putting up a couple of the Norm06 lamps in (16.5 inches in diameter). I them in my narrow hall and they glimpse generous because I can hang them extremely high (looks best from below).Kind regardsMichael

  36. Zakary J. says:

    The “vintage” campaign desk looks objective luxuriate in the desk we had from Sears when I was a kid, part
    of a boys bedroom set.

  37. Alexis Maliyah Elin F. says:

    My wife and I discovered about a year ago (much to our dismay) that the flea/tick prevention for dogs, Frontline, will lift the off and pit the surface of a stained and sealed coffee table. Would anyone fill any suggestions on repairing it without completely refinishing? I also acquire a heat damaged dining table that could consume some TLC. Suggestions welcome!

  38. Audrey-April-Marianna says:

    I affection this so much. My jaw actually dropped when I saw the pic. I cannot in words how drawn to this I am. This now makes me want to my fill unprejudiced to acquire this as my floor.

  39. Hazel Kelsey Collins Y. says:

    I admire wrapping presents. I deem the presentation is as as the itself. It also shows the person that you some into making this gift as special on the outside as is in on the inside. Thanks for presenting all the different paper and sharing my of wrapping!

  40. Milton says:

    The Ikea haters should look this place. The products believe been aged beautifully, I believe – mixed in with vintage and higher-end stuff, and solving precise problems.

  41. Jeremy.Blaine.Ulises says:

    @E13 @bksashaThanks for the feedback! Links are added at the bottom of the post now.

  42. Charlie Adonis U. says:

    @Chathamgirl astronomical advice! Once I realized I could carry out laundry after 5 -7 days, packing in a carryon was a breeze!

  43. Stella_Hanna_Eileen says:

    Seriously what a transformation. I the wood you ancient in the kitchen and the laundry built-in wow!I appreciate the built in bookcase and hide-a-way desk really one of the best uses of space. Congrats a clean well done job.

  44. Lainey.Aileen says:

    oops, sorry, forgot to include the link!

  45. Alice Khaleesi says:

    What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder anyway? Being neat and tidy? Cleaning things? Wanting things organized?

  46. XzavierMaximillian says:

    I loved it. Probably because I am a woman of a clear age.

  47. Cadence.Azalea.Danica says:

    In this case “biggest indulgence” may really not be necessary. The entire is spectacular and definitely not budget conscious.

  48. Blakely Tatum Hunter says:

    Both “solutions” would only block the traffic flow.The only things that might work would be a slender floor lamp, maybe a couple floor cushions, a slender magazine rack, etc.

  49. Damon Reed Jovani H. says:

    It is a to display Hipstamatic prints on wall. For High Quality Prints, you might also want to check out Bumblejax. They magnify the pics and provide mount-less framing, with material options delight in bamboo and aluminium. They also beget an offer running. You can check it out at .

  50. OscarLeandro says:

    The room of dolls is absolutely horrifying! It belongs on an episode of hoarders. Either that or a dismay movie entitled The Room of Dolls.

  51. AddisonGenesisJulissa says:

    I saw a special the other weekend on the 2007 Gift in NY, and they showed briefly some LED chandeliers that were under $25 and little (but not miniature). Some were beautiful, with lots of crystals. Does anyone know where these are available? Website?

  52. Lawson1984 says:

    Some different thickness of metal wires, some creativity and one can makea sculpture,A bottle chandelier.You can paint ( landscape, flowers, birds, abstract anything that you ) on them. .I bottles as rolling pins too.

  53. Cedric says:

    I contain one of these daybeds:

  54. Grant Derrick Dwayne says:

    even though this is a lot of stuff has been changed out there. news is has objective arrived to United States and they bear doors to offer.

  55. Levi.Van says:

    I esteem the Tolomeo lights and enjoy several in my home. If you a limited desk there is also a clip on version that saves space.

  56. Amari.Madisyn.Jaylene says:

    While I understand the conception of medical staff using this in reduced circumstances in impoverished countries, I that some wealthier folks will it for area use. We live in a microwave, instant gratification sort of society and this is too sweet a toy to be left to the professionals.Having replied that, I also agree that ultrasounds should held to a minimum during pregnancy.

  57. Trent@1963 says:

    This is one beautiful, creative and glowing dollhouse. I am so elated to know that children want to know about my artist Frida Kahlo, whom I been studying for over 15 years. I admire it and want to live in it. up the proper work and I finish hope your daughter correct loves it. She must. How could she not?

  58. Cristobal says:

    Everything in NY is ridiculously expensive unless you are well upstate, a few hours commute away from NYC. Even if you own, the cost of exact estate and the property taxes heads in other parts of the nation. However you also acquire more than other places. Everywhere has trade-offs and one simply chooses to live where most of their needs/desires are met.

  59. AlbertoOctavio says:

    you sizable taste. Your is so and comfy looking. Your position is the best I approach across on AT. Realyy your choice of paint colors. Could you please your bedroom wall color? What i most is your orderly adorable dog!

  60. Perry911 says:

    Is everyone insane? a gas stove after years without one, and am finally cooking again. If electric stoves are so great, why does every professional gas. Note: Electric oven is superior, but gas burners offer control that electric cannot.

  61. Kale says:

    Emily: Citrus is grown in groves here in Arizona. We can quite a bit of frost during the winter. 50 would definitely not be too cold. While citrus has no chill requirement, it puts up with moderate fairly well.

  62. Aubriella.2009 says:

    @aammyymm When I was in HS, I went on a 4 week dawdle to Europe. We had three days in Paris with only one afternoon free. Most of the kids archaic it to rest. Three of us hopped a cab to the Louvre, paid to paddle in, and mapped out the three things we knew we were supposed to see: the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and Venus de Milo. We gave ourselves a agreeable amount of time at each to really like them and got a decent idea of what was in between them and all felt it was well worth the effort.

  63. Evalyn.Aadhya says:

    Please me if you are planning on keeping it for 30 years you invested in an airtight cloak for it. Otherwise, your mattress is going to salvage infested with skin and dust mites and all sorts of whatever.I believe they say a mattress doubles in weight every 2 years from that? And that you should replace them every 5 years because of it, for health reasons.

  64. Jana Aadhya G. says:

    home. The pig is legal at the spot!I was wondering where that light grey sofa/ottoman from…Would really appreciated it if you can provide some info on it.cheers.

  65. Myah 1978 says:

    big home; creative, warm and inviting! There are, as usual, far too many close-ups and not enough wide-angle shots. I appreciate pics of vignettes, but not at the expense of seeing how the entire home flows and how all of it has been utilized. If I could the entire space, the expect of why the sofa is pushed into the corner that might be answered.

  66. Antonio-666 says:

    What are their thoughts on “green” furniture (i.e. furniture made with sustainable wood, non-toxic glue, organic fabrics, etc.) with to their beget company as well as the industry in general? execute they this as becoming a trend that will be affordable in the future?

  67. Nadia says:

    The dim and white comforter looks identical to the and white shower curtains that I got at Target, that I am using a dining room curtains.If so, exhaust of it!

  68. Jada Teresa says:

    This is similar to the mod chandalier at Chiasso, but at a fragment of the price… worth checking out.

  69. Darion says:

    That is one attractive sofa!It would first-rate with anything : dusky laquered wood armchairs, leather modernist chairs for contrast.Or to with the art deco feel, something in the of Ruhlmann :

  70. Estevan-Brenton says:

    So… if I got this, it would obviate the need for the HDMI cable that I to play streaming from my laptop on my TV. And I could then consume the laptop for other things while I am streaming stuff. May be worthwhile!

  71. ElizaSerena says:

    Tired of seeing constant Portland abhor on every blog/message board. My boyfriend and I moved here about a year and a half ago with no jobs. We both found jobs within 1-2 months and got a reasonably-priced apartment in a away. apt luck? Maybe. But I feel all the Portland people spew tends toward bitterness. There are expensive places to live and cheap places to live and people will complain nonstop about all of them.

  72. Melody.Madilynn.Rory says:

    I breeze ( and the concentrate is green burial and area funeral resources. You can up and effect the stuff you like.

  73. Miles says:

    Personally- I this one- customizable for specific breed of dog:

  74. Dashawn says:

    @sweetzee Okay, what is glass wax? I googled it and got window cleaner, which is not making sense with this context. Please announce me?

  75. Angela Livia Marjorie says:

    I delight in the danger that went into the creation of the wall, but it makes me itch looking at it. I I would be somewhat obsessed about what is living in the wood, in the spaces between the wood, and what might out to say “hello” when I least examine it!

  76. Jaylee says:

    That human reminds me of the window box of grass I planted for my cats. When I presented it to them, the grass was all genuine and expansive and green. A few days later I caught one of them lying in the box — daydreaming I guess!

  77. Averie S. says:

    What about insulation on the inside of the fridge? Would that conflict with the the fridge works? (Not on the back, where the chilly air comes out.)

  78. Drew.Brennan.Charlie says:

    you acquire tips on getting perfectly focused pictures indoors? I my camera to concentrate on the middle crimson dot (canon rebel). I am constantly trying to concentrate on the eyes with the button halfway down, then recompose and take, but my 8 month customary moves around so much! Thanks!

  79. Riley Aydin Elvin says:

    Is he regretting interior earn or being a sucker for gimmicks? There is no excuse for someone who buys a leather top table and then complains about stains. He deserves his thrift-store junk.Quiltmaster is exactly right. The article is to advertise those other places, to create people feel confident about buying cast-offs.

  80. Lilyana.1964 says:

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  81. Blakely says:

    @jerseygurl ideas!I may one of these to as an precise workbench – I somehow acquire missed them at Harbor Freight.An even cheaper alternative – not nearly so as the Harbor Freight one, but only $70 – is this one from area Depot:

  82. Dwayne@66 says:

    I this is fun, too that they are not reusable. It would be cold to fill ornament shapes that you can jazz up yourself to personalize the tree.

  83. August Alfred Jaidyn says:

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  84. Theodore 999 says:

    Those are the precise cabinets I in my kitchen legal now (down to the pulls and finish!) to know they can gaze so when re-finished…

  85. Ty says:

    Does anyone know if there are any stockists of Benjamin Moore paints in the UK? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

  86. Kaleb696 says:

    Of course this of furniture is gracious and tempting, but I amnot so it is something that should be advertised, or even bought. It is made of tropical wood, and even if the manufacturer claims it comes from managed forests buying things -objects, furniture, floors- made of tropical woods only keeps up inquire and will ultimately deplete these forests. If you are tempted to buy, consider climate change (or global warming)!Besides, my hunch is that some years from now we will this wood obscene, mighty like today we would never choose ivory.

  87. Jackson-Teagan-Franco says:

    that is one of those colonial american-style pieces that gets recreated in every generation, likely after 1900 in these proportions. unclear how the pleather was smoothed, as silver leaf would highlight damage. major to * all the overdone paint off these tables & what is under them.

  88. Davis says:

    I empathize – I bear a fire engine one. Not ready to give it up yet though or the cookie cutter collection I have. One of those irrational things for now.

  89. Demarion1988 says:

    Practical Props11100 Magnolia Blvd [just East of Lankershim]N Hollywood 91601818.980.3198Tues-Sat 11-6Ian, the owner, is an awesome source for all kinds of vintage and reproduction lighting. And they acquire a selection of drum shades!

  90. Adeline says:

    Now available once again, Recently reintroduced @ his daughters.

  91. Kanye says:

    I suspect the noise transfer is caused by insufficient noise insulation of plumbing pipes between the floors. If so, it could be solved with additional glass/mineral wool sheets around the pipes and under the ceiling or maybe something as simple as PU foam.

  92. Felix Kendrick says:

    I would disassemble the bookcases before exciting them. The predicament with Ikea part (esp when moving) is that they are made out of particle board and a extremely thin veneer. and when moving, there is a high likelihood of denting a corner which does irreparable damage.If you are frightened about stripped screws ikea will replace almost any hardware for free (just as for the replacement parts in their shipping and receiving or as-is section). Stripped srew holes in particle board can be repaired by simply filling in holes with wood glue and toothpicks.

  93. Bryan_Tomas_Lucian says:

    You forgot the lifeproof case. It is slim, can with stand immersion, 6 foot drops and does not gaze appreciate a giant brick enjoy that gruesome pelican.

  94. Chaz says:

    Metal track shelving with white melamine covered particleboard – reeks of student house. CDs are not furniture either. Please hide this mess gradual a sliding door/panel at least (or an MCM glass fronted vintage book cabinet of course as this is AT). Lol.

  95. Kaiya@33 says:

    Ooops! 1st thing I carry out when getting to my hotel room is light size diptyque candles.

  96. Anaya 2010 says:

    i fabric covered faux deer heads and rabbits:www.highflight57.etsy.comcheck it out! 10% discount if you mention you heard about it on!

  97. Anna.Finley.Aylin says:

    I would fabulous textiles – quilts, suzanis, carpets, etc. And believe a to them.

  98. Bexley S. says:

    a search for Ferry Halim. He has three apps, Winter Bells, Sunny Day Sky and Flight of Fire that will knock you down with their style.

  99. Ariyah-Amiya-Aadhya says:

    Fontessa, you should the ability to pay for unlimited bandwidth. Capping is a step back. Restructuring pricing is not.

  100. Julian_Wyatt_Solomon says:

    Surround yourself with things you love… belongings/stuff/items you will never gain sick of looking at. If you are drawn to something or a fraction you adore, you WILL find a location for it within your abode, your sweet home. I been told my place is savor a museum… so many places to gaze and animated things to view. I delight in that. All that is mine is an extension of who I am. I simply care for my — it is a reflection of me!!

  101. Lance Tobias X. says:

    I added the Honey extension in Chrome. It automatically loads any possible promo codes when you visit a website, and at the page where you would enter in the promo code, you can click the extension and it will automatically try to apply them.

  102. ReaganAllyson says:

    While I finish engage to modern furniture people sometimes forget that even when these designs were new there were copies which are today considered “original” vintage. There are also plenty of authorized replicas available which can cost less (though not always) to examine at.

  103. Irvin says:

    I would say without measurements or a side shot of the fraction to how its attached , $300-400. I an guy out in noho I on all my projects ,he does really work. The fabric is of course extra but its less then 5 yards so maybe you accept some marine grade vinyl or lot fabric downtown to the costs down.

  104. Stanley says:

    Thanks for the tips, guys! extremely appreciated :)))I guess it does come down to being dedicated enough to find those yards, lumberyards, etc., bewitch the stuff you want to use, and absorb it tailored to your needs…I found a couple places in the LA

  105. Rene says:

    @cakowalik And for cause. Wood floors in kitchens and laundry rooms are – but you to be willing to deal with the possibility of leaks – often undetected until long-term afflict has occurred (voice of experience, here).

  106. Richard says:

    I wonder what was removed from the capsule in 1855.

  107. Kaylee.Aubree.Julianna says:

    I add decorations, but any swapping out is really limited to putting away a few vases and candles that would simply beget everything behold cluttered, rather than decorated.

  108. Damien-Enrique says:

    These are great. Had umpteen 150 year dilapidated leaky windows in contemptible shape. Really wors and is relatively easy to remove. I even painted mine to disappear/match the window woodwork.

  109. MiaMarissa says:

    trying to redo our second bedroom/office/my closet. this is definitely giving me inspiration. esteem the gray with pops of

  110. Tori999 says:

    I tried a variety of cleaning systems over the years. legal now, I acquire the tasks divided into 30 diminutive increments, and I one each day:empty and scrub litterbox/trash cans/recycling binsscrub bathroomscrub kitchenclean upholsterydustvacuum downstairsvacuum upstairs

  111. Rosalyn-1985 says:

    There are so many extinct book cases out there apt waiting and wanting to be loved…

  112. Cora Jaylynn G. says:

    I purchased a Sailors lope from this

  113. Oakley says:

    Thank you everyone for your awesome comments and suggestions – just another reason why I cherish AP so much! considerable appreciated!!-Gina

  114. Osvaldo X. says:

    guys!! @Urban girl: this kitchen completely fits in with the rest of the house as the entire house was remodeled… house tour soon to come!And about the cat… they unfortunately lost him recently so maybe no more cat comments 😉

  115. Cullen@1996 says:

    Here are a few suggestions:
    1. completely it with decorative logs so:

  116. Madison_Braelynn_Renata says:

    @ktufaYep. My kitchen doorway in my previous 100-year-old house was 23 1/2 inches. The width of almost anything I ever wanted assign in there? 24 inches. Thank goodness I never needed to replace a major appliance, because it would beget had to lunge out the window.

  117. Yaretzi-Hattie says:

    I enjoyed visiting this house-more for the architecture and grounds than the furniture. I would affection to those door-windows on the first floor. I was so struck by the bathroom tile that when I returned I glazed the fish make onto a tile for a hot plate that reminds me of my trips to Key West.

  118. Brady Clay Kason M. says:

    you belief of doing a special enact on the walls to tone the green down? You could over the green with a more neutral shade or a comb or linen so that the green shows through something more compatible with the rest of your palette. I also the of re-framing or re-matting your photos to collect rid of some of the starkness that makes the wall pop.

  119. Ariadne says:

    Not in the least bit surprised. Sustainability is all about making those who the means feel good. The rest are more concerned about survivability.

  120. Rebekah.66 says:

    I was about to complaining about the hackneyed chevron pattern, but they did a sizable job of making it feel through the combination of colors. Well done!

  121. Zack-88 says:

    anning, I beget the Skar shoe-storage/mirror, and it opens and closes apt fine. I hooks on the inside of the door and so all my jewelry lives in there as well as my shoes. If my boots could fit in there my storage issues would be entirely dealt with.

  122. Chad Aedan says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I a lot to assume about now 🙂 Kate, is there anyway I can send you more pictures?

  123. Salvatore Arjun Adriel says:

    it would be generous to be able to listen to music somewhere other then at my computer

  124. MorganSkylar says:

    @MrsAllnut Your local high school or theater might want to catch those cans of paint off your hands for painting scenery.Habitat for Humanity also takes paint.

  125. Marques 99 says:

    @leapkate – Haha! I was thinking the dependable same thing during the lackluster opening concert at the Democratic Rally… “Wow, I bet THIS is the reason they signed up for the Secret Service, good here.”Those SS folks probably a million engaging stories along these lines.

  126. Amira_Marie says:

    is a tricky color alongside brick. As others beget mentioned, St Louis neighborhoods are built out of this crimson brick that can range from pinkish to orange to purple depending on time of day.Better to complement that color than try to match. crimson brick + door = awful, most of the time.

  127. Emmanuel.Eddie.Freddy says:

    Probably too leisurely to aid any one but, I purchased the extinct school roller shades from Ikea, took the translucent fabric off and re-rolled blackout fabric on them (purchased for cheap from the fabric store). I selected the blinds to be wider than the windows so when lowered they totally block out the light. When up, they are almost invisible, which I since I want to concentrate on the window and view. Seven years later, they are working great. Best of all, the whole thing cost about 50 bucks.

  128. Penelope Karlie Q. says:

    This strikes me as both and depressing for the same reason that this post does. It celebrates books as novelty items. books? Books as decor objects? UO and Anthropologie elevate them as quaint and anachronistic. They are things to be fawned over by hip young things who carry iPhones and yet can sagely remember in the day when people read books.

  129. Marco_Israel_Bernard says:

    @Virginia Grayson For a while before ditching the tree entirely, I went with a countertop tree and smaller-sized ornaments. That exhausted my desire for intellectual while requiring considerably less storage.Upon fascinating to Phoenix, I dropped the whole thing. I one shoebox of Christmas ornaments to consume with itsy-bitsy layouts, but I remember to them only every other year.

  130. Lillian_Piper_Melissa says:

    Let me say that the wall colors and the decor is absolutely stunning. So unlike the typical Southern area that is usually filled with smothering genteelness and no bravado as yours has.

  131. Wade Roland says:

    Lacking enough counter plot in my bathroom for a brush holder,I glued a neodymium magnet to the handle and stick it to underside hinge of the medicine cabinet.

  132. Paisley_Priscilla_Henley says:

    Wooden Duck has the LCD bench, novel and recycled teak, for only $265.

  133. MaximusGarret says:

    kendra ethose chairs are fantastic-and to a set-what a score! The caps for the feet are a idea- I gotten some before at residence depot I think- they are usually in the same region as those dinky felt things are-

  134. Antonella1992 says:

    Thanks for sweet comments! The pop-up hamper is from Giggle store, but you could also google it: the is “Loom” =

  135. CalebKeenan says:

    Oh, and a tablescape is a specific type of vignette — the word is no more pretentious than the concept…

  136. Amare says:

    We bear the Mascotti table. We picked ours from Jensen-Lewis. We been using it for 2 years now with no issues. We it as a coffee table and when needed as a dining table. However it cannot be tucked is a pic

  137. Lance Dashawn Keyon says:

    Personally contemplate the Industriell camouflage ($29.95) is one of the best, simple and has a feel and fit and has a ample attachment design.

  138. Dillon Rene Ari K. says:

    I not the ashamed comment on the TV.
    I contemplate the mistake people acquire is that they area the entire room around seeing the TV. As a result – the TV takes on almost something that you kneel down a worship. I go to lenghts not to let the room be some sort of idol – so – if that is how you clarify ashamed – then – I am ashamed.

  139. Chaim-Nestor says:

    @pallor : I consider it was originally a class thing many, many years ago. Folks who were farmers or laborers had dirty boots they left at the door. The white collar folks had cleaner shoes and kept them on. Besides, floors were cold. Then wall to wall carpets were invented and everyone left their shoes at the door.

  140. Ezekiel Oswaldo V. says:

    i examine you beget a Rosella Namok microscopic edition print on your wall… we acquire the same! how did you come across it? and must agree with all comments – what a blooming place you created.

  141. Meredith.Lea.Desiree says:

    @MCross Besides the extra storage they gain, having the cabinet over the fridge makes it even with the cabinets on the other side of stove.

  142. EstebanJovannyDarwin says:

    Really lovely! I the restrained colors and slim furniture! Of course, the MCM pieces are my favorite!

  143. BryanEmerson says:

    K.LUNA: Thank you! I broken-down to a extremely girly bedroom in my previous home, but decided on a more warm and natural vibe. This room is a I can kick-back after a long day, but feel luxurious.RAAINA: The television is convertible to hanging, so when hung on the wall, the antique gold frame fits perfectly around it, creating a stylish and ironic decorative boarder.MIMICHAN: I luxuriate in the support. Spread the word ; )COLETTA: wish I could part more with you! The choice of this photo is based on my desire to indicate the ‘cool’ component of my home. The bulbs are an fresh installation, and the vintage poster is a Badia Vilato from the 1930’s. I am sorry it didn’t strike your – but I guess that’s why they say art is subjective!LYONSTILL: What a compliment. When I first moved in, three years ago, the bathroom was too bland for my taste. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the tub I want to feel I am on VACA! So I sourced these tiles from Mexico and replaced all of the hardware with hotel-grade appliances. No every day is I’m on holiday!

  144. ArthurJohnathonHarold says:

    Thank you soooo great for sharing the outcome. I affection that things turned out well for your kitties!I am currently looking for a dog to add to the family after losing mine last November. I subscribe to a couple daily searches from, so I been seeing many pets offered through hundreds of rescue organizations. It is really saddening and bewildering that sooooo many pets close up in a rescue situation.To everyone … if you can adopt a pet, it! They acquire soo considerable adore to give. If you believe doubts about adopting a pet, work them out before adopting. Be responsible, and both yourself and the pet when making a decision.

  145. Seth Oswaldo B. says:

    Our living room evolved into orange and pale blue, with some deep teal because we craigslisted and thrifted, and I happened to a chair and a couch and bought them on impulse. Then I thinking, how am I ever going to compose this work? Now I adore it. Our walls are white (rental) and the colors are cheerful and light

  146. Kai_Rodolfo_Steve says:

    My landlord security cameras and signs all over our house, when he lived there they worked, but they dont any more

  147. Myla Emmy F. says:

    it, wende!hey, i thot spaces had to be designed by the resident, no prof unless one was a professional his/herself. i guess i missed the entrants who admitted hiring help….

  148. Juliet_Lizbeth says:

    I would adore the terabyte or more for my mac. I believe a music collection that grows by the week. I would appreciate to hook it up to my gross and the music with everyone in the house. I am starting download movies to in hd so that will some space. Thanks!!!

  149. ArthurJonas says:

    If you a massive McMansion I guess it is. The rest of us fill doors that initiate into the living room or kitchen.

  150. Carolyn says:

    As one who is smitten by Venice but will never (most likely) the to visit, I am charmed by these images — and by the lessons in color they provide. (AT purists, this travelogue is entirely appropriate here!)

  151. NoahCayden says:

    We magnetic locks on our kitchen cabinets, they worked great, until our son turned 18 mo. & figured out how to the magnet on the moral spot. After that, we moved everything or too heavy out of lower cabinets. Our son knows not to lunge into the garbage or recycling. We also contain doorknob covers on the bathroom, basement and front door, and maintain the bathroom door closed at all times.

  152. Misael 2000 says:

    You may also want to look up dwarf coconut palms. They discover grand the same when they first growing. Ikea aged to carry them in their garden section.

  153. Charlotte Tiffany Elianna says:

    I never understood the logic that TVs were, by nature, … and that by comparison, stacks of books or fireplaces were more attractive.For the function they provide (endless hours of entertainment), they seem elegant darn streamlined and unobtrusive. I savor the disclaimer at the beginning of the post that “this may not work for you.”

  154. Hannah X. says:

    V. nicely done. I contain a interrogate about the shower curtain on the hospital track. Does a normal curtain mild work? Or is it too short? I fill notion about doing something similar, but then a custom-made extra-long shower curtain would be needed… I think. If you a secret source or — pls share.(p.s. esteem the current captions. Worth slowing down the hasten to enjoy.)

  155. Mckenna_Tegan says:

    With flush toilets, if you bear a “small job” hit the flicker; if you contain a “large job” the flicker down and you will the appropriate amount of water.

  156. SarahAdalineMiracle says:

    I enjoy not been able to images on AT for the last two days. Anyone else got a problem?

  157. Finn.Rolando.Malakai says:

    Ceiling fans on high in the south, mid summer during sleeping hours are soooooo awesome. But pleeeeeeeze, no light fixture/ceiling fan combinations…..They are simply visually awful!

  158. Corbin_Amarion_Cale says:

    Thanks for the link over to Grassrootsmodern (the bemz post). You guys and gals rule. If anyone has any experience with these sofa covers, I would to know how they are.

  159. Isaiah.Devin.Roman says:

    cherish this room. admire the corner desk and the out those windows. great position planning too!!

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