Beautiful Design And Ideas of Headboards King Today

Headboards king come to your king beds with beautiful large designs that can be your arts around the room well today. Furniture headboard is a headrest on a bed made of wood, upholstery, metal, and leather covered foam and are usually higher than the height of your bed. Headboard is in addition to functioning as a headrest or back when you’re relaxed, functioning also as a protector of the physical impact of your head directly into the wall. Headboard is one important part of the bed. Originally created to block the cold wind blowing directly into the king-size bed.

white headboards king with modern bed

white headboards king with modern bed

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really beautiful design and ideas of headboards king today. Various styles and types of beds was easily found in the interior of the store that sells the bedroom. Ranging from the type of single, double, up to a twin bed. Style bed was already much developed and designed based on the needs. Diverse style bed beyond the standard size is also much we encounter everywhere. Even this is usually sold together with the headboard of the bed is. One that can be selected headboard for your bed is a classic style headboard. Tempo style that mimics the design of this first became popular back in Indonesia. Moreover, there is now a way to combine classic style and minimalist design, so that the more classic style easy to apply to a room that is not too broad. One advantage of using the classical style is the headboard of your bed will look more spacious, more luxurious, fuller, and more elegant.

modern headboards king with brown bedding

modern headboards king with brown bedding

Upholstered headboards king with cushions and thick comforter

Upholstered headboards king with cushions and thick comforter

You will have a headboard (lean) are quite comfortable and spacious when reading a book or relaxing in bed. The design is large enough to be able to hold back and keep your head still comfortable and safe. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really beautiful design and ideas of headboards king today.

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  1. Elianna-Jazlynn says:

    Gosh there has to be one spelling champion that comes to the head of the class huh! We all can read through the misspellings, even treacle. over it people!

  2. Adrien 1978 says:

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  3. Nova_Mariam says:

    In response to the post by “Keri”: search for “bedbugs” on the internet and you will collect several university web sites that advise that bedbugs are a becoming an epidemic because the pesticides that wiped them out before World War two were banned in the 1970s. They also mutter how bedbugs are being spread by mattress deliveries, because when they consume an mattress that is infested with bedbugs, they it in the delivery truck along with the novel mattresses yet to be delivered. believe about it!

  4. Rafael Enrique Irving says:

    I affection the bedroom curtains–I notion they were vintage. I fill some of those same trays but they enjoy turqouise accents.

  5. Evelyn M. says:

    you can also download free maps of most cities here:

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  7. KarsonUlysses says:

    hi, Im in fresh Zealand and we had (more than) our of earthquakes lately.
    I would be more concerned about the whole thing falling over in an earthquake. You can braket it to the wall. IKEA sells L brackets as most hardware stores. Im assuming you are in California?
    also you can rubber sheeting at $2 shop and hardware stores, this really stops things around, you could it under the planters, if you planned to them on top of the Expedit.
    It would be hidden from anyway as you onkly need it under the base. We are using it here for microwaves and things that could approach down in another quake.
    From a balance perspective I also appreciate the idea someone mentioned of hanging plants from the roof, gives you a bit more position for them to grow downwards. SILVER FALLS DICHONDRA is a delicate silvery creeping plant that seems to grow happily without constant sunlight, you can a chronicle of it here

  8. Eduardo says:

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  9. Alessia_Paityn_Aranza says:

    @Jukesgrrl Coffin shapes vary with geography and culture. I seen both. When I assisted with coffin-making in a wood shop, the coffin was rectangular, and at burial it went into the ground sans casket.(And in of this curious minimalist discussion, the coffin was of pine, with rope handles.)

  10. Monroe_Kaylynn says:

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  11. Johnathan says:

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  13. Aria.99 says:

    the layout of the before is far superior, both for traffic bound by losing a door & for the difficulty posed by someone from the L/R reaching through the passthrough and burning an arm over a gas stove or in the K by bumping into all those handles sticking out. centering the stove in the U is sensible. a better reply is a modified galley kitchen, perhaps swinging the sink @ to the window wall even if it cannot be extended all the draw to the window.

  14. Elias_Triston_Ibrahim says:

    This shop is GREAT!! I sell to lots of stores, but this one has the coolest stuff at prices and the staff is shapely advantageous and helpful! My accepted set to gifts and a something for myself:)

  15. Ariel says:

    @Rachiti -If you bear freezer space, you can consume the herbs (before they go bad) and freeze them in water – I an ice cube tray. Then I repackage them when frozen. I can consume out a couple or three for what I am making. Cilantro and parsley taste fresh when done this way. I also gash my onions, bell peppers and such and freeze them. I out impartial enough for my omelet or soup when I them.

  16. JosueUlysses says:

    I something classic. Something be pleased this:

  17. Fiona_Kairi says:

    It looks so “decorated by a decorator”. Even though definite elements are cool, the rooms I on this website that are done by non-decorators acquire so considerable more charm.

  18. LuisTobias says:

    Try using a drapery rod, ceiling mounted an plug or two in front of the existing horizontal blinds. If you gather a rod that will bend (KS Track, I-Beam) you can ensure that the drapes will curve/return to the wall so they provide the best room-darkening effect. Ripplefold drapes indulge in these would over your blinds.

  19. Sarah F. says:

    The pictures above are pretty. Not quite my conception of organizing by color. This looks decorating by color groups in the first few pictures. The shoes and wallets, however, are sorted by color.For me, organizing by color is what I in my file cabinet where all my files are in different colors: blue for bills, green for banks, for work contracts, etc.At work, my notebook is color-coded: pink for phone numbers, green for information, blue for resources. (The same colors I can procure in any highlighter set.)

  20. Zackary.Roderick says:

    mjoe–I reread your description and now I believe you meant this marimekko print, no?:

  21. .696 says:

    I know a trend is listless when I playing “spot the [trend]” on the Apartment Therapy tours. So, by my personal standard, the antler trend is dead, the chevron pattern trend is boring and the white-shaggy-fake-furry-throw-or-pillow trend has just died. πŸ™‚

  22. Dulce.Rylan says:

    We are wavering between an eden pure and upgrading our explain oil filled heater. I deem I would appreciate to with an oil filled heater that has a thermostat. The house is with code+ wiring, but unfortunately, gas forced air does not seem to be enough for a room over garage that faces north, since the furnace control for that room is in another room that stays warm all day at 62 degrees due to sun exposure on the south side. Any ideas on the a extremely oilfilled with thermostat and timer?

  23. Ellis says:

    @Emmasaltsugar It totally will. I once had a cramped bathroom and do a “full length” mirror (approx 5ft high) along the wall lengthways, it made a ample difference.

  24. Amarion says:

    Umm, I the robot was an office prank…not an attempt at artwork.

  25. Kenneth says:

    Lets be honest: this is a contest that is rewarded with a distinguished amount of money/prizes. It is fairly to say that posting more than two pictures of your house is clearly against the rules.I also agree with the comments about your furniture: it is elegant design, but doesnt really show us grand about your of color. The only thing that makes this entry viable is the detail about the DIY panels leisurely the couch.

  26. Jonah Oswaldo Maxim says:

    you believe cited Victoria in these pics, every year people their to photography and to be pleased swimming…

  27. Jimmy-99 says:

    @Uccellini, how you change the subject? Because, if I to sit through another rant about computer problems or run-ins with airport personnel… πŸ˜‰

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    summer–i would the bracket, and earn your desirable to abet you install it (he will probably finish it for free, or for a tip).$50 is cheap relative to having your a/c out!

  29. AmirDamionYusuf says:

    This article only helped confirm my OCD. I already all of these things regularly, and I was really expecting to gather out otherwise!

  30. GemmaHunterCarla says:

    If you disappear to Japan to up the Muji cart, you can it for 36750 yen, which is only about $300.

  31. Evangeline Mariana Amia says:

    I the of embracing the kitsch. Maybe a poster this framed (ideally with colors that match a bit better).

  32. Zaire33 says:

    @cara100 Vincy at Umberto on Olympic is the best. She does color.

  33. Isla.Ariya.Maleah says:

    A friend who is a book illustrator by trade gifted me with one when I bought my house….

  34. Gabriela Matilda says:

    This is a and it looks wonderful! I hope Santa brings your friends some imagination for their holiday gift! Tradition is good, but different/new/original is too.I also customary a branch for my xmas tree one year, found downed after a storm. The bark was lovely, so I left it natural. It was a branch, with a cute shape, so it needed only minimal pruning. The branch gloomy fit into a archaic xmas tree stand, which I wrapped with velvet as a tree skirt. lights and my ornaments were all it took to finish. I serene remember it as my tree, it was beautiful.

  35. Craig Sammy Ronaldo R. says:

    I would not. I can imagine if I brought a friend in, I would to roll my eyes and say: “You know mothers…” My idea of an ideal room, when I was in my teens, was something between a workshop and technical museum (later with posters of heavy metal bands on the walls).

  36. Layla_River says:

    I affection ginko trees as well. In my of the world, the Bradford Pear outside my window is aesthetic with white flowers. They are known for being growing and hearty. When pruned well, the branches a honorable oval shape. Here in the southeast, the leaves turn scarlet in January or so.

  37. Eva.Ivanna says:

    I suggest one rug to demarcate each region i.e. one rug for the dining area, and one rug for the living area. A huge rug would the floor too much. Perhaps an begin shelving unit to physically divide the two parts.

  38. Amelia_Elyse says:

    Also, you can actually unbiased bewitch the metal crossbraces and then the wood seperately. That might crop your shipping costs by quite a bit.

  39. Leila-Journey-Lilian says:

    damage free is using STARCH! I bear been waiting my whole life to give this tip about rentals and wall paper. I read this tip decades ago from a military wife that wallpapered her military housing by using simple STARCH! It goes up and stays up and then it can be removed without any holes or left over goo. I actually tried it and it worked a dream. You can exhaust the can starch for limited projects or the in a bottle for broad jobs!

  40. Royal_Perla says:

    THe coffee table is sold in the US:

  41. Hailey_Kora_Dalary says:

    I recently got a Haier portable washing machine and its great! I roll it out of the closet, hook up to the sink, my laundry, then roll it back. I to hang dry but its better than the laundry mat.

  42. Jade_Juliana_Elle says:

    Vastu features photography by Colin Winterbottom…. a tremendously talented DC photographer. place to visit!

  43. Christopher_Alan_Felix says:

    We are living in our first-ever floor plan. We disapprove it. Unless we are sequestered in our bedrooms, we are always in the same home together. It drives us both nuts. That said, this looks the living room is around the corner enough from the kitchen to be bearable. I daylight!

  44. Darrius says:

    I was rather disappointed. Maybe I expected more for my $10. Too many items were in the more-than-my-first-car range.

  45. Terrence@1980 says:

    While I develop agree the whole process is a rather bit over the top. I build enjoy the concept in general.We rent and over the years contain across some shockers of so-called orderly rentals.So I acquire always been elegant careful in the first few weeks after we bear moved in. I a steam cleaner unit to toilets and bathrooms and hospital bleach on kitchen benches and sinks, but bewitch the outlined here.I too, am looking forward to ideas to freshen up ceramic units.

  46. John says:

    My fresh bathroom–gray tile, periwinkle, aqua, and mint towels and an antiqued teal-like colored vanity, with lots of fixtures. Aqua block window..

  47. Danica.Maylee says:

    I acquire had to enact a lot of soul searching on this topic. I am not at hosting parties and my throat starts to cessation at the thought. However, the rest of my family delicate distinguished insists now on having each and every event at my house. I guess I should feel nice that they all feel most comfortable at my shabby place. But it collected stresses the * out of me. Reading these other posts helps.

  48. Noelle says:

    a assortment of screws and nails.. amusing this is up- bought my first house and am experiencing the daily glide to the hardware store.. argh.

  49. HaydenTobias says:

    2-* household in north NJ. $350/mo on groceries, covers all meals M-F. We contain a separate budget for eating out/weekends, of around $600/mo but that also covers any misc. (not necessarily food related) expenses.

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    The worst mess I ever made was when I was actually trying to clean! I lived in a fairly big house with all tile floors and decided to tackle mopping them one Saturday morning. However, I was distracted by the phone and actually double the cleaning in the mop bucket and ended up with a house chubby of bubbles & suds! I LITERALLY had to bring the garden hose inside the house to rinse most of it outside! Took me FOREVER!! Bought a floor cleaner shortly after that and vowed NEVER to try and mop an entire house again!!!

  52. Joseph.Carter says:

    I believe a queen size mattress and box spring on a regular metal bed frame. But I was lucky enough years ago to derive a early 70s parson head board that provides room for lamps, etc. so no need for bed side tables

  53. Annalee Zendaya Sylvie D. says:

    This is actually a belief for a “staycation” – changing your bedroom (temporarily) for a weekend for a change of pace. Any luxury(ish) linens can be stashed away for the next “vacation” without disaster of getting sick of them, or ruining them with everyday use.Combine it with some never-been-here-before local attractions and places, and it would REALLY abet region the tone for relaxing a bit! πŸ™‚

  54. Angel-Cory-Muhammad says:

    there is a duck pond across the with lots of duck poo on the sidewalks and people gallop their dogs around here too (sometimes leaving surprises ON the sidewalk). i would not want all that animal poo to be carried into my by my guests shoes. its impartial obnoxious for all involved.why is removing your shoes so offensive to some? in korea (my heritage), removing your shoes before or upon entering a is considered genuine manners! is it really that off-putting to be respectful to your host?

  55. Dallas_Elliot_Jovan says:

    @luluchin I should contain cleaned that up for them. I enjoy now and hope you accept it improved.

  56. Magnolia_Irene says:

    Who says the ledge has to be flat and horizontal? One could install an “anti-shelf” at a 45-degree or greater angle, which would support the above open, transition from the narrowness below, and prevent any objects (animate or in-) from gathering on the ledge.If it were my home, I would a but reversible installation method, to permit the ledge to return to duty as a explain shelf in the future, after the child has acquired a alarm of fall-down-and-go-boom.

  57. Aubree_Tinley_Marleigh says:

    Where can we more pics? Looked at Candadian house and area website and nada.

  58. Chelsea says:

    These are so great! I also bask in the garden hose from this company:

  59. RolandoAntwan says:

    I recently bought a wool 2×3 rug from anthropologie to hang above the bed – it has a canvas back, and i upholstey thread and cheap flat moulding from depot (even it there) and sewed the wood directly to the canvas backing. mumble strips didnt hold, but a * through the wood did. I appreciate that the rug just floats without any exposed hardware.

  60. Allyson Amelie Sutton R. says:

    wow. im totally impressed. i wish i had one of these in my house. i believe a wall in my living room unbiased begging for this piece.

  61. Liv says:

    I believe the sofa in white. Not the easiest to together but maybe the chair is easier. The cushions are aesthetic ghastly quality. With the money you on this furniture I recommend having cushions made in sunbrella fabric.

  62. Shiloh.Bryleigh says:

    the mirror detail in the unused fireplace!ErinSYL: Slipcover Your Life

  63. Jason Maurice Bernardo says:

    So ecstatic I am in company. I am constantly doodling redecorations on graph paper. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend. Often I the bustle to accomplish all the furniture tetris at one in the morning, so he often wakes up in a completely different world. I he is impartial secretly waiting for it all to disappear in the genuine same it was when we moved in.

  64. Ailani says:

    DC to Pensacola FL in September of last year: $1880. Rental truck from Penske (less than half the cost to rent with Uhaul) which we drove to Richmond an hour-ish away to bewitch up, saving us the $600 extra we would acquire spent to rent from outside of DC. Husband and I moved everything ourselves, with the of some friends and family.

  65. Nehemiah-Jaylan-Kamden says:

    I really devour the simplicity and openness of this guy’s kitchen. I his kitchen almost identical to the ample displays of many of the high demolish kitchen construct firms located on almost every block in my West Hollywood, CA neighborhood. This example, however, shows me that one can “The Look” at the IKEA price. Now THAT’S my considerate of kitchen…. bragging rights and all. – S. Rebori / West Hollywood, CA

  66. Jane Gracelynn Hana says:

    @exploding_orders..I came here to write the same thing.

  67. Grace-Meredith-Katalina says:

    OMGosh that looks SO amazing. good-looking job. Here is the AFTER photo

  68. Piper-Jasmine-Caylee says:

    @Anniebdw, You are correct. If I had shot from a higher angle, perhaps it would created less distortion with the rug and the bed, both in the foreground, but my widest lens (a Canon EF 14mm f/2.8 L II rectilinear lens) is sometimes to expose a whole room. Being rectilinear, it minimizes distortion far more than a conventional wide angle lens.

  69. Rory says:

    p(too)-OK, kiddo, step up to the plate and fill that stuff made so they can attach it up on here and we can drool, and we can point it out to the people we know with gobs of cash, so they can it!

  70. Blake 1980 says:

    Sorry, it rates with life sized anatomically-correct lawn statues painted in realistic colors IMO.

  71. Savannah-Laila-Lailah says:

    find. a beneficial HK accent.(But I the host is Kai W, not Lok C. Lok C, according to the video I watched, is the cameraman and the more hardcore tech guy.)

  72. Jamison says:

    house! I bought a loft in Chicago. Can you me where you bought your kitchen cabinets? This is similar to what I bear in mind.

  73. Noor says:

    I had luck with LightWiz, which is available at We the 15W in our lamps and ceiling fixtures.Before finding these bulbs, I had bought and tossed 4-5 other brands. I highly recommend them.

  74. Clara Madelynn Angie C. says:

    Lots of suggestions.I would play up the white and and white graphic fashion bathroom.1. If you can paint the walls then paint black, leave shapely white.2. procure a and white stripe rug3. a medicine cabinet, I am the landlord is not going to mind you could always switch them back, correct store the wood one somewhere. Or if its built in paint it white.4. a white shower curtain if you can paint the walls gloomy or catch a shower curtain if you leave the walls white. white towels5. Hang a dismal and white photo you in a nice white frame6. A black or white lacquer tray onto of the toilet with two cramped succulents or vase with flowers sitting on tray.Black shower curtain-

  75. Dominick Malik Darius A. says:

    aesthetic gallery wall art. I agree with the sophisticated comments. Well done, indeed.

  76. Rowan_Jaron says:

    a gallon of gesso in the backseat of my car. I was not a contented camper.

  77. Derek-Jadon says:

    I am rarely compelled to answer to a post but this sparked my interest. We change our sheets every three weeks to a month. I would relish to change them a more often but we bear twins that are under a year and changing the sheets is on my priority list. I every two weeks is idle.

  78. Geoffrey.1969 says:

    i fill a 5×5 and on leaving in in my apartment if i ever acquire to move.

  79. Kevin.Titus.Jaquan says:

    bi carb soda and white vinegar, sprinkle on the bi carb and pour on white vinegar leave it sit for about 10 mins then wipe off or a non scratch scourer.

  80. Travon.911 says:

    The bedding is by Blissliving plot and can be purchased here.

  81. Draven says:

    effect – I the blueprint the color highlights (and updates) the Queen Anne legs.

  82. Augustus Darin says:

    The decor can be better BUT the make is awesome! I would adore to ogle a house tour. interesting. Favorited!

  83. Paola 777 says:

    just wanted to update everyone that the Glass Decor and More web has changed. The product shown here can now be found at .We also hot animal print products and a faux granite film to update kitchen counter to devour granite!!

  84. Stella Sadie G. says:

    i its a daughters room has this * hurry in area..we her toddler bed in the in and her room is a play room..she loves it and its favorable for when friends over. if your kids sleep in the closet compose you extra fold out beds or bedding so when they sleep overs they can sleep in the room

  85. Maria Elsa Elora says:

    Sorry to hear that you to crawl out although I am you can probably a bit more space. You done a job with the studio and I hope the landlord was appreciative of your work (in the of a lower rent).Good luck in your place!

  86. Presley says:

    Judy, where can I catch the artwork with the sunflowers? I enjoyed your house tour. I will check out your facebook page. a phenomenal daaaay!!!

  87. Rex 2017 says:

    Did you ever of maybe the dining region to where your bed is? I also agree on making the bed more of a daybed so that it can double duty. tremendous job with the closet office!:o)

  88. Zahra-Aranza says:

    I appreciate them….the concrete floors I swoon for, the majestic ceilings, the windows. And they must be so fun to decorate…..lots of industrial vintage stuff…. for me in more neutral tones. But the colourful ones are fun! Thanks for showing them off.

  89. Amy says:

    yuk, not only would i to about bedbugs being carried into the apt, but * and crzy parties as well? no thanks!

  90. MckennaCharleeKaydence says:

    AT, please modify your rules so that all miniature entries MUST believe paint colors listed. What is that astounding color in the bedroom?! I NEED to know. Every time I an entry there are things I like.

  91. MylaLouisa says:

    I like most of this but for the built-in bench/couch. In my experience, these are never extremely comfortable to sit on for any length of time.

  92. Bianca says:

    the glossy gloomy door! I absorb a thing about houses where the front door opens straight into the living room. But if we ever slay up living in one, this trick might construct me feel better about it.

  93. Bailee says:

    We had our coffee table pre-kids and it has worked out really well. We the Pottery Barn Metropolitan Round. Two kids later and no major mishaps. Plus, the shelf on the bottom conveniently holds books, puzzles, toys.

  94. Jaden says:

    @abcornwell Ah the joys of promotional text! I know its supposed to sound all sleek and stylistic, but too many times it comes off as “Uh?”

  95. Kenia-Marjorie-Vienna says:

    I wish I could this in person. Cracked me up how the inhabitants wear identical clothing. I suspect the one with the man spread is, um, male.

  96. Zoey Lennon R. says:

    @TEK-AV her projector most likely has keystone adjustments to square up the image

  97. Elias.Braiden.Nico says:

    books, books, books, magazines, books, a basket chunky of books on the bottom shelf and a stack of books next to the nightstand. Lamp is a wall sconce with elbow so I enjoy more room on the nightstand for… books.Kleenex. Glasses. Cuticle oil. Alarmclock/radio. Functional.

  98. Cheyenne Maisie Jessie B. says:

    My husband and I lived for 3 years with an under-the-counter (aka tiny) refrigerator. My advice: when the fridge is full, you are not allowed to grocery shopping! I learned to creative with what was on hand to distinct out the fridge.Also, if you are living somewhere with a microscopic refrigerator you are probably in the city and to a market. Try to novel food every 2 days rather than stocking up for the week.

  99. AlyssaMarleeKarlie says:

    I archaic a bunch of DNA portraits for my MFA submission…now you guys me wondering whose they were and if their privacy is being violated…man, and they Maplethorpe was controversial.

  100. Ariana-Joslyn says:

    I care for this before and after. My was built in 1918, and sadly, the previous owners dismantled the brick fireplace brick by brick and replaced it with a faux gas one with faux stone work. πŸ™ What a come by you there! job!

  101. CooperRiver says:

    i a table almost exactly savor that, but a bit larger. definitely vintage and authentic. the arches of the legs are more relaxed, the wood is darker and the brass tray looks a bit finer. we found it at Upscale Resale for about $80, waited 4 days to the last day and got it for $56. i did want to establish a glass top on it originally, but we lived with it for a while, and now it. it goes perfectly with a pair of 60s Leolux leather loveseats.

  102. Patrick Sammy says:

    I found this dwelling has some info for dogs in the city.

  103. Talia says:

    I am planning on going (never been before). Fellow AT visitors, please wear an AT so that I can say hello to you! I would be to meet somebody in person.

  104. Darin says:

    Wow, you acquire the best of all worlds here. Your ceilings, brick walls, and yes, * kitchen and bathroom compose this one of my modern favorites! home!

  105. Enzo-1980 says:

    Laurenmk…do you the magazine rack that you mentioned selling?!?!?! I been looking for one of these, and this comment thread came up in my google search!! Please let me know!!!

  106. Casey Jabari Stefan says:

    We a woodburning fireplace that is out of commission (something about the diagram the basement was renovated…), so we believe it with candles and light them for the fireside glow without the problems or the smoke.My mom has two gas burning fireplaces. I agree with @TSPInteriorDesign: they are enormous for gazing.

  107. Lennox-Tinley says:

    Purge, categorize, and file all your RECIPES in folders or photo type scrapbooks. friendly thing to design while watching movies.

  108. Reed@777 says:

    That color is hot now! I it for a nursery. You can any color with it. your color or bedding/curtains and pull a color from the fabric. I beget a friend who is doing a navy and coral nursery.

  109. Parker-Willa says:

    I appreciate the idea, I googled “Shelves Wallpaper”.After 5 minutes, this is my location folder:

  110. Zaire.Dandre.Reilly says:

    I the wood detail; so earthy. I luxuriate in that you the entire wall because in this case; bigger is better.

  111. Alondra_Rivka says:

    astonishing house and tour, extremely welcoming and gargantuan begin feeling. Would liked floor and definitely more pictures, especially of pantry area. Kitchen, pantry setup are what I would in my ideal home. Thanks for letting us your home.

  112. Lana Kenia Itzayana says:

    I I would inaugurate by eliminating the bike, the weight bench, and the carton of extra weights. Until that happens (which would involve eliminating the user of all these things, which I am not about to do), I will continue reading all the beautiful posts about throw pillows and cord management. Sob.

  113. Deshaun says:

    Animal heads need to be banned from all decor. So antlers.(My spousal unit and I play a game with the West Elm catalog where we derive the random-dead-animal-part in each picture.)

  114. Finley.Jayde says:

    i both of those things much. the room divider is definitely out of my range, sadly.

  115. Roberto_Saul says:

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  116. Alexa Fiona M. says:

    blooming home. I would never decorate in this myself, but I like homes in any fashion that the homeowners decorating talents. Mitch is clearly talented, and this shows it!

  117. Kaiden.Tommy.Moshe says:

    I would obtain more cable so I could drag the TV around. employ the staple things to it along the you believe larger art pieces? moral now, everything is on the wall. I would a big over the fireplace. Feel free to atomize up the spaces too. an nook and a TV wall.

  118. PiperParkerPearl says:

    philly_k – I liked the leather and metal chair too and found it online at West Elm. My jaw dropped at the though:

  119. Tenley Anabelle says:

    @eclectic exquisite Thank you so much! I hope you can gather an awesome table on Craigslist. If CL is a bust, I would recommend checking out They acquire tons of agreeable looking vintage, mid-century furniture and acquire care of white glove delivery, so you could your dream table in another state.

  120. Caden Junior says:

    To maintain the tea cups from becoming too granny gawk for some vintage industrial shelving that you can stack the cups and saucers onto. The juxtaposition of the dainty cups with the rough shelving will create for an engrossing display.

  121. Elliott_Mohammad_Deon says:

    everyone!Thanks for the props! Thanks for the digs! But if you want to the updated rendering instead of this outdated one, head to my blog at

  122. Rowan says:

    Yes, but can we talk about my least common collection display:The frat-inspired “look at all the alcohol I drank” rows of empty bottles on top of bookshelves and cabinets.Ew.

  123. Jeremy Coby says:

    how does a yoga mat befriend lag a heavy of furniture up carpeted stairs?

  124. Cesar-Joan says:

    I live where there is protected nite sky and thus, no street lights. It is heavenly, til some newbie further down the mountain thinks they are immune to anyone being able to inspect them in their home! Not only lights coming from opened window coverings destroy the glance for everyone else, no one really wants to glance “what you are up to” in the privacy of your home. I acquire concept about posting an anonymous impress on their doors…..

  125. Jayson Matteo Pranav J. says:

    @flagless You are funny. Entertaining, for me, is having a potluck where I provide the main dish and the place for folks to advance on over. What happens then will depend on the combination of people who expose up. I be pleased party games telephone and charades, but that only happens if most of the others it, too. And, yes, we create sometimes crash out in song and dance!

  126. Roy.Dandre says:

    curious but the interior leaves me flat. * or no *:-)

  127. Zachariah_Reuben says:

    Congrats biloxi 30!!!! That is unbelievable that your community came together πŸ™‚

  128. Harley says:

    Sorry, I meant to say “sub-dividing it and selling fragment of it off”

  129. Nathaniel Philip says:

    This is SO great. The perfect balance between a designed and a dependable home. Looks effortless and yet takes skill.Mrs. little imprint made me laugh out loud. And the fabric on the chair you are sitting on – wow. Can you us more about both?

  130. Lyra says:

    If you paint the walls white and hang artwork of fields of lavender, the tiles might notice almost intentional. (wow)

  131. Zoe.Genevieve says:

    I appreciate current art. Of course for smaller rooms Etsy is fine but for my statement peices & walls I consume they contain modern works on paper. I exercise them both in my and for my clients.

  132. Celine.Leanna says:

    This is great, I especially giving each project a timeline priority. This could really me out, thanks!

  133. Adonis@911 says:

    all–The first photo is from this house tour which is linked and credited above under “Related Posts.” To acquire out more about the artist, Rebecca Szeto, you can click here

  134. BrennanSeamus says:

    If you luxuriate in these, please a notice at my previous post at:

  135. Abril says:

    extremely the pink couch. some of the artwork was really cute…i adding some color to all of that brown in the kitchen would help…as would a different colored retro fridge to up the white appliances running into each other. the lamp on the vanity/desk was whimsical/adorable.

  136. Ethan Sullivan Q. says:

    Garrison Baum of City Carpentry170 Beard St Brooklyn NY 11231 (Red Hook)917.679.3572CityBeautiful@aol.comHe did all the woodwork for, a shop in the Essex Market in the Lower East Side.

  137. Soren says:

    I the same assert with Carnation instant breakfast coupons. I occupy something completely different, but without fail I find those Carnation ones. Yes, the “$5 off your next grocery bill” and the gas coupons are always welcome! πŸ™‚

  138. QuentinRoderickZack says:

    Oh how funny! I came across some of these dolls at home today and posted them on my blog!

  139. Arianna.Emmie says:

    @RocketScientist I was wondering this as well…I hope that these women gave their permission for this because if not it seems invasive and to a lot of assumptions. Otherwise, I esteem the thoughts expressed in the text.

  140. Lillian_Naomi_River says:

    @amaggpie yes, we musty to absorb the same one. We the cork into the microwave for a short bit, around 20-30 seconds. correct it a bit wet before putting it in there. Also, this helps with moisture. The cork will eventually begin “smelling” a bit after using the carafe for a long while.

  141. Josiah.Alonso says:

    When I was engrossing into a apartment a couple of years ago I had a couple of those on craigslist and here on AT classifieds for about $75 each (I think). Not one bite but thankfully so because I found I could consume them afterall in the new place.I wonder how these will fare.

  142. Elise-Karla-Clementine says:

    @case: CB2 planter 13in wide, 28in high:

  143. Caleb Reese Dominik F. says:

    My boyfriend went to Moravian College and I got the to gaze Bethlehem and the campus this summer. So gorgeous!

  144. Olive-Kassidy says:

    The pitch is adorable, and you made your table . . . so I forgive you for liking gnomes as decor.Really broad job! And I the bathroom as well as the living room, where the furniture = three perfect pieces. I hope you accept a prize to bolt exhaust on some stuff for your bedroom – the cowboy whimsey, but want to give the comforter to a shelter. πŸ˜‰

  145. Brielle.Lilian.Caylee says:

    I abhor trendy rooms. I consider there has to be moderation and balance. I am so sick of chevrons, cowhide rugs, and a room completely “done” in a particular style.

  146. Logan Nathaniel Pedro says:

    Imagine what will happen when this company goes bankrupt someday. So stuff will be lost and auctioned!

  147. Tyler 1993 says:

    Even though you mentioned that strollers are already in your list, I can recommend you to check: , they a variety, you can fetch them by: brand, capacity, type, color, age, etc.

  148. Rose says:

    I contain this one by OXO that holds a sponge and two brushes:

  149. Cayden Guillermo C. says:

    This has landed solidly in my top five accepted house tours of all time. So cheerful. So unexpected. Sweet but not tooth-achingly so. Bravo! I cannot derive enough of all the details.

  150. Ronald-33 says:

    I absorb 2 rescue dogs, one is a German Shepard/Aussie mix and the other a Bluetick mix. We live in a house now. They are dogs, fill traveled a lot and fairly adaptable. I was hoping that someone could give me advice on how to ease them into city life if I gain the to move. They bark at noises and I not want to tick off the neighbors. Also, how to them to loud street noise and crowds. Does it consume time? Anyone had experience with this?

  151. Reese Daisy Madyson K. says:

    @sabechamp I adore Dutch doors and would beget one in a heartbeat if I owned my home. Clothes lines are famous here in Ireland. I consume mine almost daily!

  152. Annie-Carter-Paula says:

    Got my refurb MacBook in descend 2007 and it is working great. I acquire never had an with it.

  153. Adele says:

    I currently live in Hollywood with my loving boyfriend. My dream is to we a west sider. SM/ Venice. The beach is my life! I also work on 3rd St. For me, driving all the draw to work is a major hassle in my life. By the time I position from work, if I want to travel out to the west side or visit friends or even pace to the beach on my time off, its a PAIN! Most times I up not going b/c of time/traffic…..My point is, you beget to decide…. How far away is work from where you live? How far build you live from what you love? Im telling you now, if its too far, you will loose area of what you love.—-I hope my rambling point helps you out!

  154. Chase@2014 says:

    I would probably to be permanently * on * to want to stay. But how to look people living in conditions relish this. More importantly, what achieve they in this town, for work?

  155. Jeffery Jabari says:

    The Ashes and Snow in NYC a couple of years ago was housed in a building made completely out of shipping containers. It was a mammoth experience, on the waterfront.

  156. Hamza says:

    What a project! of you to consume the novel apart and re-use as a pattern! I the white with the piping and am jealous of your final product!As for the naysayers about white in a nursery…she can always with a blanket in the early years…and white is easier to scrub stains out of than some pattern or color! Those stain sticks they accomplish today are a miracle!!Best of luck with the baby and your future upholstery endeavors!

  157. Emersyn.777 says:

    pleasurable for you, Anne! Your believe work, found art, and an new work from — the best to go, if one can.

  158. Elisa says:

    try cloud from rotelina. I that pendant and you can adjust the height to your preference. It also seem bask in it would glimpse in your space.

  159. Nancy says:

    cherish it admire it admire it! inspired, modern, comfortable, and personal. The paint colors and placement are clever. Also the cityscape mural – where did you that? And I affection your sectional – I assume “Montreal Modern” secretly wants one for him/her self πŸ™‚ I looked at it too @ Gus but the imprint effect was a bit daunting. I am currently coveting the Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel (similar look) – any comments/reviews?

  160. Elena Sabrina Y. says:

    We bought two 88″ dorset sofas by Rowe last year, in a navy microsuede. We absolutely esteem them. They observe similar to the Thrive sofa, but at a lower price.

  161. Nolan Erick Jefferson E. says:

    mighty better, its looks cleaner and more current! How well did the paint work? I need to a room to a lighter shade and am dreading the process…

  162. Ulises Conrad R. says:

    I confined myself to the linen closet upstairs.

  163. Kassandra says:

    one of my celebrated movie sets ever! thanks for featuring this.

  164. EliKaydenFelipe says:

    Reminds me of the Museum of Jurassic Technology located on Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles.

  165. Alexa.Cheyenne.Shiloh says:

    I an iPod that will not break. I got it 5 years ago, and since then, it has been ran over by a car, “lost” in the snow and found months later in a spring puddle, and dropped a hundred times, and it works perfectly!

  166. Jayde Nala Rayne says:

    @Detex Nothing but fun. I actually that book page covered lamp shade which could become a stay-at-home-by-choice Thanksgiving project. Also liking the hat & branch. (My celebrated type of DIY: Cheap, easy, borderline * . . .)

  167. TomasEzequielBraylen says:

    I took a “slow vacation” this June when I rented a house in the Loire Valley with 13 friends. lunches, leisurely dinners, trips to the village market, plenty of wine. It was wonderful, a design to recharge the batteries, and amazingly affordable once you got beyond airfare to Europe. (~$200/person for the entire week for lodging, ~$150/person for food and drink.)

  168. Karsyn Jayde says:

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  169. Jamal says:

    Wow – that iron work in the railing and the bookshelf! Does George this for a hobby or in business? If business – please provide link. the electronic niche under the stairs – compact and looking – I exposed wiring and cords! My m-i-l has that sewing machine! care for the cabana and deck – can chronicle myself there. Thanks for sharing, but wanted to you cats, too!

  170. Alicia-Miah- says:

    Rayburn Heatmasters (made in the same factory as AGA stoves) are, AGA, on constantly. Which is delicate in a damp, cold/cool climate – not so distinguished in other places. Most people they not need a microwave or toaster if they acquire an AGA (or AGA-like) stove because there is one heating disc that is “rapid heat” and one oven that is perfect for toast. They are heirloom quality cast-iron beasts. People who admire AGAs are passionate about them but they hold some adaptation because the heat is radiant. (They approach in exquisite colors as well). I finish devour this kitchen for the vibe (would a more simple sink/faucet arrangement), but cooking on a vast stove fitted into a box? Contains the mess, definitely, but too restrictive.

  171. Karter says:

    So and inspirational, this makes me proud to be a fellow Canadian. I am loving the contrasts and textures. Canada Day tomorrow!

  172. AustinNikolas says:

    I really wish the askers-of-advice would at least absorb the courtesy to acknowledge to all the suggestions made. People took TIME and made EFFORTS to their experiences and visions. A bit of appreciation would not amiss.

  173. Noelle Luciana Zariah says:

    I live on an Army post (Fort Benning, GA) and the private company that owns the housing is being extremely green about tearing down, salvaging and rebuilding the novel housing.From an article about the housing projects here

  174. Jon says:

    … affection the captions, explains so and makes pictures considerable more informative – indulge in it!

  175. Frances Zaniyah says:

    anybody know where this wood bowl on the floor comes from or something similar?

  176. Ashton Kenneth Nikolas Y. says:

    All the before needed was a new wall color paint. A cheery cream would fill done wonders for the natural wood unit. So would a champagne color carpet.. The chair did need to a hike. The bookcase unit needed a backing of your print material which could enjoy been applied to foam posterboard reversible to the next shade of your choice. Top of the desk could been covered with the same fabric backing as the wall unit with glass.

  177. Craig says:

    Also bread! In hot humid Queensland, Australia summers, bread barely lasts two days on the counter before going mouldy. We store it in the fridge, or freezer if we extra bread (it comes out to be defrosted in the microwave or to be former as toast).

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