Really Interesting Unique Reclaimed Wood Dresser Designs

Reclaimed wood dresser today will come to your rooms with great material and design ideas. Reclaimed on dresser will make the impression older and rustic as well. Furniture design, especially the dresser is always interesting. We know the traditional style desk chair with ethnic nuance. At home our grandparents we may see some ancient dresser ancient if we look still looks strong and robust, as well as the material still looks intact. That is furniture from reclaimed wood material also proved durable, although the quality of the timber in determining.

Reclaimed Wood Dresser with 7 Drawer storage

Reclaimed Wood Dresser with 7 Drawer storage

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting unique reclaimed wood dresser designs. Additionally reclaimed wooden dresser designs so far not outdated and still feels harmonious although in the mix with other modern furnishings. Today’s minimalist trend also affected his furniture design patterns as well, making good Furniture Design Tables, Chairs and rack and so follows the minimalist model as well. For dresser reclaimed topic this time we tried to lift the design of toughness and cool appearance reclaimed dresser. Incidentally material support from the design drawings. Its strength is in design ideas and Materials Wood Coconut patterns and textures that have a strong and unique. Coconut wood has several advantages, namely in addition to cheap compared to other wood, strong and durable, coconut wood has the advantage in the fibers are capable of forming a pattern, natural color and character that is strong enough.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood 8 Drawer Dresser

Rustic Reclaimed Wood 8 Drawer Dresser

Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Dresser and there are seats on the left

Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Dresser and there are seats on the left

So as to design furniture will show its own peculiarities with good fibers and form a beautiful pattern. When about installing a dressing table, lighting is a very important factor. This is because every detail of the makeup that you wear or clean to be perfect. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really interesting unique reclaimed wood dresser designs. Thanks a lot.

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  3. Hunter.Julian says:

    beneficial kitchen! I also did a play kitchen using two Ikea Rast tables, and adding a wood box as a cupboard and a splashback in lime green. You can all the photos in my blog Ministry of Deco, here´s the link:

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  5. Camden-Reese-Steve says:

    Some of these are cracking me up, because in the time it took to the picture, upload the photos from the camera, them up on flickr, and them . . . the clutter could bear impartial been cleaned up.

  6. Philip Gary Cullen K. says:

    @cqx I dare say you may beget started the trend!

  7. Sariah.Maliah says:

    I really affection this, especially considering what a you were starting with! Your improvements are light years away from the starting point, which makes this my common makeover of this grouping. I hope you guys gain more votes!

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  12. Harlow.Charleigh.Marleigh says:

    what a fun and practical home. this is what AT is all about — creating a location in a space. you can feel the appreciate when viewing this tour.

  13. Dorothy_Jayden_Dana says:

    what a place! the colors of the walls and the aspects. where is it located in boerum hill? my husband and I been deciding where in brooklyn we are going to land, williamsburg, boreum hill, brooklyn heights.

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  20. Rosie Aryana I. says:

    @sv406 what about Flor tiles (easy to move/replace a few if stains happen? Or an outdoor rug that can be hosed down if necessary?

  21. Dalton_Arthur_Chris says:

    10″ depth for pocket doors? measurements of wood archaic to be real, so 2″ door, 1″ each side for air, 3″ each side lathe & plaster is possible. this house is in the vernacular, however, and unlikely to had doors or shelves. the hunt is worth it, then patching, then molding to match (but not fancier).

  22. Wesley Alberto P. says:

    what I see..and it leaves me wanting more! Also, admire how Apollo the cat managed to sneak into a couple of the photos.

  23. Braelyn-Rory-Averi says:

    I bear the for this chair. It would be extremely delighted in my home.

  24. Kamren-88 says:

    Two adults and two kids (adults in loft, kids a bedroom) in 540 square feet that somehow manages to gawk initiate and spacious:

  25. Shawn Coby Stephan says:

    Can someone identify the source of the diminutive portray of the leather couches at the beginning of this post?

  26. Kylee-Shayla says:

    The creativity in these shots is mind-blowing – I aspire to COPY impartial one! Lovely, sentimental, and comical at the same time.

  27. Casey K. says:

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  28. JasonRaphaelRey says:

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  29. Ariel-Baylee says:

    I a window approach my front door as well, and I currently a curtain hung using 2 exiguous tension rods. One is at the top and one is at the bottom.

  30. Leandro says:

    I esteem this post! I am hosting a lecture on this extremely subject. I that it is a arrangement to attach our planet and renew/refresh our spaces! Well done!

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  32. Bethany Kynlee Adilynn says:

    These are mid century modern chairs, stylish and well made, and well worth the cost to upholster. But what is with the novel upholstery? It looks fine with the wood and appears to be in favorable condition. Maybe you should leave it alone and tackle an easier project whose existing upholstery is or ruined. Try a ottoman or a dining chair.

  33. Darian Jovanny says:

    I would invite an adventurer or explorer to hear their stories… maybe Jacque Cousteau or Marco Polo.Thanks for the giveaway- this would be perfect to consume with a “tot seat” to a highchair wherever we travel!

  34. Marlon 1990 says:

    there is something to cherish in each of these photos which almost makes the floorplan secondary (a great thing IMO). such a exquisite rug in the last shot… too bad the closest approximation within my budget (the nate berkus version) is a shedding awful mess according to one – *skies parting* love.

  35. Curtis Alden L. says:

    Wonderfully inventive but I agree with previous post: too mighty stuff.

  36. Jerry-Jamar says:

    I about 10 idle susans at thrift stores to employ in my fridge and pantry. No more digging!

  37. Raul-Baby says:

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  38. Kaiya says:

    i really her organization and photography. nagging her about those chairs, she replied she wants some comfy lounge ones but hasnt got round to it yet.

  39. Javier G. says:

    I agree with Simplyswede and discerning! Yay for the fashion cure! I also felt a microscopic proud when I saw this! expedient for you!

  40. Claire Macy Jaelyn E. says:

    i delight in the of larger pictures filling up the place – i would even hang them if you could. or if you could paint the shelves, that would be awesome – either white to blend in – or if you could paint the wall behind the shelves (i second using patterned paper or solid paper) to give it some color and interest. also – larger accessories – i agree w/ vertical plants, higher vases or sculptures. or accessory boxes to things in.

  41. Everly_Tinsley_Harmoni says:

    Bathroom, hands down. My has it there and I demand them to popping up in bathrooms in fresh apartment complexes soon. Most people disrobe in the bathroom for showers, so why not in conclude at hand?

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    Here in Denver, if you have,say, exposed duct work… they call it a loft.Ugh. This city is so fallacious it is sickening sometimes.

  44. Audrey.Ember.Paola says:

    FLOR tiles are not that “spendy.” Having a rug professionally cleaned costs more than replacing a tile or two.

  45. Shelby.777 says:

    Ducati 1978, thanks for the link. Made my lunch hour worth while.

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    I really wish this website would pay a bit more attention to what they promote and what it has on the environment. Some of these writers really off as environmentally thoughtless/careless.

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  50. Milania says:

    Thanks guys – I am going to create a couple more subjects in the next few weeks, but I pledge to approach to some American and English examples from the 18th and 19th centuries. Thanks for the suggestions! – Anna

  51. Dominique.Tyshawn.Darin says:
  52. Emilio-Wilson-Ean says:

    I voted so-so. I the is well, it looks grand because of this and I bask in the dividers, but this apartment is so desirable that it lacks personality.I would cherish to a bit more pattern, a funky chandelier, or some other elements which us a limited bit more about who lives here.

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  55. JayRalph says:

    I affection the color selections, they really seem to compliment one another nicely. The orange in the kitchen is first-rate with the stainless steel appliances and the ornate collection of wooden branches really sets this place off. Also the pistol in the kitchen really screams TEXAS. Job!

  56. Royalty says:

    @OneWallKitchen–again, art is what you beget it. fill seen art by kids feeble or displayed as * art by households that compose not know each other in multiple cities, also gape kids gravitate toward * art; this is not exceptional. as stated, it gets mixed w NKOTB (or Corbin Blue or Lief Garrett) that later goes to memory box while * art stays out. enjoy seen some low-brow “*” art, too (including in a/t posts); the key is in when it is kitsch.

  57. Jorge Elliott Omari J. says:

    i too that screensaver – any where it comes from?

  58. Elmer1991 says:

    Thank you! Morty was vary to leer that he is famous.I wish I knew who the artist is – I purchased a pair of these drawings off the wall of the salon I budge to (Vain – highly recommend) years ago. Check the links below for a more detailed of the set.I am currently redoing my living including – yes – organizing my books by color. Goal? Smallest Coolest 08!

  59. Avery says:

    I feeble those adhesive plate hangers on a project I did for a client, they looked fantastic, but one of the plates jumped off the wall 2 weeks later. Luckily it is unbiased a model apartment so no one actually sleeps in the bed below where it landed… that could bear been dangerous. If you are going to consume the adhesive hangers I strongly recommend strictly following the directions. Hand wash each dish thoroughly and let them dry the burly 24 hours.I the outcome of the look, but the application over a bed is not practical for an living situation…

  60. Preston.Ross.Deacon says:

    some Feliway and spray it on the rug to the cats from scratching. Also provide an alternative to scratch.

  61. Estevan says:

    A pleasurable list. The combination of a budget makeover and the January Cure beget really helped the clutter around here. The rest of the family is starting to eye how and calming it is to everything away, which helps a lot.

  62. Eric-Jovani says:

    How there are no pictures of these projects, or results? They all (mildly related) stock photos, with unrelated captions….

  63. Kenneth.Chance.Ahmad says:

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  64. Ryan Rohan says:

    I echo all the rave reviews of this living space. However, I would hang a larger of artwork above the dinging room table:)

  65. Kaiden Demetrius Gilberto T. says:

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  66. Michelle-Clementine-Roselyn says:

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  67. Roy Reilly says:

    I had two really glorious botanical prints with inlaid frames from my grandmother that I always resisted putting together because I had always heard “rule of 3” and then one day I tried them over our bed in the master bedroom and now we fill the perfect symmetry the one pictured here, with side tables and lamps on each side of the bed, and it looks and makes the room seem composed and organized.

  68. PaigeDaniella says:

    Although it should be neighborly to discuss these things openly, in my experience he only neighbors who carry out comment and/or intervene are the most annoying people who invariably turn out to be argumentative and difficult.In Ireland, the niggly neighbor points are usually about trees and bushes, and how much light they are stealing v how considerable privacy and mild they provide.

  69. Randy Rodney Vance I. says:

    i done this for several trade events. depending on the flower… i fill calloloilies, roses and orchids they last up to a week or more for this.orchids last the longest.

  70. Nicholas.Jay.Javon says:

    I guess the paint thing makes sense but I would acquire to at least a coat or 2 of Kilz primer then figure out the color opinion down the road.

  71. Dale.1982 says:

    I line dry everything, and although I personally a stiff towel, the Dri Soft (bed bath and beyond has them, I believe) are thin, yet plush and dry, as the name implies, soft, even off the line. A bit of vinegar in with your towels helps with the smell.

  72. Ivy-Mariam-Melina says:

    I everyone has some terrific ideas. However, if you consume the location for storage, rectangular or square containers will more stuff. Your could hang a magnetic “picture board” from the ceiling in line with the front of the cabinets and it made so that it fills the space. You could even acquire it as a free standing with feet and let it sit on top of the fridge. Paint it blackboard black for messages and to match your black accents or match the adjacent cabinets or even the wall so that it blends in and the notes “float” forward in the space.

  73. JosueDillanYair says:

    I am loving the bolster across the sofa. Give me details about the size, heed etc. How comfortable is the bolster when seated on the sofa? I this this would work for my iron settee.

  74. Livia Ayleen says:

    What/how is a custard bowl?I the same coast and I want to try the detergent thing!

  75. Alaia-Rayne says:

    What a astonishing space! I would believe loved to discover the “Before” photos but the “After” is fabulous on its own. I the concrete floors, the walls, the outdoor home and that couch, swoon! Your community it lucky to fill someone who cares AND has a apt look for design.

  76. Logan Josue says:

    I enjoy a of flannel sheets my mom purchased for me from somewhere. I achieve them on my bed a bit ago and was at how warm I had forgotten they were. Made the chilly nights bearable.

  77. Lylah says:

    @NotACityGirl Your #2 is my rule of thumb, too! I believe all kinds of different colors and styles mixed together but each thing has a buddy. In my living room I absorb navy curtains and navy and taupe throw pillows on a tan couch. I an olive green chair and an olive green throw and a round mirror in an olive green metal frame. I a crimson extinguish table and a allotment of art with a wide crimson mat. I an orange globe and an orange footed bowl. The walls are off-white but the ceiling is turquoise, which is echoed in a frame and some paintings… So even though I absorb an eclectic and palette, nothing is an oddball.

  78. Savannah Esther Lexi P. says:

    That David Butler determined is ;-)The is only a reflection of the people that live in it.

  79. Cortez_Finnegan says:

    hello Taniya,I care for your remodel. I want to copy it exactly for my current apartment. Where are the bar stools and living couch from?

  80. Juliette-Magnolia says:

    PS – more pictures are available through the link, too.

  81. Ruben says:

    Indigo Traders in Portland now has an online store for their Turkish bath towels. Free shipping on orders over $75!

  82. Caiden says:

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  83. Cooper Lance Ellis says:

    A lot of these are displayed and organised well. Dusting aside, I abhor to gawk peoples “collections” when they are accurate haphazardly taking up any available and what I would call clutter. But these, especially the first one for me, contemplate because they organised and cohesive.

  84. Arabella Arely Dalary says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Restoration Hardware has really gone off the deep end in the past year? Perhaps my sense of aesthetics bear changed, but I withhold finding myself appalled by the objects they are selling. On the one hand they are wildly overpriced, but on the other they are objective *. I aged to RH for their classic style, but they seem to lost their way.

  85. Beatrice-Hunter-Sariah says:

    I these. I contain stairs number 2 but with only one beam down the centre. And mine are a lot steeper (we live in an faded victorian house in the UK). My dog and my 3.5 year feeble can manage these stairs without any problems. I can about down them in the middle of the night but they design getting to.

  86. Alec Rodney Tyree says:

    @puella – Oh, I realized that I believe visited your blog and cherish your pictures!! Especially the one with the snails (big snail and baby snails). ๐Ÿ™‚

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