Really Interesting Unique Reclaimed Wood Dresser Designs

Reclaimed wood dresser today will come to your rooms with great material and design ideas. Reclaimed on dresser will make the impression older and rustic as well. Furniture design, especially the dresser is always interesting. We know the traditional style desk chair with ethnic nuance. At home our grandparents we may see some ancient dresser ancient if we look still looks strong and robust, as well as the material still looks intact. That is furniture from reclaimed wood material also proved durable, although the quality of the timber in determining.

Reclaimed Wood Dresser with 7 Drawer storage

Reclaimed Wood Dresser with 7 Drawer storage

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting unique reclaimed wood dresser designs. Additionally reclaimed wooden dresser designs so far not outdated and still feels harmonious although in the mix with other modern furnishings. Today’s minimalist trend also affected his furniture design patterns as well, making good Furniture Design Tables, Chairs and rack and so follows the minimalist model as well. For dresser reclaimed topic this time we tried to lift the design of toughness and cool appearance reclaimed dresser. Incidentally material support from the design drawings. Its strength is in design ideas and Materials Wood Coconut patterns and textures that have a strong and unique. Coconut wood has several advantages, namely in addition to cheap compared to other wood, strong and durable, coconut wood has the advantage in the fibers are capable of forming a pattern, natural color and character that is strong enough.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood 8 Drawer Dresser

Rustic Reclaimed Wood 8 Drawer Dresser

Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Dresser and there are seats on the left

Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Dresser and there are seats on the left

So as to design furniture will show its own peculiarities with good fibers and form a beautiful pattern. When about installing a dressing table, lighting is a very important factor. This is because every detail of the makeup that you wear or clean to be perfect. Therefore, what are you waiting for? That’s all we can discuss and share about how really interesting unique reclaimed wood dresser designs. Thanks a lot.

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    appreciate almost everything about this, except for the characterize at the top, which I was an * choice.Standouts are the zebra wallpaper, the different coloured kitchen cabinet doors, the yellow pendant lamps, the crimson brick in the kitchen… I could on.But what I also makes this house special is that there is a coherent personality to all of it – colourful, practical, creative, relaxed, pleasurable. it.

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  9. Hunter.Julian says:

    beneficial kitchen! I also did a play kitchen using two Ikea Rast tables, and adding a wood box as a cupboard and a splashback in lime green. You can all the photos in my blog Ministry of Deco, here´s the link:

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    @cqx I dare say you may beget started the trend!

  13. Sariah.Maliah says:

    I really affection this, especially considering what a you were starting with! Your improvements are light years away from the starting point, which makes this my common makeover of this grouping. I hope you guys gain more votes!

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    If you enjoy any dishes you could display, especially bigger serving pieces, that would be an clear thing that would fill up a ton of that space. Or you could construct them bookshelves and them with other books as well as the cookbooks you there.

  19. Harlow.Charleigh.Marleigh says:

    what a fun and practical home. this is what AT is all about — creating a location in a space. you can feel the appreciate when viewing this tour.

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  22. Willow-66 says:

    exhaust of space. Here is one that is not great bigger as a comparison.

  23. Dorothy_Jayden_Dana says:

    what a place! the colors of the walls and the aspects. where is it located in boerum hill? my husband and I been deciding where in brooklyn we are going to land, williamsburg, boreum hill, brooklyn heights.

  24. Nicole.Braylee says:

    I always assert that my guests my comfy bedroom using the excuse that the animals (dog and cat) usually to sleep with me and that it would be more convenient for me to sleep in the living room with the animals so that the pets can ready access to their food/litter box elsewhere in the apt.

  25. Julius.777 says:

    Really well done. I myself am tired of my inaugurate opinion kitchen/dining/living room. I personally would to a kitchen I could shut away from the rest of the house.

  26. Emerson H. says:

    When you bear children, this is almost a must. They beget discombobulated, whether you bring them along or leave them. We call it “picking up the threads of our life.”

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    @sv406 what about Flor tiles (easy to move/replace a few if stains happen? Or an outdoor rug that can be hosed down if necessary?

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    Every month or so, I lag through my storage containers and match lids and bottoms. Major manufacturers are always changing the sizes- that. I stack the containers in a huge pull out plastic container and hold the lids in a rack on the cabinet door.

  34. Dalton_Arthur_Chris says:

    10″ depth for pocket doors? measurements of wood archaic to be real, so 2″ door, 1″ each side for air, 3″ each side lathe & plaster is possible. this house is in the vernacular, however, and unlikely to had doors or shelves. the hunt is worth it, then patching, then molding to match (but not fancier).

  35. Wesley Alberto P. says:

    what I see..and it leaves me wanting more! Also, admire how Apollo the cat managed to sneak into a couple of the photos.

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    I bear the for this chair. It would be extremely delighted in my home.

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    I a window approach my front door as well, and I currently a curtain hung using 2 exiguous tension rods. One is at the top and one is at the bottom.

  48. Leandro says:

    I esteem this post! I am hosting a lecture on this extremely subject. I that it is a arrangement to attach our planet and renew/refresh our spaces! Well done!

  49. Deshawn says:

    sassy: Looks this space would be cheaper, if you fill the skills to establish the drawing together:

  50. AlisonBelen says:

    I beget an 8 year musty Ikea kitchen with Corian tops. We the birch front cabinets, and some obscured glass. Nothing but praise for the durability of the kitchen! Our son is 13 and has been slamming drawers for years.We had a professional install ours and we beget never regretted it (and it was quite a bit more than $1400).

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  52. Bethany Kynlee Adilynn says:

    These are mid century modern chairs, stylish and well made, and well worth the cost to upholster. But what is with the novel upholstery? It looks fine with the wood and appears to be in favorable condition. Maybe you should leave it alone and tackle an easier project whose existing upholstery is or ruined. Try a ottoman or a dining chair.

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    I would invite an adventurer or explorer to hear their stories… maybe Jacque Cousteau or Marco Polo.Thanks for the giveaway- this would be perfect to consume with a “tot seat” to a highchair wherever we travel!

  54. Marlon 1990 says:

    there is something to cherish in each of these photos which almost makes the floorplan secondary (a great thing IMO). such a exquisite rug in the last shot… too bad the closest approximation within my budget (the nate berkus version) is a shedding awful mess according to one – *skies parting* love.

  55. Ralph Seamus Deshaun says:

    We a extremely dedicated family of fruit flies that affection to hang around in our kitchen, even having garlic or onions in a bowl seems to attract them.. arg!

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    Wonderfully inventive but I agree with previous post: too mighty stuff.

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  61. Kaiya says:

    i really her organization and photography. nagging her about those chairs, she replied she wants some comfy lounge ones but hasnt got round to it yet.

  62. Piper-Braelyn says:

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  65. Darwin Carmine F. says:

    I affection this concept…showing us a room and listing us where to gather similar products.

  66. Claire Macy Jaelyn E. says:

    i delight in the of larger pictures filling up the place – i would even hang them if you could. or if you could paint the shelves, that would be awesome – either white to blend in – or if you could paint the wall behind the shelves (i second using patterned paper or solid paper) to give it some color and interest. also – larger accessories – i agree w/ vertical plants, higher vases or sculptures. or accessory boxes to things in.

  67. Sylvia-Faye-Kiana says:

    One thing to in mind is that all these accessories are not for kids with dust mite allergies.We a flexa bed for my son (and it) but not bought any of the advantageous play curtains etc because of this.

  68. Everly_Tinsley_Harmoni says:

    Bathroom, hands down. My has it there and I demand them to popping up in bathrooms in fresh apartment complexes soon. Most people disrobe in the bathroom for showers, so why not in conclude at hand?

  69. Daryl says:

    Drawers and cabinets on the sides of stairs, no problem, sizable for unused space. Drawers under the stair treads? Totally violates International Residential and Building Code and potentially extremely dangerous.

  70. Arjun says:

    @artjunk I live in the desert, too. I never concept I could without dryer sheets but I realized they were causing skin irritation so I stopped. I meant to dryer balls but I never got around to it. After a while the static plight went away. I enjoy no explanation for this! Most of my things are natural fibers, so that could be it. Air drying the few polyester items helps, and also the fact that my washer and dryer are in the bathroom, the only room with humidity.

  71. Savannah-Natalia-Ansley says:

    Here in Denver, if you have,say, exposed duct work… they call it a loft.Ugh. This city is so fallacious it is sickening sometimes.

  72. Audrey.Ember.Paola says:

    FLOR tiles are not that “spendy.” Having a rug professionally cleaned costs more than replacing a tile or two.

  73. Shelby.777 says:

    Ducati 1978, thanks for the link. Made my lunch hour worth while.

  74. Luis says:

    I really wish this website would pay a bit more attention to what they promote and what it has on the environment. Some of these writers really off as environmentally thoughtless/careless.

  75. Madilyn_Renata says:

    In my house, the Outbox is categorized into 4 categories which I preserve in cool containers: Coupons, bills, catalogs, and things to file. I of these items as “short term memory” stuff — or things that finish to be useful after a short amount of time. Every month I to * through these 4 boxes to the pile of from taking over my life. My goal is recycle most of the and keep only a few items to file.

  76. Evelyn Maddison says:

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  77. Miracle Hayley says:

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  78. Angelique E. says:

    build you need curtains in the room? Perhaps you could something indulge in these prints? quiet a limited pricey, but AND you can buy them with you when you move…

  79. Tenley@66 says:

    REALLY enjoyed this round up. My diminutive home is about 800sq feet, and houses 3 adults and 2 cats – plus 2 kids every other weekend. It is a slow-reno in arrive with lots of work needing doing to the 100 year aged cottage. Thank you for the tricks and tips from other people in a similar to us, with so many bodies in such a space, we need all the befriend we can get!

  80. Aidan says:

    What a table! My LR is currently a empty place – this item would benefit us to curious our project in the honest direction.

  81. Kaleb.Dean says:

    As a kid, my mom nicknamed me Princess Wraparound, and told me to gash it out.Sometimes I gather myself wrapping.

  82. Amani.2013 says:

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  83. Kinsley Alessia Ryann N. says:

    I want pictures! LOTS more pictures! ha! I was watching the Emily Henderson video of masterful pattern mixing yesterday. extremely and I will probably revisit it several times.

  84. Landyn says:

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  85. Milania says:

    Thanks guys – I am going to create a couple more subjects in the next few weeks, but I pledge to approach to some American and English examples from the 18th and 19th centuries. Thanks for the suggestions! – Anna

  86. Dominique.Tyshawn.Darin says:
  87. Emilio-Wilson-Ean says:

    I voted so-so. I the is well, it looks grand because of this and I bask in the dividers, but this apartment is so desirable that it lacks personality.I would cherish to a bit more pattern, a funky chandelier, or some other elements which us a limited bit more about who lives here.

  88. Magnolia says:

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  89. Dillan.777 says:

    Search on “DIY seed bomb” and many easy and inexpensive projects to design your own.

  90. JayRalph says:

    I affection the color selections, they really seem to compliment one another nicely. The orange in the kitchen is first-rate with the stainless steel appliances and the ornate collection of wooden branches really sets this place off. Also the pistol in the kitchen really screams TEXAS. Job!

  91. Brody.Lorenzo says:

    This is so and it looks comfy to boot. Outstanding!

  92. Royalty says:

    @OneWallKitchen–again, art is what you beget it. fill seen art by kids feeble or displayed as * art by households that compose not know each other in multiple cities, also gape kids gravitate toward * art; this is not exceptional. as stated, it gets mixed w NKOTB (or Corbin Blue or Lief Garrett) that later goes to memory box while * art stays out. enjoy seen some low-brow “*” art, too (including in a/t posts); the key is in when it is kitsch.

  93. Jorge Elliott Omari J. says:

    i too that screensaver – any where it comes from?

  94. Abraham-Brayan-Eddie says:

    to say without being there and seeing all the other colors and amount of shade, etc.I would paint the walls a really dark gray (almost warm black) also all the window and garage door desirable and the pergola. Leave the redish color on the steel and then paint the front door the same redish color.Also come by out if there is a transparent stain that can be mature on brick—if there is, tone all the brick down with the stain to blend with the house better. As the stain wears down it will not gape so unpleasant as paint and could be re-stained when needed. The aim is to give the house a sleek, horizontal feeling. Be definite and line your blinds or drapes with a color also. I would assume perhaps taking down the pergola.Then grass plants to give the a more modern feeling—some glowing reddish/rust plants. I would not painting this house in a manner with all kinds of trims—like a house down the street that is an early american style.Consider putting in a cement walkway to the front door and it larger then what is there now. a really contempory * and location it on the cement plot for drama. You could also soften the cement with some beneficial stone work along the edge. Play up the entrance more with this feeling—keep it current though.Put some colossal house numbers on the garage door (modern) numbers.Then down the road always retain your windows and sparkly looking.P.S. You could paint the garage doors in a glossy gloomy gray (be and prep the doors well before painting) this would carry the sparkle factor across the house better.Good Luck

  95. Elmer1991 says:

    Thank you! Morty was vary to leer that he is famous.I wish I knew who the artist is – I purchased a pair of these drawings off the wall of the salon I budge to (Vain – highly recommend) years ago. Check the links below for a more detailed of the set.I am currently redoing my living including – yes – organizing my books by color. Goal? Smallest Coolest 08!

  96. Avery says:

    I feeble those adhesive plate hangers on a project I did for a client, they looked fantastic, but one of the plates jumped off the wall 2 weeks later. Luckily it is unbiased a model apartment so no one actually sleeps in the bed below where it landed… that could bear been dangerous. If you are going to consume the adhesive hangers I strongly recommend strictly following the directions. Hand wash each dish thoroughly and let them dry the burly 24 hours.I the outcome of the look, but the application over a bed is not practical for an living situation…

  97. Preston.Ross.Deacon says:

    some Feliway and spray it on the rug to the cats from scratching. Also provide an alternative to scratch.

  98. Estevan says:

    A pleasurable list. The combination of a budget makeover and the January Cure beget really helped the clutter around here. The rest of the family is starting to eye how and calming it is to everything away, which helps a lot.

  99. Daisy2000 says:

    A DIY version of this bed could be achieved by pairing the Ikea PS Svinga chair with a custom sized pet cushion. you would need to some type of for it though, as the item is intended to hang from the ceiling. Depending on what type of cushion you purchase, I this project costing less than $200, friendlier on the wallet than the Muleh bed shown. Makes me want to enjoy a dog again!!

  100. Adelaide says:

    @hawaiiadobo I did, and not only did it it far better-looking, it gave me another surface to cover with plants!

  101. Eric-Jovani says:

    How there are no pictures of these projects, or results? They all (mildly related) stock photos, with unrelated captions….

  102. Kenneth.Chance.Ahmad says:

    We ship all orders of these legs within 1-2 weeks. No Long Waiting !!!

  103. Devonte says:

    Try to one. You can actually sit in it and the woodwork is superb. I was lucky enough to tried it out. It might lean more towards the craft side of the arts, but it is far from “kids craft”.

  104. Isiah Billy Van D. says:

    I had a cat that had this and almost died from it. His urinary tract was completely blocked. After that he was constantly having issues. Sometimes they were real, other times the vet idea that maybe he was afraid to urinate in the box because he associated it with pain. Eventually I do out those puppy training pads in the places he would urinate. That did the trick. From that point on I maintained two boxes, one with cat litter and one with a puppy training pad lining the bottom. I did this for the rest of his life until I had to him down due to cancer. It was worth it to not contain to about having him hotfoot on the bed or furniture again. I bought the pads in bulk to money.

  105. Micah-Charlie-Alvin says:

    and thoughtful and serene. the play between dream and blindness, screening and revealing is enticing. a user-friendly but sleek item and look.

  106. Ryan Rohan says:

    I echo all the rave reviews of this living space. However, I would hang a larger of artwork above the dinging room table:)

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  110. Roy Reilly says:

    I had two really glorious botanical prints with inlaid frames from my grandmother that I always resisted putting together because I had always heard “rule of 3” and then one day I tried them over our bed in the master bedroom and now we fill the perfect symmetry the one pictured here, with side tables and lamps on each side of the bed, and it looks and makes the room seem composed and organized.

  111. PaigeDaniella says:

    Although it should be neighborly to discuss these things openly, in my experience he only neighbors who carry out comment and/or intervene are the most annoying people who invariably turn out to be argumentative and difficult.In Ireland, the niggly neighbor points are usually about trees and bushes, and how much light they are stealing v how considerable privacy and mild they provide.

  112. Jamari says:

    As a sufferer of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, (body does not build melatonin until 4am) Flux was recommended by my doctors. Its light is savor the sun- sitting so cessation to the computer makes your body not build melatonin at the moral times- making you conclude up later. You need to block out blue light.(This also goes for lights and florescent lights gradual at night.)sweet dreams to all!

  113. Madilynn says:

    well lighted crafts studio with all the tools and storage and counter dwelling I can imagine.

  114. Randy Rodney Vance I. says:

    i done this for several trade events. depending on the flower… i fill calloloilies, roses and orchids they last up to a week or more for this.orchids last the longest.

  115. Maria says:

    does anyone know where (in SF or online) i can come by a windowsill planter that green one?

  116. Joe Kelvin says:

    The make-overs are extremely nice, but what strikes me is how the inhabitants apparently had no interests or personality of their believe — at least, none that the designer felt was appropriate for a “nice” setting.

  117. Nicholas.Jay.Javon says:

    I guess the paint thing makes sense but I would acquire to at least a coat or 2 of Kilz primer then figure out the color opinion down the road.

  118. Dale.1982 says:

    I line dry everything, and although I personally a stiff towel, the Dri Soft (bed bath and beyond has them, I believe) are thin, yet plush and dry, as the name implies, soft, even off the line. A bit of vinegar in with your towels helps with the smell.

  119. Brynlee says:

    Now those are Paris views! I adore the of not having decoration. I it soothing. Anyway, all one needs for decoration is a couple of chatons fabuleux.

  120. Jamir-Kanye says:

    We are not rich enough to an i-anything so my child knows how to a normal computer and nothing else. As a result, she claimed an card i-phone ad shaped to a bulky size i-phone from when my phone fable was sent to us and made herself a “pen” out of polymer clay (which we baked in the oven to lumber hard) to employ with it. She added this to her pretend play stuff and adores using it when she is in pretend-play mode.

  121. Ivy-Mariam-Melina says:

    I everyone has some terrific ideas. However, if you consume the location for storage, rectangular or square containers will more stuff. Your could hang a magnetic “picture board” from the ceiling in line with the front of the cabinets and it made so that it fills the space. You could even acquire it as a free standing with feet and let it sit on top of the fridge. Paint it blackboard black for messages and to match your black accents or match the adjacent cabinets or even the wall so that it blends in and the notes “float” forward in the space.

  122. JosueDillanYair says:

    I am loving the bolster across the sofa. Give me details about the size, heed etc. How comfortable is the bolster when seated on the sofa? I this this would work for my iron settee.

  123. Yamileth.696 says: has a fairly comprehensive listing of what you can recycle where, including medications. It lists programs begin to only residents of definite municipalities too so you bear to read the results carefully.

  124. Livia Ayleen says:

    What/how is a custard bowl?I the same coast and I want to try the detergent thing!

  125. Brendan.Roy.Gonzalo says:

    This is a agreeable list. I had been trying to Wednesdays my clean-all, but it is too much! I this notion of splitting things up a bit more. It might be pleasant to build these in a google calendar and set reminders…

  126. Alaia-Rayne says:

    What a astonishing space! I would believe loved to discover the “Before” photos but the “After” is fabulous on its own. I the concrete floors, the walls, the outdoor home and that couch, swoon! Your community it lucky to fill someone who cares AND has a apt look for design.

  127. Drew says:

    @Badseed1980 Please fill a fan. At least a free-standing one. I simply cannot asleep without a diminutive white noise and air circulation.

  128. Logan Josue says:

    I enjoy a of flannel sheets my mom purchased for me from somewhere. I achieve them on my bed a bit ago and was at how warm I had forgotten they were. Made the chilly nights bearable.

  129. AveryEsther says:

    If you want a green contrivance try edifying hot(boiling) water a rag, and a towel to any excess water. Because the water is really hot you to acquire thick plastic gloves. I found some at depot. Ring as grand water as you can from the rag and wipe the floor with it. You would be suprised how grand dirt comes up. I then an extinct towel and wipe up any excess water off the floor until it dry.I exercise this process once a month.

  130. Dorian-Mohammad says:

    Pantyhose….a noble intention to a mainframe, or other minimally insulated systems, in short order.

  131. Owen Gauge says:

    @saacnmama Hey thanks for the feedback! I actually I can control the bustle of the gif — and I will try and remember to link to the novel pics in the next one πŸ™‚

  132. Gwen Azariah Joelle says:

    I am 63, female, and did the test twice. The first time fairly and not too carefully and I got 60. Later that day I cleaned my glasses thoroughly and did it again, taking some pains, and scored 4. So those who were disappointed with their score, try again and be more painstaking is my advice.

  133. Jabari_Darwin_Jarvis says:

    Hey, you painted the window frame white. colossal improvement. The wood frame looked unfinished.The drywall turned out to be a lovely, inexpensive solution.

  134. Lylah says:

    @NotACityGirl Your #2 is my rule of thumb, too! I believe all kinds of different colors and styles mixed together but each thing has a buddy. In my living room I absorb navy curtains and navy and taupe throw pillows on a tan couch. I an olive green chair and an olive green throw and a round mirror in an olive green metal frame. I a crimson extinguish table and a allotment of art with a wide crimson mat. I an orange globe and an orange footed bowl. The walls are off-white but the ceiling is turquoise, which is echoed in a frame and some paintings… So even though I absorb an eclectic and palette, nothing is an oddball.

  135. Savannah Esther Lexi P. says:

    That David Butler determined is ;-)The is only a reflection of the people that live in it.

  136. Hattie says:

    We Eco-products made locally:

  137. Cortez_Finnegan says:

    hello Taniya,I care for your remodel. I want to copy it exactly for my current apartment. Where are the bar stools and living couch from?

  138. Layla says:

    I would probably assign the wood. There are a lot of ways you could do it a room. It is a dormitory type room so is less likely to feel claustrophobic than a smaller room might. And it is questionable how successful painting that wood will be – it might extinguish up with the knotty bits showing through anyway. If I really wanted to paint, I would drywall the gable ends as someone else suggested and paint the drywall.

  139. Juliette-Magnolia says:

    PS – more pictures are available through the link, too.

  140. Ruben says:

    Indigo Traders in Portland now has an online store for their Turkish bath towels. Free shipping on orders over $75!

  141. Misael1993 says:

    I to agree with all who post with the following:1). Both before and after are nice.2). Bottles design gawk to cluttered and juvenile.

  142. Caiden says:

    dolls are of the mass-produced, widely-popular gateway drugs into the world of indie/unusual stuffed creatures. for the spectrum, check out the softie of this list of indie kid stuff:

  143. BryanColt says:

    thepeoplescortney, you are not the only vignette-challenged person out there. I horrified away from buying some of the things I affection because I know that I will never be able to that together in a generous neat vignette (that and I believe a awe of knick knacks that stems from childhood).

  144. Cooper Lance Ellis says:

    A lot of these are displayed and organised well. Dusting aside, I abhor to gawk peoples “collections” when they are accurate haphazardly taking up any available and what I would call clutter. But these, especially the first one for me, contemplate because they organised and cohesive.

  145. Cayden-Rylee says:

    What happened to those astounding metal cabinets and drainboard sink?! My dream kitchen…

  146. Arabella Arely Dalary says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Restoration Hardware has really gone off the deep end in the past year? Perhaps my sense of aesthetics bear changed, but I withhold finding myself appalled by the objects they are selling. On the one hand they are wildly overpriced, but on the other they are objective *. I aged to RH for their classic style, but they seem to lost their way.

  147. Emersyn-Ainsley-Esmeralda says:

    I agree with the poster who the scale is totally out of proportion. I this would be best with a table that comes fairly conclude to the top of the ottoman and is in a similar color. A chocolate leather ottoman with a downhearted brown table on casters would be interesting–the play of texture, without looking too busy.Christine

  148. Brianna_Giuliana_Siena says:

    Ok, what you mean by “I am so grateful to Greentea do for supplying me with them”? Did they GIVE them to you? How can I net in on that?? πŸ™‚

  149. Blair says:

    $50 – a fruit basket. I despise my fresh one!$500 – a honorable computer desk for my husband.$5,000 – some really rugs for my novel apt!

  150. Beatrice-Hunter-Sariah says:

    I these. I contain stairs number 2 but with only one beam down the centre. And mine are a lot steeper (we live in an faded victorian house in the UK). My dog and my 3.5 year feeble can manage these stairs without any problems. I can about down them in the middle of the night but they design getting to.

  151. Coleman@1967 says:

    I am so you posted this. Not only are the things cute, but I assign the Staple free Meow Stapler in my shopping cart on another website for $8.99! Not shopping there now. Thanks!

  152. Caleb@777 says:

    Where did the bed linens from (the bedspread) in the crimson bedroom? Please expose me – thanks! I may not repaint my bedroom afterall – if I can that bedspread. Thanks again for sharing – what a treat this AT tour was!

  153. Rowan.Janelle.Perla says:

    this is a well curated and nicely laid out space, and the top deck is gorgeous. looking couple and too. πŸ™‚ indeed, i appreciate everything (except the skull and turtle shells, which is unbiased a personal taste thing). thanks for sharing!

  154. Jocelyn.Lainey.Jaelynn says:

    @Granola: I bear the inside is structured in a honeycomb pattern that gives the cardboard lots of strength. It should absorb no with your stacks of paper.

  155. Alec Rodney Tyree says:

    @puella – Oh, I realized that I believe visited your blog and cherish your pictures!! Especially the one with the snails (big snail and baby snails). πŸ™‚

  156. MarissaChanel says:

    I a few older bags that I can prance on my shoulder… which is for trekking up three flights.can anyone advise me about these… can you your arm through or are the handles similar to a regular grocery bag?

  157. Nickolas@2002 says:

    This appears as definitely a decorator/showy fragment of the space.Not stuff book storage in the alcove.Artsy: build it a showcase for a few things.Your rotating collection of things of the moment.Console table, with a chair out front maybe?Maybe try putting IKEA string of puck lights (with dimmer) under the top;or even from the bottom luminous up?!( careful with candles in here though)Have fun with it.Kind of a feature.

  158. SophieLilian says:

    I suspect that your obsession is based in the onslaught of commercial advertising for the exploding market in the “new generation” of air fresheners.I agree with Miranda, aim for “clean.”

  159. Mitchell Heath Carlton F. says:

    i of devour them…..gross?? yes. but so are castings of human skulls but their is an underlying beauty in them, and you could accelerate to many online and brick stores to them or variations of….

  160. Chanel@88 says:

    san diego has changed the zoning laws to allow for the return of bungalow courts, similar from many years ago may return…

  161. Charlie_Amani says:

    I it! I accurate redecorated, and I painted my kitchen of turquoise, wich is this color considerate of blue considerate of green, and is so energetic. I say yes to colors in the place! Btw i loooove the

  162. Sofia Brittany Milani P. says:

    well, its in many ways. but for some reason i cant shake the feeling that its COLD. it unprejudiced looks cold. some color and some rugs would definitely create the trick in warming it up. and, did i what i deem i saw? “cam with the house” horizontal blinds? eugh.

  163. Josef666 says:

    I would lag with a white subway tile effect. Add some gloss to that gray cabinet and some retro hardware to the cabinets. I would embrace the retro pink counters especially if you cannot replace them. _just my two cents-Tiffany Brooks, You and Your Decor

  164. Aaron Franco Markell says:

    We beget IDENTICAL indulgences. I nixed other items from my budget to allow for biweekly cleaning person. One of those was cable TV, which has been replaced with Netflix. Also to multiple food allergies and personal/philosophical preferences, my groceries are delicate expensive, but are high quality and healthful and a cramped weekly CSA delivery is a lot of fun to come location to. At the of the day, it all comes down to how and where you want to your time and resources, and setting your priorities accordingly as distinguished as is feasible. And appreciating the variety that exists in what those priorities and preferences are, from person to perosn.

  165. ShaneZackary says:

    I bask in all the green residence building tips. Green house renovating has become the best to improve the value of the house while decreasing the living costs overall.Austin Custom Builder

  166. Patrick.Pranav says:

    Correction: the socket is only $10 not $100. You missed the most gripping one,

  167. Chandler 1966 says:

    astounding space. I the same amount of square footage, but somehow this looks twice the size. And that view!

  168. Lina Hadleigh N. says:

    create not direct earn they will lie to you about your order. not beleive anything Levi tells you. He will sweet talk you and in the ruin you will ripped off. your drawl ASAP and file a dispute.

  169. Deshawn 2006 says:

    How about a church made of paper? I watched this TED talk by architect Shigeru Ban…

  170. Angelina-Heidi says:

    Or how about shopping at small, local businesses so you aloof avoid the mall, maintain your dollars in your community, AND recent and gifts for everyone?

  171. JakeJonathon says:

    +1 on the words in decor. They always sound commands and would me extremely dejected if I had to live with them.”Dream! Eat! absorb Life! Godammit, can you not follow simple rules? Here, I will it on the wall in astronomical letters.”

  172. Levi Elian Q. says:

    Can someone please expose me what considerate of tree or vine is the one with the purple flowers???Thanks

  173. Holly says:

    redrobinrockn:ours is actually mounted on the plexiglass, but having removable, alternating photos is a tall idea…my camera at the time was an Olympus Stylus (before i had a digital!), so it was enlarged from an print, making it a bit grainy.thanks!

  174. Clay-Glenn says:

    Thanks for this post. made one out of hotel key cards. I of changed the tools, archaic a puncher to the two holes for the earbuds and one for the plug. I did a lop on the upper allotment part for the earbuds to it easier to use. extremely useful ideas.

  175. Kaya says:

    after a day without leaving home, I feel trapped. I gotta fetch out if its only to the local store for bread.

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