Fabulous Unique Functional Designs Storage Beds Queen

Storage beds queen come with some unique functional designs as welll. The improval ideas sometimes needed to make us more interesting with the storage concept in beds. Bed today have so many styles and designs. To be sure, you can choose the one that matches the design of the interior of the bedroom and can meet all your needs. There is a bed design is equipped with a canopy, but it is also a bed with headboard (headrests) were wonderful. But there are also design a bed that has storage space on the side or bottom of the bed. That is what we will discuss today.

Beautiful storage beds queen design ideas

Beautiful storage beds queen design ideas

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fabulous unique functional designs storage beds queen. Minimalist bed is a bed that is simple and not too big. Minimalist bed used in the bedroom is not too large. Minimalist bed should be simple and functional, all parts can be used. The most common is the minimalist bed has storage space in the form of a drawer or it could also increase the size of the high so that leaves room for ample storage space under the bed. Design bed like this is very useful for those who have a lot of stuff but do not have a special storage area. So we just see a variety of bed designs with a unique and functional drawers below. A bed with headboard storage area. In addition there are some sliding drawer at the bottom. It looks like you do not need anymore because all the drawers of storage space is sufficient.

awesome storage beds queen designs

awesome storage beds queen designs

Leather storage beds queen contemporary design

Leather storage beds queen contemporary design

This bed has a minimalist aesthetic with maximum storage area. This bed has six full-extension drawer located underneath the veneer wood frame. Bed with a beautiful black color and sleek lines stripe pattern. A bedroom design with a touch of traditional and contemporary. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fabulous unique functional designs storage beds queen.

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  1. Martin says:

    the “read more ” link brings me to the comment form…so I the idea…but how did you develop it?!

  2. EzraClinton says:

    I savor the first two and the last one, where the HOUSE is featured. The NOLA area is obscured by the trees — the formal gardens are pretty, but seem too fussy for a house that size. The Victorian paint job looks a joke to me — yes, “painted ladies” cam in multiple colors, but this combination is *. (Better than it was, however. It would from those shades of purple being more muted, perhaps…) The two HGTV homes are both raw and new looking — I always wonder if they will gaze more after aging a few years. At the moment, they feel wrong. But, again, better than they were.

  3. Rohan.88 says:

    who makes this wallpaper? who sells it? I adore the color palette in this room that BD designed:

  4. Leandro says:

    But what happens when water gets into the holes? Will it cause water to the walls?

  5. Chandler Alfredo Kamden says:

    spaces back from coordinated color palettes, light colors, and furniture that is appropriately scaled.The couch is too colossal (you CAN accept comfy couches that arent overstuffed & black). The rug is too crazy, especially with the kaleidoscopic wall colors. The furniture it too dark. Everything is fighting everything else. I mean, how you television without your eyes drifting down to the carpet over and over?If everything in this place: color, furniture, pattern, texture – were scaled down a it would be a estimable batchelor pad…but legal now its making my eyes hurt.

  6. AliKonnor says:

    Unless you fill that many straws on hand, it seems a gigantic demolish of plastic. At least popcorn and cranberries are biodegradable or reusable as deer food…

  7. Camron_Alexandro says:

    Even with an IKEA only 40 minutes away, my husband and I would always beget at least one blowout while there until recently. I try hard now to I a specfic list (which I on their dwelling before I go) and stick to it. With 2 littles ones in tow, it helps to eat first (fully tummies do happier, semi-sleepy children/husband) then what we need and accumulate out.Now if I can lag alone or with friend (or even better my mom), I care for to my time, gawk around and acquire the store. I to at all of the room setups. Plus I to figure out what I can hack at home.

  8. Braylee.911 says:

    sorry to sound *, but what is decoupage medium? is it something you can make? I am in the UK and without access to all the craft stores you in the US…

  9. Uriel_Everett says:

    re: sketch…was made by heart before i moved in. there appeared to be two bedroom windows, and furniture ended up in different places in the end.

  10. Camden Glenn Jordy says:

    Nearly 50 years makes it old?! My house was built in the 40s, on par with many other homes in my neighborhood. My great-grandfather, age 96, level-headed lives in the same house he and all his siblings were born in, easily 120 years old.I understand the condition of a position may not its age, but I a hard time believing this really needed to be demolished.

  11. Ryan P. says:

    my parents enjoy fair heat in their bathroom. It was purely a luxury decision, not intended to replace the central heat. but in the cold Ohio winters, having those warm tiles underfoot makes all the difference!

  12. Jamison says:

    I find that reminders that at an expected time are easy to ignore. I know this post is not about an iPhone-only app, but there is an app that helps with unbiased this considerate of thing: Mind Jogger. You can schedule a reminder to be fired at different times throughout the day. The version only allows one reminder, but the next update due will allow multiple reminders (like: drink water, check your posture, stand up and walk, compliment your spouse, etc…).

  13. Malia_Ciara says:

    i enjoy kent rogowski did this first with his “bears” series …

  14. Aidan Z. says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I especially affection how colors so vibrant work so well in that space.

  15. Travon-33 says:

    @EngineerChic Hire one on an hourly basis to provide ideas.Walk together thru the house and you buy lots of notes.You can probably do that for a few hundred bucks.

  16. SkylarSelahAlia says:

    You could a reclaimed wood bench. I accomplish a lot of these for people with the same you are having. Benches are a option because they can double as additional seating when you guests.

  17. Makayla-Allyson says:

    Alright so if they wanna bolt the “respond but ignore” route then you need to begin documenting everything, pictures of all the areas. print out/ attach all the communication you had with them as evidence. If you can afford it, try and the mold tested. glimpse into your lease and discover if you can derive anything in there that will you.Once you that then you should call your local county/city offices and interrogate a code enforcer to advance by and a gawk at your apartment. assert your pickle and I am they will befriend you. If the problems are as grave as you say then I am the city will capture action against the landlord, giving them 30/60 days to repair the damage.Other options:if you are all paid up in rent, you can refuse to pay rent until they fix it. i would recommend this only after talking to the city and after having had the inspection.you can fix the areas yourself using your rent money, whatever is left is what the landlord gets. again, try this after talking to a code enforcer.Without incandescent which you reside in it is harder to give more information. Some states favor renters while others favor landlords. Especially since some states like California, where I live, capture mold problems extremely seriously.Also you can ALWAYS leave a extremely descriptive review of the company online. This helps other folks out and hopefully might force the company to actually repair their units.

  18. Tyrell@777 says:

    We a pod-type system for our from Calgary to Toronto four years ago, and were extremely contented with the experience!The only thing we were stressed about was that our 50″ plasma TV would the trip. We had the fresh box (essential!) and the box itself got sandwiched between two mattresses strapped into the walls. It made it.Actually, the only breakage we had was one wine glass.Our biggest lifesaver for our soft furniture was mattress bags from U-Haul. We bought them for our mattresses, but also for our sofas and chairs, to sustain them gracious from friction and dirt. Worked great!We also always the packaging for other electronics. Our X-Box, iMac and sound system were all packaged in their boxes. We were lucky enough to the luxury of a unfinished basement to store boxes in!We would definitely fade with a pod again, if we were doing a long-distance move.

  19. Curtis-Julius-Houston says:

    Awesome! This appear to be a match made in heaven for me… I enjoy been thinking of doing something similar to the wall on the the Ready Made shown in the posting.

  20. Reginald.Vance.Darion says:

    Kvetch kvetch kvetch. A lot of lack of the spirit of this blog, if you ask me. This guy FOUND and SALVAGED the appropriate table-top for this — give the dude some credit! Sheesh!

  21. Patrick-Markus-Menachem says:

    What a aesthetic of furniture.Remember this: You can Anything you want!Personally I would exhaust the colors from the armoire as your scheme. As long as you to that in general, mix away! Your fabrics will also abet tie things together. I seem to remember seeing extremely Dwell baby linens in similar colors.

  22. Devyn Dario B. says:

    bryan.nyc – The to both your questions seems self-evident: hire a carpenter and enjoy something simple built. Give them any pics you for fashion reference. “real wood” furniture in bare wood – either from a store that specializes in that considerate of thing, or from someone who will to your specs – and then paint it white or bear it painted. Plenty of people around here should be able to give you specific references (especially if you submit to “good questions”) for excellent carpenters/cabinetmakers in your area. 🙂

  23. Vincenzo Destin says:

    @HYZEN, I to a limited patch of lettuce on my deck, and yeah, it basically only provided toppings for batch of burgers every now and then. A salad would beget been out of the question.Unfortunately, my deck is too sunny, and August, the lettuce got exquisite tough. I anguish about this garden since it seems to be on a good-looking exposed side of the building.

  24. Teagan-Adelaide says:

    @TracyBRO – Yep, prevention is always good. care what goes down the drain in the first place. The two most approved problems I are hair clogs in lavatory drains and grease clogs in kitchen sink drains. Never ever pour grease down the kitchen drain.

  25. Jan Q. says:

    I two ameraucanas and a barred rock (had two barred rocks but one passed away unexpectedly). I raised them gently and they are the friendliest chickens! They move up to me to what treats I bear to offer. One of the ameraucanas in particular loves to sit in my lap!

  26. Dawson says:

    Brandon Nelson – the Proprietor has an fabulous eye- and is a fella as well.His store is a “must” for quite a few Interior Designers and Decorators I know in Chicagoland.While in Three Oaks visit the Aron Packer Gallery as well- in a converted Butcher Shop on the Main drag.

  27. Casey says:

    @Seaside — You say:”Is it only a matter of time before adoption agencies maligning people for having biological children?”I say: Not a genuine comparison. There are no homeless children being to death in the USA.Breeding dogs and cats is irresponsible. There was no need to extrapolate that fact to humans, nor was there such an implication.

  28. LaurynJemmaKai says:

    From the comments I skimmed over I agree with a peachy considerate of color. Definitely not brown. The is and with that floor, brown is not the to go.

  29. Elias_Elvis says:

    Probably we apt all (all being guys who influence dark color choices) want to to living in caves or something!

  30. Eric@1996 says:

    Working two jobs for the last nine years. Providing shelter to my grandchildren as well as my young son. Would grand admire to acquire a FREE quality mattress to bask in more nights.

  31. Issac Justus Fisher says:

    kitchens where you feel to construct a toast and bedrooms where you feel unpleasant to sleep or at least lets say downhearted due to the excessive amount of light for that purpose : sleeping. Where is this world going to???

  32. Vaughn.2013 says:

    The Container Store sells kits that essentially carry out this (white plastic slats that you can snap into the apt length, with connectors.) They sell several different depths, and ~$20-~$30. I honest purchased a location for my bathroom drawer, seems a dinky easier/quicker than this draw (which was my current before I found the pre-made solution.)

  33. Thaddeus says:

    our house is actually similar in the diagram that it flows from room to room. And strangely enough, I hve almost teh proper same color going on: a latte-ish color in the LR, a green (bright but dark, enjoy a green crayon or a palm tree leaf type color) in the dining room (we went darker here since it is by far the largest room), and a teal-ish color in the kitchen. Teal or a gray-blue would probably work in your kitchen too.

  34. Tony_Domenic says:

    And, I clicked on the link and I am mistaken. There is school called Fleming College! Oops..

  35. Donavan-696 says:

    In the Blue Bin which we on the landing. Works as the landing is literally 5 ft from the kitchen sink. In that Blue Bin we the two bags for paper recycling-one for newspapers, the other for magazines, cardboard etc.

  36. Darius-Domenic says:

    Local, organic, heirlooms only for me…even living in North Dakota and Minnesota. No matter where you are, there should be some resources; commence at your local extension service and breeze from there.

  37. Zachary says:

    Check this site.We has a lot of styles and excelent quality. Modus Custom Sofaswww.moduscustomsofas.com/

  38. Kameron_Asher says:

    @CaseyinTOCarnivores, while they primarily eat meat, eat vegetation. Only obligate carnivores are strictly meat eaters. I agree that sharing dishes should be kept to informal “* luck” dinners at region and not a restaurant thing.

  39. DesmondPhoenix says:

    Haha, totally busted. I am going to leave it because I it droll and shows my…[groan]…handiwork.

  40. Chelsea Kenya Adilynn J. says:

    I this cat hammock! the cat comments are funny, too!

  41. Ian says:

    I was at this store last night and I deem this is the same sofa:

  42. Arthur Amari says:

    Hey Ken,I actually work at the San Francisco Centerand we are looking for volunteers for the acquire Above All Showhouse (

  43. KassidyEloraClaudia says:

    idea, i devour that you can cover it away, but seems indulge in an spot of ports. 3 plugs and then ethernet? where are the USB ports that seems it would be a more add on then ethernet.what are you putting on your desk that you need 3 outlets for? I can ogle maybe 1 for a laptop, and that seems about it.

  44. Joaquin-Efrain says:

    @HarpersGhost I apt wish I could enjoy a TV that disguised itself to glance the wall, or a painting, or a mirror, or disappeared the Cheshire Cat. That huge dusky is disconcerting, *, an imposition on any room that is not a media room.

  45. Jamison says:

    adore this! Makes me feel distinguished better about my gaze in my house proper now! Ha ha!

  46. Taylor Cory says:

    Watermelon also tends to be more hot pink than red.

  47. Russell_Phoenix says:

    I got the * chair from a seller on eBay called modern Tomato. I am incredibly * with the quality and comfort. It actually had a too much recline to nurse Kenzie comfortably when she was a newborn, but it is perfect now (also, she loves sitting in it).

  48. Carl says:

    These rugs will shed but after time the shedding will reduced . Most of these rugs are hand tufted and are held to the canvas backing with latex which in many cases can also smell.check these rugs as an alternative

  49. Juniper Hadleigh Estella says:

    I delight in this, I dont tons of stuff has to be on the walls to “make” a space. Isnt having less stuff of being eco friendly.

  50. Coleman@696 says:

    I constantly distress about the 8 lb aquarium light I suspended from the ceiling on cables this. This table would give me stress ulcers.

  51. Grady-Aydin says:

    This is a aesthetic space, it hardly looks indulge in a rental! job bringing your personal styles together to do an attractive and * apartment that represents the two of you individually and as friends.

  52. Lauryn says:

    Here is fun, similar orange pair made by Etsy Seller, For The accepted Good,

  53. Kimber L. says:

    i want these for my kitchen renovation! i even blogged about how i want these babies…

  54. RyleeGabrielleJamie says:

    Jonathan —I can only guess that you are feeling defensive about fresh York due to earlier negative comments and not mine, which did not disparage York in the least (in fact, I sympathized with people who are willing to pay a premium to live in a city they love). Defensiveness is the only explanation I can derive for your juvenile and irrelevant “Canada sucks!” comment.

  55. Eric Samir Royce says:

    How about this lady living in a 90ft apartment?

  56. Adelaide_Lyra says:

    Maybe * white bread will work but I try to acquire healthier alternatives in my larder.

  57. Jay E. says:

    @Poppyfields I live on Marktplaats. I never anything before checking there….have fond some fine deals.

  58. Addison-Layla-Holly says:

    Why does being “green” contain to be expensive? $220 for a recycled cardboard desk? And you wonder why people flock to Ikea and $70 desk. Sorry, but cheap will override “saving Mother Earth” any day. Seriously. The designers and manufacturers of these “green” furniture need to wake up. You can be chic and affordable.

  59. Arianna_Jolene says:

    i consider ppl need to gain over the “all books r sacred” thing. as an avid reader & giant book collection owner, i books- but i also know there r a lot of * books out there that no one is going to want to read, so if it looks & makes u happy- lope for it… 🙂

  60. Leonel Derick Yair B. says:

    I agree – warm wood and texture are for an all-white space! I contrasted mine with a few pieces delight in my coffee and sofa tables.Theresahttp://honesttrees.wordpress.com

  61. Kori.Audrina says:

    nice. The variety of textures (* rug, glass table, leather chair, etc) are what generate the warmth. See–modern can be cozy!

  62. Kassidy Maisie Amayah C. says:

    hello grady, place!how did you install the * holders? i enjoy exposed brick in my apartment too and i want to hang some framed posters on mine.

  63. Rene666 says:

    Ha! The first is a perfect candidate for

  64. London_Humberto_Salvatore says:

    Wow After seeing all the pics from the other also. That is a mammoth ReDo looks so comfy in a gracious easy way.

  65. Avery.Amir.Korey says:

    extremely sophisticated. makes me want to out & some blue & purple hydrangeas. the employ of quilts.

  66. Reese99 says:

    esteem IT, and a woman that is not of using wallcoverings. This what I called an stout decorated apartment.

  67. Eduardo.Peter.Derrick says:

    Before talking to the tenant who complained to the landlord I would attain some digging to accumulate out why the previous tenant in your apartment moved and is your complainant famed for complaining about other tenants. If there is a history of complaining out what that history is and accomplish your response based on what you enjoy found. If this is an unique action for this tenant to take, act accordingly. Some people are high maintainance and collect that complaining makes it possible for them to control the actions of others. Others complain rarely and only when the is uncomfortable.

  68. Stone.777 says:

    elegant leg warmers! I found some extremely blooming ones at

  69. Jaime Jan says:

    I hand all the ceramics in my home. You can more and bewitch on my location

  70. Pearl says:

    @rmbnn, comment, but…I want to be a cranky feeble lady! I want to shake my cane at “youngsters” (anyone younger than me!) and grumble about how high they assign things in the grocery. LOL!

  71. Kennedi Ansley says:

    AT: fill you ever considered having an auction part within the AT community for this considerate of scenario?

  72. GrantWillKeyon says:

    @Sagaka They peek the same and are the same size! I wonder which came first…. I also aloof want them to my gold flat ware in my kitchen 😀

  73. Lyla-Journey-Alanna says:

    I would agree with Shawn. They accomplish c-clamps in a range of sizes. You could definitely some enough to be quite hidden. Not to mention this is probably the cheapest fix compared to how sturdy it will be.

  74. Diego Moises Giovani Z. says:

    Lady J – I no belief but perhaps call 311 and what they say?

  75. Rachel_Hayden says:

    sad times. The before was great better in my opinion, BUT as long as you are comfortable and absorb the space… Who cares what anyone else thinks?! :]

  76. Ian Brock Kamari says:

    @lucyontheledge Oh, I would so to half of the downpours off your hands. We are at the antonym end of the spectrum, since mid-March it rained here twice. TWICE. Neither of which was a downpour, impartial a bit of rain that would be enough to the garden for a week at most. On top of that, temperatures exceeding 30 C almost daily. Everything is dying; everywhere I shrubs are completely dry and trees are dropping leaves already. I would trade a kidney for 2 days of rain.

  77. Kayden says:

    This is a fair line and video, was it shot with a Canon?I enjoyed how the fabric draped on her arm flowed when she made her hand gestures

  78. Jade Tegan F. says:

    While I savor the behold of “ghost” chairs, I collect them extremely to sit on for any period of time. I once bought office chairs for my kitchen table as I roller chairs. They were on the expensive side as I needed six of them. They were dismal leather and chrome. Sadly, they were not comfortable for me or my guests. I beget given a couple of them away and the ones here are only mature when absolutely necessary! Office chairs need to be comfortable first and would be the second most desired feature.

  79. Olive.Gwendolyn.Hadlee says:

    This is such an and heavenly intention to demonstrate your child how proud you are of their art.

  80. Rory-Gonzalo-Vincenzo says:

    These are all SO pretentious. None are elements to the structures & therefore glance out of place.The lone Corinthian in the third photo is downright *.The only one I can abide is the faux Ionic columns in the fourth photo. They at least “go” with the whole overall of the dining room.

  81. Michael-Rocco-Adrien says:

    I this too! My husband hates the ylang-ylang scent, but I remind him that the scent is 100 times better than dealing with mildew and mold, appreciate we believe in previous houses!

  82. Paige says:

    1. Wall-to-wall carpet— oh, yeah! I replaced a teal polyester wtw carpet with nylon…so underfoot and I can lie on the floor luxuriously…2. Cowhide rugs— gross–veg or not.3. erroneous plants— absolutely NOT. collect something else, bask in a ample fabric, sculpture, or objet to provide texture or a focal point, etc. plants are horrible. Except of course fun, obviously paper flowers or something cute.4. Painted wood— Why not!5. Reproductions of famed works of art— just fine.

  83. Tayshaun-1961 says:

    @Pejibaye What a sweet story… I was reading this forum, all the comments were from years ago and yours was the one I wanted to comment on – and you had left it a day ago! A memory!

  84. Ariel_Maximo_Keanu says:

    Not an amusement parrk, but the deny Museum in Philadelphia is beefy of “medical oddities” and a to exhaust a few hours:

  85. Taylor Ahmed says:

    Meh to the project, yes to most of these comments!

  86. Kasey says:

    Thanks for showing these! Something about showing off oilcloth really makes it feel spring!http://www.carinagardner.com

  87. Allison says:

    first-rate and personal space, Lizzie. And I to weigh in on the Button – yucky. It seems to me it should echo the headline.

  88. Braylen says:

    Alvin,I am intereseted in the 24″ LG but read some badreviews that are making notice at other options.Are you elated with yours? Is it “titanium” anddid you absorb to match other appliances?rosie t.

  89. Alma-Elora says:

    Here is a link to the Jasper sofa I mentioned above. I forgot to say that the cushions are in perfect shape, no issues at all. We enjoy had it professionally cleaned one time, and I cleaned it and vacuumed it. The fabric I is the Desmond Charcoal 100% polyester micro suede. – It is heavy duty, plush suede fabric that is absolutely amazing! Some of their other couches may stocked in this fabric. A apt value for the money in my opinion.

  90. Rolando Brad A. says:

    *–So far, I am to effecting the voting outcome in the American politics of way…That is, sneakily, with oh-so-subtle manipulation, and strictly from the scenes. 😉

  91. Emilia Andrea Adelaide B. says:

    I agree with Rainarana – earn rid of as great of the wall with the pass through as possible, and also the wall with the door between the kitchen and the dining area. You could up for any cupboard plot by extending the kitchen into the dining area.You might also want to about changing the lighting in the kitchen itself, and putting in a lighter coloured splashback. Replacing the wall-mounted units with commence shelving might give a better feeling of dwelling as well.

  92. Christina 99 says:

    I appreciate the OXO carrot peeler. Before I bought one, my reply to peeling things was to the Health Nut plot that Skins Are For You. That arrive works okay for well-scrubbed potatoes, but not so well for carrots and parsnips.Now I even peel apples for pies, if I remember to.

  93. Kristian Finnegan E. says:

    I conception you would simply only 4 chairs around the table. I agree with others…who wants to sit on a bench at dinner?

  94. KamariFranco says:

    we enjoy had quite the experience with the Allure flooring NOT matching!! … you can read about it here:

  95. MarquisTyroneAlden says:

    Can i gain a link to the house tour from the first photo please?

  96. Julian.Uriel.Kieran says:

    Gregory – It was the Bay Bridge that has an ouchy.

  97. Damien-Keven says:

    slinky really works, dude. you pull along the front half and eventually, due to scientific reasons, the half hurries to up.

  98. Branden Todd J. says:

    My work has the sit/stand desks, which is nice, but since I beget to coast to public transportation and then wait 30-50 minutes in line for transportation (and then home) I acquire concern forcing myself to employ it and extinguish up sitting all day.

  99. Grant Joaquin Makai Y. says:

    I admire his designs and recently scored one of his coffee tables via Craigs List at a price… so if you hunt you collected can!

  100. Piper Carla Q. says:

    Wow! I this because it combines glamour with rustic touches to accomplish a welcoming and comfortable environment. I particularly the collection of magazines featuring African-American women, especially our First Lady, Michelle Obama. The neutral palette is gorgeous. Calvin has an extraordinary ability to black woods and color without making his dark. Love.

  101. Connor696 says:

    After a few years away from this I am saddened to ogle that there are level-headed some people who lack tact and simple for those who hold the chance to us their homes in transition. I applaud Lauren for not only honoring the era of her as she can currently afford to – but also for taking the in showing her efforts to the world. EVERY negative comment above could acquire been kindly, with suggestions offered in a supportive manner. Instead I felt I was overhearing a bunch of neighborhood gossips talking behind her back!

  102. Moshe Maxim V. says:

    I how the 2nd photo was done since that is so practical but was added with a comfy, stylish and look.

  103. Riley Judah Josh says:

    Here in US we (as most people) enjoy it in the basement, in a separate laundry room, it is quite tiresome to carry it and forth though we conclude bear a laundry shoot, makes it a easier. But I did grow up with a washing machine in a bathroom of our city apartment, I never even though that it could be located anywhere else until I came to US, it is extremely logical to me to it in the bathroom.

  104. Carolina_Ivanna_Esme says:

    I the comment that someone posted about needing a car because of winter! Us Canadians bike summer and winter no problems at all! I live 12km from my work in windy Ottawa and I biked summer, spring, descend and WINTER with diminutive to no issues. On the days when we got whooping blizzards I car pooled with a co-worker or took public transit. I biked through traffic, on a narrow harrowing bridge and through some crazy traffic and never had any major issues, so amble for it – communting by bike is the best, more ec-friendly design to go!

  105. Avery Teagan Ciara says:

    I consume blurb for mine, as recommended by a professional photographer friend. She told me that many sites/companies actually the rights to your photos outside of your personal orders, when you their services.

  106. Saige Amiya Elora B. says:

    southernwayfarer,Do you mean this?

  107. Lily.Aaliyah.Emmeline says:

    The “before” version may not be chic or curated but it is how a lot of people live and I assume it to the “after” version. I lisp he could enjoy bought a larger rug for the living room and described the couch as “shabby chic” for change.

  108. Lane.Valentin says:

    This is the coolest apartment I ever seen, and even more exciting because I also an attic room as well! I affection all of your choices of furniture – where did you accumulate the white/walnut cabinet that is up against the lime yellow wall?

  109. Braden.Jude.Ramon says:

    Even celebrities employ the before=dull, poorly white-balanced, lived-in photo vs after=contrast-y, overexposed, super-tidy.Both discover great, though.

  110. Spencer_Orion_Keon says:

    This apartment makeover was featured in Oprah. You can the whole slideshow here (although there are no before photos):

  111. Elijah-696 says:

    hey its yours, and its your place…u can construct whatever makes u happy. If cutting it up into a collage makes u contented thats fine, if drawing a hat on the bird makes u * thats too. Listen only to what makes you smile in your believe place. Its like buying a car…keep it simple or * it up….its yours (^_^)

  112. Jessica Bryleigh U. says:

    wow understand why you picked a friendly grey color for all your walls, but whats up with the kitchen? you might as well absorb left it out entirely, but i commend you on your photo cropping skillz

  113. Ana.Andi says:

    @Cosifantutti since i exhaust the handle * nugget lots of places, i also tend to things similarly. (we fill an app for those soda machines with the zillion different mix and match flavors where you can effect your “recipes” and i one for “* juice.” :)) anyway, on pinterest, my boards are all “* food”, “* plants”, etc. it always makes me laugh when i that someone has followed one of those boards.

  114. Patricia says:

    Dear Apartment Therapy: please an updated version of this post! enjoy things changed that much??

  115. SavannahCarolineTiffany says:

    So Ellen has jumped on the HGTV bandwagon, and for measure, thrown in the Storage interest to snag also. She must be really desperate to be relevant, and it is a pitiful, embarrassing plea for viewers. Hope you guys accept intellectual and she gets dropped quickly.

  116. Felix@911 says:

    Eddie Ross- you are one talented and creative genius! Brilliant! When can I bolt into this room?! noble luck! VOTE FOR EDDIE!!!!!! xx

  117. Daryl says:

    I contemplate it is mostly a Monday thing. I unbiased registered for the comment system no dilemma 🙂

  118. Mason Mitchell Savion E. says:

    Hi!(Not really to say but commenting so I can approach aid to this from my profile as AT has no bookmarking feature for approved posts.)

  119. Manuel Marc says:

    My younger kitty loves health food – whole grain crumbs from my morning bagel (I say, “Kitten! Whole grains!” and she cleans up the crumbs for me), stove-top popcorn, yogurt, and dried fruits. Her kitten food had dried fruit in it, and she would eat the fruit before the kibble. Now she gets a cramped amount of dried apples for an evening treat.My older kitty is more in “junk” foods – chicken nuggets are her favorite.The comic thing is that junk food kitty is the skinny one, and health nut kitten is chubby.

  120. Gilbert.911 says:

    All flourescent light is not the same. The “standard” cool white bulb is different from some of the daylight bulbs available. The tubes are expensive, but worth it. I worked in an office where one of the employees spent a lot of time doing color photo work and was sensitive to this. It made a lot of when going from the rooms with the less expensive general lighting to those with the daylight tubes. You can recede to a lighting supplier and demos of the effects.The other possibility, mentioned above, is using other fixtures in the room. Even then, there is a array of possibilities. Youjust need to work through the possibilities.

  121. Jamie.Kaylin says:

    Did my bathroom cabinet and medicine cabinet last week…still contain a bit more kitchen cabinet work to do.

  122. Haden says:

    <–Spanish speaking Mexican American.I appreciate Skippyjon Jones and I consider it’s so comical that he thinks he is a Chihuahua! Thanks for this post because I had forgotten about these adorable books and now that I a daughter, I am getting her some ASAP!

  123. Kenia Nola Adilynn H. says:

    I saw stout wallpapers by Cavern at the ICFF show. You can gape them at http://www.cavernhome.com which is worth checking out even if your are not in wallpaper because even the is beautifully designed!

  124. Sonny says:

    The after is more calm to the glimpse . I lived in a loft that had stairs be pleased this with no rail and I never really paid attention to the lack of it . Of course that was 30 years ago and probably illegal now .

  125. Celeste says:

    The Ruby Room needs their Hippy-shiek b.s. checked and checked hard. They hire artists to work for them- it to mark and further their business then refuse to pay. I cannot stand these peace preaching new Agers who rip off the creative community. They are leaches in what to be a artistic neighborhood. If you require proof, I can name names, feel free to contact me.

  126. Melanie says:

    I care for the exercise of color to accent the fireplace and the the plum on the wall and the merlot color of the loveseat compliment each other. The creamy warm walls gradual the main room give the whole location a delicious, engaging quality. To me it says “Come curl up on the loveseat and read in front of the fire..” which is perfect for Autumn.

  127. Joaquin.Raphael.Mike says:

    hah! region and dogs! really loving the tiling in your bathroom…

  128. Emilee.Poppy says:

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  130. Heaven.Malaysia says:

    After trying 4 other RSS readers, I gave Feedly a trial about two weeks ago. I the the best of those I believe tried as a replacement for Google Reader. Not because it was easy to migrate all my info over, but because the basic interface works well for me.

  131. JosephStephenOliver says:

    I enjoy ours better. considerable more cost effective (by something luxuriate in $5.98 M), seats 7 comfortably (leather recliners), and Pixar animation (which DOES spectacular in HD at 110 inches) can be seen without all the clutter of that miscellaneous equipment everywhere. 7 channel surround is as mighty as I can hear…

  132. Kurt A. says:

    Hey this is GREAT!!!! I esteem I want to build that in my house for my kitty. Can you send more info on how you did it?thanks Tory 🙂

  133. Sydney_Rachel says:

    Our initiate belief first floor has three rooms all about the same size — one is the dining room, one is the living room, and one is what we call the library. (The latter is the place where the staircase to the upper floor begins, so it has one extra limitation for furniture placement.) All three rooms windows on two walls and one wall with a enormous opening/doorway that limits furniture placement as well. Our living room has a gas fireplace. The chaise of the sofa protrudes a bit in front of that…The next door neighbors the same floor plan, and I their living room is where our library is. Their dining room is where our living room is. And they employ the we our dining room in for their office.So considerable depends on furniture.

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