Really Stunning The Design of Trundle Daybed Ideas

Trundle daybed come with functional ideas that now stand up for your room. So, you can see how really stunning the designs are. Trundle daybed made by craftsmen in Jepara itself. With a wide range of skills and perseverance as well as cultural heritage they form a social community with the creation of cultural craft of wood that has a very high artistic value. We can see and we prove in the area], many skilled hands are able to create and make valuable carving artwork is very high.

Beautiful trundle solid wood daybed with cushions

Beautiful trundle solid wood daybed with cushions

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really stunning the design of trundle daybed ideas. Wood carving is a traditional cultural heritage of the community. Daybed? medieval already pursue it. The process of carving is done by very coherent and very high concentrations. By using a tool known as chisel (Tatah) in the Java language. There are various types and sizes of the chisel. Initially the process is to determine the design concepts that will be created. This will determine the beauty of the artwork Furniture Jepara. Because concepts showcased in the design can be a very beautiful motifs and beautiful. See and observe the carving design daybed trundle currently developing many taken from culture and diverse flora and fauna which became a symbol in a culture. Carved with motifs of roses, tiger or even eagle mythical gods can be a work of carving a very beautiful and attractive. Even three-dimensional carved with motifs taken from the Ramayana story has a very high value both from the artwork as well as price. Furniture Jepara certainly still have many motives Carving very interesting for you.

modern trundle daybed with orange cushions

modern trundle daybed with orange cushions

design of twin trundle daybed ideas

design of twin trundle daybed ideas

Trundle daybed has a typical belle of works of sculpture that emerged at the time of Kartini, the Tigers brackets. Brackets tiger had been a star in the period before the industrial boom carved furniture from daybed. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really stunning the design of trundle daybed ideas.

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  1. Aniyah X. says:

    I hear you to rent an ozone machine to construct it properly.

  2. JosieLillianaLizbeth says:

    Leave that paneling alone and acquire your current your own! Not an HGTV craft project!

  3. Jonah Ricky Cruz says:

    @confounded according to this reasoning we should torn down our house without a thought. 106 years old, failed foundation, indecent ceiling basement, needed fresh roof, front porch falling off, zero insulation, frightful siding, sagging doors, creaking floors and kitchen cabinets from the 70s. But we adore it. Visitors always say “wow this is a house” when they through the door.

  4. Jayde Lilyanna says:

    @Juleeann2.0 Not to mention they enjoy a grave functional flaw…the grout gets dirty, stains, traps germs, etc.

  5. Ronald_Gary says:

    My ~$250 prehung door with a simple leaded-glass arched window did not come with hardware or installation. A private handyman quoted $200 to install but came out closer to $1000 after dealing with unseen dryrot. Houston, TX.

  6. Margot Dulce says:

    @aprilneverends how is the place?? what tricks you discovered? you been able to incorporate more color?

  7. Daniella Charley Hayley U. says:

    I knew it was Marie Claire Maison from the second too.. the ever so wrinkled cover, simple room with the stack of books serving as a table as well.Love it, wish to more of the layout and what is that PERFECT cream white paint color, so delicious.I remember seeing a featured flat a bit on the rustic side that was similar to this one but she had decorated in all sea shell colors, the inside of sea shells, the palest lavender, palest pink, washed out silver, creamy whites, it was so layered with linens and natural silk then some sparkles accurate and effortless..that was the one magazine the got away.

  8. Roland says:

    @ccatx , advice — maybe someone ELSE will actually absorb the time and resolve! Let them achieve it!

  9. Ramona says:

    A crisp $20 bill to our doorman or building attendants would be considered an insult here in NYC. We budget $600-700 each year (which is more than we on all other gifts combined) to keep the nine members of our building staff blissful and helpful. This is in edition to separate contributions to different staff members during the year for above and beyond assistance (like making appliances and/or other items magically go when you need to obtain rid of them).

  10. Katelyn_Dallas says:

    An oasis of warmth with personality in every room. A situation of simply and creativity. The wood and textures within each photo are impressive, inviting, secure.

  11. Emma-Jayda says:

    @Zoe AS this is the blueprint I raised. If a toy made out of our bedroom or playroom meant that we no longer wanted and my parents would donate it. I believe I learned to care for my items and be selective as an * because of it.

  12. Mason_Karter says:

    The wallpaper and the towels are awesome! The rest…not so much.

  13. DulceThaliaAislinn says:

    Chloe C, I feel your pain. The upstairs neighbors adjusted their radiator and created a leak that dripped through my ceiling into the office making the paint pop off of the closet door and creating a buckling of the paint on the wall. This was the first room to be painted in the condo!Harlie reminded me of one of my problems in the cure-a husband who does not altogether cooperate. My husband is the coupon king! It is his hobby, so when I to a drawer, I collect it stuffed corpulent of razors or toothbrushes; and the cabinets are stacked with toilet paper and cartons of soft drinks! Multiple quantities is his thing which would not be a dilemma but we only 850 sq. ft.My out box is the entire basement filled with the one hundred plastic containers we moved from the larger location when we down-sized!Any suggestions!

  14. Riley Aria Reyna B. says:

    I contain found that hanging the shower rod a bit higher and then adding an “outside the tub” curtain that goes nearly to the floor adds sophistication and a sense of elegance to my itsy-bitsy bathroom. 84″ long window panels are ideal for this.

  15. Aurora-Ann says:

    Unless there were some grave confidentiality issues (say a Tom Ford preview collection with Beyonce), I the notion of “no photos” to be sort of droll – especially at a celebration. No railing against it.

  16. Nehemiah.Devyn says:

    AT:SF is up to May already, and AT:Chicago is up to June. We are stuck — languishing? reveling? — in Month. Ah York…always gripping to its fill tempo…

  17. DalePaxtonDenzel says:

    What a fun design to memorialize your travels. The blackboard paint is perfect. I the lr is a bit awkward. The two white chairs seem to crowd the bookcase. Could the be placed across from the sofa with the butterfly chair (?) in the corner where the white chair is now?

  18. Madeline says:

    I live in an 8 unit L-shaped building that I except for the fact that 4 of my neighbors catch to smoke outside and below one of my windows. Instead of getting a ocean hotfoot I to preserve my shut up most of the time and crank up my a/c window unit.When my lease is up I on to a guest house so I can appreciate some current air.

  19. Addyson_Yareli says:

    I second @warrenpeace. DropBox all the for this. It was designed for it from the ground up and is insanely at what it does. If you need more than 2GB you can pay only $10 a month and a gracious 50GB of synchronized data on any OS ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Fabian.Nathanael.Marquis says:

    Really for your astonishing article. keep going on, stuff. Thank you for this information.

  21. Devin.Milo says:

    Avignon is a gem, and I am proud to be one of its citizens. It is, however, a city struggling with pressure from exurban sprawl and with a center slowly being gutted of viable (non luxury or tourist)businesses, mainly due to the lack of parking and workable streets. much of the city has been undergoing a lengthy green renovation and now the market square, long a of experimentation around a evil parking structure, is nearing completion. Building codes in space for the preservation of the crumbling infrastructure are strict, but the French, toujours au courant, on the latest in chic. This hotel, on the flashy, bourgeois side of town has found a first-rate compromise.

  22. Skyla-Addisyn-Sutton says:

    Not about the sofa bed in question, but if anyone out there is looking for a comfy sofa bed and is willing to fragment with a few grand, check out Cosma by the German furniture manufacturer COR:

  23. Savannah 696 says:

    esteem this house…so many of the colors and items are what I acquire in my as well….less the dust bunnies and clutter. been thinking of built ins around my living room window…is there another window on the other side of that fireplace?…behind the shelving perhaps?

  24. Hattie says:

    @larkem depending on what of moths your pantry moths are the can be simple. We withhold all of our unsealed food, enjoy pasta boxes, in gallon ziploc bags. which we and reuse for the next of pasta boxes

  25. Mercy Paula R. says:

    On this diamond website I recently found – when you buy a lot of jewelry, you are offered to free custom-made jewelry box!

  26. DiegoJulienDandre says:

    I care for science decor. For everyone how loves botanical decor I post my Etsy shop here…Professional, artistic presentations of actual pressed botanical herbarium specimens by HerbHeart

  27. Timothy 1991 says:

    …and on top of the other comments, I, personally despise *, too. (The paintings. I no belief of the man.)

  28. Samara Angelica Karter F. says:

    Blandwagon took the words out of my mouth —- “Personally I assume some more large-scale pieces might befriend to bridge the gap. broad gilt framed mirrors. Floor-to-ceiling gossamer panels. Classical potted trees. Theatrical candelabras. Walls of books. And so on.”But a really good-looking home. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Cortez says:

    @AmandaRoyale I cloth rags- I sew, so I up a bunch of fabric from my stash that I was never going to consume and finished the edges with a serger and exercise them savor paper towels. I noticed that anybody that had ever worked in a restaurant/banquet residence (and thus had a ton of cloth napkins that they for everything) were hastily to convert. Meanwhile, my husband took a month or so, and guests multiple explanations and a demonstration to it.I agree with the “Paper Towel” situations above, though! I try not to let them too germy.

  30. Bruno A. says:

    The best to meander though even for two beds is to acquire one divisible bunk bed and separate them into two platform beds. You can do money on los angeles kids beds at the same time it behold and elegant

  31. KoleMaximiliano says:

    Eeek! I sent links to Rapsel this weekend to our bathroom designer to her the stuff I * after! I am too to ask how distinguished they are…

  32. MackenzieSaraiAlianna says:

    And here is one in the Southwest, Phoenix actually, with some modern French industrial designs —>

  33. Abel-Bernard says:

    My dad (bless his heart) this poster in our downstairs powder room when I was a kid.

  34. Elianna says:

    This apartment is beautiful. Maybe not entirely practical for a lot of people, but definitely to at ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Camren.Blaise says:

    DzignChic23Dwight draw is at the corner of Dwight design and Martin Luther emperor Jr. in Berkeley, Ca.All the details are here:

  36. Kalani-Kailani says:

    @SherryBinNH You could at the side of having been productive and useful vs. your hourly rate of watching television for hours on end.

  37. Davis.Sam says:

    My kids and my cats! I going into my kids room at night while they are sleeping and seeing them so peaceful curled up with which ever cats absorb decided to sleep with them. It makes all the insanity of the day worth it! Thanks for the contest!

  38. Ainsley_Fernanda says:

    BAIT & SWITCHdont be fooled drimmers is unscrupulous after making us wait all day our $5,000.00Sub Zero arrived dented. the delivery man tried to convince us to a damaged unit. the manager at drimmers replied we either gain the damaged unit or lose deposit or 20% restocking feeWHAT A SCAMSTERgo online & shop for any other authorized dealersDO NOT SHOP AT DRIMMERS WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

  39. Amari_Davion says:

    Hello! Im in looove with the living room color paint.. I noticed it replied Farrow & Ball blackened but when I google that color it looks more a peach instead of the grey blue it looks to be in this living room.. is that the light playing tricks or is the color mislabeled. pls lmk i care for adore it!

  40. KyleRafaelCamren says:

    @stevenportland Agreed on the Joybird recommendation! We also recently got ours and it does a job of not showing and cat hair. We the Eliot sectional. They contain a few fabrics that are specifically pet – we chose Key Largo Ash and believe found it to fill up beautifully so far.

  41. Sarah-2004 says:

    This was also one of my favorites, and classy. Congrats on at least getting a gracious mention!

  42. Frida-33 says:

    @saacnmama If you expenses, be clear you the expenses for the return paid too. That is what most companies will here in Europe. Unless you to of course.

  43. Skyler Yosef Zaire says:

    extremely earn of spaces all visitors say that

  44. Marlon says:

    Several of these floor designs might be better on the walls. And please remember that uneven floors and tiles are dangerous. Tile is also extremely depressed on the knees. I contain two contaminated knees from an auto accident, and these kitchens would absorb me struggling to work in them. Please remember that we are all getting older and tile or uneven floors will need to be replaced. to the future!

  45. Sierra.Emerie says:

    I second the Stolmen belief for a couple of reasons:1) It is cheaper and more than the wardrobes. The cost with the wardrobes is the doors.2) When the time comes to hurry and sell the wardrobes, you will salvage a better heed on the Stolmen relative to cost. It is also easier to chase and, because they are metal, harder to damage. With the wardrobes, you damaging the units when you fling them or them apart, and that could impact the resale value.I hated the opinion of exposed clothing, so I built a curtain wall to the storage in my bedroom. It was much, cheaper than buying Ikea wardrobe doors. The wood storage next to the curtain storage in the photo are actually Ikea kitchen cabinets, not wardrobes:

  46. Manuel-Justice-Zack says:

    I a sleep called a frigid to cold me off and let me sleep! There is also a Tube to wear during the day. A concept that works great!

  47. Elias Jase says:

    EII would cease within the pallet you of brown/taupes, and an accent of blue- too many colors can your itsy-bitsy home feel cluttered- your chocolate color and acquire a medium to light tone of it ( ie if your d brown is bask in Benjamin Moore 2095-20 Antler Brown, try 2095-50 impartial Beige on the walls) this will give some yet subtle between the sofa and walls!!BB

  48. Kristopher Garret J. says:

    @CanadianMango I contain them – I adore how simple they are

  49. Alia L. says:

    I currently am renting a bathroom with the same blue color for the bottom of the walls, floor, shower tile. I painted the upper wall white and a simple white shower curtain, the Asker from Ikea as a tooth brush holder, and multi color rag rug (IKEA), a pop towel hook (connects to the crimson in the rag rug), white towels and some bamboo in the window for a more color. Surprisingly, using the white as your main color becomes a capable pop in the room and keeps it all looking new and clean.

  50. Scarlett says:

    The faded manager of Sublime is now the owner of an astonishing showroom called Designlush at the York Center and they could not be nicer,more helpful,great trade prices…..even to the public and their products are beautiful,innovative,and often custom….a face to modern…..welcoming and warm….not cool and age…..really incredible…

  51. TeaganRebecca says:

    I contemplate it is apparent that white has become “the new black”

  52. Makenzie.Lea.Clementine says:

    We had the Furby. Along with many legends of demonic furbies that would talk of violent things in the middle of the night. 0.oMuch better than pet rocks was finding really elegant rocks. We quarts around here. ^_^

  53. Kylan Nick says:

    I found the light feeble in the bedroom window extremely interesting. We absorb a black bedroom as well, and the timer to approximate the sun is a idea. Any more details?

  54. Chance-Lorenzo says:

    @greenbanana Hello, edits acquire been made. Thanks for viewing the photos of my position ??.

  55. Ariana_Angelina_Ariya says:

    We saw these in Dwell, visited the web site, and decided the is obscene. Rotsa luck, Liz.

  56. NeilLuciano says:

    It should be definite by now that we in different personality types, and some work best as orderly desks, and those who work best a messy desks beget so because their brains work best that way, not because they lack an ability to be a clean freak. To each their own…

  57. Ariah Alanna K. says:

    hydrogen peroxide, if it has not decomposed as stated above, is an excellend cleaner for the bathroom. it zaps mildew/mold. best mature with a brush type implement.

  58. Randall.Salvatore.Matias says:

    All are inspiring, I my entry with my antique buffet with a pottery tray made by my niece for keys and it provides storage for items I need in a and to store mail. These pics given me more ideas to upgrade it. I may add a itsy-bitsy ottoman for storage and sit on while putting on footwear.

  59. Ariella666 says:

    We added a of fairy lights in a hallway, which completely transformed it. The hallway is lined with bookshelves, and now I can glimpse the titles without a flashlight!

  60. DylanCameron says:

    Every once and a while, you explore a house tour that checks all the boxes. Comfortable & *, check. of individualism and personality, check. Immaculately designed, check. position on perfect!

  61. Katie2003 says:

    I wanted to ad a kudos for all the commenters here. There is so judgmental hubub about infant sleeping arrangements on the wide interweb. It was kindly to read so many supportive, “do what works for you,” comments.

  62. Amani_Hana_Emmie says:

    I was wondering the same thing, Swordspoint. We peaceful mostly drink ours straight from the tap (or occasionally bottled if we are headed out or from the fridge water supply).

  63. Olive Maren says:

    @SherryBinNH–in agreementfor most of them. the globe & coffeepot might be found at homegoods or similar and two candlesticks for special dinners are marvelous without paint. these items were effect into thrift stores for a reason & adding to them is not working, particularly bugs on plates.

  64. Lawrence-1968 says:

    “That looks so cool! Can you effect water into the bottles afterward?”I insist it depends on what type of paint you use. If you a considerable non-water soluble enamel, absolutely. I achieve water in a few of mine with no ill effects thus far.

  65. Lily says:

    Absolut * did the same thing for a * and the City episode. I detest it when that happens. Seems so violating. And it messes with the integrity of the show.

  66. Bradyn@1990 says:

    Ugh! I need to out of D.C. and to Chicago! We NOTHING here in comparison! That chair is to die for!Laura

  67. Everleigh Braylee Zainab says:

    I would savor to discover more of the inside but unfortunately her website link to more photos only goes to a FAQ page.

  68. Annabel says:

    Both my partner and I are photographers so we believe between us a great collection of cameras. We display them a few at a time on a bookshelf in the living room. We rotate them periodically, though we favorites. Almost all of them are level-headed functional. I can inform they are accepted now because it is suddenly more expensive to grasp up some types of ancient cameras. Especially those with simple shapes or deco embellishments.

  69. Ronald says:

    I MEAN, COULD THE PRINT BEEN ANY BIGGER?I must learn to read first and later, sorry.This space is fabulous.

  70. Brooks says:

    exquisite home! Can you please divulge us the color white former for the stairway and rails and the “chocolate” color in the bike/birdcage room? Also, is that the same white on the french doors as in the entryway? What a home! Thanks for sharing!!

  71. Danny Vance says:

    @Dulcibella All tremendous points/counterpoints! I the humor in the article as a counterbalance to all of the gross minimalism articles that been floating about of late.

  72. Dominique Malakai I. says:

    @Keira Eames chairs? Theyโ€™re actually extremely comfortable (unless theyโ€™re an especially knockoff) and theyโ€™re going to stick around basically forever.

  73. Harley Abram Jaydin says:

    i would paint them white. also please execute not them, they are of the of the ! ! also the beams in my house (eichler) are structural, lol. they over the tops of those posts and then more wood is added to the side to blend it all together. also i would paint that wood neat @ the top of the divider white as well.

  74. Diego.Fabian says:

    I it was outlandish that this tour article started with an implied criticism of some other parents. It a tone for the write-up that was desperate for approval….which was so unnecessary since the rooms seem so beautifully loved and lived-in.

  75. Caleb.Xander.Zaire says:

    Yes, my husband and I had it last summer. His started a few hours before mine. Luckily I managed to our 1 year to bed first before mine kicked in. It was crazy miserable. The pharmacist told me that it was a stomach bug going around. I since had a ton of friends it.

  76. Maggie Aya R. says:

    Yes, the PS cabinets were the first things I noticed! I snatched one up about 8 yrs ago (in red) … using and loving it.

  77. Adam Axel Emiliano Q. says:

    @encoggneeto Yep, I agree too. Looks generic, definitely not a professional.

  78. RavenKiera says:

    Why that they were stolen? I outdated paint decks that I purchased or found at garage sales that I use. I also enjoy a TON of chips in a drawer from the process of actually looking for paint colors.How easy is it to consume the chips from a paint color that you actually dilapidated on your walls for a color coordinated project? exercise the lighter and darker shades of your color and BOOM! instant appeal.

  79. Addison-Jasmine-Hanna says:

    I wish they had kept the window, but it was probably leaking and drafty and maybe not even up to code.Other than that, I assume everything else was beyond saving.

  80. Amani Milana says:

    Ok, I had this same dilemma and what I did was to paint turquoise and white vertical stripes above the tile and they helped detract from the pale pink. It turned out great! Maybe I should send my pics into apartment therapy? This seems be pleased a for those of us with customary houses.

  81. Jaheim-2017 says:

    @OliviaAnn Also, if you absorb a few friends that are archaic to it, any additional guests will the “vibe” off them. Better to it normalized among your social circle first, then throw larger parties that involve less known people.

  82. Dalton_Nash says:

    affection the color and design!! I the same cupboard layout and the bland brown wood laminate has been driving me crazy!! I contemplate I will inaugurate to look at options to mine ๐Ÿ˜€

  83. Selena Emmalyn Karsyn says:

    Actually, I been debating on getting a dishwasher, either an 18″ portable or a countertop model. The main considerations are- size, cost, and effectiveness.I am single, however, 1) I can high-tail through a lot of dishes playing top chef and 2) I am allergic to detergents (and rubber gloves are absolutely NO help).

  84. Samantha_Poppy_Riya says:

    @The Gypsy I did too. I the look, the openness and the ease of finding what I want. Plus, I got tired of wacking my head on an cabinet door, lol!

  85. Christian.Kasey says:

    Inspiring!The kitchen and the Cal-Oaks mark are my celebrated things about this space.

  86. Johan says:

    I the color combo and indulge in the tutorial. Thanks for posting.

  87. Bruce 696 says:

    I the above about just how “toxic” regular cleaners are!It really varies. It is easy to formulate a non toxic general purpose cleaner. But for removing calcium, lime, rust and soap * it is to beat a phosphoric acid based product.See these fairly dramatic before and after photos of what a phosphoric acid product properly formulated can do:

  88. Marcos Brent Elian G. says:

    We bought three of four of our sinks at Restores. Only one was used, barely, and it was going into the laundry room. All together we spent $175. I priced them online and had we bought them retail it would absorb been closer to $900.

  89. Ahmed_Porter_Semaj says:

    How fun! These are great! I made one attend in October for my laundry room that I love!

  90. GiovanniGuillermo says:

    I say for it but let it be an inspiration to you. People are becoming extremely creative with families and position these days. Is there some draw you could earn the basement into an apartment or mother-in-law suite? You could up some extra income or provide a situation for a relative in exchange for nanny or housekeeping duties. Maybe you would be inspired to initiate a business of some or provide location for some volunteer organization for your community?

  91. CharleighVirginia says:

    anne, apparently not and it also removes other odor. Lots of posts about vinegar curing smelly diaper situations.

  92. Emilee-Heather says:

    Whoa, how enjoy I never heard of this? checked the “where to buy” at the homasote website and found a store to me. This may change my life.

  93. Colten Muhammad Malakai says:

    Klynnnn:The sink will be a single bowl with the goal of being able to fit a cookie sheet and beget squared off corners (we despise round corners).I we found what we want from Blanco:

  94. RafaelZaneDashawn says:

    I would liked to the living room rug. I affection the Moorish tile rug in the kids room.

  95. Ariella-1993 says:

    @Candler Adding…also there are accurate reasons health insurance, taxes, etc that may apply in the US but not other countries.

  96. Jolie says:

    I exactly know why Janel planned the media like a flash on that extremely day: there was a lot to obtain up with. Besides laundry. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our apartment experienced some major changes yesterday. A whole shelf, stuffed with fleamarket-stuff is now empty. I needed that “day off”, off the usual assignments.And, thing: I had a lot of comments on my mind, while weeding through the shelf, what I would “say” to you.I like to to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Broderick 2005 says:

    i consider the first couple of commenters are missing the precise point. the artist here is trying to bring this more organic of creating (unlike the mass-production industry), honeycomb from bees, to the forefront. he really is saying that this is dazzling and that we should learn compose animals and insects, devour bees.

  98. Kaden Reid Markell V. says:

    the swash 700 has an auto shut off so it does not * electricity, not certain if its th case with the modern swash 800, but the older model one does not it.i bask in the heated seats, its particularly useful on those frigid NE winter mornings. i agree that the warm air is not that useful.

  99. Eleanor-Lennon-Isabela says:

    The and white one looks the tiles in Middle Eastern mosques, complete with Arabic writing above the fireplace. It seems a miniature odd to it in a fireplace… anyone beget any opinion what it says or where it is from?Your fireplace is actually the only one of these I like– I that the tiles a smaller and are darker color. Seeks more attractive and less bathroom-y to me.

  100. Thomas says:

    We also had a backyard wedding. Here is some instructions on how we made a floral arch for the ceremony

  101. Madeline Jillian says:

    My guests either sleep on my sectional downstairs, or if they are close to me, (like sister or best friend) in the same bed with me. I enact not give up comfort because I pay the bills. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Remington Tiana says:

    Also, what about the fact that wages vary wildly for comparable work in different locations? Maybe it would earn more sense to post by percentages instead.

  103. Salma says:

    So many comments on this tour already but I just had to jump in… best living room I enjoy seen in a extremely long time in AT. mammoth colour scheme, ambiance, furniture, mix of and new… simply big everything! Thanks for sharing!

  104. NorahAnnabelTori says:

    The main room of the Cup Cafe at the Hotel Congess in Tucson was tiled several years ago by Patch Clark Design.

  105. Addison_Kyleigh_Anabella says:

    We found some grand ones at west elm.

  106. Josie.Angelica.Holland says:

    The MOMA store has the poster hangers –

  107. Chris-Ryland-Korey says:

    I would to seeing baby bumpers in these photos.

  108. Ahmed@33 says:

    Only the most tasteless provocateur would beget one of these.

  109. CaidenRoccoStefan says:

    @GunsNRoses SERIOUSLY! I am fascinated that MCM has been a hot “trend” for about 20 years and yet the appliance market has kept it so niche (and expensive).

  110. Isabella Sasha M. says:

    I did a great project before the extinguish of the year in anticipation of my sister visiting which was to paint my bedroom and two dressers hat were the same but not the same finish. i simply took the blush pink paint for the walls and added plaster of paris to beget it chalk paint for the dressers. the chalk paint looks but of course came out a lighter than the walls. but it makes the room extremely fresh and light. i also raised the curtain to add height to the room. i am reluctant to hang anything on the walls now. So my January cure project will be to through my files. Of course I could gather diligent and paint the kitchen cabinets but getting rid of paper and utilizing the shredder sounds more fun to me.

  111. LoreleiMagnolia says:

    @CandlerI mean the electric air purifiers work well—not the glade plug-in type electric air freshener (which causes severe itching in my eyes so I avoid them)

  112. Catherine Kylee Julianne says:

    If you ever want to visit Chicago, I would to swap places with you. This is objective the cutest place!

  113. Jaxon-Donavan says:

    Hi, i saw this on the web. i contemplate its from urban outfitters. $40. i dont know if this is it. it really looked alike. its called region Of 25 Wallflower Wall Decor.

  114. Oliver says:

    @ForfeitReality When I bought a fresh iron bedframe. I had the mattress deck welded higher so there was more storage under. new beds tend to be but even my guest room antique iron bed has bed risers under it. I found some nice wooden ones, likely a diy, at a thrift store so it is not critical to conceal them with a bed skirt. I agree with the covered bins for under bed but for the dust and dirt mainly.

  115. Alexis.Michaela.Antonella says:

    Highest capital city? No way. It is about 4300 feet elevation. Quito is at about 9,350 and La Paz (administrative capital) is over 12,000 feet.I point this out because I altitude sickness but of course, had no issues in Ulaan Baatar. 10 years ago it was a bit dodgy, lots of minor street crime and not for tourists at all. Looks luxuriate in things are changing for the better.

  116. ZoeyKate says:

    I recently bought a Bissell Green Machine steam cleaner on Craigslist for $30. So worth it. Turned some chairs I had from street trash into dazzling Danish pieces. Those steam cleaners cost about $80 new, but support an out on Craigslist and you could come by lucky.

  117. Sophia says:

    Monica ,I agree that it does something he would designed. Thanks, never heard the name and googled him and his stuff is absolutely delicious.

  118. Hadassah P. says:

    We went with an 4tb iOmega NAS attached to our normal router. Works well with the time machine systems, and was simple to configure.Next step is considering cloud backup.

  119. Helen says:

    This is absolutely my entry.A winner for (but in my a 1st Prize would be even better!) .Love the perfect balance of colors with neutrals. And also the balance of elegant/minimalist fashion with a one…good job, Sol!Amazing, house. BELLISSIMA!

  120. Charlie.Amari says:

    @hanc The labor is really the deciding factor here. If you enjoy the tools and the skill to them out of plywood and trim, it will actually cost a diminutive less and will be stronger than using the Billy Bookcases. However, if you absorb to hire out a or all of the labor, it is arrangement less to exhaust the Billy Bookcases and totally worth it and will effect you quite a bit!

  121. Graham says:

    This is a extremely well curated space. The of furniture and storage is pleasing, yet functional. It is so warm and seems bigger than it actually is. I care for it! Congrats Rachel, you really made a apartment one that is chic and liveable!

  122. Esteban says:

    NICEYou alot of work into this, cant want to contemplate it. job..!

  123. Valeria Rylie Kaylynn says:

    One of my fantasies to contain an extinct novel England Farmhouse.You guys did a great job, all the nooks and the feel of a loving , warm plot that has edifying bones. The art really makes it with the white background feeling rustic is cheery! This must of been a grand project, congrats.

  124. Ellis says:

    Easy to navigate….serene overall feel….not too cluttered.Well done!

  125. Tucker Willie Kendrick Y. says:

    Oh please, AT shows a sheepskin on EVERY single expensive chair and/or a cow cloak on the floor of EVERY house tour featured..but the deer head people assume are tacky? DOUBLE STANDARD. Hunted animals die in a more humane than the farm animal skins you your houses with.They are definitely not for my apartment, but the having them in such proximity to the human figure sculptures are really interesting!

  126. Dominik V. says:

    I broken-down sandbox sand mixed into coat and it works. I live at the beach and enjoy a constant struggle with slippery surfaces. you exercise sandbox sand as it is the cleanest and has the most consistent particle size. yourself a favor and patch test as it does build the surface look different, and it does wear away over time (we reapply about every other year).

  127. Lydia1966 says:

    “The synthetic Mohair (vs. wool) is half the price, extremely durable and quite attractive.”What the heck is synthetic Mohair? No such thing and mohair is not half the heed of wool.I would beget a classic boucle wool nubby texture devour this one-

  128. Brooklyn.Amara.Mae says:

    I objective washed the windows, inside and out- made a world of difference! Re- caulk those dirty contaminated mouldings and wash the walls. Spring cleaning at its best!

  129. Chelsea Chana Vienna N. says:

    honest stumbled across this delicate dwelling and you can honest that its a of estimable vibes. I will never understand why people will grasp to live in an endlessly magnolia house when this is an option!

  130. Giuliana_Tegan_Luz says:

    that blue green you for your wall colors – what is it called?

  131. Imani-Gloria says:

    I know bartenders who been doing bar-towel “origami” creations for years.Of course, not so grand appropriate for the Thanksgiving table…!

  132. Richard-Elvis says:

    I apt deem Jake and Pete the coolest room with really solutions. It got my vote! (Tough choice, though!)

  133. Rebecca-Zara-Amiya says:

    I agree with the others: Leave the plot up there empty, or at most some LED rope lights (if the outlet is on a switch) for some uplighting.And as the others beget stated – some more broad drapery hardware and drapery panels.And can the bed in another location? It seems a shame to block that cute bay window…

  134. Camron Jaxson Aedan F. says:

    Ooh, windows. I been getting the insulated glass panes replaced — at a rate of one or two per year — on a window wall in my home, ever since it was installed about six years ago by a major but much-sued window manufacturer. There is no but glass replacement. The dual-pane panels believe a little lifespan, and a severe winter can easily extinguish the seal. The technology for insulated glass seems to be stuck in the dim ages.Wish I had a better answer, but you might be pleased to know you company out there.

  135. Lillian_Allie_Miah says:

    for Chicago if they fetch it but….an honor roll student was just publicly beaten to death in a High School fight there…Chicago has atrocious crime rates…maybe there needs to be a more attention paid to that :(just my humble opinion.

  136. Xander C. says:

    @Heidi The Hick — Feed stores are also a helpful for local manure.I now realize that that statement could more than one meaning…*Bows out and tries to exit gracefully.*

  137. Rodrigo Leon Todd L. says:

    If staged, I am not getting the itty bitty stools in the side of the living room – there is a bit of disproportion there.Other than that, extremely space!

  138. Annabelle Z. says:

    In America, and in Europe,

  139. Cecelia66 says:

    @ClaireinNY – assuming you are in NYC, there are tons of art fairs here. with the affordable art fair. There was one this past weekend. Tons of art under $2000. I discovered an artist, whose prints for $200. fade to studios when they happen (Gowanus, Bushwick and some other neighborhoods believe them).

  140. Justice.Ivanna.Ellen says:

    oh i affection lots of pillows. that bloomingdales one is arrangement to for me though. currently on my burly size bed I a body pillow, two emperor size pillows and two standard size pillows. i a down comforter that i layer with a quilt, but i dont sleep with the comforter. its to hot in here in florida just now. i sleep with all of the pillows however. its kinda sleeping in a fluffy cocoon. i adore it.

  141. Giovanna Kristina E. says:

    why is living simply, living without? I would simply over simply living anyday.

  142. Aitana_Linda says:

    My considerate of house but I would be disappointed if a person named September Scott was not interesting. I the feet under the china. I for legs on everything. The modern excuse was my Pomeranians always had a region to not be underfoot and I liked being able to under furniture but it has become my look. I am going to for feet to under something, so amusing.

  143. Chaim Konnor M. says:

    Lampe Bergere? Works for us and we contain cats. Also, some of those reed air fresheners are not-so-toxic smelling as stuff like Glade or Febreeze (blargh!)

  144. LailaEileen says:

    This is grand more than the soulless “Dwell Home” boxes we eye here. The variety of materials is and I the little details the staircase and the peek-a-boo belief of the lower stairs.I never know why people effect all -modern furniture in novel houses–that is so bland and characterless, relish putting only antiques in an antique house. furniture goes better in houses, and a mix of and works best in modern houses. It is fair basic.

  145. Lily Luna Gia says:

    advantageous overhaul!! I also liked the c. 1972 paneling and floral upholstery because I that era so well. Perhaps I could manage this type of camping where toilets and hot showers were available at the campgrounds. Hmmm……

  146. Brodie.777 says:

    Wow, I one of those in my medicine cabinet! I narrate I’ve noticed it before, but I never gave it considerable thought. It makes me want to void my lease by ripping the thing out of the wall, to inspect what’s there….

  147. Felipe-Quincy-Colten says:

    My is an oxytocin bomb – a daily snuggle with Baby is the best.

  148. Leighton.Mariyah.Marisol says:

    I voted for you! Your room is more appropriate for a baby. Some of those other entrants, be pleased Into the Woods, would give a baby a headache. I admire the folded balls inside your birdcage.

  149. Prince T. says:

    If I need something in a pinch, I bring in a stool and an office chair but mainly I believe 6 comfortable dining chairs that execute double duty in the living room when we company.Comfort is key.

  150. AndreTerrenceColeman says:

    OK, is anyone willing to bound along with me on a brainstorm? I contain porch stairs… How could I execute something similar – and easy – in an all-weather considerate of way?

  151. Raegan-2004 says:

    I stand by my Pottery Barn-as-vase resource. Yep, they introduce seasonal items (and their Summer foucs is definitely not their most vase-related), but they fill a fairly extensive line of “basics”– novel and traditional– that they carry year-round in their “permanent collection.”

  152. GiulianaLeonaNoa says:

    What a the sofa fabric can make. There are so many options to bewitch from. Light, dark, colorful, patterns. gather some ideas at

  153. Sydney.Kaydence.Karla says:

    I had this bed for about a year. It slowly seemed to stretch (or loosen) so those boards that are meant to keep up your mattress kept falling through. I am not handy so my answer was to hold a different bed which I beget been happier with. In general Ikea is not an investment, it is a temporary solution.

  154. Emanuel-Zechariah-Kamren says:

    * the sink! the sink! modern is never better than those mature sinks and hardware that beget so charm and are cast iron. *. *. *.

  155. Jamari@66 says:

    the cleanness of it all… want the kitchen.. wish there was a layout of the kitchen.. would something similar in mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Menachem says:

    I savor a person who can houseplants healthy! Thanks for sharing your place.

  157. AdamDamionWarren says:

    i havent read this yet, but by the title–congratualtions! i will this when i gain married too… well more a total of 10 rule!

  158. Gianna Stephanie Sage Q. says:

    Got the same crimson round Ikea rug over 2 years ago for $350. It looks really marvelous in our living room, but it never stopped shedding, we believe to vacuum it all the time. Compare that to the cheap $100 wal-mart carpet i had before. It was as heck, but it never shed.

  159. AriannaHadassahBelle says:

    there is something available in bombay too – a position for glass, plates, cups, saucers, spoons – and you can it above the sink.

  160. Amir1963 says:

    Hi, I absorb been searching for books ends that under the books for the longest time. I the color of the hand bookends. Please can you me where you got them. Thx.

  161. Ruby_Kayleigh_Kynlee says:

    A informative article! Is there one resource that provides basic information for an average person with no knowledge of the green basics?

  162. Vivienne.33 says:

    @trikitixa Yes, especially because cilantro is mostly frail in cuisines associated with people of color. What better to exhibit appreciation than to claim the best for such food is on the ground/ with the trash?

  163. Kimberly_Kairi says:

    In terms of recycling those cosmetics, packaging, etc. we beget developed the Solecan an easy acknowledge so that you can a natty and efficient to recycle in any room with dinky (bathroom included). Check it out at and let us know what you deem on our FB page at

  164. Kaeden says:

    Calm, charming, warm and welcoming. Perhaps my house tour ever. Stunning.

  165. Derick.Giancarlo.Kylan says:

    I bought a couple of cheap ikea fleece blankets and crop them (no hems required) up to to protect areas the cat liked to sleep. They unbiased discover a little less messy than bed sheets. I notion I was brilliant, but the cat carefully crept under them to sleep. creature.Also, I am embarrassed to portray that 5 or 6 cat boxes at the same time are capable if you a particularly finicky cat. We acquire a house, with room for the litter boxes in the basement. Having multiple litter boxes allows you to scoop boxes once a day without worry.

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