Really Outstanding Minimalist Design Grey Dressers

Grey dressers will come with some minimalist designs that will make you amaze and surprising surely. Gray dresser is a furniture that is needed by the women. Surely because dressers has become a staple of women. According to the times dressing table already exist in various forms. Dressing table would have been handy to decorate themselves. Dressing table has existed since ancient times up until now developed a variety of shapes and designs. Dressers are usually placed in the room bedroom yes indeed for easy reach.

awesome grey dressers mirror with 10 drawer

awesome grey dressers mirror with 10 drawer

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and sharea about how really outstanding minimalist design grey dressers. It said dresser gray as the needs of women as a dressing table is very important. If no dressers may we as women will not be able to perform maximum in front of everyone. Given the need for dressers are very important to the lives of women for the craftsmen Jepara produce it for use as your dressing table. In looking for dressers are usually sought after quality and good design. For this reason gray dresser is manufactured with skill and tenacity by our craftsmen. With this grey furniture can help you to facilitate the ornate. Lots of today’s furniture market. However, to meet the need for ornate been presented in a Jepara furniture. The presence of the dresser is needed room of the house let alone the occupants of the house is a woman will certainly be very important role. The name alone dressers certainly useful to decorate themselves.

wonderful grey mirror dressers with three drawer

wonderful grey mirror dressers with three drawer

luxurious grey dressers with 12 drawer

luxurious grey dressers with 12 drawer

The presence of the gray dressing table in a room will help you to very captivating and a maximum front of everyone. Not only that by presenting a dressing table this room you will be able also to add beauty to your interior. Moreover, the models are very beautiful course your room will be look beautiful too. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and sharea about how really outstanding minimalist design grey dressers.

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  1. Lydia Freya I. says:

    This is of scary…if a connection forms between the threads and bottom contact (which is likely to happen in a lamp, where the balm can potentially melt and ooze down), the socket will short out. I would really not recommend doing this. As a general rule, any of electrical fitting should be kept as as possible to avoid fire.

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  3. JonathonTalon says:

    My six-year-old son will not let me diminish his claw-like toenails unless I also agree to paint them (dark metallic blue with an overlay of iridescent sparkles; he is at standing up to bullies), but I believe a fun mom/dad/or older sib-done mani/pedi at plot is far more appropriate for the younger space (since when is FIVE “tween”). I a creative fashion note that includes inspired dress up, spray-on hair color, face-paintings/make-up and manis or pedis for any takers boy or girl sounds a favorable at-home party that would inspire creativity and imagination. A salon party sounds it would inspire consumerism, superficiality, and conformity.P.S. been in a salon in my corner of the world (New Orleans) that has special kid pedicure chairs with headrests shaped indulge in Kitty!

  4. Rylan_Tobias_Jaron says:

    When I reorganized my closet, I left the doors off for several days, just because I liked looking at it so much. It was so pretty!

  5. Mariana_Isabela says:

    If you want to “be true” to the age and fashion of the house, you may want to gawk at some of the many books on bungalows (library or bookstore for browsing) as well as American Bungalow and fashion 1900 magazines, to contemplate the various ways people clarify the style. YOu will everything from neutrals to deep rich tones, so this may give you a to glean a feel for the range of choices as well as for what you really like. Since your woodwork is white, you believe a bit more flexibility I think–our 1929 house has the novel finish woodwork and it sort of helped its colors (mostly sagey greens and golds in our place).Have fun with this!

  6. Dahlia Mabel Ophelia P. says:

    If you want cosy a deeper warm shade on the wall the chair would help, and a less restrained, more colourful of art.. something that makes you feel alive and free. I would deffinietly add some comforting texture with a capable rug and a couple of astronomical candles on the mantle to vary and soften the height reducing the sparse they now- and add some depth of field by sitting a framed on the mantal- I am a sucker for mantals.. even high mantals- they can be changed through the seasons even draping garlands and detached natural materials.I contemplate I a single book laying there? I consider reading books is cosy- if thats what you like for a cosy feel bring more into the space!Good luck and enjoy!

  7. Valerie2005 says:

    did you this cramped bathroom makeover?

  8. Marlon.Kasey says:

    So it needs to be sealed and may need to contain a bonding agent added? How environmentally friendly are those??

  9. AlexzanderJovanni says:

    Totally off topic, but that pic for #4 confuses me. One of the main features of that extension ladder is that you can separate it into two smaller ladders to as scaffold bases, therefore getting rid of the need for a second ladder (which appears to be the same size as the extension ladder would be when fully extended). So many questions.

  10. Penny says:

    Try getting quotes from auto upholstery shops. Might believe to a chronicle with you as most are sans computer.There are some craftsmen out there who miracles. Prices can depend on how busy they are.

  11. Camilla Katie Arely B. says:

    @CanadianMango “Elizabeth Gilbert? THE Elizabeth Gilbert? No, I am not going to any advice from her.” Haha that is exactly what I thought! I saw that name and tuned out when you leer snow and hear static on the TV.

  12. Brody Corbin says:

    I five glass windows 5 feet by 9 feet. Does anyone know where I can plastic sheets that will protect from the heat and sun, not be decorative?

  13. Braeden Ernest says:

    i affection ikea. i to hours there. the lines at mine are never that bad, especially with the self-checkout because they can them all initiate at once. my boyfriend dreads it, so that makes it even better because i to alone, derive a cinnamon roll, and acquire my sweet time!

  14. Kyler-Sage-Leandro says:

    tie a sandbag to it so it hangs down between the legs, lowering the center of gravity enough to stabilize it.

  15. ReedGilberto says:

    I am looking forward to a blueprint of continuing to motivation like with the January Cure! Last year not every project seemed applicable, and our weekend really begins on Monday (hubs and I are both clergy) but the spirit of the thing is helpful.

  16. Omar Uriel Q. says:

    Your is lovely. I fill been a lifelong fan of conventional interiors. It extremely noble to inspect classic things musty in this home, some in unconventional ways, to suit your needs.

  17. Camilla-Lara says:

    Does anyone remember the dining room in Cache?

  18. Emerson_Irving says:

    Wow! to journey defective in a such as this! I particularly relish the desirable lines of the kitchen area. Kudos on the home.

  19. Eddie_Karl_Camryn says:

    Yes! I fill one of her prints from ( in my living room and I cherish it so much.

  20. Amari 1984 says:

    As of this posting, I furnished no fewer than 8 apartments in various cities, due to and fleeing a really ghastly relationship and going into hiding, almost ENTIRELY by shopping at thrift and resale

  21. Zane 777 says:

    Glass shop. They will probably chop the mirror out and install mirror for you with a backing.

  22. Mila_Priscilla says:

    Throughout my childhood, I had three dogs that are known for profuse shedding (the fourth was a non-shedding breed for fairly reasons) and never solved the “dust puppies” problem. However, one thing that did during our vacuuming was vacuuming the dogs themselves. None of them were shocked of the vacuum, and actually enjoyed it. apt turn it to the lowest setting, and once they are former to it, you will to deal with the fresh content of dogs being in the of your vacuum!

  23. Jamie Irene says:

    looking home.Where can I chairs similar to the ones in the picture?

  24. Gary Beau Rohan says:

    My jam with all white – it looks in a room with astronomical windows during the daylight hours. At night, it looks really blah. Not at all. The light and airy is completely lost and the whole thing looks vaguely dingy.But it does for some interiors magazine candy.

  25. Vivian Gemma Siena I. says:

    incorrect blanket statement, up2down. We closed in December in PA with nothing more than a standard lead paint waiver. SOME lenders may require that now, and more may in the future. I would things to vary greatly from articulate to and market to market. This would be a topic for more research and a full-on post….

  26. Lena_Liana says:

    Janel, what no details? How “dare” you characterize a kimono with no details! Is it new, vintage, where can it be found–what gives? Would also info on the re-imagined cane chair and the wild prints, but why not everything?

  27. Chaya O. says:

    My husband volunteered to photos for Rebuilding Together, San Francisco. I drove; he shot, photos, that is,of 3 work sites–a group residence arrive Third and Gilman; a residence on Bridgeview; and a project at Thurgood Marshall High School. extremely worthwhile endeavors.

  28. Dane says:

    @Onebed Thank you so much! The rug is from Urban Outfitters ๐Ÿ™‚ We a limited memory foam pad underneath it to cushion from the concrete flooring. The green chair is from Ikea and comes in other colors too! That chair might be my part of furniture I own!

  29. Kate.ZZZ says:

    I contemplate as long as the two sides are balanced it will examine great.A really easy is to lay the smaller photos/art from the side the mirror on top of the mirror laying down on the table. It the surface is about the same you are balanced!Another trick I to exhaust for layout is cutting out paper bags (or any paper) in the size of each fraction and using painters tape to attach to the wall. That blueprint you can step to view. Better yet…you mark where the nails to be by poking a hole in the paper! When you earn the layout you pound the nail through the paper!

  30. Zion Alfred says:

    Lucky cat to such a tolerant owner. job!

  31. Catherine Calliope S. says:

    Wow, totally stunning! dauntless and inspirational. Stylish and a I want to more off!

  32. Anahi_Jolie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you – for leaving that astounding wood all unpainted! It is honest lovely, the house, furnishings and art.

  33. Sawyer Laylah Moriah E. says:

    As as I despise MS, check this out.

  34. Aubree Rhea A. says:

    has anyone ever seen the comforter in the movie “I now you Chuck and Larry?” I admire it and would savor to know where you could it. ThanksphotoCAP_847 and where can I it?

  35. Claire Sienna Regina Y. says:

    Thanks for featuring Unruh Furniture Kim! I started this business in my garage four years ago and it has been a lot of fun to it grow over the last few years. I am a fan of Apartment Therapy and thrilled to be

  36. Eliza-Yaretzi-Jazmine says:

    @mon_truc_en_plumes A sconce that mounts to the wall and extends over the table could be a option. West Elm has some apt choices. You could also forgo the of placing a traditonal permanent fixture over the table, and a gargantuan floor lamp with an overhang, such as a reproduction Artimede or Arco Lamp. You can these on Amazon for a decent price. That you can mosey the fixture whenever you need to reconfigure your dining space. Cb2 and West Elm also acquire floor lamp versions with the same concept, but with shades. luck!

  37. Adriana says:

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  38. Will.Branson says:

    One of my favorites. Ever. Question: “…I felt I was on vacation in the East Coast.” East * of what country?

  39. Collin Amare B. says:

    The reclaimed wood coffee bar is brilliant, I how it resembles a layer cake with dripping paint resembling frosting. looking at it makes me hungry for a and pastry.

  40. Tanner_Chris_Branson says:

    @Melu Coffee tables are ample to absorb but there are rooms so or awkward that there is no room for a coffee table–mine for instance. We had one when we moved here but the only plot for it was in a traffic path so we gave it away.But you can without one, although you conclude need to develop things easier for guests.. The nesting side table is an idea. We accomplish ok with an end table and a storage cube with the lid that flips over to a tray. It works extremely well for refreshments– we even tea off it (teapot, saucers, and everything) I also a lidded wicker basket I can pull out and do a tray on if we company and need to achieve snacks out, but mostly we assign snacks in the kitchen and folk can in and them and them on their plate–or hang out in the kitchen.We play board games on the floor or at the kitchen table.If we need it, I beget a 3 height folding table we can pull out for working or jigsaw puzzles in the living room.Having no coffee table makes the room more flexible and is apt when I believe 5 middle school girls playing “Just Dance” in the living room or when I want to workout with kettlebells. The living room is our only hangout space, other than the kitchen, so it needs to be multipurpose.

  41. Ty says:

    I fill lived in micro apartments in both NYC and SF and been restyling furniture for many years…if the roof is flat it is a option, can a windy. I acquire also cloaked the bathroom (only if it has a window) with drop cloths and sprayed in there. Be to wear a mask!

  42. HannahAbril says:

    We an annual contest to behold how long we can out before turning the heat on! Fleece socks, wool sweaters and down blankets may catch us to the 1st of December…but 32 degrees this morning did for a bathroom.

  43. Bonnie ZZZ says:

    friend,we can provide fiber optic kit for application in the picture,if you may interest in it,you can contact me.lilian lee

  44. Jordyn-99 says:

    Words cannot bid how astounding this area is! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Mathew-Maximillian-Arnav says:

    The family lodge/resort home my family went to every year for vacation had a elephantine tree growing through the dining room and out the middle of the roof. When the owners expanded the dining room in the 60s, they built around the tree because it was so big. It even had a itsy-bitsy stream of water at the of it, which sometimes attracted frogs from outside. Really bizarre, considering the otherwise formal dining room.And I agree with ljbmonkey, too. Decks around trees were a in my average suburban childhood.

  46. Emmalynn-1963 says:

    @JasmineIsDomestic–good point. of augury is that previous owners respected original, even as they covered it w rug & paper; no “open floor plans,” no popcorn ceilings, layout & copper accessories & paneled doors & thick baseboards & wood stayed. If that floor is new, it recalls the vintage. it is downhearted that not everyone does.

  47. Jeremiah Jaylon G. says:

    We did the same thing, the one always happened to be freshly washed and modern pjs. All so that we would inspect agreeable in the video/photos for my grandparents.

  48. BaileyJovan says:

    smack in the middle of the country, us Washingtonians place Goods.I found quite a few staple pieces at Goods. Two of my most purchases beget been a simple desk which only cost $100. And I also found a rustic cabinet for $99.For you Nor-Easterns, there is a area Goods in Danbury Connecticut. A hour from the city but def worth stopping by if you happen to be heading upstate.The more frequently you go, the more likely you derive pieces.

  49. Annalise says:

    Living without a TV is easier if you accumulate alternate sources of entertainment, reading a book or taking up a crafting hobby or exploring your city (or countryside) or hiking/walking. Doing something that gets you off the chair/couch or even out of the house is always a better option than sitting calm with your eyes glued to a for hours on end.

  50. Kyler.Kole. says:

    OK, honestly? This tour is fantastic, totally sexy!! When can I in?

  51. Vanessa.Malaysia says:

    My childhood was back-to-the-land.I the yardstick for a lifestyle choice relish this is if this couple sees their (possible) kids living as they one day.Me, I live in town with Warm Board floors. I know kids who live be pleased their parents did on the land, but most often it is a one-generation fling, abandoned by the children at first light as too and meager an existence, correct young people in picturesque rustic European villages flit to the cities.Being downhearted and chopping firewood of the summer has zero glamour to a pragmatic twelve year old.I know this post was meant as inspiration, and look! they are smiling! There is mighty worth in doing with our hands what machines execute generally, and even one year will be a anchor in their lives, but this lifestyle is no joke. Frozen toilet seat is amusing one time only.

  52. Giuliana Reign F. says:

    a bottle of teriyaki sauce fell out of the fridge one day and the bottle broke into thousands of microscopic shards of death glass that were hidden both on the vinyl of the kitchen, and in the carpet of the ajoining dining room. Not to mention the sauce seeping under the carpet and perfuming our dining room with the smell of stir-fry until we were able to find the carpets cleaned.that by far is the worst – unless you count me leaving the tap on while filling up the kitchen sink and then going to vaccuum (which led to me not hearing my mistake) resulting in a mini swimming pool in our kitchen!

  53. Azalea-Zelda says:

    @redneckmodern I totally agree, loud music, people objective hanging out, weather are all indicators of potential neighbors

  54. Damien_Jaxson says:

    Wow, Daleth. Thanks for weighing in with your hefty opinion about sarcasm in journalism.”Maybe fair a green. Not writing.” ? These are not even complete sentences.Perhaps you should stopped reading at the first point.

  55. Tyrese says:

    Me too!!!!! Where did you gather them? Or if you made them I want a DIY tutorial!!! PLEASE!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also your collection of tins! cute!

  56. Landon_Marcos_Brent says:

    Also, it looks you may carpeting in the stairs. If so, changing that would also assist to modernize.

  57. Mariah Madelynn S. says:

    Probably paint would max out the $50 budget?I personally the airiness of the white.

  58. Richard says:

    I this. It objective feels so * and perfect–exactly appreciate one is on vacation and wants to cease forever. I how she has combined a lot of found items in a arrangement that is extremely tasteful, without being overkill. I adore this entry. substantial exhaust of what is otherwise an akward layout.

  59. Everleigh@777 says:

    I a Desiron canopy bed and I appreciate it. It is similar to the Room and Board Portica Canopy bed but it actually has a headboard so the pillows on the bed. extremely high quality and beautiful! And, for those of you who live in York, you can get more reasonable prices by purchasing floor models.

  60. Amari says:

    I agree with the judges on this one. he was beneficial and all, but a lesson is to not fill so mighty in a room, I would contemplate that is a fairly basic lesson, that he hadnt learned yet. It looked bask in someone threw up in there, all the chili and beans on the floor. blueprint too many glasses everywhere. Ugh.But I this was the greatest interior invent episode of any prove I contain ever seen, EVER. Dollar store, BRILLIANT!!! I dont alot of money, I dont a place. with constraints is the name of the game.

  61. Demarcus L. says:

    I absolutely admire this apartment. Yes, everything is blooming and perfectly curated. What is even more impressive, however, is how the objects and layout deem the thoughtfulness of your intentions. home, advice. I am rooting for you!

  62. Nova-Charlie-Lilith says:

    Alternatively, you can a hole and a in a round tablecloth (and hem things up prettily if you want to accumulate fancy) and that around the tree.

  63. DerrickLawson says:

    I acquire a skateboard deck as art on my wall. I heavy-duty fishing line to hang it on a wall hook. It looks amazing and is sturdy/safe.

  64. Lillianna says:

    I correct picked up a lemon juicer from Cost Plus that looks objective the same, and cost $11.99!

  65. Thea Coraline says:

    I the second one with the Linen runner! That with some paperwhites in all different size containers would be so fair and chic!!Like its shown here:

  66. Milo Jacoby K. says:

    you should check out http://www.whiteonwhite.comthey believe mammoth stuff

  67. Adley Monroe says:

    Kinda hot — the ins good, but feels devour a knock off to me. There are a lot of vintage chairs with similar bones out there, and unlike Eames and other MCM furniture the vintage pieces can collected be found cheap…

  68. Thomas_Deandre_Ronnie says:

    I musty to be an anti-pink militant, but beget grown to be quite fond of it. Luckily, I now acquire a room of my own, and believe pink in it. I know my husband would be with pink in the main living areas.

  69. Georgia Aniyah Deborah M. says:

    Yeah, all those diminutive things weigh on my mind daily and my husband is completely oblivious to everything. So annoying.

  70. Arielle Julie Lindsey says:

    Or you can your for $10 or so:

  71. Lana.Sariyah says:

    The print is called “Horse in Motion Print No. 2” and Plantation sells them online – the smallest print (20 x 30) is about $450. An Etsy photography art search will yield some glowing cold photos of horses.

  72. Nylah.Gloria says:

    How about soft drink? Or pop us canadians exhaust is so better! lol “thank”fully, we already had our canadian thanksgiving befriend in october – i consider the US date is too soon to christmas (just my two cents but what can you do? And yes, i my tree up!). cheerful Holidays!

  73. Milton@1993 says:

    What a home. The kitchen and master bedroom are especially beautiful. So serene.I adore your JRTs, having them myself one is 18 yrs. ancient I they acquire not smell and easy to clean.However, I am surprised they not dug up your vegetable boxed garden?? That would of been a play box for mine.And yes your daughter is blooming too I also the color of her room.Thanks for sharing.

  74. Freya Kennedi says:

    Everyone has strengths; a house meeting and out what they can bring to the table – of a bartering system. Each person contributes a skill of sorts to the household, plus add the of a money fund for housecleaning and maybe you can some household harmony.

  75. Kali Kiara Mae Y. says:

    So I that your landlord might not want to employ $750 to fix the chimney. Giving him other options could at least befriend you.

  76. Teagan-Malia-Desiree says:

    Nicely done.On a side note, I am having all the planks covering the walls in our residence ripped out.

  77. Rebecca-Kimber says:

    man, Apple is the best at ripping off other programs and OSes (cough, cough, Android) and convincing the non techies that they are for coming up with the idea. Practically everything announced has been around for quite some time now.

  78. Rose says:

    I acquire always wondered how well the “fuzzies” stood up to the goop and drippage of the wallpaper paste. As I acquire recently experienced, wallpapering is a hella messy procedure.

  79. Sebastian-Peyton-Israel says:
  80. Alison-Katelyn-Anabelle says:

    I beget had the BEST experience with EtsyMy favs:
    Modern planters:

  81. Lennon says:

    @Mirza14 Thank you so much for leaving such a considerate comment.

  82. Landen says:

    These are mammoth plants, they require almost no care, and when the flower head dries, you impartial it off and plant it where you want more of them to grow next year. They really glimpse in the garden as well, a kindly flourish of green with beautiful purple round blooms on the ends.

  83. Emmanuel.Adan.Grady says:

    Really glowing and non pretentious home. Such a delighted family!

  84. Gabriela Aisha O. says:

    Magnets are a super-easy craft that makes a substantial gift. This is a cool conception for fresh ones.I lived in a house with * cap magnets, once. Obviously a limited more bachelor pad esque.

  85. Shawn911 says:

    i enjoy to agree with truetex. ive sat on it. Its not comfy

  86. Ernesto says:

    This is stunning!!!! those white appliances, backsplash to die for, pendant lights- coolest cabinet hardware & that color on the cabinets!!!!! care for

  87. Leila says:

    extremely heartfelt, and the you integrated the elemental Frost poem. Thank you Maxwell.

  88. BraidenCortezSimeon says:

    @Hotchka – Yes!!!! I need my daily caffeine boost, and I disapprove to chug water. And if Georgetown Cupcakes my way, far be it from me to not give one a loving home.

  89. Terrell-Zackery says:

    This is awesome! recently I tired touchingprints to earn DIY. Their service of printing instagram and facebook are cool, check this out:

  90. Ian says:

    Flower I was thinking the same thing about the dog statue! Ha!I care for this livingroom, it could be straight out of a mid-century better homes and gardens. Please that as a compliment.

  91. Cristopher Malakai Santino J. says:
  92. Sandra-1980 says:

    attend before orange was fashionable, i had a diminutive diminutive apartment and i went to the art store, bought a tube of orange acrylic paint, and painted a wall between my bathroom and kitchen absorbing orange.a million people told me it would be horrid. then everyone loved your gut.

  93. Armani J. says:

    elated Birthday!we enjoy a Felix too – almost 5 months old.

  94. Dandre.1998 says:

    Wait, does this mean I absorb to let my husband decorate too? ::shudder:: The man had geodes and cross-stitched Halloween ghosts up when we started dating… it was May.

  95. Vivienne.2017 says:

    @PAFarmhouse : I feel this contrivance about many words in common now, and to chalk it up to being older than average now (wikipedia says the average age in the U.S. if 36.8 years). That said, I agree with you that some words are worse than others.

  96. Alayah 911 says:

    Where I live–Redding, CA–$500,000 will you a excellent McMansion on a lot. I contain a two-bedroom, one-bath cottage with hardwood floors, fireplace, coved ceilings, and a backyard that I bought for a cramped more than $160,000 ten years ago. A friend replied my house would hotfoot for more than a million in San Diego where he lives. But he gets the ocean and at least some cultural amenities. I hot, hot, hot (106 degrees yesterday) and redneck politics but an affordable house with charm.

  97. Athena Janessa says:

    Really loving all of these, except the last one…. I feel this one could believe been better. That said, I the first example! The tutorial shows how distinguished work he actually went through to accumulate this deceiving knock-off. *slow clap*

  98. Destiny-2004 says:

    These tables are actually sturdy. We had done the same thing a few years with three gloomy LACK tables, and it for a unit in our living room corner a few years back. (small lamp, books, plants…) It was great!

  99. Serenity L. says:

    I am in Hancock Park/Windsor Square and live a block from Larchmont Blvd. To be able to glide to the bank, drycleaner, newsstand pharmacy and restaurants without getting in my car is such a pleasure. I eye at least one of my neighbors doing the same every time I am on Larchmont.

  100. Draven says:

    We enjoy lots of hay grown here in the USA and Canada (as someone else said). This is *.

  101. Sheldon_Marcelo says:

    Oops sorry, corrupt link was in my clipboard:

  102. Lennon Paula Ingrid says:

    My 10 year would admire this! My fav. harmful movie-Bad Santa!

  103. Declan-Korey says:

    I bleach to neat the tub and bear never had that happen. eek!

  104. Karen-Jaelynn-Louisa says:

    About a year ago we looked into a few Hideway type desks for our apartment. Both of our two computer desks, along with one desk being the major gaming station, made the living dwelling discover a bit bask in a instruct center.Instead of buying one of these desks, we built doors onto the front of an existing desk that had a keyboard tray. When it is all closed up, our computer monitor objective looks like a flat cloak tv on a tv cabinet. It was a a honorable for us to find the same and assign a lot of money.Two photos in Picasa Album:

  105. AlexanderTobyMaximiliano says:

    correct checked out your Pinterest and Flickr. Your basement photos definitely establish things into prospective. It totally changes some of my thoughts.Entering into the living room/kitchen is distinguished better and those “street” windows seem to let in more light then the back, plus the first impression is a large, knowing inaugurate space. I can glimpse why you want to with the glass wall bedroom idea. For sleeping someone could easily hang curtains.I would stick with the bedroom in the you had it, but I would build the bathroom gigantic enough to encompass that door. This would enlarge the residence enough for the toilet, stackable washer/dryer, a free standing glassed in shower w/seat and sink. The sink could be on the bedroom wall, which you a wall. This would allow you to a pocket door from the bedroom into the bathroom (directly left if you are looking at the benefit door) and then either another pocket door into the living or a genuine one. This would allow the door to exist for safety purposes, but not be the one of the first things you when you in the front door, if that makes sense. Plus you wouldnโ€™t to deal with the expense of bricking it up. Or to give more wall region in the bathroom you could one door from the bedroom.Leave the stairs and one of those cool ideas you contain posted in Pinterest. That would give lots of storage, you money tearing it out and honest overall earn you ogle relish a cool/creative landlord.I would definitely add the really coat closet/pantry on the as you in the front door.

  106. Julian Prince V. says:

    Can anyone identify the white and lamp in the photo? THX

  107. Arya-99 says:

    Opps, forgot my e-mail, it is:midgette_naomiATyahooDOTcombe clear to fix it, I to it the device it should be due to spammers.Naomi

  108. Derick says:

    @* nugget I kitchens that appear to been created by home designers….

  109. Jaelyn says:

    I agree that unless you are a godparent or family member, a book is probably the best gift choice. Some of the Christian book stores carry extremely cheesy books indeed, so amazon is probably a better shopping venue for one with which you feel comfortable.

  110. Siena-1965 says:

    for tapestry weave or pile/ tapestry weave combinations, one could gaze to the kilim (tapestry) or dayzingi and mashwani(combo).

  111. Jude Luciano says:

    The comments are more often edifying than not. Enrique, for example, is known for his comments and impecable instincts. And most posters are friendly and kind. The comments are of community interaction.

  112. Shawn says:

    My brother and I tried being roomies when our parents divorced and I was forced to out of our childhood house. (I was commuting to college and he had vacated the premises.) Maybe it was the circumstances, but it was accurate as dreadful as when we were kids. I him dearly, but we were not meant to live together. Never again.

  113. Carlo-Clifford says:

    caty80 looks to thi Room and Board bed and dresser series

  114. Giovanni Draven R. says:

    hey erin- that is a throw rug from urban outfitters, its titanic because i can throw it in the washing machine when my dogs it muddy:)and my workspace is a work in come clap, thanks for the though.

  115. Emily says:

    Super. W klimacie Zab?ocia. ?ci?gali?cie poliester z tych starych mebli?Pozdrawiam.

  116. Hector Adan says:

    How – I the current entrance canopy!I wonder if they need a built-in sideboard?

  117. Nigel P. says:

    Please HELP, I want this Petrie sofa but i dont want it in 86 inches! I looked on a million sites and cant anything it! ANyone believe any other suggestions. Has anyone ordered from White on White, is the sofa as glum as i heard??Thanks

  118. Stephanie.Cecelia.Jayde says:

    I took an Mexican hand-wrought iron chandelier, removed the wiring b/c the was not available, and effect remote control tapers in the sockets. It is stunning! adore the peacock feather redux!

  119. Corey Jefferson Kelton U. says:

    The natural elements (the tree stumps, the coffee table) plus the doggies are always guaranteed to me swoon. The colour on the walls looks cozy and much lighter than in the Palette *.I agree with Lyon that the art is hung diagram too high. I would even believe removing the two smaller pics on the correct side and leaving only the two bigger one.Congrats on the fair room.

  120. Oliver.Harrison says:

    I absolutely loved that sectional as a kid, because it was a giant couch-type platform. The possibilities were endless. If I had the space, I would absolutely beget one in my house.

  121. Carmen says:

    I it. I recently discovered the majic of color in my and, luxuriate in you, it took a while to convince my better half that something other than beige or light grey would be livable. Your apartment reminds me of the Mexican colors and would do me want to advance location at night and a lot of time there. It shows the bold, inquisitive, adventurous nature that you deny you both have. up the work and…go color.

  122. BraelynnTabitha says:

    i did this a couple of years ago, a chisel and hammerlike this one

  123. Larry Alexzander Kennedy U. says:

    Can you recommend other web or b/m galleries of up and coming, affordable artists?

  124. Peter says:

    Hopefully you been able to a retail store that sells the Leitner fabric you are looking for. It does look devour a Leitner pattern called Istanbul in color Anthrazit. We at SDH are the US Distributors for this brand. You can a retail store in you by going to Hope this helps.

  125. Jonas Maurice H. says:

    I agree with the comments about balancing the colours out, with whites or downhearted browns. I white would be best, to maintain it light. I would paint the walls a white, and add in the other colours. I personally contemplate orange, pink, and yellow walls are a exiguous too loud for the a three year faded will sleep! But the colours will be together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. RileyAngelaMaylee says:

    I vintage suitcases as proper suitcases. I abominate cutting them up for shelving (see linked previous post referred to above) but this of reuse is appropriate and brilliant. It celebrates the outside and the functional inside of the suitcase. ogle at the fresh post, where you can ogle the texture of the leather.

  127. Alijah-1969 says:

    I appreciate to my hair dryer and curling iron in a lidded basket, which resides on the floor beneath the pedestal sink. I bear a travelers heatproof sleeve for the iron, so I can store it in the basket immediately after use. A friend of mine had a ceramic * that she kept hers in, which looked too.

  128. Javier Maximillian D. says:

    Iโ€™m 30 and rented all my * life, but am in buying a home. The only major drawback is that I could be mobilized at any time (Iโ€™m in the Army) and being single and my nearest relative over 1700 miles away I do what will happen to my position if I deploy again. Other than that one alarm factor I would to actually believe a place and compose what I want with it. No more wall to wall beige carpets!

  129. IslaJulietAdelaide says:

    Grady — I assumed you wanted to car. Given that, don;t even bother looking in Inwood (or elsewhere in upper Manhattan) — parking will be impossible!

  130. Alexandria-Sierra says:

    Wow, that gave novel meaning to awkward layout. thoughtful solutions and the decor is quite attractive. I care for how it looks contemporary but level-headed has nods to styling. Repurposing the hutch was a comely choice.

  131. AveryAadhya says:

    I also absorb a long and narrow living room. It is visually divided into two areas, the first, a library and plant area, the second the “living” allotment of the living room, with couch, entertainment center, and table in the corner. Each plot has its enjoy rug. The rugs are laid out in different directions, which also helps delineate the areas. A microscopic grouping (a stool, plant, and basket) stands at the junction of the two areas and helps ease the contemplate from one dwelling to the other. My house was on Therapy a few years ago, so you can gape what I am talking about at:

  132. Kathleen2013 says:

    Hey all I visited the FLOR showroom in Atlanta. They were supernice and I got to touch all of the solid pattern FLOR tiles I was fervent in. I could post what I of the tiles but where should I establish them so people beyond today can read them? Also if anyone on AT lives in Atlanta they could provide a more indepth review with thickness, color and pictures. I didnt time for OCD-ness cause I was on a business trip.

  133. Macy@911 says:

    Demeter makes a line of single stamp fragrances that are perfect for this application. I devour Grapefruit Tea and Tomato (smells a modern tomato stem).

  134. Rafael-88 says:

    I calm fill my land line phone, it was drilled into me, if you live in California you to a land line in an emergency. So I and I only pay $10 bucks to it going.

  135. Darian-Gaige says:

    cute! I the to my decorating problems is having stylish roomies.

  136. Ramona says:

    I replaced my regular trash can with one that hangs on a cabinet door ๐Ÿ™‚ Simple Human in cabinet trash can It can be directly * onto the door if you want. The hanging trash can leaves floor area inside the cabinet to other things.The inside of cabinet doors is often wasted space. exhaust hooks to do bins or other items to the door.

  137. Samantha Melanie Bianca says:

    @Diana in BGKY — Really? An electric kettle is a amazing contrivance that boils water in less time and using less power than anything stovetop. Mine happens to be beautiful, too.As to storing wooden spoons in a drawer — thinking about it makes me realize I seem to believe some conventional opinion that they need to breathe! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  138. June Harleigh says:

    Also, the Cant desk is on sale at Fab for under $400 factual now. I was literally shopping for this yesterday!

  139. Alec says:

    cherish this entire space! cozy and sophisticated with some itsy-bitsy quirk. You guys (and your kitties) are so cute!

  140. Tessa.Willa.Stevie says:

    Please acquire clear when you are dismantling feeble TVs that you properly dispose of the CRT. Older sets indulge in this one can believe up to four pounds of lead inside of them that can leach into the ground and ultimately contaminate ground water. Recycling a is clever but ultimately if not done properly.

  141. Madelyn_Keira_Joyce says:

    A dazzling area (the building), some cute things – but why did this deserve a tour? I agree – a visit in a year might provided a better tour.

  142. Natalie Marissa S. says:

    Well, I conception I was over the faux taxidermy trend to an extreme, but apparently I am in desperate need of a pink flamingo taxidermy. So, so, much.

  143. Xander Irvin Santos Z. says:

    Schnauzer,The stools are by Paris-based Iranian designer India Mahdavi:

  144. Taylor Desiree says:

    idea! feeble suitcases are always dirt cheap at flea markets and thrift stores.

  145. Cecilia_Estrella_Caylee says:

    @BRILLIANT?GIRL: homeowner explains this at the outset of the story: “The into the valley could not be seen from the kitchen before. I wanted a kitchen where I could esteem the and gaze the kids while they were playing, inside or out.” Did you at the befores? That kitchen was walled off, and tiny. The wall had to go. And what a result!

  146. Marcus.Dean.Abram says:

    We were amused yesterday at the Container Store to how aggressively they were flogging dependable Simple, the magazine that tells you what 17 items you need in articulate to do PERFECTLY something that worked before their intervention.(No, I was not buying storage. I was buying a silver wire CD rack to turn into a repair garage and donut shop for 1:24 Homies.)

  147. Aliana H. says:

    Alot of color combinations going on, but you it work. I forgot how I admire orange, maybe a wall in my dining room?? Agree, a extremely cheerful place.

  148. Ayden66 says:

    My CPK was named Albert. I loved him, even though he was bald.Biggest Christmas disappointment? Getting a knock off Georgetown Hoyas winter coat instead of the Starter version I was dying for. Oh, man my mother.

  149. DonovanBrock says:

    out to Patrick (the other one)I’m sorry. I didn’t myself clear. Regarding the cactus doily: I got the impression, from David’s doily explanation, that this was one of the most manly doilies ever created since it was made from the rip cord of a WWII parachute. My point is, no matter what it’s made from, it’s a doily. Doilies will never be manly. Doilies will always be associated with mothers, grandmothers and confirmed bachelors. There’s absolutely nothing with that or even having doilies in your apartment. I unprejudiced found it that this doily had such a virile, macho pedigree.It’s a apartment David in DC.

  150. Lorelei Hadlee Kinslee says:

    Neither one of my cats has every damaged a duvet or a quilt. If the duvet is sturdy it should withstand any kneading. It looks the in the picture is the quality of the duvet and not the cats.

  151. TrevonLincolnRishi says:

    First opinion when I saw the is how long will it to begin a fire in the mantel facade.

  152. ArmandoBrendon says:

    What a home, thanks for sharing. You such a fashion that is reflected in the items offered in your shop as well. I esteem everything about both: abundance of natural textures and color, multicultural arts and objets, humble yet sophisticated, artfully arranged, comfortable and inviting. Truly inspirational to this artist/budding entrepreneur.

  153. Bo.Elian.Jordyn says:

    @Carly1 Thanks so much, Carly! The rug is from Anthropologie ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Alina-Rowan-Antonella says:

    I am a chair * and a shiba inu owner, and I to say those chairs are fantastic, all of them, and the shiba is adorable!

  155. Michael-Salvador-Reese says:

    The cat sofa is conventional; it has a seat, and legs (fore legs and hind legs).Reminds me of the Arlistan “Le Gato” commercial from Argentina.

  156. Charles_Asher says:

    potted plants are always hot, its a cheap to your lived in and grown up

  157. Cooper says:

    Must.. have… table!!!!! sofa.. not my personal style, but wish it were.

  158. Alexa Gabrielle Irene says:

    Hi,The 3rd and 5th photos here I took and are of Grueby pottery in my Grueby collection. I am you would to them in this piece, but please give me a photo credit and also say that both the Annie Lingley bud vase from 1903 and the cup are from the collection of Andrew Demcak.Thanks!-Andrew Demcak, Art Pottery Collector

  159. BaileeSaige says:

    Baby wipes made of paper towels? Sounds a bit rough. More likely to cause chafing than to prevent it, methinks.What is it this week with the AT and things this week? First the Atlantico furniture, now this.

  160. Jaylen_Silas_Reuben says:

    This area looks appreciate is a mid century novel museum. Beautifully curated. I am going to about the desk in the office. Lovely!

  161. Abigail says:

    the tour – especially the living room. beautiful linens…wish they were available online/on etsy!

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