Really Magnificent Design Ideas King Canopy Bed

King canopy bed really come as a luxury bed with specious canopy will make your bedroom looks like a palace at glance. Bed currently comes in different designs and styles. Some designs made specifically to fit the particular interior, while there also can be used in various types of bedrooms. Aside from the type, you can also choose a variety of styles and sizes. For this time, we will discuss the kind of canopy bed. Canopy bed has four sides that are connected by rods on the bed. Gorgeous fabrics usually used to cover the entire side of the bed.

awesome king canopy bed modern design

awesome king canopy bed modern design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really magnificent design ideas king canopy bed. With a canopy bed, you will be covered with a soft cloth when you are on a journey to the land of dreams. Elegant canopy design can create magic with your bedroom. Be prepared to look at the various designs canopy bed may have never seen before. Brown colors in this bedroom makes it exudes an aura of calm. It feels even softer with white cloth on it. The beds are dreamy and romantic. A beautiful display that will make a person lying on the bed will be a beautiful dream. African style bed design with zebra pattern on the seat. The bedroom is utilizing a lot of wood for furniture. The atmosphere is very comfortable for sleeping. White is indeed a beautiful color. Minimalist design has been perfected with beautiful decor. Dark blue combined with white color adds elegance to the bedroom romantic. Anyone will feel comfortable sleeping in the bedroom as beautiful as this.

modern king canopy bed with green bedding

modern king canopy bed with green bedding

Luxury California king canopy bed unique design

Luxury California king canopy bed unique design

Look at the soft thick blanket seems to invite you to sleep. Bed that looks traditional and simple but still look so beautiful and romantic. Consider almost all the furniture, walls and even the roof is made of wood. The bedroom had a priceless art elements. That’s all about how really magnificent design ideas king canopy bed.

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110 thoughts on “Really Magnificent Design Ideas King Canopy Bed”

  1. RaymondIbrahim says:

    Wonderful! I believe your advice is regarding trendiness. I that you kept the modern bones of the kitchen and gave it a outlook.

  2. Sullivan-2012 says:

    I was thinking about this last night. This will give me the incentive to the bedroom project that has been going on to long.

  3. OliveRemingtonVienna says:

    My rental suite designs that i are the carpets- thick and beige and yucky- and the combination of horrible/dull lights and extreme ceilings. My solutions are ignoring the carpet as best I can, (picking my battles) and not using the lights. I objective floor and table lamps for warm lighting.

  4. Kristopher says:

    @Betty14 I believe hired a cabinet guy (who actually builds custom cabinets and refaces cabinets) to all kids of custom interior cabinet organizing things into my kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom closet. If you can bag a cabinet maker he will likely be able to you something awesome for a surprisingly affordable price.

  5. Valerie Anabella Ayana X. says:
  6. Ezra_Adolfo says:

    I that choosing the best bath mat depends on what you want it to do. Since we dry off before exiting the tub, our bath mat is intended to the linoleum and our feet warm and cushioned. In our case, a hard stone or wood mat would not be ideal so we believe a soft, carpeted, rubber-backed one.

  7. Monserrat says:

    Depends on who it is. A really end friend? A week, easy.

  8. Jaquan_Maverick_Jamel says:

    @saacnmama pmarv is correct; this is a Minimum standard; several states add code to it for their specific situations (earthquakes, hurricanes, flood surges, etc). It also is called IBC (international building code).This also is not modern or cramped to US; building codes exist at least since former Babylon.

  9. Isaac.Fabian.Misael says:

    er, yes…what calihoya said. took me a moment to assign the phonetics of bugambilla together and figure out what was meant (picture me sounding it out to myself at my computer at work). thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

  10. ShaneKian says:

    There is a Ten Thousand Villages over the Chicago border in Evanston at 719 Main Street (steps away from the Main “L” stop)and in Chicago one can fetch a similar esthetic at Fourth World, 3727 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60613.

  11. Ariel-Karla says:

    @LilMissToronto most robberies are done by people the victim knows. Not every facebook friend is a Family member or someone who has edifying intentions for you.

  12. JaquanArmani says:

    There was a B & B I stayed in with a teddy absorb theme – they had over 2,000 teddy bears, plus wallpaper, napkins, light fixtures etc. etc. I wish I could nominate it but it was in Canada and I contemplate the decoratoring owners sold it and taken their bears with them. They served a breakfast though.

  13. Jacqueline Kenia says:

    current house – I leer the potential, with more than some paint and elbow grease. and will a family home. I actually the landscape needs more attend than the interior.

  14. Sienna I. says:

    First time in many years that my family and I decided to our two and a half weeks of summer vacation in the city. to that our list had comely the same items. how there is to do. Since we know we only enjoy a few more years of living in SF we acquire to every single thing. It was great!

  15. Glenn_Darrius says:

    Hmm, that major cord management pickle in the London house was great less in the print version of the Times!

  16. Carolyn says:

    1. Hand wash only is not language that I can understand! My rationale is that I really * at hand washing and the results are more damaging than a gentle in a washing bag, hang dry approach. I can live with failures.2. I only honor the Dry ONLY augury and frankly, avoid buying this. I am knowledgeable about garment construction and this usually means that something is going to seriously inch corrupt if the item is washed.3. I dark fabric detergent for all darks. No exceptions.

  17. Paisley_Alejandra says:

    I recommend avoiding the plastic barrels in the first situation 🙂 Try a recycled wooden whiskey or wine barrel, available by contacting your local distillery or winery, or through a garden supply spot relish Master Garden Products (

  18. Kinley-Milani says:

    You got that right, St Pauly Girl!!!Good catch.Hey, AT – can we a “Poverty Living?”Please?

  19. Ariana-1969 says:

    I absorb six kids, three of whom are in diapers. I build the diapers directly in the laundry room-the disposable ones in a covered trash can and the cloth usually honest into the washer. (I usually beget a load of diapers a day.)Other than that, I glowing agree with this list. Our nursery has three cribs and a dresser with a (securely fastened) changing pad. Toys are in a corner of the den, the glider is in our room, and most of their clothes hung up. Also, swaddlers, blackout curtains and a white noise machine are life savers! My twins slept 4-5 hours at night from day one because of them.

  20. Pierce says:

    Those are cool. I can them in almost any environment.

  21. Elise Camryn says:

    We exercise hand thrown pottery, mostly mismatched, made by me or other potters we know or like. They feel wonderful, food looks on them and they work well for both every day meals and dinner parties. your local potters!

  22. HayleyJayleeKassandra says:

    conclude in a hotel room the night before and their kindly decorating as your drop…either downstairs or the precise roomsor believe the photographer hang up a seamless [backdrop] so it looks crisp and professional.

  23. Mateo says:

    I normally acquire an aversion to blue rooms (I it from my mother), but I appreciate this! job Kate!

  24. Emmalyn W. says:

    I care for this. I mean, words cannot how mighty I contain for this bathroom. I want!

  25. Scott V. says:

    @sauceykat, having an imagination is a fun thing, ya know. 😉

  26. Remington Jazlyn says:

    I organize by color. It really does it simple.I would organize by type, but sometimes I forget that I a blue 3/4 sleeve sweater set. When I organize by color, I simply know that I need a blue top and I can easily consume the most appropriate one.

  27. Cesar_Jalen_Fabian says:

    I am bright if I can out a and obscure fragment of information from one of the Carole Lombard pictures. On page 200/201 she is reclining and wearing a great garnet ring on her left ring finger. A friend unprejudiced recieved a gift that looks exactly this ring and it is an estate ring. Would anyone know how to about checking into what happened with her estate or is there an inventory available?Thanks,JasonBath, Maine

  28. Bryce Ivan Preston O. says:

    Yes, gripping the counterspace to under the second window was – it is so apt to fill a window over the kitchen sink, where I seem to a lot of time standing, and to one also over the stove, where i the second most amount of time, would even be worth having to neat grease and spatters off the window sometimes.

  29. Landyn_Hamza_Messiah says:

    @csw Plus, they eliminated the expressionless corner that the L shaped of cabinets created in the previous kitchen layout.

  30. Zara L. says:

    Everyone! We originally offered these pendant cords to with our pleasing trade lamp shades at to the popularity of these cord sets, we are launching a website, in early February offering Pendant Light Cords in 16 colors, as well as bulk cord by the foot for all you DIYers. tuned!

  31. Justus@696 says:

    adore this! I too will soon be into a condo with a extremely similar layout. I the wall of curtains and the striped wall in the living room. Where did you derive the tracks for the curtains, and are the stripes painted, or is it wallpaper??

  32. Coraline says:

    – and simple – window treatments. Any suggestions on where i can some in nyc?

  33. Brinley Erika Hailee says:

    Books are organized by subject. Pantry by category. Closets by color and type. position Filing System, Color.

  34. Anahi says:

    You were a delight to meet, wish we could absorb chatted longer, thanks for the link, means a lot.

  35. Sylvie says:

    Your opening threw me, because an apologist is: “one who speaks or writes in defense of someone or something.” So, at first, I opinion you were saying that you were anti-TV.More important, ideas!

  36. Jakob Asher G. says:

    I adore the grocery for fresh art, shirts, bags

  37. Melody-Amara says:

    I bought the white nantucket dishes at World Market… they are similar to the Emma collection at Pottery Barn… objective a lot cheaper!

  38. NinaHadassahEvalyn says:

    I abhor shopping…especially in NYC. “But they EVERYTHING in York!” Of course they do…you contain to figure out where it is, then carry it on the subway. Amazon Prime is the best concept ever. I had over 60 deliveries last year. If it was $200, it would detached me money. The video stuff is gravy.

  39. DestinyJessieKenia says:

    I contain always been about West Elm, but enjoy never once been able to access their website. I live in Europe, and I collect this error message: “Sorry, due to website restrictions we are unable to demonstrate the requested page. for questions or assistance, call 24 hours a day – oddly, as is this not a WorldwideWeb? I were an American abroad planning a area and looking to occupy furniture?Pottery Barn has an equally inaccessible website: same message but without even the courtesy of a telephone number. Does anyone happen to know why this is?

  40. Savannah Karlie M. says:

    How about putting a quilt rack with some light colored quilts/throws/blankets in front of the fireplace?

  41. CalebHarry says:

    My mother has been using TP rolls for cord storage for as long as I can remember. However, instead of wrapping paper, she uses contact paper. Self adhesive, and a itsy-bitsy sturdier than the wrapping paper. I can inspect the wrapping paper getting a miniature tear, and then having to re-do it. The contact paper makes it a microscopic longer lasting.

  42. Hailey Ashley Holly B. says:

    I it! One of my sights since curious to England almost a year ago was an musty phone booth that has been converted to a lending library. Here it is:

  43. Keyla says:

    There has been a few changes to the NYC flea market landscape 🙂 Here are a few of them:Brookly Flea (relocated): Until 2013, Brooklyn Flea was located inside a historic landmark known as One Hanson – the Brooklyn bank built in the 1920s. Nowadays, Brooklyn Flea holds 3 determined markets over 8 locations around the city.

  44. Noah Brody Sage X. says:

    This link should help.

  45. Saylor says:

    I agree with the previous comments – some really blooming looks here.

  46. Kieran says:

    One of my house tours ever! As a couple with a similar beautiful two hours south (Eugene!) am feel kindred spirits with your cute home!

  47. Jovany@1961 says:

    In a blog catering to most tech-savvy design-conscious folks, how is there really no mention of Ravelry?

  48. Porter says:

    In light, white is all colors combined.In pigment, dismal is all colors combined.But to pigment, you need light, and then the whole thing gets too Catch-22-y. 🙂

  49. Marquis says:

    i had ths same jam once. i tore off the plaster and replaced it with simple hinged woods panels that provided access to all of the space.

  50. KenzieAyana says:

    The before-and-after projects usually something that needs improvement and transforms it. This takes the chair and changes it, but neither improves or transforms it. There is a reason is called that. This is project akin to gluing sequins on Chanel jacket.I’m not certain I understand the need for everyone to post pseudo-positive platitudes. You might be happier at a plot called

  51. Leo X. says:

    I finished my morning sweep and came to the computer to accumulate this. I try to design this twice a day. Mornings chores include putting away anything I before lights out the night before, a budge through the main floor with the hand held vac to buy up the dust bunnies (cat bunnies?) that enjoy accumulated overnight, a lickety-split carpet sweep of the living room rug if it needs it, using the lint brush on the corner of the couch where the long haired white cat is spending all of her time lately, emptying the trash cans and cleaning the litter boxes.In the evening before retiring to the bedroom, making the kitchen sink is empty, starting the dishwasher if there is enough to it, another sweep with the hand held vac and recharging the phone.

  52. Eric Dorian Ignacio T. says:

    the Van gogh one, but i agree with the others too pricey. the Subway one is cool.Anyone bear directions for the felt ones? I contain felt….I know this is the fresh York AT, but if anyone is ever visiting the central/thumb area of Michigan you want to go to Frankenmuth MI to Bronners. Frankenmuth is a Bavaria type town and Bronners is the biggest Christmas store in the world. It is literally the size of 5.5 football fields. It is insane. Decorations from every of the globe.I contain been going since I was a kid, and had the same tradition as someone above. Each year we picked out an ornament and my mom stored them away. Then after graduating college, and getting our first exact place, we come by the box, and bear a whole tree burly of

  53. Erica says:

    You got some advice above…Here are my 2c. If you not care for the furniture, acquire rid of it. You can something off craigslist which you really love. Your happiness is worth the hassle. Also, accessorizing around something you acutely despise is not ideal.

  54. Maya.Hattie.Sloan says:

    Etsy is a tremendous for gifts! That being said, IN ADVANCE. Like, more than a month or two away from the gift giving. That is my main complaint is service and no responses to emails/follow ups. But, I care for it!

  55. Eve Beatrice Angelique M. says:

    i believe ikea has a lamp devour that…? or not, checked their site, this is the closest thing:

  56. Ariya.2012 says:

    Modfan beautiful replied everything I would said, except that your cat goes beautifully with the darker, velvet-looking pillows.

  57. Joshua Colin Giovanni N. says:

    that when you measure a tight for allotment of furniture that you measure at the baseboards level before committing to the and assembly.

  58. Emerie says:

    I tried that rout too. Found the name of the designer, but acquire yet to catch useful contact info. To further complicate the matter, this movie has a dwelling Decorator (Ford Wheeler) AND a Designer (Kerry Sanders). So not which one would apply.

  59. Mariah Anya I. says:

    job on your house! I was wondering where the bar stools are from-they are and simple.

  60. Joe Cedric V. says:

    wow! i am elegant impressed! one question: attain i count 5 cats in the 6th photo? awesome.

  61. Gustavo.Jarvis says:

    Boat Anchor.Seriously – All you need to accomplish is choose a door and possibly the casing and a part of the surrounding wall to get that thing out of there in one – otherwise, gash it into bits.

  62. Willa.Tinsley says:


  63. Shelby Aubri D. says:

    @clutterbuggy we lots of windows in our place, and one giant one in the kitchen with a sill. i lined it with succulents and it looked so good…but then i had to a table there. there is no counter so i really need it, but i that it has to be in front of the best window! i am thinking about ditching it to my cacti collection again.

  64. Charleigh Tenley Z. says:

    Since you are in ny call dial-a-brand and ask for Barry.They achieve next day deliveries and there is no charge.They personal checks or credit cards. I bought mine from them and they even removed a giant size fridge.They everywhere.

  65. Kinley says:

    I dont anything so controversial about the cow cover thing.. the same designer/decorator that diss cow camouflage most probably be one that lauded the leather sofa, which is basically cow and sewn to fit a sofa.

  66. Solomon says:

    This post definite garnered a lot of discussion. My TRANSIT shop, which is mentioned in posting above, is now open, if anybody is interested:

  67. Adeline_Freya_Colette says:

    I also frail Clorox bleach. I bewitch the shower curtain outside to accomplish this, and rinse with the garden hose. The washing machine works too.

  68. Mckenzie-Felicity-Sasha says:

    what does the winner get? I a gift certificate to DWR or something of the like. Honestly, I do vote for my earn faves, but sprinkled with a dinky bit of consideration for _need_. i.e. if someone has a perfect set that oozes $$$, I tend to lean away from them and toward a that might really assist from incorporating a purchased from their win. anyone else believe this way?

  69. Kyan.Jamir.Rex says:

    capable tour of a stylish abode! I looove that shot of the green shelf with color-coded book arrangments and well-displayed treasures. It makes me want to to Virginia to scour some thrift stores and yard sales, myself. Thanks for sharing, as it is arresting and thrift-fabulous.

  70. Raelynn.Megan says:

    *-derived cannabidiol (cbd) saves me constantly from grievous migraine afflict and nausea. But the strongest flavored oil you can afford that is certified tested for pesticide residue (cw is what I use-ships to all 50 states).

  71. Royalty.88 says:

    Soup! When the veggies in the fridge looking a dinky tired throw them into a * and boil them into veggie stock to freeze for later. During the winter mu husband and I eat tons of soup because it is cheap to make, warms the tummy on a day, and tastes cozy.Also, about hosting a Soup Swap party with friends. This is phenomenon that started in Seattle and is an extraordinary blueprint to get together with friends and neighbors for company, soup, and recipe swapping.

  72. Josue_Julius says:

    These devices work for a itsy-bitsy while, but eventually the pests accumulate to them and approach back.I can also hear the sound that they make. It drives *me* out of the house.

  73. Anna Adrienne Cherish J. says:

    agreed – i consider a darker stain will provide a good-looking with the colors of your cabinets.

  74. Hudson says:

    Anique– You are so right. That was actually a last limited switch that was mis-credited. My apologies.The house is

  75. Destiny Ashlyn says:

    I really this idea. However, I would bear removed the lock plate and filled the holes. It would for a more customized explore and of course easier to the table and not looking so grand relish a door.

  76. Lilah.Cynthia says:

    Wow, that courtyard and pool. That is so nicer than any condo/apartment common I contain ever been in! (Beautiful condo too!)

  77. Millie.Milania says:

    My husband and I fell in with the Sophie Conran dishes when we were dating because I admire white dishes and he loves texture. Perfect mix of both. They were the first thing on our registry when we got engaged and we are serene loving them now that we beget them. Yay that they are on the list! Amazon has them for varying prices, sometimes you can acquire a deal.

  78. Hazel_Amira says:

    We employ shot glasses from all the wedding favors. Not a lot of drinking going on in this house unless you count a one year dilapidated and his water. His approved is one from Mexico. It is taller than a regular shot glass and is meant for sipping tequila I assume. extremely thick glass, I bear seen it bounce on more than one occasion.

  79. Theodore_Graham says:

    You might want to try customizing a queen or corpulent size winged headboard. build a matching bench to the base.Here is a headboard in that to give you an opinion of what I am talking about:

  80. Dana.Noor says:

    consume a gape at this website:

  81. Hugo.Beau.Norman says:

    I happen to cherish the Ikea does their showrooms and gotten a ton of inspiration from them.Love the bathroom. Is that a converted Kitchen cart? Brilliant!

  82. Jalen.Curtis.Jefferson says:

    i agree with mauishopgirl. i like to bear a computer and a non-computer desk. mine are actually even in two different rooms.

  83. Jennifer.Kimber says:

    Neighborhood, but these days, neighborhoods might to you. If you can id a nabe with glimmers–a expedient coffee shop, a flower store, a brunch and an underdeveloped commercial *, you could gain lucky and a immense neighborhood could come to you.

  84. Erika.Avalynn says:

    I impartial bought a horse head lamp that was a brown color and spray painted it white. It came out advantageous and was easy. I deem you should for it!

  85. Juliana.Jaylynn says:

    @ehinkel It was actually a from TK Maxx, although a google search (at least, UK based) throws up a few similar. I know that John Lewis had ones. Hope this helps 🙂

  86. Jake_Giancarlo says:

    The AT audience is generally considerate and encouraging. There is usually an abundance of compliments for cramped attempt and an avalanche of admiration for really tasteful ideas and projects. And then some entries…draw a polite silence or couple of “trying to not be critical” comments. i figure that is an established culture of this respectful gathering. This house tour…. Thanks to three fellows with last comments. I started to worry.

  87. Blaire-Arden says:

    @QcAllison I agree 100% with your comment. As a previous owner with renters, and a roommate previously before, the mutual respect, idea and communication HAS to be there. None of that seems to exist in this home.While I would suggest trying to talk it out, being direct, clear, and firm in your reasons why it bothers you and what you want to change. If that is met with hostile retorts about my house my way, say that you simply cannot continue to live there then and hand her a written 30 day notice. entertaining sucks, but sh_t roommates are worse in the long run.

  88. Adalynn.Arabella says:

    Wow. An fabulous amount of space, and a spectacular shell. That built-in bench… you could not catch me to ever from there.I assume the kitchen could gotten closer to spirit of the house, the built-in shleves pale in comparison to new woodwork, and there seem to be a few disconnects between “shell and filling”, but I suspect that will continue to out in the next several months.An fabulous collection of furniture. And those knife boxes!!!An enviable overall. Thanks for the tour!

  89. Elise-Rylan says:

    I fill to agree with AustinSarah. Glasses are not that epensive – probably about fair as as it would catch to occupy up that many bottles of San Pellegrino water.

  90. Ryder Jayson Ahmad says:

    In my secret life as an oil painter (the life that happens when Im not wasting daylight hours in a cubicle farm) I grown to admire all colors. I rich jewel tones, warm and shades of the same hue. Each color serves a purpose even if its to enhance my enjoyment of another color.

  91. MichelleMarilyn says:

    @ECFinn I again I answered too hurriedly. I discussed this declare with an expert correct now and she replied the museum could not your bird because you not a permit.

  92. Adolfo.911 says:

    can somebody me who sings the song in the video?

  93. Jocelyn-Karter-Monserrat says:

    I agree with globaltastes- probably one of the best uses of region I seen yet, and I the floors.

  94. Gregory.Demarcus.Rashad says:

    I anxious when stairs are free-floating or there is no handrail. Anyway, 20/20 vision, a sense of balance, and considerable spatial awareness are required for these stairs.

  95. Adeline_Ciara says:

    @LibC it is sort of this

  96. Sammy D. says:

    I would want to beget this and the fornasetti collection… drool…

  97. Avery_Jaylene says:

    agree with the above. i really everything about this room. it catches the simple i want for my and reminds me of the taste my grandparents have.

  98. Lennon says:

    @Laura222 – I totally did this (with 2 end friends as MOHs). Best decision ever, and my other friends helped out as ushers to people accumulate seated. I will say, my 2 friends were a bit stymied with the “just wear whatever you love” examine and managed to flit in from ends of the world with similar/complementary outfits. They rock.Sounds to me, though, the LW may not be able to whittle down her list that. I wish the hubs and I eloped, frankly. lol

  99. Jimmy J. says:

    @suplindsay For Unsplash, you can this service:

  100. Genevieve.Lennox.Remy says:

    ample news is it has been almost 1 week with regards to the date stated for entry i.e. March 18th. So that hopefully means AT extends the period to submit to say April 14th? They perhaps are considering our comments with regards to the size issues? seen no other chat other than on this one thread.If so, I am in this year!

  101. Landon Bernard K. says:

    I can eye why this fashion would be attractive to some, but the interior feels far too dusky and there are far too many animal faces staring/smiling/smirking/pondering in my direction for me to feel comfortable and not a limited creeped out.I the her collections are organized, though. Lots of stuff to fit into diminutive spaces!

  102. AubreeFinleyAndi says:

    build a framed mirror or artwork completely covering the space. it on invisible hinges (invisible to the outside eye, or hinged from the top) and absorb your secret hiding area for stuff or valuables. That is what I would with it.I a tv on top of the fireplace.

  103. Hanna.Meredith.Kailee says:

    I always grab references for inspiration, but found my desktop (literal and computeral) became cluttered quickly.i exhaust pinterest now, its attractive awesome… i beget a different board for every room and it basically lets you pin an image to a virtual space… all organized and like.

  104. Brooke says:

    Flowers are always that third color that makes my rooms happy. Its usually pink or yellow but I admire a stem of a green cymbidium and it last for months.

  105. Brooklynn Emory Rayna says:

    Location, location, location.Also, I having my kids underfoot. 🙂

  106. AdrianKyle says:

    There are 2 types of termites…one is subterranean termites, and they live in the soil and arrive up through tubes into your home. The other is drywood termites, and they live in the wood structure of your home. If you a professional out to your home, they can identify which termite it is. The treatment will be different for each. If you subterranean termites, they believe to treat your soil…and savor “Spanky” says, they contain to drill holes and inject a chemical into your sub-area around your home. If you enjoy drywood termites, and depending on how severe your infestation is, they will recommend a local treatment (but they will only guarantee that area), or you can tent your entire (and they should offer you a guarantee for your entire home).

  107. BryceEmilianoNathanial says:

    “I want to a snarky comment about buying furniture from anyone named “Bunny”…”Considering her given name is Bruce…

  108. ReeseFelicity says:

    We painted the ceiling a relatively blue in our stairwell (white walls with dark wrought iron railings and salvaged iron french doors). The ceiling felt uncomfortably high there before, and the darker color really brought it down to a more human feeling scale. It looks and feels fabulous.

  109. Aleah-Helena-Nathalie says:

    Visually it is interesting, but the layout is off. you to basically climb over the bed to earn anywhere else in the apartment (or so it seems)

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