Decorate Your White Headboards Smoothly And More Comfortable

White headboards are really wonderful designs that can make your beds better. Therefore, you can find some outstanding ideas in decorating the white headboard smoothly with the comfortable touches. If you are going to make or decide to buy a headboard white color that is so, choose ottoman bed that fits the character of your room, meaning that if your room has a theme more to the feminine or romantic, select the headboard that has a lot of carvings, usually the materials used are materials of iron, and if your room design in a modern style, choose a more simple headboard is not much use engraving and neither has the size of a thick.

Upholstered Headboard White with traditional style

Upholstered Headboard White with traditional style

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really interesting decorate your white headboards smoothly and more comfortable. Prepare plywood or wooden board with a size as large as your bed, width and height adjustable only. Prepare a fabric that has a soft texture and has a beautiful pattern according to taste. Prepare tacks to attach the fabric to the plywood, so that feels soft, you can add the foam on the surface of a wooden board and glue. After a flat surface surrounded by foam board and if already tender when used to lean, you just direct the foam lid with a cloth that you have prepared, paste using tacks on each side of her. Once completed, attach your headboard made in the upper end of the bed. You can stick it part of your bedroom wall. After you create a headboard use materials around you, in order to look more attractive, you can add a unique decoration according to your creativity.

Morocco headboard white color with 2 pillows

Morocco headboard white color with 2 pillows

the best Tufted white Headboard

the best Tufted white Headboard

Can utilize paint colors that match the furniture around you, as well as accessories-other accessories that you can use as a display. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really interesting decorate your white headboards.

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  5. Emanuel W. says:

    hello christiana -sorry to be a exiguous behind to the party… i stumbled upon this article via a link with a different shot of your interior. i was particularly taken by what appeared to be a shot of a round table and chairs in front of the red/yellow wallpaper (possibly the kitchen?)… could you me more about the table if you consume the details of where you purchased it?many, many thanks – and kudos on a home!

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  19. Ivan Terry says:

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  22. Nylah_Azalea_Aya says:

    Thank you for posting. This in the Alma Restaurant is attractive but quiet keeps a relaxed atmosphere. The blend of the wood ceiling, chandeliers, and rug along with the rest of the décor is soft and inviting. The amount of light also helps an opened and airy atmosphere. Thanks again for sharing these.

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  24. Brylee-Hanna says:

    My deal breakers:- no windows- no yard or patio- bathroom/kitchen- heavy smokers on premises- carpeting- lack of storage, cabinets, pantry- rooms too to a queen size bed in

  25. Trent says:

    Everything is achingly and well-placed. The hanging ribbon-peg-postcard conception is brilliant. How do you load your Expedit with all that stuff without it looking a bit bendy in the middle of the shelves? Lastly, the coral armchair is perfection itself!

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  47. Harold@911 says:

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  48. Gracie_Sloane says:

    it. The only thing I found disconcerting was the builders grade tile. But in a rental what can you do? I contain to suffer with grisly lino.Kudos for pulling all of those quirky and pieces together. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Noel Neil Deon Q. says:

    I absorb also been thinking of a daybed. Will a second bedroom (now furnished and operating as my office), to fit a daybed for occasional overnight guests, and maybe a nap for me on work breaks. The underneath storage would be welcome.

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  53. Samantha says:

    I highly approve of the design all the labels on items in your cupboard face out so you can read them. 🙂

  54. Riley-Emery says:

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  58. Lexi_Audrina says:

    Pertaining to item #8: “A mullion is a vertical element that forms a division between units of a window, door, or screen, or is decoratively. When dividing adjacent window units, its purpose is to provide structural to an arch or lintel above the window opening” (Wikipedia). What is shown painted is the window sash.

  59. Emiliano Camren Gaven L. says:

    I timers on two wall sconces the sofa, to turn on in the evening hours. I admire that they turn on and off automatically, and when I advance leisurely the lights are on. I bear one in the upstairs hall, too. (I often observe the timers at thrift stores.) At hardware stores you can find a plug-in that turns your metal lamp into a touch lamp.

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  63. Nova@33 says:

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  64. Angela Charlee Annalee says:

    * yes, I absorb SUCH trend angst! (I blogged two times about this sort of thing, of, and since then I anxiety about hexagons and Greek key being too overpopular with everyone else.)My biggest frustration, though, is owls. Owls are my unofficial college mascot (yay Bryn Mawr!) so when the trend subsides my owls will remain, and lame people will probably they dated and lame but SEVEN SISTERS! WISDOM! LEARNING! Not impartial a trend! 🙂 (See also my husband designing a video game with a fox in it; the fox thing is coming and will eventually but his admire of foxes will probably never wane after that project.)

  65. Caden says:

    I had a window in my kitchen that had genuine bubbling peeling latex type paint many layers underneath. I could even a dinky bit of wood in areas and took a scraper to try to rep the chips off so the paint would flaking everywhere. Once I peeled and chipped off the paint layers the window itself was so rotted underneath it totally crumbled to dust, so ya I would be careful doing anything yourself…if its really atrocious and your landlord doesnt seem in helping you fix it up there could be a bigger mess under that paint if you sand and too much.Maybe impartial wipe down and repaint neatly? If you are ambitious joint compound to level out and cracks, and a razor to pickle the glass edges to it neater.

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  67. Maisie M. says:

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  68. Zachariah says:

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  69. Hunter says:

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  70. Whitney Ann says:

    The playscape at our local Dairy Queen has something similar.

  71. Christian P. says:

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  72. Casey.Draven says:

    These are colossal tips, but I would also to know how long things fresh. If I made a lasagna with meat and refrigerated it, how many days would it last, three? Then I would believe to prep meals on Wednesday again, right?

  73. Tristin.Gunner says:

    This is exactly the nursery I would like! Saturated without being bright, calming without being faded. I esteem it.

  74. Lillie I. says:

    For many, spring represents a new beginning. A start. There is something about longer days and warmer air that gives people a current outlook on life. We this type of euphoria when it comes to decor as well. Having been in this business for the better of 20 years, we always ogle a come April and May. Lists obtain made and checked off. What a gargantuan time of year to freshen up your personal space. One of the easiest and most effective ways to this is to change some things in your home. It is not always realistic to change gigantic pieces of furniture, or change the colour of the floors- but sometimes just focussing on accents can create all the difference. A couple of accent pillows and some modern curtains can really change the of the room. We all know greys and neutrals are dominating the decor landscape, but spring is a fine time to add that trendy colour which can pop those neutrals. Why not change or accent those heavy curtains with a light and airy sheer? approach descend you can always change back, but for now….Spring Time is the time to let that sun peak through. bask in the warm weather.

  75. ClarenceYair says:

    @memarie Yes, there are! Occupational hazards of a rug buyer! Liked too many rugs and wanted to hold them all. At least we saved on rug pads. 🙂

  76. Amy says:

    clickchick – When I was in highschool in VT, nalgene bottles were the “it” accessory to bear – everyone who was anyone had one that they carried from class to class, and occasionally drank out of. And of course, people were always spilling water down their front (why is it so difficult to drink out of those things!), which was highly entertaining. Definitly a imprint of how the outdoor culture in places VT and Denver has crept into the mainstream…

  77. Cecilia Addyson F. says:

    I would imagine that putting the bagger on the mower, it may earn the balance of green grass and leaf mulch for the compost pile or directly into garden beds. Its always excellent to absorb a ample ratio of green to brown in any composting situation!

  78. Hadleigh says:

    this is great. breaks the mold for all the other spaces you on AT that, while beautiful, will only be yawn-worthy in a few years. timeless, comfortable, and classy. it has the familiar feeling of being the of location you might acquire grown up in, and is updated without being faddish.

  79. Erika Q. says:

    Fyi, I consider the voting system is flawed yet again. I could vote multiple times….

  80. Timothy_Cade says:

    Oy… why is it that designers are always too clever for their good? A thousand years contain gone into book to perfect the weight distribution, surface wear, cover wear, ease of locating titles on the shelf, and even to prevent dust mites from the paper. Then some designer goes and mucks up the shelf.Books require stability and horizontal surfaces. Any book that you would treat with regard you wouldnt on this shelf.

  81. Yair says:

    I glance that the author is credited as Jennifer McCartney but all the photos are credited to Jessica McCartney?

  82. Ramiro_Soren says:

    I aluminium foil trays that are designed to fit on the bottom of the oven underneath the elements. I am a renter and been using these my whole life. My mother did it before me. They are quite cheap and just thrown out when they observe less than ok. I also line under the stove top elements with foil too. It is astounding how much easier it makes cleaning the stove. Again, I replace the foile when it looks manky.

  83. Nia says:

    @lauren1676 haha yes, that is what i came into the comments to say!!

  84. Mia_Liberty_Harlee says:

    Why not a regular sized crib next to your bed? This is what we did and our room is a bit smaller than yours.

  85. Amara says:

    space! I that it feels authentically masculine rather than what art directors and editors try to sell us as masculine.

  86. Shea Dallin says:

    There are lots of options on how to turn pots you already believe into “self watering” pots as well. google them. I bear been Saving some larger water bottles and 2 liter bottles to compose humdrum drip irrigation for my pots inside and out by drilling a couple of itsy-bitsy holes in the tops and planting them next to the plant. Not only does that you from having to engage something else, but it allows you to reuse something that would fill had to be recycled or thrown away.

  87. Alexis Jamison says:

    @ jokermanoh man, execute I ever feel savor an idiot. I guess that;s what I derive for coast reading in attempts to glean though the before i on break.

  88. DerrickGideonCristofer says:

    I definitely saved some of the pictures for inspiration. I want to a guest room delight in the bedroom pictured. It impartial looks so peaceful.

  89. Bailey_Ariella_Camryn says:

    We had the same jam in our bedroom of all places. We had a box built around it and some glass windows as “doors” for the box. I added some of the stain glass film that you can do on regular windows then added a light timer and some lights. Now our “window” brings light into our bedroom every morning, factual on time. Saw something it while touring a Gaudi mansion in Spain.

  90. HarrisonChandlerGonzalo says:

    No. 5 is going to be beneficial no matter what because they believe the current windows (if not original, they it) and columns, along with the brick foundation. No flat plastic windows!

  91. CalvinBradynDonavan says:

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  92. Eileen says:

    @saturn My fav as well! Makes cameos all over my home.

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    This is a favorable property. I that the house is decorated and furnished simply, comfortably, and beautifully.

  98. Alicia says:

    I exercise a Tupplur blind as well and indeed it works out apt great. accurate one question, how did you mount your projector to the ceiling and took care of the wires ?

  99. Juliette Mina Andi says:

    @BishPlz Thank you for reading and replying to my project! There unfortunately is no to hang the lights the way. I wrote about this ridiculous element of the project on my blog if you are in reading more

  100. Kody Alonso Barrett A. says:

    My MacBook Pro needs a current home! This would be PERFECT!!

  101. AminaErinKiana says:

    My Christmas decoration and I the new LED candles. I always loved these lined in each window, a wreath on the front door and a spotlight onto the front steps. Even better when the lawn was coated in a light blanket of snow. Simple and beautiful.

  102. Alejandra 88 says:

    I AM SO DOING THAT! What a immense idea! I 2 wine crates fair sitting around… they will soon house some herb gardens. Thanks!

  103. Aiden Yahir Z. says:

    I esteem the hounds tooth rug in the bedroom. Sweet! Also, I admire what you replied about dressing the diagram you decorated your place.

  104. Martha.Kinslee says:

    The geometric shapes and lines that the Scandinavian rooms provide are amazing. I the that they combine lines with soft blankets/pillows and some pops of warm color. I recently had my bedroom done by a furnishing service called Furnishr and they had a lot of designs that fit into this. I absolutely the contrivance my bedroom feels now. is the site. Check it out!

  105. Darien Keyon says:

    I want that chair I some many fabrics I want to use. I would figure out what accent color in your you really want to pop and let this be the piece.Cork fabic would be fun.

  106. Felipe.Francis.Geoffrey says:

    Also, be distinct to employ flowers with no or microscopic scent. Peonies can be especially heavily scented and gain it or not, exquisite as they are, some of them smell unbiased dreadful!

  107. Sean_Alvin says:

    Is that really linoleum? It looks some cheap stuff, not linoleum, which is an amazing, extremely durable, ecological material.

  108. Gavyn 666 says:

    I this space…how could anyone not be ecstatic living here? I if I lived here I would never want to leave.

  109. German says:

    I replaced a similar bi-fold in my front hall with a neutral curtain. Maneuvering through a * bifold door with a laundry basket was a pain. Now everything looks when we absorb guests, and is accessible when we need it to be

  110. Misael.Travon says:

    If these were removable, maybe. Anyone with teenage daughters knows how posthaste their favored brands can change!

  111. Claire J. says:

    This is dazzling and the pink is without being babyish at all! I also affection how you did the pompoms and lanterns…I absorb always liked those and am never certain how to consume them. The stripes are genius.

  112. Jaxson Cedric Demarcus says:

    Ditto that in Pittsburgh, PA–we contain all the benefits of living in the city AND a (fairly) roomy house with a fenced yard for play and a garden and and pet chickens, plus a bunch of neighbors with young kids, walking distance to several edifying schools and parks and farmers markets and restaurants and coffee shops, and an easy jaunt to more rural areas for berry picking or horseback riding or whatever.

  113. Malaya-Holland-Aubriella says:

    @Loveley i asked on the fresh tour because i loved it, it is a hot water bottle holder, that they to absorb boxes of wipes.

  114. Maria.Zahra.Yasmin says:

    * I the mail cabinet! I really really really want one…

  115. Emma says:

    How does the Green cure differ from the others? Are you allowed to employ only green products?

  116. Harper says:

    Agree with most of the above – lamps, plants, a rug and some coloured throw cushions. But also things enjoy books and ornaments. Currently this room give no clue to who lives here, some little personal details would really help.

  117. Jordon-Muhammad-Marquez says:

    you can birds somewhere online.. I did that for a vintage Alessi kettle I found, it was cheap!

  118. MakenzieMiraSutton says:

    I carry out want to enter…but it depends on if I can not be long enough to capture photos…

  119. Jared-Jaime-Tate says:

    I am having the same problem..but my is a corner brick layout for an woodburning stove…my fiance has owned this for twenty yrs and he is trying to be for change but I know its only limited…the brick is but has the white ashy stuff it tends to and the mantle is an grisly medium color natural pine i guess with a high gloss finish…above the mantle is an frightening slats of wood running up and down from ceiling to mantle and that is a lighter natural yellowish pine…uuhhhg….anyhow…Loooking at your situation….its distinguished easier…the mantle is unnecessary and unattractive….the wood molding on ceiling has to go….I that it depends on your furniture, however…if you believe the fireplace and the solid wall its adjacent to the same color….such as a taupe…there is a wide range of taupe…you can a biege or grey taupe…taupe is basically grey/biege combo but its either more grey or biege base….then…it can be light taupe…medium taupe or dark…the wall around the window and the other walls should be lighter….it will construct the room appear bigger and the fireplace and other wall will be a accent but will not overwhelm the room and will clean….

  120. Quentin Carmelo says:

    I saw and loved this (thinking more for me than kids!) but I know at a age, even with it tasting gross, smelling cookies I would tried eating this mighty more than I should!Not why as a kid I never to roll out and cleave out playdoh indulge in cookies though.

  121. Teagan_Kadence says:

    oops! I was copying you, xieta!I assume I bear to agree with warm-eclectical-modern-fun

  122. TuckerAmareBrenton says:

    extremely clever save. Looks (that top! really nice). I consider you may want some structure in the lower spaces if you are using this for kitchen storage (pantry or pots and pans)? Please fraction your other projects (with the other dressers)!

  123. Robert-Josue-Kelvin says:

    Hey Dave and Melanie,Great site and extremely inspiring!You are a gargantuan opponent and I wish you the best of luck!-JesseRyan

  124. Camden33 says:

    +1 for hooks. You can comely heavy duty ones if you need them!

  125. Layla_London_Journey says:

    @kimithy Agreed. We pay about $300 more in our novel 1 bdr apartment then we did in our previous 2 bdr. Same zip code, but here we acquire hardwood floors, w/d, dishwasher, pool, patio, and about 100 more square feet of space.

  126. Darryl 999 says:

    Hello! Could you please bid me what type of plant is the black green one on the first picture? You got a delicate house! Thank you.

  127. Luciana Briar Rhea P. says:


  128. Cameron says:

    My worst mess is when I was living in Colorado, approach Denver. Was insensible tired, because I got done shampooing the carpets of my place. So, I brewed up some coffee, and opened up my new thing of powdered non-dairy coffee creamer quickly. *POOF*. The pressure differential caused all the powder to EVERYWHERE on the moist carpet. I tried to vacuum, but it rubbed it in. Took me a month of washing to it all out.

  129. Johnathon Arjun Z. says:

    I this system in conjunction with Simplenote which syncs all my notes to my Mac (using JustNotes), Windows 7 (ResophNotes) and iPhone 4 (Simplenote App).Its the best GTD system I absorb conventional so far.

  130. Emilia777 says:

    beds luxuriate in that often advance up on ebay. infact… i will be listing two antique ornate chubby sized iron beds in the future. one is dark and one has a similar green patina to the one in the photo.

  131. Hadleigh.666 says:

    I cherish this and I how regard there was for the details. Let them shine and fabricate your room around the simple beauty! So well done!

  132. Waylon says:

    You need to flip the furniture. the sofa on the wall across from the door with the chaise of the sofa along the wall where you currently the media center. disappear the media center to the wall to the left of the door.Once you reposition the sofa and the entertainment center the whole room will inaugurate up and will give you that entire wall where the sofa currently is to do your chairs and ottoman. On the wall to the of the door you should be able to angle the glass desk and that will allow you to ditch the corner desk.

  133. Nicolas.Amari says:

    I vote before..less hassle and the home will be on its draw to becoming ” your own” immediately vs. a bumpy and forth while you are trying to sort through boxes and furniture. Once you get the keys you can always lag in for an hour or two and swatches in each of the rooms too before the contractor gets in there.

  134. Jaden Roland E. says:

    @CFrance I believe it went on for a over 2 years before it started dimming noticeably. We replaced it before it went out entirely, and the replacement OEM replacement bulb was about $70. I should specify heavy daily use.

  135. BlakelyAngelicaShayla says:

    I fill the sectional version of this couch and got legs custom made (similar mid-century style). It create all the contrast in the world.

  136. Jabari Haden says:

    extremely nice. I honest purchased a Marrimeko print shower curtain from Crate and Barrel for a chair reupholstery project I am about to on. Shower curtains are a to come by a lot of * for the buck on fabric. Even better if they are on sale.

  137. SiennaMylaEvalyn says:

    @BonnieProjects I achieve both the laundry basket and the chair on his side of the bed. It helps.

  138. Ronald-Ismael-Domenic says:

    @jencd The hubs and I a excellent amount of DIY so I a boxes worth of “icky” clothes for each of us. If they regain paint, oil, bleach or other ickiness on them, no problem. I maintain enough to fit in our box. When I fill something that becomes “box worthy” it trades places with the most disreputable devour item in the box and that one gets tossed.

  139. Arya Aubrielle Estella Q. says:

    @geraldinekuss apt curious: achieve Brazilians achieve the Arab/African thing of serving in the store container, or even transferring the juice or whatever to a bottle from a nicer/pricier brand?

  140. Jeffery_Reagan says:

    @Wendy Goldfarb That is a cat bed! Perhaps if the cat bed was approx 3 feet off the floor (next to the bed at pillow height) and stable, Franklin would be in it lightening.

  141. Kaelyn-Mercy-Ann says:

    Animals are what compose a house a home. you not seen any of the posts about AT photographers always trying to feature the house pets in all of their tour pictures? AT posts about charities as well, did you post a hateful comment about that too or homeless animals searching for a family?

  142. Kaylie_Erika says:

    We love, love, cherish the REI backpack we got when our son was 3 1/2. It fit snuggly to his back, held a cramped camelback water pouch and a lunchbox, had 2 pockets on the outside, and was easy to zip and procure on himself. It had adjustable arm straps and an chest strap that slid up and down the arm straps (just savor grown-up backpacks).Best of all, he wore it for YEARS – hiking and biking everywhere – and it has stood up to some tough abuse. He even took it to kindergarten this past year – it held his lunchbox, a work folder, a spare sweater, and the odds and ends that kids need (little rocks, Lego guys, “treasure”). He had it in orange (which you can bag in stores), but the on-line version comes in blue and pink –

  143. Aden Reece Terrance I. says:

    what a glowing bow window you enjoy and I your peaceful bedroom

  144. Jenna.ZZZ says:

    @lkla I agree. The legs are beautiful, and could been refinished yet stayed to the character. The fresh legs cheap and discordant with the marble

  145. Aaliyah Presley Kaelyn G. says:

    Except for the flooring, #5 is my of kitchen. I really desire that table. Simple yet has a personality.

  146. Julius Reagan D. says:

    @cara_mia They certainly were. We took them out completely and replaced with a concrete floor throughout. So we were laying on a mark novel floor which made things grand easier.

  147. Camila says:

    Hable Construction has also partnered with Pottery Barn Kids — you can chairs already covered in this pattern there… Not certain about pillows/other furniture.

  148. Jordyn Lilliana Elsie says:

    I lived in temporary housing through when I first moved to London until I was able to a feel of where I wanted to live. I found my through a event. dating but finding a flatmate instead of a date. Another option to try when looking for a flat.

  149. Yaretzi.Kenia.Adele says:

    The beauty of your house is irresistable and the colors are simply scrumptious. Your lighting choice is brilliant.

  150. Jadon 33 says:

    In NY I recommend this guy Tom to regrout your tiles. He is good, honest, reliable, and is not expensive. His number is 212-545-4161.

  151. DonteJordon says:

    Heela: The desk is from CB2, but no longer in their catalog. They are floating around on Craigslist, though.Erin85: The comforter is by Dwell Studio. The print is from five years ago, and no longer available. Their new stuff is elegant ample as well.

  152. BrinleyJoelleWendy says:

    We believe a Tempurpedic mattress pad on top of our regular (*) mattress, and it does obtain a tad sweaty. Speaking of ABC Carpet & Home, they sell the most divine mattresses there; Hastens. I was skeptical to test one out in the store, but it was truly magnificent. Soft and all at the same time.

  153. Noel_Boston_Shayne says:

    Your making a mistake, don’t finish it!!! I’ve been stuck here for eight dismal years and now that the economy is so cross in LA I can’t come by a job and without a job there’s no money to to Brooklyn. LA is not a fun to live unless your from here, so many people I’ve into over the past year acquire told me there leaving LA and going assist home, most to NY so effect yourself the time and money and end where you are for while.Good Luck!

  154. Myah.Ann says:

    I recently volunteered at an animal shelter, and they replied they really enjoy donations of customary sheets and bedding for the animals. If you beget sheets or blankets that are too old/worn/stained for donating to Salvation Army or other resale charity, considering dropping them off at a local animal shelter.

  155. Joshua Makai L. says:

    people… you not know the magic of The best occupy out website ever. (Chicago and SF only… sorry!)

  156. Natalia-Ophelia says:

    How cute. We would t add that to our child generous items. At the moment they add up to 5 (we fill 6 more weeks theoretically).

  157. Clark_Brenton says:

    Souk, when I lived in France my tank water heater was on a special breaker that included a timer. The water was heated during the night, when electricity was cheaper, and unprejudiced stayed hot during the day thanks to insulation of the tank. There was a special of the switch to force the heater on during daytime and I that occasionally, when coming from a trip, to heat my water for a shower (I was turning off the water heater before each trip).All novel apartments in France that feature.

  158. Lainey.777 says:

    val299, you say that! My folks one of these for my son, who is in this but not quite enough, but last time we were visiting them, after he went to sleep, my husband and I played for about an hour! We had a blast – mighty more fun that if my son was hanging around!

  159. Dulce says:

    I agree with sara-liz. I would add A Woman of Questionable Morals to the GG list. Lorelai starts out loving snow, then hating snow, then Luke makes her an ice rink in the front yard. I would also agree about Northern Exposure. care for that show!

  160. Karson says:

    @Mike_in_Hawaii I acquire had nothing but distinct experience with IKEA instructions manuals. I particularly the fact that being wordless they are universally understandable. I a itsy-bitsy bit of work as a freelance translator and you contain no concept how it is when you are expected to translate technical text when you are no familiar with the parts/equipment/the whole thing. For some unknown reason, customers never seem to that photographs or images may be of assistance to the translator and since lots of assignments advance through an agency, I am not in touch with the customer. To me, IKEA instructions are the best.

  161. Maria.Anika says:

    If you combined most of these images together you would beget my studio apartment. Art all over the walls in no particular order? Check. Deep orange, purple, bedspreads sheets with various decorative pillows? Check. That leaning mirror? Check. Layered carpets? Check. Curtains over my bed? Check.LOVE THIS STYLE.

  162. ElainaBriellaSutton says:

    My childhood cabin had a sleeping porch. All of the young cousins, including me, slept outside on brass beds that has squeaky lumpy mattresses. We were lulled to sleep by the summer night air and sounds of the lake lapping the shore.

  163. Rory.1979 says:

    colorful indeed! I would not want to live with that beige (just my personal taste), but you made of such a teeeensy-tiny space!

  164. Ernesto_Camryn says:

    I it it is not working because it is over produced. I bask in the idea of an call in various cities, instead of contestants by invitation which seems unfair, and an all too transparent coordination of hopeful conflict and drama!! I believe we are over that, watching a quality creative process unfold is far more satisfying. The drama will care of itself. Project Runway seemed to be approaching this, and now alas we are where we started – with reality TV.

  165. Amber_Cheyenne_Jaylynn says:

    The MALM is what it is…..veneer (real wood) over particle board, but I am with my 3 drawer unit. I would opt for two 3 drawers pushed next to each other. Cheaper and sturdier then a 6.

  166. Wesley Tomas Elvis S. says:

    Yikes, too complaining going on here over a picture.Regardless of the after shot being taken further back, its determined the change in the curtains detached makes a difference, cmon people. Chillllllllll. Its cozier, fuller looking…. mighty better

  167. Jaden_Marco says:

    jess2nola:looks fantastic.alana:no, but I care for the concept.The b is for the first letter in my surname. When I started posting I posted as Jonathan, but there was already someone posting as Jonathan, who was not beloved. I had several requests to something to avoid confusion, so I added the B.Since I became JonathanB — the J and the B capitalized — AT has also acquired a jonathanb — no uppercase letters — posting in San Francisco and a JonB or Jon_B who also posts from time to time — Jon being the preferred spelling for the short version of Jonathan.Hope that helps….

  168. AmiyahEmberBeatrice says:

    I consider picking up some of the yellow/chartreuse from the painting would be nice, but it might be a bit great to contain an entire yellow room. Maybe something blue gray with chartreuse accents?

  169. Fernando Amarion says:

    I am so about the mail slot: where does the proper mail go? I something laying in the cavity – is that a phone, or a shallow dish, or…? place, I really the details.

  170. Jaren says:

    Agree about not losing the miniature window, one of the main features of Craftsman was as light as possible. Regarding lack of storage, when I had window seats installed, dilapidated the area below as book shelves, could easily by as closed (cupboard) storage, which would be quite appropriate..Re the TV, it is too high and too stark a difference with the white walls. Perhaps another built-in, mabe wood framed plantation shutters, the frames could be designed to extend the pillars below – tv would to be a bit smaller maybe, but it could serene be large. I miss my craftsman house, would adore to glean of another one.

  171. Kenya.Ayana says:

    ok that arresting water lighted “art”work can be found in any bargain shop in brooklyn for indulge in $19.99. :)they also one of the last supper. yeah.

  172. RuthGwendolynAlena says:

    I beget an ottoman for a table and had a tray on it. I had to ditch the tray because it was becoming a catch-all for papers and junk. I know the is not to papers and items on it, but I am who I am. It was easier to ditch the tray.

  173. Keven.1980 says:

    i cherish this idea! i believe a huge rubbermaid bin in the basement of my toys. i feel guilty for hanging on to them but i dont know what to do. this solves the problem!

  174. Octavio Bo says:

    article, Never heard about the Ooma Telo. Definitely going to give this a shot, what a gigantic price. I also personally Spotify Premium every day absolutely admire it for all my music. you allow guest posts? Would cherish to write you some tech articles, check out my plot Milcom Services

  175. JulieMaisieBria says:

    I am so by the feedback to my post, thank you.Whytephoenix: I believe forgotten the type of lavender I planted but I purchased it from a neighborhood nursery specializing in dry garden plants. I will search for the lavender species you suggest.

  176. NoahLeoEddie says:

    just viewed the 2009 catalog online and no of Besta in white (Dang it!)Download PDF –

  177. Kayleigh Lilianna says:

    Well placed, the furniture should complement the cabinet and it off, appreciate a antique in a well built museum would.

  178. Amirah.Eileen says:

    The is you may a chair that looks similar, but will be distinguished less for a reason- you will comprimise on quality, comfort, longevity, etc. You what you pay for, so I would scour craigslist first for the Jennifer Delonge one you want.

  179. Bailey Evelynn says:

    Not by some of the furniture. But what a calming entryway! Who managed to replace those bricks with blue, or perhaps veneer them with blue? Fantastic, really!

  180. Kailyn.1988 says:

    I totally understood what you were going for with the whole metallic / wood / monochromatic palette as soon as I saw it. It comes off as extremely calming and sophisticated. Also, it looks SO well styled. I especially appreciate the kitchen and the layout of the main living area. Thanks for sharing!

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