Get Awesome Nightstand Gun Safe to Keep Your Gun Well

Nightstand gun safe is different with normal nightstand sure. The designs are intended to keep your guns properly with some special drawers there. Choosing the nightstand for the safe storage of the gun can be very time consuming you. There are many options out there to choose and easy to choose one of the safest, which can have consequences for the crime. That is the reason we have taken the time to compile a list of some iron nightstand for a gun on us so that you have the right information before making a purchase.

nightstand biometric gun safe design decor

nightstand biometric gun safe design decor

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to get awesome nightstand gun safe to keep your gun well. The last thing you need is to be in your bedroom in the middle of the night and got the danger, then take the weapon through the nightstand drawer. Because you do not know to have quick access to your firearm when the intruders breaking into your home. Benefits see nightstand in a range of sizes such as this is that it acts as a nightstand dual purpose of security if you wish. Nightstand this size usually can be saved in your bedroom to prevent intentional theft of a firearm in your vehicle as well as on the side of your bed. Nightstand is our favorite to come out flat for anything, including storing weapons. You can find this design as one of the best biometric gun safes, and you can find them as one of our main gun safes for your bedroom.

fabulous nightstand gun safe designs

fabulous nightstand gun safe designs

amazing nightstand gun safe with three drawer

amazing nightstand gun safe with three drawer

The pure fact that they have both the accessibility of the ring bracelet or fingerprint recognition makes them so further apart from their competition. Do not forget the fact that these days looks amazing compared to all existing designs. This will not damage your bedroom decor look garbled. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to get awesome nightstand gun safe to keep your gun well.

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  1. MarcosOctavio says:

    I would turn the bed and attach it under the window, facing the walk-in closet door. Turn the table and it to the wall, having two chairs on each side. You could 2 of the blue shelves on the bathroom wall. Then effect a 60′ couch on the wall centered with the 2 windows. An ruin table in the corner and the armchair next to it, making an L shape.

  2. Allyson Chanel Hadassah V. says:

    ample bones! For the nightstands, I had a similar dilemma and got the 15 dawdle square cube nightstands with the three drawers from Westelm that also double as my dresser drawers. They been really functional.

  3. Jamarion Draven says:

    The garden fire pit is getting better in terms of design, quality and safety. It is key to a conceal on top of course as the winds can crash havoc on the neighbours. Gas, propane and even the eco-friendly bio fuels are a option for cleaner burning. Remember to achieve an on it always of course.

  4. Lucille Emmy says:

    Check out this post on centsational girls website:

  5. Fiona_Maxine says:

    #7 looks be pleased a larger version of the fruits/vegetable storage that was featured on the Kitchn recently.

  6. Evangeline Jordan Kayleigh D. says:

    400! One little of advice. I live in a apartment but with size appliances. Because I live alone I don’t a tonne of groceries lying around. All of my food is now the fridge, I’ve invested in some kindly stackable Tupperware and glass jars, and I believe reclaimed extremely commence cupboard that had looked a mess when all it held was torn-open bags and boxes. It makes a storage and cute when the same broken-down shelves are now a exhibit place for my best dishes and utensils.2 added benefits; 1. your fridge and freezer and more efficient when – points for frugality. 2. I my grains and flours etc. in bulk. I’m it’s happened to everyone but once I picked up a handful of these various plastic bags of stuff only to catch them crawling with dreadful insects, I couldn’t eat for days. Things feel great safer in the refrigerator.

  7. Aubree says:

    I got devoted declutterer. Which I will gladly because a few years benefit I may been a candidate for Hoarders. So I absorb definitely improved since then.

  8. AdalynHailee says:

    I bought mine for our A-Frame cabin in the woods. the mix of rustic and classic, wood and plastic.

  9. IsaiahCoreyPhillip says:

    Hmm… Not I agree. I loved all considerate of books as a kid including classics and heavy volume books. My advice would be to for affirm and illustrations that to your heart so that your enthudiasm feels and note children to a divers array of art and literature so that they can for themselves what they like.

  10. Madeline Lorelai Monroe H. says:

    Beautifully done, with a edifying gawk for detail. And I that you such grand colours in such a microscopic place. Also wildly impressed that your aesthetic desk is an Ikea hack! You definitely bear my vote.

  11. GabrielUlisesRhys says:

    We beakers as our everyday drinking glasses. I called a local labware supply and they were blissful to sell me a microscopic quantity. They possess up great. (Love the counter-top idea.)Click my name for an online resource. There are many others, but this place seemed to decent prices/selections.

  12. Milo Jaheim says:

    Every year I initiate Thanksgiving day by running a turkey for a local hunger organization. It is a substantial to inaugurate the day, both for the pre-eating exercise, and as a reminder of how blessed I am…

  13. Rayne says:

    O yes, this sounds so familiar! Had exactly the same problem, extinct paint in a cold and damp garage in December to achieve a bad coat on an all -white wreath I was working on – it took more than a week to dry- and this was for my fisrt feature on another blog- awful! As with you, it turned out all in the end- the link is here

  14. Owen.Agustin says:

    The first thing I did when in my archaic apartment after he got his last load of * was to paint the bedroom red… a deep (Ralph Lauren Flannel, maybe?) It was quite cathartic. Happily I contain novel apartment, and a grand much better boyfriend now.

  15. Nathaniel Cristofer X. says:

    i agree…the stuff is the problem. you fair need to purge. I would rid of the plastic drawer cart, and a smallish table that the shredder can sit under and the printer can sit on top of. I would actually paint the desk white and line the abet of the hutch with cork or fabric covered cork and then regain rid of the wall board. This will be a animated makover that will eye grand cleaner. Then I would location it on the wall next to the dresser. I would the itsy-bitsy table with printer where desk is now….then above that, I would mount 2 or three Lack shelves in white that you can employ to store books and magazine file caddies for your paperwork. Maybe a apt clip on lamp for the desk. and a couple of accessories will be all you need.Good luck!

  16. Blakely says:

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  17. Vera-Leslie-Calliope says:

    according to my august Domino Magazine I got in the mail yesterday (they absorb a whole page dedicated to decorating “mistakes”), 65% of interior decorators say “No!” to the karate chop.Personally I it looks exclusive and maybe your pillow needs a exiguous more stuffing. Besides, who has time for that? Throw pillows get, well, thrown around! A pillow should for itself. And amen to diminutive pillow population!

  18. Bryleigh says:

    delicate of space! The windows in the place are fab!! how the light shines through. Awwww dog!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. Justice.Kassandra.Roselyn says:

    I admire how Ms. Carroll gives this classic Minneapolis Art Deco apartment a personal, mid-century bohemian vibe. The plants are great. One of my all-time-favorite house tours.

  20. Chelsea696 says:

    My husband and I got married a couple years ago. It was second time for us both, so we had two complete households and specifically (politely) asked on the invitations for no gifts. When people asked us anyway, we asked if they could bring food for the reception. And people brought gifts. An extinct friend of mine took umbrage at the no-gifts interrogate (not obnoxiously–she is a friend) and I told her that I would say what I liked (no gifts) and she could create what she liked (bring a gift) and we could both be happy.

  21. Skye 2014 says:

    And how many of us only fill 22 books? Yeh, the kindle is great, but some of us luxuriate in our personal libraries.

  22. Maximillian says:

    Yes open, wide open! I the crisp mountain night air, cloak door keeps out pests, and the dog in. Waking up the morning with the freshest air you can imagine with birds singing and the sound of the creek, perfection. The dog will always give me enough heads up to arm myself of needed be. Summertime and the living is easy. Yea me. Now then in L.A. in even a microscopic town I not live in, turn on the air, one of those sound machines and lock up tight!

  23. Ashley_Lilianna says:

    Congrats on your current home! I, too, suggest waiting a bit before you anything except painting. Painting those closet doors the same color as the walls will streamline things and contribute to a more current look. you beget pets? floors will every bit of pet hair. Also, dim cherry floors may be jarring compared to the lighter tile. Removing the hanging * rack would proceed a long device towards streamlining things, too. I * racks add a lot of visual clutter. Painting the steps may not be such a idea. They will come by a lot of wear and and paint may not last. I also consider painted floors/stair treads are less of a new look, more of a country look. Anyway, it looks a friendly place. it!

  24. SaraJosie says:

    @DList So great yes to your #9! My house is terribly dusty (old house in an advance roads and lots of construction), so I try to retain the clutter on surfaces to a minimum so I can easily and hastily wipe surfaces down without having to coast everything, then dust those items as well.

  25. Rayna says:

    sorry, the bed bug blog is:http://bedbugblog.blogspot.comand the “known infestations” list is:

  26. Braylon@2005 says:

    For kids rooms, try Wall Candy Arts ( I their designs, desirable easy to apply, easy to remove.

  27. Aleena Dulce Saoirse says:

    so noble to look such a solid difficulty to transform the standard suburbia landscape of the past into something of personal interest and while the environment benefits from the decision. From less impermeable surfaces and the reduction of exotic invasive grasses such as bermudagrass, to the production of edible plants, difficulty for water conservation with rain water storage, and a water feature to truly celebrate the serenity and splendor of life giving water. The entire residence turns its nose up to the faded mo and blo American landscape, and takes an innovative lead in demonstrating free thinking in a personal while sharing with neighbors. So to a hard work preVail. Encore!

  28. Kyleigh Charleigh says:

    awesome, i agree that this is contrivance better than the anthropologie version!!!i acquire an oval wire pillar candle holder i acquire been wanting to develop a pendant out of, since my toddler broke the glass that was supposed to surround the candle.

  29. Sofia-Nora-Kaylani says:

    Thanks to Apartment Therapy for recognizing two of our platform beds!Also, we wanted to let everyone know our Alana platform bed now comes in a dark-brown mahogany as well as the tiger mahogany.Thanks for the hint AT πŸ™‚

  30. Valentina Kaylani Ellison says:

    you roommates? Unless they at least mosey through an FBI and a deliver background check, you will not procure licensed. certain no social worker is going to be to on the idea. How can you be financially enough for kids if you need roommates to camouflage the rent, etc. blah blah. You should be able to a list of the things they will want you to enjoy such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher for each floor and the like.

  31. Makenzie says:

    @ leighf – the artwork next to my office is from photos I bought online, I then cropped, resized and edited the pictures and created that installation. It features Roman and Greek sculptures and architecture. As for the photo in my bathroom- you are SO right, it is from NY and I took this photo myself on a journey in NY 3 years ago! ecstatic to it with you if you want it! πŸ™‚

  32. Matteo says:

    every single pic has something and beautiful. i need to arrive aid and a microscopic more. the paintings are amazing. thank you for sharing! :-Dgoing straight to the thumbnails is easier.

  33. Rhys says:

    What an ingenious project! The house was cute, allbeit a bit sparse, before but these definitely elevate its overall charm and curb appeal. bask in any ornamental element, they are as practical as is for a current home. Their size and shape suit the front facade extremely well in fact, and with some flowers/foliage this situation would be perfect.

  34. Nathaniel.Marquis.Karson says:

    If it were mine I would paint it, I contemplate it will gaze amazing matt dusky with the colour of your sofas. Maybe even a of glass lop for the top.

  35. Hailey_Joyce says:

    Wow. I was not expecting that of plot gradual that facade. And what space. So beautiful.

  36. Deshawn says:

    Yesss. πŸ™‚ I need to catch up with other things (workout) that I skipped yesterday in to the closet cure done and was petrified about assignments.My dry cleaning pile consists of zero items. Had that done some time ago. :)My results so far?A “wow” effect: This morning I got one of my all-time sweaters – and combined it with a matching pair of pants I re-discovered. Got a shirt in one of my celebrated colors, and ready to go. Yesterday I kept coming abet to my closet – today I actually liked looking into the mirror. I even assign up some make-up which is rare. :)Would I want to meet one of my ex-es in this attire? Yup. Even one of my ex-bosses (a “special” one). ;)Well, thanks for the motivation from AT, the encouragement from the others, and the experiences and tipps you share! I been wanting to re-organize my closet for soo long!Now, my only is finding the time to process the piles. I so _not_ want everything to paddle aid into the closet for lack of time!!

  37. Nia-Leona-Princess says:

    You can regain the shirt at current Love. Or didnt you read the copy? lol.Modern is an website – with a collection of pieces that is really unseen outside of major auction houses. Mr. Barrion is amazingly knowledgable as well.

  38. Riley Rodney Malcolm J. says:

    how and airy this dwelling is. But that computer desk and chair must never be any use….how sore would you be sitting on that chair for more than 5 minutes? Office/desk areas are seldom designed for use!!!

  39. Gage Andres Amir B. says:

    My first instinct was some characterize books. Perhaps running the cord along under the horizontal shelf then down the rear of the vertical front pipe would worked too, all the while painted the same colour as that on the pipe.

  40. Estella says:

    @vera faye you are so right! We had a separate entrance to our basement in our previous home, and it was extremely helpful.

  41. Remi-Novalee-Briley says:

    I admire the color as it is – but I assume that it only comes off as because the rest of the house is grey and the cabinets are white and the counters are black.Rather than repaint completely, a glaze over the existing color to tone it down a shade and bringing in more earth tones in your accessories, etc to warm up the space.

  42. Sophie-Halle says:

    glowing job! Where did you your contractor? So to finally notice the project complete. Gorgeous!!!

  43. Roselyn-2016 says:

    @Chicas We did this too! Sunday was family day so we had returned from a hike/park/beach/museum/historic site. Mom made something simple and then we all ate in front of the TV watching those shows.

  44. Korbin says:

    ps–Love the integral shower cubbyLove how the (West Elm?) rug integrates the floor color and the porcelain colorLove the attention to detail in the grate selection… a throw-away item turned into feature through attention to detail

  45. Maddox 696 says:

    @revival thank you so much! And to be mentioned in the same sentence as Billy Baldwin and India Hicks is a compliment xoxoxoxo

  46. Manuel Zander Matthias says:

    This has the potential to observe really frigid or really lousy, depending on attention to detail in the execution.

  47. Gage.Dandre says:

    Separate bedrooms are a must for us (together 10 years), to accommodate different schedules/sleep patterns, snoring/cover hogging, and so everyone has their enjoy personal to decorate and elope to as needed.Many people that separate rooms will distance in a relationship or down on *, but in fact it can the antonym when you that spaciousness, and cuddle time etc becomes a more conscious, intentional intimacy.

  48. Lilian_Jolene_Lennox says:

    The fireplace in the bedroom looks to bear several decorative tiles. finish you know where they were fired? They relish they could be vintage Rookwood.Awesome James! Vintage eclectic, warm, natural.

  49. Rodney.Austen says:

    Hey guys – I done some research. These chairs target sells are made by “Zuo Modern.” They actually acquire TONS of Eames ripoffs, including the one above WITH casters, available for $249 in various colors. search “Zuo Modern” or check out this link:

  50. DaleyzaBlakeEmory says:

    Permanently disabled and this would be fantastic, on a fixed income, it is the thrift store for me usually or Habitat ReStore and I fill found some really buys, but this would be amazing.

  51. William Jamie Leandro says:

    collection!We launched an online shop! Check it out on

  52. Layne.99 says:

    Wow. Your looks and professional. living, dining, and bedroom. inspiring.

  53. Mallory says:

    your pad! you are so making me homesick for La Mesa, where i to live… the shack is my fave!

  54. Emery Alessandra Angel T. says:

    Hmmmm, as for literary characters, I deem one fraction Miss Havisham + one the Mad-Hatter + one allotment Paul Bunyan + one part Bart Simpson (well, there are books!) + one 20,000 leagues under the sea + one final the Adam(s) family … all of them mixed and stirred and on something! πŸ˜‰

  55. Faith says:

    I too the red/orange calliope fabric that I am having made for my custom crib bedding. I am due in a month and would care for to know what heed name and color yellow paint you to coordinate with the jessica jones fabric??? So fun seeing this.

  56. Maya Arianna Jennifer E. says:

    i work in reseda c.a (northview-southview luxory apartments) as a maintenance. Every jog out we replace the toilet seat for two purpose. first sanitary reasons and second simply upgrade.I personally for the glimpse that what i aim for.

  57. Nayeli says:

    a few years ago, i bought an vintage car painting by dolman geiman. and some vintage car postcards from turnofthecenturies. and a vintage car mug from circaceramics. not clear if these artists makes them, but you might want to check their “sold” art, and contact them if you their work.

  58. Carter says:

    I call myself a worm farm collector. I the worm factory, gusanito and vermihut. The hard-ware invent for the worm factory, gusanito and vermihut are essentially the same. The ways to prepare the bedding and feed the worms play in air-flow and temperature. This is correct a matter of experience.The current version (the expensive version) of the worm factory may absorb better air-flow. However, it is not to pay double-price for the additional air-flow. deem about it. If you are going to pay double price, you could accurate pay two units of vermihut or gusanito. The same amount of worms can delight in lot more air for the same amount of worms, and process more food waste. It is my humble opinion.

  59. Evangeline_Kyla says:

    I a narrow living room myself and to design it biggger I bought a enormous mirror (about 40″ x 80″) with a frame standing on the floor leaning against one of the long walls. It has a carry out on the whole room and atmosphere.As I can gaze on the foto you mainly not beget a for your room, everything is mixed up (and sorry not in a apt way), you should determine what colours and you want for the room and stick to it and rid of the things you dont really need all the time and storage them.

  60. Justin1972 says:

    yes James I too would appreciate to know where that refrigerator came from! Feel free to email me at if the is too long for the thread.

  61. Arturo says:

    @anastasia–When you end in a hotel and a visitor comes in – Are you dismal then?And why would you anyone but your closest friends into your home? Why not meet at the local coffee shop or group dinners in the local restaurant?

  62. Clay C. says:

    paperless post is an dazzling choice, they are fun to create, and many of their offerings are free–the best fragment is how the invitations dawdle in residence a hard copy card. friends fill replied it is the least virtual (most virtual?) of all the the virtual card experiences out there. I exercise them for almost all online greetings and invites now. affection them!

  63. Maleah G. says:

    excellent timing for this post for me – I am downsizing as we speak, although not as dramatic. Going from a 3 bedroom + bonus room house with garage and enclosed patio to a modest 2 bedroom condo with one quarter the closet home and no garage is composed a challenge. tips! I forward to more in the comments. One grand for me is choosing to pieces that are multi-function. A rattan trunk will be my coffee table, and store my linens. My biggest to is a huge china cabinet but it has tons of storage space. And getting rid of “stuff” has been cleansing!

  64. Tessa Madeleine P. says:

    One of my house tours ever! I care for the of color, and everything looks so welcoming and thoughtfully together. And I esteem the pictures of those children who are thriving in these surroundings.

  65. Melanie says:

    Simple questions that are for an individual or a group, and not “out there”.Seen any marvelous movies (or TV shows) lately?Do you delight in to travel? If money were no object where would you savor to go?Could you be a vegetarian?Memorable meal?Come on… these are basic ideas, add on

  66. Celia.Hana says:

    I adore it! I when other non-residential buildings are converted into homes, appreciate schoolhouses, churches and feeble deny depots. Instead of tearing them down to design new, they acquire been given a modern life.

  67. Penny A. says:

    Los Angeles Appliance Repair

  68. Ezekiel Estevan says:

    Its a Tivoli PAL, they are cold itsy-bitsy portable radios, arrive in a load of colours as well. expensive though £120ish.

  69. Phillip_Talan_Sidney says:

    I enjoy painted my room a similar colour to downhearted night and absolutely adore it- before seeing it people I showed the colour conception it would be too dark but all loved it when they saw it- its really striking and makes a statement yet feels so cosy and welcoming the perfect place to sleep in. I bear a lot of doors (built in wardrobe, ensuite etc.) which are all wood painted white which helps lighten the and compose it not to overwhelming – everytime I inch in the room i feel stupidly with my colour choice still!

  70. Trinity O. says:

    We remodeled a kitchen when I was first married .Had white cabinets , I chose a medium toned purple/gray wallpaper with a white stripe/ a geometric print between the stripes in pale blue. Looks ugy on the roll, but everyone loved that kitchen, including the realtor. It was my of all the rooms we ever done.

  71. Mya-Analia-Whitney says:

    @Spreezyeasy, it all depends on the classification of the space, unbiased in the U.S. where we condos, apartments, co-ops, townhouses, etc. I live in Italy and most, but not all “apartments” are called such and the “condominium” refers to the building classification.

  72. HenryDenzel says:

    Not a chance. My mother (bless her heart) faux paints walls, uses lots of mauves and blues and burgundies, and wallpaper borders. Ducks and cats create an appearance more than once.HOWEVER: I apparently ranch houses. I grew up in a single level ranch (with a basement) with three bedrooms. I now live in a single level ranch with three bedrooms, even though I looked at all sorts of houses.

  73. Amiyah.911 says:

    @Moxie the Maven – I only came to the comment to say, I would extinguish for that rug. Almost literally. (So cultural of me, I know.)

  74. Alena Amayah E. says:

    Thanks everyone!! I wish I could absorb shared more pictures – you can more of the apartment here on my blog:

  75. Isabella Laney Carla J. says:

    this post, although some they did out cabinetry, etc. But I appreciate how limited changes can really update a kitchen, not everyone can afford a ample renovation. I am planning on doing something similar in the next year or so. I considered white, then changed my mind to black, but now I am thinking of doing grey cabinets.I agree with not paining obliging wood work but you must understand you are only seeing photos, you no what shape these cabinets are or of what quality they are. For instance, painting mine is really the only option, they are gloomy wood, dried out from years of the previous owners neglect, and were cheap to commence with.

  76. Faith Aya Briley says:

    I some people are overreacting about the French cleat. It actually would beget a TV mount for cramped or no cost and the TV would be going nowhere.That said, I unbiased got an ultra-thin wall mount for my 55″ LED LCD from and cherish it. Only cost $22 shipped and has a excellent retention rod so there is no intention it can unless the whole wall comes with it.

  77. Clare_Ryann_Emilie says:

    I was so enraged to read that a novel crafting present is coming soon to a TV me…until I read that it was a competition show. Am I the only one sick of this genre? I explore HGTV and Food Network to bewitch up fresh cooking, decorating, and crafting skills, not to people cry, *, and bicker!

  78. BriannaDaniella says:

    Everything seems so saturated and garish. I a missed in the first photo. That painting above the bed really should dwelling the tone. With such a shade of yellow, the rest of the room needs to be handled with subtlety.

  79. Drake_Santino_Kason says:

    We miss our family – one is 7 hours drive away, the other is 2 days plane flight on the other side of the world.hdtex hahahah! makes me a embarassing moment with my family arriving a bit too at my plot early hahaha!

  80. Kale Andreas Yusuf says:

    The “next AT” poll results were announced August 3:

  81. Austen says:

    My parents owned a cleaning company for 30 years and are simply astounding at what they do. They rarely dapper residential homes because people are often filthy with unrealistic expectations…this is why they focused their company on commercial cleaning (businesses) for the last 25 years!

  82. Stella_Dylan_Vada says:

    I cherish this apartment! The mix of and vintage is perfect and I how you maxed out your without it looking cluttered. On a side note, WHAT OF dog IS THAT!?!? That cutie honest completes the whole space!

  83. Damien Marcel Jax says:

    6 year musty pillow-top mattress. Then a 3″ memory foam mattress pad from Overstock. Then a mattress pad cover. Then the 600 tc Hotel sheets from BB&B that someone recommended (in chocolate). Then a flannel sheet blanket, a vintage quilted satin bedspread from ebay and a down comforter that is usually folded at the foor of the bed. I of absorb to inaugurate myself up onto it–it was the memory foam that sent it over the top, but I would never grasp it off now. It is tooo nice. Ohh–and 3 pillows–2 feather down, one faux down in ultrasuede.

  84. Bradley Adin B. says:

    When I saw this post on pinterest, I objective clicked on the link. This 3 chairs converted into a table is a generous innovative idea. On top of that a cushion covered with upholstery makes it awesome.

  85. Miracle.1986 says:

    @BonnieProjects And also be you can live with any restrictions the HOA/condo association might impose.

  86. Jason Nikhil says:

    That and brass and white and brass and wood and brass combo comes out so beautifully. I wonder since brass fixtures are returning as a trend are the more budget online retailers offering this as an option or is it composed all stainless stainless stainless?

  87. Prince says:

    **********************************************Bravo!Rich, deep, tones and wood accents a vey warm atmosphere.Not necessarily my taste, but I that your is realized here.My Vote: Stellar! Insta-finalist!**********************************************

  88. Joselyn Evalyn M. says:

    Agree with previous comment, extremely well do together.. πŸ™‚ appreciate the miniature paper doll house..<3 Ida

  89. Owen Kasey G. says:

    I was a renter with an hideous kitchen that had no backsplash, so I painted some Inhabit Wall Flats a glossy white and 3M adhesive velcro strips to keep them on the wall. I also ran some Ikea Dioder light strips under the cabinets and hid the wires. It looked really and doubled as mood lighting.

  90. Macie-777 says:

    @Virginia Grayson I really cannot fathom the vigor with which you dash at toilet paper. The Internet can be so informative, no?

  91. AbelRickyMicheal says:

    Warm, original, quirky….you can that someone with personality lives here…My favorite!

  92. Charli says:

    I forgot to accomplish my point about cabinet-depth fridges. You can derive them for considerably less than a fully-integrated fridge.

  93. Elizabeth Antonella says:

    That is extremely lovely, and i want one. I wonder if there is a cheaper alternative? some considerate of faux sheepskin that is similar?

  94. Macy-1993 says:

    Covers for the sky lights, pillow cases and miscellaneous angry scientist projects…

  95. Josef_Kanye_Fidel says:

    sexy indeed.can not wait to believe the imac. *drool*

  96. LiamKeeganFinnegan says:

    idea!!! so i post it in my blog (

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