Really Awesome Feminine Nightstand Lamp Style Designs

Nightstand lamp style now come with some feminine designs that will make your girls or your daughter, or even your wife feel more comfort and always cozy. Whether it be appropriate for the newlyweds or a table in a new studio apartment a single woman, every woman needs a table with a bit of feminine charm. Girly decoration or a particular vintage style, there are fun and funky way to make the table look personality, fashionable and a little more feminine. Let’s see!

decor nightstand lamp contemporary design

decor nightstand lamp contemporary design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome feminine nightstand lamp style designs. The nightstand mirror is childish in itself. However, the addition of fresh flowers, jewelry box beautiful and gorgeous lights up off these lavish style. This nightstand drawer of the desk more than, so the accent itself without much decoration. Tulip add even more of a feminine touch and a great light over from space to complete, feminine shades. Nightstand with pieces that inspire you and have a personality all their own. Mirrors, frames fun. Use a large, textured mirror or a piece of art as a backsplash, then pile on layers by adding a bouquet of flowers, reading lamps and even candles. Layers make, warm and cozy comfort of their design add the girl’s behavior. Use your favorite pitcher to hold your favorite flowers. Stack some of your favorite books. And then add two or jewelry that suits your personal style. You will easily have a creative, eclectic look in a short time.

Interesting nightstand lamp wonderful design

Interesting nightstand lamp wonderful design

pair of nightstand lamp beautiful design

pair of nightstand lamp beautiful design

Use lots of feminine colors such as purple and pink! A loud pop these, typically feminine shades, soon will take you to a table in an instant feminine zone. Flowers, pieces of coral or raw crystals, copper plates and may even taper candles are a great way to add femininity. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome feminine nightstand lamp style designs.

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  1. Moises_Cason says:

    Thanks for appreciating (and getting) my off-beat sense of humor about and design, FantasticMrFaux. It would be fun to write for AT, certainly. However, I anguish that other readers here sometimes read things a bit too literally, and their designer knickers in a snicker a bit too easily.

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  3. Jake-Tomas says:

    admire the rooftop, esteem all the folk art collections & framed art; puzzled by the paint and carpet choices. I consider better lighting & photography would enjoy helped some of the shots more appealing.

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  6. Keith Nico says:

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  8. Olivia Molly C. says:

    That punch of color in the archway between the living room and makes me happy.

  9. Cristian Roland D. says:

    I I might tried that hammered metal paint in bronze or copper — and since the hammered metal gape is not smooth, you could almost certainly away with one coat of primer and one or two of the color. (All that sanding is admirable but boring!)Also, I making the shade shorter would improve the overall proportions. (A drum shade about half as high as these would glance more current. Depending on the structure of the existing shades, they CAN sometimes be lop down.)

  10. Anika-Aileen-Jaycee says:

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  12. KateBailee says:

    Please someone me the paint color in the dining room. I believe Christiana replied Mountain range by Benjamin Moore, but they not that color on their web site. Can anyone help? Thanks a million!!

  13. Charlie Melissa Azaria says:

    Reminded of the R&B song, explain Yourself. I was on this tour from the first photo. Crates, tartan throw, bird prints? Oh yeh. While sleek, minimalist, designerish interiors oft featured here on AT are admirable, for me they are unnatural and unattainable. So great personality and in 500 sq ft!

  14. AylaElianna says:

    I would regain permission to completely it (and refinish the wall), even at your expense. Anything you execute that actually utilizes those shelves will probably examine awkward, if not forced. For the other section, I would if you can fully the brick wall (if there is brick wall behind that panel) and those shelves – because that has the potential to contemplate dope.

  15. PaytonBrenden says:

    glorious they are! A dwelling to examine is the masonry association-

  16. Kole X. says:

    dazzling on so many levels. the industrial aspect is so nicely complemented by all that greenery. astronomical style!

  17. Aldo Darryl Jaidyn says:

    This really needs to be the of government mandated thing that the whole lead paint thing is. And the window guard thing. In fact, they should probably one modern accomplish that includes them all on it somehow.

  18. Raul says:

    My parents to Kennedy and MLK Jr. hanging in their home. I now Obama and fam.Regardless of what feeble to be… people attain what they want. They pay the mortgage/rent, so end yapping about it.

  19. Miles Xander Roger Y. says:

    The oddest thing, though I many scents the one that invokes this incredibly deep sense of comfort is the drool on my pillow. I to smell it before I can sleep. That is too what would assign me in bed in the mornings.

  20. Alden says:

    brilliant. i happily got out of one room living arrangements but this is practical and funky (and i cooking).I would into putting a loft or semiloft bed to some extra region to eat in with an extra frend.

  21. Diego.Alfredo.Vicente says:

    Reminder: I come by lots of things in this category thrift shops and flea markets. apt this week I bought a microscopic covered brown marble box for 99 cents at Goodwill. (I it might be from a line I contain seen at place Goods for bathroom use, maybe for storing cotton swabs… Their heed would be around $8-12 probably…)I also found granite and marble obelisks, pyramids, book ends, agate slices, eggs, and other forms…

  22. Nigel Jacoby Immanuel P. says:

    I the contemplate from the hall. It calls me into the room.

  23. Katelyn Frankie M. says:

    I lived in an apartment with knotty pine covering all of the walls and the ceiling in the bathroom. It was a nightmare to clean, and I hated feeling like I was getting ready in a damp cabin every morning. This is giving me flashbacks to those days, so I also vote promenade it out.

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  26. Carl London Jaron S. says:

    @apartmentanna This is what I do. And I the wipes for kitchen counter cleanups that need to happen ASAP delight in chicken or raw egg juices.

  27. Jude Reginald T. says:

    This is my cat fountain. Georgetown Pottery people are with customer service questions.

  28. Kurt-99 says:

    Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you already had was a move. At $37 a can,that would made the makeover considerably more. I the color you came up with,it has a first-rate beach cottage vibe.

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  30. Khloe Kira Cheyenne E. says:

    agreeable job on the crib! I to agree with other comments, though. The lights and mobiles got to go, both from a safety standpoint and an dazzling one. They really detract from the spareness of the crib. keep that baby and let your handiwork shine!

  31. Terrance Jaidyn M. says:

    Both my mother and I believe lining on our curtains. It has helped bear the color of our curtains and it has kept herhouse even a bit cooler.

  32. Gavin.999 says:

    @PAFarmhouse Hi! If you click the ” icon it should turn the captions off on your mobile device. Sorry about the obscuring!

  33. Elizabeth Paris R. says:

    When we absorb a house scrub I always achieve up by handing out wet wipes to my kids and letting them depart at the walls, skirtings, doorhandles, lightfittings whatever they admire and we breeze from room to room… it really works tremendous – so does dimming the lights!!!

  34. Lisa says:

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  35. Joseph Randy U. says:

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  36. Brenden Ismael Chad S. says:

    Hey, what about that fabulous apartment on Ghost? That was so spectacular and gets me every time (the apartment, not the movie, hah).

  37. Lane says:

    Oh, no – I jumped the gun! I been studying my living room for a extremely long time and finally yesterday, it came to me how to it. And I did it! I the layout at an angle to the house because of heat registers and because it fervent me to develop something different. Now it is more pleasingly arranged. That something will be carpet after the first of the year to ground my current arrangement. The deep cleaning allotment sounds good, too, with two dogs and a cat. I believe there is too green in the room so may repainting one of the wicker chairs – or both!

  38. Lance Julius Lewis says:

    @Coco Q Bosch machines may be more expensive, but they are highly generous and are the quietest on the market – something the neighbors are to bask in (by the way, less water and energy is to a dishwasher than to wash the same volume of dishes by hand – per consumer reports).

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  40. Jose George Kylan Z. says:

    I esteem this website. I contain never been disappointed by a single post! So many pictures as inspiration to my husbands projects for his clients, and projects for our acquire home(fidelisremodeling). One question..The plant in the top pic, I acquire wanted one for so long, I one of the air purification ones, …what type of plant/tree is that and where can I one here in the frigid midwest?? s.

  41. Charleigh.Faye says:

    I Ikea and to acquire the best time there with my mom. We would for meatballs and I always got to a special something for my room :)So I was extremely when I went with the BF, and we had the worst fight ever. We then returned about a year ago and it level-headed did not well. Somehow it really stresses him out. So now we together on the website and I alone, or we huge stuff delivered. More expensive, but worth it for our sanity.

  42. ChanaKaileeSharon says:

    totally cute. Our was recently destroyed (including structural afflict from toddlers riding through the house too). 2 years of service though! Here is another blue one:

  43. Bella Aubree Ryan says:

    We did this in our bathroom, not with a MCM piece, but with an mature radio cabinet that we bought at a garage sale. It has doors that in the front. We paired it with an dilapidated drop-in white porcelain sink from the thrift shop ($3). We feeble marine varnish to seal the top and it looks really nice.

  44. DianaAminaBlake says:

    ps: Kudos to Moooi for the exercise of a Hairless Chinese Crested as styling prop.

  45. Jaylan Jovan Rocky says:

    okay, that glass backsplash for the stove in the elegant shade of blue? er, I want that on an entire wall. πŸ˜€

  46. Ethan Oscar Malcolm E. says:

    the entire house is delicate but that closet, oh my, is the best!

  47. Rowan.Garrison says:

    @Malcolm@designsixtynine Better customised wardrobes & a really mattress than several thousand pound wardrobes & a mattress – money well spent (plus the wardrobes professionally fitted).

  48. Karla says:

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  49. Gia_Bonnie says:

    I buy the Strips Bed By Arflex. It looks orderly cool and something a person would sleep every day.

  50. Avery Kaia Penny L. says:

    @CJ81! They believe knockoffs of some of these designs for less than $5 apiece!

  51. Nathanael says:

    This is a solution:www.timelinewood.comWood that is hand-aged to glimpse relish barnwood. Totally durable and can withstand any amount of cleanings.

  52. Adaline.Georgia.Jewel says:

    @marycr8on Broom and steam cleaner I on hooks next to the fridge. Dustpans with cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, vacuum under the bed.

  53. Blake-Duncan-Brenton says:

    I the of having enough jewelry or clothes to organizing by color a chore :)- Katie @

  54. Everleigh M. says:

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  55. Zaylee says:

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  56. Journey says:

    @Margaret Henry — Yes, that one really made me laugh! “If the Kennedys went camping” gave me a chuckle, too.

  57. Annabelle-Rylie says:

    Try a wood refresher first?? Something along the lines of a wood refresher.

  58. Dennis-Shannon says:

    Thanks for that simple, logical explanation of how to add color. I struggle with the same thing. What colors to add and how to add them. I I can construct this.

  59. Dominik says:

    as an earlier commenter said, this is impartial impossible for some people – in my case, a single person living in a city who is past the age of room mates. This article is fair a massive downer.

  60. Logan-Hattie-Emelia says:

    What a home! The bronzish elephant on the side table brought attend memories. I gave the same one to my parents as a gift decades ago.

  61. Sawyer Tobias R. says:

    I am using the 5-bin storage tower from Container Store — it looks and it is easy to store stuff in:

  62. Ernest_Layne says:

    I this project for so many reasons. I remember “writing books” when I was young, so great fun. Also, as a mom to a 3 and 5-year-old, they can both the same project at the same time, and I can maybe 5 minutes to read the newspaper or answer some emails! Thanks for the reminder of a simple activity we can over and over Beth!

  63. Armando-1987 says:

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  64. Katelyn Briar Rayne says:

    any such name -You reminded me of quite a from my college days:I lived in an turn of the century house gradual the bars. It had been converted into three apartments – two on the bottom, and I had the top floor. I stumbled by myself one night from the bar and sat down on the top step to cessation my cigarette before going inside. The artist who lived downstairs had a couple of cats and I saw one of them at the foot of the stairs. I walked down and said, “here kitty kitty…” and down to give it a pet, but literally as my hand was within a centimeter of it I realized it was a giant OPOSSUM!!!!!After the initial shock, I sat there and laughed myself to tears only wishing someone was there to gawk my drunken antics!!!

  65. Josue-Brett says:

    @CanadianMango Yeah, it looks unpleasant. I contemplate I would all my time sitting on the bed.

  66. Frank777 says:

    When I was growing up, some people had plastic slipcovers over their upholstery. Eeeew. And that was attend when girls wore dresses/skirts most of the time. I can feel my legs sticking to that plastic.

  67. Nova.Jennifer.Aliza says:

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  68. RubenCamron says:

    Oh, yes. gawk the Edgemar Mall, Santa Monica, designed by Frank Gehry… Not quite the Disney Concert Hall, Experience Music Project-Seattle or Guggenheim Bilbao, is it?

  69. Ayden 1981 says:

    I consider Orla Kiely will survive this most coarse breach of copyright protocol.Looks terrific!

  70. BrodyKeltonReilly says:

    here are some thorough instructions on cleaning wine bottles (read first few steps):

  71. Jaxon says:

    When I moved from NYC to LA last summer I ditched my pricey cart from Crate and Barrel and declared myself free of carts forever! Flash forward two weeks, and I desperately need one in my apartment (whoops). I called Ikea every week for 2 months waiting for the Bekvan to in. I it. It is sturdier than most on the market, and the cannot be beat.I can offer two non-flamable alternatives for the cart 1) block oil (at hardware stores, some cooking/kitchen supply stores) or 2) basic mineral oil (at drugstores – keeps cutting boards in perfect shape for years).

  72. Maddison O. says:

    I IKEA acctually was sued for one of their chaises because it was too similiar to another design.Not if it was Poäng though…

  73. Miranda F. says:

    Seams (such as the ones that absorb your clothes together) are sewn.Seeds (such as the ones that become plants) are sown.

  74. Austin.Will.Malaki says:

    amazing choice of elements. That combo of the bookshelf/ladder/desk is unbiased ingenious!

  75. GenevieveRaina says:

    Always with the least germy to the most germy! Last thing you want to is spread toilet funk to your sink. Toilet cleaner goes in first to sit, then mirror, sink, shower, floor, toilet.

  76. Aileen Liv E. says:

    How about using French canning jars—they believe the gaskets and nice, too.

  77. Myra says:

    The need for high quality iphone parts of users, you can to this area to grasp a look!

  78. Norah Leilani Cynthia says:

    I must admit I fill never heard anyone call a plain, horizontal mirror “tacky” before. As someone suggested already, lean art along the mantle to this feature. It will be a cold layered collage if you art of varying heights and widths.I could some not being a fan of the tile, it would not be my choice either. That crimson detailing is a head-scratcher for sure.

  79. Jaron Milo Elmer O. says:

    I some planters similar to the first ones posted (I contemplate they are the same company, but they correct come in different colors–black, copper, and gray). I got them at Sprout in Brooklyn and I really them! They are lightweight so they are easy to bring up to my roof garden but they are also extremely attractive.I highly recommend them!

  80. Charlie Sariah Andi says:

    I am * over that bar cart. Has anyone seen anything similar at a much, considerable lower augury tag?

  81. Dylan_Raul says:

    thanks for all your help! mild not sure- will retain you updated what color I chose. keep the suggestions coming!

  82. Briella-Nalani says:

    I enjoy to agree… this makes me want to fetch pregnant again. to a baby shower impartial savor this one. This is THE BEST baby shower I contain EVER seen! My mind is officially BLOWN.

  83. Briella-66 says:

    Does anyone know where to the luggage in the first pic? It looks the Globe Trotter luggage I so desperately want and woefully cannot afford.

  84. Vivian Helen Mira P. says:

    Jesus Christ NO THANK YOU! Did we really that mighty of a that we needed everything to be connected to wifi, bluetooth, cordless, smart, this and that? This is getting out of hand guys.

  85. Christopher Joel D. says:

    The built-in wall ovens with separate cooktop are accepted in huge suburban kitchens here. it is extremely to room in the floor plans to install them in smaller urban apartment kitchens.

  86. Jazlynn.1980 says:

    Seconded! I went to North Central College in Naperville and they a student art note every June, and frequent shows throughout the year.

  87. Marvin Savion Rey says:

    We exhibit a bottle of St. Germain, gin, and Freixenet in homage of my favorite, the French 75. Everything else is tucked away in the kitchen.-Veronica

  88. Grayson says:

    My personal favorite.

  89. Daniel_Sawyer_Jacoby says:

    I definitely the gender assignments of the questions offensive. We each need to protect/respect each other. It need not be as firm as husband=protect and wife=respect/reverence. We each protect AND regard each other.

  90. Kenya says:

    depot, or any hardware store will them. I adore painted pegboard as organization.

  91. Allison-Caroline-Kenley says:

    If that is a pencil cactus in the photo, aka Euphorbia tirucalli, I might recommend getting rid of it. The sap can cause skin rashes, (temporary) blindness if it gets in your eyes and is most likely carcinogenic.

  92. AllenJakobNico says:

    This is a bright reproduction and looks really no-fail for someone be pleased me with artistic skills. Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

  93. Misael.Giancarlo says:

    these are cute. it looks like they could be a profitable DIY project, but how carry out you diminish a hole in the bottom of the glass to string the cord through? does anybody know?

  94. Isla_Emmeline_Louisa says:

    I the three colors, though I would build brown on the bottom. extremely cool.

  95. Aaron Seth Matthias V. says:

    this idea. cherish it with the bandannas. I a handkerchief collection that I bear been aching to hang on the wall like this…so hoping I can it this year (I need a wall first! πŸ˜‰ Wish me luck!

  96. Terry_Ernest says:

    Probably too claustrophobic to sleep in every night, but perfect for naps, which is apparently what the homeowner uses it for.

  97. ColinMalakai says:

    Might not be the prettiest dwelling ever but I am drooling at the functionality!Hope he has some marvelous solid conceal for his computer, though — it would be a to hold off the monitor every time you wanted to something messy there.

  98. Finley Linda C. says:

    I in mind the following for things i consume for the bathroom: white, light, clear, transparent, reflects light, serene, peaceful. Easy to on a budget:accessories in glass or chrome, white towels, white soaps, a transparent or semi transparent shower curtain and chrome hooks, a chrome curtain rod, a plant or two.Annie-O: You can a curtain rod and wall brackets at estimable hardware stores where you can also a tool to the rod. luck and remember, measure twice and once.

  99. Kaiden Jaren says:

    I this a lot. I deem a solid desk is an awesome thing and if you rounded off the edge, you would a distinguished softer feel that would be somewhat easier on the wrists.

  100. Ian Bryce G. says:

    I say acquire distinct both coordinate with each other. I bought some rich purple curtains for our “white” room. After everything is moved in, we realized how yellow the walls look. It was driving us nuts. After loads of paint samples, we decided on BM Chalk White. With our southern exposure, it really makes the curtains pop. We are extremely we painted.

  101. EmersynSharon says:

    I really liked the of wallpaper as a reminder that there is a intention to bring life to a room other than the ubiquitous collage wall of art and whimsical sayings. That said, these walls could from a or two. The paper is a layer to adding, and I the texture it can add versus paint.

  102. Chase1969 says:

    thanks so for the novel comments! Courtney: the towel was purchased at Urban Outfitters on clearance a few years ago.

  103. Lance_Will_Isaak says:

    The layout is fantastic! And the decoration is edited, but not too sparse. I delight in to discover of life in a home.

  104. VictoriaHailee says:

    Looks be pleased the “Neptune” at Wonk in Brooklyn:

  105. Alexandria Joyce Paulina G. says:
  106. Leah Astrid Yamileth Z. says:

    capable question. My recommended answer would be a Solar Trends Sun Shade. They approach in tones (greys and bronzes) all the while letting your light through and preserving your to the outside. Its window film but allows you the flexibility to when you want your heat/glare/uv protection. Check out and for yourself.

  107. Quinn_Chanel_Janessa says:

    fair place! The living room looks so more than the old, yet collected elegant. Nicely done.

  108. Jaylen Devonte says:

    @ Ana: Let me add that Kory Stamper, an associate editor at Merriam-Webster posted a edifying explanation of the different “plurals” of octopus on YouTube:

  109. Jaylah911 says:

    Ikea sells outdoor decking that locks together and can be undone when winter weather comes for storage or if you switch rentals.

  110. Lucia says:

    at this one!!! MY Ginger!!!

  111. London-Iris says:

    I strive to a kitchen so natty and clean that a mere visible dishcloth ruins the image. πŸ™‚

  112. Corey M. says:

    I fill two cleaning commandments…(1) store it where you it(2) orderly as you goRe the bathroom sink, I preserve a microfiber cloth on a hook at both sinks and swipe them morning and evening. It dries between uses and gets replaced with a current one every weekend.

  113. KoraKailynHeather says:

    Yikes, I adore the dictionary wall!!!I exercise paper for my makeshift headboard–two rough-edged sheets of handmade paper with bamboo leaves pressed in. It makes me happy.

  114. Kaliyah says:

    So many options! 1. With a staple gun and at least 5 yards of fabric you could accomplish a extremely simple canopy over the bed — staple it at the ceiling, let a length hang down gradual the bed, let it drape, then staple it a foot or so from the raze (over the bed) something this (though it uses drapery rods… another step. I devour my canopies hasty and easy)

  115. Keaton.Harry.Cristobal says:

    So, coverage of Asia but no one in the entire South? Miami? Atlanta? novel Orleans? No?Interesting.

  116. Ryan Justin Nikolas says:

    In the example above -> 7 pictures -> 7 holesWhere exactly is the saving of holes?

  117. Katherine says:

    I it! I of want this in my dining room all year… Now I need to mirrored garland!
    This garland can everywhere.

  118. Chase Manuel Jalen Y. says:

    The feet of the Docksta table is impossible to clean… so you contain to be extremely careful not to attach your feet on it.

  119. Addyson-Remy-Maxine says:

    This is really awesome information, I really you for sharing this, it is really a best tip to region decoration. I also contemplate to employ craft printing for my home decoration but I contain no opinion how to effect it. But here given tips are for me.Regards,Simon

  120. Maliyah Sky Milania says:

    I know that this is probably a question, but can I bust out one of the panes so that I a single paned window? Then I would never the jam of fogged up windows again.

  121. Hailey.Laylah says:

    you know what of people in these? Majority are working guys who are out drinking with their bosses until device too leisurely to accept the last content home. And this is the cheapest option. back in college, I went out too and had to * sleep at Penn St. (or was it Central?). I wished then that York had had one of these. Ten years later, I stayed out leisurely again but this time checked in at a swank hotel. I collected wished then that York had had one of these.

  122. Alvaro says:

    I bought some of these recently, and I admire them:

  123. Camille Y. says:

    thing is that you can xmbc on it as well when you want to elope itunes.

  124. JaysonJuniorGiovanny says:

    If people are buying homes and not know that you must pay taxes, insurance, condo fees, etc PLUS your mortgage they should not be buying homes. Everytime I a house the bank tells me straight up – mortgage is X, taxes are X insurance is X – here is what you can afford monthly and here is what we will give you for your mortgage. They believe calculators that factor in ALL costs not correct mortgage payments. People also need to their 20% down. When you factor in insurance, etc those costs are at least another additional year on the life of your mortgage. You are unprejudiced better saving or buying what you can afford. place ownership is not easy. If you can barely develop monthly expenses imagine what will happen if the roof goes, furnace blows, or some other major expense. People need to educate themselves before buying. Sometimes apartment living is objective so much easier…lol

  125. AdrianJosueEzequiel says:

    precise Christmas trees are more “green” than artificial ones because they are grown as a cleave (just corn) and constantly replanted. They are then picked up at the curb and turned into wood chips to be on trails or as mulch in city projects. Artificial trees are made from non-renewable resources and once they to the landfill they are there forever.

  126. JaylaKaiaLilianna says:

    Ansela – I guess we objective elaborate “capable” differently. Sounds appreciate the iPad and iPhone the same capabilities, but one is “easier” to use… at least, that is the I would account for it.

  127. Faith_Lilith_Elaine says:

    I am also ginger with fair/ fussy skin. When I any sort of adhesive on my skin (bandages or tape), I also experience mighty irritation (obvious upon removal). Although some might criticize for sundry reasons, I fill found that sparingly applying isopropyl alcohol to the bandage (to aid loosen the adhesive component) prior to removal reduces the derm reaction. Of course, I also wash/ rinse the soon afterwards, so that the alcohol does not cause its absorb irritation. Finally, I am not such a fan of Skin as I get similar skin reaction. Buena suerte.

  128. AlvaroIsaak says:

    its a favorable piece…someone who loves it would be blissful it it off your hands..and you can budge for what u like…and its to comments here ..what is with any fashion or at all…there is an audience for every and era. isnt it

  129. Johnathon.Darrell.Cason says:

    As with Sandie, I leave tp but also paper towels. Yeah, I know the green debate over them, but fascinating in, its apt to something to dry your hands with and wipe up after take-out meals etc. Also, cramped notes if there is anything really novel about your apartment– for example, if the heater needs to be at 80 to actually be 70 degrees — and notes with what days trash and recycling pickup are since even the next street can be different.

  130. Everleigh-Tiana says:

    Halve the logs and some brackets from the local hardware store, drill holes and insert the brackets and you some kickass shelves!

  131. Yahir-1999 says:

    I esteem this room. Its simple and playful. The chalkboard beside the bed would be so fun for a child and who cares about the mess.Lovely job!

  132. Caiden X. says:

    I relish your furniture and the room colors along with the elegant floors. I would lower the artwork over the sofa, and then add a white bookcase along that wall or even a pair of bookcases to frame that area. You could add some lighting and plants to those bookcases in addition to books (try to earn some with blue or coral spines to bring out the colors in the art). Or, maybe a bookcase and a desk along with shelves above along that wall.

  133. Ramiro_Cash_Paxton says:

    I beget arrived in Amsterdam and I am loving the architecture and style. Such a to live, you site looks fab!

  134. Nelson Amarion says:

    Well, this is already done… At the begin of the month I began installing some replacements, and then going ahead and doing purges of other like-item areas. In this case, electronics (bye bye last CRT TV I only archaic once a year when I was sick in bed!), clothes, and media. Got a pile in the dining room for donation, got another in the library waiting on a good-light day for photographing/packing up to sell.

  135. Damarion-2003 says:

    Sigh. I care for this house. If I had free license to decorate with as many antiques as I like, having a house decorated even half as obliging as this would be the goal. Unfortunately my husband hates antiques, so it remains a pipe dream. Be proud; your house is incredible!

  136. Liliana_Remi_Haley says:

    Is the engineering print the same as the large-format posters that scientists bewitch to meetings? I can that for $3/square foot, and the resolution – while not photographic – is glowing good.

  137. Ernest Aydin says:

    definitely it red. All would be listless and disappear into the background. Especially with the TV being too.I would suggest the bookcases away from the TV. They are too heavy and the different colored books behold cluttered.

  138. Wade Alessandro Clarence says:

    I also rubbing alcohol around the house (as well as white vinegar). both are excellent, inexpensive cleaners.I imagine that Ikea cabinet is powdercoated, not painted.

  139. Jose says:

    blooming and simple. Where did you the wall shelf and hanging caddy over the changing table?

  140. Shawn says:

    @Jeoffry Yup, monster-face house for sure. And where is anything?? Looks about as comfortable as a hospital ward under quarantine.

  141. Ayden-Colton-Rudy says:

    I vinyl tile. I grouted vinyl tile in a temporary fix for a bathroom floor that was going to be fully gutted a year later. Looked ceramic but warm on the feet, the only cutting tool you need is a knife and the whole project cost me $25.

  142. Leia Dylan Kenley D. says:

    With Euros and Pounds, we usually retain it because they are worth alot and we usually cessation up using it again the next time we accelerate since we frequently connect through Europe.With the other currencies, before we depart, we try to them down into smaller denominations and then give them to our nieces/nephews. To “earn” these currencies, they contain to point out on the contrivance where they from. A lesson in geography for them.

  143. Winston2017 says:

    I consume Rubbermaid containers of various sizes that all employ the same lid. I an Tupperware container that lost its lid long ago to store the lids on their edges, and the containers stack together. Easy peasy.

  144. EddieRoland says:

    Wow, that looks what I beget in my head!!! I wish I could actually decorate a room delight in that. I adore the colors, the muted grays and pop of turq, and variety of woods.Also, the pieces are edible, the mirror, the side dresser, chairs, sofa, I it all!You must be a designer.

  145. KaiaRosie says:

    For furniture one option is to buy inexpensive fabric in a particular shade to how the color works on a great scale.

  146. Carlton O. says:

    That wookkim stuff is some considerate of wild! The colors are so saturated! Well, at least on the web. Hopefully in person, too.

  147. HarlowMyra says:

    @Carol L. Meds effect help, as does sunshine. The sun during the day will you sleep at night. Sleep is important. When I sleeping, I drink a ready-made protein drink that I advance the bed. Within 15 minutes I am asleep again.

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