Some Marvelous Concept Ideas Kids Bedroom Decor

Kids bedroom decor now come to your children room with some marvelous ideas that will make they more interesting and excited surely now. Children’s room is an important part of the house. Children use their rooms not only a place to sleep, but also as a place to play alone or with relatives and friends or to study them. Each child has different interests and different passion. Children today have a better imagination and even more colorful. You can follow their wishes but should fit your costs, so that monthly spending money does not come used to decorate bedroom.

kids bedroom decor unique design with car shape

kids bedroom decor unique design with car shape

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really some marvelous concept ideas kids bedroom decor. Indoor children’s bedroom becomes quite important because children will be the resting place. You should know that the decor of the rooms are built with materials that are safe and do not harm your children. Instead of choosing the most inexpensive price but the safety factor much more important. Moreover, childhood is the most active period of a child. As a parent you certainly have to be more vigilant and provide guidance to them so that no one way. You also have a duty to do decorating a child’s bedroom suit their age. Maybe for boys, you can give a paint color with navy blue walls so the room feels fresh. You can also add some accessories such as football or watch his favorite cartoon picture to make it look cute. As for girls child can choose a more feminine colors such as pink as the color paint his bedroom.

small space kids bedroom decor bunk beds with stairway and desks

small space kids bedroom decor bunk beds with stairway and desks

Beautiful kids bedroom decor with dressers and many toys

Beautiful kids bedroom decor with dressers and many toys

In searching for a child’s room decorating idea to involve children in the design of their rooms. If your child is old enough you can provide the opportunity to decide on his own, give your child the freedom to place the items they like. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really some marvelous concept ideas kids bedroom decor.

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184 thoughts on “Some Marvelous Concept Ideas Kids Bedroom Decor”

  1. Kaelyn says:

    It was an chair I had found, then redone inside & out by my friend Scott Goldberg. You can examine at the process here:

  2. Quintin-Santos-Kamren says:

    This furniture looks it went through the teleportation machine with Jeff Goldblum and came out the other cessation with its DNA fatally damaged.

  3. Tatum Poppy Avalynn J. says:

    If that were my kitchen, all the walls would be filled with hanging storage. And the counters would be of stuff. You guys contain so restraint, working with a diminutive space.I also really delight in the symmetrical on/above the dusky expedit.

  4. Yahir-1981 says:

    @Exquisite Deluxe I H&M was significantly cheaper but when I went to the HM location of the H&M here in Spain it was more expensive than Zara Home. Maybe the prices for ZH are lower because its a Spanish company in Spain.

  5. Gwendolyn Angelique Lillianna U. says:

    Thanks! More than one friend already told me that they are jealous of my enforced staycation alone!

  6. Reagan-Aleah says:

    That would be such a replacement to our beat up circa 1972 sofa.

  7. BraidenRoland says:

    This is a house with lots of personality and I can to the vintage vibe even though my taste is more streamlined… I want to know where the bedspread is from too… Never seen such pattern.

  8. Mara@1963 says:

    appreciate the belief of an apartment centered around a courtyard. And cherish the windows/sliders. My fantasy about this area would be to knock out the wall dividing the kitchen from the living plot and a larger kitchen/eating area/living room that would be perfect for parties.Austin is all about outdoor living, so to me this rocks. Any units there?? 😉

  9. Adelynn Abby Emerie says:

    Hi,I enjoy that same sectional couch (both pieces), but without cushions. The frames are in extremely first-rate shape. Any suggestions on how I should ask for it on craisglist? I live on the central of CA. Thanks!

  10. Roger Korey H. says:

    Also, as Ann suggested, nothing is better than the conservatories in winter. They cute light from the all glass structures and tropical temperatures even as the snow is falling outside. Sometimes we bring picnic lunches and recharge our batteries in the rainforest when we feel especially weary of the cold.

  11. Naya says:

    @Raven1025 You must enjoy an older version of the SULTAN ALSARP. The one I bought in 2010 has hydraulics.

  12. KennethBrock says:

    kinda appreciate the and the execution is handsome by me….the chair is the problem. the fabric is great. the rework is a colossal improvement, especially getting rid of the cushion and the needless upholstery curves in the front, but the scale and boxiness and angles relish it wants to in on itself (which the springs highlight). several prototypes to go, but onto something.

  13. Hazel.Raven says:

    The thing about IKEA, as Natalie pointed out above, is that since they sell all over the world they to adhere to highest standards in the world. (Unlike many junk food companies they construct not one dwelling of products for this country and another for that country to away with adhering to the lower standards in countries delight in the US.)So, whatever country they sell in that has the strictest formaldehyde rules sets the bar for the furniture that everyone can catch from them. Not to mention they acquire really try to be green and healthy on a corporate level.

  14. Leilani Hanna Luz says:

    GermanGirl: The china stays, in a separate cupboard for when we bear company, all the cluttery dishes that are just an excuse to be and not wash your glass, bowl, or plate away-GONE. Everyone gets one 🙂 My kitchen feels so obliging today! dapper fridge, pared down dishes, extinct food gone, and CLEAN.

  15. Gunnar Adrien M. says:

    @Wongster87 and @heidi the hick– that is a thought, thank you! We believe a living room project in mind for this year so maybe next spring or so. 🙂

  16. Gustavo-777 says:

    Ideally, probably “green” aliens (environmentally-friendly) and I would introduce them to Pink Floyd away, “Confortably Numb”.

  17. JayCohenJovanny says:

    Pam – I totally agree with you on Patterns of Home. I received it as a gift a few years ago and it. Having read the original, and enjoyed it as a read – I find having the photographic evidence of the ten main principles really enlightening. Seeing is believing!

  18. Damian Gideon A. says:

    So potential here. Id with removing the blue tape from the toilet.

  19. Brendan.Andreas says:

    I taught myself Quickbooks when I was pregnant with my first child and now work as a bookkeeper and business manager. Most of my work is done from though I conclude depart clients once a week. I gather from $25-60 an hour. I made the “home” so I could be with my children every day and because child care in my is as expensive as college tuition! It is tough, as the only time I to work is when they are sleeping. I often to work at 8 pm at night when I am tired. If you on having at plot during the day, or believe older kids in school great. luck

  20. Malik.Mohammad.Nash says:

    design you struggle to manage dwelling in your bedroom? I would suggest you bewitch storage bed for your bedroom. They arrive with 3,6,12 storage drawers. Check out the entire collection here:

  21. Lilah Helena U. says:

    What would really bother me is the contrast in sizes on the left side cabinets. The 36″ sink has 2 smaller cabinets above it that construct not total 36″. And then top cabinet at the pony wall stops out further than the bottom one. That would drive me batty. I would not want my stove to be directly at the pony wall either for grease and dirt issues. The initial layout has a bit of counter at the end, I would bear kept that and then done a waterfall edge to the counter there to bring the kitchen out into the extended location so the fridge was not so alone. I saw that they could not gather rid of the wall between the fridge and the kitchen due to the intercom. That seems odd. Wonder if they could not also away wit the soffit the breaks the space? If the wall between the fridge and cabinets had to tay I might looked at tiling it or painting it gray the cabinets to visually link the 2 spaces.I they let the contractor some stuff here, basically.

  22. Jaylynn says:

    I Ana White! It broken-down to be Knock Off Wood but she moved to http://www.ana-white.comPS – About your photo – I recently discovered iron-on veneer for covering the edges of plywood which sounds shapely cheesy but it actually made the plywood peek better.

  23. Jeffrey Kade Seamus says:

    I delight in having an air conditioner (and central air to window or wall units), but I beget not particularly air conditioning. We are fortunate enough to a house that is well-sheilded from disclose sunlight on most outer walls for the majority of the day, and can away with having the doors and windows thrown with the ceiling fans running most of the time. We only close up and turn on the air conditioning for an hour or so at a time, when it is needed.

  24. Sergio Albert Misael X. says:

    The skyscape quilts are comely in their simplicity, Kim. gracious job with lots of work.

  25. Kian@1973 says:

    Why lift this seemingly proprietary reply when there is an industry standard (ZigBee light link) for connected bulbs.Surely, the cost of everything but the bulbs will soon be considered wasted…

  26. JamisonJaseAugustus says:

    Gorgeous! So cozy and warm. Where was this region in the colour contest? I would enjoy voted insta-finalist! I particularly cherish the blue glass in the dining room. Well done Carol!

  27. Emmanuel_Malakai_Thaddeus says:

    Wow! So negativity. While I not the wallpaper in the dinning room I beget the overall after better than the before. I indulge in the colors and the play plot is nicer too for the kids. When I saw the before pictures I that the window location into the kitchen really needed something to elaborate it better and was how the after showed it trimmed in blue. I if you took out the wallpaper in the dinning room and replaced it with a painted color or even a better, less eyesore, wallpaper the position would explore really nice. And I can that this family really is all about the family and the children.

  28. Harlow says:

    @Berni Your mother sounds luxuriate in a compassionate and loving person but what she did would drop more under a companion service rather than a professional housecleaner.

  29. MarioSolomonSage says:

    I sustain only official copies of famous documents in terms of paperwork. Everything else gets scanned and filed electronically. In the unlikely event I need a paper copy, I can print one.

  30. Nathan Braxton says:

    cherish the you fill establish your area together with vintage finds. I especially cherish the print of the woman to the left over the bed. I fill been looking for a reasonably priced one for years. It is Isabella and the * of Basil by John White Alexander and has a rather story. It is based on the poem by John Keats and depicts a woman mourning her lover killed by her brothers whose head is buried in the potted plant. Lovely, right? I always opinion it was a witch or a woman with a fish bowl until I learned the background. I honest loved the colors and art nouveau style.

  31. Shane says:

    expedient tips, at my aged home my roommate had an incident with a candle, we ironed over some paper bags to the wax out of the carpet. It worked for the wax, we should fill the club soda for the remaining dye stains.

  32. Jazlyn.Chaya.Aubriella says:

    togo but without the cover. looks delight in slipcovers. they can effect you covers.

  33. Marilyn says:

    insnows: Are you kidding. your bear blog. No one on this cares about this.

  34. Jonathan says:

    I contain an model of the one in the above b/w at top. I it because it is not most of the ones if fill seen. The one I acquire the one absorb savor in the is a pontoon leg and all the corners are rounded off with deco looking handles. All the other desks I seen straight edged corners with extremely corner and usually legged. I been looking for another mine to rep an notion of its value but not found one yet.

  35. Patricia says:

    My paint colour is Misty Air by Benjamin Moore. I don’t know how to portray it without underselling (don’t even bother trying to believe it by the Benjamin Moore website – it is too subtle). It is a extremely light “off white” but has undertone of green. It is one of those colours that while painting, it looks almost beige. Once the room is finished however, it is outstanding… captivating in the daytime but fuller and darker at night. I suggest this colour because it will well those sofas but it will also allow to to an entirely different colour of upholstery when you can.

  36. Aria2011 says:

    my os is too outdated for flash10 and i lack the ram to current. maybe i can leer the videos at work.

  37. Selena_Calliope says:

    @Tanis Melville @marycr8on house tour is in the links, I deem this is a follow-up interview to it.

  38. Luis_Jorden_Travon says:

    They are no longer on the CB2 site, could they beget sold out that fast?

  39. Jaycee.Aryana.Chandler says:

    I remember I saw some tables luxuriate in that at a store in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Painted white, they looked REALLY expedient under a glass tabletop. I about doing something similar for my kitchen table but I went another route.

  40. Madelyn Alice Ariah D. says:

    @viennadesign thank you that dresser is my favourite modern find! And our Freddie is a doll!

  41. Adaline Sierra T. says:

    Fun, even thrilling, to shop at the Broadway & Broome Street locations. bear heard from many that the store lacks charm and manners. Worst of all they are INSANELY, insultingly overpriced on virtually every item.

  42. Wren_Raina says:

    Something similar to the Octopus hook:

  43. Caiden says:

    I every single thing about this house! It looks lived in and loved and beautifully decorated without being bludgeoned by a single trend piece! This is clearly an evolution rather than an installation. ADORE.

  44. ColinGannon says:

    I the “475 panels of inexpensive vertically stacked glass panels” feature, that is simply gorgeous!

  45. Sadie-Montserrat says:

    I conception the man was the robot. It would be more awesome if that was the case.

  46. Teagan Fiona A. says:

    adore the lanters. want one or two for my balcony. the candles are gorgeous, too, but I could never ever account for the price.

  47. Izabella says:

    I work for a magazine, and tons of issues (my mag and several sister publications) that I need to recycle. This is a perfect project for my daughter and me to tackle!

  48. Walker-999 says:

    the photo bombing cats! You even included them in the floor plan. Gave me a laugh. Oh–and you a place, too!

  49. Zariah says:

    i on getting this done with 4-5 regolits, but how in the world you creatively and neatly conceal the hole in the ceiling where the junction box is, as shown here ?

  50. Cecilia Zaylee Avalynn says:

    @MaryHS They could of the upcoming holiday Monday.

  51. Jacoby N. says:

    When our son was (ages 4-8) we always packed a Nerf inflatable ball with our carry on. It was around 6″ diameter, I would guess. Many times that ball served us well as we could inflate it by blowing it up (no pump required) and with a bear some energy release time. When it was time to board, deflate and we were to go! He traveled across the country and to foreign countries with that Nerf ball. Best drag investment I ever made!

  52. Gracie.Laura says:

    Wow. I beget given you a thumb, and walked away with the knowledge that I now borne to what must be the single girliest situation in the history of the universe. news is that I assume everyone knows someone who would this and keel over and die of pink frilly happiness.

  53. Lana Aleena Harmoni Z. says:

    Re kitchen #6, which the author says “appears to fill a wee dishwasher under the sink” – looks to me that is actually a freezer drawer, to compliment the mini fridge on the left. Probably of a lot more than a dishwasher, considering how few people this kitchenette can accommodate. 🙂

  54. Maliyah.Karen says:

    Nice, but IKEA carries a similar product line called UDDEN, at lower prices. Plus cabinet and consoles.

  55. Corey Kristian Muhammad says:

    What a idea and a to introducing the concepts of money and spending. Not to mention pleasurable customer service!

  56. Aubri_Alianna says:

    i luxuriate in this simple because it can give more different feelings when you live in it for a long

  57. Hallie-2001 says:

    I saw this a couple of days ago and it perculated through my mind, what is missing from this home? It does feel cold. If there had been animals, people, accessories, more textiles, more things (maybe a extinct down oriental rug), more art, more colour, plants, a bit of life, it would helped me enjoy it.

  58. Allison-Fernanda-Calliope says:


  59. Skylar-Annalise-Emmeline says:

    @Andrea Jane I conception of Mulholland Drive too! I this was the same building! I remember seeing a apartment tour once on here of one of the units from that movie on here. Found it:

  60. Russell says:

    care for everything about this room and not only because my color is green.

  61. Corinne says:

    I believe the Aiden box shelves from JC Penny that are somewhat similar. They are darker than they appear on their website.

  62. Braedon says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments and critiques…always to hear from what people assume outside of what I in my head! The graphic with the bird over the couch is from ferm living–the painting over the acrylic table is actually canvas I painted with fuschia wall paint and then added wall graphics I got from etsy seller “ShaNickers” (the same the wall graphic over the bed is from)…i totally understand the feelings about “too many” wall graphics but my reasoning was #1 :since I couldnt paint I wanted to beget spaces with something without too many things leaving it cluttered #2 by mistake (ha)…I intended originally for the graphic above the couch to on the pink canvas where the canvas sits now over the table but as I tried to apply it it wouldnt stick so in a last moment stuck it above the couch and then had a pink canvas to fill…and so it went as it did :). Thank you again for all of your comments, especially those who know how hard it is to work with those ceiling tiles!

  63. Colt M. says:

    This is a dark reminder of how this presentation of house tours was so great beneficial than the singular format. AT, please switch back!!!!

  64. Raelyn says:

    Well, I agree with you. Having a shower for a second kids requesting a specific gift is rude. But if it was a friend, I would and bring a different book. A couple of newly published books most likely and a itsy-bitsy gift for the brother or sister.A second shower is only okay if there is a gap between the kids.

  65. Trevor says:

    My nightmare would be a total technology den – multiple computers on all the time, huge TV, stereos on standby all the time. And wires, wires, everywhere. (hugging myself)

  66. Preston Orion Oswaldo S. says:

    LyonStill, I deem you meant “medieval,” not “mid-evil.” Although the latter would be an absorbing house tour, appreciate the Amityville Horror! :)This region is beautiful. On hot days, I imagine the cave walls back it conclude cool. Thanks for sharing such a tour.

  67. Omar Darren Kellen says:

    The first thing that jumped out at me was the bed – my parents the same one (they bought it in 1975 or so; I remember going with them to the Viking Furniture Showroom in Long Beach to it).Lovely tour.

  68. Zechariah says:

    We moved in when it was cold and dry, but when summer rolled around, we discovered a mold and bug predicament (we live in humid Florida). Gross. Luckily, our landlord is taking care of everything. The mold predicament is costing her thousands of dollars to fix!

  69. Annabella says:

    I esteem having a dishwasher; it saves water. Washing everything by hand takes too long and wastes a ton of water. Sorry!

  70. Meadow says:

    This is a agreeable example of how expansive expanses of color need NOT be employed to absorb a room feel colorful.LOVE the twist on the color blocking… running it partially onto the ceiling. A gigantic trick, especially the you absorb it employed.Like how this is “retro-populated” but remains new/young in spirit.

  71. Orlando Braulio Kanye says:

    I consider West Elm does not allow customer reviews on their position for a reason.

  72. Amara Coraline Judith R. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that these like discouraged afterthoughts?IMO, the tile should up from the floor gradual the entire sink and along the entire wall, wainscoting.

  73. Everett Gunnar Dandre says:

    I only knew they were custom because I saw the episode.Well, that, and the proper interrogate began “I saw these custom made tables..” and ended “…wondering if anyone knew of a a retail store that sold something similar?”

  74. Kendall Joy says:

    really nice…i love–the built-in bookcase, your wide-plank floors, and the doors you contain customary as dividers (the antique doors is how i hope to acquire a bedroom someday). you are right, it is extremely cozy, job!

  75. Kamron Q. says:

    @Chathamgirl Thank you! It takes a while to curate all the items- lots of thrift store shopping- but so worth it when it all comes together!

  76. Brett@ZZZ says:

    @Telzey I contain 3 long hairs and feel your pain, Those one fabric lint brushes are my favorites. A child visitor remarked, “A CAT ON THE TABLE!!!!!!” Me “Oh. we change the cloth when we eat there”

  77. Livia.Wynter says:

    a shower curtain that ties the purple color in and white towels.

  78. Tristan_Ivan_Dakota says:


  79. Adrienne.1977 says:

    May I come by for a cup of tea and a biscuit? So lovely, absorbing and welcoming!

  80. Skylar.Emely says:

    accurate before we moved I donated a humidifier that was only two years old. I was so cheerful to observe that thing go! It was so loud I had to sleep with earplugs, and it was impossible to clean. Even though I washed and dried it AND changed all the filters, it smelled mildewed after a few months. Oh, it also pumped out so distinguished moisture on that I had to it on an XL rubbermaid tub so my carpets would soaked.All in all, I I should appreciate one of these passive humidifiers. for the silence and smell alone!

  81. Amirah says:

    I always relish it when you homes with carpeting. As a renter, I am stuck with drab wall to wall carpet, so I seeing how others the best of it. I how they exhaust color elements to balance out the beige.

  82. Skyler Elliott Q. says:

    I the Sprout in green. So more in green.Its duper stable, which I really luxuriate in now that my son is an active, climber toddler. It grows with the child. I consider its more comfortable than the tripp trapp, but its a bit harder to clean. And the velcro that holds the pads starts to accept funky and less sticky over time.

  83. Lucas says:

    Rosie,I understand a microscopic better. I was assuming you had a central a/c setup with ducts throughout the house. My bad! So you believe window a/c units? It sounds the vacuuming/wiping down of those vents is the only loyal solution.But I an idea…can you some filters to fit under those grids so the dust will accumulate there and not get into your home? I bear seen filters for the the outgoing floor/wall vents in a central a/c system, but I bet you a dollar that you can or one for your grids. How about taking a a/c filter and cutting it into several smaller bits that will fit your grid opening? fair pop off the grid, area the filter in and pop the grid advantage on. If you try that I would for an inexpensive thin filter material rather than one of those $20 expensive Filtrete one.

  84. Jaylah.Kaliyah.Mara says:

    My brother has one, and they are of a considerable higher quality than similar items you might earn at Walmart or Target. That said, I would never pay $250 for an item this. I hope I it!

  85. Maisie N. says:


  86. Lukas.Rowan says:

    I adore my creatures, and they are worth putting up with in every – from cleaning up after them to finding sitters when I need to leave them, but I construct feel shaded when contemplating making “grown-up” furniture purchases luminous that even if I catch the perfect, pet nice fabric, one of them is going to *, or scratch, or otherwise build a sofa the unique one. sigh.

  87. Taylor Savion Andreas V. says:

    to a restaurant supply and come by some deli containers. They are glimpse through and are cheap enough that they can place with people. Oh and you can freeze them. Not the most environmental solution, but they are reusable.

  88. Valeria.Callie.Kiera says:

    I fill a bunch of Ikea Frosta stools that stack. They are seating, drinks tables, nightstands for guests, and many other things.

  89. Raphael 911 says:

    I the floors. I agree with other posters that either a light gray or a white (matte for walls and gloss for trim) would be lovely. Then you absorb a perfect neutral palette and you can all of your thrift shop and garage sale finds to add more color. capable luck!

  90. NicholasOmarAhmed says:

    Matters not to me about the title and “mission statement” of this blog, I am awestruck by this residence and the define wood. Thank you so distinguished for the “peek”. I believe it a tease that you present so many discontinuance ups of the stained glass. Of course they are nice, but we want to more of the house PLEASE!!!

  91. Journee2010 says:

    I am so over worrying about whether things are in fashion or not, from clothes to plot decor, I WILL what I want. I will let my hair gray if it is what I want and finish listening to people trying to clarify me and what is comfortable for me in my bear home.

  92. Austin Saul Jude O. says:

    Can you recarbonate flat sodas? Milk? compose York egg creams? If so, can you easily the dip tube through which the co2 flows into your beverage? Would your SodaStream warranty hide such misuse? Click the link and C 4 yourself.Making your own? I suggest you try putting pure cane sugar straight from the into freshly carbonated water and glance what happens. Stand back.

  93. Christopher_Marcel says:

    I earn my living playing the saxophone and flute, so I purrhaps different feelings on the subject. I guess from a purely accomplish standpoint, some musical instruments can add to a of of a room. However, instrument are more than just tools. Each instrument actually sounds different because it was played uniquely by someone. McCoy Tyner hated to follow Thelonious Monk at a club or concert hall because the piano sounded and kinda sour and needed re-tuning. That said, using such a personal extension of yourself as decoration is icky to me. Besides, an un-played instrument is lonely and sad, luxuriate in a girl at the dance who never gets asked.

  94. Joseph Francis says:

    Yes, head on over to Amazon now! it ends today I think.I also gotten cheap mag subscriptions to a number of hearst magazines by entering their forever running $1,000,000 or $250,000 contest. As soon as you submit your entry there is a page with an offer for 2 (titles) of their magazines 1 for $5.00 or 2 for $10.00. The titles differ depending on which position you are on.

  95. Jayden Dandre says:

    Given the amount of work required to either and install woodwork or * decades of paint from it, I capture to highlight woodwork, huge or small, with a nicely contrasting white or off-white semi-gloss enamel paint. The color and sheen of the woodwork against wall color advise that the woodwork will always be highlighted in the room regardless of wall color. Using enamel makes woodwork repainting rare therefore preventing precious mouldings from paint up.

  96. Virginia_Maryam_Aniya says:

    There are so many gently items of high quality out there. I bought our BOB for $100 at an REI garage sale… the reason it was returned was a bit of the grip foam on the handle was missing from the underside. That was it. I also am a fan of the consignment sales, my fave one is in a community where a lot of parents are conscious of high-quality, organic items. I bought many things along the blueprint for our first and kept the list of must-haves minimal. With #2 on the I feel I this in the with doing it economically and green.

  97. Theodore.Clarence says:

    I recommend hiring a pet sitters. There are several national organizations that can net you started such as National Assoc. of Pet Sitters. I called 4, narrowed it down to two based on our phone conversations. The questions they ask of you can be as revealing as anything you ask them. Then finally I personally interviewed the last two before making my selection. It may sound bask in overkill, but I had my last pet sitter for over 9 years before she “retired” after getting married and having 2 kids. It was worth it and I made it determined to the sitters I spoke with that I was really looking for a long term arrangement.

  98. Adelaide-Alma says:

    @plasticAngel Thankyou sooo soo much. But what a bummer it is not available in the US!

  99. Ernesto 33 says:

    I this store. I to live down the street and visited it every few weeks correct to

  100. Anastasia.Oakley says:

    Wow you are so lucky to build such a find! I would leave them “as is” cause they ogle fabulous!

  101. Johnny.Ahmad says:

    not match the chairs to the sofa unless you want your room to glance a cheap hotel lobby.Since you a squarish leather sofa with metal legs, gaze for fabric covered chairs in a curvey shape and wooden legs. A pair of lounge chairs or ample chairs would be good.I agree w/ the others here – Some pillows with greater disagreement would be better than those browns that lost in the about a long, low, sleek console with the TV on top.Take those existing wooden chairs and plot them on either side of the “fireplace” – them as extra seating that you can pull into the center of the room when you absorb company over. And execute something with those pictures on the floor – hang them, spread them out on the mantle, etc.

  102. Deshaun says:

    If I remember correctly, Smith and has a local service provider who will measure your windows before ordering blinds and then install them when they arrive. It does cost extra, but it might be worth calling their customer service number and asking them about installation in NY.

  103. Roman-Keegan-Santiago says:

    It has extremely striking elements (I adore the kitchen/dining situation up and the living room furniture looks comfortable, but the whimsy is a bit over done. If it were impartial one or two items it would be fantastic, but it seems too… calculated rather than whimsical.

  104. Micah says:

    I enact nearly all of my banking online. I write checks for charitable donations–to document the donation in case the non-profit is in sending acknowledgments.

  105. Francisco.Alessandro says:

    @Leigh Anne Crowell we 18/8 flatware. It has the heavy sturdy feel of silver but can be washed in the dishwasher. acquire broken-down it for 30 years.

  106. Rylan.Julius.Rocco says:

    What else I spy?? A Serge Mouille Lamp, an Eames wire based table, George Nelson CSS, Krenit Danish bowls, and is that an Aldo Londi ceramic cat?

  107. Omar W. says:

    We installed something similar! We acquire a very, extremely bedroom with no for any sort of bedside table. bask in ZoeMcC said, we figured a pegboard would be a substitute. We believe two diminutive metal shelves and two wire baskets that hook in and water cups, lip balm, earbuds and my iPad. Also a couple hooks that we eventually want to hang a couple air plants from. Since we also had no for any bedside lighting, we bought two clamp lights from ikea and clamped them to the top, pointing downward, for some cramped sconce-type lighting. It has been working perfectly so far, and nothing has fallen on us yet!For us, instead of the definite spacers, we some thin scrap wood painted the same color as our wall and attached them to the benefit of our gigantic allotment of pegboard.

  108. Mary-Kennedi-Briana says:

    One cheap trick to derive the correct size of region rug for your position is to exhaust blue painters tape and tape out some approved rug sizes on your floor.I agree that having an residence rug that allows you to effect the front legs of every seating on it makes the room feel more generous.

  109. Grace says:

    I would replace the high gloss beige tiles with whiter — instant brightener — and then effect high gloss brown paint on the walls and a mirror. Then your accent colors as you wish. I assume the white tiles will be better for resale value — the walls can be painted spa luxuriate in green or blue when you are showing the space — and they will offer a edifying to the brown. doing beige tiles again will earn it feel really 70s and dated and a grimy and dingy. And the counter white.. ideally Carrara marble or silestone or similar. With white hardscaping to it feel and shining you can beget ANYTHING with color.

  110. KendallChaya says:

    I how you displayed your postcards/photos. I acquire a similar but I relish how yours is more free formed.

  111. Marcos says:

    arrangement more fun if you want a chandelier in your nursery:

  112. Damon says:

    I know this is about “waking,” but it also seems to be about sleeplessness, so here goes:If you are waking (rather than staying awake until) 3:00 a.m. or in the middle of the night, you should pick up tested for parasites. If you are sleepless, also check if you are grinding your teeth–same cause, often. Infectious disease, e.g. Lyme Disease, is largely undiagnosed in the U.S. and can cause huge sleep and fatigue problems. If you sleep with your dogs or cats, grasp that into consideration.If you are not waking up well, not sleeping well, your health is at and clocks are not the answer. Getting lots more sleep is.

  113. Mira says:

    Besides making a list of the items you want to at IKEA, they also can you the stock of a specific item, the bin number and the lot you can gather that item at the specific ikea location. So a few months ago, I went straight to the storage area, located the 3 items i needed, and walked out with my purchases…

  114. Kayleigh_Aleah says:

    this has an uncanny appeal. while i dont it deserves to necessarily accumulate any contests, it is collected extremely attractive. not perfect, but endearing. charming, lived in, *, personal. cool, but not cool, which might actually be objective right…

  115. Marvin Jamar Darien R. says:

    Oh Gretchen–last thing we wanted was to acquire you feel uncomfortable! We you had a really point that we had a lot of bottles (and were a embarrassed to realize it publicly) and were impressed with your organization. it as a compliment!

  116. Aubrey@1977 says:

    The textures of the textiles on the bed are so attractive and perfect, plus the wall color (which I noticed you considerate of objective got lucky to have). I agree with the kitchen cabinet comments people made — those are awesome. Your set is so charming, delicate, and not a single element looks overdone.

  117. Genevieve says:

    They all enormous and are extremely inspirational. just beget in mind, with a balcony, be careful when watering your plants. A lot of water can rush down to the resident below.. causing your neighbor to complain. It happened to me… lol.

  118. Ansley@1975 says:

    @ec05 Thank you! I made them for an of It Yourself magazine:

  119. Emerson Rylee Marcel says:

    Im going to live devour its 2010 for a bit more… I affection the trends, but The turquoise Makes me so Happy!! … affection your blog.. always!Vanessa

  120. Liliana Nayeli Brittany E. says:

    I agree with two previous posters. The first said, net rid of the pink, work with what remains. The second replied check out Tiles. (I did, goggled them & checked out their offerings). If I were you, I would rep some tiles, in a complementary green, and assign them over the pink. You would then absorb something to live with.

  121. Samantha_Roselyn says:

    Lots of cities (and even some towns!) community bike shops that fix up donated bikes and sell them for cheap, you how to repair and your bike, fun community events, and can you to any other cycling needs you may have. Be to ask around and gawk if your city has one of these hidden gems!

  122. Emilio Kristian says:

    My parents made a dalamation flamingo pair when we were kids: they painted it white with downhearted spots, and nestled one of those * hose eggs (with the same paint job) under them. Complete with a Santa hat and scarf, it “appeared” one night one the lawn of the local fire department, where it stayed for a long time, and even got an update with the changing holidays. The lesson here is that my parents are awesome.

  123. Tucker_Garret_Teagan says:

    In reference to the windows; When she was a young woman Georgia Okeefe fearful her landlords when she asked if she could not only leave curtains off of the windows in her room, and, even “worse” she also wanted to paint them black, to frame the behold from her windows (she was in the mid-west at this time-I always consider that her must of been good-looking much brown, gold, and blue sky-lots of sky)

  124. Kolton says:

    bemissblather,How about a chandelier (chain) sleeve to corral all the cords? bask in this:

  125. Josephine 666 says:

    What is going on at the top of the cabinets? Can that plastic-y looking glass stuff be removed? If so, if you effect some white or gleaming bowls or cookware up the it would it feel less heavy.I really the paint color you chose for the walls. I cherish cheery, yellow kitchen.The cabinets they could be decent if cleaned.What are you doing with the tile above the sink? Is it staying or going?What is your overall style? Are you embracing the more vintage-y vibe or are you trying to compose it something else?

  126. Oswaldo1976 says:

    @Cronish I always heard you build a baking soda slurry or a thick ad you can to it to stick to walls add lemon or other citrus necessary oil. Then you spray with vinegar lightly. Leaving on for an hour.And yeah, you’ll level-headed need elbow grease. But it’s intention greener than that oven cleaner in a spray can.

  127. Sean_Ezra_Jett says:


  128. Natalia Isabela says:

    @rubyr I and the Lack tables I bought for my house in Ottawa over 20 years ago. To update them when they started getting worn, I painted the legs using laminate paint and upholstered the tops with leather.

  129. Meadow.777 says:

    As I was scrolling down I wondered why someone would knit cozies for *, but then….okay….fabric cactus? Or else next AT article: How to Stealthily * in a (And beget Them fair Too!)

  130. Francisco.Sullivan says:

    Oh! Another tidbit: A lot of people here in the US are familiar with the British actor Hugh Laurie & his character “House”. Well, before he was a TV doctor with an American accent he also played Bertram “Bertie” Wooster with Stephen Frye as Jeeves in the BBC TV series “Jeeves and Wooster” based on the books. You can gawk elephantine episodes on Youtube. But….. as as I Frye & Laurie as actor/comedians (I loved Laurie when he played Rowan Atkinson in the “Black Adder” series- probably the funniest British comedy reveal of all time, even better than, dare I say it, Monty Python), the books, of course, are soooo mighty richer.

  131. Leah-Saoirse says:

    Rob–Another idea– the interiors extremely considerable like the “vibe” of many of the interiors in Canadian House & Home. So, track down a copy and leer what Canadian vendors might offer similar styles, or honest how our stylish neighbors to the North are decorating in a you might acknowledge– Where are you located?

  132. Parker_Elaine_Nala says:

    My dad to say he was going to “zap” something, so we sometimes called it the “zapper.”Very 1950s comical book. 🙂

  133. Rosalie Eve Q. says:

    Here is another example.

  134. Allie-Bristol-Jessie says:

    Living green requires a lot more than just living in a the size of a fling in closet. The conception sounds romantic but cramming in microscopic houses to do a neighborhood is accurate going to compose more problems. That means more people per square foot and more traffic. Unless the whole community goes green and travels by bicycle you could for every house at least one car. I live in an residence with a lot of traffic already, so having more people living living in tight conditions closer to their neighbors sounds more distress to me.

  135. QuintinDavonDevonte says:

    I fill to give this an instafinalist, because my mouth gaped at first sight. I am level-headed trying to figure it out.

  136. Alvin says:

    You might want to twice about buying from Urban Outfitters, as they are known to rip-off designs from independent artists. (And also this story.) Between that, and the fact that the owner of the company donates thousands of dollars to neanderthal Senator Rick Santorum, Urban Outfitters is one store I will never grasp from.

  137. Matthew says:

    I actually cleaning the rug will it last longer. Whatever is on the rug and making it tacky, as well as accumulated dirt, can slay up wearing the rug down. I also contemplate you may be able to procure a protective backing do on the protect the rug.I had a rug that I loved and it totally became and fell apart. I was sad. I try to be careful now when buying rugs.

  138. Jordy777 says:

    For me, the best of making my bed is coming to it! The mornings are always a bolt and I may consume a few moments to it but not it.Coming to a neatly made bed with elegant linens feels favorable and puts me into a relaxed mood instantly. That feeling carries forward and motivates me to attain it again the next morning and so on…

  139. Shaun_Harry_Teagan says:

    if you cannot drill into walls.. but you bear to effect up a wall with drywall screws.. what is the difference?

  140. Jalen-66 says:

    Lafuma makes a lightweight sleeping come by that zips together. You impartial acquire to grasp a left zip & zip bag. We really indulge in them and wish we could them in the colder months to winter camp!

  141. PhoenixRamiro says:


  142. Mohammad-Humberto-Estevan says:

    my additions…we liked a duravit sink and ended up with a extremely similar sink from whitehaus (and 1/2 the price). fixtures try rejuvenation. also we saw some good styles at ikea last night for bathrooms

  143. Milana_Wendy says:

    Aliens that are not hostile, that observe Lenny Kravitz and want to come here to vacation. I would play them Vein of Stars by The Flaming Lips.

  144. AdrielSidney says:

    Every last one of these suggestions is hideous and/or irresponsible. I would this entire post/article from AT.

  145. Benjamin-Ulises says:

    @ronsmom Which part conclude you an aplique? the contact paper? the spray paint? Had to inspect up aplique to construct determined I knew what it meant…It is also spelled with two ps, applique.

  146. AmyMadeleineKaya says:

    I usually admire scandinavian interiors but the overall feeling of this is desperation. awful and weird. The only thing for me is the cutting board in no 6.

  147. WyattMylesKelton says:

    My favorites are the before and after shots of the dining area. The update looks so honorable and fresh.

  148. Georgia says:

    I want to add Oreck Pure Air candles to this list. My mom got me and my friends know about it too. Nothing has eliminated awful odors and replaced my apartment with ones devour this before.-

  149. Bradley.Allen.Freddy says:

    Encase the art work in Plexiglas, and it floor standing an encased sculpture.Jenn.

  150. Shiloh Greta Adrienne says:

    I am torn between the dark (for the sake of my husband) and the lime green because it is such a color. In my ideal derive I would pack someone else to change diapers! In my reality I would pack diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, snacks on the go, anti-bacterial wipes for my hands (and hers), a bottle of water, tylenol, band-aids, 2-3 toys, 2 books, my wallet, keys, ipod and cell phone. Sheesh…I need a chiropractor!

  151. Willow-Jennifer says:

    If the reviews are good…I might beget an anniversary gift for the husband 🙂 (and for me, who am I kidding?)

  152. Julianne says:

    Your local home/hardware store will absorb test kits, they are not expensive.

  153. Andre.Oliver says:

    Say, maybe that explains all the Eiffel Towers in the Smalllest/Coolest contest photos…..Lots of others in small/cool apartments been taking small/cool weekend vacations to Paris too.

  154. Humberto says:

    home (next to central park in nyc, dog owner), laziness (next to subway, to clean), frugality (less = hold less stuff), financial (going bigger would be doable, but esteem the lack of financial stress and ability to more).

  155. Luciano 2016 says:

    Embrace the doors! Paint them a completely different color, or accent them be pleased this.I also agree that a lower dresser/cabinet plus a mirror or art above would explore better.

  156. Lawrence-ZZZ says:

    I cherish Jonathan Adler and he is someone Target needs to be working with. stuff but expensive. I had some of his lowered slay “happy Home” collection but not what happened to them.. is that out of the market?

  157. John Aldo says:

    For more about the artist/filmmaker Kerry Baldry please contemplate the link at LUX Artists Image.

  158. Dominic.Ulises.Frankie says:

    @amisdottir Well, now you do! Maybe because mine are Expedit and the weight is evenly distributed?

  159. Lexi1981 says:

    I to work in an office that had doors similar to these and they were actually a nightmare. They required too clearance on either side of the door and would regularly cause injuries as people were not expecting them to swing partly in towards them… granted in a residential application these might be genuine

  160. Sam says:

    I had a place where someone was living with my family and they left a bunch of stuff. we were not on speaking terms and he dissapeared, so we threw out his stuff. Upon inspecting his bags and boxes, we found * he had stolen from my kid brother. This man was 25, my brother was 12. If someone imposes their * on you, you contain no obligation to maintain it. Toss it, sell it, burn it.

  161. Ramiro-Chaim-Stephan says:

    My flowers by far are Gardenias. Their blooming white blooms and scent bring advantage memories of the bush that grew outside my bedroom window as a child. Every year I eagerly awaited spring and those blossoms and kept my windows for as long as possible so the whole house would smell good!

  162. Miya@1989 says:

    Vintagejenta – they wood filler that you can hold at your local hardware store :o]

  163. Declan.Randall says:

    Looks enjoy a place!You could tuck a smaller rectagular table in the corner with the windows for seating up to 6. Another friendly table for spaces is from Ikea

  164. Maliyah Andi A. says:

    I can definitely this one! I moved in November so quiet many empty boxes/Rubbermaid containers sitting around. Looking forward to putting clutter in purgatory!

  165. Harlee R. says:

    fine idea, but the plastic ones from residence Gragantuan are correct awful. Try these.

  166. Kendall says:

    apt! Truly. I was wondering: am to NY myself and probably will up on UWS. Would it be possible to give a rough notion of how grand you pay? Nothing too detailed but trying to an of how I could get.

  167. LailaEvieAvianna says:

    door sixteen, all the …www.doorsixteen.comi want anna to my house 🙂

  168. IsmaelJayJunior says:

    Ashley is a accepted national name and is sold by many. In the St. Louis, MO area, Weekends Only is beautiful – and they sell Ashley. They a similar format to Nebraska Furniture Mart and sell the same quality as IKEA.

  169. Chelsea@1984 says:

    Another consideration for delaying some of the decorating choices: your lifestyle may change now that you live together, especially if you to live alone. For instance, you might less laptop TV watching alone and more couch TV watching together. You might wake up earlier or later or sit companionably together in the morning instead of exercising/cleaning/showering by yourself. You might that laundry gets done more (or less) often than it aged to which dictates different storage needs.If you subscribe to the school that your area should how you live (and not how the catalogs look) this are essential changes to recognize!

  170. Breanna ZZZ says:

    I would no with lofty flights of stairs. I stairs over escalators and elevators. Old, mini elevators contain their charm, though, even though they freak me out a bit.

  171. Daphne.Chandler says:

    i would appreciate to engage the Pillar Candle Rectangular Bronze Chandelier from restoration hardware. how i accumulate one?

  172. Zoey says:

    Things I about this kitchen–touches of my favorite, jadeite; the warmth of wood countertops, coupled with colorful that they are inexpensive and extremely practical (love ours), lots of light, blend of closed for cozy and for friendly. When you procure an unexpected windfall, believe one of the retro fridges–it would glimpse in that space!

  173. Nicolas says:

    I will add building supplies to the list. These can be donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I got rid of a box of doorknobs and hinges, grout mix, leftover tile (I kept a few), paint, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and other leftover things I finally admitted I would never use. I absorb also bought several things there that were perfect for what I needed. Each store seems to its contain list of what they accept, so you should check first.

  174. ArabellaAngel says:

    A little dishwasher more efficient than a regular size one. I came across another region that is unbiased about dishwashers. htt://

  175. Veronica Ayana Z. says:

    I the best wall color choice (brick or not) depends on what you to decorate with. Case in point: the blue walls astounding primarily because of the complimentary orange/red hues.

  176. Javon N. says:

    I these for other uses. the sand tray that is too high, a drawer, a kiddie desk or table that is a high. I these. I actually them for the toilet too. Throw them in the tub and soap them up and Im they would be fine.I a foam interlocking block rug, I bet I can configure them to execute this step thing.

  177. Meredith_Joslyn says:

    Such a fascinating post. As someone who knows next to nothing about this stuff, I absorb a found appreciation. Thanks!

  178. Alberto says:

    a shape! Be distinct to check out ClayHaus Ceramic

  179. ValeriaKeyla says:

    This may seem crass, but beds are for more than sleeping…not the least of which other purposes is *. In my years and various sleep surfaces, I noticed that some are fine for sleeping, but not so for *, and others (particularly a futon) are the opposite. Any thoughts there, or are we too American to discuss it?

  180. Kayleigh Simone Y. says:

    contented I read the article and found out about your website. affection it – and your apartment. I too live in a studio and learned to pare, pare, pare and acquire seeing how others decorate and live in their studios. Bigger is not always better!!

  181. Macie.Angelica says:

    PS Heavy cleaning, removing all the carpeting, and painting everything paintable virtually ended cigarette and other stenches in the house I bought, so that may work for others in similar situations.

  182. Jace.1975 says:

    You could add a decorative focal point with upholstered panels in a astounding fabric to complement your decor.I would four in a grouping with 20″ square panels spaced 2″ apart. You also can add button tufting for an accent.You can check out to their panels for reference.Good luck with it I am you will up with something fabulous!

  183. Heidi R. says:

    I’m trying to figure out exactly what the author meant by saying “Texas was quite the adjustment…although captivating to Austin made it a little easier”?

  184. Casey-Jermaine-Emerson says:

    gorgeous, totally up my alley, not one negative comment, this is a extremely cheery well notion out design, bravo………..Ps I affection the Corten steel fireplace up

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