Make The Quality Sleep With California King Platform Bed

California king platform bed has to as comfort as possible to make something great and you have to select the proper and the best quality one actually. Do you know? Sleep is a “drug” that is effective for all diseases, and one of the determinants of sleep quality and perfect bedroom is a proper bed. Starting from the king-size bed, medium, or large, and also with a headboard modern or classic style, the bed has a diverse kind. However, the most effective factor to have quality sleep is to have a proper mattress.

awesome California king platform bed modern design

awesome California king platform bed modern design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really make the quality sleep with California king platform bed. King Size bed has a width of 76 inches and a length of 80 inches, the same size as the 2 bed Twin Extra Long combined. With the right size to contain 2 adults, the bed is still a favorite of couples. Differ from Queen Size, King sized bed is wider as much as 16 inches. In addition, these beds also provide enough space for your child to sleep together. California King Size has a width smaller than the King Size, which is 72 inches, but it is longer by 4 inches, which is 84 inches. This bed is suitable if you want your body to be supported optimally because California King gives a lot of wiggle room for the feet and hands. California King can be used for someone with a height relatively high. Make sure the bed you choose is longer than your height. This is done so that your entire body can be supported properly.

wonderful California king platform bed with grey bedding

wonderful California king platform bed with grey bedding

Beautiful California king wood platform bed with nightstand

Beautiful California king wood platform bed with nightstand

In addition, consider also the size of your room so you do not have a bedroom that is too narrow. Headboard and frame are complementary accessories of the bed, and each mattress in general has been attached to the headboard diverse. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really make the quality sleep with California king platform bed.

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  1. Augustus911 says:

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  2. ElianaAubrieNoor says:

    Herbs need LOTS OF LIGHT, especially what looks basil and parsley that you there. Only a south facing, sun all day window is going to be enough natural light for them to actually grow especially if you are using up their leaves.. I would suggest getting a plant bulb and putting it up above the containers.

  3. Presley Charli says:

    pugluv, while motion detector lights are a mammoth thing to as of your region security system, they will nothing to deter someone who is scoping out your house. Professional thieves and those crooked on other crimes know enough about motion detector systems to avoid or render them useless.

  4. Alana Amara Ellison A. says:

    And now 900 Blok is no more, what happened??!! One of these coffee tables would beget been perfect for my living room. I hope they are well? Are they working somewhere else now?

  5. Mira says:

    the look, though I know it would never work with my sloppiness – or my appetite for cooking elaborate, messy meals.

  6. Noelle.Tinley says:

    Beautiful, I found a pair of these many years ago, did something similar. enjoy one the other was eaten by my pit mix rescue…

  7. Prince Z. says:

    I admire the of my ceiling fan. Always compliments about it.

  8. Alex Vicente Ernest V. says:

    Beautiful. Not too hot on the cornice box in the Living room, but dont disapprove it either. Perfect mix in of MCM/modern furniture. It doesnt feel like a DWR catalog. nice.

  9. Abram 1982 says:

    another vote for floorplan! esp the attic/master. Your house looks correct ours but i retain playing with our attic layout… ours is all raw location at the moment.

  10. Alani.Caylee says:

    yes, vegans unite! time to boycott such atrocities in the develop world. all this talk about “green” design, but what happened to “compassionate” design? sheesh.

  11. Jesus Braedon Finnegan says:

    The one at the top is fabulous, the others…not so much. In an eclectic room, that would be fantastic…but I consider you would need to some contemporary pieces in the room.

  12. Ivanna Emelia Janessa K. says:

    I a large, handled serving tray in a wardrobe with paper, foam crafts, stickers, beads and stamps on one side of the tray and eight pencil cups filled with crayons, markers, glue, scissors, etc. on the other side. I can pull out a crayon cup for a drawing project or pull out the whole tray for larger projects.I contemplate a hobby box, these are also great:

  13. Meredith-Milani says:

    I already commented, but this chair so much, I came to ogle at it again. And I unbiased read your for the first time. I affection that this itsy-bitsy sweetheart was by the trash, and you came to the rescue! This is one of the best before afters (and care for stories) ever. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Cannon_Zakary says:

    I would want to fill the windows with green plants and some flowering ones too. Then the light will filter through as green and maybe some gold. :)To counter the chilly white, a enormous rug on the floor, one with plenty of color.

  15. CorbinMuhammad says:

    Going to a thrift store with a list of what I need/want (mine is on a 3″x5″ index card in my wallet) helps me focus. For non-clothing items, a retractable tape measure helps, too.

  16. Charlotte Ellie A. says:

    We had Fireslate countertops installed 3 years ago. I absorb no notion how Never Again got all those marks and spots on his countertops. We absorb some rings, some light spots, but I can buff them out with non-scratch * scrubber and assign tung oil on it and it looks great. We wanted something that was stone – soapstone.. Slate and i this does a ample job. I enjoy never gotten a ring from honest leaving a * to dry or setting a glass down. We 2 teenagers and still, none of the problems.

  17. Simeon T. says: has some rugs. I purchased two indoor rugs from them and been with the quality. One rug even came from a designer vendor. I can only imagine that their outdoor rugs would be equally as good.

  18. Margaret_Annie_Sylvia says:

    In one loft we had to fill our sofa reupholstered 3 times in less than a year because of the infamous leaks all over the loft. The was visually but living in it on a daily basis was a challenge that I hope never to revisit.

  19. Rex 1975 says:

    Check out beneficial quality a variety of colors and many different sizes. They beget Ikea prices but designer quality and styles. They are located in Miami but ship nationwide.

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  21. Ada Lindsey Jewel says:

    You totally inspired me!! I enjoy an dusky Noresund bed frame from IKEA ~ extremely similar to the one you painted. I am getting rid of it when I hurry in with my BF here in a few months. My sister has been looking for a antique-looking bed to match some shabby chic furniture. I feel relish an idiot that it never dawned on me to give her the extinct frame when I and paint it. Thanks!!

  22. Luna-Myah says:

    Thanks for all of the mountainous feedback, guys! The after photo was taken without any of the overhead lights on. I too would appreciate to paint the walls and ceiling a lighter color, but I the where the kitchen connects to the living room that connects to the stairwell that connects to the landing…If I paint one, I paint it ALL. Not that all white walls would be awful. 🙂

  23. Fiona_Ashlyn says:

    I agree that you should (or made) some slipcovers for cushions…that would be so easy to do. I the of turquoise or aqua, but you could build any color, in any fabric. Maybe a textured throw across one and those pillows, which are fantastic. dwelling the rug so that its under the front legs and you are instantly warmed up.

  24. Reagan Noa Karlee says:

    @megraeh It looks appreciate the Leksvik line from Ikea. Not definite Ikea carries it.

  25. Josh 33 says:

    i absorb these in 2 drawers dedicated to spices. each drawer holds 12 jars. Since i fill a lot more than accurate 24 i contain another shelf for spices too. All extra spices are stored in a shoebox

  26. Luca_Zechariah says:

    Btw, if you want a cheaper bin option, the Circo fabric drawers at Target are only $10 and surprisingly cute.

  27. Carl 1977 says:

    I bear a cheap knockoff of the table version of this lamp from West Elm… I got it on clearance for indulge in $40. It looks cheap. It was cheap. I am broke.

  28. Clark@666 says:

    No. Not for me. Someone in my high rise condo brought location a sofa found at the dumpster. Within a few days the entire building was infested with cockroaches. And it was so distinct where they had from. It took months to rid of them.

  29. Alexis says:

    @MonicaLee I am for you and hopefully soon can join the owners club as well!

  30. AshtonAndy says:

    We recently purchased two gray flee chairs (Strandmon) from Ikea for our beach cottage. Seriously, these are the most comfortable chairs I ever sat in. They were only $279 each. I to contemplate about the surf and sand when I got to my cottage, now all I can of is that I to sit in one of those chairs!!

  31. MosesAmarionKian says:

    ohh they ogle great!! My aunt had a pair of bamboo shelves similar to these, along with the now iconic peacock chairs.Im not a paint it white hater by any means because I consider as wonderfully proven in this case…its always a bet. They would though in a candy color (like lime or blue…although Adler I guess)

  32. RohanKonner says:

    astounding of the and care for your colors. And who is the canine cutie photobombing most of the pics?

  33. GarretGlenn says:

    This one from Found Style!

  34. Arthur_Ignacio_Maximillian says:

    there is a plant rack at Wisteria- a mail source- 3 tier- starting augury at 119.00- it is extremely sturdy- they contain several types- I a huge free standing one that I love- the patina on it is special

  35. AmeliaLeah says:

    must be fun furniture around to fit a ladder when they want to the books up top.

  36. JuneLucianaVienna says:

    URGENT Hi, i wanted to talk with someone (the author was even better) about this pattern above “cherry blossom” please, is urgent. i can´t not even the store “grow” neither the author. thank you mighty

  37. Jaden_Kaiden says:

    This home has uncropped versions of the photos:

  38. Mckenna Renata says:

    Too cool.It is my belief that sometimes decorating is done by holding back, by taking away, by choosing to with less. This is an come that is no less than adding more things. Both beget merit. Maybe what is to them is to live minimally.

  39. Jaelyn says:

    Loved what you did with the space. fleet examine on the bookshelves with castors – are those an Ikea Expedit redo? If so, can you give me any specifics on insertion points etc, please? eager in adding castors to mine, but I know the Expedit can be a bit tricky.

  40. CodyTeaganYehuda says:

    This was so it prompted me to up so I could comment. Well done you guys! Absolutely glorious.

  41. Kaia1971 says:

    When I had an clock-radio I never or hit the snooze button. That always seemed such a idiotic thing to do. I to sleep soundly straight through until I had to come by up.But … having cats, at least one of whom has the habit of screeching for breakfast before the dismay went off I decided to experiment with getting rid of the awe clock and seeing if these breakfast demanding felines would retain me on target. They did! I removed my disconnected clock from the of the drawer where it had temporarily gone and gave it to a thrift store. My body or the cats (or both) are helpful and I feel mighty better upon waking.

  42. Isla says:

    hello Veenajose, we found the panel at a Moroccan owned shop in Dragonmart (Dubai) which sells wood and ply wood machine panels in different sizes. We painted, sealed and finished it ourselves.

  43. Samir 99 says:

    Yes, I enjoy seen the lights last week, too– in the West Hollywood, CA location. Check the Issak Mizrahi aisles, they were not in the lamps section. — John

  44. Holly Bryleigh J. says:

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  45. Nina says:

    The luca glider by Monte designs is similar and we bought a flor model from the company for half heed ($500) They the best customer service— you could also check craigslist for this similar design.

  46. Leighton-Bonnie says:

    As professional designer/craftspersons, my husband and I beget found that most of the restaurants dim and white tile flooring installed straight instead of diagonally (and acquire done so for decades). and white checkerboard flooring, by no means, needs to be installed on the diagonal.

  47. Avery_Antonia says:

    A for homeowners with their beget washer/dryers, but you seem to forget about many city dwellers such as myself. No in-apartment washers/dryers are the norm in LA. A load a day is unrealistic for people who work chunky time, live in apartments and who to exercise a Laundromat. I the name of this website was Apartment Therapy. We seem to absorb lost our from our novel diagram with this website.

  48. Dulce says:

    A window would be lovely, but if you to gape at your computer hide with a wall of natural light coming in, it actually puts a lot of strain on your eyes. Having your perpendicular to the natural light source is the best option.

  49. Craig_Baby says:

    Beautiful, expedient find.There a so many ways to go. I assume it depends on your overall fashion of the room. You could mix with or transitional.Simple wood chairs would be nice.

  50. JoelHugoClarence says:

    I wonder if there is a accurate requirement for how exiguous a a person can legally inhabit.My college dorm could beget really been a contender.

  51. April_Chanel says:

    @aleishacd Absolutely! Whose advice did they follow and why? Did it work?

  52. Emily-Iris says:

    I also always do certain to stems diagonally across the bottom to aid with water intake, and add a exiguous sugar to water, as a no-nonsense plant food. Both seem to my flowers last!nicole @

  53. Jaden Donald G. says:

    I agree with some the above comments on a rich navy. The colors really compliment one another.

  54. Abdullah_Kelton says:

    one of these chairs. You will not regret it!

  55. Marie_Elisabeth says:

    Try sliding a fragment of similarly coloured fabric under the and with a limited fabric glue underneath. It may the getting bigger.

  56. Andrew_Jaiden says:

    The stool is from Boles?awiec, Poland. I picked it up on a poke there while we were stationed in Germany. I bought a few for about 30Euro apiece and cherish them! I there are a few online sellers if you google “polish pottery”

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    I been using a Chariot trailer with my 4 yr the last 3 years. I commute regularly and it is sturdy, and hauls him and plenty more. Plus it converts to a stroller and pull gradual for skis.

  59. Lilianna Nola Tegan Q. says:

    Hmmm…. every room in my house has bold wallpaper EXCEPT the hallway. Perhaps I should leave it white so my pattern-hating guests can somewhere to breathe….

  60. Lennon Cataleya says:

    I Thrive has one called the Roosevelt or something that. We one similar to the one in the photo, but paid $120 for it on Craigslist. Of course, it helps living in a announce where few know anything about MCM furniture. luck in your search!

  61. Jase@777 says:

    In my last home, it was a vintage dresser with a cedar chest in the bottom drawer. Of course, it was pea soup green, but I changed that!

  62. Ashlyn Anika K. says:

    I am on the board of a group that owns a historic one-room schoolhouse in our community. We an annual yard sale every year to advantage the restoration and preservation of the schoolhouse. We often enjoy people donate these bags, which we sell at the yard sale for 25 cents each (and they sell relish crazy!!). Perhaps there is a charitable organization in your community that might to re-sell them?

  63. Yair_Giovani says:

    Bryan the home looks amazing……. gotta admire the haters……. cherish your toy collection and the marka speaker! for buntcake(above), if you want 1 of a artwork by irok you can visit hes blog and contact him…..rottingfresh.blogspot.comwe also some blooming rad camouflage 1 of a printed pillow..

  64. AidanAndy says:

    Instead of heating the gararge itself, a commercially made block heater might be a better choice. With the engine being warm, it will quicker and it would fill heat a lot quicker.

  65. Jordan Colten Sullivan W. says:

    Since no one posted yet, I want to say that today is a glad day even if I to work tomorrow, because 1.) I had a chocolate chip cookie 2.) After distinguished anticipation, my fresh sofa will be arriving in cramped over a week! Hurrah! (FYI–got it from storehouse…T-cushion, square arm, but comfy in an ice blue/grey/green shade)

  66. Kristopher Ramiro Teagan A. says:

    I bear several for my office. The Bisley cabinets definitely nice, but the drawers are not practical. They attain not all they way.

  67. Sonny says:

    @xasp42 What makes a plant trendy though? It seems so to me. I all plants equally@

  68. Theodore Kenyon Matteo says:

    You an amazing location and I am in cherish with all those windows! But, I contain to ask, where you support your clothes, shoes, coats ect.?

  69. ValeriaHelen says:

    missnic: unprejudiced an observation but your second paragraph completely contradicts the first. which is it? mass and cool? or mass and not cool?(fwiw: i, unapologetically, the second paragraph… imho, a has 2 factors: inherent arrangement and uniqueness — which combines to effect a definite covetability. when the latter is lost, it “looses points” overall…)

  70. Luz@1985 says:

    @Loveley of oh, and former medication, objective determined not to flush them or throw them in the sink because they up in our water supply. and, the plastic containers are recyclable 🙂

  71. Ariel Kaitlyn Margot says:

    @artnerdThanks! You pegged me, I always find it easier to decorate my instead of myself. But maybe this once I will be brave. Sarah

  72. Dylan-Joe says:

    We some broken-down slate chalkboard. Simply sanding it down (removing layers of chalkboard paint, tape marks, etc) makes it gray, not really deep – so we were looking at painting it. Painters did one sample with a chalkboard paint – not which brand. It came out also gray, not truly black, and also, it scratches really easy (even with a fingernail).So – for those that beget feeble paint, what did you use, is it a deep black, and does it scratch easily?Thanks.

  73. Gianni Humberto B. says:

    If you ever need to eradicate fruit flies, forget about store-bought traps, DIY apple cider vinegar traps, or tennis racket-like bug zappers. a vacuum hose attachment to * them into a vortex of darkness. Efficient, sweat-free, nothing to buy, and no mess. #lifehack

  74. Beatrice L. says:

    Maybe dapper them up using vinyl wall decals? Non-permanent 😀

  75. Braylen@2008 says:

    I believe another intention would be to gawk for something round to store things in. Of course, this takes more space, which might be in short supply, but I acquire a dumb next to my drain rack that I filled with an antique * with a lid. I store my dishrags and towels in it.

  76. Kimberly says:

    The ones leer really, really nice. I am detached intriguing as to why you can peaceful the Gulliver ones here in Germany. I know safety regulations vary a lot from country to country, but here in Germany regulations are strict as well. I guess, if you happened to be here, regain one, and ship it over! 🙂

  77. Roberto Griffin Lincoln K. says:

    Who came up with these combinations? A of the navy and might work but ochre and yellow? salmon pink and yellow? emerald green and bubblegum pink? Ugh

  78. Helena-999 says:

    If possible, I would try to conclude something savor this:

  79. London_Millie_Noemi says:

    You can it at Millesime Philadelphia, The mark is $950

  80. Willow-Jaliyah says:

    I recently bought this clock from etsy:

  81. Melody-Julie-Milena says:

    not overwhelming, gender-neutral, appropriate to room & use, sparkling but calm. should inspire a lot of people.

  82. Cataleya Ivanna Azaria V. says:

    Naturally, Mrs Santa loves all these green touches. First is the BEST. cherish the carpet.

  83. Harley Keira Alondra V. says:

    If you read the info above, the tour is a tech tour for Unplggd to showcase all of his tech gear! cherish it! And since when is a “collection” specifically vintage? Does every house tour need to “inspire” us? I acquire gawking at all of them. If I am inspired I am inspired. A collection is that.. a collection. Could be a collection of anything! *:O)

  84. Saul.Yosef says:

    I all of your articles, photos, before & after! I am renovating my mothers house, & derive your website so helpful!

  85. Destiny says:

    Can it really be called a round-up when Urban already rounded up all these products themselves in their newsletter not two days ago?

  86. Marina Bria Abril B. says:

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  87. EleanorHeidiSimone says:

    I appreciate how this is so simple and so of personality.

  88. Collin Jadon Aryan says:

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  89. Elliott-Sammy says:

    Our greyhound is also willing to provide an focal point to photos in our house.

  90. Alonso F. says:

    Generations of farmers gloomy wellie boots that are no where come this expensive. It boggles the mind.

  91. Itzayana M. says:

    I really cherish this & wish we had them in our home!! Wrapping them around the corner looks fantastic!

  92. Ava says:

    zzzapI contemplate roaches are a dilemma that many folks in NYC have. I moved into an prewar building that wasnt kept up well. Anyway I found the most luck with RAID bait traps. I would two types. There was one for * roaches. Also there was one that did something to the roach eggs. The thing is to them everywhere ( bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room). Also be distinct to replace them regularly- brand when you placed in current ones on a calendar.Also effect determined to sustain your clean- dont leave food out and acquire clear there arent any roaches come your foodstuffs.

  93. ElsieDaphneViviana says:

    @JDam – Thank you for bringing this up about unsupervised kitties on balconies! Cats will sometimes try to jump to another balcony or climb down, at which point they could drop or if they down safely, lost/hurt via outdoor wanderings.

  94. Autumn-Casey says:

    Elfitzy ~ If your glider also has the cushions that “snap” to the frame, recovering it should be do-able! I posted more of how I did it on my blog, I bumped it to the top for those who want to see:

  95. Matthew Zachery Stanley says:

    Can the OP identify the type of cabinetry storage in the photos?

  96. Conor Travon B. says:

    heavens, sheets are on sale everywhere! I bought a hand-stitched archaic fashioned white linen and lace pillow (pricey French luxury brand) for a extremely dinky sized pillow yesterday for $20. Originally $100. I would NEVER paid $100 for a pillowcase. However, at $20, I could allow myself to believe that it looked bask in something that my grandmother would achieve in her trousseau in the 1920s and kept forever. It reminds me of her. As readers of my comments may know, anything that reminds me of that particular grandmother is irresistable to me (if I enjoy the money). She was a beautiful, kind, intellectual woman who lived well in proper times and carried herself through times with equal dignity and kindness. Unforgettable and inspirational.I the ubiquity of sheet markdowns might be something called deflation.

  97. Kyan-Keven says:

    I made my fill version if this a couple weeks ago and I am comely it will be staying up year-round:

  98. Tanner says:

    COLOUR, whoohoo! I behold so many homes on that are overly curated and white, white, white, white. While not all of the colour choices here are to my taste, I how they impartial went for it. appreciate the combination of the purple and the warm wood tones. Such a warm and welcoming home.

  99. Braelyn T. says:

    distinguished designs but they a bit too cartoons of mid century pieces. Too chunky, too severe of angles and tapers. I his most successful in the collection is the most restrained, the pendant lamp.

  100. MaliaRosaMarianna says:

    I live in Portland and am wondering which discount furniture store you went to?

  101. Tyrone_Leandro_Ulysses says:

    I actually throw inaugurate the windows for at least a half hour prior to having people over, even in the of winter. I be pleased my dwelling to smell fresh and neutral; I that closed-off, air smell.My cat is usually the one who peeks at guests from late me…and runs relish aroused if they try to pet him. I attain offer drinks away, but I luxuriate in the of having a pitcher of cool water with sliced fruit or cucumbers out. It looks really attractive.

  102. Saoirse says:

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  103. Kenyon-88 says:

    Is it unprejudiced me, or did anyone else believe that the most appropriate thing to finish in a location this is something that is also white?Debaucherous.

  104. Cullen Dimitri says:

    @Holiday05 I you the best for this fashion of apartment. If the adults capture this fresh space, then it can be opened up for derive togethers while the child sleeps in the other room. If people are really about fires, the windowless position actually seems safer. There, you two potential routes for escape. Down by the windows you could be carve off from the front door. If you are on a high floor, this could become problematic. If your apartment was built beyond a date, you will enjoy a sprinkler system. Bigger plus than standing at a twentieth floor window waiting to be saved.

  105. Ricardo Sidney C. says:

    i agree with the comments saying this advice is tacky. once you hosting a party and paying for the groceries and cooking but having your guests only bring drinks, thats it. theres no going back. so either you continue. or you stop.

  106. Amari Karlie says:

    esteem the exposed brick wall! And that YOU appreciate your residence and that it takes you where you want to be! Voted!

  107. AndersonWillie says:

    I was confused until I got to the comments. Both are Austin houses–but they are different houses, so can you fix the links? Thanks!

  108. Dustin G. says:

    I removed the shower curtain and am now using a definite shower curtain liner instead. It really brightens the shower and makes the room seem larger, even though it is a bathroom. I contain a magazine stand in there, and I am going to occupy it. Thanks for the tips!!

  109. Jaylah Alia Ellison says:

    Deleted? Really? Does anyone else an convey with tasteless taxidermy or is it apt me?

  110. MckenzieAngie says:

    I’ve had mine for years and apparently I design all the things I’m not supposed to do. It’s in regular soil, I forget to water it half the time, during summer it’s outside where it either drowns pr completely dries out, and yet, every year it rewards me with flowers. Most years twice. It’s my plant.

  111. Perla_Anabelle says:

    A sofa upholstered in flannel looks so comfy ,but so stylish… the best of both worlds.Please be mine<3

  112. Carl_Brice_Darwin says:

    Or, the “woman” was painting the chair red, and decided to rest her head in a pool of spilled paint.The man (Is he wearing only one shoe? “If the loafer fits, you must acquit!”) is simply bemoaning the lack of kitchen triangulation by enjoying the vibrations of his Frigidaire.The gun is impartial a herring. The chair is a crimson chair.

  113. Khloe N. says:

    I am surprised you build not mention anything devour Backblaze, Carbonite, etc for backing up most of your files. If the computer fails, I will need to reinstall software, etc but my files will be safe.Alternatively or in addition, for Mac, Time Machine does the job extremely well. It does not bootable backups like CCC but it does allow you to restore more or less to exactly where you left off.Of course, if you are me, you two time machine drives in different locations AND consume backblaze

  114. Yahir_Jameson_Keshawn says:

    As a Yorker myself, I can never choose whether pictures of large, attractive NYC apartments accomplish me happy… or angry.Having that, I affection what was done here, especially the finishes, which accomplish me want to mosey around in bare feet touching every surface.

  115. Corinne Harleigh says:

    YO! Giant WASHINGTON COLLEGE diploma holders represent! I was enjoying this post so much, and then I saw the diploma. Did you gape under Dr. Professor Jason Rubin, the best professor in all the land?

  116. Payton Bailee O. says:

    I would suggest swinging by a few times at night time to check how noisy is the neighbourhood (unless you happen to be someone who has no falling/staying asleep with all kinds of audio distractions).

  117. Ezequiel33 says:

    Paint the whole wall orange, rehang the new pictures, the cabinet so it becomes more of a centerpiece, fetch more, knowing pillows, and pat yourself on the advantage for putting in a mountainous effort!!!!!!!

  118. Quinn Tobias says:

    These are the newest Green Cyptons

  119. Kade-Aydan says:

    This product and the couple who it are really, really amazing.They vintage molds and processes….and add custom touches gilt-bronze bases.Expensive…and worth it.

  120. Kenyon Makai L. says:

    I consider the pink and the baby blue, separately and together, leer horrendously bad, but considering her birth canal analogy, why not contain a that evokes a hospital nursery? She does points for the dining room chairs, though.

  121. AllanDashawn says:

    I your home! Could you fraction a portray of your DIY console? I can only observe the corner of it in the pictures!

  122. Grayson Ramon Elvin P. says:

    Fantastic, THIS is what the contest is about and THANK YOU for no wasted pics on vignettes!

  123. Johnny_Tyshawn_ says:

    @Knvjennings I grew up in CT, but spent lots of time in Boston and Rhode Island every year. I would say that you should definitely not miss Boston, Providence, RI and Newport, RI – all of them absorb tons of history, dazzling buildings, and kindly food. Rhode Island beaches are astonishing and mighty easier to access than getting through Cape Cod traffic. fun !

  124. Gustavo.Clark.Menachem says:

    Paper ephemera collectors often linen mount their huge posters. The poster is adhered to linen archivally. The process removes or diminishes the creases:

  125. Kiara-Zoie-Mariyah says:

    Spray paint with the all-surface, medium gloss paint that covers plastic. for an automotive color, like cadmium yellow, midnight blue, coal black, blood red. Change out the handles for something not intended for that use: boat cleats, for instance. They are good-looking and sculptural and not so expensive.

  126. Lance Devan says:

    yep, but the ONLY reason we one is because of our security system. grrrr….

  127. Garret Reagan X. says:

    of the space; extremely light and airy appearance. Creative of books-what a fun for a young couple to live! The views outside the loft windows beckon the apartment dwellers to “come out and play” in America”s finest city. Artsy,yet”easy to work in” kitchen– Well done, David and Im!

  128. Evelyn.Brooke.Tenley says:

    @DiplomacyEvolving Yeah that really helped for me. I also found it nice to mix it up in terms of who I was hanging out with. Sometimes my upbeat friends were a dinky overwhelming, so I started catching up with some of my more friends, which was actually really great.

  129. Lyric Daphne Ellis says:

    hmm, i agree with the people who say this looks clinical. it looks well executed and i the layout, but it looks and unfinished to me.

  130. Jose Rylan Camron says:

    Actually, I when people link to their own. It can be self-serving, but it also leads people to multiple ideas at once. Win-win!

  131. Luis-Gary-Menachem says:

    He was definitely one of my favourites on Top Chef Desserts. the carpet (we believe 2 that we brought plot from a glide to Turkey) and the colour in his kitchen.

  132. Cherish says:

    “Not-Abode” aside, that is the cutest man-cave plus landscaping ever!

  133. JordonKareem says:

    hold it twice. Many of the photos were different my second time. And my results were elegant different, too. (Very erroneous the second time.) I assume to elaborate my fill style, but I can discover how this might be a useful starting point for a designer with a client who has no clue what they want.

  134. Caden Rocco N. says:

    For those kids who are more the homebody type I can understand why some of these things are needed, but I deem bath toys and sheet/pillow/blanket are going a bit overboard. Traveling light = lower stress for the * and thus for the child as well. As a child I traveled oversees usually twice a year for periods between 2weeks and 2months, as well as traveling frequently throughout the U.S, and the most stressing experience happened to me when I was six and realized that I had lost my most beloved stuffed animal “Chubs” (who coincidentally happened to be a rabbit). I found that as the risk of losing beloved items is emotionally more tolling than the comfort they provide, but as books and exiguous hobble toys I am all pro.

  135. Kensley S. says:

    the ghost chair. Smashed bottom seen through plastic is never good, even on skinny people in expensive clothes.I the Mini (car) will up as a classic.

  136. GabriellaCara says:

    I binders and files on the computer…..too many, hehe.

  137. Taylor.Lucian.Kurt says:

    Despite my attempts to dress up our bed, we always up liking a simple design best: mattress pad, fitted sheet, and one comforter (we beget a puffy one for winter and thinner one for summer). No top sheet or duvet cover. Both comforters are washable.We beget two grand square pillows for reading in bed, and two miniature buckwheat and wool pillows for sleeping.

  138. Amaya.Reina says:

    does anyone know a source for the louis ghost looking chairs they outdoors at pinkberry?

  139. Selena says:

    Isnt this apartment almost as microscopic as the couple with the two cats? Yes its nicer but two people are living here and she has a dog. Goes to expose what a paint and organzation can do!

  140. Hayden says:

    Statistically, the lower the income, the higher the rate of divorce due to financial difficulties. I it has to develop with the lack of disposable income. People devour to consume a bit now and again on themselves without feeling guilty or having an upset partner.

  141. Mckenna-911 says:

    Definitely try Knoll textiles:

  142. Cannon.Pranav says:

    @stephyod HAHA! I notion the same thing. What are the odds BOTH MATCHING socks made it under there. Superb.

  143. AndyJaylinReed says:

    Try looking for something at I employ their “Rose Pharm” spray, which is made from peppermint oil, on my roses.

  144. Jaiden-Jonas-Jaheim says:

    This one is nice, but not as deep and no slope arm.

  145. Sebastian says:

    Assuming that the “We” in “We just purchased” was not you and your mother-in-law, paint it what you like. Color is never if you savor it. I know you fill seen posts on AT where people faded totally skittle colors and they acquire turned out WOW!!

  146. Madeline Kyleigh Harleigh G. says:

    It does notice useful but is considerate of *. But delight in others who beget posted what makes it a “Not” for me is that there would be no where to do your legs when you are working at the computer.

  147. Yehuda1971 says:

    EastVillageAmy, enjoy you tried liquid wax after you your floor. My bathroom has extremely tile, and after about a year of scrubbing it every weekend, only to it like * a day later, someone told me that extremely tile needs to be waxed after it is cleaned. I Future wax, you fair squirt it on & spread it with the mop and it dries in about 30 minutes — it makes all the difference.

  148. TinleyTeganAadhya says:

    @textiles Thank you, saving me time to say all of which you replied

  149. Corinne says:

    When i looking for kids bed – I found car-bed “G – JUVENAL SPIDER RACECAR BED” 🙂 on . frigid furniture ?

  150. Anthony.Philip says:

    I like living and working in different areas of LA. I work in Silverlake and live in the “Beverly Hills-adjacent” of LA (lower rent but the neighborhood safety and eateries of BH). My commute time is around 30 minutes but I need that time to pick up focused for the day and to wind down at night. I both neighborhoods and am blissful I glean to experience 2 extremely different faces of the same city.

  151. WinterBriley says:

    @AMChicago Yes, in a similar hall I liked having a big, gorgeously framed mirror at the end.

  152. ReedSteve says:

    Sophisticated, warm, inviting, beautiful, all these words describes this apartment!

  153. Joyce says:

    My husband and I are looking for a dwelling in Downtown Toronto. The one we saw was 580 square feet and was $1800 +++/month. The one we turned down was 600 sqft @ $2100 ++, but it did absorb a contemplate of the highway and we could parking for $10,000. * I detest renting!

  154. Jazmine Sariah says:

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The bed was actually given to me from a friend of mine. Her brother drew up the and had a local drag yard earn it.Hannah from Dublin – the white desk is from Ikea.

  155. Jadon Rhys says:

    If I were to choose out one thing that annoys me the most on AT, it is when people ragging on others for their books collection (or really any collection, to a lesser extent) and calling it clutter. Perhaps books in your are themselves as clutter, but for many of us a house is not a without a hearty collection of our books, and they can also explain a fair element. Nothing beats a book-filled wall of built-in bookcases! And lastly, many books are as objects of curiosity, as well!Feel free to giving away all of your books and living as starkly as you desire, but let the rest of us and ours!

  156. Phoebe.2003 says:

    LDB,At a most unlikely place… I bought two of mine at a lighting store on the Upper West Side called LightForms (the first two were bought out of town and shipped here).http://lightformsinc.com509 Amsterdam Avenue (btw 84th & 85th)Phone: (212) 875-0407Store Hours:Monday – Friday 11:00AM – 7:00PMSaturday 11:00AM – 6:00PMSunday Noon – 5:00PMcheers,

  157. Irvin-Gordon says:

    Me, too. I was envisioning a hundred pro and con on it!

  158. MaxwellReneMisael says:

    the furni stuff too. They really are more than unbiased looking stuff. They are really cool people too. I did a interview with them over at my website check it out. They acquire some stuff coming up in Feb too.

  159. Stella.Lydia says:

    The chair is, a vast store in Dumbo that specializes in Czech Modernism.

  160. Raphael says:

    affection the hills, drought-tolerant thinking, and the no-mow lawn – the gardening around the edges definitely needs some work, esthetically, though.

  161. Adalyn-Kaliyah-Alannah says:

    I even fill a extremely similar wall color, and a chair in the corner … I feel I am looking at a photo of my apartment. I will post a link later tonight so you can notice the creepily similar set-up!

  162. Devon says:

    i had a experience with Janovic as well (about 2 years ago).m

  163. Liam Nelson says:

    @PoppyfieldsSniglets are made up combination words that portray a home or thing. I had forgotten that they came from the note “Not Necessarily the News.”My Sniglet was “Cheeriomagnetism” when the last few Cheerios cling together in the bowl for survival. They always do.

  164. Carla1966 says:

    simple, original, proportions, gracious design. period. devour it. 2 stars

  165. Anaya Tori Halle says:

    @NyceBloo And the furniture I would delight in to is what people are doing to reclaim/upcycle Waterfall furniture which is collected reasonable/plentiful at thrift shops. And how they consume it in their homes. IMO it can mix with other styles. I want to ogle examples.

  166. Rylee Rebecca Miranda O. says:

    I admire this room! The handmade touches really beget it personal and lovely. Thank you for sharing.How did you the mobile? you instructions?

  167. Evan-Jett says:

    a reminder that you can check out ebooks on your tablet or phone from your library. Even my town library participates. You wait lists, but they actually pass by quicker than waiting for the hard copy to turned in. When the loaned book expires it is immediately available for the next in line.

  168. Izabella Millie says:

    Charmin TP; Bounty PT; broken-down to be dedicated to Tide but dabbled in Mrs. Meyers lavender detergent; Arthur Flour; SWEET-n-LOW!!!

  169. Ruben Porter Kamari O. says:

    what dont you understand? the guy that owns the store our generation fawns over has the antonym ideals to many of us. therefore, hipsters are funding the GOP. im determined the same can be of other storefronts. i was making a point of being a socially aware consumer.

  170. DonovanVicenteZakary says:

    For me this is the best so far – lived in with personality, simple and with a sense of fun. I those windows and all the light.

  171. Johanna33 says:

    yipeee! thank you. i impartial moved house and has 1 loooong hallway and a shorter more square 1. Short of bookcases so those 2 long antique benches are going in the hall with books. upstairs? gallery. to attach those vintage italian movie posters somewhere. these pics really helped with my hallway dilemma.

  172. Amaris says:

    I wanted dismal floors throughout my whole house because I wood floors in my bathroom. The reason I decided not to was the dust issue. My house is not dusty, but the floors in my bathroom ALWAYS looked dusty… I was cleaning it at least 3 times a week.I since had my floors resanded, and had a few distinct coats establish on top… and they beautiful. So elated I did not glide dark.

  173. Sofia Erin Hattie G. says:

    $12.00 dollars for a kitschy hanger that will wind up in a garbage drawer. Make-shift menorah and sitting atop a bottle of wine; its more insulting than campy.Again, garbage.

  174. Mckenna-Kairi says:

    absorb a contemplate at this post…

  175. Messiah says:

    I the wallpaper would be too mighty for me., although I really relish that clean bed with the headboard, footboard and ribbon-edged (or whatever it is called) linen.I savor the oversize print (painting?) over the fireplace, and the print with the separated titles over the bench with the birdcage, it has a vaguely Andy Warhol quality to it, which for some reason the wallpaper does not.Interesting post.

  176. Dakota Jessica J. says:

    Lake water combined with a little gasoline and boat motor oil… ahhhh. lilacs, and rain, and desirable linens from the dryer or hung in the sunshine outdoors. grass. Summer into Fall, yes it does bear a capable scent. Also crisp fall days.

  177. Giovanni.Phillip.Isaias says:

    Well said, Pamlwell. A bulletin board gets the moderation it deserves. Constructive criticism is good, always welcome. But getting personal is not.

  178. Luna.Chana says:

    I absorb an office (I work from home), but no more than 10 minutes in it at a time because I unprejudiced working at the kitchen table or on the couch. Anyway, I always feel guilty using up a whole room on an office that gets no use.

  179. Salvador Rudy B. says:

    A whole house fan can acquire a difference. i know ceiling fans high-tail the air around but a whole house fan pulls new air through. Granted, this is not a friendly when it is hot. On days there is something ample about air flowing through. limited ceiling houses can collect stagnant.

  180. Nora says:

    Forty bucks for one molecule? Man, earn a Molymod kit for half that cost and effect any molecule you want! (I to beget ethyl butanoate – the ester responsible for banana and strawberry flavouring – on my dresser, and once I distracted myself from a headache by making a model of an ibuprofen molecule!)That said, I affection the posters, and I really want that TV!

  181. Deshawn Maverick says:

    Lovely! All the sleek Scandi-Mod-Mid-Century but with cheeriness and approachability.I the before and afters.

  182. Abigail Ada R. says:

    Check out if you want to peek many but expensive room dividers. I the Molo paper soft wall. Light weight, portable (but a bit pricey) it would work in my home. Hey AT how about giving one of these away?

  183. LeilaniJayleeMeilani says:

    I believe there is a distinct considerate of cozy comfort to this look.Just want to point out that the US flag should always be hung with the blue field in the top left corner. Even when hung vertically!

  184. Leah-Hailey-Winter says:

    you guys ever looked at the Elizabeth Paige Smith kitty pod?They sell it at velocityartanddesign.comShe is an furniture designer, that happen to desgin furniture for kitties.enjoy.

  185. Mauricio says:

    to second the rug nod. Really care for how it ties in the other colors/patterns in the room.

  186. Kathleen Antonia N. says:

    Ugh…I despise abominate cleaning windows. I am a fan of our window cleaning company–it was more affordable than I conception it would be and the contrast that a proffessional can construct is huge. This is one job I leave to the pros.

  187. Tristen.Harold.Ronaldo says:

    Outside of Chitown They were on sale check with the owners. They are really helpful.

  188. MekhiRickyTristian says:

    $80!!!! You can a smaller one at Container Store for $10! occupy 2!

  189. Gabriella Regina G. says:

    theplumathree, I happened to gape at the blog to track down the bird tutorial, and in another post she says that her mom sewed the crib sheet. She did contain a link to the source for the fabric, though.

  190. Matthias696 says:

    Most Practical Room:

  191. Caleb-Cayden-Gordon says:

    Two reasons I loved living in NYC……spring and fall. Thanks for making us extra ecstatic today!

  192. Billy says:

    I found this link about painting blinds and I that I would allotment it!

  193. BoDarien says:

    I cannot how many people are hating on stainless steel! I personally would acquire chosen stainless to give the all white cabinets some dimension while remaining in a light colored neutral territory. My advice is support the white stove for a few months. You will either realize you it or you abominate it… if you abhor it, then sell it and a stainless on in there… lift at a holiday sale or a high destroy floor model for cheap.

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