Awesome Bookcase Headboard Queen As Practical Storage

Bookcase headboard queen is really good idea to make a creative bookshelf on the headboard in large scale. So, it can make your narrow space in bedroom better and full of function. For those of you who have a bedroom area is limited, certainly requires a lot of space savings. Often the addition of cabinets for storage of media such as books, magazines or documents that quite a lot of work, making your bedroom become narrow and not free. Therefore we need a variety of creative ways in order to narrow your home can still look wide and does not restrict your movement in the bedroom.

Queen bed with Bookcase headboard and there are 2 pillows

Queen bed with Bookcase headboard and there are 2 pillows

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really awesome bookcase headboard queen as practical storage. If it can not add to the cupboard or storage shelf because the narrowness of the land, why not make your own just a simple rack attached to the headboard? In addition to cheaper, shelf headboard allows you to save a lot more. In addition, by making the shelf in the headboard queen, your rack so it is easier to clean and you do not need to be tired sliding closet only to sweep the back. To save space you can also hire the services of specialized construction to create a framework mattress headboard and the lower part of her could be used as a storage medium such as a drawer or shelf. In addition to the special construction services you can also create a bookcase wall that once could be queen headboard. This mattress inserted into the wall, you can see a long row of bookcases that meets the side wall.

Bookcase headboard queen brown using hollywood bed frame

Bookcase headboard queen brown using hollywood bed frame

Queen size bed with Bookcase headboard and there are several pillows and storage underneath

Queen size bed with Bookcase headboard and there are several pillows and storage underneath

However, when the cupboard is pulled down, you see a mattress stretches that can be used for sleeping. This way you can create a space so vast study once a bedroom. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really awesome bookcase headboard queen as practical storage.

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