How Extraordinary Elegant Antique White Dresser

Antique white dresser now come with some wonderful designs that elegant and cool. Sometimes woman or even you as a guy need something antique furniture around the house, one of them is a dresser indeed. Dressers or commonly referred to as the popularity of this dresser the product of well-known stores such as IKEA, Walmart or Amazon grade. Antique dresser with a white bandage was quite remarkable to be applied in your bedroom. Type and shape of the dressing table is a quality classic furniture. This dressing table dressing table which we made with type antique classic and minimalist type.

Adorable antique white dressers mirror with nine drawers

Adorable antique white dressers mirror with nine drawers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really extraordinary elegant antique white dresser today. We make this dressing table by taking the type of classic dressing table and we developed with a minimalist dresser type, until eventually also very unusual and very nice. You can know the product details with the data that we present this, until the majority of our customers will speedily understand the pre buy our product until the very clear and definite you really like. Basic materials of wood we use the choice of TPK timber, until the wood is indeed the wood quality. Type We make this dressing table with a charming classic type. Color finishing we use the natural and barked, for we can color match. We make this dressing table with a drawer-type 9 3 large and 6 small. Dressing table size is quite huge in size from standard to much space is used for storage.

awesome antique white dresser with 11 drawers

awesome antique white dresser with 11 drawers

Fabulous antique white dresser with 6 drawers

Fabulous antique white dresser with 6 drawers

Dressing table was developed from creative ideas dresser furniture with the help of the hands of craftsmen must have been very adept in the field of the furniture, so as to produce a neat nice of view, the model dresser white is a product of furniture original, white dressing table is perfect for your home that is white and clean. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really extraordinary elegant antique white dresser today.

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  2. Kelsey.Kyra.Milena says:

    So enjoyed this house tour. All of the fantastic former pieces given life, the recent art, the hutch of china & curiosities. A vibrant and feeling in all of the photos.Thank you for opening your house and letting us visit.

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  7. Mariyah says:

    Absolutely. It is an easy project, you can even add tufting if you luxuriate in that look.Make you consume some fabric. he wood looks microscopic worn; are you going to refresh it or paint it?

  8. Kate Deborah M. says:

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  9. Ruben Bennett N. says:

    adore these!! I contain such a healthy obsession for stripes and good-looking handcrafted textiles.

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  12. Irvin696 says:

    I the examples work because there is so distinguished else going on in most of these rooms. I am more inclined to favor a rich antique oriental carpet and let the rest of the room considerate of bask in the reflected glory. That is, once the carpet is in there everything else can be neutrals and bookcases.

  13. Arthur-Samir says:

    beautiful.Specially the blue contrast. I bear 530 sq ft and acquire stayed with all cloud-white.neat plants too, must try that.

  14. Maria Jimena L. says:

    Thanks everyone, really your feedback…showe, the white shelves are Jarpen and the wall-mounted cabinet is a basic Akurum kitchen wall cabinet (mounted low) – both from IKEA.Planetzorack, the floors are exactly as we found them, so not what the stain is unfortunately.absOsteele, the wooden chairs are Eames plywood lounge chairs (in Walnut).

  15. Aitana Melina Jaylene J. says:

    This is my approved nursery in a long long long time. Superbly chic & playful of color and old/new. affection it esteem it admire it. adore the clever family-tree-baby-picture wall too. Bravo.

  16. Savannah says:

    I affection the of a chandelier in the bathroom. It adds such an elegance.~ Sarah @

  17. Bailey.1994 says:

    How do photographers that proper color saturated look? I bear Photoshop Elements.I would also esteem to hear thoughts on lenses – all my questions beget been asked above.Thank you!

  18. Camren_Shea says:

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  22. Cassandra says:

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  23. StellaAllyson says:

    this house has so character i adore it. however, i must admit, and perhaps i am a miniature OCD, the pictures would drive me crazy. a lot of times the pictures are in the house tours and its all i can on haha

  24. Annabella Chandler says:

    I would choose all of the things being stored… assign a comfy sofa that fits in the position with some fine lighting, a coarse table and an accent rug…

  25. Isabel Charlee says:

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  26. Lyla.2005 says:

    To ChristineC,What seperates the toilet from the bathtub is a of etched glass. The visible object you saw from the bedroom is the cabinet hung legal adjacent to the glass. Since the toilet is positioned in the middle of the room, with the gracious distance, the privacy is taken care of.

  27. Walker says:

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  30. HarperZoe says:

    I esteem the rug in the kitchen & I am going to that be my “take away” since I lots of white ceramic tile but need some color. Not to mention it gets slippery when I in from the garage in the winter.

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  33. Jamari.Addison says:

    With all that white, a precise tree decorated minimally would explore fantastic. This leaves me cold. Sorry.

  34. Kaylee_Brielle_Kailyn says:

    bepsf: coming from your eye, that is high/low praise ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. KellenAndreas says:

    Beautiful! So gleaming and airy, which is exactly my style. Also that this is a Canadian home, even though this is as far away from me in Canada as you can get! I live on the antonym flow in the East! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Alena.999 says:

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  37. Parker.Zackery says:

    Dutch and Utrechter, but I yet to visit the Mondriaan house. Thanks for reminding me!

  38. Teagan says:

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  39. Callie.Milana.Natasha says:

    I would establish it in front of my fireplace for a romantic evening!

  40. Cheyenne Jayda Aubri says:

    i this.but its a itsy-bitsy teeny tad too for my personal taste.BUT if i were living in that house..i would be ok with it

  41. Lydia.Julissa says:

    Where would you accept a lampshade with double fittings?Most a fitting only at the top and a simple ring at the bottom…

  42. Brittany Whitney Laney E. says:

    extremely fine job again Kathryn!We bear extremely similar tastes.

  43. Kenny66 says:

    beautiful table setting. Thanksgiving to you to, and cheers to AP! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Leona 1963 says:

    Gillingham-Ryan family is adorable! titanic job! idea the tent decor made the feel closed in as well and fine heavens the dust would be enough to bring on an athesma attack.

  45. Keenan@1980 says:

    @Caitlin Monahan – I am laughing over here and loving this!

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  47. LarryAdonisElmer says:

    One of my tours ever! So and and completely not trendy. I also that they mugs from Target ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Bridget says:

    Whenever people finish laundry in our (pre-war) building, laundry water appears in our second floor apartment kitchen sink, sometimes with lint but always with blue tinge. Time to call 311?

  49. Trenton-Kenny says:

    I West Elm must read the thread a while when we were all dissing them for all of that chocolate furniture they producing (yuck)… and this is their answer.

  50. Oscar says:

    I enjoy two heavy, framed posters that I wanted to hang for the last three years, but I need advice! The walls in my apartment are either concrete or plaster, and I gave up because I was making holes in the walls. Is there a draw around this, or I need lighter frames?

  51. Ava1976 says:

    @hotprof You it a lot in Scandinavian homes too.

  52. Clifford says:

    thanks for sharing your apartment! * looking from what I could see, but I acquire to ask: is that a on the stove in pictures numbers 5 and 7? How new and that is if guests pop over! fair fall the conceal down and instant clean!

  53. AnastasiaZariyahNala says:

    @Xtina_ Yes colour! colour! colour! I objective fill different calming colours than the ones. My is gold, red, teal, turquoise and so many other bits of colour. I appreciate it!!

  54. Daniela2003 says:

    @@luca – thank you! I was going to comment on this myself.

  55. HollandBlaire says:

    It looks wonderful! So grand warmer with the butcher block and the texture of the shades. My husband and I installed an over the range micro and there was a recommended distance for gas stoves (vs. electric) and it seems a tight.

  56. Gracie-Millie-Mae says:

    I had my bed buddy for something 10 years. I drape it over my neck/ shoulders when watching TV or on the computer, and it helps with neck pain. It smells honorable when you heat it up, bask in warm bread. I it.

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  58. GraysonRylan says:

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  59. Donavan66 says:

    Canadian or no Canadian, why would you not want to hold your shoes off? We outside over dried up dog * and spit and who knows what else and then track it around your home…and then when you are walking around in barefeet later on…crawling into bed with that “unseen” dirt on your feet…no thanks.

  60. Griffin Bruce says:

    Yes, change the hardware. Hang a Roman or wood blind. And add commence shelving next to the upper cabinets with some elegant dishware displayed.

  61. Delaney Remi Aylin says:

    i the whale toy holder and spout cover! i affection them both and so does my exiguous girl : )

  62. AnthonyKorey says:

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  64. Julius Eugene D. says:

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  65. Sean A. says:

    I am confused? Where is the clapper? LOLPersonally, light switch and electric outlet covers are an extension of the decor of the place, objective as grand as crown molding or chair rails. When someone covers the plate with some irregular color or glues wallpaper to it, or whatever their taste is, it will fill to be replaced by the next tenant, renter or owner. It is a matter of personal style, not a element.And if they finish this to the light switches, carry out they carry out it to the outlet covers as well?

  66. Angelina Joelle Briar says:

    Testing… hello everyone! I affection this and to it almost daily for decorating ideas and inspiration. My only frustration would be the giant ads in the middle of the pages… but I content you acquire to makes deals with the devil to what you want sometimes. Hunting!

  67. Izabella Hayley K. says:

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  71. Davion.Joey says:

    I totally feel your pain! I cannot STAND karate pillows!!!Other pet peeves:1. Walls with words that say “Imagine/Dream/Inspire” (gag!)2. Living spaces that are described as “Carefully Curated” (yuck!) If you actually live in a museum maybe. Otherwise, knock it off!3. Window treatments that could double as prom dresses from the eighties.

  72. Mason says:

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  73. Paul_Abraham_Kyler says:

    Beautiful, well curated objects for sale. The store needs to be bigger!

  74. Jaylen.London says:

    this & i totally agree – DIY!!

  75. June.Meilani says:

    @slowdown, these are obviously “before” pics…before the cat trashes everything, which is what would happen if my cat, who should be named Tenzing Norgay, had a half hour alone in such a room.

  76. Aaliyah Lola Hailee says:

    i agree that all the photos with the owners were distracting from the tour overall.the books arranged that would drive me nuts. how they find the book they want to read?overall – a really glorious home. airy & simple.

  77. Kaliyah Lylah Katalina Q. says:

    My mother has the entire bedroom suite and I doubt anyone in 1969 would contain referred to it as Danish Modern, it was unprejudiced (and made in N. Carolina.)

  78. Clarissa says:

    Is there a non-video version of this? acquire reading to forced watching. Thanks.

  79. Madelyn-Kehlani says:

    I could not agree more. Two years ago I decided to adopt that philosophy, and it makes coming home that more inviting. Life is too short to be living “temporarily” … live for “now,” and let your location (whatever it may be) contemplate that.

  80. Sophia-Sydney-Shayla says:

    job and edifying boyfriend too! I indulge in the wood and you covered over it anyway….you can books too with the plants. for you both.

  81. Isabelle 2002 says:

    If you acquire an imminent arrival and want to wait for an IKEA crib, a Moses basket or bassinet might fit the bill for an inexpensive stopgap.

  82. Reginald says:

    examine at the composition of the title photo and how the elements work together- the geometry of the pillow with the dress graphic with the couch frame with the rug pattern and the perfect legal angle of Caseyโ€™s elbow, contrasting with the pouf, the plantโ€™s * and the lamp and shade. A window and window crank above each of the two subjectsโ€™ heads. The coloration of the pillow, the dress, the couch, the pup, the rug, the windows.To say nothing of the beauty of a mild and touching moment between a woman and her hound; the simple yet satisfying act of petting oneโ€™s pet, perfectly captured.To the photographer (and Casey) I say, Bravo.

  83. Joey-Kian says:

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  85. Stella_Emory_Eileen says:

    Not only are they beautifully done, but they are clever as well. I admire the ones where the plants are sitting on a desk!

  86. Brittany I. says:

    The notion is advantageous — however, I not want to to on hands and knees to into bed (the knees fair will not it!). And the eco-friendliness is impossible to beat.However, many cities and towns building codes that might assign you from putting such a structure within the city limits…

  87. Jacqueline Addyson B. says:

    @MartyGr:You should call around to stone yards in your area, they often beget leftover pieces of marble or granite from counter tops. I did that for my bathroom vanity and only spent $30.

  88. Kinslee777 says:

    I delight in the “warm” and tropical musical accompaniment to the painting segment, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Gage Reed says:

    I believe its an looking space, but I never really saw an dwelling where you can relax. You know, plop down on something comfortable and read a book, TV, etc. Also would bear liked to acquire seen more of the kitchen.

  90. Arely_Laney_Raquel says:

    My piggy bank cost me 2 dollars…. works unprejudiced (i drew a tattoo be pleased with a sharpie, looks in my opinion) . Before that i had a coca-cola bottle, i a slot on the side with a knife.

  91. Jimena_Maisie_Anya says:

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  92. MicahKeagan says:

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  93. Colten says:

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  94. Savannah-Kyla-Dana says:

    Ugh…I bear the antonym dilemma in the winter–the house is a rain forest. Finally caved in and got a dehumidifier.

  95. Aleena 2014 says:

    Where can you fetch the free standing tension polls with shelving?

  96. Arturo says:

    Really well executed, but I bear to on that color, especially on a white-ish background. Maybe it looks better in person?

  97. Jayda says:

    Found a source for the soap:

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  101. Rodney Mike says:

    I would a long table. You can it yourself or but one. I seen a dazzling one on a location using boards and table legs bought from Ikea. I would design it long enough to exercise it as a desk and a vanity. You can add baskets underneath and on top for storage. maybe even lag your fridge underneath it. You can hanging light fixtures to also effect on space. I would also add a bookcase for books and personal items.

  102. Ryleigh Maren says:

    Our week (Mon-Fri) is sooooo busy, and jampacked with activity and being a “touch” *, I bear to a extremely difinitive routine to earn anything done. So,every Sat morning (me and my teenage son a routine) –we the morning with (take-out) breakfast & a netflix movie, then it’s cleaning time! I commence in my bedroom, dusting, tidying, striping the lining from the bed and tossing the laundry from the hamper to the hall (all the while I usually believe one of my DVR recorded shows I didn’t bear time to look during the week playing in the background), cleaning front to benefit (bedroom to living rm) – then I hobble benefit the other device with the vacuum – then its’ the kitchen, and last the bathroom (I abominate cleaning bathrooms!) – once I’m finished, I consume everything into my son’s room and him to accumulate to it! And I on the laundry – I a dinky apartment size set so it takes most the rest of the day to glean it done – but I iron, and fold every load as it comes out of the dryer. This routine works relish a charm, it leaves minimal straightening up during the week, and Sunday is ALL mine.Fav cleaning products: Fabreeze, Lysol, Fantastick, & “in the blue bottle” (all surface cleaner).

  103. Nigel says:

    I would add…smaller scale pieces are for rental situations. For example, I needed wall to wall shelving for a kids play room in my rental and instead of buying something that fit that particular wall perfectly, I bought two shelves, that when pushed together are perfect. Down the road when we move, one extra gargantuan bookcase may not fit anywhere…but these two bookcases individually will a set in any future home. Same goes for a bed, a emperor sized bed sounds amazing…but might not approach end to fitting in all rental situations.

  104. Atticus 1990 says:

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  105. Ariyah_Macy says:

    @catiaelizabeth As a second floor occupant, I can recommend switching out to Okabashi sandals at plot instead of regular street shoes. At first they were my “shower shoes” but when I realized how they absorbed the sound of my footstep I wear them all the time at home– because my floor creaks when you at it. At the only noise predicament I could be to my downstairs neighbors is when a frozen item might jump out from my freezer in the kitchen. My pots and pans are well behaved.

  106. SimonMaximilianOctavio says:

    I a vintage glove acquire for necklaces, a vintage cake plate for earrings, a dinky covered bowl for rings and pins, and a simple white box for bracelets.

  107. Eddie_Frederick_Dario says:

    i took a landscape construct class, and the instructor replied he planted Silk Floss in the tiger habitat of a zoo because the cats kept shredding the other trees, and it worked.

  108. Colten-Damari says:

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  109. Julieta says:

    Can anyone say, too many pictures of the same thing? We saw the bed, and the couch, and the bed, and the couch…. I want to know what the kitchen looks like!

  110. Brendan Tristian W. says:

    In university I moved all the furniture and stuff from my dorm room across campus in the middle of the year. The only hitch, I did it by myself – in the deep snow – with a dislocated shoulder.I was proud, but dull and in for days afterward.

  111. Eduardo_Uriel says:

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  112. Kaydence-Rosemary says:

    one dwelling of skirted cabinets does not a *trend* make.

  113. Sara.Juliette.Rosalie says:

    you know if they any Tillandsia are Bromeliads?…I guess I should refer to them as Air Plants or airplants. (My dog ate the last batch, so I beget to up some more…

  114. Patricia says:

    Mr. Nick, I enjoyed seeing your office, especially the books – as I an almost identical library. ha. designers! affection Doyald Young, saw him in Austin a few years ago when I was in undergrad. wise man. Cheers to you and your space.

  115. Rodolfo-Darrell-Barrett says:

    Ooh, I could read this while the kids play Poptropica on my laptop.

  116. Damon-Rodrigo-Ronaldo says:

    I bear to agree with the previous suggestions to consider vertically rather than horizontally on floor level. collect rid of the headboard/bookcase if its not functioning for you. The bent wall probably calls for some sort of custom shelving/storage. If you under the bed storage home compose exercise of it. Since a larger bed was your priority, something else may to bound to the room feel less cramped.

  117. Keaton.Davon says:

    @mooninfog I contain the Hamilton Beach (the top rated priced model above) and it has the same issue. If you need to a second * of water suitable after emptying one, you steam burns opening the lid to refill.

  118. Noelle.Ivanna.Livia says:

    Since our bathroom has never seen sunlight and our kitchen gets lots of it, major drying extravaganzas position on a rolling clothes rack from Target, which can be hidden if necessary. It comes apart for storage. But yup — routine drying goes on hangers in the shower or on towels over the radiators. (In our climate, heat is on most of the year.)

  119. Abby.Aniya.Avah says:

    Oh my! I came across this company a few months ago after researching “pretty kitty” boxes online. My hall closet was fed up with being as the feline lavatory. Plus I hated wasting the storage space. I went on their website to into purchasing one of these oh-so-chic designs. When I saw the plus shipping, I was surprised. As you can see, this is made of plywood. (which I care for the of) I decided then that I would my own.I went to dwelling depot, and they bear pre-cut sheets of plywood that are 3/4 or 1/4 inch. 24in x 24in. I bought a jigsaw-30.00, 1 wood screws – 7.00, wood glue-2.50, plywood – 4.50 per panel. I took it all home, sanded down the sides a by hand to rid of the splinters. I then attached 2 panels together at a 90 degree angle, butting the ends together. I pre-drilled the holes for the screws, then extinct a larger drill bit to certain the screws would counter sink into the wood. I then the wood glue down the edge to add strength. Holding the boards together, I then drilled in the screws. I repeated this all the around until it was a square. you whipe of any glue that oozes out of the seam. It will stain the wood and accomplish your weird.I did absorb some over hang but sawed it off. I made the last panel on the cube removeable to as the door. I gash a 12 * hole in that panel.(my cat is huge) The result was a fraction that fit snuggly into the opening that did not require hinges. I pull it out when I need to chagne the litter.I then filled the * holes with wood putty and sanded it when dry. The last step was to stain it. I a poly-stain combo from place depot in ebony-7.50. I correct broken-down a rag to do in on and whipe off. Two coats inside and out. The finished product is extremely to the inspiriation and cost me 74.00. The cat it accurate away and I exhaust it as an table. Fits in with my novel taste. My kitty is and so is my closet.

  120. Quintin Campbell S. says:

    I painted my bathroom mint last year. Check out my before and after photos here

  121. Danny.Jovani says:

    the colors and the brightness of the apartment, but the bed is too “there” for me. Still, to an entry that is * and comfortable instead of clean sleek and modern.

  122. AmarionLawsonAbdullah says:

    Wow I wish I could decorate something as sophisticated as this. I savor the walls.

  123. Bryant says:

    oh in our spot nothing but our toothbrushes and a handwash bottle are out on the counter. and in the shower we acquire minimal non labelled bottles all in white so they blend into the tile. makes the room seem larger and less cluttered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. BrooklynCeciliaKadence says:

    After foolishly cleaning a wood table with rubbing alcohol based cleaner (which then stripped color) I was able to fix it by applying aged English in Dark. It almost perfectly restored the color.

  125. Addison Teagan Audrina L. says:

    @* nugget i agree i went on vacation and left my plants with a friend and i havent brought them home. That was months ago!

  126. Arya-Willa-Cassandra says:

    extremely cute. And for about $40! I the of the tone on tone pattern. I hope we updated pics if you decided to it.p.s. That color is nice. I painted my laundry room a similar shade but I paid price! ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Dallin says:

    @SomersetHouseI beget friends in LA with a child who bought a house without a tub. Somehow they all survived.

  128. Adeline_Karen says:

    Lady J – I do. It depends on individual city/county laws, though, so not all apartments believe them.

  129. Everly.Teagan.Leila says:

    One I seem to always encounter is blossom rot – when tomatoes grow fine, except the bottom turns brown and leathery, and eventually rots. The reply to blossom raze rot is calcium – I will crush up egg or clam shells and amend my soil with it to fix it, but usually not before I lost a few otherwise tomatoes to it.

  130. Heavenly-Desiree says:

    @gadgetgirl02 I also found this bedding on

  131. Braiden says:

    i work in Photoshop and with some 3d modeling software, so a 1 TB is essential. even then I to my files non-redundant to i enough space.

  132. Kaden-Keith-Adonis says:

    What a update. I contemplate the mirror needs to be bigger, but that plank wall is awesome. Our rental has a vessel sink atop a wood grain vanity and cleaning around it is a total pain. Moreover, I contemplate the owners (who renovated the house themselves…not convincingly, may I add) havent sealed around it properly and when I deep the bathroom every week, I an toothbrush to scrub in the crevice between sink an countertop….Let me inform you, IT STINKS!! And gross sludge is all over the brush. We are absorbing soon otherwise I would reseal it myself, but I absorb learned that I will not be installing a vessel sink in our home.

  133. Ulises Campbell X. says:

    I want this for my mother! She does not acquire the money for it and she needs a vacuum; her faded vacuum is about 7 years old. I know she will care for it!

  134. Harleigh Z. says:

    @MiklakMiklak hello – thanks for the feedback. One note: this tour is a different than the usual, as Caroline shared the live/work areas of her position for this post. We attain contemplate that the into the spaces, while not as complete as some other tours, is exquisite and a examine into a stylishly combined work and life.

  135. Albert Walter Keshawn Y. says:

    It looks a Biedermeier-style chair. Maybe Vanguard Furniture, Hickory, North Carolina

  136. Wade_Keon says:

    Yeah, no, that TV is waaay too to the ground to be functional. We unfortunately discovered the same thing in our house, where my mother had establish a flat cloak TV above the fireplace. Sure, it looked good, but nobody ever watched it because it killed our necks to to up all the time.Now, in the house, the TV is in a more neutral position, floating on the wall above a friendly ikea cabinet. Everybody is happy, everybody wins.Try to bag a neutral residence for your TV first before worrying about funky stylish options, or on never actually using that expensive flatscreen.

  137. Violet Saige Charli says:

    @Gilat It was purchased at Intratuin:

  138. Alexis-Darren says:

    my parents did some renovations about two years ago. when my mom and I went to at flooring options for the bathrooms we were surprised by how relatively inexpensive marble was (or at least it was competitive with other tile).she ended up going with 12 * square marble tiles in all three of the bathrooms. it looks and cost about the same as the other options. it was, of course, a trickier to work with, but not prohibitively.(and I know that the combination of renovations, bathroomS, and not too expensive might give the faulty impression, but it really was cheap–if I remember correctly she got the marble for all the three bathrooms for under $200. the installation would believe been more expensive then other kinds of tile, but their contractor had a guy who could it without a problem).

  139. Zachary.Kameron.Dimitri says:

    This s an article, paddle hazards, high school locker bank paint and windows from chains that can never be dusted completely. Who in their factual mind conception these would be suggestions needs to pay closer attention at the morning article meeting!

  140. Benjamin.Riley.Isaak says:

    Always a pet resume. The Pet Resume tells the owner more about you as the caretaker of the animal and therefore showing that you are a responsible pet owner. Additionally when they receive a pet resume they react in a certain device vs. negative. The next best reason to acquire a pet resume is that you may be competing with someone else who will most likely not contain one. You Win! Sample can be seen by simply typing in Pet Resume on Google, Renting!

  141. Audrey.Maryam.Rayne says:

    At first i was overwhelmed with to much. Then realized it was the Den/spare room. It is a bit Busier than I delight in but once past the Den/ spare room , I liked it. I Live in Evanston. YEP totally with the garage. And sympathize with irregular refinishes of bathrooms that now need to be ripped benefit to the original.One thing; maybe an orange hood or microwave. But Really these faded homes the best that can be done is keep the bathroom/kitchen fixtures and kitchen appliances neutral and then crazy with personal taste on the paint and things. There is always the resale hiss to in mind.

  142. Tinley says:

    This all looks horribly dated circa Miami Vice-era. Give me honest angles any day!

  143. Kamryn.Nataly says:

    Blik wall tiles! (temporary, and you can even them with you when you leave!)

  144. Cayden Derrick Jaydon says:

    I agree that hoarding is a mental illness, but I disagree that minimalism is unprejudiced a choice of style. I would say it is a philosophy of life too. It is not merely an aesthetic, and you miss of the point if that is all you engage from minimalism. It is about living with less, more simply, and embracing that emptiness – because it can, for some people, allow them to live more fully and more happily.

  145. Charles Jaron Aedan X. says:

    @AnnaKarolina I never believe understood it, either. There are certain color combinations that can be a bit jarring to the eye, but this has never seemed one to me.

  146. Arielle_Deborah says:

    Jimkk– An amendment to the “did I it myself?” answer… re– shopping. I most definitely a partner in crime in my shopping excursions! He was also (among other thinsg) the one who got me Airport, which let me digitize all my CDs, and has provided great of what I was trying to do, and what it would to fetch me there.Dave B– As far as this rental goes, the positives were… a “non-box” floorplan… high ceilings (for some reason, higher on this floor than others)… it’s a corner unit… the neighborhood… two closets. The negatives… it is the first studio I’ve lived in, so my first exposure to “one-room living”… there was a attractive irregular box-like thing in the ceiling over where the bed is… and the floorplan, while non-box-like, verged on “bowling alley”. I’ve been here about four years, and no determined plans about how longer I’ll (but no to leave). The other challenge with rentals is of course balancing customization with getting the security deposit back! Everything I’ve done (changed light fixtures, closet and cabinet knobs, painted) I to reverse when I leave.Me of me– Yes, a silver (chrome?) Tizio (Micro). Got it narrate from Artemide, which seemed to offer the most decent price. There is also a really chilly titanium but not definite that one comes in Micro.Matt– Met Flower Matt!! An honor! As a graphic designer, one of my celebrated expressions has always been “reward the viewer for their continued attention”. So chilly you customary that quote. The horsetail/bamboo stuff is actually dried when you catch it. It is fragile but doesn’t fade. And, hoping I don’t lose favor for excess faux-ing, but the wheat grass in the bathroom is faux. No light penetrates that far back!! But I be pleased the green.JonathanYup– The bed is a Full, and separated from the door by the curtain, the table, and the closet. Since I don’t face the door when I’m in it, I forget it’s there at bedtime. Actually, the plumbing enclosure in the ceiling over where the bed is made the placement sort of a no-brainer, as it created sort of a niche/canopy. This also shields the bed from feeling its in corpulent of the windows.Martha– The “moss ball” is from Macy’s. correct saw identical ones at Homer on the UES, but guessing there they may be a TAD more $$! Regarding the “swatches,” I actually shot the various textures from the items themselves. Since some of the textures don’t “read” in the larger photos, but I believe they are really to the feel of the apartment, I wanted to figure out some arrangement to them.Oh, and for the record, if I was shooting for “* Kitsch”, you SOOOOOOOO would known it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  147. Bethany says:

    There is a house nearby that has a fence made entirely of skis (on the verticals) it looks amazing and graphic.

  148. Camilla Kathryn Kyra L. says:

    My daughter and I went in Target the other day, she replied “Make definite I only procure the 3 three things I mentioned” and I said, “Keep me out of the $ section”. I stayed out of the $ and she was only able to 2 of the 3 items because her foundation shade was out of stock. We were a proud of ourselves!

  149. Ethan-Deacon-Tyshawn says:

    Why no mention of Freecycle? All these items are featured on my local group.

  150. Piper.Jessica.Mikayla says:

    I admire homes this. I believe no guts for this of color, but you really pull it off. The last pic–couch/rug combo made me go–wow!

  151. Willie says:

    Ignore my post above, I figured out why you recommended them by reading the links to the older posts.

  152. Beau1985 says:

    @splendidmorgan SERIOUSLY! HOLY *. My brother lives in a shed. Way, less “safe” than this garage. I @topangacanyon is someone wringing their hands about what a woman/millenial “should” enact rather than what they need to to absorb their bear private space.

  153. Clementine J. says:

    I a whale art wall of my own…is it too much? I was wondering if it is getting cliched, but I mixed it up with a replica of a whale chart, a lithograph, a photograph of a whale sculpture, wave wallpaper that is framed, my doodles.

  154. Tyler Brady says:

    You really need to replace the sofa for an industrial look. Sell it on Craigslist or Kijiji and engage another… you will be able to acquire a sofa that has orderly lines for a marvelous price. If buying a sofa is a turn off for you, turn to loyal IKEA. They enjoy several options under $500. The curtains need to breeze – replace with simple roller blinds. And add a graphic plant – that is, a plant that shoots up and has long thin leaves (think bamboo).

  155. AllieClareMilan says:

    Boy, you would need to a lot of faith in that CSA+D to fork over that considerate of money for art sight-unseen, when you can hasten to any art-in-the-park exhibit and something you actually for the same money. I am a supporter of art, but art appeal is far too subjective to me to into a pig-in-a-poke enjoy this — especially on my income level!

  156. Lorenzo Nathen Nash says:

    adore the colors. My only quip is you need something of a different scale in the room (bigger?). Maybe a human sized version of those pineapples–wait that might over and ruin one of your guests.

  157. Jay.Mohammad says:

    My parents bought their McMansion two years ago and already abominate it. Even ex-Angelenos appreciate them to admit suburbia is eventually going to die.

  158. Andrew-Ian says:

    AHHHHH!! Thank you, THIS house tour is why I to this site.

  159. Josie_Shiloh_Jayde says:

    We absorb cabin fever too! But then again… we always cabin fever :)

  160. Sammy-1985 says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! restful, casual, quiet and welcoming. job!

  161. Sophia_Adrianna says:

    Though too girly for me, I the exhaust of the Carrie Bicycle Basket as bathroom storage!

  162. Wayne@2015 says:

    I was in this project. The wood is proper scrap from FCS wall coverings that were former in various parts of the house. This is a example of re-use.

  163. AlecRussellMarlon says:

    Woah! These pillows are * expensive! The Skull Pillow is but there is no design I can tossing these babies on my cheapo couch (Karlstad…).

  164. Zuri Frances S. says:

    @Laurasaurus I totally relate. I archaic to a of my living room as my screensaver at work.

  165. Ismael Ross V. says:

    You must be the same age as me, because I remember loving so many of these. Swiss Family Robinson is my house (with Father of the Bride a second). Many of these been for sale in years, so you can elephantine house tours.

  166. Ricardo-Dominick says:

    I change them after they where broken-down once, I don´t know why, but I´m to it and allthough you are after showering or having a bath, it is and broken-down = dirty for me.

  167. Kade.Royce says:

    I contemplate darker wall paint, a beautiful, bright abstract or maybe floral painting that leaves about a foot of place all around to the moldings, but NOT a lot more than that (fill the space!), and sconces on the sides would be perfect. Mirror would be OK, but extremely expected. However if the room seems dark, it would bounce light around. Framed to suit the of your furnishings (plain for contemporary or casual, more ornate for traditional.)

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