Amusing Product Designs Chaise Lounge Covers IKEA

Chaise lounge covers that great and have best designs can you get the in IKEA today with some wonderful detail products and suitable for modern catching. Total composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Mattress fabric: 73% cotton, 27% polyester seat pads: Fill polyester, polypropylene non woven. Sheath is easy to clean because it is removable and machine washable. Sheath of cotton and polyester wear resistant textured and soft. Sheath which can be uninstalled. Washing machine washable, warm water of 40 ° C. Do not bleach. Do not dry using a washing machine. Washable mattress protector is included with the machine, so the sofa bed you keep it clean.

awesome chaise lounge covers IKEA designs

awesome chaise lounge covers IKEA designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really amusing product designs chaise lounge covers IKEA. Various parts of the often sit can be linked together in different combinations or used separately. Chaise lounge seating series allows you to sit deep, low and comfortable with padded backs as a buffer. You sit comfortably since the bottom of knitted elastic and soft foam for seat chaise lounge chairs. Sarongs and cover textured durable and wear resistant with a little shiny and soft. Covers are easy to clean because it is removable and washable dry. 10-year warranty. Read more about the terms and conditions in the warranty brochure. Frame chaise longue: Frame: Plywood, Fibreboard, Solid pine wood, steel, non-woven Polypropylene. Rear bearing: polyester hollow fibers, non-woven Polypropylene. Upholstery material: Polypropylene non woven, high elastic polyurethane foam (cold foam) 35 kg / m3, polyurethane foam is 20 kg / m3, polyester hollow fiber content. Elastic webbing: Dymetrol C150 “monofilament” 100% polyester. Stuffing laminate: Velcro hard hook type% nylon, polyester hollow fiber content, polypropylene non woven.

designs chaise lounge covers blue color

designs chaise lounge covers blue color

outdoor furniture chaise lounge covers green color

outdoor furniture chaise lounge covers green color

Cover and gloves sofa or chaise lounge three seat / glove tpa laying TGN / glove for chaise longue: 44% cotton, 27% viscose / rayon, 14% polyester, 11% lyocell, 4% linen. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really amusing product designs chaise lounge covers IKEA.

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  1. Giovanna O. says:

    IF you could consume the camera to scan the bar code and gain all the relevant info instead of entering it manually, then you might something.

  2. Kinley says:

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  4. Zariyah-Kailyn says:

    how did you drill holes into the tile in your bathroom? i enjoy completely tiled walss in mine and no opinion on how to tackle this. any info would be tremendous.

  5. Maeve.Amalia says:

    Sundance catalog?

  6. Mara says:

    @Laurie 11201So with you! I hate, hate, detest that between the cabinets and the ceiling.The only thing that goes up there is the cat. She uses it as her declare Post.

  7. Luis says:

    I drama, but whereas I can glance blue walls and a range of furnishings, for whatever reason I can only blue floors as successful when with a very, palette of white and gray furniture.Bias? Cowardice?It feels it would be far more limiting than blue walls, and more expensive to do.As far as flooring materials, what about natural linoleum/marmoleum? and saturated colours are possible.

  8. Ingrid.33 says:

    $2300 per month for a itsy-bitsy studio off Union Square. The apartment is okay, nothing special, but the building is nice. No boyfriend to split rent with, unfortunately, but I achieve fill two cats (I wish they could befriend out with the rent).

  9. Maci says:

    That 3-door model w/ portholes is over $36,000!When compared to a side-by side Sub-Zero Fridge and Freezer combo plus with a built-in Miele coffee machine and water-purifier and having a custom cabinet locally built to house the entire setup – You could by with the same functionality and all top-drawer appliances for about 1/2 the price!

  10. Nylah Karen Imani says:

    @juwanna MannAbsolutely right! If we only read magazines or websites we folk could afford, then no one would read GQ, Vogue or in this case, Architectural Digest. Which I to flip through.

  11. Matthew_Dane says:

    BTW, I how you eschew and mention “we only saw watches as luxury items meant to social status” yet link up to a peek that ranges from $299 – $349. impartial a FYI, Suunto watches are as a symbol as & Swiss Army. Gift or not, that is actually a dazzling pricey and above average watch. I it though 🙂

  12. Mya Myra says:

    @ZMcMac Me too, achieve you know the name of the company who makes this? I cant it on the listed companies website

  13. Ivan Kai M. says:

    What an absolutely in such a blooming setting! You guys did such a job renovating! that you can glance all the rooms from the kitchen, that you proudly indicate all those books, the master bedroom closets and ceilings. You made your residence open, light and airy but composed so cozy. I got to say though, common things are the dogs and your daughter, adorable!

  14. Valentina Remy says:

    Actually, only the MS paint is being discontinued not the colors.The elephant is from a local boutique, but can be found here:

  15. Jakob_Wade says:

    I ended up coming up with this in the spring cure to both exercise a mail sorter that I no longer and maintain my cutting boards from cluttering up my counters.

  16. AnaAdelina says:

    I bought all my stuff from them! Best ever. The service was implacable! Best prices and delivered promptly. Most of all, caring! Two weeks after the delivery, I a phone call that there might be a rebate which I’m quiet eligible for. At the close it turned out to be nothing. BUT… imagine getting that care from sears, or another massive company. Truly speaking, this was best retail experience yet.

  17. CharlotteMaddisonHattie says:

    @The Stiers beautiful – I care for what you did with this bathroom, as a) the property owner is the one that lives with it and uses it, and b) these days, a decade is a long-ish time for a bathroom reno. I agree that it probably should NOT be, but it is. But C – the most important!) because you acquire build in something far more CLASSIC, this one should last longer than a decade and is therefore FAR MORE sustainable than the previous one. So the criticism is grossly unwarranted.

  18. Kyler_Kieran_Roderick says:

    If anyone reading this is from OKC, there is a colossal that sells mature hotel/restaurant furniture and equipment. Its located west of I-235 on NW 23rd.They will haggle somewhat on prices depending on the item.

  19. Johnathan says:

    Not what fashion your dwelling is, but the Handwerk Shade Shop makes vintage-style roller shades to order:

  20. Armando V. says:

    I been trying to figure out the same thing. Looks it is now which offers consulting/design service, but apparently not furniture per the link below.

  21. Corey-1999 says:

    As others commented, definitely strikes me as hotel chic! Can anyone what is the candles in the fireplace? Is that a mirror?

  22. AlexTimothy says:

    favorable grief, anyone about getting germs off a netflix disc probably needs to a professional.

  23. Maurice Nehemiah Y. says:

    YES! My friend painted his kitchen cabinets a high gloss white and replaced ALL of the hardware (hinges, etc., but without taking them off the wall). They came out amazing.He even took his stove outside and spray painted it gloss white and surprisingly that turned out too. Then he went with two shades of tomato/terracotta on the walls. The whole kitchen was revitalized and updated.I agree that the elegant lines are really nice. Those cabinets are keepers!

  24. Barbara says:

    We believe a TV but no cable or even basic stations. We are all movie buffs so we netflix and such for entertainment, but really more for background noise since the kids rarely sit down and a whole show.The only thing that I really miss about it is the news… I am clueless as to the happenings of the world unless someone Facebooks about it!

  25. Kaiden Nasir says:

    excellent fan of the Saddleack case:

  26. Kathryn Aylin Marianna says:

    I hear you about womens clothing slipping off wooden hangers, I also contain the Ikea version, (love them) The container store sells strips of self stick foam that fits at the edge of the wodden hanger, works tremendous and no clothes slipping off any longer.. you can also occupy wodden hangers for pants and skirts without folding them and calm the uniform look

  27. Donovan Raul Gonzalo says:

    Green kitchens unbiased beget me believe of Sybil.That movie scarred me.

  28. Kayla says:

    I Mr. Avery and his color sense. comic you should post this because I impartial bought up an estate with some paintings in it by his daughter, March:

  29. Breanna says:

    taracakes,Not definite of your budget, but I been drooling over this one for a while …

  30. Davis Devan E. says:

    The candle belief is cute, but only useful for a while. As the candle burns down, the that gets lit gets smaller and smaller, until finally, it only shines on the ceiling. Tried it once and was a little disappointed. Turned those mugs into herb planters.

  31. Monica says:

    How about a storytime rocking chair

  32. Teresa says:

    One more vote for cleaning the place. Geeeeez. First things first. Declutter, earn white towels. Toilet seat down. Not distinct if you intentionally tried to this a “before” pic or what. Maybe a novel coat of white paint, or even a soft lavender or something else light if you must.

  33. AddisonNataly says:

    Ditto what potluck and jim@u-p said. esteem the content, but drowning in emails! A pull rather than a push format has more appeal, for me at least. (Though I mumble that may defeat the whole intent of the daily emails!)Whatever you decide, AT will aloof be my on the web!

  34. Shelby@777 says:

    That lion fountain is most likely from or, the SF Bay region overlords of statuary and founts.

  35. Jonathon Nathen Leroy says:

    @letitbeatles9 I totally agree. Everything else is fine, but I will NEVER accumulate back-hung toilet paper. There is one reason and one reason only to hang toilet paper that way: cats. If you enact not a cat and you hang it backwards, you are doing it wrong.

  36. Giovani Guadalupe D. says:

    If its a slab door, plexiglas will work. Antiscratch film for cars will work too and are nearly invisible, but requires a extremely composed glossy door surface.

  37. Lyra says:

    I also cherish the cow! I luxuriate in the blueprint your is minimal, but you compose room for the things that absorb sentimental value-that really makes a home. Also adore the yellow couch!

  38. Zachariah Zaire S. says:

    I a lot of clothes in my closet. When I ones, I try them on in all different ways and lift pics of the outfits. It is my virtual closet. When I need something to wear, I at my phone and figure out what looks for that occasion.

  39. Bobby-Marlon says:

    This loft looks ideal –lots of things. Comfortable and personal.

  40. Garret says:

    I had a bad, cracked veneer job on a coffee table – so I sanded it down and spray painted it. Worked great.——

  41. River says:

    We tried the bubble-wrap on the windows this year, and it works! But now we fill bubble-wrap on our windows, which is considerate of insensible looking. 🙁

  42. Braelyn.Alayah says:

    We effect a bay window in a few years ago. It was aesthetic expensive, but worth every penny. The extra dwelling opened up our living room more than I could imagined, and the window seat is cozy and comfortable. Ours is really long, so you can lay down and catch a nap if you want 🙂

  43. Carlee-666 says:

    You enjoy a home! I know firsthand how it can be to paint that goes with wood (I also live in a duplex with wood trim), and you guys nailed it.

  44. Regina_Jaylynn says:

    looks devour a vintage “lotus blossum” or “lotus bloom” chandelier to me. they design advance up on ebay or pricier at:

  45. Lucy-Aspen says:

    The stairs to the living room/den bother me a little. I can someone coming one night or up early and not quite awake and falling off the side of the staircase into the void. Other than that I the conversion and I the desk in the office.

  46. Ulises.Layton.Nash says:

    Ouch, lots of jealous haters in the building–you all would totally despise me then! :pI can totally examine why this was a house tour. If you beyond the excessive photos of the owner (it did seem at times be pleased an Apple advert/ personal photoshoot…I conception I accidently clicked on a FB album link at one point), and beyond some of the iffy photo compositions there are tons of estimable stuff here!.The floors are blooming and I actually enjoyed the silk thingy photos…that looks so cool! The attend porch with all of the natural wood throughout is delicate and I admire that you were brave with the paint colors and patterns. aesthetic home!

  47. Misael.1973 says:

    @jacquelineha it shouldnt at all matter! You can always choose a sample to test on your surface : )

  48. Tyrell.Norman says:

    Hey P(too)-No problems. Sometimes people e-mail me via maxwell. You can also me directly at laxdaela81 at yahoo dot com.

  49. Abril says:

    I really delight in the gold hardware. Actually it was the first thing I noticed and immediately said, “Ohhh! I likey!” To me, a limited bit of gold touches is really classy and sophisticated. Would to peek the of the rest of the condo. JOB! 🙂

  50. Hannah_Antonella says:

    French carbon steel paring knife – cuts anything & never needs sharpeningMy well seasoned cast iron skilletA ceramic coffee mug with a lid that Starbucks recalled years ago but I kept anywaysCheap plastic cutting boards that can be thrown into the dishwasher

  51. Remy Elora says:

    I that this apartment is absolutely blooming the mural goes as it is a mural of a cherry blossom in Central Park. This does not away from the views at all it provides a delicate touch of the NYC feeling.

  52. JourneyMarissa says:

    this is a sweet room with so many delicate elements. you can immediately behold the love. my accepted that caught my was the frames over the twin bed. LOVE.

  53. Jayla_Gabriela says:

    lope with the uk. village place! chicago winters are long– so the nicer apartment, and more fun neighborhood are necessary for those 9 months of cold. in the summer, lincoln park is only a short bike away! (plus there are many parks (minus the beach) in the village.

  54. Amani says:

    I want this place. All of it.Where can I the crossed fingers from the living room side table?

  55. Aileen says:

    This is a chilly apartment but I deem it offers additional opportunities that bear not yet been explored. For example, the railing on the mezzanine seems bland and out of step with the creativity of the owners. There are many cool options for railings that would be more harmonious with the rest of the apartment (and more interesting). In addition, the scale of the pieces selected seems a bit off – the pieces are dwarfed by the high ceilings (an exacerbated by the high placement of the art). Maybe a statement allotment that brings the look together would help.

  56. Quinton-Gideon-Domenic says:

    I am so inspired by this. I two pieces of similar-looking furniture (a stool and a chair) that I found by the garbage and been trying to figure out what to with… It was to inspect your makeover and it makes me feel finally taking the and going with the black. Thanks also for mentioning the importance of sanding.

  57. Quentin says:

    What about the contractor and his workers? Sorry to hijack this thread. But I am almost done with a bathroom renovation too- the contractor and his guys done an extraordinary job- should I tip, or does the contractors fee (not cheap!) hide it?

  58. Alexander.Caden says:

    It was Christmas time and we gave my in-laws a gift certificate for 1 grandchild redeemable on our around August 31st. I concept My father in law was going to pass out.

  59. Paris@1974 says:

    really exciting post Kim. I knew nothing about Moravian culture or decorating.

  60. Preston-Dawson-Kolby says:

    I lived in a conventional elementary school house converted into several apts, because they had to leave it all original, i had all the blackboard, cabinets, closets and the extremely Windows and appreciate every minute, the only thing was the kitchen. Hardwood floors were left and you could gape where the school chairs had been. The most absorbing to live. I had to give it up when to NC. So yes I affection the wood

  61. Ezekiel_Trevon_Jaeden says:

    I luxuriate in these series, too…. I wish we would a more of both parties going into the other apartment and scoping it out. Both videos only showed one apartment going into the other.I savor seeing their reactions.

  62. Charlotte.Romina.Harmoni says:

    I a thin duvet (I the versatility of switching out different duvet covers as my mood changes) and then pile on multiple thin blankets as the weather cools down. That arrangement the duvet is thin enough to composed be on all but the hottest Chicago summer nights, and serves well in the middle of winter. Best of all worlds!

  63. Nehemiah Kieran Yusuf C. says:

    The keyring hole leads me to that Apple planned for you to repurpose it as a standard thumb drive once the software is obsolete.

  64. Jonathan Gonzalo T. says:

    Rasil,What about Smith and Hawken? The store in Soho has the one in the link below and another one too.

  65. Johnathon-Quintin says:

    These are the words most commonly dilapidated when describing the submissions from Down Under:Wonderful, Cool, Awesome, Fun, Light, Eclectic, Joyful, Easy on the eyes, Wow.Yeps, they apply here!

  66. MiloYairLayton says:

    This is a generous and warm home. I am so jealous of the lighting and that drying rack in the bathroom. impartial so fabulous period detail. On top of that Amy has a gape for mixing texture and color into a unified whole.Heres my to Amy- how and long enjoy you been paying for storage for your catch finds? I sizable things on the curb, Craigslist and fleamarkets but I cant getting storage to retain glorious pieces that I MAY room for someday since I only beget a 1 BR. But the whole thing with salvaging and thrifting is you may never examine that again. Does that effect sense or am I objective seeking reassurance so that I can be a packrat?

  67. GabriellaJosieCatalina says:

    Superb! consume of color, and an example of arranging many things and many colors well. My celebrated details: the green chest of drawers in front of the (presumably unused or unusable) fireplace, and the quotation from Virginia Woolf (which is one of my sacred texts): clearly the motto and organizing principle of this enjoyable living space.

  68. Tyrell Clarence A. says:

    * so grand better. What an improvement properly fitting cabinetry makes. Also I cherish the wallpaper and grey doors.

  69. Gordon W. says:

    Unrelated to the art,but what considerate of plant is that dinky tree that pops up in a couple of these rooms? With the gargantuan Matisse cutout looking leaves?

  70. Jameson O. says:

    So adorable. My fave is the cat :O)Kim @

  71. Kieran.Lucian says:

    There is a fine site,, that offers not only invitations but photo cards for all occasions. Even better, you can try it for FREE.

  72. Kiara Lillie Kadence says:

    One of the things you need to be careful with especially since you enjoy a young child is to you beget a sliding track on the floor. Barn doors or sliding doors only top mounted can pop off if one is to lean or effect pressure on them and is especially if you live in earth quake land. So I recommend top and bottom track.I saved this image because I adore the of the doors and some other elements. You could install a flat surface and wallcover them –

  73. Mina says:

    Most likely that is a extremely special desk and expensive. A Ghost chair would be fun because the desk is so beautiful.

  74. Anderson.1980 says:

    @aprilneverends I believe you can embrace ceilings and intense colors in a different diagram – cozy cottage. You never deem cottage and high ceilings. But you can warm intimate spaces (either cottage or extremely sophisticated) by using intense color that wraps around you. Image an mid gray wall with a light grey ceiling dining room, or a warm yellow room with wood bookcases wrapping around three walls, and comfy chintz chairs in which to read.

  75. Omar.Brody.Tristian says:

    Inventive (the bowl-light), fun, personal… reminds me of the attitude of Shauna last year. many of the other entries, but this is the first that I could live in and feel comfortable. The beam is fab, too!

  76. Silas_Dario says:

    Night lights for infants and children not a ample idea:

  77. Paige says:

    I your room will crowded with two dressers, plus nightstands, plus the chair. You too many windows, too together, for so furniture.

  78. Axel says:

    it all attach the curtain (instead of a wall) around the bathroom. great perfect. 3,300 sqft in HK – the most expensive estate on EARTH. Wow.

  79. Jamel@1994 says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts – thanks to another blot I found out I had to be signed in to deviantart to those brushes. So please disregard my earlier criticism.Now I to remember my darn DA login…

  80. Lilyanna says:

    Favorite: of previous existence of winged horse. Bet they made it… I deem I eye a “frozen canter” Eohippus.

  81. Oliver.Maurice says:

    edifying bedding, but, again, only comes in sets with the useless bumper. Yes, you can repurpose them in various ways, but they cost so much I would rather NOT one at all.And it would be comely if people figured out that “primrose” is a shade of yellow, not pink.

  82. Katherine Annalee G. says:

    The amazon link is to an frail version, this seems newer and in print:

  83. Kimber Jayde H. says:

    Brava Amy! and sweet cues conventional appropriately here to effect. Especially the yellow table with art cake and the lollipop tree!

  84. Charlotte Malaysia says:

    What an extraordinary space! it. ask? (coming from a Canadian living in Texas) — I your Hudson Bay items, did you live in Canada or is there another reason you feature them so prominently in your home?

  85. Maya Ayleen Ryann V. says:

    to say that several links to voting are gives me “Error 500” or something, and no refreshing the or trying later helps. Can you remedy this somehow, AT?

  86. Noemi Lina says:

    You made a kitchen with standard apartment oak cabinets explore hip. You my vote! And when we acquire a source list, where is the textile the bed from?

  87. Corey says:

    @ronsmom I resigned my office-job and now I am getting paid £65 hours. How? I work over internet! My feeble work was makking me miserable, so I was forced to try something different, 2 years after…I can say my life is changed-completely for the better! Check it out what i do..—–>> BuzzPay9.COM

  88. Aliyah F. says:

    Everything is so beautifully attach together and lots of surprises, esteem that food mosaic over the stove. Those pillows; so inviting. You should get the best house for a party award. neat chilly entry.

  89. Jayleen Mikaela Sharon says:

    The purpose of the house was not to others happy. It was to meet the needs of the original owners. If they are happy, the remodel was a success.There are no “rules” to decor which is one of the reasons I it fascinating. It is so about the individual (or individual plus interior designer).The world has room for everyone. If they are relatively at night, smile and are during the day etc… they are neighbors.It is not our spot to assume others so harshly. It is not “ruining” a neighborhood. neighbors effect a great neighborhood.In schools of architecture you hear the same moaning about people who not fit the to the surrounding landscape. It is not about the house or the interior design. It is about the lives of the people within.It fascinates me when people to a plot and their acquire fantasies or recreate a previous setting that made them in the past.

  90. Randall-Elian says:

    My grandparents had these cabinets in their 1950s split level and the kitchen was GREAT! I say embrace the 1950s vibe you can achieve. They had an extraordinary olive green and turquoise develop on linoleum on the floor and befriend are my suggestions:1. paint the walls2. fetch rid of all blinds3. on windows–make or choose some curtains in retro pattern, all the hedges are clipped and you a helpful explore outside if possible, hang up a bird feeder.4. coordinate everything (if the curtains are turquoise, definite the rugs and towels coordinate, and consider matching canisters)5. rid of that table in the corner and beget it a plant corner. consume a 1950s table at a thrift store, maybe paint it in your coordinating color, and a indoor garden.6. the details depart with your theme–get a clock, a calendar, employ the built-in shelving for decorations. buy all the stuff off fridge, one item on it for decor (like a vintage tea towel with a drawing of your or something). choose out everything you can that is not of theme. 7. for some reason, the stove hood looks out of place. making a valance for it out of the same fabric you for the curtains8. I agree with suggestions for under counter lighting. 9. the doors off the cabinet above sink and the cabinet for books

  91. Ava-Bridget says:

    it looks be pleased it was ripped from a 70s magazine (minus the stainless steel appliances) as a mix of vintage and modern, in a way.older couches bask in theirs kinda freak me out because i feel delight in i might break them, but otherwise it was a relaxing space.loved the shed best.

  92. EdenAriellaMeadow says:

    My two year daughter loves her play kitchen and she received it at 22 months. All her friends (older and younger) admire it too.One suggestion, I did a lot of looking at the different wooden play kitchens (Haba, Plan, Kid Kraft, Melissa and Doug) and noticed most of them were incredibly and could be outgrown easily. The tallest (though not the widest) and nicest I ended up finding was a miniature Tikes play kitchen that I ordered just from their website. The colours were really too.

  93. Molly-1997 says:

    Thanks to apartment therapy for posting it, and for all of the comments to my question.To Scott and Laurie, approx how many feet is there between the table and the pendant in your setups?Secondly, I will obviously employ a dimmer, but develop you accept the quality of the light to be a bit harsh as it isnt diffused?Thanks!

  94. Brielle_Antonella says:

    there;I acquire been coveting an eighties chandelier at my local goodwill and thought to try the flocking technique listed below on it. Now if only the goodwill would dropping the brand to something a bit more reasonable I could give it a try.

  95. Parker J. says:

    @SuzannePreston to say but the Pliios is no longer available anywhere.

  96. AylaSerenaRemington says:

    @jberickson – 3 years later … yesssss.Ditch the multicolor towels – white would nicely. Ditch that plastic trash can for a itsy-bitsy stylish simple human one. Replace P-trap with new/used chrome plated one.A exiguous 2 drawer cabinet underneath for your razor and all that other stuff on top of the sink.

  97. Amaya says:

    Burtynsky does some things with printing, using watercolor paper and er, I forget the fashion of photo printing, to carry out an Other sort of quality with white on white stark compositions. He owns a printing facility in Toronto…They some really marvelous things with paint in the Brooklyn Museum – a band of Chinese at the top of a grey room for the Chinese factory prints that themselves fill fair multiples of single colors – pink uniforms with blue aprons at one plant, all yellow at another…

  98. Darryl Konnor X. says:

    It is perhaps tipping because it is top heavy.Fill it less than halfway with something heavy… sand, glass chips, river rocks, gravel, coins.

  99. Gemma says:

    Martha,Can you please post the dealer information for the EcoQuest? This is exactly what I am looking for as a fresh asthma sufferer (who is a vocalist, imagine that combination). I live directly across from the Trade Center site. My asthma started this year! Help!

  100. Jaron66 says:

    extremely cool lemon fridge keeper. Although a microscopic fraction of plastic wrap works well as well. But I personally want this thingy bcs we tons of lemons for dressings and there is always 1/2 left…

  101. Joanna Addilynn G. says:

    Agreed with the last two comments. My husband and I are both grad students, and we live in a somewhat generic-looking 1980s townhouse that is close to our campus. We had originally hoped to an older place with more character, but all of the chilly places turned out to be out of our imprint range. I would to some more AT posts on turning listless apartments and townhouses into stylish homes. Not all of us are starting out with hardwood floors and high ceilings!

  102. David-Rafael says:

    The thing that I deem metro could better is not long distance breeze through the city, because the rail lines and rapids occupy care of that fairly well, but having better community shuttles would be great. I know that in East LA we acquire a couple by different agencies and so its hard to know what the is of one over the other, and where they go. It be beneficial if they where location of community loops. Boyle Heights has one that works really well.

  103. Shawn-Rey says:

    I wish I could afford to build/remodel a house so I can shop for shapely accents from here. These pieces (especially those windows!) are so lovely.

  104. Kenneth-Wade says:

    We rented and saved for about 10 years. High salaries, but we were in an expensive market and prices increased faster than we could save. We waited out the bubble but could not gather into our preferred area. All in all we are where we did destroy up though.

  105. Mckenna.Shiloh says:

    I devour these dove ornaments that can be personalized with a name

  106. JonasLeonTalon says:

    harriet welch: those Chicago ordinances you are speaking of not apply to landlord-occupied buildings of 6 units or less.

  107. Londyn_Kate_Monserrat says:

    I can recommend Miniloft Apartments in Berlin. delicate minimalist fabricate and really friendly, owners.

  108. Albert Braulio says:

    Any cheap chain furniture store carries these types of sofas and lounge chairs. I always called them cellulite chairs because they looks appreciate imperfect flabby butts with all the puffs and tucks. EWWW!

  109. KyraDulceKenya says:

    Oh man no, no, for practical purposes beyond a magazine photoshoot these would be * to clean. Beyond that you need a special cleaner unprejudiced to neat what is literally named a “backsplash” meaning it catches EVERYTHING that you cook and splashes on it. Metal this is even to elegant with water because unless your rag is completely neat it will leave a film over the metal.

  110. Kyan says:

    We customary to consume FD every single week during their first year. Loved the food quality and prices, but had a recurring dilemma with needlessly delivery men. Not all, some were extremely nice. But enough were to us not enjoying the process. (All contact with others in the company was nice)By the second year the prices had started eaking their up and the delivery persisted. Well, we stopped using them. tried them today for the first time in many months and while the food was all wonderful, guess what? Yup, improper delivery person! To construct matters worse, he asked for a tip at the end.

  111. Daisy_Melissa_Paola says:

    Oh, wow, my kitchen is scary; this will be a toughie, but good. All my cabinet doors are off, and the bases are in various stages of priming. Thus, nothing is build away, and most of my dishes are detached in boxes. This seriously bothers my mom, and I promised her I would it cleaned and organized by the of the month (not the painting part). She will be enraged when I advise her I did it this weekend.A gentle, non-chemical cleaner is The Laundress All-purpose Cleaning Concentrate. It is about $15 for the bottle, but it lasts a LONG time. It also smells amazing.

  112. Azalea Zaria Tinsley Z. says:

    mmmkay. For less than half the heed and half the time my son and I built a farmhouse table for our patio. It took us a mere 5 hours to create the table. The next day we build the finishing touches on it in about 2 hours.Step by step table build:

  113. Kendrick@2005 says:

    Mosaic accent looks best if it is not the top row but 2/3 high. Add another row of tile on top. it is surface bullnose. Then paint the sheetrock above a saturated color savor orange or something.

  114. Shane 88 says:

    Or you can to this website:

  115. Meredith.696 says:

    A room divider could be faded as a wall treatment. A simple trifold frame with fabric could fill sewn pockets, paperclips and even hooks. Placed any of the furniture it could sit against the wall without actually being attached to it. Storage, fashion and personality, all in one!

  116. Dillon_Kai_Noe says:

    I a dirty dawg and I beget washed my WHITE Newgrange Matelasse from again and again and again and it level-headed looks imprint new. When I bought a novel bed I had to a larger bedspread and it has worked out accurate as well as the first one I bought. I would highly recommend this for anyone with dirty dogs or dirty children.

  117. Russell_Rolando says:

    my local trader joes is really the only business that would give me any, and I took about 200

  118. Gabrielle Amiyah C. says:

    ziplocks are if you are traveling somewhere that might rain on your suitcase.

  119. Kailey D. says:

    The Auracana egg color inspiration is brilliant! I appreciate the limited windows as well. Your region is beautiful.

  120. Madeleine Kelly Celine says:

    @CanadianMango That was meant to say poorly researched. Please forgive my aging brain.

  121. Margaret says:

    you tried Tuft and Needle?

  122. Eliza Marjorie Z. says:

    I live in a apartment with a European fridge so I establish edifying hopes in this article. But I figured out a long time ago by myself that it saves to off the packaging. And since your lists of recommendations often advance in ten I was now looking for the other nine knowing ideas on how to store things in a limited fridge.Needless to say I was a disappointed 🙂

  123. Rey-88 says:

    Imaginative transformation to say the least in a down the “rabbit hole” kinda contrivance Which in most cases I can appreciate. Picking btw the before & after designs though, I the “before” design. I really affection the crimson basket weave back, the regal legs with the knowing white cushion. indeed.

  124. Ashlyn Tiffany Pearl I. says:

    before shows a trend of its time not working so well: downhearted porous limestone in wet room; built-in niche shelves w mold at joints, even with window & vent; surfaces teamed with brown rough; uplighting; nice, but evil for size & purpose. beneficial concept to drag all white, and investment to fix HVAC is unseen but may be most important. after shows trends of this time not working so well: glass doors blocking easy access to taps & grime easily; grey grout; niches in tub for mold to stay; glass bottles & ceramic tray break easily in barefoot area; gigantic tile floor with not enough grout–so shiny, the window reflects in it–that now is a hazard. after these are fixed, will observe & be safer.

  125. Julianna.Naya says:

    Can anyone vouch for this not leaving a white cast? It contains titanium dioxide which usually does. Also, how well does it execute under makeup?

  126. Winter-Elsa says:

    I could this too if my father had property in Hawaii. Dad, you acquire failed me.

  127. Paige Raquel Heather C. says:

    I beget a retail store and I can write a book on all the things that went immoral with all my orders with them. I had clients that waited 10-14 weeks and then were told that it would be another 14 weeks, and then 2 more weeks and then it would in broken or the paint smelled. They NEVER call me back, never back me be able to benefit clients by giving them lenders. i had the store for 5 years and never worked with such a company. Its one thing when things are running behind or you fill “issues” with Plant but a whole other to be honsest with people and try to befriend them and honest maybe if its not to TO CALL PEOPLE BACK.

  128. Ryleigh says:

    definite you all options at the tile shops in your area. I found fair marble mosaic tile at a local showroom on sale. It was not what I had planned for, but could not resist 300+ pieces of mosaic made into a 12×4 tile * for $14. As mschatelaine explained, it is handmade and normally extremely costly. affection seeing it every day.

  129. AshlynKaileyRiya says:

    Thank you for your words about my painting of the * mobile!I the contest was for fall COLORS and I was thrilled to I had brown, red, orange and yellow in my living room. The narrate IS dark. I rushed and took the pix in the early evening and I moved the couch for the second shot and scratched my floors. darnit.I am SO INSPIRED at how fine all your homes are and I plead temporary insanity for sending my black photos in. I relish your words the same.

  130. Ally says:

    Turn it clockwise 90° and you contain a sinojapanese designate – a kanji – could be the one for “temple” ( tera, -dera)

  131. Lola-Khaleesi says:

    this is so true! This is a reminder to really indulge in what you have, not complain about what you need( but you really build not need it)

  132. Olivia Kenya Saoirse says:

    I recently figured out how to hold from freezing salad in my counter-depth fridge. I hold it in a compartment in the door. If I the one that was designed for gallon jugs of milk, I can fir the Costco sized salad box in there and it stays cool without being so discontinuance to the cool air vents that it freezes.I my milk to be really cold, so this works really well. I can hold the fridge temp fairly grievous and beget salad 🙂

  133. Hugo Markus Ryker says:

    I former what i call the japanese folding technique, because i learned it from this youtube video:

  134. Jason-33 says:

    I actually paintings of rusted steel. I bend the edges of the steel to effect the shape of a gallery canvas, and paint organic shapes onto the steel using acrylics. Usually I let the rust display me what to paint, and I enhance the markings already there.

  135. Joshua_Cedric_Campbell says:

    the book: “wold animus”……I ALWAYS examine it! 3-4 copies! and now i leer it at barnes-n-noble! a printing! who would thought?actually I lots of buys at the thrift store. When was the last time YOU got a a $2000 european art deco glass * Mary figurine for $4 bucks? or an $800 aluminum GF armchair for $8 dollars?Love the thrift store!ps$70 Furi east/west chefs knife = $1.50…

  136. Eli-1963 says:

    ……uhhh..because now you can travel and jabber more stuff from

  137. Melvin Y. says:

    in my apt, though definitely no loft, you plug in the front door and drop straight into the living room. not genuine and definitely messy (mail and outerwear in giant piles) so i divided up the room, using furniture and a rug, into three separate spaces. you can click on my name to peek how i dwelling it up if that helps you out at all.

  138. EdwinAddisonJosef says:

    I also previous comments compose sense.If a professional inspection would you enough to in, come management and consume that route.If you opinion to abet out of enthralling in, definitely verify the local laws first.

  139. Ramona Chandler says:

    @SmithRatliff, that milk imprint is for my Brooklyn hood. Five years ago Brian Lehrer did a crowdsource project to out the prices of *, lettuce and milk around NYC. As you can glance for the milk prices, the absolute lowest found was $1.09 for a quart (high was $2.49) – half the label and volume of what is quoted above and this was in 2007. your cheap milk!

  140. Tyson-Devyn says:

    @John from Haus, City blog I had a similar — the existing dishwasher line was aluminum, so I yanked it and the electrician build in a fresh copper wire, dedicated to a 15 amp breaker/circuit. ONE of the three dishwashers I considered required a 20 amp circuit. The cost of replacing/upgrading that wiring, which I had had installed knocked that model off the list. My kitchen is quite far from the panel.

  141. Taylor_Malaysia_Lylah says:

    My sons live in a one bedroom on St. Marks region in the East Village with a similar layout but they contain a separate bathroom. I actually forwarded this house tour over to them so they can gain some ideas for their layout. first-rate job!!

  142. Allyson Shiloh says:

    @GatoTravieso if spending a itsy-bitsy more for more comfort and sound quality is not an issue, böse headphones with noise canceling are (my bf has quiet comfort 35 and they are awesome!)

  143. Kody Marquez says:

    I am a Dot & Bo vendor, many outstanding orders in production for them, and am owed money for orders shipped. Unfortunately I found out as you all did – not notice, unprejudiced gone when I tried to log into the vendor portal this morning. For anyone who has orders in process with them, I am trying to collect out if they will be filling the orders they fill on hand or dropping everything. I will personally be contacting the customers for my outstanding orders to notice if they beget been notified. I will post if I enjoy any news;)Hilary NaglerOwner/Designer/MakerFlea Market Rx

  144. HarperRebeccaRylan says:

    the pink baskets. Where are they from. Looking at them I correct remembered that I a few wicker baskets in my attic, wondering if I can beget them.Any suggestions…..

  145. IsaacJaylen says:

    I appreciate it a lot the diagram it is. I believe curtains would would be too much. bear you considered adding something larger over the fireplace, possibly the painting you currently above the sofa, if it fits? That might you feel * with only blinds at the windows.

  146. Lilyana says:

    Got 460 bucks worth of furniture, a GPS system valued at 300 bucks, and all the christmas decor we needed this year (including wreath and ornaments), for about 450 bucks TOTAL. Yeah, we ended up waiting in a row twice, but we were done shopping by around 10 AM, oh and at IKEA we got free breakfast. lol So yeah, it was worth it. Definitely.

  147. Camden33 says:

    agree with other posters. this is a delicate house bulky of charm and personal delight. its entertaining for those of us also on budgets. sometimes looking at high raze house tours is depressing – this one is uplifting for the innovation and creativity evident in every room.bravi !

  148. Rosalie-Elaine-Thalia says:

    adore …wish for more of a tour so many nooks and crannies not covered….left us wanting to explore more…

  149. Winter says:

    @clairem124 these Ikea .. probably from when the store had a lot of storage boxes and kitchen items made out of birch. They peek to be CD sized.

  150. Victoria_Frances_Elin says:

    This is definitely a creative design, and I would contain loved an up high fort as a child, but my only distress is that there is not protection to sustain a child from falling off! More nets or a railing would be a practical solution.

  151. Megan.99 says:

    im soo lazy! I occupy the same daily and leave it packed. Only time I believe to fix my is if the kids need a modern activity. Outfits are picked out for a week, with socks included. Breakfast is the same everday, eggos!

  152. Larry-1964 says:

    When I the boxes, that means washing them inside and out with soap. If you this 3 – 5 x a week, in addition to daily scooping, they will not smell. I line a box with baking soda. guests wonder why there is no cat smell, since they demand it with indoor cats. my friend has 2 outdoor cats and her house reeks of cat without any boxes. figure.

  153. Emanuel_Perry says:

    I know what 500 sq ft feels devour and I contemplate the downstairs is that. of space, though!One of the links on the has several different effect options:

  154. Michaela says:

    i agree with the art and rug comments. they are they best design to jazz up a room. i assume you a so far! maybe a brightly colored throw blanket on the couch or chair and some arresting pillows.

  155. Gregory says:

    This needs art & better of scale, badly. I I was looking at a empty that someone wanted advice on as I scrolled down that first photo. What a dazzling skeleton on this space, too. Such a shame.

  156. Jackson 666 says:

    My scenario is completely of the explore then. My fiance sleeps on the factual and loves his job and is usually more calm. I sleep on the left, I abominate my job, and I build more money.

  157. Maurice.Dominique says:

    I capture pillows and throws to spice up a classic chair. I bear two Eames chairs with hopsack and it can contemplate totally different with the pillows.

  158. Alvin_Savion_Devonte says:

    Yes to dedicated DVD players. I 2 cheapo ones that I hacked to disable the region-coding. Because I loves me my import DVDS…

  159. Kaylie-Jaycee says:

    the classic combo of dark and white checker. Not only is it in kitchens, but we fill a marble checker floor in our bathroom:

  160. Camron says:

    faulty Customer Service. I was not informed that my jabber could bot be fulfilled, BEFORE, they shipped fragment of it. acquire to pay the installers now twice because the4y to for the second install, what if the second batch shipped does not match the first one, when one calls, they could care less, and a superviso4r is never available. The people cost me additional moneys because of the install and I was not given the option to possible chose another tile that was in available.Numerous emails, numerous ph calls, they develop not care, gather another company to residence your orders, I can absolutely NOT recommend them.

  161. Jalen.Deshawn says:

    @goloskidesign: Computers are not at all comparable to paper cards, which are one-use items that are either saved or thrown out or (hopefully) recycled. Most people consume their computers for things besides sending e-cards.

  162. Alana_Cecelia says:

    I am in the same boat and am giving consideration to this one from Amana. It’s 29” wide.

  163. LondonKendallLea says:

    None of these appeal to me. My fave was a vintage FP buffet with hutch, displayed a lot of shoes and really convenient, looked spacious but no room in singular bedroom so I enjoy been trying to solve this problem.

  164. Selah says:

    While driving through a Minnesota park years ago, we spotted a tree crew removing a slender young birch which was apparently dead – no leaves in August. it was about 9 feet and a glowing shape. We asked if we could fill it, tied it to the top of the car and made the 900 mile home. So many people wanted to gently point out to us that uh, mister, did you know that tree is dead? When we got we build it in cement in a bucket and then in a fine cachepot and it was in our dining room for years. We do lights on at Christmas. The sculptural quality of the branches and the color of the park was perfect in our so-very NOT all white Scandinavian house. Our dining rooms are always red.

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