Create Your Outdoor With French Style Through Beautiful Patio Bench

Patio bench sometimes really wonderful as outdoor furniture around your house. And today you also will see your outdoor being French porch or backyard. French style is more widely applied to the interior decoration of the house, but few apply it on the patio, exterior, or outdoor area around the house. In fact, applying style French-style design for the outdoor feel of no less challenging. To apply this design is suggested choosing design elements French country and French Provencal. Combine with the use of bright color scheme with a magnificent patio bench applications as well.

Wrought iron patio bench modern design

Wrought iron patio bench modern design

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to create your outdoor with French style through beautiful patio bench. Bench patio furniture is old and a bit rustic furniture is ideal to be placed in an outdoor area that carries the French style. Select benches and tables of wood painted in white color, or sanded in order to be impressed ‘old’. Wooden furniture featuring detailed and intricate carvings will add an aesthetic impression on the patio, as well as the more impressive French Provencal style. In addition to the furniture of wood, you can also use the outdoor furniture of metal, such as iron or copper patio benches painted with black or white to create the feel of French-style bistro. A small table with an umbrella / awning striped with bright color will further complement the style of this bistro. Furniture of metallic materials can also be realized by placing a garden lamp or chandelier / chandeliers made from iron and copper were placed not far from the porch.

Mahogany patio bench with cushions

Mahogany patio bench with cushions

Aluminum patio bench outdoor design

Aluminum patio bench outdoor design

Instead, use a lamp with a classic design that can be found in an antique shop. Lights for the French-style patio should look old, with a little rust and some parts are cracked or imperfect. Imperfections that just be a plus to be displayed. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to create your outdoor with French style through beautiful patio bench.

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17 thoughts on “Create Your Outdoor With French Style Through Beautiful Patio Bench”

  1. Kai.Fisher says:

    not my fashion of decorating but you broken-down wood in different ways, which is contrivance cool. loved how you found for your husbands clothes and how you pegs to his jeans. also the you arranged your wall with all your potted plants. extremely job. only recommendation. add a dinky color

  2. Finn_Jan says:

    The glass shelves in the living room were custom made from a astronomical antiques store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn called Darr. extremely people to work with and reasonable as well.

  3. Ethen says:

    Creative!! So done in a beautiful, vibrant theme with so space! Inspirational!!! 🙂

  4. Parker-Damien says:

    Yikes! We customary to two of those couches! I had no we had the makings of a sophisticated decor. (Comfortable, those sofas are not.)

  5. CalvinFrankieZaire says:

    space. expedient mix of vintage and ikea pieces. all the rugs and art work too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Javier Deven Jean V. says:

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  7. Keagan says:

    A grand of doing this on a budget is to bewitch a comfortable, classic-shaped neutral- colored sofa you can afford and upholster the cushions in one of the blooming Josef Frank textiles. Or even pile up Josef Frank covered cushions along the back.

  8. Gael.Frederick.Gianni says:

    What does this contain to with apartment life? How many readers of this blog live in Pacific Heights mansions? Hello, earth to AT…

  9. Carmelo says:

    TV, DVD/VCR, Tivo, Stereo Receiver, Cable Box, Computer, Printer, Scanner, Lamp, *, Fan …..

  10. Shawn says:

    I would replied heck yes if they had only wallpapered the bottom of cabinets and painted the top set a coordinating color…

  11. Angel X. says:

    sorry, but I believe that nothing looks pulled together. The paint color choice does not or interact with anythng else in the rooms. Your art and furniture pieces seem odd. maybe instead of the uneven art arrangment, you could add more photos and maximize their impact with a horizontial line

  12. Jonathan-Ramon-Blaise says:

    I consider if you are a worrisome first-time parent, or objective a worrisome parent in general, this could you well. I suffer from apprehension during and immediately following pregnancy, and I remember waking up constantly to check to my daughter was breathing. We didnt a motion monitor, and I dont know if it would absorb given me any peace, but I that is definitely an option to consider. Being a parent, especially for the first time, can turn you into a bundle of nerves that you never expected. Any relief from the inevitable sleep deprivation is worth it! 🙂

  13. Lennon Tegan M. says:

    @JacinLA and @overture – counters and backsplash are solid mahogany, custom made by a furniture maker here in LA. They are stained and then treated with a bar top finish, you’d acquire in a Boston pub. I got the notion from the novel kitchen at Greystone Mansion in LA. They will age and patina and banged up and vary in color with heat and water stains, but I forward to that. I consider it’ll only more and more interesting. I had them made in solid mahogany (instead of a veneer) in case someone did want to sand them down in the future and refinish to modern again.

  14. Kyra_Aniya says:

    We crawl to a wine bar…live music, gargantuan homemade cheese and *, and tons of wine!

  15. Leighton-Lara-Ramona says:

    I contemplate this looks wonderful, especially the clear care taken to personalize closet space!As for the bed itself, although I would that particular style/size overwhelming in my smaller space, I really, really enjoy it in this space. Can anyone ID it for me? The bedside tables are compact and neat-looking; I would to having a pair of my own!

  16. Khloe Royalty Milena C. says:

    I WISH I had a white fridge. Mine is harvest gold. (Rental.) These are cute, but decorated fridges honest seem more visual clutter to me.

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