How Fun Attractive Kids Bedroom With Velvet Headboard

Velvet headboard will come to your kids bedroom with some attractive models and ideas today, so to those who want to treat their kids well, these ideas here will guide you well. Like a blank canvas, wall headboard (headboard) is one of the potential field that allows you to be creative. The position at the back of the bed (background) field wall to make it the center of attention or focal point in the bedroom. That is why the walls of velvet headboard needs to be designed so that the bedrooms look attractive.

Velvet Upholstered Headboard grey using fabric material

Velvet Upholstered Headboard grey using fabric material

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fun attractive kids bedroom with velvet headboard. There are various ways you can do to manage this field, such as coats patterned wallpaper, put a mirror to put a painting or poster as wall art. But if you want a different appearance, put up velvet wall into the right solution. Not only serves as a decorative element that is attractive, velvet wall can be used as a safety in a child’s bedroom, especially if you have an active toddler. The surface is soft because it is filled by foam and covered with a soft cloth to minimize the risk of accidents such as the small child’s head bumped against the wall. The design and material upholstery velvet wall that you can choose any variety. There Yag box-shaped, round or straight lines. If you want to look attractive, you can combine a variety of sizes and colors and set it up at random.

Arched Velvet Headboard orange with 2 pillows

Arched Velvet Headboard orange with 2 pillows

Tufted velvet Headboard pink color for kids

Tufted velvet Headboard pink color for kids

The material normally used is synthetic leather and velvet cloth. Velvet fabric treatments actually more complicated than the synthetic leather, but the type of fabric is able to create a luxurious and charming. That is why the walls of velvet headboard needs to be designed so that the bedrooms look attractive. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really fun attractive kids bedroom with velvet headboard.

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  17. Mariana Elliot Q. says:

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  18. Nova_Alayah says:

    situationalefty — how you it? Is it plugged into your computer?

  19. LenaMelany says:

    @ExperimentsInHonesty I a hip-height dresser next to the bed, and it works perfectly for our relatively gross bed, so maybe this is comparable. I consider a one may not be the best solution, though.

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  26. Erica Harleigh says:

    I consider this is in its simplicity. I agree that it would feel cluttered if there was a lot of color and a lot of things up on the wall. It looks advantageous how it is. Sticking with a neutral palette and not having “stuff” everywhere is what gives this a aloof feel that makes the residence seem bigger than it is.

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    I they did an agreeable job on this space! Honestly the only thing I would change would be to possibly swap to a slightly smaller table (however that table is so extraordinary I may leave it) >> And perhaps lift a few “poofs/squares” for people to sit on that can be sweetly tucked away underneath the table by the window. That could develop some colossal floor seating for if someone wants to sit by the coffee table and play a card game. colossal job!!! This is a elegant area and the office was executed perfectly!

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  70. Wayne says:

    I grew up with every room in the house done in a similar pattern. Ugh. I would not want to live with it again, for that reason.The pattern was typically done in a slightly silvery/shiny paint, on pastel colour background. When I was a child, there was no later paint. I remember my parents would hire two painters, every couple of years or so and it was a production. The paint came in a powdery formula (i.e. the basic white) and then it was tinted with another powder. It was a lot of mess. Also, the painters painted with astronomical paintbrushes so everything had to be covered by sheets or removed from the room to protect it from getting the paint on. It was kinda captivating for me as a kid – because I did not to anguish about the cleanup – but it must be a nightmare for my parents, the house was truly upside down.How distinguished simpler it is these days, then my entire preparation consist of making there is no dust on the wall and taping along the ceiling, etc. All I need is a bit of newspaper on which I my tray and the can with paint.

  71. Juliet Madalyn Aryanna says:

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  72. Mark_Andre_Joan says:

    I admire the color combination you selected and the mix of and vintage. Bravo on keeping a exiguous shapely and manageable, stylish and livable!

  73. GiannaSamara says:

    these are fabulous! are you guys planning to acquire etsy scavenger more often? i often feel as though i need an etsy curator.. :)thanks so much!

  74. Joaquin.1992 says:

    I affection the richness of colors used! I my is the explore from the Parlor towards the dining room – the echoing of colors and stripes makes everything dart together! extremely appealing!

  75. Amelia says:

    Thank you for the transcript–I rarely bother to glance videos!!

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  82. AmiyahHarleigh says:

    I know you wanted to it seem appreciate the window was larger but I assume the rod is blueprint too high. You should lower it luxuriate in Maxwell to between where you it now and the window.I know you made those curtains but i believe long panels that pace to the floor also elongate the window and will visually connect it to what you enjoy going on below it.A roman shade behind the curtains will tie it all in. come by something that has a finished top so it looks ok being exposed behind the rod.

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  86. Rowan Ivanna Alianna says:

    Indeed, Ducibella – we installed clear maple flooring to coordinate with our yellow lab mix (and to the inevitable hair) πŸ˜‰

  87. Wyatt_Jessie says:

    can anyone me where they got the chairs in the kitchen? or where I can catch something similar. thanks

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  91. Jayson says:

    Add this to my blog roll??? I hold to this as my dwelling :D

  92. Yusuf says:

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  93. Kenley says:

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  100. PhillipValentinKelton says:

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    Seconded wild-er, cookies are great and all but everyone knows cash is king.

  108. Terrance X. says:

    To Jules and anyone who smokes, The deal that everyone here and in the world is referring to about smoking, since you dont understand is that smoking causes disease and kills. So when you smoke and it affects other people you are in fact contributing to this whether its in your dwelling or anywhere it affects others.Dont hold offense or ignorant. Educate yourself and realize that smoking kills and causes disease. People are concerned about their health and they contain THE correct TO NOT BE AFFECTED BY BEHAVIOR SUCH AS SMOKING.Why would anyone be so ignorant as to not understand that?

  109. Frances says:

    At the SanFrancisco Garden Show, I purchased a vertical garden for my London plot from a microscopic company called Vertical Gardens, LLC. The call them Living Tapestries. I it to up an ghastly retaining wall. The results are wonderful! It’s relish having my Patrick Blanc greenwall! easy to residence up and fill thanks to the automatic watering system. I they are at Might be first-rate for someone.

  110. Thomas Haden says:

    ideas! Please be aware that temporary wallpaper can sometimes be not so temporary…

  111. LuisTommy says:

    @tbgboodler Ha! came across this gigantic Onion piece:

  112. Peyton-Cassidy-Harleigh says:

    It is more of an item that can be conventional globally. It has been a marketing tool from the extremely beginning: note pictures of assembly. Art, photographs, pictures are truly global languages. By showing a single image, it saves them the hassle of converting to hundreds of languages to assemble a single item. Even IKEA has conventional shapes of squares and circles to bags that beget screws, etc..

  113. DariusJaron says:

    I am an interior designer who specializes in nursery design. A factor in deciding between a stencil and/or wallpaper is the texture of your walls. For instance, I absorb an feeble in LA and the walls are a textured plaster. It would be device to hard to wallpaper pleasant so instead I chose to a single wall in an all over stencil. You a lot more options with a stencil too. you the pattern, or your own, and then any paint color you want. Sometimes I also glean renters and wallpapering isnt an option. But a stenciled wall can be painted over easily. the stencils chosen for the article too!!!

  114. Nathaniel Gustavo Neil says:

    So cute! Now I know where I can this fashion bench for a reasonable price! Even better though would be not having to pay for it πŸ™‚

  115. Alma_Blaire says:

    I a 40″ round moroccan table top that sits atop a papasan chair and serves as a coffee table, a foot rest, and an office (with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the tv acting as a monitor); it can also sit on top of the largest of one of my nesting tables at the perfect height to seat 4 for dinner. Or I can roll it into its as wall art and the nesting tables for drinks or as ottomans. I Transformer furniture.

  116. Scarlett Summer says:

    MiniPanda–The floor in our master bedroom/hallway is florida pine, the same wood floors as the other 2 bedrooms. But we wanted a white look, so it was first bleached, and then tinted with white (3 passes), and then coated with varnish.

  117. Kinley Dylan Lisa says:

    home! I agree, it is is lovely and comfortable, and Ill add timeless. the front porch with the white-washed brick.

  118. DelilahDaniellaJamie says:

    Most good-looking apartment in the contest. Simple and elegant. Where did you catch the mcm lowboy dresser in your bedroom? Been looking for one luxuriate in this for months!

  119. Jaylin-Keshawn says:

    Housekeeper day is my approved day of the week. $15/hour to residence to a freshly scrubbed everything is a dream arrive true.

  120. Brendan says:

    @ExperimentsInHonesty argh… every example not everyone example. need edit function on our comments.

  121. Alicia666 says:

    P.S. I believe my parents believe the same “duel recliners” sofa, though theirs lacks any pet stains along the bottom… bleh.

  122. Christian Dallas Walter S. says:

    You believe convinced me to give vertical baking sheet storage a try.

  123. Lorelei.Lennox says:

    @planitgirl8 YES. Would earn a astronomical improvement. The singular placement dwarfs the windows.

  124. Phoebe-Aniya says:

    Prose is the tool of proles…. Well, a elegant word can be crafted from a fine mind needless of status.Etc etcI quite appreciate the ability to write what I like, when I luxuriate in – where I like. Try these DecoSticks Wall Stickers for example. Alphabet allow you to writ your prose, even if you are a prole!

  125. Brock says:

    I actually disagree… I contemplate the looked extremely mass-produced, dated (not vintage!), and this looks enjoy a hand-carved object, to me, now. To each his or her own, though!

  126. Kinley-Bridget-Paityn says:

    i want i water tower. because i appreciate the of living in a house that is round and feeble to be filled with water!

  127. Bailee Sharon D. says:

    Spilling cat litter through the living room after cleaning the box and dumping the stinky stuff in a excellent garbage bag. A garbage with a HOLE in the bottom. thankfully I wood floors rather than carpets. I swept most of it up, and vacuumed the rest.

  128. ElijahJadon says:

    For sure! Contact me at and we can swap info.

  129. Vaughn Vincenzo Earl says:

    wow, I was expecting you to say that while you were going to it up, it turned out to be really hideous. because in exact fact that thing is horrendous.

  130. Mathias says:

    easy… you should leer at crutchfieldThe tech is excellent. Having my stuff in either the other room or in a closet.Just be watchful of the mhz. Wifi, cordless phone and so on….good luck….follow the rabbit…

  131. Kamila Davina C. says:

    Given that most other plant life in my fridge lacks any resemblance of freshness, a modern head of lettuce would surely tip off a thief that happens to be foraging for food.

  132. Gia_Skye_Addisyn says:

    microscopic use? Nah. You can change changing tables into all kinds of other furniture. This table can be for toy or book storage or whatever when your tot is *-trained. Painted, decorated, totally repurposed.I acquire to agree with mayaluna. Toddlers in the 18-36 month range who are not *-trained can be coaxed into cooperating with diaper changes, so this table can be of that process.The only thing that me off of these units was the price. I already acquire an Oeuf dresser and a changing table dying to become a drink cart. Actually, I may salvage one of these units then convert it into of a fort/castle play unit in the future.

  133. PaigeMaciShayla says:

    My family of 4 + one smallish lived in 1300 sf, and that was enough for us.It really depends on the lifestyle and personality of the individual family members, as well as the weather. 127 sf might work if you are in a where you can employ a lot of time outside. I could not live in 127 sf by myself in the harsh winter Boston has had this year.

  134. Carolyn says:

    This looks it was one of the most gripping cramped to beget work. And yet you made it seem so roomier than others that are larger spaces. I the stair step of the boxes that seem to increase with the microwave up to the cabinets. And the tightly gathered wall pictures that space, a relief for the eye. cute and restful.

  135. Ross-Jovan says:

    Having two showers is such a clever idea! I would esteem to eliminate the morning bathroom squabble….And it all looks too πŸ™‚

  136. Jaylah-Milan-Janessa says:

    almondjoy- I appreciate that perspective. I fetch it damaging to throw out mental illnesses to normal behavior. indulge in suddenly someone that has a mood swing = manic depressive

  137. Stella Julia Jaylynn says:

    “Crazy Cat Lady + Novelist + Scientist = “Spinster Chic.”” is my absolute description.

  138. Francisco.Craig.Oswaldo says:

    i would build concrete squares under there and let it be a side chalk area. you could effect a exiguous fairy village or a diminutive town for the trucks and dolls/action figures to play in. (like the rugs that roads and buildings printed on them but effect it with stones and such.

  139. Chase-Raymond says:

    I once lived in an apartment that was formally a two car garage. There were no interior walls, no kitchen, no closets, and no interior bathroom, THAT was located inside the main house twenty feet away (NOT a fun in the middle of the night during winter!) It was ridiculously cheap which made it worth it. I aged giant bamboo screens to divide the room into smaller spaces, archaic an industrial rolling rack for a closet, and brought in a refrigerator, microwave and hot plate. With the exception of the bathroom position it was a totally workable living arrangement.

  140. LilahLauryn says:

    Rachael, absorb you tried looking on Etsy for prints and home decor items? There is astounding stuff to be found in a similar elegant to Urban Outfitters, and usually for far far lower prices.

  141. Karina Ivanna Avah says:

    To me, it really depends on the of restaurant… A coffee shop, absolutely; a self-serve, casual sort of is grand more acceptable (in my mind) than a fancier residence with service and whatnot…

  142. Julianna-Parker-Monserrat says:

    I live in the area, can you provide a name or link to the residence that has such a price! Thanks

  143. Nathan Kristopher Duncan says:

    As a mom of twins, I wholeheartedly agree with the first post. There is no gift sweeter than an offer to — bring a meal or two over, offer to a grocery store run, mow their lawn, etc. I am forever grateful for those friends and family who generously gave me their time and assist in those first few months.

  144. KadenVincentSheldon says:

    We consume a Rolser cart that my mom found in London–there were similar ones on sale at position Rule on 14th Street and insulated ones for sale at Whole Foods. Perfect for hauling groceries around the city when you believe to shop for a family.

  145. Lilliana_Susan says:

    When I was little, my parents attach up our Christmas tree and decorated the house on Christmas Eve after we went to bed. It was to wake up to that.

  146. Alexzander Branson G. says:

    I the color, and I its a of it. The room is for creative purposes, and I suspect that is exactly what it inspires: creativity. And I admire that the shelving allows all the vibrant colors of the yarns and goodies to be on display.

  147. Marley-999 says:

    hejiranyc, I counted to ten.Well, then call me a socialist if I disagree with all creative endeavors being revenue driven.

  148. Cooper-Mauricio-Sam says:

    affection it – I had to through twice to realize, yes it IS a place. The you fill arranged it seems so comfortable, and the huge closet is a luxury for sure!

  149. Ruby-Kaliyah-Kassandra says:

    extremely pretty, would beget loved to inspect more wide angle shots of entire rooms, not unprejudiced cessation shots of corners….

  150. Kaden says:

    @Anusha73: Not all Americans are against minimalism or modernism. With DWELL magazine and all the MCM homes featured here on AT there is quite a ravenous crowd for that style. I am not a grand fan of all minimalism/modernism, I Eames chairs to distraction and am sick to death of seeing them, but when it is done well, I the effort. There are time I the modernist/minimalist kitchens all to ogle the same and that is sort of s drag. There is a blueprint to consume or slay that inspect without it being too homogeneous.

  151. Nick@999 says:

    Factories in China pride themselves on doing a knock off- I impartial read there are complete Apple stores in China that are fake!

  152. Clara says:

    table. Thanks for sharing on this busy day. delighted Thanksgiving!

  153. Izaiah says:

    @j_apple Thank you so for your insightful comment. You captured what I was trying to accomplish πŸ˜‰

  154. Elyse-Jaylee says:

    Curtis–Call it a “housewarming party” to your rich friends with impeccable taste.Call it a “party” to everyone else you invite. πŸ™‚

  155. Miles Jamari says:

    I left a beloved house plant (named Roger) out on the curb the last time I moved. The POD had already left and it became that no matter how I tried, Roger was never going to fit in my car. I did stick around long enough to examine that someone took him (clearly attached since I refer to the plant as “him”). Although I was downhearted that I had to leave him late its to imagine that he has a apt modern (and if he had mites or something I never to know about it cause hes with a stranger).

  156. Harley says:

    I mean gotta that lamp

  157. Paul Jeramiah B. says:

    And the best is that these products are real. Ahhhh life can be so entertaining.

  158. Troy says:

    It all depends on the age and temperament of the kid. DΓ©cor items can be appreciated apt as well as things to “play” with and can sometimes both functions. My granddaughter at 10 has made a lot of decorative pottery and fabric pieces herself and has a attractive for well made things. Her limited brother at 2 is enraged for blocks, balls and cars but also appreciates a great site of dishes and cutlery. They both absorb favourite pillows. If you know the child well enough to gauge their appreciation fine, but if you want to effect the parents, well . . . <huge disdainful declare of disapproval>/<insert expletive of choice>

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