How to Make An Upholstered Headboard For Your Beds

How to make an upholstered headboard for your bed is really easy to do. Upholstered on the headboard has two functions, namely as the first, second and decorative piece, protection for your head. If you accidentally get up, it’s on the headboard. This is not a new discovery and the bed has a design function for hundreds of years so if you see the bed without one, it’s just a few bed-maker has chosen not to include it. To get one you can of course just buy the bed headboard.

Interesting how to make white an upholstered headboard ideas

Interesting how to make white an upholstered headboard ideas

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to make an upholstered headboard for your beds. Obtaining materials. The most important ingredient is your upholstery foam, batting (polyester or cotton), fabric and plywood. You will also need a stapler, saws, scissors, pencils, paper and mount flush (if necessary). Design plan. The first thing you have to do is plan the project do-it-yourself small before you start cutting it off and fastening parts together. Decide whether you want to attach to the bed, the walls or simply want to operate on the existing headboard. What kind of fabric you want to use and the type of display. Base and cover. Once you know what you want to do it right, you need to prepare your head before attaching the padding. If you use the empty head, there is not much you can do. Assembling all of them. You want to line up all the pieces together correctly, with everything centered correctly.

cool how to make custom an upholstered headboard designs

cool how to make custom an upholstered headboard designs

amazing how to make an upholstered headboard for your bedroom

amazing how to make an upholstered headboard for your bedroom

Ask for help if you need to attach the fabric and batting to the head upright, but the setting on a flat surface to make things a lot easier. You need to fold the cloth over everything tight and staple to the back of the head where sleep. Make sure everything is even and tight. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to make an upholstered headboard for your beds.

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  1. CeciliaLilahReina says:

    I admire Hanna Andersson clothing and pajamas for my daughter (good quality and actually age-appropriate!). Looking forward to seeing this fresh stuff.

  2. Alina M. says:

    PEA GREEN WITH ENVY!!! Seriously — I rarely gape a house that makes me swoon, but this one did it. I color in a house — I vintage — I adore casual elegance. This one does it all.Beautiful!!!

  3. Josephine@1973 says:

    Well done, the result is really impressive. Sometimes it may be faster to musty windshield wiper to spread the stripper instead of a paintbrush. It is also a a bucket of water ready for disposal of the rags – there may be (at least theoretically, I never experienced it) a disaster of self-ignition present.

  4. Travis Tony Y. says:

    @Cosifantutti when your 25 years of paying are up you fill no rent.

  5. Alena1990 says:

    We had a flat on the interstate gradual at night recently and were to a flashlight left from a camp out last month. Today I stocked all vehicles with flashlights.

  6. Analia Estrella says:

    @kealykins, this is a fabulous idea! I had a dinky party–with one coworker–one Friday night to steamed clams. We did it together and then feasted royalty. We to it again this coming Friday evening.

  7. Jenna Alaya B. says:

    I the cabinet with the slab that extends over the side in the kitchen!You guys enjoy a astronomical home. It feels lived in without feeling cluttered, which is great!PS- I also the fact that you listed CB2 as a source- thank you for making me feel better about my fill sources. Sometimes I DWR all over the furniture list and then some high places in the “dream source” list and I sit here and “and i can hardly afford Urban Outfitters…”

  8. Peyton.Marques.Valentin says:

    ..great photos on her website, by the, a private island:

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  10. Mauricio 911 says:

    awwww I admire it! I affection your cat too! Isnt it comical when cats salvage when you buy their pic! “I contain always known it was you” That is frickin cute!!!

  11. Ronan-1993 says:

    Hey all, I`m an Aussie newby and impressed with what I see.Love the archway over the raised garden bed will definitely incorporate the hinged top to our raised beds.Great tips,smart thinking,cheers πŸ˜‰

  12. Reyna I. says:

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  13. Julien says:

    So how does it work if there is only one sink as in the leading image? Where acquire you the shapely dishes before you are done with the washing up and the tray over the sink?

  14. Douglas T. says:

    You did a substantial job! I the look!I only wonder if it is really time & cost effective since you can well made mirrored nightstands and dressers for $200 – $500, respectively. Urban Outfitters, Horchow, Z gallerie, or Pier 1 for different ranges. I was lucky to lift my mirrored nightstands on sale from Bombay Company before they went out of business for $175 each.

  15. Kathleen 66 says:

    Since my family frequently makes foul comments Ms.Mack above, living 2,000 miles away is a luxury of mine.

  16. Summer Adelynn Oakley N. says:

    WOW, all i can say is wow. This is such a blueprint to recycle doilies that come by dust. Who knew you can turn it into a beautiful, outstanding pendant shade. This can also be a fun project to with your children.

  17. Danica says:

    I vertigo so cannot install these–but I the bare, elegant look. And hope these homeowners insurance. πŸ˜‰

  18. Allyson S. says:

    @barmymoo I agree. My last bathroom was cramped – I could fit a trash can under the sink, but that was all that could in there. But I had a window and a window ledge that I dilapidated for a plant (I could believe former it to toiletries as other people in our building did, but that always looked cluttered to me). The plant thrived in there, and it made me every morning. I assign toiletries in the behind-the-mirror medicine cabinet, and in a hanger over the aid of the door (also magazines went in this hanger). The hanger was appealing too – sort of a white woven material. I had a beautiful cloth shower curtain, a simple grey bath mat, and one framed hanging on the wall. I would preferred a larger bathroom, but it was actually considerate of to carve everything devour that.

  19. Alejandra M. says:

    its so pretty…my living room would such a confidence boost with this chair in it (its been known to bear self-esteem issues)! so lift me me assume me!!!

  20. Hugo Ari says:

    I can understand the landlord’s about being paid. It will him about 60 days to evict you if he has to engage you to court. You might offer to do up a 2-month security deposit, so that he can be assured he will not lose any money if you flake out on the rent.

  21. TaliaRosalyn says:

    I absolutely admire the succulents from Waterstone Succulents (on Etsy). I originally ordered 2 of them for myself but last week I ordered 3 more to give to as gifts. They come in all different colors (both the succulent and the planter). Truly unique.

  22. Brad_Sammy says:

    My partner and I give gifts purchased that we ask for, but often they are joint gifts for the house we are renovating. For everyone else, I gifts, either grown from my garden, cooked from my kitchen, or created from my studio, all of which I works of art. personal, and personalized.

  23. Millie says:

    I lost the thread where somebody was concerned about and gel. The gel is not burly as far as I know. Chill your stock over night and chip out the on the top. That gel underneath is protein-packed. It will melt once heated, and give a rich mouth-feel to your dish. Can broth is easy and oh-so lame. Home-made with stuff you would otherwise throw away is absolutely worth the extra effort. Not to mention the favorable economics of it.

  24. Jovanny says:

    Francaisejolie–You can plant them now or bare root plants and plant them in gradual winter.

  25. Ruth_Amber_Yasmin says:

    friendly feng shui to a mirrored backsplash on the stove. The stove represents prosperity, and the mirror doubles your burners, therefore doubling your money. Looks pleasurable too, as long as you maintain it clean.

  26. EmilyEmberAriella says:

    I recently moved to an apt with no medicine cabinet and a pedestal sink. I I am going to install a med. cabinet as there is a on the wall where one can go. While the glass shelves are genuine for displaying decorative objects, I accumulate that I do not want to indicate several daily employ items prescription meds, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.

  27. Raquel 1975 says:

    @Goblingirl I read books occasionally, but getting ebooks is so easier as a blogger and as someone who travels a lot, haha.

  28. Alyssa-Lucia-Kairi says:

    e. scott you hang it on the wall delight in art or simply leave it on the counter advance a possible fire hazard bask in your stove. The same you would do a plain extinguisher.

  29. Mia_Paisley says:

    I concur. too impractical. Regardless, I that too considerable stuff is on the dresser. This would engage that the same level of “stuff” is on other things in the room. Because as a focal point, it can explore too piled on. Maybe he should beget shown the dresser in context to be more useful?

  30. Lauren.Lisa.Rhea says:

    Please fix your links. The gap between the image and the link makes it savor the link is a title for the next image rather than a caption for the prior image.Or you could create the images link to the post as well.

  31. Joseph_Adan_Alexzander says:

    @JO901 yes on the friend. Two trusted savvy friends helped me years ago and edited out the tired, ill fitting and not my style. It went far more posthaste than when I tried to contemplate through it on my own. I boxed the clothes up and and yet another friend relocated them to another to a group of ladies! I done smaller arrive to reality sessions and passed on to a friend but perhaps I need another intervention of a larger scale.

  32. CharlotteSylviaIngrid says:

    I agree with bepsf that a high-end item should not be repurposed to so effect–functionally and aesthetically, IMO. This really could been accomplished with something vintage and/or affordable and the stool saved for something else. It seems a bit gratuitous.

  33. Marquis B. says:

    What a coincidence we did a post on the benefits of sharing a today on our blog. This is a example of how to it work!

  34. Braeden Desmond Willie H. says:

    What a to the “recharge home clutter” problem!A bit pricey – but any docking will cost you, and this one fills multiple needs.Too abominable it only comes in white, tho I guess it can be painted…

  35. Brett.Jude. says:

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  36. Dylan_Aaron says:

    Pottery Barn: $99

  37. Johan Keshawn Bruno X. says:

    i bathrooms to feel “clean/fresh” rather than “warm/cosy”, so i too favor cool, water-inspired colors over earthy tones. which is why the bathrooms in my modern position drive me crazy–all brass fixtures (INCLUDING shower enclosure, which means replacing them would be $$$), dingy bisque walls & tile which give the impression of having once been off-white & yellowed by age, & worst of all, countertops/sinks made of some plasticky almond material, swirled i for that faux-marble look. blech. the combined of all those yellow-brown undertones is to you want to attack the entire surface position w/ industrial-strength bleach. oh and no windows either, so add the yellowish light from the (brass of course) light fixtures to the mix. no matter how shapely the bathroom actually is, it always gives you that “not-so-fresh-feeling”. so far my answer has been to exercise as cramped time in there as possible.

  38. Piper.Rosalie.Zion says:

    with a name ducati1978 you must be more than willing to pay more than say “honda1978″… ;-)btw, i am doing a ground up rebuild 74 commando cafe racer.ian

  39. Carolyn says:

    @Boundary Bay Another reason for keeping windows cramped and at a minimum was the tax on windows, which I seen in records from the 17th and early 18th c.

  40. Dakota.Gwendolyn says:

    pillows for the livingroom, fix the hems on my curtains and conclude sending out pants to hemmed!

  41. Russell says:

    Congrats Christi and Daniel. Your baby is so blessed to be in your loving family. those days of contemplation in the nursury and even more when he/she comes home!

  42. Matias Rhys says:

    in response to Robroz, the coffee table was purchased on auction at

  43. Joseph_Alexis_Winston says:

    I the extremely nature of the room and bed dictates that you should in a vintage mixed with new direction. The shelves on each side are screaming for quaint vintage items. I would scour thrift and antique shops for inexpensive yet one of a considerate items.The bedding I would a simple pintuck this:

  44. Cory.Rogelio.Devyn says:

    I you acquire a really cozy with inventive storage! For that I voted you as stellar – I espeically the magazine rack! I know most of us are magazine-a-holics and I never know what to effect with mine! However, there is a lot of clutter and maybe you should invest in some seagrass covered boxes or something else neutral that you could then with the contents -just to down on all that is going on.

  45. Lee Jax says:

    Putting something in a cabinet is not exactly camouflage…. Now THIS is camouflage:

  46. Savanna says:

    I these idea. I savor the natural too!I objective decided to loose my drapes and for simple incased roll shades. I vacuum every week and I am tired of how dusty my drapes get. Plus I so molding and orderly I consider loosing the drapes will effect my room seem bigger.These I will bookmark for another room, thanks

  47. Roman_Kelvin_August says:

    My wife and I admire this home. Such a classic mid century compose that was given new life. David B. Runnels would be proud and I this young architect has a shimmering future. Thanks!

  48. Kyler Felipe K. says:

    Oh, man! I cannot expose you how much I would adore to that machine!

  49. Georgia_Maeve says:

    It is def. the living room. I care for hanging arounf with my partner and the two cats at the sofa. It is quite small, but there is a beautyfull hardwood floor and a window, so we can glean lots of light.

  50. Isabel.Liberty.Rayne says:

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  53. Hadley_Evelynn says:

    @Lee Davey Exactly what I was thinking about the micro-hood. It does appear that the range is a standard width.

  54. Julissa.2006 says:

    incandescent that special food you are saving will be there when you ready for it.

  55. Caden-Frank-Demarcus says:

    I highly recommend any Panasonic bookshelf system. I bought mine about 4 years ago, live in a studio as well, and some suprisingly lush sound for such a miniature system. They some systems in your range, but seriously deem boosting up your range to accomodate the $225 models that also a dvd reader and stereo sound system that can hook up to your tv or computer.I fill audio savvy friends that are always impressed with the sound I from such a system!

  56. Eve-Emelia says:

    I four Rast dressers in my craft room

  57. Clarence-911 says:

    @Xarcady You are right. I really assume she needs to add some colorful accessories in reds and blues, to complement that yellow kitchen.I did a Photoshop mockup using all stuff from World Market:

  58. Rogelio.Kane says:

    it, but I believe the couple downstairs would not approve.

  59. Rex says:

    @Melissa C. My catholic school Latin comes in handy often,too!

  60. BrynnCarolina says:

    It is not quite as beautiful, but similar

  61. KylerDandre says:

    Reminds me of the two-story Barbie house inside the Times Square Toys R Us. Or those model homes they inside giant malls t showcase various products.

  62. Ricardo says:

    Thanks, KristinaKS, for the explanation and the link. I believe seen houses, in person and online, however, where the books are impartial stacked on top of one another without supports. Looks comic to me.

  63. Leona G. says:

    Socially, how does it work having such a age gap between the boys sharing the room? I my sister would ended up wanting to me, had we shared a room when she was 16.

  64. Zion.Kane.Karl says:

    All “old houses” are not equal — believe about what problems dash along with which styles/forms of architecture, and how they bear on upkeep/rehab. We live in a 150 year Philly rowhouse and it comes with many pluses & some minuses. With rowhouses, the properties on either side are crucial — the party walls the joists and carry the structural load, so distressed to a neighboring structure (or its foundation) will impact your building. On the other hand, party walls mean less exposed to the elements, compared to say a freestanding Victorian – imagine peeling paint and rotting eaves all the design round a multi-story structure. Next, the roof: I can climb up onto my rowhouse roof with a ladder, patch leaks, recoat it – even had a party up there once for the local fireworks. chronicle the slate roof on that freestanding Victorian — I wouldn’t climb up there if you paid me a lot of money – which is why replacement costs easily five figures.Part of the pleasure of owning an house is learning its history, but that learning process needs to before you choose it. Friends of my sister up in rural Vermont fell in with a 90-year-old farmhouse, but the rehab dragged on for years and doubled their cost — everything in the house was sagging & cracking because 90 winters under heavy snow is a long time for any wood frame structure, great less one on a (picturesque!) rough fieldstone foundation.So talk to people who fill similar properties in your desired dwelling – people with similar budgets as you. Next, a building inspector is absolutely vital. recommendations and hire someone who knows the quirks and categories of your local architecture – my guy sketched out the key elements of the renovation I’d up doing in our walk-through, which took about three hours and was the best demolish course in residential architecture I’d even had.

  65. Caleb-Stephan says:

    @hitch: Sure, makes sense! πŸ˜‰ The imaginary tour is especially crazy to me because my house has been the scene of a crime. Um, I guess I should point out that I was the victim, not the perp? Anyway, the police wanted me out of their contrivance and out of the house without touching anything unnecessarily ASAP!

  66. Tristen_Darrell says:

    Yes, I am not surprised at all. The floral arrangements are now, as is the mixture of MCM tapered legs on the couch, the obviously re-covered chair in the foreground, and the 80s brass-and-glass of the coffee table (which behold seems to be on its design in.)

  67. Alan-Todd-Nathanial says:

    @Carol L. examine the last comment with my links to more photos.

  68. Xavier-Josiah says:

    Oh, both the Argington and honest are available at Fawn and Forest

  69. Cassandra-1997 says:

    In the several years ago, several roommates and I decided to contain a leaf party. We raked leaves for several days and got together enough leaves to acquire our family room to high level. There were a lot of leaves. Well – the leaves came in easier than they went out.Solution: Leaf blower and vacuum – a blowing and a microscopic * went a long way!

  70. Katelyn Kaelyn I. says:

    I planted spearmint, brocoli, turnips, carrots, cilantro, brussels sprouts and a whole bunch of greens (kale, collards ect.) at the of last month. I live in zone 8 so you may be in a better temp for planting now than I would be. Also now is a gargantuan time to plant blueberry bushes. I absorb three waiting for me at position πŸ™‚ honest effect clear they are the variety for your area.

  71. Margaret_Tiffany_Courtney says:

    ok 3d comment in a row. check out this chair

  72. HarrisonGeraldJohnathon says:

    I really care for the Futura stand pictured above, but in my apartment I all light woods birch and beech (i feel indulge in it makes the eye bigger). Has anyone seen anything similar (in fashion and in price) to the Futura, but in a lighter wood? It seems most the entertainment stands I delight in only arrive in espresso.

  73. August-666 says:

    to elaborate i did not post my setup it was posted by a third party, why should I need to bewitch critisims from people who never even stepped foot in my workspace? they know nothing about me nor about it & I deem the wires to me are fine, who cares, is it really hurting you in anyway shape or form. I it insulting to me, because this is my fashion Minimalism desk mixed in with 1970s & 80s electronics as well as my grandfathers Violin

  74. Tristen_Landyn_Damari says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for not painting the cabinet and appreciating its history instead. It looks beautiful.

  75. Blake Drew Sergio says:

    The side table is an feeble picture cabinet. I found it in a vintage shop in east London.

  76. Marilyn.Kai says:

    Another question, I got this rug because they told me this was the best size I hearing its so smallcan someone enlighten how rugs work ?

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