Magnificent Antique Daybed Couch Designs From France

Daybed couch now come from France designs style ideas. So, for those of you who want to make your own luxurious rest in the room, this application needed to apply. There does not seem to be never-ending if we are talking about antique furniture that was born from the golden era of the days of French aristocrats in the past. By born assorted antique furniture and unique which is not only unsightly, but also has a very high prestige value for anyone who has it. One is Recamier as a kind of French antique couch daybed which must have values that we have mentioned earlier.

tufted daybed couch with white pillows

tufted daybed couch with white pillows

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really magnificent antique daybed couch designs from France. To measure an antique furniture, comfort is fairly somewhat elusive. Moreover, as we know, some antique furniture on the market can be said an early version of furniture, modern furniture that we use at home. However Recamier, antique daybed from France this can not just say uncomfortable, because the furniture that serves as a place to relax and sometimes for lazing is definitely convenient. Although the design has developed since the 1790s in France, the design can be said to be as old as we think. Discussing more about the Recamier, like other French original antique furniture, antique furniture that fit into the category of the sofa is certainly also implies. Firstly we can see immediately from its name taken from the figure of Madame Récamier (original named Juliette Récamier), is a hostess and a stylist in his time in Paris. Daybed and beautiful women, of course, directly we can understand how wonderful and beautiful daybed that we are talking about.

Fascinating daybed couch blue color

Fascinating daybed couch blue color

wonderful daybed couch with large cushions

wonderful daybed couch with large cushions

As in painting depicting him sitting comfortably leaning on Recamier, antique daybed from French into a beautiful combination which is timeless even after his name immortalized in this antique furniture. That’s all about how really magnificent antique daybed couch designs from France.

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  4. Kenneth_Derick_Tayshaun says:

    Sorry, I effect not enjoy the source… but I had to comment on what a aesthetic room this is!Love the fearless patterns throughout.

  5. Mya Zuri Heavenly A. says:

    Mint green. WORST color ever for interiors, unless you want your to feel appreciate a psych ward….

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  13. AlisonJoselyn says:

    The title is really misleading. It has nothing to with the MALM bed, the LURÖY (I believe) slats which are sold separately.

  14. Tyler-Jeremy-Markell says:

    chic! you are blessed with architecture but did a great job with the layout. would to the bedroom!

  15. JustinDevonKyan says:

    I to live in a highrise apartment building and my unit was correct around the corner from the elevator. I would occasionally hear someone try to the door in the middle of the night especially on weekends. One Saturday night (about 3:00am) I woke up to someone taking off their clothes and trying to creep into bed with me. It was an alcoholic neighbor who lived on the floor above mine. I had apparently forgot to lock the door that night. Needless to say the last thing I before going to bed is check the door locks.

  16. Ximena.Nola.Lisa says:

    The fact that this is a rental and done on a orderly tight budget makes this even more inpressive! The gold vinyl cabinets are genius, that wall mural is so creative, and the tile countertops was a arrangement to accept a high cessation look on an crude budget.

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  19. Vera-Sylvia says:

    I really like this! colorful, warm and inviting. the bullfighter pictures…reminds me of my childhood, my parents had one hanging in the basement or what they called the rumpus room.

  20. Willie.Deangelo says:

    Beautiful! Things detached and comfortable! Me and Baby would nap all the time in that easy chair!

  21. Jaime@2015 says:

    I esteem the nook! ample job done on, frankly, a ridiculous budget for a remodel. Want to redo my bathroom, too? :)The wall is calling out for some art!

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  36. Jaime@2011 says:

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  41. Elvis says:

    aesthetic room!!!!!!!!!! I would only change the lamp shades: pink instead of -I abominate red-. the rest is gorrrrrrrrrrrrgeous. on a side note, I beds only to sleep or read at night, never liked the of having breakfast in bed -not even a cup of tea- or watching tv, computer etc. I remember * was apt in bed too……

  42. Mateo.666 says:

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