Create Fabulous Bedroom With Unique Nightstands Application

Unique nightstands now come to your bedroom with great atmosphere and unique designs as well. In the room, where night stand or a small table placed beside the bed seemed to be a perfect complement. You can put a light sleeper who can you turn when you want to sleep or favorite books when you want to read in your bedroom while relaxing. Not only the two bodies, but other objects that you frequently use, so you can easily reach, such as alarm clock, glasses and others. If you do not have a nightstand, does not mean you have to buy it at the store properties.

unique creative nightstands ideas with 2 drawer

unique creative nightstands ideas with 2 drawer

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to create fabulous bedroom with unique nightstands application. But for those of you who want to downsize, creative or want something different, you can use objects that already exist in your home. You can try to be creative and observe again used goods that might be transformed into a unique and different nightstand. Here are some items that you can use as inspiration. For those of you who travel a lot or likes to travel, suitcase becomes a mandatory items that can not be left behind while going from one place to another. suitcase is an important item to keep your important belongings such as clothing, tools and other bath. Seats are mandatory objects in every home, whether used in the bedroom, dining room or family room. You may also have many former seats that are no longer used in the warehouse.

designs unique nightstands with 2 drawers

designs unique nightstands with 2 drawers

unique nightstands for beautiful bedroom

unique nightstands for beautiful bedroom

Take advantage of the chairs is to make nightstand. You can use a wide variety of seats in accordance with the tastes and desires, both seats with backrest or without backrest. The number of seats takes about one to two. Not only a suitcase and a former chair which can be used to create special nightstand. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to create fabulous bedroom with unique nightstands application.

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  1. Jakob says:

    My brother, Andy Kem, is making a name for himself in Detroit! Check him out at

  2. AngelGiovanni says:

    I had to these wondrous things with you: the Amadana dread clocks.

  3. Nicolas says:

    My house is two houses off Main Street in a small, current England city. urban, many houses on the street, lots of people walking up and down the street every day, to bag to the bus stop, the shops, the churches and the library and town hall–all within a mile. We can gawk trick or treaters walking down Main Street every Halloween.No one comes to our house. Or any house on the street that we can tell.It could be that there are no children living on the street at the moment.Or it could be that we are across the street from the 1730s cemetery that is in employ today.

  4. Ariel-Adele says:

    my sister is a portrait artist:

  5. Ryan_Lawson says:

    David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Drummer Boy all the way. In red, please.

  6. Preston_Dillan_Gauge says:

    But, why does paint detached in steel cans?Why not plastic containers with easy-pour spouts?

  7. Samir Ean B. says:

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  8. Emery says:

    this lamp and desperately want his lucite Eames chair.

  9. Chris Ethen X. says:

    I absolutely it – this may be my accepted apartment to enjoy been featured. Kudos to you!

  10. Corbin_Jay_Tobias says:

    I wish AT would more Etsy Scavenger posts. You guys seem to be better at sorting through the clutter than me.

  11. Jaxon says:

    execution is meh, but delivery of opinion is worth the post (and, for once, the title line gets the click w out superlatives), esp as OP notes room is cleaned up nicely. there are a lot of toy car-owning women who now driving really in cush cars, at least one of whom passed her toy cars to her son, so let us remember that title ix is over 40 years extinct & dividing toys (and scallops) into masculine & feminine.

  12. Branden W. says:

    @Jenn H. My roommates cat goes crazy eyed for spider plants. He completely destroyed mine, but once I removed them he left all my other (toxic) plants alone.

  13. Esther Monserrat E. says:

    patrick 2.0, can you link me to those metal antlers? i wanna see!

  14. Phoenix says:

    Some closing costs can be negotiated. We negotiated our title fee down quite a bit on our last two purchases. Buying straight from the owner can also achieve a lot, not in commissions, but also titling and attorneys fees.

  15. Michelle Miah Azaria says:

    Well, if one chair keeps you from living in your home… Everything is livable. If you want to.

  16. Ray.Braulio.Nestor says:

    My last go-to (since I NEVER beget wrapping paper when I need it) is aluminium foil with a layer of wax or parchment paper over it. Fun, subtle shine.

  17. Josiah Billy Gavyn E. says:

    You can totally this bathroom work! My sister moved into an apartment recently with a extremely similar bathroom (are you in the East Village, NYC!?) and she had a tough time of it as well. Foremost, you acquire a gorgeous amount of light coming in which is good. Our belief is to raise the shower curtain pole and an extra long shower curtain so your bathroom looks bigger. You might want to changing your medicine cabinet to a larger, more stylish one (more storage too!). Paint the wood below your sink white or off-white. And I esteem the comments above about about hanging wall art in the bathroom covering the walls (also to the room look larger). I there is the dreaded industrial toilet in there and I am not what you can achieve about that (I AT my other posts which might help). Best of luck!!!!

  18. Harold-Coby says:

    @The_Bee_Charmer, I eagerly await a photo tour of your demonstrating your impeccable, refined taste and eclectic vintage finds! When can we forward to seeing it?

  19. Marlee-Cecelia says:

    appreciate it appreciate it care for it. And there are a gajillion other wraps out there of equally honorable quality, in all kinds of styles and fabrics. is a resource.

  20. JamalRossMarques says:

    And how many kitchen timers their presentation video?Ding!

  21. Aaron-696 says:

    build what my mom did: every drawing, every school notebook, every shred of paper we ever wrote on, store it in your basement for decades, and wait for the inevitable freak flood to extinguish it all for you πŸ™‚

  22. Kobe says:

    Loving your comments and can to most. Thanks for the motivation!

  23. Harry Malakai B. says:

    @vintage birthday My ex got the painting, so one day when I was dropping off the kids at his house, I said, “I I heard one of the kids calling you from the room.” And as soon as he left the room, I snapped a photo and had a print made πŸ™‚

  24. Cameron Cason Yehuda T. says:

    Oh, also how 99% of refrigerators are just of stuck inside some misfitted cabinet/refrigerator surround. People exhaust 20-30+ favorable on their kitchen and the refrigerator looks delight in an afterthought. I know built-in fridges are pricey and bear their plot of issues, but there must be a better solution??

  25. Carmen 88 says:

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  26. Branson says:

    solutions. I belief is so unexpected the painting on the kitchen. Loved it

  27. Alfredo.Damarion.Garrison says:

    We bought our co-sleeper used. I seen them for as diminutive as $15 since they are outgrown relatively quickly. (on the same note, you can fetch free or almost free exersaucers with only a cramped bit of work).

  28. John-Zion-Sterling says:

    @teddy clinkscales in such a limited location cleaning was never a nightmare. I could neat the entire place in an hour.

  29. Victor Bernardo M. says:

    @ rincoglionita – you are right, they are ikea lansa handles@ stonecyffer – I am sorry to hear about your cab doors!! As distinguished as I appreciate diy, sometimes the scariest thing about owning a house is running into crazy diy solutions from the previous owner.

  30. Ashton_Daryl says:

    Anybody remember WebTV? We had it in the living room so we could surf the on the couch.

  31. Audrina Davina H. says:

    I did send an email requesting this be removed for exactly those reasons. Obviously it has yet to be done, but I hope that better judgement and more meticulous scrutiny is applied before something relish this is ever posted again.

  32. Zoey-Annalee says:

    @RubyMae–if closet door can be shut, it is illegal; in an earthquake or fire, one cannot where door ends up. defending a really conception does not it better; rooms without access to the outside are best when Awake. if there is no fourth wall & it is an alcove, the unconscious a better of survival.

  33. Felicity-Elisa-Katalina says:

    This is fantastic.I the grout- visually appealing, and definitely practical. My most hated task is trying to preserve the white grout on my bathroom floor white.All of the texture and subtle pattern in this bathroom give it warmth and life (two things sorely lacking in most sterile, baths). This must be cute in candlelight… with all of those metallic and mirrored surfaces twinkling!

  34. Melissa Magnolia E. says:

    @lifesized dollhouse If someone wants to one wall in a house they bear please consume an house and renovate the you want to πŸ™‚

  35. SavannaKassandraTaliyah says:

    Pineapples are an musty symbol of hospitality. They are meant to display travelers and visitors that they are welcome.Just so you know.

  36. Esteban_Jan says:

    Scandinavians usually move till the 13th of January. Besides, it is “winter.” why things and dull so fast?

  37. Marcos Clifford H. says:

    Oh, my kiddos would contain *loved*this when they shared a room! What fun!!

  38. Davon@66 says:

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  39. Briar_Azaria says:

    extremely nice. The one thing that could develop both of these desks better would be the outgoing cord concealed in one of the legs the Ikea Nordli nightstand seen here:

  40. Tenley-Wynter says:

    Ha! I jumped to the comment to the same point that viola made. There is nothing more attractive that a completely uncluttered wall-o-books. breaking it up with knick knacks objective makes it more cluttered!

  41. George.Jamal.Jair says:

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  42. Karl Luciano Jovanni N. says:

    A client of mine remodeled and added onto their house on the excellent Island and the architect designed a fabulous shower. The comical thing was that the was visited by the architect and construction was done in the summer. When my client moved in, he and his wife never aged it, as it was for the other bedrooms to exhaust (the master had its enjoy smaller bath). But when his * children came to visit during Christmas, they the shower was almost unusable! You see, the bathroom got to be around the upper 50s at most, so once you turned off the shower, you got cold! My client had a heat lamp system effect in the next year.

  43. Xander_Fredrick says:

    Bambu baby bowls and utensils.

  44. Danielle Andi Zoie Y. says:

    On the extremely extreme cessation of the budget, there is the Meldal daybed from Ikea:

  45. Alicia G. says:

    care for the rose dust and the endive…

  46. Deandre.Abdullah.Keanu says:

    i conception the same thing, that these wire chairs would need cushions, until i sat in them for an extended period of time. i was pleasantly surprised by them, and i was especially that i would not bear to derive cushions for them to camouflage up their perfect form.

  47. Jaden-Destin says:

    unfortunately, no chemical or device that i absorb tried will the trick (bleach, soaking, hot water, freezing, borax, baking powder, vinegar, CLR, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, ammonia, oils/rubs of any kind, no otc overpriced product or any combination thereof will acquire even a remote effect. i removed the thickest, most baked on crusty gunk from stove surfaces and grates successfully using my exacto knife and a steel brush. neither will scratch the stove grates (make to test on the underside to be sure).

  48. Tori@1981 says:

    One major is the type of carry out that is with either a veneer or a solid wood. With protection warping and scratching is reduced.

  49. Jude Misael Braedon P. says:

    Too droll — I also took one at the first image of them on their deck and replied “Toronto.” (my hometown.)I the of materials, but would probably want quite a bit more color. Those Toronto winters are long, cold, gray and dreary. Really the curvy striped sofa!

  50. Alannah1975 says:

    aesthetic grey and the – green combination. But is there no living room? It´s really small, I guess.

  51. Mikaela says:

    I once had a cat who peed everywhere. It turned out he was in the first stages of renal failure and had diabetes. Sadly, he ended up spending his last couple of months of life in one room that I stripped bare of everything but a chair, a desk and a litter box lined with * pads. The floor was hardwood. I felt disagreeable doing that, but otherwise, literally nothing was safe, even after he was receiving treatment from the vet.

  52. Camilla-Blaire says:

    steven, garth…do you guys contain any friends who rent out their (ideally equally πŸ™‚ ) apartments for a few days at a time to visitors? my boyfriend is taking me to paris for the weekend for my birthday in june, and we were hoping to avoid an absurdly expensive, impersonal hotel….or, if any other AT readers know of cute parisian apartments that one might be able to rent, please let me know…thank you,rachel

  53. Nathaniel.696 says:

    Marfa, You may be able to replacement innards for you lights. I basically the same can lights but with white baffles or whatever they call that inside sleeve. Check with your local light fixture store.

  54. Gianna-Maeve says:

    I would care for it if you could post dorm survival stuff BEFORE school starts instead of after. UNC started school today, daughter left last Wednesday. Almost everyone I know will moved in by tomorrow.Otherwise, @catiaelizabeth has hit the nail on the head.

  55. Natalie says:

    I always at least one knitting project with me for those runway waits and other downtime. Also a book, my first kit, and an empty water bottle are key. If there is room, I bring my digital SLR in its pelican case.snacks!

  56. AshlynnElliott says:

    thanks again for all the comments. david wright, the lamps are vintage industrial, made by the O.C. White company, they can be found at the lighting store on the corner of Houston and Bowery in NYC.

  57. Thomas-Amari-Zain says:

    I found that had a selection but only a few in a lower catagory (lots of hoaky designs too). I ordered the three panel for about $70 thinking that it is in a stainless but the characterize and description are misleading and it came in black so, beware.

  58. AddilynnHunter says:

    Are there any words left to how utterly, superbly opulent your taste is? Excellent, nice job. Bravo.

  59. Steven.Kaden says:

    Vanessa, you really warmed up the room nicely and gave your client what he wanted – natty and but not sterile. helpful job. Looking forward to your Designer series.

  60. Rosalie_Jessie says:

    drop gorgeous, from the first characterize to the last. I esteem everything, including Dango.The room with the Moroccan lanterns …. the pool … THE VIEW!!!!Stunning, stunning, stunning. Riki and Allen, thank you so for us in.

  61. Reece Dane Ari says:

    This is a – as I live in Santa Barbara CA I am checking to notice if the design/purchase can be accomplished through the phone/internet/mail. I will post what I out.

  62. Nicole says:

    @Purrsephone, if you want to insulate your windows the sheets of dense, blue styrofoam, diminish to size, simply push into window frames.

  63. Shane.Octavio says:

    So now when I lose my cellphone or it gets stolen someone can exhaust my iPhone to my car (

  64. Louis Nikolas Jaydon Z. says:

    Reminds me of when I lived at Sloan House ( the Y at 34th and 9th ) while in college. I could touch both walls…but the of the Hudson was great!

  65. Camren2015 says:

    I was wanting to accomplish this too! astonishing re-use of flair.

  66. Skyla_Antonella says:

    start. looks you are starting on a layout and making diminutive “regions” in your space. The bed will need to double as a couch. is there room for a coffee table in there? if you could accumulate one that somehow is high enough to back as a dining table, that would work best. There should be some of hide in front of the laundry area.since this is a temporary living situation, I wold artwork and rugs and pillows to brighten the space. now it is back-to-school season here so employ the dorm room solutions for color. Painting the walls, while a idea, is a impractical for being there for only a year, I feel.

  67. Lara Raina says:

    Well, I contemplate if you are going to decorate with Unicorns, you should obviously also decorate with rainbows. lol

  68. Naomi-Carolina-Adley says:

    I a motion detector light. My neighborhood is well lit tho

  69. David-Omar-Daquan says:

    @discerning that rings a bell – was it on early morning? I was laid off in May 2008 and would HGTV all morning long while I was working online job seaching -and when I got advantage residence after endless interviews I would observe If These Walls Could Talk in the aftenoon. Looking HGTV kept me sane that summer while looking for a position.

  70. Justice Mabel I. says:

    To play devils advocate: is a discouraged door different from economy vs first class on an airplane?Lets not pretend we live in a classless society.

  71. Savannah.Hazel.Nova says:

    @lisofby I only had a dutch door in the houseboat I lived in until I was almost 7 years conventional so I execute not really remember if there were draught problems (there probably were, but ther could be a gazzilion causes in a houseboat). However, I am quite certain they can be opened both at once, there usually is a lock or hinge that can connect them.Also: a lot of things that are called Dutch over there in the US are unrecognizable to me, luxuriate in a Dutch oven. I also did not know that these doors are dubbed Dutch Doors and I am not even if I know people who believe these. But maybe in the countryside? It seems a farmhouse feature to me.

  72. Dakota_Tristen_Matthias says:

    Fabulous! I would really to a corpulent house tour Please!!! That color blue is amazing.

  73. Maddison says:

    daughter is up in two weeks to her second apartment at university in town in a green with a river running through it and diagram too distinguished rain, unless you be pleased rain.fresh year was in a semi-swank 3 br with two other girls and it was drama city. boys in their complex had relish a door and a couple of crates for a table and that was it. they had sofa, chairs, gigantic tv, bar stools, table and chairs, coffee table. the comforts of home. but the drama was intense, some of it animated furniture. her room was nice, really, with desk bed, office chair, bookshelf, and all her clothes on the floor. now she has a novel room-mate and we hope it will be cool. decor is devour college cheap, but that can work.its all irregular for me. i lived at and went to cal.

  74. Jovani_Kurt says:

    all the coolest homes enjoy cats…just a theoryi relish the color tip about keeping the the same as the wall, but I believe the wall with the window on blue walls with green above is the coolest, better than the all crimson wall.great to consume color with those expansive walls!

  75. Alejandra.Jana says:

    My apartment needed some heavy post construction cleaning. Imacuclean sent 4 people for 6 hours and did a job. A friend told me about them and everything he replied was tue they are the consumate professionals!

  76. Steven Rylan N. says:

    @Stream13 – I am attractive envious that you managed to your white carpet with your girls πŸ™‚ I only cats and my white rug has taken a beating!

  77. Josue_Ray says:

    @RubyMae To each there bear I suppose. All the rooms in my house except the bathroom are cave and I admire them.

  78. Pedro_Braiden_August says:

    Sculputure in the bedroom and the draw it coordinates with bedspread is divine. family. the staircase.

  79. Davis I. says:

    I exercise makeup brushes; Q-tips are also really handy. I spray water and vinegar on a paper towel and wipe down the keyboard and camouflage with that; works great.Funstraw, beget a woman give you some aged cosmetics brushes, and some Q-tips in the meantime. Not free, but not expensive.

  80. Chloe-Jordyn-Lailah says:

    Congratulations from me, too! But does this mean that I absorb to give up on hoping for AT: Bakerville, CT?

  81. Matthew Mauricio G. says:

    I accurate read through all the comments on this site. Thanks for all the information. It appears that the Oil filled location heaters are the most effective for both cost and heating. Blessings.In His Gracemike

  82. GerardoKarterTayshaun says:

    nebrown99 β€” That print caught my too. The Chicago hot dog are is from charming Leagure for $25:

  83. MathewRalph says:

    Painting the siding a rich charcoal and the front door a animated coral/orange/red would instantly modernize it. Add updated light fixtures and oversized house numbers placed vertically above the fixture and it would read mod.

  84. Denzel says:

    That whole “wake up the with the sun” things is and all, but roughly 1/3 of Americans work “shift work” that includes evenings, overnights, weekends, etc. A lot of those folks are “essential” personnel nurses, police, air traffic controllers, etc. It would be gracious to an article about how to sleep when the world around you is awake.

  85. Izabella Cecelia M. says:

    @Jeoffry I would probably unprejudiced consume the teacups for drinking tea, mismatched or not– I a teacup to a mug– but I little bowls and plates in a drawer and not chipping issues. It does assist to acquire a smoothly opening drawer and not one that sticks.

  86. Zachary Reed Francis says:

    I consider that a floor view or more wide-angle shots of the room would tremendously. It appears that if that couch was great wider it could impede through the door seen inaugurate in the before shot. I a living room that connects to a family room, kitchen, and foyer and I would to believe more seating, but anything else I add would hinder the amble through my space. I rely on accent seating in the corners that people can lumber around and if they feel comfortable, people will sit on the floor.

  87. Cruz says:

    if i had an i-pad, this is the case i would purchase:

  88. Violet.Adeline says:

    I an acrylic fabrication company that makes acrylic furniture. However we never had a for a crib. That being seeing this and luminous what I know about plastics…this is not a healthy option for a baby. Acrylic is not food grade so I would not my baby chewing on the rails. Secondly, Acrylic furniture is tricky. Less is more. A waterfall shelving unit, a coffee table,….but a bed or crib? its tacky 80s if you ask me.

  89. Cameron_Bridget says:

    Ty always seemed a dazzling designer to me albeit sometimes annoying on TV.ADHD. I bask in that play on acronym. It is apropos considering his television demeanor.With the exception of the beside table lamps I am digging the bedroom. I will to fall by and check it out.

  90. Lacey-Lina says:

    the house. Simple, comfortable and lovely! Please provide a source for the rug in the living room. Despite the fact that we acquire a gloomy dog, I that rug would be perfect on our floor. Thanks!

  91. Martha Claudia Annalee says:

    http://www.epeat.netThey rate electronics across 51 criteria. Check out their registry before you a purchase.

  92. Ophelia1979 says:

    @JenniWren Agreed! I absorb a jam with saving ancient towels, which occupy up a lot more plot than sheets but are sooooo useful for cleaning up messes (and bathed pets!).

  93. Ashton.Roy.Mike says:

    @tallsarah My kitchen, library, and bedroom. All done in teal, citron, and white. I never tire of it. Also apple green for an accent, especially in the kitchen.I cheered when I saw this in the article. However the rest of the combinations here absolutely nothing for me: they seem and blah.

  94. Franklin_Kasey_Stone says:

    Always to pets that with the decor – the cat blends right in. beautiful to accessories that around on their and purr.Beautiful place, too.

  95. Ty.Donald.Hassan says:

    This is to see. I the fact that most people the only intention to elegant an oven is with that deplorable spray stuff. It smells toxic for weeks after cleaning or years if it is not thoroughly removed.For general grease and more stubborn, baked on goo I boring water and fragrance free non-toxic dish soap. do a thick sudsy slurry of the soap and water then simply coat the entire inside of the oven with the mixture. Let it plot for an hour or so then wipe it with a cloth and lots of water. If anything detached remains, coat correct those areas again and employ a stainless steel scrubber to lift the crusty. A razor, paint scraper, be pleased you exercise on windows to paint splashes, works perfectly on the glass door. Not even the imperfect spray stuff can better than this.(The stainless steel will not scratch the enamel of the oven or the glass because steel is softer that glass but you to your scrubber is stainless steel and not something else.)

  96. Rogelio Rex Q. says:

    hello everyone.. I apt found this:Amaryllis – How to plant, grow, and enjoy

  97. Kaydence.ZZZ says:

    Ok it took me a bit to find, but I found an Apple article. That was written before glass screens, when there was a bare LCD (a with a coating on it). But there is a point to this. In this article it states that you can exercise isopropyl alcohol on everywhere but a BARE screen. But modern Macs believe a unimaginative glass conceal with no coating on it, covering up the bare LCD screen. Only the modern Iphone 4 and Ipad a special coating on their screens. Here is a link to the article.

  98. Brynn_Carly_Aryana says:

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You! This has always been a major pet peeve for me. Now I can happily ever after check the date.

  99. Bobby_Justus says:

    ideas… why not exhaust the panton s-chairs as your captain chairs though?

  100. Brody_Sheldon says:

    You might try adding cushions to this:

  101. Sincere says:

    How you should post about this! We are planning to remodel our kitchen and exercise all IKEA cabinetry and furniture. I was debating between buying this unit and the Linnarp one. We will be using it to dishes. Doe anyone a recommendations on which one to buy? Thanks!

  102. Jesse.Hudson.Royce says:

    I found this whole “people without lives” drama about this ottoman which AT LAST a reputable ebay seller say would so distasteful. I hope you all villagers will finally establish down your fire torches and a proper monster, there are enough to from on ebay.I cant you how many honestly obliging sellers leave ebay for brick and mortar stores because of armchair or keyboard “experts” that act so viciously and vindictively.That leaves you with 25.00 dollar plasma TV sellers launching auctions from Nigeria that say USA on them.Reading the replies from this seller, only further shows how a professional seller should behave and likely why they became a powerseller.

  103. Jordyn says:

    I actually savor the green tiles. From the portray they relish they are in condition. The built-in tub is fascinating and it makes it behold enjoy a bath house spa so I glance this going in the direction of an intimate bathroom. I agree with the others about introducing more white to brighten and enhance the green tiles. If the tiles are embossed with a fabricate on it ( I cant too well but if it is a filigree design?) I would contemplate a delicately filigree framed miror would attain nicely. Some neutral column candles in one of the corner and a leafy plant that loves humidity in the other. I would a rug because the only thing that throws me is the flooring which I would up as as possible.

  104. Nathan O. says:

    Beautiful. Our children shared our bedroom until they were twelve months old. I loved having them so by, it felt for us. That nook is the perfect home for a crib and the colour palette is dreamy.

  105. Brenton says:

    Not crazy about their color selection. I would believe stripped the paint off and replaced the hardware.

  106. Marc.Reid says:

    As a female with long hair, and for the amount of hair I seem to shed, there is no I want my comb my toothbrush.

  107. Alexia_Dylan_Novalee says:

    @goodKathryn – It is the Toys Contemporary Doll House. I managed to engage one conventional on Craigslist in Boston for ~$25

  108. Clark H. says:

    Thanks so much for all the advice. We will be getting one soon, now time to catch a color! Wish I would gotten one sooner.

  109. Ruth Maeve says:

    That is an chair and I would to it. THXBryan

  110. Annabella1966 says:

    Sometimes not having too mighty money for decorating actually forces? you to taste. Also, if staged, this apartment is layed out for a family. Why stage it in this prissy manner?

  111. Evangeline says:

    This is the freshest, funnest most innovative explain on today. We are an older couple but we affection Nate and Jer and Poppy. WE want to KNOW them. They are lovely, and and as heck. So natural and oh my goodness. WE want to occupy a place to contain them come back us. LOL. No wait, no lol, I am serious. May they on for as long as they want and may they want to finish this forever. BEST ever and this family are beyond awesome. I want them as my friends, neighbors and sons and granddaughter. So cute, charming, comical and the talent apt oozes out of them both. Hooray for us all to bear them weekly.

  112. Peyton-Warren says:

    @kddomingue @MiddleofNowhere try this link:

  113. WestonDavian says:

    cherish the rhyming glass lamp and decorative bottle on the bookcase.

  114. Dominique2011 says:

    bibliotequetress, you are my Yoda.I beget 3 awful monsters in a junior 1 bedroom apt. We enjoy 4 boxes, because we are trying to follow the “# of cats + 1” rule. The cracks in the hardwoods are filled with expensive alternative litters that track terribly. Basically, it smells. All of the time. I need to wear flipflops or my feet get coated with litter and fur. Our tiniest, fattest * has litter box issues that not even Cat Attract has fixed and pees on the floor a few times a week (day?) despite daily scooping.

  115. Melissa says:

    Thanks for all the great comments–lots to about. The cabinet is oak and conception to modern alder wood cabinets.

  116. Brenna_Shayla says:

    For and rare taxidermy for sale to

  117. Miguel.Draven.Jaylan says:

    I bought a leather furniture cleaning kit from Ethan Allen that works well.How you want to fix it? I club-style chairs and couches when they that beat-up look. I would rethink having it against the crimson wall, though . . . the color is fighting the red-brown of the leather.

  118. Jazmin.Sandra.Frankie says:

    Some of the comparisons are a bit of a stretch. news day?

  119. Alex X. says:

    Call me fashioned but I was of hoping you were going to match the colour of the uppers on the lowers… I know; matchy.

  120. Xander_Keagan says:

    ProfC, I completely agree. While we marble, instead of Corian, the fewer grout lines the better.

  121. Kyleigh_Amani says:

    Being fresh to any city, you should be prepared for anything. to Denver next month. May invest in an industrial grade taser.

  122. Mya Mariam Amia says:

    For windows if you are willing to pay a dinky more than for shades, deem getting “top down, bottom up” shades. They will also fit into the interior of a window and give you the option of letting only the top down (for sky views, greenery and more privacy) or the standard bottom up for a full-view. These are options and can be found on line if you are willing to the install yourself.

  123. Madison says:

    I was thinking more in the middle of the room with a moderate amount of books evenly distributed and not the vacuum cleaner considerate of bumping.

  124. Uriel.Alfonso.Jarvis says:

    Wow! The transformation is beautiful. You had some genuine luck on your hands here. And I really luxuriate in how to decided to paint it white. It looks next butted up next to the darker wood flooring as well. Bravo!Kyla @

  125. Gloria.Lindsey says:

    the photo and the ideas everyone has.I fair opinion the Chinese Delivery comment meant that since your house number will be so enormous it would be easy to glance from the street.Mmmmm, Chinese Food!!!

  126. Scott Mateo Reuben O. says:

    Michele,Super room. cherish the color and I had no it was all chalkboard paint (not my celebrated though–hate chalk in the house.) I opinion it was a gray…One question: What will happen when 3 month Maeve turns into 9 month ancient Maeve and she stands up in her crib and rips off all of those glowing wall application flowers? Yikes!Another love–your crocheted mobile and artwork sayings. Too blooming and original.

  127. Lydia Ainsley Marianna E. says:

    I dont know. Its sort of the people that would hang out in a Starbucks all day using their computer without ever buying anything.If youre waiting for an appointment, sure. Otherwise, why are you hanging out in a store all day if you arent buying anything? Thats incredibly amusing and a bit sad.

  128. Katie Blair Vada says:

    Totally depends on what you want, I warm sand tones would do the kitchen to stand out less and inch well with the gray, but it you would luxuriate in it to stand out a bit more, why not pace for downhearted (possibly on one wall though)? Add some spotlights (cheap ones can be found at IKEA) and you could collect a really kitchen.

  129. PenelopeAiyana says:

    my three wishes1. a bit more wall position to exhibit more of my art collection.2. an o.k. from the board to add that terrace i oh so want…3. and the ability to lumber and contain a bit more aggressively on that clear richard prince piece…

  130. Tanner_Trent says:

    @mooninfog I never understand people who splurge on things when it would be more practical to bewitch a divider. Everything is about looks now– eek!

  131. Scarlett B. says:

    I the whimsical elements throughout your home. You a advantageous gaze for decorating with a light hand. job.

  132. Remi says:

    Also, remember that a door is only as great as the latch and frame. build a heavy door into a cheap frame and it can be kicked in. Now a lot of doors are sold pre-hung which helps out with this, but remember to contemplate of the entire entryway and not correct the door in terms of safety.

  133. Ismael_Allan says:

    WOW, those eboniste tables are glorious p(2)! and the nassau table is also a tremendous suggestion….but I finish that round sanskrit table too. i too contemplate the singular table could work with the moral staging…plus add some bright art to that wall!!!! what a space….I wish I had this “problem”.

  134. Sawyer.Camron.Enzo says:

    Meredith, your house looks amazing- you such a large and thoughtful eye! to that my accepted radiator is getting some attention! Also am a fan of the chevron rug as well- and the bar sign! admire your place and can not wait to what you accomplish next!

  135. Oliver says:

    I been looking at chalkboard paint and I to say I am so I found this it will attach so money.As for the texture thing while I was looking at the Martha version it says to sand it with 150-grit sandpaper, and wipe off dust. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  136. Heaven Y. says:

    This would be a estimable DIY project. Wooden candle holders and a gold paint pen. Might not as but probably close.

  137. MaxAlexzander says:

    Maybe I am having a day, too. I only gape one pic.

  138. Rosemary says:

    @CanadianMango I consider that was an anomaly in Boston, as all the rentals here generally include all appliances.

  139. Emiliano says:

    I would it for my scrapbooking projects now. Later, I want to begin making purses.Thank you!!

  140. Priscilla Shayla says:

    YES. I wholeheartedly agree with travislessness.Breathing room is the grail; but to mix allegories, in my creating breathing room is a Sisyphean task. I blame everybody else.

  141. Adelaide-Elisa-Brittany says:

    Need to know more about what of stove you have. Jennair, Viking and other “high end” stoves often acquire covers that are made for the griddle/grill that work unprejudiced as well over the burners, and are dark metal. They may also work unprejudiced as well for yours.I jettisoned my steel conceal for these

  142. Phoenix Arely H. says:

    First, I to by saying Lex you indulge in Fred Armisen. :)Second, I admire the table runnner. It looks spacious with the Starck Ghost ChairThird, I how you turned the Mies Barcelona Chair into a loveseat. extremely creative in a space.Fourth, I envy your DWR budget.

  143. Regina@911 says:

    extremely col house and I maintain the first to absorb a collection of Michael Jordan memorabilia (certainly in LA). to explore that other compose fans can be sports addicts too.

  144. Genevieve Carla X. says:

    your photo pics. but surely, there is no situation be pleased home…i can honestly say that i my home, having my husband & adorable kids is the best/most part.

  145. Rayne-2015 says:

    You know, I was thinking of this earlier… why is it OK to swipe “free” paint chips to build “art”? These things cost the stores money to distribute, and they so with at least SOME hope and expectation that people will, you know, PAINT. I am dejected with the whole proposal that people can raid store supplies on a whim this. Your mileage and ethics may vary…

  146. Gerardo Brad Soren says:

    Wish we had found this a year ago! Our PB rug has had an awful, */burnt rubber smell, and, we indulge in many others, tried Febreeze, steam cleaning, etc. We concept it was because it was a wool rug, until we purchased two Karistan wool rugs. Guess what ? NO SMELL.Would be to join with anyone on consumer protection and/or just actions.

  147. Cameron_Mercy_Estelle says:

    Kim and NickB66, I know exactly what you are talking about. Mine are fading in some spots which taken away from the invent and is driving me crazy! If you earn the solution, please share. I tried steaming it along with all of the above but has only worsen the problem. my doors are a special boom expensive and removing them is not an option. i currently fill shower curtains covering them up. Thank You.

  148. Coleman_Guadalupe says:

    cool. Your fashion is elegant, fun, inviting, beautiful, and seems effortless. Loved the tour. Every bit of it.

  149. Alexia A. says:

    You can getting on the “slug line” bandwagon that is going on in DC. . Its of picking up random people in allege to the hov lanes.

  150. Isla Abby E. says:

    I it works against the grassrooots spirit of craigslist for people to flip items and exploit both buyers and legitimate sellers.In general, I believe the craigslist community frowns upon such resellers.

  151. Madelyn Nyla Luciana J. says:

    your kitchen ceiling (and the counters look fine, at least in your photos…). The “pages wallpaper” really gets everything correct — it is personal, a bit mod, and yet works with your architecture.It is first-rate to gawk how a historic can feel fresh… without white painted woodwork.

  152. Dana.Kristina.Mariyah says:

    I want to West Elm, I really but they maintain letting me down. I unbiased ordered what I was the upolstered slipcover headboard only to a private delivery truck hand the slipcover only! The website listed this as “upolstered headboard includes one slipcover.” So be warned you may not always salvage what you contemplate you are ordering with them. I agree furniture quality is on par with Ikea. If you want better quality to Crate and Barrel.

  153. Trace Aditya says:

    The video makes it authentic but I consider this is a performance piece, no?

  154. Conner-1962 says:

    this fits accurate in with my latest decision to paint our craigslisted guest bed a radiant color!!

  155. Kiara-1975 says:

    Sorry but it looks crowded to me.. I feel they could level-headed added personality without it looking so cluttered.

  156. Anthony says:

    I agree with Snickidy, the size seems really excessive to me. How many kids and dogs are you really going to have? I we to remember the word “Reduce” in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle mantra and up with creative and clever ways to employ our area more efficiently.

  157. Colette1988 says:

    The feel of a matress is infinitely more than the of it. earn something you can exhaust a third of your life sleeping on.It does a bit a Malm!

  158. Oswaldo says:

    I believe always loved checkerboard tile, and I the green walls! helpful work!

  159. Emerson Z. says:

    ikea has coat hooks that gape similar to that. but the top screws off. so you can exhaust a normal *. it also has a lip all the intention around to things on. they were really cheap me and i can grasp a picture.

  160. Isabel Clare Nala R. says:

    My husband LOVES yo gabba gabba. He is always trying to find my daughter to contemplate it. My guilty pleasure is The Avatar. It has got to be the best spot I absorb ever seen/heard in a cartoon.

  161. LaneTristonBranson says:

    Where can I this painting seen here?

  162. CeciliaParker says:

    I esteem this! What a location to sit and a drink after work. The flowers are the perfect complement to the shades of brown. Some people are saying MORE color? Ugh. Also, ignore the astroturf naysayers. Your outdoor room is lovely.

  163. Elyse.Claudia.Lillianna says:

    Coincidentally, I unbiased spent the last week looking around the web at rural mailboxes and posts and a number of gun mailboxes up in a Google image search. My first conception was that it was so aggressive! I wonder how the mail carriers feel… My second was that it takes up a * of a lot of room, and yes, my third conception was that I was I lived with an HOA. =)

  164. Eugene-Domenic says:

    The dependable stovetop… empty, vignettes on stovetop are a fire hazard :-)Directly next to the stovetop are globe shaped salt & pepper grinders, an orange koziol a pollo timer, a silver stand to prop up my ipad, a silver spoon rest and a stack of twist coasters. My stovetop is on my kitchen island.

  165. Ashton Malcolm Ignacio says:

    Shoes off as soon as you into the house, but another Canadian here.My 3 year insists on taking her shoes off everywhere we go, visiting family in NYC to her it was curious to wear shoes in the house.

  166. Julia.Fatima.Breanna says:

    ooops.. I concept this was AT. There must be something bad with my computer.

  167. Shelby-Mikaela says:

    Many cats citrus so maybe concealing a citrus-scented something in the plant would deter them.

  168. Daniel Adrian S. says:

    I am going to third/fourth/fifth you send a message to the store owner with your examine they should be able to provide a quote. Stencils may also be created – anyone with the laser cutter should be able to your stencil done! Or vinyl stick on.

  169. Wesley Alvin Dion says:

    Cant explain what the rooms ogle overall. but colors

  170. Alyssa-Scarlette says:

    @Oakleaf Hydrangea –most of these things are not to purchase; one either has cash, heirlooms, keys, or one does not.

  171. Kellen says:

    About $5k, most of which was * and wine. We did the food sort of directed potluck, with several chef friends bringing the bulk of it. My husband was working for a liquor distributor at the time, which helped a lot. We had a family only (18 people) ceremony in the woods (paid for a van to wedding party there) and the reception (about 150 folks) at a house we happened to be renting at the time. My mom paid for a ton of flowers to be sent in from Hawaii (we got married in Alaska in early May) and another friend made multiple cakes for us. Now that I write this all out, I I need to develop something first-rate for all the people who made our wedding so great. Yes, it was 12 years ago, but I believe I owe them something! We were only engaged for 2.5 weeks so it was a fun scramble, ended up being a killer party.

  172. AylaEricaPaula says:

    While you are painting, remember that electrical outlets, switches and faceplates can be painted to match your walls. apt turn off the electricity to that room for the few minutes it takes to paint them. The matching color is subtle, but the classic ivory or white is too obvious.

  173. Gunner says:

    This is a comely example of how art can such a difference. If city officials were smart, they would commission more artists instead of spending so distinguished money washing off graffiti.

  174. Bradley Reid Samir O. says:

    We acquire one hung on the assist of our exiguous coat closet that holds things indulge in microscopic umbrellas, the GPS, transit maps, sunglasses, hats, scarves, sunscreen, etc. It is extremely handy.

  175. MargaretEdenPearl says:

    Advent calendars was something I to forward to as a child! The one above looks something that would be astronomical with young children, but we started advent calendar making when I was about 6 years old.Every year we would all the Christmas/Holiday cards we received, cutting out our images. Next, my mother and I would arrange them on a tabletop and fetch a of board or other heavy paper and we would lop “doors” and “windows” in for all the days in the month. Next we would paste the images diminish from the cards it. Preparing this just after Christmas and saving it until next Christmas allowed us to be surprised each day of the month the following year! Not only was it fun to but it was favorable time spent with mom and a to recycle all those attractive Christmas card images.

  176. Hana says:

    I contain ancient AT as a reference source, for ideas and at times, for comedy from from its many members. Somehow, I keep coming attend to it delight in a comfortable jacket! Congrats!

  177. Benjamin.Abram says:

    Also Custom made, wooden pull-out shelves and other stuff. I accurate got 4 for $44 each and care for them- has completed changed the organization of the kitchen! My husband replied they were easy to install. They arrived on time, no with ordering. Highly recommend!

  178. Stella.Ariel.Blakely says:

    @*spanky* –yes; their bookcases accomplish not finish level even for paperbacks, not even when less than 30″ span (general max width before any shelf needs support). superfront seems to only fronts, legs, tops, sides for those same boxes, so maybe we want superfront, attached to something else.

  179. Kaiden_Jaylin says:

    As an apartment dweller for many years before to a house, I feel that when you live in an apartment you bag all noise from your neighbors related to reasonable life activities (yes, walking, playing, music, occasional parties, no to frequent leisurely night parties, tap dancing or drum playing in the middle of the night, screaming.) Unfortunately, with miniature kids normal life behavior is running, jumping, playing with noisy blocks, and waking up early. This behavior is not a result of parenting or parents refusing to “rein in their kids.”As a parent, I it sort of that you are offended that they are up “as early as 7.” My kids, and most kids I know, bear never slept that in their lives! I bet these parents are diligently keeping their kids for an hour or two before finally letting them free. Sounds like you extremely unreasonable expectations of how itsy-bitsy children can behave. They are not dinky adults and cannot be trained to behave that way. now.

  180. Preston says:

    I agree with the comments…in for a to work in the minimalism genre….it must be pristine and favorable * structure….this does not.

  181. BrynnErin says:

    *, and I knew I forgot to to NYC!Anyhow…Maxwell, if you ever need more benefit in San Francisco, I would affection to be your girl! And thanks again for having me as a guest on the SF House Tour this week. I was really honored and enthused by the responses. What a blast!Cheers from the city by the bay,Victoria

  182. Alina-Aisha says:

    I two of these, one my sink and the other my stove so I can wipe my hands. I admire being able to them wherever I want!

  183. Gabriel says:

    Its an improvement for determined but there is so more that could done with the (which incidentally is not that small) ..kinda looks indulge in some of the lower starred hotels in developing countries I bear stayed in. Sorry.

  184. Makhi A. says:

    For those NYCers who want to avoid shipping fees on bluelounge products, I saw these clips and the box at J&R downtown.

  185. Abram S. says:

    The modern must-have in York!! Something furry or antique from the Quina Fonseca Store.

  186. Frederick Travon says:

    You should fix your cabinet handle that has become unscrewed before a photo shoot.

  187. Lydia says:

    This is a craft project, not art. elaborating on what others commented.

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