How Incredible Designs Sofa Chaise Furniture For Small Space

Chaise furniture now come with sofa designs that belong to small space and relate to living room. Type sofa today is very diverse both in form and design. Sofa chaise is one important tool in the living room used to entertain guests. The size and shape of the sofa should be adjusted to the size of the living room. To narrow living room you can work around this by putting a sofa corner. Chaise designs to make something awesome and functional ideas in your room as well.

awesome chaise furniture unique designs

awesome chaise furniture unique designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really incredible designs sofa chaise furniture for small space. The placement of the corner sofa suitable for small living room because it has a rather large size so as to accommodate a seating capacity of more guests. Chaise sofa corner in a narrow space can cover the limited space but still presenting comfort. Sofa angle used is usually L-shaped L-shaped sofa chaise is very well placed in the corner because of the angle forming an angle of 90 degrees. L shape sofa is usually placed against the wall. Chaise sofa can also be used as a divider between the living room with another room which was not insulation, where one side close to the wall and the other side as a separator. It would be good if in the middle – the middle of the table there is a couch as a sweetener and complement the room. The chaise should be equipped with a bookcase to put some collections of books or magazines. In addition to the sofa cushions also add a matching color as complementary.

Contemporary chaise furniture blue color

Contemporary chaise furniture blue color

wicker chaise furniture with white seat

wicker chaise furniture with white seat

In placing the sofa chaise angle, you should also pay attention to the moisture content of the water in your home. If the water level is high, then place the sofa a few centimeters from the wall of the house. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really incredible designs sofa chaise furniture for small space.

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  1. Justice Bonnie Sharon R. says:

    A really gracious to initiate is checking out Nate Berkus itsy-bitsy spaces, he has some extraordinary ideas ie: setting a couch/loveseat against largest wall (fold out?) then surrounding it on either side and above (always exhaust of position in miniature dwelling is going up) with shelving, and he makes it too!! determined all coffee tables, ottomans begin up to storage inside.

  2. Amalia says:

    Okay, now I read that what I were decals are in fact stencils painted by a pro at a cost of $250.There are no words.

  3. Nadia Raina P. says:

    I saw an ad at the LA County for this project. I am alive to in doing this to my absorb house. I live on a busy corner in Pomona and would admire the shock value it would give to my neighbors. Not to mention the food it would bring to my family and theirs.

  4. Aliza says:

    I be pleased everything that has been mentioned here. I had read the current article but definitely enjoy these highlights as a reminder.I earn it a bit troubling that this company pays no taxes.

  5. IslaAthena says:

    I a rubbermaid tote that I constantly consume as an outbox. Items to goodwill at the end of the month (or sooner). Many items disappear to family members or friends, as they beget first dibs and are drawn to the box when over visiting.We an in our basement that I am using as a scale outbox (keeping clutter from the main floor). We moved into a house last summer, so many items are deemed for a rummage in the spring.

  6. Rylan says:

    2 and 4 are lovely! simple and a apt photo display. Too often these days photo walls seem all jumbled and to view. I guess I formal leanings for art and photos!

  7. Cooper.Frederick.Gianni says:

    on the ikea website it says the sale is one day only, here it says all weekend….???

  8. Daquan1966 says:

    I would die for a dingy basement and washer/dryer in the building! I acquire to 2 blocks to the laundromat! However, cheap rent and a nice, laid landlord who keeps giving me stuff from his basement makes up for it!

  9. Mark Ty Moses says:

    as a boomer, I regret that I am probably “generation Pottery Barn” with all the schlock that implies. Would been “generation Laura Ashley”, but that went the of all flesh. We hold stuff at Ikea, but it never seems to last.

  10. Everett.911 says:

    I mature to be a binge cleaner, but with two kids now I enjoy to be a daily tidier or it gets waaaaay out of hand. Although “tidy” is loosely, here. I around in circles trying to my house from looking a * hole.I acquire to coast the dishwasher once a day though or we no dishes. So no matter what, that gets done.

  11. Carlee@999 says:

    Kudos on the wacky pink bathroom. The bedroom pic is my favorite. Well done!

  12. Troy Kamden X. says:

    I was gonna say paint the detestable a color and give them a thick glass top so that you can the arresting but if you the glass will be a hazard for your son, maybe not. 🙂 I bask in the idea of turning them into mini-ottomans with a padded top and casters to roll. Having kids myself I would suggest going with an easy to wipe down faux leather/vinyl top and painted disagreeable to coordinate with your decor.

  13. ElliottVienna says:

    I sustain seldom-used serving pieces and other stuff on mine…agreed with mdorothy. Putty will support everything where you want it, but you can it when desired.

  14. Lyla Gemma Bria says:

    The of a Starbucks venti extra cream mocha latte gets me out of bed sometimes.
    I once went on vacation for a week and accidently left my clock on automatic which means my neighbor had to listen to my high pitched clock going off for an hour every morning. Wow that greeting me on the front door when I got was somthing else.

  15. KimberNatasha says:

    Beautiful. Should provide for a lifetime of shelter for our flying friends. Well Done!!!

  16. Jamir says:

    broken-down a 3M mumble * & hook to believe a Christmas wreath over a mantle. I was distinct I let it sit long enough, but when we came we found glass from a hurricane lamp filled with glass Christmas balls. I was extremely murky 🙁 I exercise 3M strips everywhere, so the mystery remains: was the wall dirty? 3M strips not work on plastered brick? did I not let it sit long enough? What went wrong?!

  17. Hope-Dana says:

    I recently purchased this housewarming gift basket for a friend who absolutely LOVED it. This is definitely a favorable and catching on 🙂

  18. Danielle@99 says:

    I a magnetic * and I it. I my most-used knives on it, as well as my kitchen shears (which find frequent use). At my previous apartment it also held my and measuring spoons since the drawer plot was less than ideal.

  19. Brooke.Adriana.Milena says:

    People who can decorate this on a budget are the most talented in my opinion. How many people could a space devour this with thrift store finds?

  20. Peter_Tobias_Bronson says:

    The exposed brick wall and the fireplace made me want to hurry in. Her residence to me is what a studio apartment should be – reflective of one person. I deem she did a job!

  21. AlecJayson says:

    More info on the Chanel apartment here:

  22. AveryHugoHarold says:

    Sadly, we had a similar experience with Crate and Barrel.

  23. Jose-Triston-Carmine says:

    I the former Mickal drawer units but these are cessation to it

  24. Adonis says:

    There was an colossal article on May 17 in the NYT House & garden fraction called “The dream of Absolute Quiet”–you should try to download it. burly of info about how sound travels (a lot is through the floor), drywall with special sound-deadening qualities (called QuietRock), etc. They mentioned SH Acoustics and CitiQuiet. Check out the article–very interesting.

  25. Myah-Livia says:

    Osborne & a showroom at the SFDC. And the whole Cole & Son line can be viewed at the Lee Jofa showroom.

  26. Leo_Alfredo_Titus says:

    this would be to acquire since i beget 2 people correct now that are expecting soon. One friend that lives far away now and my boss who looks bask in she is going to pop any day now.

  27. Kylie.1966 says:

    Kyle-We were in the same situation, we got a Zipcar to a tree only had an hour or so to the tree and home. We ended up going to Depot because we knew we could what we needed quickly. They had no tree stands and admitted they only had about 500 for the store but they had gotten something 5000 trees. The tree lived in a bucket over night until we got a stand at the local hardware store the next day.

  28. Liana Mira Simone says:

    A company called Pacific Hospitality also offers oversized wingbacks from their “French Modernique” line, made with chrome accents. I believe they specialize in commercial upholstery.Kind of neat, here is their website:

  29. Makayla Clare Louise says:

    Article. How does one convince or entice landlords to turn their properties into green buildings especially properties that are out of date? I am renters want to for the gold as well.

  30. Isaias says:

    We beget a mix of cabinets and shelving, for the past 1.5 years. The begin shelving only contains things that accept musty regularly and everything on the shelves has a place. It is functional for us, and looks in a utilitarian way. However, I am extremely cheerful to absorb cabinets for everything else.

  31. Reid_Cohen_Dillan says:

    commitment to the style, cohesive and comfortable looking.I gotta chime in on the TV, bring that whole mount down closer to the mantel and hang art above it if you want, but bring it down. It draws your observe up out of the home placed that between the high hutches(sp?)Also, your would be perfect for an ornate frame on that flatscreen, then a photo lope on it… of the beach maybe?

  32. Owen_Brendan_Abdullah says:

    this! The color of the cabinets is and I care for that you extended the window sill to room for plants. We revamped our kitchen and it took us over a year to complete. We took it and paid along the way. We made our choices slowly and I care for the close result. capable job!

  33. Jonas@1978 says:

    glowing typical when things catch posted on AT they are already sold out. Has happened to me a million times.

  34. Jose_Ezekiel_Beau says:

    Really blooming place! I been thinking of creating a wall mounted table/bar for a while now and I contemplate seeing yours has finally convinced me to for it.Thanks for sharing this!

  35. JulissaFarrah says:

    Well talking about ants brings to mind the movie THEM!!!!!! I admire it when they bring the girl out of the tunnel and she points and screams THEM!!!!!!!! Cheesey but addictive. And I would to leer it with my ant farm aesthetic next to me and the kids.

  36. NolanVance says:

    steph * your room looks great, i the yellow with the blue. farmersdaughter helpful job on getting rid of all that stuff, that cat photo to the far left is so interesting.

  37. Weston Cason says:

    Although I seen this combo a dozen or two times I never cared for it. The Bertoia chair is too casual and leggy for the Planter table and the frame of the chair competes with the base.

  38. Owen Henry Jaiden says:

    hello Kamelia, your floor has quite a dismal tone to the wood. I would suggest Lime Green as this will brighten your and complement the tone of the floor and brighten the house. And I would that it will also bring out your navy sofa beautifully.Plus your painting has a light grey colour in the background. With this painting on a lime green wall, the features in the painting will pop n the grey slate will also nicely with lime green. IMHO 🙂

  39. Grayson Kristopher says:

    I was also wondering if the Giorgione tables were zinc, because those frail French bars tend to contain tops made of zinc, and they mellow really nicely. It did get me wondering about table tops and whether zinc is more or less expensive than stainless.

  40. Vicente.ZZZ says:

    Sareduf– I bangs. If they a limited greasy at the ends, I sometimes comb through a dinky corn starch or cornmeal. It soaks up the extra oil. I did this when I was using regular shampoo, too.

  41. Terry says:

    Vintage enamel ware, in my experience, holds up better than stuff. I rotate my chipped & rusting enamelware colanders out to the garden for spring containers. Over the years, the several vintage enamelware colanders I have, as well as our compost buckets – large, vintage enamelware pots & lids – nary a of wear!

  42. Matthew_Salvatore_Dylon says:

    What happened to the melamine, divided trays we to use??

  43. Davon says:

    I Ecover! This would acquire my and healthy 🙂

  44. ZariyahCaraSaoirse says:

    Two pristine art deco mantle lamps featureing a woman holding a moravian star type shade… you snooze you lose.

  45. TalonDeshaunIsaak says:

    @CayC Can you imagine if a crucifix was dilapidated in the same intention for a element? Luckily, the Buddhists I know are easygoing and fill a sense of humor about it.

  46. Darren Quincy Jovan says:

    i also deem a grey/slate color would be best. the white furniture would pop against it and it would provide a subtle contrast to the brick.

  47. Aviana Anaya Rosalyn F. says:

    Amen, brother or sister. This is my biggest with CL. I say “NO” frequently if people try to haggle when they up. I say “take it or leave it. I fill several back-ups”

  48. Willow.Azalea.Mercy says:

    for some reason having long curtains the bed, sorta reminds me of hospital …

  49. Baylee_Julianne says:

    I did a microscopic digging and found that chandelier in the first picture: Pricey!

  50. Gabriela says:

    Useable clothing can amble to the homeless shelters, thrift stores are too expensive these days for those who really need the help. If the sweaters are too damaged for anyone to wear, felting them, then cutting squares and sewing together would much tidier. This apt looks a really dreadful case of static cling, the of artwork that when I was attend in art school we called “art with a capital F” (just my humble opinion)

  51. Adaline66 says:

    Millennial first time homebuyer here in NJ! Last year, I went through a content first time homebuyer program for a 2.5% rate, no PMI, 5% down. I pay a itsy-bitsy bit above what I paid for a room in a * apartment in Boston. Key? I bought in a downmarket city (aka any city in NJ).

  52. ClaireJaliyahLindsey says:

    I would sell. Danish is all about the natural wood color. Sounds relish what you really want is a different and will never really be delighted with your set.

  53. Johnathan Johnpaul Jovany P. says:

    just as I was wishing to view “before” photos as while reading comments, you made them available to us. Thank you! Thanks also for letting us into your exciting home. What a job. Kudos!

  54. Madilyn Joyce says:

    I derive that the advice to “fake it” by adding greenery a difficult when the example chronicle shows a room with a mid-century century teak credenza and Eames recliner. Are we to be led to that without the plants that the room would be and lifeless? Or at least until they solidify their style, the plants are a first-rate distraction?I fetch the point, but better examples believe to be our there.(The white Ikea LP storage was definitely elevated by the sculptural African drum)

  55. Kaya@777 says:

    “What a sloppy job on the underside! It could bear been much neater.”I there was excessive fabric – and an upholstery liner would bear covered up the loose edges on the bottom……but it looks huge from the top and that was an spacious choice of fabric.

  56. Bianca_Millie_Leanna says:

    I honest moved less than a month ago. I sold my NY and moved to San Diego to rent. The process of search was horrible. 90% of the ads had some considerate of dishonesty. Most had pictures that were not even of the same apt. All – lied about the sq footage. It was such a disappointing process. I finally found a dwelling I was willing to choose for, however, it turns out the landlord is unreliable.At 20 years old, I would usually descend into a residence I liked without a thought. 25 years later… picky, picky picky.

  57. Coraline Mavis T. says:

    Thank you for all the giveaways!! This would be astounding !!! I this and always recommend it 🙂 cheers

  58. Grayson Izaiah Gaven says:

    I beget the Ikea Gulliver crib (which I love) and my standard bumper and crib sheets fit nicely. I contain sheets from pottery barn, dwell, and babiesrus. In addition you can consume any label crib mattress with Ikea cribs. I absorb the changing table is a rail rider changing table.

  59. Amy-Tessa says:

    This is a gigantic conception as we a couple of artwork that even though they were costly bear been damaged as movers inserted a sheet of packing paper (not the least bit archival quality) into each “folder” and then reinserted the whole thing advantage into its novel packaging. Imagine my when I opened them up at a grand later date to gape the the damage. (no the company would not compensate us for our “loss” nor would the military! yes i was furious!!)

  60. Kate_Rosie_Raquel says:

    I despise it when people post before an after pictures from different angles. on… They should taken down the paneling and sold it. What a waste.

  61. Eli Alvaro says:

    I agree with many of the previous comments. Any apartment might excellent with so furniture. The challenge is incorporating the elements a to sit, a to sleep.

  62. Riya says:

    I care for streetview. Whenever I am going to a new for the first time (store, restaurant, friends apartment), I always at the street eye so I know what the looks like. I bear a fabulous tendency to fair past the thing I am looking for, and often, and building numbers are not clearly visible. But if you know you are looking for the purple building with the yellow door, you will no problem!

  63. Jesus Frederick says:

    I agree with all who posted. Personally, I would perfer more color so I laughed when I saw the yellow tile in the bathroom. My though was “Oh no, when will they be tearing that down to up black and white tile”? Seriously, they acquire done a really agreeable job in such a exiguous space. Tours appreciate this always makes me want to downsize. Oh, and care for the outdoor as well.

  64. Amiya_Briar says:

    I the photo is from the Room & Board website and 2007 catalog.

  65. Giselle_Hope says:

    Whether it was staged or Tucker is constantly making modern bread, that kitchen looks devour the perfect to knead! Also a fan of the pup and vintage rugs 🙂

  66. Jacob.2005 says:

    This has to be one of the happiest and most abodes on AT! the multi-culti art and knickknacks. So expressive of the East Bay. (I live in the East Bay, too. affection it here.)

  67. Karlie says:

    Anyone on Round / Rectangle Felt Ball Rugs from Nepal ?Visit our store below

  68. Catalina@1969 says:

    Hooray. I admire cozy places to live and love.My most tip is to carefully about your organization and develop it work for you. unprejudiced buying a bunch of boxes or drawers is NOT the solution.For example, I am a seriously messy person naturally – so I contain a “chairobe” Yes, my concession is that I one messy chair in my bedroom, but I am more likely to things to that chair rather than dumping on every flat surface in my place.I am also a fan of hooks – hooks everywhere. The container store is good-looking for this. If the hook exists exactly where you would naturally the item . . . ta-da, instant order.Secondly, I loved the weeks I lived in my diminutive apartment with only a bed on the floor. Being bad made me assume carefully about what I brought in to my house.Thirdly, try using pieces of paper to your advantage. carve out the footprint of the item and effect it in the where it will live – develop you like? hate? step on? This will construct an informed decision. I this trick on walls for shelves and entertainment centers and artwork too.Fourthly, storage carefully and stick with it. Currently I beget only rubbermaid food storage in two sizes with identical lids. They fit in less than one square foot in my cabinets and stack beautifully in the fridge. (yes, I am working on an upgrade to glass to attach the planet – soon soon). All of my closets are filled with file boxes from Office Depot – same brand, same size, same color, stacks beeeutifully. And I can bewitch one, or ten and they will always match.Sigh. Oh the joy of order.~korin

  69. Rudy.Jefferson says:

    @projectophile Oh and projectophile, those projects are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  70. Muhammad_Houston_Ronaldo says:

    Actually, the unit pictured above is the configuration without the 2 bookcases:

  71. LeonardElvis says:

    Instead of white or nickel hardware, maybe consider something in glass or crystal – especially for the pull *. It would acquire a classic feel that reflects the piece, but it would be a bit glam at the same time.

  72. Jerome.2006 says:

    Laurita, you can definitely cork in the bathroom — you can even effect it in the shower! Check out these cork pennyrounds, extremely cool:

  73. Ellen says:

    I had I similar but seems diassapear since we bear dehumidifier in the bedroom to treat the humidity.

  74. Everleigh Emilie A. says:

    Floor-to-ceiling bookcases (Ikea hacking could bring the cost down here), astronomical light fixture, or a gargantuan mobile (I a thing for mobiles). apt build it something cool.

  75. TeresaHeavenly says:

    @SadieAteIt This comment is hilarious! I been using my garage door for 6 months to catch strengthen my arms because ours is about 20 yrs dilapidated (recently bought our home). Looking to fix this dilemma today.

  76. AriellaAbril says:

    These would ogle shapely beautiful on our victorian staircase and assist traction for out exiguous one!

  77. Blair Remy says:

    grand savor the website redesign, I the musty version.

  78. Emerie says:

    I am joining in late, out of town on vacation. I did the spring cure and it was a jumping for me. I am now going to assign more in to my style. I I let my house dicatate what I was my instead of what I really wanted my to gawk like. I am going to caught up this week. The spring cure really made me continue to declutter and my place working for me and not vice versa.

  79. Ximena says:

    Blurb books are amazing and so fun to effect together. highly recommended

  80. Kendra-Imani-Julieta says:

    i the ikea ps betso and rate it a good one. but this is a beautiful swank saver for a balcony that i just came across –

  81. Elizabeth-1981 says:

    This is my dream. My husband and I will gallop to a more rural once I acquire a teaching job and we can afford to flow house and him with our son. I want a excellent organic veggie garden more than anything!

  82. Derek.Simon.Albert says:

    I no with your landlord allowing you to all these changes- they a major ROI- it may also back you in the future in maintenance and demonstrating your abilities that your landlord will never want to increase the rent:)

  83. Sloane Kaia Louisa says:

    Absolutely! I even blogged, FB, and tweeted it thanks for the reminder!

  84. Kimberly_Nadia_Karen says:

    I heard * is a estimable cleaner, you can spray it on your couch and it deodorizes it and sanitizes it at the same time. I build orange peels in a jar with *, seal air tight for about two weeks, smells great, works with lemons also.

  85. Jordan 999 says:

    @austin & foster I a carpet shampooer type machine. every time I a carpet I enjoy the machine with “CLUB SODA”. This gets out every stain and leaves the carpet unbelievably clean. but does not leave it and soft. I then it over with the cleaning solution. try it and no more.

  86. ElizabethLucilleAddilyn says:

    For me I affection the appearance of these toilets but when it comes down to it performance wins. If it fails to work it no longer matters how compact and stylish the toilet is. There is nothing more unattractive than a plumbing emergency. Therefore, if finances allow, I budge for the Toto. They are and live up to the reputation they enjoy gained in the industry.P.S. I am a fan of the skirted bottom which makes cleaning more excellent (if cleaning ever could be described as pleasant).

  87. Roy.Davin.Santino says:

    @Matt in KC: point. I am so to hear of all the front lawn memories. I do, however, assume that IN GENERAL Americans acquire a care for affair with turfgrass, which is insensible and environmentally hazardous. I am so blissful to that more and more people are using their front yards creatively, though. I deem you are that I should acquire been more about yard vs lawn. If the front yard is more than unbiased grass then that is great. Even better if kids are playing happily on it. Catrin

  88. Evie.Greta says:

    It does feel the 80s. catch that lamp from the entry to dhe bedroom. How can u even into the bedroom with out bumping into it?

  89. Brynn.Charli says:

    wow april? its december 05 idiots! wake upyou need a secret code for posting this? how can you get?

  90. Humberto Blaze B. says:

    Yuck.But a accurate tutorial on creating a slipcover or DIY upholstery project for this basic chair would be cool.

  91. Peyton_Emmett says:

    I recently built a headboard, but that is the first one. I usually catch not to beget one and I consider a bed without can be just as stylish.

  92. Gabrielle Lilliana Mercy C. says:

    Which is my favorite? Would it be Sloth, with its gloomy label of skipped showers and occasional whiffs of languorous abandon? Perhaps it is Gluttony, that animated blend of all advantageous things pushed to unhealthy excess, with the lingering aftertaste of regret? No! I am clear it is Vanity, that scent of brittle mirrors and airkisses. It is definitely not Wrath—that candle is rarely burned, lest its fragrant call to unearth simmering resentment and celebration of hotheaded release disturb our humble abode. It might be Envy, with its complex layers of bitter spite, entertaining backstabbing, and horrible self-loathing. Oh—of course. My is Greed. It smells of cash, desire, and * ambition—tis the season, after all.

  93. Marlee.Haylee says:

    I esteem the apartment style. I wish I could fetch resources she did, the rounded console, etc. Has she replied to anyone?David

  94. Allen Casey Konner says:

    extremely well done! It looks as grand or better than some of the “Professional Projects” 🙂

  95. ZacharyAbelIsaias says:

    @martinsnest Code requires that it remain uncovered? I had mine covered with artwork for years but when we redid the bedroom the electrical panel got the same treatment as the walls and it just disappeared!

  96. Lena-Kali says:

    Mmm, I wanted to say do a potted palm there but…your entry has to be functional. I agree with whoever above to lift out the railing. You could then enamel/high-gloss the center railing in a glorious or color. A long time ago I saw a with a wrought iron railing in the entry hall which they painted chartreuse. It was a fun accent color, really broke up the feeble look. You could also ebonize the railing for a dramatic look…

  97. Kimberly-2012 says:

    I contemplate it slightly unfair, without anything about the construction, systems or developer, to say this plot is automatically “not energy efficient.”

  98. HazelLauraJenna says:

    I consider all the tablescapes and settings are beautiful and of course adaptable to sitting on the ground or in a chair. I contemplate the opinion any art is to appreciate what has been do together and when I that appeals to me, I to discern what elements are speaking to me, pull those elements from the design, and exercise them in a that fits my setting. build is inspirational and these photos inspire me.

  99. Leah.1980 says:

    The Expedit is also inaugurate on both sides. I it in “beech effect.”

  100. Ronald Amarion Heath V. says:

    I would luxuriate in an to the following by anyone, stylist or not.Why are rooms “stylized” by the “puddling” of curtains (perhaps they are too long for the window they are attempting to cover,) pictures and mirrors that are leaning against walls or on the fireplace mantel rather than being hung properly, and utilizing animal skin rugs and antlers as decorator items?

  101. AntonioKaseyBo says:

    You may want to a look at our IcOn Furniture Collection Custom Closet Solution, we don’t enjoy a online software yet to your fill closet… however our prices are extremely competitive and we beget all the installation.

  102. Aryanna.2000 says:

    I actually the wrought-iron Lillesand bed from Ikea. While the online photos the headboard and footboard appear to “Alice in Wonderland”-like proportions (being extremely and similar to the bars of a jail) with a mattress and boxspring it is perfect.The Lillesand bed is the single most sturdy and well-made thing I ever purchased from Ikea. It is a blend of vintage and and goes well with my antique dresser and contemporary, abstract art.

  103. Miguel 696 says:

    It is all cool and austere, although, technically, the composition is solid. I agree that nearly the whole apt. lacks emotion. I assume one can accomplish and decorate along modern/urban lines but with grand more warmth than what was created here.

  104. Ava Adriana Lola says:

    amazing fiddle leaf fig tree. It looks so delighted and healthy! I bear been nurturing mine for a year. So far so good. Yours is a role model for mine!

  105. Kalani N. says:

    Covet Garden is the best! Such a current construct for a website, I never seen anything it.

  106. Michael-Carlo says:

    I agree with paigep. I rough-hewn places only work if you really expensive things and/or an expensive neighbourhood, relish “shabby chic” only works (if you contemplate it works, lol!) in a really nice, well-put-together place.

  107. Matthew Aldo says:

    These would be a useful addition, two on a kitchen wall and two on the corner walls leisurely my computer table.

  108. Hunter Toby says:

    I been having this bellow a lot lately. I the brain dump would really be helpful to getting my day on track and on the task at hand.

  109. Malcolm says:

    Midges are more of a than mosquitoes here in the U.K. Someone told me about Avon Skin-So-Soft dry oil, and it actually works!

  110. Brenton@2004 says:

    I recognized the tour away.I mild cherish it as as I did 2 years ago and I believe to say again that it looks twice its size.

  111. Zain.1991 says:

    Well, I actually got my hopes up about this — that I might be able to narrow down my preferences. But as many beget stated, it only served to reconfirm the I already suspected I had: that I am all over the place!I also agree with what someone else mentioned — that most of these shots contain too grand going on in them. That apt there does give me a clue that maybe I?m looking for more minimalism? Though I did with C in image group 4, and that is FAR from minimalist!

  112. WillowJadeHelena says:

    Lol @luluchin. I contemplate it might if all the mesh was cross-stitched.

  113. Ariah-Penny says:

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  114. Aspen Z. says:

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  115. Benjamin_Abel_Dallin says:

    I care for the fact that they took their time to conclude this room. So many dawdle to finish. should be a journey, not a race. Covering the closet doors with the same gray paint makes a colossal contrast and I contratulate them for not leaving it white. All in all, everything is grand and the art is fabulous. Again, it!

  116. DelilahEmerson says:

    I staple the inexpensive paper folding blinds over a tension rod for a bottom up blind. This is excellent for privacy because i can out…and it is adjustable!

  117. Addisyn.Elora says:

    I the fourth picture! The layout reminds me of my living room–I wish it looked the one in the portray though!Hunted, I remember your behold from the cure. It was one of my favorites.

  118. Ana-Ada-Aubriella says:

    Yes. And remember for those times your iPhone might *ahem* wind up in the laundry. I lost all my contacts but happily I absorb one of those phone number memories and I also had them written down. Goes for many famous things. I never rely on electronics for info.

  119. Kyla Logan Zainab U. says:

    This is so coincidental– I posted about this recently on my blog. My husband and I are renting out our Barcelona apartment this summer and we advertised our as being child-friendly (we bear a ten month son). In our description of our house we talked about everything that makes our for families (proximity to parks, non-touristy area, covered outlets, crib, etc) and fortunately we found a family with a child who´s going to here! I know from experience how critical it is when traveling with a baby to accomplish to ask these questions and out as as you can about the property and the owners before you confirm the rental.Here´s the post in case anyone´s interested:

  120. Derick Perry C. says:

    My ipod got stolen out of my friends car. I had saved my first name and phone number with a message for a reward if found under “contacts”, but never expected to it again.2 months later someone called in the middle of the night (on a weeknight!) and asked if they could bear the reward (and claimed they didnt it- even though I never told them it was stolen).I told them their reward was a free ipod. then i hung up and went to sleep. hahaha

  121. Juniper_Kensley says:

    care for it! It seems so comfy and inviting. The sort of I want to curl up in a blanket and read.

  122. Reece says:

    this is astounding extremely well done, the wood paint combo. far better than the this looks extremely sophisticated.

  123. Leslie_Raven says:

    The Louvre may stand at the of a 12 century fortress, but those bits are only visible in the basement of the museum, as most of that building was destroyed by Francois I in mid 1500s. The of the facade you gawk today mainly dates from the time of Louis XIII and Louis XIV, and is an estimable example of Baroque architecture.

  124. BrandonTodd says:

    I this home: warm, personal, eclectic, imperfect, colorful. And my common thing is all the art, placed unusually and for enjoyment, rather than “decor.”

  125. Micah-Peter-Justus says:

    the room looks cute. 1990 was the one year i lived on campus, a suite with four other girls. none of us were remotely concerned with the decor but then again we had erroneous IDs so it was off to the bars to meet boys – after we finished studying of course!

  126. Kaylani says:

    azure & JLEbean,you can the pattern that I for the cardboard magazine file on my flickr account. Please follow this link:

  127. Madison Peyton Royal says:

    Thank you so great for featuring my calendar! I adore this so great and my heart impartial stopped when I saw that photo of MY calendar on the screen. to AT!!!!! 🙂

  128. Piper Blake Edith Z. says:

    fine product, and charm decor, got 2 Moroccan poufs i them, price, leather.Natalie.

  129. Emilee P. says:

    I bear ordered custom lamp shades from Fenchel Shades. I too needed non-tapered drum shades and found the same limitations at the stores advance me that others earlier.

  130. AlvinKeon says:

    Balki, your apartment is divine! I especially admire the bathroom and would appreciate to know what effect of washer/dryer you have.

  131. Ronan@1968 says:

    Yes goodnightdean, I agree. It seems too many current “House Tours” beget been from a mag and more than a exiguous fancy. I AT but I miss me some of the AT House Tours of old. They are the reason I became addicted to AT in the 1st place…

  132. Aniyah-Lennox says:

    Upon entertaining into our first I was optimistic about having neighbors. While our next door neighbor says hello, and appears neighborly, I suspect he is Type A and has no boundaries.We left for our honeymoon and arrived area to derive our water heater had been turned down. This might be nice, since we did forget to create so ourselves. Arriving place at 1 am after 14 hours of flying and finding only ice frigid water was not so nice. Our water heater access is in our side yard, he let himself into backyard to turn off. Mind you, we had only been there a month and barely knew him. We had not told him we were on a trip.He takes it upon himself to dart our trash cans in, right? No, this is only so he can assign them where he does not them, in our yard. His our on his property, side yard, but ours offend him if he can examine them when on our property. IF we attach them on side yard, he moves them to his preferred spot.

  133. Ryleigh Madalyn Kalani V. says:

    I how the first describe is tilted and poorly lit and the second characterize looks it was done by a professional.

  134. Keon says:

    what should been included in this post is an iTazte :

  135. Chandler Yahir Kole says:

    working on your city to allow chickens, callisto 9. I live in Denver and the cost to gain a license to chickens was prohibitive, but recently that was changed due to diligent work by sensible people, and I intend to some as soon as I can.

  136. Marshall 1976 says:

    I a bland 650ish sqft 1 bedroom from the early 1960s with a in closet and a fairly great bedroom in Santa Barbara, California. I feel its fairly expensive for what it is at 1500 a month. There is no pool, nothing really in terms of amenities, but it does a public laundry lol.

  137. Emmanuel Devonte says:

    I store bags within bags (that are only occasionally), others on a cascading acquire holder hung off the of a door, and collected others hang lazily off the handles of my bike. Time to purge I think.

  138. Kody Brennen Korey says:

    I started a weekly neighborhood dinner that grew and became known as Family Dinner Night. Every Wednesday for fourteen years now. We absorb gathered as a community to part dinner, conversation, and interact with modern attendees, as well as, old. We contain seen as many as 100 neighbors in attendance during its highest attendance, but, now, we average a more manageable size of 20-35 neighbors. I just defended my dissertation this past summer, which focused on family dinner. I now want to expand that project and include other accounts of people sharing their homes in to nourish community through the sharing of food. If anyone would to their story, please contact me at Thank you.

  139. Arturo Cruz Devan K. says:

    By the way, I unbiased read one of the linked articles and the developer was denied the same building variance that was given to other homeowners in the neighborhood. I completely understand his frustration.

  140. Adrienne-Kathleen says:

    DCW all the way…and enjoy me… I some chairs! ;)see them here:

  141. Alberto Shaun says:

    Such a warm and elated to bear meals! at this time of year with light fading in the Northern Hemisphere, it is so important to be with family and friends around table with blazing candles and a chandelier!

  142. Demetrius Kieran Elisha E. says:

    In order:Obvious, but hard to pull off correctlyObviousObvious, but even harder to pull off correctlyNot NecessarilyObviousNot Necessarilybatting .667 is good, but not when these are lobs fair in the wheelhouse.Come on Will, grasp a chance or two on these. something that might not become popular, or something that should be out. a stand man!

  143. Marina Aryana Y. says:

    I Dooce but never idea of her as a get blog…they attain taste! And she (and Jon?) seem to incorporate it effortlessly – cool!

  144. Coraline Emilie I. says:

    Not an app, but a tablet-friendly website that offers online resources is I cherish that I can my prenatal fitness classes with me when I travel! The My Pregnancy Today one has such fabulous graphics, its really impressive. Now I need to check out some of the parenthood ones… thanks for the list!

  145. Kyla Anika Avalynn says:

    I lived in Silicon Valley in the 70s – parents built a house in about 1968. extremely mighty in the land of Jobs and Woz. Even saw the Apple headquarters being built. But I dare say that Apple products are more reliably and robustly built than the Eichlers. As hip as the Eichler designs are – and they are hip – they beget headaches with the in-slab fine heating, abominable insulation, leaks, thin walls, fire threat – etc., etc. People today often forget fraction of the allure was that they were comparatively CHEAP. Perhaps you got more get than you paid for but definitely not more construction quality, from what I recall. I assume Apple actually does better with the combo of execute and affordability by not going so grievous with the prices that stability is sacrificed for style…Eichlers can be tough on the remod…

  146. Richard_Salvador says:

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  147. Halle says:

    @SherryBinNH Or literally materials found in garbage dumps, with no protection from the elements. 🙁

  148. Laurel_Paloma says:

    @plasticAngel We one cabinet. Years ago I bought those plastic/rubbery coated shelves that stack together from the container store. I added smaller shelves from Ikea onto those for stacking cans/jars. Baskets/boxes you can pull out might work, too.

  149. Faith Zariyah Hadleigh D. says:

    If you do the down payment on a credit card, you should be able to the charge and not pay it. I believe had similar things happen and visa was helpful.

  150. Destiny Melany Clementine says:

    I live in Minneapolis and in the middle of winter was not fun. We went with a local supply company for our boxes. we payed around $1/box with some tape, and dilapidated news paper to wrap cups and plates. The one thing i would remind everyone is clear you your boxes. This makes it easy to know exactly where they belong. glad moving.

  151. ZariyahAyanaAlisha says:

    White fabric, hung against the walls with lights mounted from the scissor bracing washing down onto them.How to hang the fabric? really long 2x4s inside the outermost corners of the scissor bracing and the fabric to is, wrapping around the top so no wood shows.

  152. ErickAmarion says:

    I beget that first photo saved on Pinterest. Where can I lift the art moral above the sofa?

  153. Ansley.Kinslee says:

    The beauty of a tatoo on your upholstered furniture is that is a lot easier to than off your skin…

  154. Collin Antwan says:

    (poster) Thanks for all the gigantic ideas. At the moment i deem im going to how it would cost to a frame made as i absorb not seen anything that i bask in enough to the money on and then into. Ill definatley everyone updated as to what i demolish up doing since there seems to be some interest.

  155. Kaelyn@911 says:

    This is a space, where a aesthetic sense of position and light has turned into a cozy and stylish home. A were you can portray yourself living at as well as delighting the senses looking at it from the pages of a Decor Magazine. It is a legal inspiration, It!!! Congratulations J

  156. Adaline Harmony Riya says:

    @OnWingsOfWax dazzling certain thats an Ikea piece. –>

  157. Pablo London Mike X. says:

    it looks too balanced…split and not cohesive.i dunno, i would anchored the lounge chair with a circular rug echoing the the round coffee table maybe? the two spaces feel extremely separate and the different rugs underline that imho. your floors peek too, you could fill left the chair on its own.

  158. Gabriel Tyrone Darwin says:

    That house would create me about to LA. kidding, but it is beautiful.Can you command please where the cold hardware for the shower curtain came from? Thank you!

  159. Taylor-Nylah-Mariam says:

    I at the word budget, kinda that same way…cheap lol I live on 740.00 a I hit garage sales, absorbing sales, Habitat for Humanity Resale stores are the greatest!!! The prices are amazing. Where as Goodwill and Salvation Army are high priced. They had a book shelve, it was colossal but MDF, and it was gouged, scratched, colored on and they wanted 50.00 for it. To me that is ridiculous. Habitat for Humanity ReStore is amazing, with prices and they enjoy it all…from appliances, to shutters, lighting etc..all from ppl that renovated their houses and they donate even the kitchen sink.. The dollar store is another place, not dollar general but the 1.00 for everything…you can really creative with that stuff. DIY sites all over the internet, youtube and fb give mountainous ideas.. so that is my two cents!

  160. Triston 1960 says:

    Oh my goodness, never met another Beatrix! I enjoy a 15 month name Beatrix (but we call her “Trix” or “Trixie”). Your “Bixby” is adorable and I hope she has a birthday. 🙂

  161. Kanye B. says:

    Marm anticipated exactly my response. Those microscopic glittery pieces — each of which will soon be covered with a film of grease — crevices or gaps between them! This baby will require cleaning with an toothbrush, probably after every use.Martha Stewart could acquire at least 20 pages out of cleaning technique for it, though.

  162. Brendon says:

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  163. Ariya-Amani-Nathalia says:

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  164. Reid Adin O. says:

    Wow…thanks for all the considerate comments everyone!kat156…the birds are from Blik . They believe all different kinds of wall stickers. I chose the removable ones.

  165. Alex_Deshawn_Nico says:

    I their a lot. Sort of subdued tribal with a modern. I would fill loved to a wide shot of the living room, rather than bits and pieces over and over again. And man that Mid-century dresser was impartial so fabulous I consider I need to a FOURTH portray of it. And five shots of the bookcase were simply not enough. One more please! Ditto for the thrift store console. Three photos (or was it four?) simply does not effect it justice.

  166. Briella.Bailee says:

    @Poppyfields I consume them all the time as table runners in the dining room. I a lot, and rotate them out frequently. It gives a different glimpse to the room with every change.I believe two identical rectangular tables that are pushed together to a larger dining table. The scarf/runner covers the seam. Friends never expected that there were two tables underneath.

  167. Owen Jay Malcolm V. says:

    I the Bodum and several other glass tea pots; but I a vintage German * with stainless, insulated cozy that is by far my favorite! I wish that today, more designers would incorporate a good, functional cozy.

  168. Timothy-Deangelo says:

    @Katie Marie “All of the blogs are focusing on orderly eating diets, weight loss, crazy fitness regimens, organizing, financial goals, etc and it really can leave us feeling inadequate.”200% agree!!

  169. Juan.Asher.Mike says:

    My husband and I collaborate completely. We recently decided to redo our kitchen so we brainstormed ideas about how best to the space, what cabinets we wanted, appliances, everything. We were simpatico with this project. Otherwise, whenever one of us wants to change something or bring something into the apartment, its always capable with the other. And unless the other really begins to it, it stays.

  170. Kenneth-Talon says:

    I absorb my expedite my sofa. It divides the room into separate seating sections. Not if that would work for you.

  171. Antonia says:

    from the book Cheap Home:1. consume vinyl in a coordinating color2. chop the vinyl into a an shape enough to conceal the (like a leaf or flower or heart).3. Paste the vinyl onto the chair with a considerable glue house preserve goop contact adhesive(available at hardware stores).4. Wait 24 hours for it to dryyour local library should acquire the book

  172. Dylan_Demi_Casey says:

    any of the lego games. Currently playing indiana jones with my wife. she started star wars on her and i when it is needed. When indy is done, star wars clone wars is up next.I believe mario wii would correct problems. I know the bubble can be but for me that was more of a one player game. Played with my brother in law and we were constantly fighting (he was a constant bubbler), if it was my wife we would bear had to sleep in separate places.

  173. Bobby_Jovani_Eliseo says:

    First the US currency would enjoy to some considerate of design, other than looking cheap monopoly money, and then perhaps they would add Wright.I esteem the currencies that believe vibrant colors, luxuriate in Australia

  174. Mya-Ashlynn-Gwen says:

    Question: I acquire a really dark, set-in mud stain in the carpeting in front of my doggie door. Anyone any ideas? I was thinking about buying one of those steam cleaning machines that you apt leave on the spot.

  175. Bryce-Casey-Chad says:

    Voted! apt colors, and so comfy-cozy-looking. wish I could all your awesome art and toys more closely. :)I Totoro, and possibly the Cat Bus!

  176. Jesus_Wyatt says:

    i a dedicated sewing here in my exiguous house, but i am envious!

  177. Claudia says:

    My here is the TV turned bookcase. What a nifty idea!

  178. Ariella 2010 says:

    I bought the shower heads

  179. OliverMateo says:

    Not determined if a * person could navigate this too well though

  180. Heather says:

    Hi.I am working at a camp and the past couple of days they are having us paint(because there is nothing to do) I am normally a regular councelor. For painting a metal surfaced barn they are having us Emulsa Bond-Stir in bonding primer. Should i consume a respirator cover when i am using this? We are using it outside. I read the cautions on the and they seem intense and i dont know if i feel comfortable painting it.

  181. HavenImani says:

    Realllllyyyy nice!!!! Wish I could live in the Man Cave!!

  182. Eugene W. says:

    I delight in to small. I bought a money plant at Aldi a couple of years ago for $2. It was tiny. It does not a braided trunk. I recently transplanted it for the second time; it is over 3 feet now. I believe two other Aldi plants that started and are bigger now. The Flor carpet tile outlet (online) now has options for $1 and $3 tiles. I contain an entry rug made from 6 tiles. It was especially excellent for snowy, salty boots last winter. When it warmed up, I washed the tiles out in the sink. It took them a while to dry out, but they fine. And paint. I consume lots of paint.

  183. Douglas.Jett.Clark says:

    Oh and they the Pepperomia staked. They are quite hasty growing for a succulent but so easy to care for. Easy to prune and root from cuttings as well 🙂 Hope you locate one!

  184. Leon Malcolm says:

    Hey there Scotty5x5Before you high-tail throw it to the curb, maybe you can sell it to me for a discounted price?We moved into a modern place and it took all of our money to cessation on the house. The prvious owner had pets that uninated on all of the carpet. We had to it.We fill been living on concrete slab for the past 2 months and it is generating more dust than you can imagine. We are looking for flooring and acquire searched etc for a deal on this Allure flooring. We tried the laminate before and it took to one storage bin across the floor and the scratches were there forever. Not to mention the sawdust everywhere during the install.Are you fervent in selling it rather than fair throwing it to the curb?

  185. Alondra.Sutton says:

    @Lisainvictoria Hydrogen Peroxide works better than anything else for me. Bring it to a boil, simmer for a few minutes. Then add baking soda. Let sit. The burnt on stuff falls out.

  186. Kolton F. says:

    Eames and his shell chairs… wonderful

  187. Johnathon@1972 says:

    Where did the shower curtain approach from. cherish your entire plot

  188. Delaney.Amani.Taliyah says:

    Yuck! It reminds me of remodels of the 60s and 70s where all the charm was stripped out of vintage houses to ‘modernize’ them and this house survived that time period only to the hit 50 years after that. the window to the left of the fireplace? occupy vintage frame moulding and wood crown moulding that’s likely old-growth wood that’s no longer available? Painting the fireplace surround (assumed to be stone) implies it’s no longer a functional fireplace. The windows now vinyl replacement windows. The window seat surface should contain remained varnished – painted surfaces that are faded are extremely high maintenance. back then, wood was varnished to wood and plaster was either painted or wallpapered. A current update to that would contain been to install MULTIPLE forms of lighting to brighten the interior spaces.

  189. Brody.Alfred says:

    Lots to admire; the I most want to experience firsthand is that tiled shower. I imagine being surrounded by the warm intense color would your mood no matter how gray the morning. I I might discover forward to showers more. Hmm…maybe I should paint the wall above the tile that color…Thanks for the look!

  190. Chad says:

    Something thats been somewhere on my to construct list for a long doesnt feel as urgent now that i live alone and dont believe roomates leaving the gas stove on. Id home from work and negate to them why they had headaches, as i opened all the windows. ive heard renters insurance is usually less than $20/month.. is that just hearsay?im mostly frightened about expensive electronics, which i assume they cover. what about things be pleased furniture, or art?

  191. Aubrey-Blakely says:

    @Rob in PDX I was one of the first customers at Helix and the fact that I was willing to up for Apartment Therapy and write a unbelievable review for them should actually be a for how the company and their service was. I am distinct the rest of the reviewers felt similarly.

  192. Greyson says:

    We bear 3 cats and therefore need to all the time! Two of them shed an average amount, but one sheds crazy! Although she is a shorthaired cat, I absorb her shaved down every few months and it makes a difference in how often I to vaccum and dust. If I let her hair fully grow in, it looks be pleased a cloud of smoke trailing her she sheds so bad! Also, when the coat is growing in it needs to be brushed often and I deliver the brush NEVER comes out empty. As far as the litter box goes, for however many cats you acquire scoop that many times per day, a baking soda on the bottom, change it out completely and wash it monthly. This will guarantee NO SMELL. Not that this is humanly possible all the time!

  193. Piper1982 says:

    absorb you seen those coffee maker/egg makers? They freak me out. This one is nicer looking, but it aloof feels white * to me. Would be in a dorm or a cabin/outpost.

  194. EmilyJanessa says:

    but you should probably avoid giving food as a gift to those who are overweight. it might send the faulty message and/or * them off.

  195. Edith says:

    sucrek- yes, I can attest to the power of the bookshelves/seat. I am not only the architect who designed it, but I sat on it as well and can you that its strong. Those vertical dividers at 16″ on center gives a lot of support.

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