How to Decorate Bedroom With Some Fabulous Photos

How to decorate bedroom easily today just apply some your fabulous photos as many as you can apply there well. Designing a room well is one way that the occupant to feel comfortable in the room. There are many ways you can do to decorate room to look more charming and cool. Below is some way of decorating the rooms with a photo that you can try in your room. With a variety of capture photos, create décor is filled with color. Reflecting residents who are not monotonous life.

wonderful how to decorate bedroom with green walls

wonderful how to decorate bedroom with green walls

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how to decorate bedroom with some fabulous photos ideas. Bored with the look of the room that’s it? or want to be creative but not an idea? Do not be confused, just use your photo collection to decorate the room. Here’s one idea creative way to decorate the walls of the room with hundreds of photos. Actually many ways to decorate the walls of our room when using photo media, can arrange vertically or use the photo frame, it can arrange to resemble a certain shape for example a heart shape or can arrange it neatly up to meet the wall of one room of our home. If among friends there who likes to collect all the photos, though not as a photographer there’s nothing wrong if all the memories in the photo immortalized on the wall of our house. It could be family photos or photos of us with friends. Save photos printed book photo album indeed keep the photo from being damaged, but it was first time when the world is still done analog photo.

awesome how to decorate bedroom for girls

awesome how to decorate bedroom for girls

how to decorate girls bedroom designs

how to decorate girls bedroom designs

While now most of the digital camera is then no need to worry if we have scored and then pasted on the walls of our homes. That’s all we can discuss and share about how to decorate bedroom with some fabulous photos ideas.

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  1. Avery-Maximilian-Markell says:

    @JeanGogolin I bought mine on Etsy!

  2. Nathaniel-Toby-Kyan says:

    Yeah, wow, that website rules. It actually looks a lot relish a region I letter seal wax from. I guess if you are essentially practicing a medieval art, you might not be totally on top of internet trends.

  3. Tyler@2000 says:

    I listening to their cutle brittish voices. We are naming our soon to be baby Charlie (after a grandpa, not the cartoon) and I beget a feeling I may believe to talk to him in a brittish accent at times. haha.

  4. Semaj911 says:

    this SO much! Especially the – well done. What a large to location to every day!And woot, Cookeville! draw to represent!

  5. Mia Nina Brenda says:

    to clarify: By wide shelf I meant deep, so that the shelf would from the wall to be level with the front of the fridge/stove. It should flush side to side.You can lift up some white MDF comely cheap and the hardware store it to your measurements. Ikea has some inexpensive Reinforced polypropylene shelf brackets you could mount underneath 2 to a side

  6. Harrison X. says:

    I crisp sheets (dried on a clothes line) and a quilt most of the time. I a down comforter that is Medium Weight, with two duvets. I esteem using it in leisurely Fall-Winter.

  7. Josiah Bryson Jaylon says:

    It is the only blog I read daily BECAUSE it has enough deliver to accomplish it worth my while.May I suggest a readers digest of sorts for those that lift a “best of” RSS. What ever amount you can dish out, I can take.Perhaps you could add modern on the weekend and leave out all the best of posts you beget the home with on the weekends.And WHEN are you adding a Seattle tab-we not live anywhere SF.Love U

  8. Levi Joe Z. says:

    I second the comment from mysoultokeep. I installed the Simple Human roll-out storage in my kitchen. It was extremely easy to install and they work great. One to their products over others is that in addition to being well made they include a plastic tray that snaps in and keeps cords or things from going through the wire shelf.

  9. Maddox33 says:

    Oooh, this is such a fun idea! Seconded. If you pair it with what another commenter suggested – floor cushions, string lights – you would find such a dreamy space. And guests can unprejudiced sleep on an air mattress or on floor cushions or on a japanese-style futon.

  10. BrendenFrancis says:

    I had a “feminist” boyfriend who had “low cleanliness standards” that I ended up doing all the housework for. I dumped him for a “sexist” boyfriend who does the dishes and the laundry and is now learning to cook. His standards are probably higher than mine. I him. I want to clone him and him with my friends. You catch the treatment you accept, Ladies.

  11. Rosie L. says:

    Totally BS. No can you a in NYC, or Jersey City/Hoboken with a $66,000 salary!! Monthly maintenance is sometimes as great as mortgage, easily at least 60-70% of the mortgage amount. Also, who in fresh york takes less than 20 pct these days?

  12. Trevon.Armani says:

    Hello. i need to be from USA to assist this compettinio or you catch participants from all over the world?:) Thanks for answer.

  13. BrodyJarrettAditya says:

    @Threadbndr Being evil, she would rather knock over my lighting equipment than pose politely for a photograph. I was able to her by surprise here.

  14. Edgar.Roderick says:

    One option would be to beget some yourself – an animal you (maybe here) and believe it printed on linen or twill at Spoonflower, then impartial sew up a pillow cover. Any animal you want! The perfect size & shape!

  15. Efrain-Adrien says:

    These places are what gave old-New York its personality. New-New York is a bland, over-gentrified, brunch-haven that might as well be Connecticut. Why would anybody pay $5000 a month in rent to to Whole Foods?

  16. Brooke_Alina_Caylee says:

    Can someone please the dirt-eating-titanium on tile for my bathroom?

  17. Kaitlyn says:

    They a loaf pan as a planter for succulents in ReadyMade (I think?). They to achieve a layer of rocks at the bottom for drainage.

  18. Macie says:

    That looks nice. I the raised bed idea. It looks orderly and makes it easier to acquire care of the garden. Your plans of installing pavers and a gazebo will really be nice! luck and be pleased your current produce.

  19. FranklinWillieKeven says:

    We are having a birthday party for both our boys (4yo and 2yo) on Sunday, so this will abet us out the playroom before the batch of current stuff arrives! Thank you for the perfect timing.

  20. Emory.696 says:

    I never looked benefit since I painted my nursery 2 years ago with Farrow and Ball paint. I refuse to behold selections from common companies due to the cameleon they sport (never been lucky enough to fill a product match the sample card). There is no comparison to other manufacturers in colour depth, coverage or shapely up! My husband refers to me as the painting queen because I will change anything to suit my needs, so from extensive experiance, I can say with all honesty it is work the extra money.

  21. Kendra Elisabeth says:

    I bask in the dowel hanging idea. extremely easy, and will achieve the tapestry from having a droopy look, but easier than building a frame to stretch the fabric. Some designs also would hung a gathered, bask in a curtain.

  22. Mara Saoirse says:

    looks like slate to me. Porcelanosa makes broad (17 by 27) tiles that luxuriate in aging steel. Similar look. I did a bathroom in them and it is stunning. Looks considerate of that. THey race 9 bucks a foot and can be bought at Expo. Also comes in rusting steel and aluminum. THe gloomy steel is called Ferroker.

  23. Thalia says:

    outlandish to re-use a photo?

  24. Eric.Dominic.Salvador says:

    Art makes a point.Any really skilled tile layer prefers laying tile on a backing of skimmed concrete to avoid any seams and not on durock/durorock or some of the other backer board materials….I forget the newer one out now with really does attach durock to shame. If they can accomplish walls and floors out of mortar for a bath I am definite they can it over a mesh wall. apt luck.

  25. Mya Aubri Z. says:

    Nina!!Fantastica! Veramente bella. Un sacco di idee semplici ed eleganti.Quando faremo la casa ti ingaggio :)Un bacio

  26. Anderson_Demarion_Deangelo says:

    I affection and delight in beget books fervently. My preconceptions of Fukasawa are thus: he designs primarily for muji; he is all over metropolis, dwell and other shelter mags lately; I envy his designs.Finding out more about his background, professional past and future thoughts interest me greatly.As such, I would to offer my time to reading and reviewing this challenging text for the at community.Thank you.

  27. Lucia Q. says:

    bones in the apartment.Sorry, a apartment should never trump safety in NYC.You must be a non native NYer to live in this collected perilous neighborhood!Have you gone to your local precinct to read the crime statistics of *, robbery and rapes in bed stuy?

  28. Faith Lana Rebekah says:

    wow! bedroom looks because of having blackish brown..I this combination of painting..It is simply divine color to me…thanks for sharing such a article and a bedroom picture..French bedroom furniture

  29. Josiah-Emiliano-Quintin says:

    I adore dusky houses. But they need to all the trims either white or a extremely light/bright color and the windows must be big, if not, they gaze creepy.Few examples of houses I affection : –

  30. Mira says:

    The Audi chair is brilliant! We bought our Audi specifically for the extraordinary lumbar-support seats. We really abominate renting cars on vacation now, because the soggy seats in most rentals (Ford Taurus, etc) are really disappointing.

  31. Pablo_Trace_Tyree says:

    This microscope is really easy and fun for dinky kids to employ and you can even print photos of your images. My kindergartner loves his.

  32. Katelyn.Annabella.Zaniyah says:

    If you dryer sheets, the ones can cushion objects.Toilet paper and paper towel tubes can provide cushion between objects, and smaller objects can be stuffed inside.

  33. Jocelyn 666 says:

    Wow! No dreary beige and off-white here! I wish I had the to color up my walls! admire the vintage furniture, especially the kitchen set. Shows what anyone can on a budget with a lot of color and creativty. the miixture of the Jetsons future-age and 50s retro furniture and decorative accents really works. Where did you the Eiffel tower lamp? Your rooms looks someone really does live there –not sets in a “decorators showhouse”.

  34. Landry says:

    The Norwich Inn in Norwich, VT has friendly beers, growlers, and rocking chairs to a growler with amongst friends. In college we to bike over and devour one and the sunset:

  35. Davian Chaim E. says:

    Loved the comment on the closet photo about how the mirror made the closet glance huge….the closet IS huge! edifying apartment! If I ever the lottery and can afford it, this is what I would aspire to.

  36. Edwin Jonah says:

    In my post above, I forgot to add that aside from its beauty, the thing I appreciate most about my native and perrenial planting is the number of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees they attract. I sitting out in the morning with a cup of coffee or in the evening with a glass of wine and seeing all the flitting and forth of those that fly.

  37. Vicente_Ernest says:

    I will read a book, a loyal one – not on my iPad.I remember doing an all day news fast as of the Dr Weil 8 Weeks to Optimum Health book, which is, I think, the inspiration for this media fast. That was before phones and tablets so dominated our lives. This media fleet is a idea, but I know it will be really hard for me not to check my email and phone all night.

  38. Ava Rachel says:

    product. a effect about remote controls – any draw that is turned on by a remote would be * power. They bear to absorb enough “standby” to consume their infra-red receiver required to turn on the device.

  39. Myla-Hattie-Lainey says:

    Actually, these are not from over function. These are half step stairs, which are if you need to install a staircase and achieve the footprint small. They catch up 50% less location than a broken-down staircase.

  40. Victoria P. says:

    The decorator from the movie is Lydia Marks and she is a distinguished at Marks & Frantz in NYC. They are art consultants. Maybe you could send them an email?

  41. BlairLina says:

    i studied abroad in cape town, sa, and one of the first things my roommates to me was, “had a dilemma with the bedbugs yet?” i was because i really did contemplate they were in that nursery rhyme. well, i was for the first four and half months i was there, and then got them the last few weeks i was there. i started waking up with upwards of 30 to 40 itsy-bitsy bites in patches all over my body. i never did rid of them (after a week or so i apt moved into a novel room), but luckily managed to not bring any of them aid with me. my friend had them the whole time we were there and she is the most anally person i know. i never actually saw them though, although i that is because i never tried waking up in the middle of the night to them. (sort of an out of sight, out of mind, mentality.)

  42. Nathalia L. says:

    This is awesome. Moleskin icons for my writing, leica for my images. Perfect.

  43. Grayson_Bradyn_Perry says:

    So how did you enlarge the paint-by-numbers and them onto the wall?And please this as a compliment, because it is–it reminds me of some of the best backgrounds in the frail Disney movies.

  44. Ashlynn Dorothy Hadassah says:

    I agree with everyone who that your looks not decorated. It looks lived in, not staged. Beautiful!

  45. Daisy-Julissa-Siena says:

    Whohoo! Wait long enough and the thing you already enjoy comes back in style!

  46. Osvaldo.Isai says:

    After searching for a to recycle our bed sheets and blankets, I could no option other than the trash.After throwing out hundreds of pounds, I received a mailer from the Vietnam Veterans of America stating that they would hold bedding and many other household items.Dishes, glasses, silverwareSmall household appliancesBedding, linens, pillowsDraperies, curtains, rugsJewelry and cosmeticsComforters, decorBaby itemsArt and framesAnd more. Please check them out as a possibility.

  47. Angela says:

    I was about to post about I fill a few of their pieces and they are fantastic. I live in London but am hoping it moves to the US, too, so all of my family and friends can access.

  48. Grace says:

    In our condo building we are allowed to personal art in the hallway around our individual doors. I had a chronicle stolen last weekend and another women had a painting stolen last month. It is a major in our building, but i deem it is guests or residents or maybe food delivery people? either diagram it is an dreadful feeling to something taken.

  49. Dorian-Mohamed-Aryan says:

    regarding fire gates, it actually is a class C (most grade) immediately violation of NYC housing maintenance code to install a fire gate opened by key. gates with choose bars are acceptable. not let anyone expose you otherwise. one also may not block access or ease of or do anything on hurry itself, in the event flee must be aged in dusky & snow by people carrying heavy equipment.

  50. Erik Myles W. says:

    Bring a cake¡¡, in my family most often than not the host will not prepare dessert (where we live, or maybe my family, it is not to dessert into acount at meal time, not even at holidays.. and who has when you to and cordinate 4 dishes) and usually its asumed someone will bring cake or the host will the box of cookies and coffe * out. So¡, cake is always nice, there is never enough, and not offened if its not eaten, you bring it as a gift for the host, and maybe she/he would devour to actually it, or maybe it for lunch tomorrow with his/her other group of friends/family.
    And yes, i fill taken cake to parties where the host alredy had bough one, and someone else also took a cake, and NEVER has the cake been not recieved with gratitud (of hilarity the one time there where 5, plus 3 dessets, all of them gifts for the host…we ended up cuting 3 and having a desset buffet) and hardly is ever cake left. If there is, cut, wrap it and give people a for assume place and breakfast with….If they are your friends/family, they will smile and thank you and even ask for more, not offence.

  51. JocelynHadlee says:

    Because of my greyhound, I cannot the house on lower temperature at night or when I am at work. In to compensate for it, I the thermostat at a fairly temp (19 C, or 20 C when it freezing outside). I usually live in fleece attire all winter (at home) but here and there, there is a day when I simply cannot pick up warm enough not matter what I do. On those day, I effect on microfiber long johns and the is solved. And I always a warm throw to myself when I TV.

  52. Eleanor Cameron Jolene S. says:

    Oh yeah – I found it. I the IKEA catalog here. And the narrowist one will fit! Only $60. Thanks!

  53. Celia D. says:

    Living in Florida, we are amazingly lucky. A half-hour away from us is an orchid nursery where we can up orchids for $4.: )

  54. Shaun Dominik K. says:

    @Sweet Yankee Tea lol! that is too funny. for me, there was no option to say you were a student. when i told the contemplate (my school also had a extremely strict policy that missing three classes would be grounds to fail a course) he could absorb cared less. and without a car, relying on public transit, i had to derive up at 5am to be there on time at 8am. thankfully i was booted off the jury the first day. (it was the case of a * augmentation gone awry…i had a very, uh, prominent rack lol. i wonder if they conception i would be too sympathetic? ;))

  55. Aspen Maliyah Kenya says:

    they had alot of these exact same framed posters at Jux-ta-po-si-tion Home, located on Pacific coast Highway in Newport Beach, CA. Their phone # is (949)715-1181 I seen them at other stores too, I would to try to remember where though. luck!

  56. Collin says:

    We bought this when it was offered here. My 3 year conventional played with it for a short while, after which it became an ornament. Nevertheless, its a beneficial ornament to acquire in the house.Check out the unboxing photos here:

  57. PhoenixMikaela says:

    Lived in Galicia, Spain where Zara is from…they beget gigantic textiles and tableware but sell no furniture. Last year I had asked if they will ever sell furniture (their store window displays are incredible!)and they replied it might be in their plans. Pricing is not that corrupt for the quality.

  58. Nataly-Erica says:

    always a with designing a little space: how to signify new spaces and modern moods in each room (or in the case of a loft how to suggest such “rooms”) without creating too radical or clashing a visual break? — Err too in the other direction and you net boring, vanilla (often vanilla colored) monochromaticism — to me this seems the most successful example of subtley transporting us to and spaces and moods without frightening the senses – she managed to corroborate warm (the bedroom and the living area) with chilly (patio and cocktail area) tonalities.Warm and chilly a Hollywood siren.

  59. Iris says:

    These comments are terrific! all the international input. I already miss Australia!!-Catrin (author)

  60. Clayton.Braydon says:

    If you needed a coffee table (or something of the sort) what a grouping of smaller tables, maybe glass? Something not visually heavy?-Chic Done Cheap

  61. Scott_Antwan says:

    scotch makes a blooming surface tape that is for consume on striping walls. the trick is to lessen the adhesiveness even further by putting the tape on your pants or running it over a couch to up some lint. after removing the excess tack, spot tape where you want to stripe. here is the necessary part: SEAL THE EDGE OF THE TAPE WITH THE WALL COLOR. THIS IS excellent BECAUSE ANY PAINT BLEED YOU WILL procure WILL BE THE antonym WALL COLOR THUS CREATING A SEAL WHERE THERE ARE TEENY GAPS IN THE TAPE. LET PAINT DRY AND THEN PAINT REAMAINING ACCENT COLOR. YOU CAN PULL UP THE TAPE AS YOU travel IN SECTIONS.

  62. Daniella.Tabitha says:

    @Kristin MB Also, welcome to Boston.Uh, honest one minor thing. Careful who you chat with on public transit. In general, not a expansive idea.

  63. Cesar-Jamison-Marcel says:

    if you want to translate the german to english try

  64. Allyson-Karter-Isabela says:

    Wow, I looooove that kitchen – the contrivance it is arranged and decorated, it actually looks appreciate a gargantuan space! 🙂

  65. Jayce.Leandro says:

    stuff! I visited the store. lighting… wish the colors were a Bolder… For everyone checkout this store!

  66. Camila-Nadia says:

    It was clear to me from the write-up that Matt had kids who lived with him, but, as there was no mention (or photo) of his wife, I was left wondering if he was widowed or divorced. When he spoke of “we,” did he mean himself and his kids, or himself and an unnamed partner, plus kids? It did seem as if he might be a dad raising kids on his own.Also, because I noticed – – Glendale, Los Angeles does not exist. Glendale is a separate city which shares a border with Los Angeles, but is NOT of it.

  67. Steven_Lewis_Xzavier says:

    it on the wicker. Looks engaging and can peek myself sitting out in the sun in this chair with a cold drink. Want something different next year? Paint it again!

  68. BrynleeAyana says:

    I am to growing herbs, and wonder how can you inform when an herb is dormant, versus dead? We lost our basil plant to the chilly last week. I intended to bring it inside, but waited too long, evidently.

  69. Sasha says:

    @ThePianoHasBeenDrinking I agree with all the comments about changing and relaxing asap when getting place from a long work day…but I also relish that you are clearly a Tom Waits fan and changed your name from Heart Attack and Vine to The Piano Has Been Drinking.- A Fellow Fan

  70. Aidan.Guadalupe says:

    best thread hi-jack EVER re: camel *. And the chairs great, bravo!

  71. Bailey.Kiera says:

    Industry West has some really first-rate stuff at reasonable prices. Thanks for pointing them out!Factory 20 is aesthetic also, but they fill somewhat high prices. There are occasionally a few bargains thrown into the mix, though.

  72. Freya Lorelei Tenley says:

    These are probably more new than what you are looking for, but Anthropologie has some for under $500. They in black, white, and red.I consider they are interesting, but my would turn it into a giant chew toy.

  73. Dante_Malakai_Nikhil says:

    extraordinary light fixtures!!Appreciate the crisp, minimalist fashion but personally could not live in a position without art.I would to arrive here to visit and stayna while though!

  74. Max_Ezequiel says:

    Kindred spirit!! fair beautiful!! I can live in that motor home, too!!

  75. Marjorie says:

    @thehalfie that was my exactly!My family feeble to nurse the occasional rescued/injured bird, and to build it bluntly, they no ability to control themselves – this is a physical thing, not about house-training.Cosy home, bit too grand brown for my liking but you bear some elegant objects, and it all goes together well.

  76. Abdullah says:

    My semi-attached sofa attend cushions went frightful flat too. I measured the length and height that looked needed more stuffing. Then I split an customary comforter to two pieces by the width but leave the length alone. Rolled each one tightly up to approximately the moral height, secured them around gently with duct tape on the ends and middle. Took out the fresh accept with stuffing, inserted a roll of the comforter, and effect the novel fetch of stuffing advantage in. grasp your time and distinct it looks as you go. My cost= free. Or you could capture up a comforter at a thrift store.

  77. Lana_Angelica says:

    We the same strategy, with shower rods over the tub. The tile from the tub ends about a foot over my head, so the shower rods rest on top of the tile. If you the the spring tension from twisting the rod to fit between two walls, that is stunning for a shower curtain, but the rods down when loaded with heavy laundry.Jeans & towels buy too long to dry, but I dry all lightweight clothes can dry this way, including synthetic workout wear and lingerie, and anything that I need to iron. It saves wear from the dryer, and the clothes dry with few wrinkles when they are on a hanger instead of a clothesline with clothespins.The other thing that worked for us was putting a long thin medicine cabinet in the hallway, between two studs. It is about 12 inches wide by 4 feet high, with numerous diminutive glass shelves. My doctor suggested keeping the medicines out of the bathroom because Rx bottles are not air tight, but now I really admire the cabinet because all my toiletries are easily visible. The shelves are only 4 inches deep.

  78. Selena_Ivory says:

    Yes, it works on oil paint objective fine.You believe to be extremely careful with the heat gun, not to burn the wood, and fill plenty of ventilation. A friend once suffered lead poisoning when she archaic a heat gun on unpleasant paint in a stuffy room. Liquid stripping is safest for lead paint removal. Sanding is not essential if you employ the stripper to all the down to the wood. I personally would leave the stripping of antiques to the pros, by the way…… all value is lost when you sand.

  79. Dominick.Joe.Clay says:

    Not liking the trend of string-y, wire-y light fixtures. I hope this fad will as early as next year.

  80. Diego Kieran Bernardo Z. says:

    Perhaps it would work on a “short” wall adjacent to (or perpendicular to ) a window. By “short”, I mean that it would be the only thing on that wall. Perhaps complemented by a contemporary lamp or chair.And change its function from a looking glass to a location expanding light-catcher/reflector for a corner of a room or a nook. I contemplate “repurposing” it will it feel more contemporary.

  81. Hamza says:

    I would replace the hardware with something more (and the faucets, too) and install one wood framed mirror. I would paint the cabinets to match the tile and then decide an accent color to paint the walls – perhaps a brick red. The palm border and the accessories need to go.

  82. Abram Antoine Dashawn I. says:

    My two and half year musty nephew idea the rotary phone was a clock, but recognizes all the cell phone kiosks in the mall and shouts “iPhone!” At 20 months, my daughter will a calculator or remote control to ear and say, “Hello.” But pushes her vintage Fisher brand Chatter Telephone (rotary phone with face, pullstring, and wheels) and says “Car!”

  83. Keshawn Baby says:

    I would also look at a platform bed or a loft. There are plenty of spaces with those on the Small, Contest entries. If that is not possible, I would grasp the closet doors, and a bed there. It may to be custom sized. To it, do a amoire at the foot for closet space. A wall mounted beside table and a couple of wall mounted reading lights to it cozy, and a shelf with baskets above for out of season clothing and extra linens. No couch, with chairs and a side table between. If you must contain a couch develop it a one, and it a sofa bed for overnight guests. For a desk, mount the TV on the wall and a desk and shelving underneath. A sliding door for the washer dryer space, not curtains, the dust is not worth it.

  84. Andi Moriah says:

    I am bright about the cost of this reno, considering the high prices in NYC. Also, what brand is the stove? Am having a time finding a exiguous stove in stainless to fit my NYC kitchen!

  85. Alexander Frank says:

    Knows exactly how easily this happens. People collected instant judgement on so many we no control over and often whether they you can trust you within 5 minutes of meeting you. Sadly racism will always be with us but at least we are admitting that it is an instruct that needs to be constantly addressed.

  86. Quintin.Reuben says:

    Instead of getting rid of our aged mattress we made it into a day bed for our living room, we covered it with a futon cover, added lots of pillows, maybe a bolster on the sides.. (this works especially well if you a wall to it up against). We even made the boxspring into a platform for it to sit on top of. (this took a bit of time, of course) Worked big for us, and we can employ it as extra sleeping for guests.

  87. Parker Stephen says:

    @wordnerd101 You can over to the tp stash * nekid…!Honestly, this thread is for the joys of living alone — the entire rest of the world is all about how “joyous” living with a parasite can be.

  88. Rosa O. says:

    Does anyone know where I can engage the planter or something similar in number 2? I the turquoise colour and the feet. Thanks!

  89. Cataleya Alena Emerie I. says:

    Die Aussicht :-),es gibt nicht viele Hinterhöfe die so schön Wandbegrünt sind.Die Wohnung ist extrem geschmackvoll eingerichtet.Am besten gefällt mir das Zimmer mit dem Regal und der Recamiere.Gruß Dirk

  90. Alivia Elsie Irene Q. says:

    My first ad complaint: On my laptop, in the see-all-pics page, the ad is so that it partially covers the first row of thumbnails. On individual chronicle pages, it pushes the next/back thumbnails off the right-hand side of the page.I realise you guys want to design money, but if you the to it, who conclude you will retain visiting? I feel less a visitor to the area and more a cost-per-impression consumer being herded past as many moneymaking opportunities as possible.The house itself looked exquisite from what I could – the photos were blurry and I lost patience with trying to glean around the ad.

  91. Nova Harley Zelda N. says:

    Someone please dust all the books in my bookcases. It is the only thing I dread.

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