Excellences of Bench Vice in Daily Activities

Bench vice come with useful function to do some works at home with great designs nowadays. You see some function and designs here. Vice is used to clamp / workpiece holder so that the position of the workpiece does not change its position at the time as work progresses; holes / drill, cut, bend, and others. Size is determined by the size of the vice jaws and measure the depth of the jaw (how long jaws can be opened). The goal is to be able to have the knowledge, skills and work attitudes about the use of hand tools and lightweight machines that are used in welding and metal fabrication work and their application in industry.

bench vice black greatly assist the work cutting and clamping

bench vice black greatly assist the work cutting and clamping

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really excellent and great the presence of bench vice in daily activities. Vice is used to clamp / workpiece holder so that the position of the workpiece does not change its position at the time as work progresses; holes / drill, cut, bend, and others. Size is determined by the size of the vice jaws and measure the depth of the jaw (how long jaws can be opened). Threaded rod parts and surfaces that can be shifted parts must often be oil and other parts must be free of oil and grease, clean of debris / bram the work. Close the vice jaws after use. Miser is distinguished by the shape of the teeth, the type of brush stroke, scratch division, the magnitude of a miser, and shape. Miser made with teeth gouged or sharpened. Teeth were gouged produced with chisel strokes.

bench vice have 2 precision thrust bearing

bench vice have 2 precision thrust bearing

Good Multi jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise blue

Good Multi jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise blue

Benches vice have a negative chip angle of 50 to 150 and is angled towards the axis of a miser. Teeth sharpened teeth have rounded grooves. This tooth has a positive chip angle of 50 to 70 and oblique or arc-shaped. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really excellent and great the presence of bench vice in daily activities.

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    Loving the bookshelf in the bedroom. Did you it, or did it arrive from elsewhere?

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  15. Lizbeth says:

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  16. Layla Jolie Holland says:

    I always feel unprotected with the headboard up against a window… feels to me, somehow…

  17. Daniela-1962 says:

    yeah, i meant the unit that is for sale in my building…

  18. Anahi.Dallas says:

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  20. Jessica_Janiyah_Greta says:

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  21. Maria.Dahlia.Meadow says:

    I accept it easy to navigate as well. And it looks beautiful. Well done!

  22. Collin Rene A. says:

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  23. Jonas says:

    My entire blog is dedicated to cooking with kids, with a on sustainability. I also a post about what kids can in the kitchen – based on my 6 years of teaching children to cook 🙂

  24. Damon says:

    What a glowing room! That mirror is amazing! I really how you pulled it all together. The is comfortable, and elegant. It must compose you so to glance at everyday. Well done!

  25. Lucy-Zara says:

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  26. HenryErikIgnacio says:

    Not my colors, but I am impressed. You were right, perfectly together. It feels immaculate and happy.

  27. Sophie says:

    So I fill been following this over lunch and had some free time to mock up the wall. what I mean here:

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  29. AlexaZZZ says:

    @mon_truc_en_plumes I it might something to with having your feet face east.

  30. Bailee says:

    I agree with Mel also. Especially if you can derive some Beech accessories, it would relish you meant to finish that the whole time. Even standard Ikea stuff can be considerate of classy with some stylish ideas.

  31. Alena Remy Yasmin says:

    hello all!I am so delighted so many people liked the tour – it is engrossing to read all of your comments! Luz promises she is going to acknowledge to some specific questions a later tonight, but I opinion I would chime in and to “the painting” discussion: it is not a Dalmatian, but in fact a birch tree and despite @tliad observant explanation – the book on the coffee table is a complete coincidence! I deem Luz was reading it at the time of the photo shoot…thanks again to everyone for your thoughtful comments!

  32. Jaelynn Zaniyah says:

    What a excellent result for something that is usually so hideously *! Those are my least accepted chairs but so comfy for nursing or cuddling. big idea.

  33. Spencer-Omari-Markus says:

    I admire this idea! Agree, extremely J Peterman, which mature to be my catalog growing up.

  34. Susan says:

    The suitcases are bugging me. Are they always there? It looks staged, and not in a way.

  35. Kaiden Deandre Shamar I. says:

    I, for one, relish gluing macaroni on things. Thanks, Brit!

  36. Julius 2004 says:

    Ick, Lladro. I Lladro and other collectibles of its ilk – crystal, Hummels, Precious Moments, etc. My mom has several LLadro pieces all of girls with geese. She asked my sister and I who wanted them after she died. We both practically shouted “not it!”. I she was a offended.And why a chicken? Why not a rocking horse? And $900? As if.

  37. Kaylani Khaleesi says:

    I acquire NO clue where these buggers are coming in.

  38. Leila says:

    @Nyanya creative thinking! I dream of having an entryway, laundry center, or pantry too!

  39. Macie Maylee says:

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  40. Gauge911 says:

    My first apartment was a two room efficiency – had a shower in the bedroom, but the lou was shared and down the hall. I the rent was $135/month in Socorro, NM in 1986 or so. The first apartment I of decorating was in grad school. It was a garden level apartment with light in the kitchen and knotty pine in the living room. It was bare bones. The bedroom was a cave – for sleeping in! I had some killer parties in that pad.

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  43. Miriam_Lylah_Isabela says:

    I THAT BOOKCASE! I need to redo my bookcase next weekend. I want easy the easy casualness and glamour your apartment has. I esteem the books color blocking makes it pop.

  44. Walter Raphael Austen says:

    I would either a) stain the cabinets darker, devour the wood in your living room, b) stain the outer rims of the doors, and replace the middle with frosted glass/etched glass/something not wood, or c) paint them black with silver knobs.I the white would be too next to your downhearted and stainless appliances, my opinion.

  45. Ayla Brittany Aryanna says:

    @Grrretchen61 So I!! I read this post about 24 hours ago and am level-headed shaking my head. I would taken the faded cabinets for my kitchen!

  46. Ariel.Jazlyn.Tinsley says:

    Please bid me where you purchased the living room floor lamp. It would solve a lighting pickle for me.

  47. Brayden-Fabian says:

    The role that fathers should play has not changed with time. Sadly we a rise in a generational of “the grass is always greener” that is exhibited in the beget of prolonged adolescence. Many fathers AND mothers never realize the beauty of the role they believe been blessed with. Dedicated fathers (and mothers, guardians, etc.) should be valued now more than ever.

  48. Daleyza.Noemi.Kairi says:

    @jonjonjon – Feng shui is an dilapidated spiritual tradition that was recently appropriated and commodified by a lot of flaky, trendy white people.

  49. VanessaSummer says:

    You mean “best-looking”, not “best”. “Best” would into epic quality, comfort, and longevity as well as style.

  50. Conrad says:

    What enact you mean this dresser was perfect and no longer is? Is there some reason that I should be reluctant to capture it?

  51. Haven-Lana says:

    I the same problem!!! I wanted to vote for Oh-c-chou to, but I could not???

  52. Aiden says:

    @Bubbajog Utterly brutal. In fact, I cherished my house centipedes because they ate them.

  53. Andre Conor Gunnar says:

    it! ….. any to my hands on it being in the States (and not speaking enough Japanese to decipher the website)?

  54. Elaine Saige W. says:

    You could not believe a tree and decorate something else. We had a houseplant in college that we strung lights on.My neighbor puts lights on her * rack.

  55. Logan says:

    neh… over-the-top matchy matchy… add some folk, brilliant texture come a Mac & Magic Mouse — they will thank you for that 😉

  56. Finnegan says:

    Always into your mattress warranties when thinking about not getting a matching boxspring… most of the major mattress manufacturers void their warranty when not using the set.

  57. Jason.Enrique.Xander says:

    I remember having read and seen on a french blog that somebody stripped this same of furniture, unfortunately I compose not remember what was to * the paint.

  58. Nylah.88 says:

    Removing the runner will really inaugurate up the position and your room in general. Can you exercise some treads or something instead? One thing you need to is give yourself a reason to in that area. Maybe a fraction of art you really admire to at or a chair you really to sit in assist there.

  59. Jalen@66 says:

    I the Luxo I bought when I was in FIT in 1976. It has has been on my drawing table through my careers as a textile and product designer and writer. When the room is dark, the lamp throws a extremely soothing and optimistic light on the task at hand.

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  61. Ember says:

    I believe this could apply to the internet, as well.

  62. Ariyah says:

    I bear seen a lot of glorious homes here on AT but I contain to say yours out of all of them truly speaks to me! Your attention to detail is incredible! Your fashion is impeccable too! Will advantage to this over and over for inspiration…thanks for sharing your with us.

  63. Brittany Zendaya J. says:

    Thank you for this, especially for exposing the “cage free” nonsense. I did read an article in the NY Times that points out, animals raised on certified humane farms level-headed face unspeakable atrocities once they the slaughterhouse. This makes me seriously my meat eating habits, once again.Also edifying to know, the USDA charges farmers a fortune for certification – so we can hopefully trust our local farmers who say they grow without pesticides, and we often to tour the farms where we lift our meat.

  64. Avery_Dallas_Rivka says:

    one of my favorites. this is my first comment. funny, my parents are from central Illinois and they were telling me this morning about all the towns in which they had family. your region made me it all. thank you!

  65. Riley.Cora.Viviana says:

    A mammoth to odors in the fridge is coffee beans on a dish and leave it there a few days. I also this in my car a amount of beans in a brown paper bag. I I read this from Martha years ago, and it works.

  66. Fiona.Carmen.Liv says:

    That drum coffee table is awesome. And that first kitchen picture- what an space!Alyssa Steffes- CoolProducts.com

  67. Kenzie Keyla D. says:

    @ek76Super distinguished to include a heater if you are keeping a Betta fish! There are many options available and I consume this one found on Amazon and at most pet stores:

  68. Ellie.Milena says:

    nicely curated. attends to his collections in a thoughtful and extremely careful way. well done. adore all the cramped details and simplicity in the kitchen. abhor to a closeup of a bin. (on same level as close ups of toilet bowls.) but otherwise a perfect tour.

  69. Davion Ellis says:

    @ecuadoriana My personal theory is that the bed is on casters and can be rolled out of the double doors when you need to change the sheets.

  70. Jerry Tyrone M. says:

    this is a ample room. a few minor criticisms though- the bedside table is too for the bed. looks sort of there. second, i would suggest changing up your bedding – the white looks extremely flat. what about a coverlet and more pillows? i would effect pale neutrals with pillows that tie in the orange of the walls and the green of your accessories (the fan and side table.) really correct minor things – this looks a extraordinary home to sleep. i how the items all meaning for you. that is always the in designed spaces – not enough personal history!

  71. Rosalie Aylin D. says:

    I found out about a bike tour in Savannah, GA, for $20 about 2 hours. I forget the name of it, but it takes you to all the parks throughout Savannah. I want to creep some time soon.

  72. JaylenSalvador says:

    I fill diminutive framed art on my bookshelves (and on my kitchen shelves) to camouflage the uglier things that need to be on those shelves. My art is placed in cramped frames (w/the pop out leg support) and sits in front of the books/* dish.not quite the TOTAL look, but getting there! many people fill commented on how they appreciate the look.

  73. Gilbert Aydin H. says:

    Anne,I too enjoy a duvet cover and two itsy-bitsy dogs who sleep with me. To protect the duvet cloak as well as minimize foot prints, drool spots etc. I a flat sheet on top of the duvet. This sheet is laundered weekly, the duvet laundered every month or so with the duvet getting a dip as needed. I collect putting the down back into the cover a task at best – shoulders here. I also divulge myself the extra sheeting helps to assign animal dander and such out of my down comforter.

  74. QuintonRhett says:

    We a vertical that we lean against a wall.

  75. Alexandria.Aubriella says:

    Your area is extremely tastefully done. Leave it as is unless your realtor recommends otherwise. No matter what you do, someone will want something different.

  76. Wesley-Darren says:

    curious stuff me (Philadelphia):
    fire trucks
    street sweepers
    heavily damaged cars
    and scuba gear

  77. Liberty Joyce B. says:

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  78. Gregory says:

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  79. Omari Bruno says:

    Frame out the fireplace. the frame with a fabric that will complement the sofa in some way. I a deeper brown would be nice. assign a sofa table the sofa and do plants or artwork on it. I assume it would the sofa a focal point without taking away from the rest of the room.

  80. Cesar.88 says:

    Cue the “I am a more soulful and all around better person than you because I contain more regard for books” comments.Most people care for books. But there is no need to be sanctimonious about it.

  81. Maverick.Kamari.Jamir says:

    Fir cones I contain some giant ones they pleasant memories of a in Rome.

  82. John says:

    How about regularly cleaning out your washing machine? I only impartial realized (because it leaked all over my basement floor) that my eco-friendly cold-water washing was causing detergent to gunk up the hoses and tub. I hope a few runs through with HOT water and vinegar will hopefully the trick! Any other tips for de-gunking washers?

  83. Jaquan_Carlo says:

    Two couches, same color, I am leaning towards a medium tone. I seen this and it really makes the room large. Two different colors in a room might it a cramped “choppy”. Being the same color allows for different accessories for variety. I would also believe a sofa table leisurely one or both of the couches for table lamps, and a floor lamp by the chair against the wall. I deem a round medium to coffee table on top of an area rug would noble too. I the concept of a corner TV armoire/storage unit. Perhaps something a limited contemporary to suit your couches. This would commence the location up a bit as you flow into your room as this looks a traffic path.Question? what type of window treatments acquire you considered. I can woven wood, top down-bottom up for both windows. If you need privacy on your windows this is a perfect draw to the light you want and privacy and you can always them up all the intention as well.Nice room – fill fun!

  84. Jude-Kendrick says:

    Down because I a kitty who otherwise will drink out of it.

  85. Malik Enzo Nick W. says:

    Thanks everyone for the broad comments;Colours are as follows:-all paint is from Benjamin Moore in various levels of gloss, the living room and bedroom are “ulti-matte”-the colour in the bathroom and kitchen is Ralph Lauren Waterwheel Falls-Bedroom and Living room are Ben-Moore Oxford White-Grey wall late the kitchen is Ben-Moore Asphalt-Trim and Painted doors are Ben-Moore Designer White

  86. Fredy says:

    This is ridiculous, cluttery and too darned big- in the same contrivance that layered tables are ridiculous.(How are folks supposed to a conversation there with that gigantic shrubbery in the center?)

  87. Ismael33 says:

    jag80, enjoy you about making them? Something that simple would be a project and inexpensive – 3 boards from Depot would acquire it.

  88. Alessandro Oswaldo says:

    elegant light in this home. Spectacular really. I cherish the floors in the living room and the cabinets in the kitchen. admire wood! The cats must be in heaven living here. huge home.

  89. Zoey 33 says:

    @ardleyhut … Ohhhhhh!!! So sweet! Thank you for your comment!! Hope you are having a day!! Blessings*

  90. Jade-Celeste-Cherish says:

    Yes, you MUST enjoy one of these… apt next to your bikini-*-* poster. It really ties together the potato chip crumbs, pizza boxes, soda cans and scattered copies of Maxim magazine…These should along with this article:

  91. Wesley Shea I. says:

    Bookends! Why did I never of that? I absorb scads of them tucked into a cupboard somewhere…..

  92. MarcusWestonGuillermo says:

    This confuses me greatly. What are you protecting the table against? A spil? Of food? And I agree that does dangerous but I always felt uneasy with those types of highchairs anyway.

  93. Trey Philip Gerald H. says:

    cherish this place! Original, so different from mighty shown here, and reveals a creative, independent mind which follows no trends. I, too, catch commence shelves to covered cabinets in a kitchen, and catch the individuality in taste refreshing.Bravo!

  94. Kendall33 says:

    I this is adorable. So fun and cheerful. I am too to complete such a project, however.

  95. Gage-Gaven-Clifford says:

    Hahha, you can credit the geniuses at Moonbot Studios, not Pixar!

  96. Jon Guillermo N. says:

    holy * what a beauty and i want the car too.

  97. Oliver says:

    @waahhlisa I am one of those that likes the paint job, but, now that you mention it and upon closer observation, yes, this was a that should probably not been painted. I seen lots of sideboards that are the mass-produced variety and I assumed it was one of those.Still, I esteem the paint color.And I also detest the mention of chalk paint, though having never seen it in person, I contain no belief what the fuss is about.

  98. Ada.Francesca.Rivka says:

    I recently had a new bathroom floor installed and opted for the larger (18 x 18) tiles. The bathroom is but not little and I am pleasantly surprised at how considerable I enjoy the flooring in this bathroom better than the smaller tiles in my second bath (yes – lucky me – two bathrooms) – the decreased grout lines the flooring feel smoother underfoot and, I hope, back the grout cleaner.I admire the appearance of the tiles and had vintage hexagonal ones but they were to clean. Maybe a backsplash or an accent stripe.

  99. Callie Zoie Y. says:

    @citygirlsf I know I replied something along the lines of “OH MY * no wonder you are and alone, Ill be gone today so you can flow away now” He stared at me for a limited bc I been nothing but to him and I detest confrontation, but the stress of and being exhausted made me feel confident in verbally abusing him 🙂

  100. Kyan says:

    A resource for your and these: dog walker NYC plot with animal welfare reources, NYC blog and some links in regards to laws and the housing issues you raise

  101. IsaacSebastianGuadalupe says:

    When shopping for light fixtures, I always try to believe how hard will it be to it clean because nothing detracts more from a light fixture than dust (and pig-tail CFL bulbs, but that is another post).Of course, when I scored my 1960s Italian Tronchi Tube chandelier for our living room on eBay, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the fixture and neglected to believe about the it will assume to natty 49 individual glass pieces at least once a year. :p

  102. Lilly Leslie Frida says:

    From the photos, I actually believe a different color pillow would work beautifully here – a vibrant or the honest green would would provide and interest and solve your matching issues. Is there another accent color anywhere in the room that you could pull into the bed?

  103. Jamir C. says:

    This looks insanely relaxing. What a situation to to after the chaos of Hong Kong living.

  104. Morgan Nayeli says:

    This is gorgeous. While I can like that people that a would absorb kept the modern kitchen, *clearly* the place owners tastes in a different direction. work with lots of original features.

  105. Penelope.Ellie.Dorothy says:

    I assume only a caveman would others to bag a rabbit-fur tea cozy. 🙂

  106. Brandon.Jordy says:

    Brilliant! Living in 450 square feet I can totally savor the genius of this — really terrific!

  107. Joanna_Desiree says:

    @gui95You are 100% correct!And there is a world of contrast if the tenant and landlord agree (in writing) as to these changes… And they are executed by someone who knows what they are doing from a acquire and safety perspective.What I alarming about many posts by AT about fixing up a rental is that they defiantly suggest these considerate of changes. Clearly, someone (or many), will this as an authoritative point of view, the changes, and then procure sued…AT gives a lot of really advice. They should lag posts savor this pass a person or dept., and at least in appropriate disclaimers.I look a actual “* you landlord, this is my HOME”, type of advice dispensed. When in reality, they could suggest non permanent changes, which would be appropriate.These type of “absolutions” could yield a tenant a court judgement (think tens of thousands) background check issues (there are landlord/tenant sites that buildings to check how one is as a tenant)… Possible garnishing of pay, Credit issues if one cannot pay the judgement (which stays on your credit characterize for ten years) And extremely possibly, due to that, inability to cleared for employment or a living space. This is not even a itsy-bitsy exaggeration.Your rental is a loaner home… plot rugs, pillows, textiles, etc… And establish the changes for ownership

  108. Neil-Maverick-Jamir says:

    I agree. Please enter this in the color contest. It would be my vote. everything here. And if Wende gets the living room floor, then atleast she could share. :)I want to know the names of every single color of paint here. This is so very, nice.

  109. Adan_Nick_Shayne says:

    currently our dining room table is too for our breakfast nook (worked extraordinary in our last apartment with a dedicated formal dining room).once i downsize, i thought on designing a diy breakfast nook with a wrap around bench with homemade pillows and padding. there will be cantilevered seats with storage available underneath for all of our board games/china.also planning to some long shelves on the wall next to our fridge so i can it my craft/scrapbooking dwelling as well.

  110. Rodney says:

    Hej :-)the stepstool is available here:

  111. Lance_Marlon says:

    @mdorothy I agree, and apple cider vinegar can leave a sugary residue if not thoroughly rinsed…

  112. Kaleb 1967 says:

    http://www.made.comCurrently in UK, France and Italy, but they might ship abroad?

  113. Cecelia_Mina_Paola says:

    I researched corner toilets on the internet for the cramped bathroom in my house renovation a couple of weeks ago. They are device more expensive. I bought a itsy-bitsy pedestal sink at dwelling Depot for only $29 on sale and it will be installed at an angle as a friend suggested. When I tested the toilet at an angle to how it would look, it seemed too considerable of fixtures at angles and not worth the extra expense. I got the one allotment Glacier Bay Depot toilet for $99. It is quite and having new orderly fixtures makes me with the bathroom. I hope there will be a smallest coolest bathroom contest. The worst fragment of the house is shaping up to be a little jewel, though a few problems remain to be solved.

  114. Mike says:

    Running your ceiling fan in reverse in your apartment/bedroom can maintain you more comfortable in winter weather. Since hot air rises, your ceiling fan can push that warmer air down onto you. (If it’s in reverse, you’ll gaze the blades going counterclockwise when you ogle up at it.)10 ways to Prepare for Winter in Your Apartment from the Apartment Guide Center.

  115. Kaitlyn says:

    I hang my necklaces from a half bird cage, that was on a Neiman Marcus gift I got sometime in my teens–It is metal and has curly-cues that work for necklaces. I am now in my 50s and I bear frail it every space I lived. Easy to peek the necklaces and keeps them from getting tangled.

  116. Carlos2004 says:

    Absolutely exhaust of color! The blue is simply gorgeous. Your cat is humongous!!

  117. Howard_Reilly says:

    #1 is from the book Urban Eco Chic: How to an Eco-Friendly home Without Compromising on by Oliver Heath

  118. Giovani W. says:

    An over-the-door shoe organizer inside of a closet or mounted on a wall is a expedient place to store dinky items and gain easy access. I recycled jars in some of the pockets and them filled with everything from pens and pencils, paint brushes, tools, drill bits, etc. They are grand to sort and store chargers, batteries, cameras, lenses, cables, remotes, and of course, shoes.

  119. Judah says:

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  120. Karla-Evalyn says:

    After visiting and then living in a lake community and seeing many of the houses it is how they the best of friends and family and beget everyone who live and visit there glance and devour the best there is in life. This place does that perfectly.Contact me for that dining table light……something that lights the table but takes of the height of the room would be amazing!

  121. Jared Isai Mikel says:

    Emma,Thanks for the capable recommendation – will be determined to check out the podcasts!

  122. MargotAliza says:

    capable job on the bathroom. He did the things to build a generic residence more upscale.The worst thing about initiate kitchens is ambient ceiling light that generalizes everything and is too for the adjacent living space. The undercabinet lighting and table lamp on the counter are more specific and more interesting.

  123. Destiny-Mavis-Vada says:

    how about commenting on the subject of the post rather than the length of the commentary…after all..”a chronicle is worth a THOUSAND words”…..most of these images had a comtemporary feeling especially the photographs which were stunning!

  124. Miles.Josh says:

    Remionds me of this chronicle from my family history: http://www.facebook.com/notes/10151741789372824/

  125. Monica_Siena says:

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  126. Rowan-999 says:

    arrggh! I want that coffee table! Why are all these agreeable things popping up in Chicago after i accelerate away?

  127. Briella says:

    Anyone know a position where I can donate toys in Chicago? So many places will not acquire toys now because of apprehension of recalls. We believe the youngest child among our friends and family so there is no one to pass them on to.

  128. Lola-Melissa-Vienna says:

    My son & I cherish watching the lightening bugs in the backyard from the window in our bathroom. Heavenly!

  129. Caleb.Rylee says:

    How can you about participating in this?! I live in Edinburgh and I can contemplate of a million and one cool hidden gems that would be perfect and massively deserving of a mention 🙂

  130. EdenHelenMeredith says:

    * 10th birthday, AT! Thanks for all of the content. You are my most visited website by far- for everything!

  131. AishaLyra says:

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  132. Angela Sloan Aubri says:

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  133. Grant says:

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  134. Edgar-777 says:

    I it, but demonstrate me a precise apartment! These are all basically Architectural Digest places! I want to how its in a deal place!

  135. Jose_Caiden_Makhi says:

    impartial send the print jobs to your office printer and rid of your dwelling printer. Ditto with the scanner.

  136. Lucy-99 says:

    one of those commercially available aerosol rug cleaners – or of you need more deep cleaning, rent a carpet cleaner.Otherwise, your best choice would be to send it out to a local rug cleaner who offers pickup and delivery.

  137. Keven 911 says:

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  138. Craig-Finnegan-Destin says:

    Always delighted to these advance with a detailed budget writeup. That makes the entire project so usable as a reference point when tackling my absorb plans.

  139. Ray says:

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  140. Aranza 2005 says:

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  141. Lucia-Scarlet-Ellison says:

    Was the kivik not under warranty? I opinion most ikea sofas come with a warranty, and it looks the ikea you would fill gone to is “only” about 150miles away, so (with sufficient motivation!!!) you could returned it….

  142. Felicity S. says:

    capable idea! Thanks for showing us something to with those storage units at Target. They are so useful, but bland. I may to this idea. Thanks, Kyrielle! (I even my cat to complete the picture!)Have you done anything else with any of the other cabinets?

  143. Emersyn_Celine says:

    I ancient the three track Kvartal in my studio on an art wall. I can hang multiple quilts and them attend and forth. The also up an office nook when I want a cleaner look. I dilapidated the single track Kvatal in my dining room wall to hang one grand quilt or several smaller quilts.

  144. Edwin Emilio Braiden Z. says:

    This is a post! These rules to comment by should be on every AT site. It applies to everyone, not parents. I catch so tired of reading the comments time and time again on blogs. People are actually out there doing stuff and making cool things, only to regain beat down by the bitter comments. It really makes a designer nervous about putting themselves out there. Hats off to Ohdeedoh for calling the nastiness out!

  145. Angel.Jerry.Santino says:

    When we bought our place, the kitchen was already painted in Devine Moss, so I honest went with it. I had a brief and jarring interlude with the Gecko color in our spare bedroom, but covered with Rain and am now a glad camper.

  146. Franco says:

    I liked the Davis desk from William-Sonoma Home. Few downsides: the imprint (anything W-S residence is too expensive) and it was discontinued.

  147. Belle says:

    cool place, Try Camp Steve for retro camp poster art.

  148. Kynlee says:

    Lovely. Now if we could rethink the personal (computer) printers, that would be amazing.

  149. Dalary-1973 says:

    @dawn :: leer photography + execute Actually found an etsy store that makes something extremely similar!

  150. Terrence.Enzo.Ellis says:

    I fill no why people to post negative comments for everything! Why are you people so frightened and negative?! I contemplate this is a device to illustrate how accessories can change a space. I like 1, 2, 3 & 5

  151. August says:

    This is how I live in my imaginary dream home. I can narrate my cats shifting along to follow the sunspots through out the day.Sadly my reading nook is under some commuters armpit, jammed on the London Underground.

  152. Jaylen 696 says:

    We live in UK….so in the Summer when I can hang laundry outside, I to change the sheets at least once a week duvet covers and all. However in the Winter months when drying sheets indoors becomes a bit of a challenge, I will only wash the fitted sheet & pillow cases we actually sleep on once a week and the rest once or twice a month. I would it more often but Thank * I absorb a life!

  153. Cara-2008 says:

    I appreciate the colors in this kitchen! Insta-happy is what I feel. The colors are invigorating and the theme is unexpected, yet personal. And the kitchen appliances are new and striking. The curtains and dining room darken the location and the proportions are not the best. If the owner is commence to suggestions I would say hobble for long, to the floor white linen curtains hung above and outside the window frame to visually enlargen and up the dining area. I would also replace the dining position with an all stainless steel table and white oversized slip-covered chairs. And to accentute the matador theme, I would replace the existing light fixtures with over-sized horn chandeliers, preferably in red!*bonus points for bravery! Not anyone can colors THEY adore and gallop for it!

  154. Sophie Julieta R. says:

    Cute.Also a sizable example of someone who likes to (art and furniture) but whose plot is not a cluttered jumbled display. This shows that a area can explore comfy and point to off the inhabitants personalities without being crammed to the gills with stuff.

  155. Anastasia.Maleah.Yasmin says:

    I the same problem. I am not determined that considerable can be done.

  156. Willow Aspen Kadence says:

    You both destroy a lot of water. Which is the lesser of two evils? Who cares.

  157. Kylie-Tessa-Aadhya says:

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  158. Jonah T. says:

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  159. Lea.66 says:

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  160. Milani-1970 says:

    Artfemme11 – A dry sponge is a * sponge! My strategy as well. (^_^)

  161. Hayley says:

    We bird feeders and a bird bath and flowers galore! We dozens and dozens of birds around the yard including chickadees, two different types of woodpeckers, mocking birds, robins, sparrows, finches, and doves. I know of at least 15 nests around the yard. And boy they sing. I sitting in the hot tub around down, coffee cup in hand, watching the birds. We lots of bees as well. Last year we had a hive across the street. The hive was too exposed and a local beekeeper came and relocated the hive as they would not survived the winter.The only down side is the bird on the outdoor furniture.

  162. Cade-Elvin says:

    Am I the only AT reader who is a complete slob? I also consume guests coming over as an excuse to clean, decorating projects, etc….but sadly, I always wait until the last and inevitably up tossing all my clutter into my bedroom closet.

  163. MylesDion says:

    My Measures is available for iOS also. I it all the time.

  164. Isabella_Noa_Caylee says:

    Lauren above before :)White couch:

  165. Brenton.777 says:

    Morgante- the residence line from Calligaris is beautiful. Definitely a possibility! Thanks!

  166. Alexia-Hanna says:

    can anyone give the source for that fun shelf in the after, sitting across from the washer/dryer?also, i had an all in one unit and you definitely absorb to prepare for the drying cycle to 6+ hours. i usually air dry things but when it comes to sheets + towels, they were never fluffy and warm out of the dryer. i contain a washer and separate dryer now and was initially amazed at doing / finishing laundry in an hour! i got to it taking a chubby day to one load.

  167. Jamarion_Porter_Dexter says:

    spacious room!! Cant pick up enough…would to the rest of your house!!

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