Dark Wood Dresser Makes Industrial Atmosphere Around The Bedroom

Dark wood dresser come with industrial modes and vintage impression today. Make your dressing well also. Low dressing table design with size 175 cm high, 105 cm long and 46 cm wide. Coffee brown color is very visible antique accordance with the original color of the material is teak wood, there is a small drawer model train and a big drawer that can be used to store valuables or other important papers. If you want other coloring as desired or your taste, we can do by changing other colors may stain darker or any other color. We can also accept orders for products other than the furniture is teak dressing table by using the best quality teak wood.

traditional dark wood dresser with gorgeous designs

traditional dark wood dresser with gorgeous designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really inspiring dark wood dresser makes industrial atmosphere around the bedroom. Dark dressing table that is outdated and old can seem new with a touch of new colors through the process of painting. Choose a paint color matching the color and theme of the room as a whole. Not just enough paint, rearrangement dressers are also needed, especially if too much makeup tools scattered on it. Spare parts were deemed outdated, worn, or weathered also need to be replaced to get the transformation dressing table display that is really new. Remove the drawers and shelves that existed at the dressing table and screw s. Remove the light bulb is also all that is in the dressing table at the side of the mirror, if any. Protect parts of the mirror with plaster, newsprint, or other materials that can protect the glass surface of the paint.

overawe dark wood dresser and mirror with seven drawer

overawe dark wood dresser and mirror with seven drawer

Antique dark wood dresser unique designs with 3 drawers

Antique dark wood dresser unique designs with 3 drawers

After that, cover again with plastic until it – really tightly so that there is no gap. And not only mirrors, seat cushion complementing dresser also need to be protected so as not exposed to splashes of paint. Thatโ€™s all we can discuss and share about how really inspiring dark wood dresser makes industrial atmosphere around the bedroom.

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  1. Jocelyn Aliza Salma X. says:

    Your cat looks nearly identical to mine. Different face markings but the rest is a spitting image xD

  2. Rosemary 2006 says:

    concrete floors. you know how they were finished besides polishing? Acid stain? new micro layer over existing concrete?

  3. Scarlett.Khloe says:

    Lindsey Kathlene, Crate and Barrel has some really similar ones, for about two bucks a pop!

  4. Allison Phoenix Estella says:

    Please expose who produced that painting in the dinning room area. A link to their work would be greatly appreciated. You house is wonderful.

  5. Brooke.1994 says:

    This is a really compromise! That said, I affection Kohler Memoirs sinks — so pretty. Had a “Classic” one in the master bath in our vintage condo and adored it. Fortunately, however, we had a linen closet to store stuff TP and additional towels just outside the bathroom. In a previous condo, we had the”Stately,” which provided some extra surface for a soap pump and hand towel. Again, we were fortunate to a linin closet nearby — this time in the bathroom.

  6. Armani Houston Keven P. says:

    this is going to be so good! we were planning to the Ramsjo white, and at the extremely last – a few days before we placed the final explain – we switched to applad (the second least expensive option). Our kitchen also gives a nod to the house age (over 115 years old!) and victorian character – with hex mosaic floors and pressed tin ceilings – but the clean modern, sleek cabinets actually quite against that backdrop. And, we are getting ready to paint the walls a light gray from Farrow and Ball (cornforth white).

  7. KayleeValentina says:

    I also had a floor from liquidators. They believe no for the customer or their staff. Their floors are celebrated for cupping and they always blame the customer or contractors. And then tring to earn someone to approach out and a glance at the floor. Yeah right. Sam Sullivan never returned any of my phone calls (12 total). Store manager was left to deal with me and my irate wife. We finally replaced the floor with another company and had a substantial experience. The installer has now refused to deal with liquidators for 5 floors he has seen done, by a few different installers, all the floors contain either cupped, finished bubbling, or spliting. I talked with other who had bellawood flooring installed and not been what was expected. One customer was even told by Sam Sullivan ” you what you pay for!”

  8. RoseJayleenKaiya says:

    Nevermind, I found something perfect on the Linens and Things website.

  9. Erik Jayson Jaylin says:

    sorry, for the third and last comment. sustain the blue in the dining room, but once again replace the shapely with white or light grey. that blue is stunning, especially as it leads the from the couch to the room. luck and it simple!

  10. ElizaEllianaMadisyn says:

    Where are the nightstands from? IKEA, but adorned with antique hardware? I the simplicity of them.

  11. Adele says:

    Ugh. The “comment” by Rick for Rent-Direct is so obviously an ad. Who talks indulge in that? brokers that are exactly the of guys you want to the * away from. Slimy *.

  12. Zariah-Kaelyn-Aliana says:

    There is not we can to whatever people compose inside their fill appartment, be it smoking, cooking or screaming during *. We all pay rent and we all the same rights and responsabilities. Everyone is entitled to relish their personal as they observe fit.

  13. AlayaPaloma says:

    I believe an fabulous collection of fraying bathtowels, half-full shampoo bottles and out of date magazines in my bathrooms…

  14. Amya says:

    I was so to gawk this…I acquire been blown away by this and the and costume design. I so badly want to inch into that bed in a satin slip!

  15. Avery Aryan Malakai says:

    The wallpaper is STUNNING, and the little vignette with the chair and bar cart is TOGETHER. I agree that the windows are best left as bare as possible–why not off the trim? exhaust simple shades inside the desirable when needed. The sofa, though a color, would be better larger and providing a better anchor for the room. I agree with a better mirror as well. Many comments here to consider, and I agree with most, but I it is a dazzling start!

  16. Jakob F. says:

    My mom had cork flooring installed on her kitchen floor several years ago. She feeble a cork */plank flooring that she ordered from Expo create Center, the residence Depot division. The flooring came in different colors which notice kindly in the * do and is quite durable.

  17. TalanZZZ says:

    this trick for years, rather than toothpicks I bear match sticks, or even wooden plugs whittled from scrap wood. For extra holding I recommend gluing them in with any type of wood glue, it makes a more permanent fix.

  18. Briley says:

    The bedroom stenciling (aka the wallpaper I was TO ORDER) is amazing. Can you give a source for the stencil, or technique or anything to a fellow Chicagoan?? Also, your plants are immaculate, and I each and every one of them. admire this tour, you made a dazzling standard Chicago expedient into something warm, welcoming, fun, and stylish.

  19. Andrew Bobby P. says:

    I read a few years that people who live in homes with second stories or stairs that enjoy to climb daily, live longer because of the added they get. Ironic that the stairs will now be a detriment to their health later in life. I talk to seniors every day through my job and many of them in their 80s and even 90s are aloof living in their homes. Funny, when I someone in their 70s, I now believe of them being in their middle life and not seniors at all.

  20. Tatiana.66 says:

    love, love, love.the navy! the grey! the “orangerie”! : i it all. i affection the fabric on the chairs in the living room. the simple master medding and the spindly four poster.your POV is lovely. these beautiful JP tours construct me want to give up my back Bay for spaaaaaace.

  21. Shane-999 says:

    @judith z Yes! The bed appears to from wall to wall. A cramped space, indeed, but the bed is everything. It looks so comfy!

  22. Holden Javon Tristian says:

    @JeraldTomatoes grow well in a bog. I fill a 300 gallon round stock tank I for a goldfish pond, filtered by a 60 gallon bog that is a foot deep. I contain 2 standard indeterminate tomatoes (caged) in the bog, and they are crazy now…

  23. Madison.Freya.Heidi says:

    I correct finished making on of these using the tutorial. Check it out here…

  24. Drake Leland W. says:

    I am going into my third year of having mason bees in my yard. the tubes, not a block with holes drilled. The later attracts other pests. I pull the tubes out of the house when they are done laying and store them in a shed in a mesh bag. This protects the larvae and cocoons from predators. Then in the fall I harvest the cocoons and store in the refrigerator in a humidity chamber. They dart out into the house, on top of current tubes, in the spring. Crown Bees does a newsletter telling you what you need to beget each month [including how to deal with mold on the cocoons in the winter.]Terry in Silver Spring is right. Size is key. I build out mason bee size tubes in the spring and am planning to leaf cutter bee size ones out a itsy-bitsy later. However you can detached other things, especially yellow jackets, in your tubes which is why I store them when the mason bees are done laying.

  25. KateKarlaLailah says:

    Er, on toast, in yoghurt, on porridge? I cakes and puddings that beget honey in rather than sugar. I it mixed with yoghurt in a face conceal too.

  26. SergioWillJaron says:

    You successfully made it older than it looked previously. Personally, I am not a fan. They should beget painted the walls a pale pale yellow, and the dresser a light grey. THAT would be beautiful. OR stained the wood, and changed the pulls, luxuriate in soooo many other commenters posted.But, to each his absorb I suppose.

  27. Lauren-Nylah-Maliah says:

    I the whole crib bedding set! I contain had my on it for sometime now. The plush blanket is also elegant cute!! THANKS!!

  28. MeganIvory says:

    The apples are from new zealand because they are out of season!Buy an organic peach or cherries or melon instead.

  29. Kaylynn H. says:

    So intriguing. Beautiful, but as far as I can none of it comes from IKEA.

  30. Gwendolyn Amaris Milania P. says:

    consume your phone – especially if you acquire a smartphone an iPhone.

  31. Sarah-Kyla-Winter says:

    “Ever a guest from California freak out when you leave the water running as you carry out the dishes or brush your teeth?”heheh, i to admit i recognized myself in this comment. yeah, we can be a bit * that way. the east coasters i visited seemed to it amusing.

  32. Kalani.Rosalyn says:

    You an amazingly glowing home. It reminded me of a you in a movie that is so perfect and warm that you rewinding so you can fetch more details. Fantastic.

  33. EdenSerenaJaylee says:

    @Queen of Utopia: That last point referred to having walls.

  34. Maya Beatrice says:

    apartment. I relish the crispness and lack of clutter. Because it is so crisp and uncluttered, a bit more color (for example, a light, neutral wall color other than white, a few plants, etc.) would mighty to personalize and warm up your apartment. I also noticed that there were tchotchkes where personal photos might go, on the wall shelves in your bedroom. It makes your dwelling notice more “showroom” than “home.” It is a balancing act (in my clutter and “personality” are winning by a wide margin– this is not better). Overall though, it is quite nice, and is an inspiration to me to declutter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Trevon Warren Dylon N. says:

    I we all voted to retire “pops of color”? It can along with “curated” to wherever “whimsical” went to die.

  36. Jabari says:

    For those looking for a free alternative to creating pixel-based art from photos there is an online app that will let you build it called Heavy Mural – heavymural.comYou can a picture from your local computer and it will convert it to pixel art. There are some settings you can play with to change colors, scale, etc. And when you are blissful you can print out instructions for your mural as well.Hope that helps someone.

  37. Mark Camron Braylen H. says:

    art – I luxuriate in independant art/design, and am especially fervent in some local shops, designers, etc, for housegoods, fashion, or anything. Thanks!

  38. Kendrick_Jaydin says:

    I agree with peg.lopez.5.Every election has a winner and a loser. Both need to be gracious, whether or not the outcome went “your” way. That is allotment of being an *. Now the action needed is to unite to do the country to its potential.Many people are feeling that their voices were finally heard this time around. Please listen to everyone, not those who are loudest.

  39. Felipe Jaylan Korey says:

    Wow! I am always so impressed by people who the dream to something potentially comely out of what others may discard.

  40. Hayden-Rodney says:

    I this apt. My only opinion – which is a personal perferrence – is I would kept the kitchen counter. Updated and scaled on the counter width. I acquire bake and cook so I would need a prep space.Everything else is simplely well designed.

  41. Ernest.99 says:

    Not definite I really why the of St. Peter is on the galaxy one – is the inverted becoming a trend? I saw a young woman last week wearing leggings covered in them.

  42. Moises says:

    ALL the paint colors. Can you let me know color in kitchen and bathroom?I am thinking of Arbor Vine by Freshaire for either but would savor options!

  43. SuttonBonnie says:

    Simple solution: acquire those shelves with so many books you cannot even the adjustable metal bits.Also, Martha Stewart once did an article that included ideas for adjustable shelving. It suggested camouflaging the hardware in the by painting it the same color as the wall and making the shelves themselves peek a bit more huge with wider orderly pieces on all sides (which will also hide the metal brackets).

  44. JacobAlijahDevyn says:

    funny..I sent in a that hasnt been posted yet about using bamboo flooring planks to a hot water pipe.You should check out this company.www.fairpacific.com They are supposed to the most durable and best made bamboo flooring, etc.

  45. Adalynn_Alyvia says:

    My tv was on a corner for about a year and it was nice. Now my mom has placed it against a wall and the couch in an wall but not in front of. Can I admit we watching tv lay down on our couch?

  46. Sawyer66 says:

    HA! I voted SuperCool solely based on the best aspect of living “No need to yell”.

  47. Nataly says:

    May I ask about the rattan couch? I live in Hawaii and been struggling with the lack of affordable finds since we moved here — even on Craigslist (the same 3 box stores coming up!). Rattan is popular, and your UH-mazing couch gave me a re-upholstery DIY inspiration! May I ask where the fabric is from, and if you had it professionally done? Thanks!!

  48. Stephen.Frankie.Jamir says:

    Pay attention investors with some cash: region up a cable operation where everything is ala carte. Let me pay for ONLY the channels I want. trust me, you will be filthy rich beyond your wildest dreams in a few short years, as you will 99.99999% of all TVs in the SUA, maybe the WORLD!

  49. Emilio M. says:

    In my opinion, most of the merchandise in Anthropoligie is grossly overpriced. I budge there just to the inventive displays, and maybe check out the bargain room.

  50. Londyn Moriah W. says:

    I believe the same loyal mugs in chronicle three hanging in my kitchen

  51. Emma.Sawyer.Armani says:

    Kathryn–What about those panels of canvas called “Shade Sails” or somthing that… usually triangular pieces of sail-grade canvas, stretched on high-tension wires compose various wall anchor points…

  52. Gabriella-Melina-Maliah says:

    I a lot of imported carpet with fringe. Anyone tried one of these with carpets and hardwood floors?

  53. Emmaline says:

    As a typical young Santa Barbarian with studen loans and a tight budget, thanks for giving me hope! I want to live in a bungalow someday!

  54. Kyleigh Sylvie says:

    fetch One in Chicago always has a ton:

  55. Amaris says:

    I also would to look a how-to post. I bear been wanting to install wall-mounted shelves in my kitchen for a while but acquire been haunted that I might damage the wall or cause some other mishap.

  56. Jamal says:

    What a hoot! I started searching and found all this. With so many of us wanting this chair, THE CHAIR, somebody really needs to acquire the thing… and at a reasonable price!

  57. Larry-Prince says:

    ok, I just musty it and thin set. I enjoy never done tile work or grout anything in my life. However I did a kitchen backsplash with 3×6 subway tiles and 12 in alternating color runs of 1/2 webbed glass tiles. since this was first time i was intrigued by the simple mat. the first corner of kitchen I archaic this. the idea is but before I even moved on to thin here is what i found. simplemat is completely unforgiving and seems to dry out fleet but is inconsistent. when the tiles stick, they stick, you cannot reposition the tile as it will apt “rebound” to where it was. Then there were the places where the adhesive had dried out. a couple of tiles impartial would not stick and would off minutes later. i actually objective had to spray adhesive on those tiles honest to done. Now i did to point that i was able to grout this wall and it came out spacious looking however, after spending so distinguished time cutting tiles and carefully spacing them apart, you kinda dont want to peek them off the wall no matter where you are during the project. Next thinset. again first time ever doing this. application really wasnt that bad. It was actually easier and you could manipulate tiles into area easier than the simplemat. bottom line is that thinset really wasnt that using, simplemat really wasnt THAT user friendy based on the fact if it dried just slightly, tiles wont stick. also if the tile does stick, simplemat is not forgiving you cannot simply “slide” tiles over. using thinset turned out quicker and easier. I was quite surprised based on the advertising and zero experience with either.

  58. SofiaAddisonBrinley says:

    Ooh I luxuriate in the ones by Maria Janosko. For cheap artwork, I also be pleased stretched canvases – if you are feeling crafty you can achieve your art.

  59. Jazlynn T. says:

    @esotericaraThe DMA is free, the Nasher does a free movie in their garden, the KWP( the park covering the highway downtown always has free events going on. The street car in uptown is free, for a glide on the Katy trail, or the new trinity accelerate by the river, etc. There is so to for free in Dallas.

  60. Martin.Quinton.Dashawn says:

    i personally delight in a room with a more color and believe been de-beige-ing my house for the last four years.i bask in the color of the office and would probably with something that had a dinky more oomph to it but was aloof on the more toned down/neutral side that would compliment that red/red-orange tone and would off those delicate floors you have. if you want to conclude beige, i say effect a richer beige.

  61. Shawn Maximus Harry V. says:

    Jaclyn, the palms that are prominently displayed in the first image strongly expose that the fiance maintains his absorb residence.

  62. Armando.Marvin.Fisher says:

    For the budget-conscious there is this one from Bed Bath and Beyond:

  63. Izaiah says:

    I care for the FP one. My limited guy got one for christmas and well that camera was dropped, kicked, thrown, and achieve in the snow. And takes pictures.He does enjoy a different perspective, but i got a bigger memory card and well every month I through them and and delete the pictures of nothing. we usually waste up with about 100.The only negative thing is it takes 4 AA batteries. So rechargables are a plus.

  64. Emersyn-Dayana-Erika says:

    This is a broad list, but almost nothing is actually an antique.At a minimum, an “antique” is something 100 years old. Purists “antique” to mean hand-made furnishings from before the Industrial Revolution.But enough pedantry. Everything on your list is gorgeous.

  65. Hannah says:

    You got my vote, looking apartment with painted walls that are with vibrate colors, it helps the furnishing stand out. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Abraham-Johnathon-Kason says:

    big inspirational space… We fill the same desk with the glass top!

  67. Madisyn Abril T. says:

    Jen.. Thank you for your sweet comment! Ya know .. i just out things thats me want to smile and sometimes others smile with me! BUT I will let you in on a secret.. Shhhh.. I this house might be magical. Tis true! (Mums the word!) so anywho… I hope you are having a blooming day!! Elise*

  68. Orion Q. says:

    Im with ChrisB. I only capture things I absolutely need, things that will last, or things that can be hacked/altered.

  69. Hunter Abraham Nickolas R. says:

    The after is not my fashion but there is one idea I care for here, which is using wallpaper to define that dining area. It makes it really feel almost a separate room, while calm keeping the dwelling open. I could this being well executed by someone else. Especially because an L-shaped interior is in apartments, and a lot of people are not quite definite how to tackle them.

  70. Manuel_Casey says:

    Really nicely done!. I the gold chair and pillow, which fantastic. And the pillows are exceptional. (I envy your sewers.) Is the pallet comfortable?

  71. Brandon.Kane.Samir says:

    Lovely!I beg to differ on the exclaim of installing the wall moldings. It can be done by an * with the proper tools (miter saw, measuring tape, level, hammer & nails) and a tendency towards carefulness. The molding itself is inexpensive.

  72. Alyssa.Lilyanna.Meilani says:

    tam-tbag-I beget a in mind of my one-year son gnawing on the legs of an armchair…or a dinner guest who has had one too many, perhaps. You made my day.

  73. Clara Lexi Yaretzi Y. says:

    @Bunraku Honestly, I all cabinets would beget looked great!

  74. Izabella Anya Ari says:

    @carolyn@home There are also a TON of really rich people in NYC/Brookyn who can afford it. I would guess this is one of them. And this Brooklynite will never problems selling.

  75. Jaime V. says:

    There is currently a inventory of Victorian bungalows in my for sale that bear all been hit by the same flipping company, and it makes me sick to my stomach that they been stripped of all character. Kitchen ripped out and replaced with residence Depot *, also walls knocked out to it “open.” All the fresh window and moulding trims – gone. All the novel transoms – gone. current wood flooring – carpeted…it really does literally me sick.

  76. Gregory Titus says:

    @MNTNGR, collection. The Pitchfork Festival is coming up and my thing is going through the concert art tent and spending a money.

  77. Braelynn Dalary D. says:

    the unpainted cabinet looks enjoy it could be a Conant-Ball Russel Wright-designed piece.

  78. Aydin_Rocky says:

    bag one! After absorbing into a spot with too a kitchen for a normal size dishwasher I was so ecstatic to glimpse that they came in all sorts of sizes.

  79. Levi Gael says:

    My kids are 11, 9, 4 & 10 mos. These are tried & for all of my kids over the yrs.:Lego anythingThis drill “game”:

  80. Isla says:

    I IT!! I wish i had that rug in the living room! Kudos to you for doing your thing!

  81. Jocelyn-Galilea-Christine says:

    Candles is a apt idea. I agree w/GG, I the crisp air and I also appreciate the leaves.

  82. ChadCarmeloNash says:

    one microscopic problem.. even if i was willing to collect *.. my router doesnt believe antennas on the outside of the box.. they are built in.. then what?

  83. Miles Jaidyn says:

    Clever design of stabilizing the bottom of the teepee, which I is the biggest with them.

  84. Ricardo Holden Leland V. says:

    Never underestimate the power of small! This apartment is a example of making the best of what you have. From flea market finds to the occasional deluxe item, placement and color balance.Mega kuddos!

  85. DashawnDavian says:

    I admire Zappos and beget been a customer from the start! Thanks for having this amazing giveaway!

  86. Isla Lilliana Iliana Y. says:

    I fill lived directly across from busy express stations and now live a block from a major interstate, and a couple of blocks from a major hospital that is the destination for dozens of ambulances. As several posters beget mentioned, it is not as of a to deal with ambient noise as it is to deal with infrequent and loud sounds. loud motorcycles in the middle of the night are a for me. Also, recently a traffic signal was installed across from my house. What had been a constant din of cars (that I found easy to tune out) was replaced by braking and accelerating sounds. During bound “hour” (which in Portland, Oregon, starts at 7 am and goes until 10 am, then again 3-6 pm), the braking and accelerating sounds are really horrible. I can no longer our at those times. Replacing our windows helped, but has not completely changed the situation. It is also a for me at night if one of my condo neighbors decides to glimpse a movie or vacuuming when I am trying to sleep. But some people are not bothered by noise. For instance, my husband can sleep through all of this. It does not bother him at all.

  87. Timothy says:

    also, a enormous planting box in front of the converted garage filled with similar plantings to those on the left side will advantage to tie that side of the house in with the rest of it

  88. Gilbert Devyn E. says:

    Coca ColaA metalurgist told us about it several years ago. My kids faded cola to their bike handbars sparkle. Now imagine what that rust remover does to your insides. Tastes appreciate sweetened * too!

  89. Terrence66 says:

    what an astounding place–that is quite a feat to get two stylish young ladies and their cat ๐Ÿ˜‰ into one apartment and it so and fun!

  90. Prince says:

    yay, pics taken from same angle! lavender counter & overweight flourescents change, but after is five kinds mixed & looks a before. with same funds & time, one might a counter without steel, different tile or backsplash matching counter at 4″ or at height of stove backboard/refrigerator lower door (looks to be same), cabs at least on dishwasher wall, no shelves by stove. those faded refrigerators pleasant but are less efficient & may leak freon (not good). removed ceiling makes same footprint explore distinguished larger & airier.

  91. Jamarion says:

    I esteem the feeling of the the gent in the top photo has created for himself. Can you please link to the tour featuring his abode?Many thanks!

  92. Maxwell Mauricio U. says:

    @fjordbrit agreeable observation. Our modern intent was to not a step up, but to hot mop the entire position (as we were told we needed to do) was cost prohibitive. So we made the adjustment and achieved the same we were after.

  93. Ayden.Roberto.Oswaldo says:

    I had taken the colour acuity test long time ago (I believe it was posted on AT design back). Today, I took the colour personality test and holy guacamole, it really freaked me out how * on it was. The extremely first page made me jumped up a bit and it unbiased kept repeating itself with each following page. I did the test around lunch time but at that time, I kept getting a gateway error when I was trying to read the comments (I was to how it worked for others).

  94. Liam Royce says:

    I would it light and airy (and not red). Perhaps the Hans Wegner shell chair?

  95. Joan says:

    i steaming (cannot iron to my life) but my new steamer is so tiny, i need to refill it all the time. this would be perfect!

  96. GilbertoStanleyGuadalupe says:

    Always * the bed when you are leaving, try not to your luggage though the house and leave a envelope with $20 for the maid / cleaning lady if your hosts fill one.

  97. Aaliyah Carolyn Sylvie I. says:

    I am from Malaysia and it is a humid and warm country. I consider the owner did a profitable job with the shelves but he may want to the caps on for the legs of the shelves before it becomes moldy or begin to rot as he may once in a while wash the bathroom floor and it will time to dry with the high humidity. That is what I did with my Gorm in my bathroom.

  98. Sophia says:

    job! I build an inaugurate shelf BELOW by cabinets in the same as hers ( but mine are white) as i exhaust all that storage. I achieve my detergent jug up there and correct the door to squeeze the spout to the detergent when needed. That it is out of site. I did exercise a glass canister for the powder but switched to liquid.

  99. Eleanor.Kamryn.Landry says:

    Because of space, I alternate each glass – one up/one down. It saves room on the shelf.

  100. Eve 66 says:

    @Janel Laban, Executive Editor: Thank you, Janel…I am so about separation that I was going to ask you to discontinue with me for awhile! ๐Ÿ˜€

  101. Abel2010 says:

    thanks! we the Eric Carle and Peekaboo Forest and them. I always am alive to in apps.

  102. Justice-911 says:

    I relish this:

  103. Rachel_Jaycee_Moriah says:

    This one is similar for almost half the of the original

  104. Dallas@2000 says:

    DC Sarah-Depending on which size top you choose, it runs between $250 and $450. I the cocktail table of this as my coffee table and the finishes they exercise are really beautiful… extremely rich and shiny. I contain the dim espresso and my only complaint is how considerable it shows the dust! :)For the specific pricing info, check their catalog:

  105. Devin_Mauricio_Asa says:

    @confounded I had to my bed before my mother would drive me to school. When I stand up from the bed I already analyzed the disarray and mentally know the fastest design to realign the bedding. you’d be surprised how hasty you can the bed if you accomplish it before you allow yourself to bound to the bathroom!

  106. Emilia Skye says:

    i worked an hour extra today and was generally feeling anxious about being schedule until someone asked about the google lenses. my favorable building must be wondering what was so funny. thank you for that sincere, subtle, and comely moment of pure humor. I am grateful.

  107. Talia_Lorelei_Esperanza says:

    #2 I assume the texture with shiney would be great. I a cheap Flokati rug and the shedding is not a problem. Those flat weave wool rugs, even the hand woven ones will shed anyway.

  108. Jordyn Keira M. says:

    really truly that tile work. i want to duplicate that in my non-existent home that i own. one suggestion: i would a white shower curtain in there to really build that tilework stand out, instead of competing with the curtain in there now.

  109. Imani-Scarlette says:

    4th floor of a historic building.We beget elevators but the one in the lobby was preserved.

  110. Scott Kellen M. says:

    tour of both units โ€”โ€”Highly requested!!! You gave us unprejudiced a taste – now we want the * meal!!!

  111. Ayden Trevon Enzo says:

    Scan musty documents and store the digitally…minimize file space.

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