Really Smart Cool Creative Bedroom Wall Decor With Origami

Bedroom wall decor today will come with origami design ideas that smart folding styles and cool decorations as well. Decorate the room has become one of the proven strategies that we feel at home and comfortable in his own room, because the bedroom is the most privacy and we are most often spent time there instead? So, let us decorate our bedroom wall decorated with origami to make it look more beautiful and alive. The white walls in the room did make saturated view. Well, now it’s time to make your bedroom a beautiful garden.

Butterfly bedroom wall decor ideas with modern bed

Butterfly bedroom wall decor ideas with modern bed

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really smart cool creative bedroom wall decor with origami. Now the butterfly can fill your room wall to make it look fresher. How to make paper butterflies is also quite easy. You only need to prepare cardboard or asturo fairly thick and double-sided adhesive tape (double-sided) as an adhesive. First, form the pattern of a butterfly image on the cardboard, then fold and attach the adhesive on one side. Then attach a picture on the wall of the room in the direction you like. And let them make your room more beautiful. Do not forget you have to choose a color that contrasts with the color of the walls of the room, so butterflies will also be illuminated. It’s easy? You no longer need to buy expensive ornaments to make your wall more pleasing to the eye. Art is the art of paper folding origami from Japan. Materials used are paper or cloth which is usually rectangular. An origami result is a result of meticulous handwork and our creativity. In Japan, small children are asked to learn origami.

romantic bedroom wall blossom decor with metal bed

romantic bedroom wall blossom decor with metal bed

Beautiful bedroom wall art sticker decor with white bedding

Beautiful bedroom wall art sticker decor with white bedding

In addition to preserving the culture, it also made the Japanese people understand the meaning of a concept. So no wonder the Japanese now become one of the advanced countries in the field of technology. That’s all about how really smart cool creative bedroom wall decor with origami.

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  1. Rylan@2005 says:

    Looking for advice…We are buying the Z Gallerie Linden sofa but not want to employ $900 on the matching occasional chair. Suggestions for a low-end chair that would work with this sofa?Thanks!

  2. Riley.Ariel says:

    @macayster, thank you so much! That allotment is by the artist James Jean, one of my favorites of his. He has quite a few styles and is incredibly talented!

  3. AhmedEnzo says:

    @littleluna there thanks so for your comments. I live in Australia and the drawers are hand carved and from a store here called Ishka.Xx

  4. Luke_Joel_Melvin says:

    You fill to really fill panache to pull that off as a statement. It usually looks crazy-cat-lady-ish and really tacky.

  5. Bryleigh-ZZZ says:

    Talking about bathrooms.. I once lived in a extremely trailer.. and when I had to exercise the toilet.. I had to advantage into it.. LOL..And I long comments are great.. because we need to know.. lol..

  6. Gabriella Ashlyn Wynter K. says:

    lustrous post! I agree with slurging on a maid, its one less thing to about in life (having your house clean)

  7. Morgan 1987 says:

    I cherish the pattern on the sofa– is that vintage? I bask in your place, not “catalog living”!

  8. Semaj. says:

    i this idea. but I forsee a problem.i customary to absorb an dilapidated 70s “ottoman” that was impartial this: pillows stacked on a platform. unfortunately, the pillows would sliding about when someone sat on it., making it an awkward and dismal seat. does anyone fill any ideas on how to avoid this situation?

  9. Keyon-666 says:

    We absorb a dining room/office. The table gives you plenty of room to spread out. We a bookcase next to it that has bins, baskets and drawers where the laptops, cords and papers can be away after office hours.

  10. Aniya Mavis says:

    I know this is a bit tangential…. but, Chicago is not west of the Mississippi.

  11. Ariah.66 says:

    I too am blessed with an extra closet and Lucy and Coltrane having their private bathroom.

  12. Barrett says:

    @Frankoooo Agree. There are several youtube videos to exhibit you how. I ended up ironing beeswax pellets on cotton between sheets of parchment paper. This technique gave me better control of the amount of beeswax I was using.P.S. Those bowl covers with elastic bands, that others refer to, to be known as “pantry *.”

  13. Molly.1967 says:

    The sleek of these boards will substantial in my kitchen!

  14. NolanNick says:

    designate is nice, and it indeed mimics apple styling… but in a that looks enjoy a mac wanna be. with that clunky in the front, it is far from being as aesthetically as a mac in my eyes.

  15. Serenity.Avianna.Avalynn says:

    Viva paper towels are soft. I them to neat my computer screens and they not scratch.

  16. Bryan_Zion_Giancarlo says:

    West Elm offers two possibilities:

  17. Millie says:

    My Chicago bungalow has a planter in the front with a 1 foot flag. My neighbors acquire beutiful 5 ft. ones hanging and they beutiful as ever. If I had a great to a 5 ft. on I would. for your flag and country is wonderful!I this looks a neighborhood that is proud and nothing less. I would feel honored to live in such a place.

  18. Paul_Reese_Daquan says:

    Is this some of April fools joke? Is America really this cheap? Here in Australia, family of four, at least $2,000 Australian dollars a month (or about $2,500 US dollars).

  19. Miriam-Myah says:

    If you want to the impact the orangeness of the wood has on the room, you need to actually compliment it with a similar warm paint, rather than it with a blue or green. Warm neutral paint would also the green and blue items in the room stand out more than they currently do.Sherwin Williams 6113 Interactive Cream or 6127 Ivoire would be my hint to blend with the wood and a more cohesive backdrop. the cold brights in the objects in the room (area rugs, pillows, accessories, painted wood pieces) to contrivance the gaze away from the walls.

  20. Sean Larry Y. says:

    affection this! As someone who recently gained backyard/outdoor place I definitely needed this!!- Kaitlyn |

  21. Ernesto_Layton says:

    I hidden potential especially because it means a bargain price. But the paneling or similar decor are (most of the time) assign in to hide something walls in evil condition or something. So one has to really closely at the bones and if its worth it. But given the money and time, I most of us here would be up for it.

  22. Pedro.Frederick.Ulises says:

    @CanadianMango Thank you first-rate for the review! heh mighty appreciated 🙂 I am grateful for the opinion – always savor looking out at trees and not a brick wall.Thanks again!

  23. Shaun says:

    great region with a lot of attention to detail. I care for several pieces in this space, such as the bathroom cabinet and the wooden chairs. enormous paintings too. Your cat is a sweetie! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Campbell says:

    You are lickety-split becoming my site. preserve up the work.

  25. Chase.Rocco.Gordon says:

    Liberace is a Norwich Terrier.

  26. Trinity.Kylee says:

    Before I got married, I had an English Sheepdog to preserve me company. Not only was she a pet, but I met so many people, including my wife, because of her!

  27. Taylor-Mckenzie says:

    Does that first yellow room with seeds? LOL Man, that is YELLOWWWWW.

  28. June says:

    i the modern website apartments! costumes! everything you need!

  29. Gary Tyrone Marcel says:

    While the with the addition atop the Victorian loft is GEORGEOUS!! I believe to wonder how a family with only 4 kids outgrows a 4-bedroom dwelling and “needs” to do that a space.

  30. Sara Lilliana Chelsea says:

    The painting is my gradual cat, Lupe. She was a Cornish Rex. The article was amazing, Sean! You need to approach over to my house and advantage me out!

  31. Rowan-Finn-Omari says:

    Hi,i wanted to allotment info about online store I found. I devour functional and engrossing stuff for home. I broke my teapot and was looking for a frigid one to replace it. i found this home . they handcrafted items which are functional and beautiful. i bought one of their teapots. I it. It looks better then in th picture. i was a little bit regarding bamboo handle (they breake quickly) but they sent me my teapot with a spare handle. that was extremely nice. The also capable vases and flower pots. the stuff is not cheap but handcrafted and really intersting.

  32. Raymond 1982 says:

    Three leaves for $20? How I a company savor this?

  33. Juniper Tatum E. says:

    I the of my half of the sheet being untucked at the bottom and the other half tucked!Genuis!This is the of thing that can effect relationships everywhere!

  34. Sienna Rosa D. says:

    This is less version of http://www.stylelikeyou.comThis website showcases artists of every media possible, their closets and living spaces. It is beautifully done and undoubtedly more inspirational. These women indulge in the same women you on every fashion blog for the everyday women.

  35. Maddison_Phoenix_Faye says:

    posted by summerinbrooklyn on 2007-05-31 18:35:36 Thank you for the considerate thoughts.I one dog who is ok and one cat who is composed struggling to survive, they and any other pets I ever will never touch the garbage that Proctor and Gamble foist off on a trusting public. The cyanuric acid is a breakdown product of melamine and the fact that these sponges turn to powder when they are customary is not reassuring to me.Besides, buying a Proctor and Gamble product has cost me more than enough already, thousands of dollars in vet bills, three months of * and the deaths of my pets and enough tears that I could mop the floor with them.Paying for a toxic product and bringing it into my is one thing I hope to avoid, those that to bring this into their position every to attain so, apt not to claim it is in any arrangement “green”, it is a byproduct of coal and a carcinogen.

  36. Pablo-Dillan-Zain says:

    Lamp, tissues (allergies, etc.), desirable mini-Maglight (have you ever tried lighting a candle in the after an earthquake?), jewelry box from my Mom that acts as catchall, and a book. awe clocks are annoying and the light from them is supposed to be a for you (your room should be as dim as possible when you sleep). If I acquire to wake up a clear time, I the time in my head several times before I sleep and I usually wake up at that time or within a half-hour. Try it on a non-crucial day and explore if it works for you!

  37. Fiona-Jazmine says:

    What a mammoth exercise of space. I want to live there! Will you and abet me with my house?

  38. Jarrett says:

    MaribethI adore that desk. Perfect for a microscopic apt. Of course, my walls are made up of the same stuff as mentioned last week – dust, mouse skeletons, etc… so it would probably drop off as soon as I the lid. I would need a stud finder and mount it properly. Hey, P2 could me out there!

  39. Ryleigh_Mercy_Julianne says:

    I was there on Saturday and took this generous pic at the same place:

  40. Jennifer.Antonella.Marleigh says:

    Also, some kettles are unbiased too HEAVY! Enameled cast iron might discover pretty, but, corpulent of water, and dangerously hot to boot, a heavy kettle can be scary!

  41. Nia says:

    those Angels. Mr. Package statue not so much. This is a palace even compared to my house. I savor the fleshtone cabinets. Beats my plywood any day!

  42. Reese-Porter says:

    perspective in these photos – you can really regain a sense for how your region is. your dining chairs.

  43. Amarion says:

    This is thinking out of the box at its best!! honorable leer Nicolette! This chair seems to grand bones. job! Thanks for sharing!

  44. Amiyah says:

    It looks the shutters are not spaced the same on each side of the window. Not why that is but I would rip down the arched trellis and fade the one shutter over so that it is next to the window the other one. I would ditch the awnings (or replace with dusky and white striped if you absolutely must awnings.) If you google images for crimson brick house with shutters you will that the majority of the shutters are black, however I assume a front door tends to explore devour a broad hole so you could with something a bit current and create gloomy blue shutters and either a matching blue door or a gloomy golden yellow door would cute with that too.

  45. Liam Danny says:

    What about Fold bedding? I found out about them on AT website over a year ago and loved them ever since.

  46. Julio.Bailey.Antoine says:

    this a mountainous idea! i really indulge in it. i consider the multi coloured frames would better suit a more current home. I deem that for a more faded it would peek less DIY if they were painted the same colour. as an avid bike rider, i it.

  47. KadynJovan says:

    @ssk244 Ikea thrift storeseven the cube bins at target discover a lot better than plastic and fit in little spaces

  48. IlianaZZZ says:

    The MULIG Clothes bar from Ikea is an awesome reply to an apartment sans closet.I created my acquire custom closet using 4 of them + 2 ALGOT Shelves for under $100

  49. Ty_Brennan_Romeo says:

    The color! The graphics! The hands and feet! I adore it.I people here are soo prejudiced against anything or original. They would rather a whole bunch of minimalist neutral-colored, asian-inspired, modernist decor. That is so extremely tired! You my vote! I loved the damask pattern in the bathroom. It is a tad overpowering to on all the walls, maybe one wall would be okay, but I deem you rapartment is and refreshing. I voted cool.

  50. Sophia Gabrielle M. says:

    @samotage I know, right? The “art” leading up the stairs seems to be of a similar style.

  51. Adrianna_Nadia says:

    lighting store. I purchased some spiral compact fluorescents a couple weeks ago. You can gawk by the construction they are top quality. I recommend their products and will more.

  52. Carl 33 says:

    No fabric softener, occasionally a dryer sheet. They were cheap * towels…use them on the now.

  53. Leonel Dillan says:

    @CaliinFrance level-headed down…waiting until the child is ready to fly, usually means a matter of a few months.I bear never been on a flight where kids were outright disruptive…occasional crying, whining, etc., but generally, everything they were doing could bear been handled by their parents. The predicament is that not every parent will handle their child.

  54. Chance Cannon Santino M. says:

    @CHLA, I 100% agree and could not it better! A Talalay latex mattress is the definition of a estimable nights sleep for me. Latex, alas, does not last forever any other mattress. This conversation is all timely as I am looking for another mattress and definitely not wish to budge to a extinct bed. Thx.

  55. Anna says:

    home, appetizing family. May I please the recipe for Meet Main. Nodeles?

  56. Camron Blaise O. says:

    This is the color of my kitchen too! If you appreciate it, support it. This color looks spacious with and white geometrics. I bear downhearted and white checkerboard tile space on the diagonal. I decided to exercise slow white curtains but I can behold a dark and white pattern for your windows. effect distinct it is a daring pattern or it will gain diluted by the goldenrod. luck and exhibit us what you decide!

  57. Sophie Ariella Amaris M. says:

    @m_sf I having a with no ceiling fan.

  58. Joanna_Alondra says:

    @DioxViolet I agree with you, I would acquire excluded those entries.

  59. Harrison says:

    in mind the cabinet color has to coordinate with the backsplash and countertops, and the white appliances.

  60. Emersyn says:

    the pots are IKEAthe table, Target:

  61. AngelElmerNorman says:

    I admit it… I”m biased! cherish this house, but it was the dining room that drew me in because, well, it looks devour MY dining room (to a degree!) Though rather than elect an Saarinen tulip table, we went with a cheap Ikea Doksta. bask in you, we level-headed a of 4 midcentury teak/walnut chairs w/ dismal vinyl that behold exquisite against the white sleek table. <3

  62. Violet Ariella Milena E. says:

    Well Lord, how shopping does this single woman need to in one week?! (Not I know but makes you wonder if she is a hoarder)

  63. Terrance Bradyn says:

    @kushkush –take of posterboard, paint it, it 8″ from one side, bend, wedge into between Rail and ceiling, a tape loop on underside so tape colour does not affect judgment, review at all hours. bulb type distorts, colour also changes by season.obvious pinks are trend, but white with hair of pink is classic, not feminine or masculine, as paint yellows with age & pink is flattering to most skin tones.

  64. Amara-Kelsey says:

    @Sophie from Australia – AT objective (re)posted this article on FB, and I recognized the first garage conversion suitable away. Yours is probably my tour on this site. Congrats on the astonishing job!

  65. Adam.Jaylen says:

    Bedbugs live on the blood of living beings. So they are not a manageable nuisance. The biting will continue…

  66. Isabelle-Catalina says:

    I beget a limited kitchen (

  67. Elle Naya Barbara B. says:

    @maggieshan I did a google for “pistillo light” and “starburst light” and got a lot of similar results – glad hunting!

  68. VivianMelodyKaliyah says:

    I savor the top right! the inspiration photo rug looks luxuriate in a flat & extremely knowing persian fashion rug. I objective got the Ikat wool rug from Anthro, which has that lavender color in it along with a mix of plum, magenta, orange and beige. the mix of downhearted colors looks attractive

  69. Mara-Elora says:

    the panels 3form ecoresin…

  70. Sierra-Vienna says:

    Ha ha ha extremely handy if your having a party

  71. Tyree Elvis Keven A. says:

    According to both websites…Marina, DWR = $238, $20.30 shipping, $21.64 = $279.94Marina, C&B = $179, $20.50 shipping, $16.71 tax (NYC) = $216.21Difference of only $63.73, but price that DWR actually has lower shipping than C&B.

  72. MekhiJasper says:

    A sympathetic combination for both body and soul, a room of beauty.Diana

  73. Aliyah.Aurelia says:

    someone it. Appropriation, and for the dog, no less. Disappointed that this seems to be a trend. Hopefully it will everything else.

  74. LennonBeatriceAvah says:

    sorry about my comment regarding window treatments: now I can the blinds!! well done.

  75. Angel.Braylon.Cristobal says:

    Amen! Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice, not an allergy, and falls into the catagory of picky eaters, none of whom should be accommodated. All behaviours need limits.

  76. Colin.Luca.Leon says:

    Sleek, you can grasp playground sand (which is what you want) at any store or garden center.

  77. Leo-Lincoln says:

    The thing.

  78. Eliza_Leslie_Andi says:

    @citygirlsf *…you impartial made me envision a rail with buckets of gummy candy. my of kitchen 😀

  79. Conner says:

    I had always considered myself a bit of a coffee snob, but I to admit my $130 Braun Tassimo makes a * pretty cappuccino. Faster and cheaper than the corner cafe and faster, more and cleaner than my frail outrageously expensive espresso/cappucino machine.

  80. Noa_Amaris says:

    I deem coffee grinds can be musty in the garden. I worked in a coffee shop in college and a woman would approach by weekly to grinds from us for her garden. Not what it does or if its only for types of plants as I can imagine they would add some acidity to the soil.

  81. Brad Immanuel B. says:

    Naturally, my 3 favorites were the three most expensive. Tis always thus.

  82. Emery-Myah-Aryana says:

    Another DIS alum, here. My experience in Denmark forever transformed my views on design, and I was a biology student while I was there. place!

  83. Davin_Elvis says:

    White can be or it can be and oddly reflective of other colors. We Honey Butter by Dutch boy in our basement and it softens and warms the room, emulating natural sunlight a little. We also hired a contractor to gash an egress window where one of those miniature transom-like windows to be. It was not as expensive as we feared, although Hubby got the shakes at the prospect of cutting into the wall of the house! Now we an up-to-code guest room.

  84. Ruby.Jennifer.Deborah says:

    is everything. Of course, you pay more. But you can acquire to great of a fine thing. In an earlier home, I was initially impressed by a 12th floor glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico. But, it got really after the first week. And at night it was correct a hole. I now live on a lake with birds and animals and the occasional canoe. considerable more interesting.

  85. Lincoln-Freddy-Jaylan says:

    * this is such a amazing article and btw my accepted city on earth and my accepted of that city. My husband and I spent a lot of time in the lower district and always talked that maybe someday. I am soooo envious and this couple has for captured the feel and essence of the NO lower district. Absolutely this and one can only on hoping to join the great “family” that this of NO someday.

  86. Madilyn says:

    I difference in decorating and most of these quite a lot. For some reason, though, French provincial against the super-modern (first pic and the Minim pic) is correct a step too far for me– uncomfortably jarring.

  87. Abdullah@696 says:

    Your bedroom is adorable. You should try and incorporate more of that in the rest of your home. Almost there with the kitchen but the living room looks out of place. Still, I really this.

  88. Braylee says:

    Can you install shelves on the other walls, where you currently your desk, above the windows, etc., appreciate a built in library glance that integrates a desk? A floor to ceiling shelf between the two windows might also suffice. advantageous luck.

  89. Lilyana J. says:

    The most useful for me would be either the bendy silverware or the salvage bowl, especially since it suctions to the table.

  90. Milani says:

    Thanks guys! The closet is the white curtained position in the bedroom, the curtains is our broken-down closet organizing system that we re-used to compose a closet where there was none. Also, the antique dresser as the vanity in the bathroom is also all storage.Hoping soon to derive an ikea system to replace the closet leisurely the curtain.

  91. Harold Arjun Anton says:

    Wow, space, but execution detached has issues. With all that space, why push all furniture against the walls? Dining table farther away? And against the wall? I if the client is happy….

  92. Rudy says:

    advantageous job! I an economical that looks expensive.

  93. Rachel_Rowan_Kailyn says:

    I loveeeee the horizental 10 pillows.. soo elegant and they would behold amazing in my living room!I blogged your contest on Prize-A-Tron too!

  94. VivienneRuthHarlow says:

    We actually did the TV over the fireplace in our renovation as well… I actually did a lot of testing to be the chimney did not procure to hot, and can that the fireplace does not effect out enough heat to a difference. Now, if you had an earth stove and were burning hedge, that would be a different story.Also, I felt the TV over the fireplace helped give a focal point. If we kept the TV on the long wall of our home, we would bear to turn our furniture away from the fireplace — and I really kicking and staring at a favorable fire. :)Hopefully this homeowner feels the same draw about his home. 🙂

  95. Jillian_Amia says:

    Anyone want to evil them in order. Card table-most expensive, Nakashima second from top, Queen Anne and then Parzinger last.

  96. Jordan Trenton Atticus says:

    Restaurants pure white plates because the concentrate is solely on the presentation of the food. But I at home, tablewares are of the decor and should contemplate that. I really delight in coloured, patterned, and animated shaped (scallop edge, hexagon, ect.) china. Personally, I not savor the pictured “fiestaware”-type coloured plates though. They fill colour but no genuine visual interest for me.Life is too short for dead and china. exercise the advantageous stuff every day!

  97. RolandCortez says:

    Yep, I second the recommendation for the issue hanging strips. The heavier the item, the more strips you use. secure.

  98. Carolyn Evalyn F. says:

    In addition to the attractions of the internet, I bear to work eight hours a day. Plus regain food, and throw away the newspapers and magazines. Any suggestions?

  99. Tucker-Kieran-Rhys says:

    The orange book shelves are painted IKEA spice racks.Very job. It is an energetic and yet soothing color scheme. to accomodate both boys and girls.

  100. CadenceKatelyn says:

    Gregory. I consider your first recommendation on this list is only available for iPad1. A lot of people may be disappointed if they this.

  101. Everly-Melany says:

    I cherish watching the Restoration location videos from BBC on youtube. If you appreciate this considerate of thing, check out that series.

  102. Morgan Emmy R. says:

    My cell is on vibrate all the time. I mine only when I absorb to talk to someone at that time.

  103. Jason Nick says:

    @whimzy You definitely need holes in the bottom of the * for 90% of plants, so the soil can drain. Pots without holes tend to gather moldy soil in the bottom and are usually for decoration.

  104. LawsonImmanuelNash says:

    I am a quilter and I quilts. I beget found quilts at garage sales in my dwelling and I always think…why did they not include a label? I would care for to know who made them all! I was to accept a hand embroidered quilt at the Goodwill…I bought it for $25 and gave it to a friend to enjoy. My family teases me that I decorate with cats and quilts! (it sounds infamous but the quilts are and the cats are friendly!)

  105. Ethan says:

    Those who contemplate the advantage residence is the shower are wrong, I think; I believe the shower is OVER the tub when the floor is closed – the slats on the “lid” allow for drainage. This makes it possible to absorb a marvelous roomy stand-up shower most of the time while mild having room for a rub when needed. This strikes me as a extremely to the of having a narrow bathroom in which the tub would overwhelm the space. I appreciate it.

  106. Carmelo999 says:

    Yikes. I admire color and these are some of my favorites, but this beget is claustrophic. This is my opinion, but I that when you such grand colors that your accessories should be white. White vases would really pop against those colors. And the clutter really does an injustice to those colors. colors stand on their and should not contain to compete with so great clutter.

  107. Karlee says:

    I some of the chairs Target has on their site, but the reviews always complain about how they are. Has anyone had a Target chair for awhile- the chairs in? When I first bought my couch (from a name furniture store) it was stiff, but it broke in after only a few weeks of use. Are the upholstered Target chairs this?

  108. Dominic says:

    Misery loves company. I bear 2 of them in my house. They are on the “to compose list” to rip out.

  109. Adelyn Mira Stevie says:

    we a few teddy bears in my little ones bedroom. His nickname since he was in the * has been “nanuk” so the bears seem to suit him. Some are preserved from my fill childhood, a few are more fresh purchases by grandmas and aunties, and build-a-bear gift from his brother. I they are sweet.

  110. Walker_Allan says:

    I desperately wish I could wallpaper my rental…but alas. I recently found out that my mother customary the starch and fabric with some extinct sheets to the walls of my childhood room and I I may beget her attend me witha similar project the next time she visits.

  111. Branson says:

    @Poor Apartment Yes, it replaces the hand held version.

  112. KiaraSiena says:

    They both also acquire the chess art on the wall!! miniature world.

  113. Jazmin-Guadalupe says:

    Cats conclude not like aluminum foil. hotfoot off long sheets, do on you sofa and they will not sleep there. it off whe you rep region and indulge in your sofa. do it when you recede to bed at night. I also that cats admire to sleep windows. design clear you enjoy a cozy plot a window for them. And I an Electrolux sweeper. Lighter than a vacuum with a hand held vac that lifts off. exercise it every day. arrangement cheaper than a roomba.

  114. Isla Briar R. says:

    The birdcage is with that wallpaper theme. However, afew months ago every Re-do was with the advice to not overly busy “busy”.One wall in a exiguous residence is fun for that diamond pattern. I was in a where the teen girls painted geometric color pattern in their room. thankfully the wall with windows and the wall with all the doors were solid color to your eyes down.I really hope for the sake of the guests the scallop wallpaper is only on one all. some feeling of texture is lovely. but a can along way.Wallpaper in general:I would leave a house showing before finishing looking at the house if there was considerable wallpaper. All that scraping and…. to be done by me if we bought a house with wallpaper–No thank-you. My hint to those who contemplate they absorb to wall paper. it to one wall to add some oomph if you must or a border thing. But someday you will want to sell.

  115. Emmanuel Cristopher Gavyn G. says:

    Favorites this year:1. area by Rebecca Winward (very AT-esque style)2. Perfect English Farmhouse by Ros Byam Shaw3. cramped Decorating by BH&G4. Strawbale by Paul Lacinski and Michael BergeronAnticipating next year:1. The English Country House by Mary Miers2. Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw3. Subscriptions to The English Home, Gardens Illustrated, and Country Living (UK)I guess you can my is eclectic, sustainable English farmhouse.

  116. Anne-Kathleen-Marisol says:

    the first link goes to griffins and gargoyles antiques. i dont consider its supposed to??

  117. Dominic.Terrance.Jordyn says:

    the room!! extremely gracious of color and space. Where is the owl/measuring stick/decal from?

  118. Isaiah-Damian-Brent says:

    I like! Hmmmmm I wonder if the velcro solves the “tile creep” that Flor has… I a 2×3 tile Flor rug in my entry hall that I need pull apart and reassemble at least once a month because the “stickers” that Flor provides compose not the tiles together… Same content with my 4×10 tile floor rug in my main room, only less frequent maintenance.

  119. Vincent_Russell_Braiden says:

    Check out the planters at International Art Properties (

  120. Isabelle.ZZZ says:

    @UrbanDweller64106 Thanks, but there is no noise, just vibration nightly from his speakers. He turns the sound down, but his speakers are and the floor is old, and I feel it in my bed and in my sofa in the living room. I doubt they would come. I offered my bed to anyone on the board to approach and try to sleep in it one night, or on my floor, but no takers.

  121. Norman.66 says:

    The point of the upper rungs of a ladder are to bear with your hands. I accomplish not delight in this ladder because the ladder is narrow at the top, therefore heart-broken to hold.

  122. Ethen D. says:

    Maybe try and search for bamboo. They stock wall murals that applies savor wallpaper.

  123. Maya_Paige_Angelique says:

    I a camelback better bottle at my work desk & I care for it.

  124. Lydia.Kinsley.Marina says:

    @Eliz773 employ a nailpolish remover for… removing the nailpolish. It will of course also dissolve the paint or stain on your furniture, so you will enjoy to deal with that.

  125. JuliannaMargotAlma says:

    Am I too late? How can I follow the cure if the email list is not active?

  126. Mary Linda Salma says:

    I cherish my humidifier!, its small, lightweight, portable, uses a water bottle, and is cold mist ultrasonic technology. grand for the hotel room when I travel. I got it here: Desktop dart Humidifier

  127. Kaylee-777 says:

    Despite all the negativity towards the size, i to say: this makes me drool. It might be my dream home. Having that location and LIGHT and GREEN while being in the city is a dream…Why attain we so mighty difficulty making our limited spaces “feel spacious” and then down our noses at genuine spaciousness?

  128. Ariel Gordon Dandre E. says:

    I agree that B&W tiles need another color. I also the most successful rooms contain a hefty dose of natural wood- color & texture add to the B&W.

  129. Jessica Y. says:

    We the Gundtal too (my gaw, so cheap). The secret is you to mount it so the slide-it-on slay is *away* from you. So when you pull off the paper, you are pulling the roll toward the that is attached to the wall, not off the holder and onto the floor.

  130. Alessia says:

    @JosieDaisy: I regularly carry around my mature faded paperbacks to flaunt. Better than jewelry.

  131. Milana says:

    I to rent a similar flat but the owner painted it peach!!!!!!!! It had the same radiators too and floor to ceiling windows. This is what I really wanted the to look like.. *she sighs*

  132. Dalton_Gianni_Tristian says:

    I saw a agreeable for holding cookbooks – I assume it was on Pinterest. Anyway, a hanger with the clips on it – the ones for holding pants. Retail stores believe those ones with the extra spring clips. Clip your cookbook and hang it on a * of an upper cabinet. (Of course, you shelf lovers are on your own…)

  133. Ariel.Anastasia says:

    These are all great. I did this a few months ago. The vintage chest was waiting for me at a thrift store! I painted the top and case with durable semi-gloss white so I can touch it up if I need to. The sink had a template to chop the hole, so that was easy. I also modified the drawers to function and allow for the drain assembly. The backsplash is two broad pieces of sill marble. The project was extremely rewarding if you are at all handy. it here:

  134. Brandon Yair says:

    Definitely check out World Market – lots of solid wood, well-built options. I really enjoy their Haku furniture line. Check them out here:

  135. Clayton-Emerson says:

    I really indulge in #1 and #2.I would bear never clear/ghost chairs with an table, but it looks together.

  136. NylahMaisie says:

    Lady J, I actually the bed in the link you provided…

  137. Journee says:

    Does anyone an online source for how to acquire paper flowers? Everything I is made with crepe paper or tissue paper. I am looking for patterns or directions for regular paper.

  138. Mauricio says:

    apartment, and a view- well done, Annette! Something I concept of as I was reading your write-up: if you your kitchen as-is, maybe leave it. I believe a lot of charm has been lost forever in kitchen and bathroom renovations.

  139. Brent@33 says:

    @ATBBB – be to low-VOC paint, and a LOT of ventilation as well! And FYI, latex (water-based) paint is generally easiest to work with.

  140. EstebanKendallMoshe says:

    http://www.padmapper.comSuch an incredibly famous resource. It uses a more advanced search engine to sift through craigslist and other listing websites, and displays them visually on Google Maps!

  141. Talan Julien Nestor A. says:

    There is a community this in Philadelphia. A couple of brothers bought an factory and turned it into green condos with solar and green roofs. They inspect beautiful.

  142. Everett Isai Stefan A. says:

    Never. Then again I enjoy always lived in cities or suburbs where you cessation neighbors. I don’t know everyone and having my door left is a easy to your stuff stolen. Not worth the money or risk. However I will a window inaugurate if I’m on the top floor and neighbors can’t access via my balcony. Yes I acquire explore neighbors in the past climb 5 stories to their balcony because someone locked them out. Plus I contain pet and don’t want them to flee and rep lost.

  143. Keenan Shea says:

    Uh am I the only one who thinks the floating stairs are actually floating stairs? You can behold the tile floor between the bottom two treads! Or is only fragment of it floating?

  144. Jasmine Nina Zendaya says:

    Sort of an Andy Warhol but not quite Thomas Kinkade. To be though all artists had the “studio system”…think of all those haystacks.I consider of Chihuly as an “installation artist”..his things seem more appropriate to corporate or colossal settings than private homes. But they are more able to afford it…just a businessman.

  145. Aidan_Israel_Jaxon says:

    Oh, my….Is anyone else hearing Garth good about now… “ribbed, for her pleasure…ewwwwww….” ?

  146. Damion.Gunnar.Ryker says:

    yes, both my girls acquire the same bed from Ikea. Purchased in the store.

  147. Gabriel_Elijah_Korey says:

    Oh dear. I beget 22, but 9 of them are in the basement because I absorb a 550 sf apartment. I care for chairs, and would enjoy more if I had the space. I even a painting of a chair!

  148. Makenzie Anahi Moriah says:

    @keusadilla you mean that the blue that I relish so great is a protective film?

  149. Issac Alden says:

    peroxide and baking soda, scrub off with soft sponge.bam even the dull skin comes off. no chemicals.

  150. Mila.Journey.Aliana says:

    Learn to distinguish between dazzling things you unbiased WANT because they are and/or on sale and the things you will actually and enjoy. Ask yourself: will this item actually improve my life?Unless you say a resounding yes to that, pass it buy. Remember there is always another titanic deal somewhere.

  151. Lacey Hallie Lara O. says:

    I would suggest Saddle Soap, read the directions and choose your time. If it is an oil stain sometimes baby can be mature to soak up some of the oil.Also would suggest Neats Foot Oil. Not certain of the spelling but you can acquire it in a shoe store. Careful because it is a conditioner so Neatsfoot will change the entire complexion of the chair. Maybe the back panel and at the seams.

  152. AsherAsaRalph says:

    The top image was from one of my all time tours. I believe the color notion had a lot to with why I was so drawn to it. The dusky and white it natty and modern, while the brown tones warm up the and beget it explore inviting. This is definitely what I am striving for in my home, fair with a few splashes of color thrown here and there. I that having such a neutral improper that I can easily change out the accents to freshen things up.

  153. Derek Alberto A. says:

    The wood is nice, but I a feeling the whole project only took off once somebody realized the colossal TV would never fit in the fresh niche… it somehow seems to be the point of everything.

  154. Nathan-Jared-Paxton says:

    I fill slate in my kitchen, entry hall, and powder room. It does not ogle at all cold (although it can feel underfoot). It is also quite inexpensive.

  155. Ari says:

    Things we can, and do, live without:televisiondishwasherbulky blender (we exercise an immersion one instead)toaster ovenelectric blanket

  156. Amiyah Kathryn Kathleen R. says:

    @ECFinn the flame is not the only predicament with fireplaces for babies — no matter how well we cleaned ours it peaceful covered our toddler with ash which he promptly either ate or distributed onto the couch. Perhaps not dangerous, but blech. Our acknowledge was to a fraction of plywood the size of the opening and cover it with felt from Fabricland. Now we beget a giant feltboard to play with. Bonus, the room is warmer.

  157. Raphael-Ulysses says:

    You know, maybe you should be that you a washer and dryer in a rental! That only happened once, for me. I always of rentals as temporary (no matter how many years I ended up staying) so I could up with almost anything not totally insane. This seems minor to me — if you need high design, maybe you should another of to rent.That said, if you owned the place, an episode of Designed to Sell on HGTV addressed the by creating a curtained closet for the laundry (they sold the washer and dryer and replaced them with more efficient stacking ones) with pantry home on the other side of the wall.Front loaders are easier to with counter or to employ the tops of for folding. (Mine are Energy Star, too, so they are power and water efficient.)

  158. Kenley H. says:

    Absolute FAIL!!! I really the that such a product is being advertised.Is it me or is the first pic somehow strange? where is the hand coming from? is it attached to someone or is it floating around in this room? or is the model kneeling in front of the * towel-dispenser? funny…

  159. Keanu says:

    Is the International winner distinct strictly by the number of AT votes or the judges absorb a say on who wins that catagorie?

  160. Trinity Millie says:

    achieve you beget to always preserve the closet with the hot water heater unblocked? My mom has the access to hers in the kitchen, and she does beget a cupboard in front of it that is easily moved. Is that something you could do? If it will you free up wall/floor space, I would putting something the table or maybe the sofa in front of it. Both pieces of furniture could be moved in the event you need access to the water heater.

  161. Braeden@2000 says:

    @Car Fish You seem almost as opinionated as Trump. Perhaps you had divine in construing the absolute meaning of others?

  162. Mathias999 says:

    O, another inexpensive cramped tip is using those inexpensive fleece throws (you can collect them at Ikea for about $2,00), roll them up and tie the ends with some ribbon or string for an instant draft-roll to effect against the gaps under doors. No need for sewing or believe them with rice, they work honest exquisite as is.

  163. Lilah_Esme says:

    the smell bask in fish or extremely pi**y is caused by your electric we had this in a cupboard by the front door it was caused by the shower supply switch melting check all your sockets for signs

  164. Kolton Garret X. says:

    The is great…. but….The paper is and will feel a stick-on thing…. Since the patterns are simple… it would acquire been extraordinary to recreated the patterns with paint… it would a difference!!!Still… the notion is and looks really fresh and cool…

  165. Brett_Damon says:

    We believe some excellent really ones at White Elephant Vintage. Globes are one of our favourite finds because we dating them. It makes us feel all detective like.This one and this one were made after 1948, as it includes Isreal, and before 1953 because Korea has not been divided. This one is an illuminated one that detached has USSR and Zaire. And This globe is dated somewhere between 1958-1961, as Egypt is called United Arab Republic.So neat!

  166. DanielAnthonyGeoffrey says:

    Mark–I acquire also lived other places.But even here in fresh York , even the enlightened guys who want to net laid in a bar on Second Avenue beget not lead with occupy up lines about setees.

  167. Ezequiel 1961 says:

    absolutely cherish this loft! The tin ceiling over the dining area, the nightstand/shelf system next to the bed, the enormous windows. one of my all time favorites too!

  168. JadeBailee says:

    Almost every weekend I assign in an hour or two of ironing. beget to do it else my office outfits will not be at standards for my work. This item would probably help..some.

  169. Braeden says:

    From what I can see, the apartment looks lovely; pictures that prove entire rooms, as well as the crawl of the apartment from one to another, would bear been great.

  170. Jayda_Jayden says:

    before anyone uses it . . .please definite to WASH IT . . . the amount of bacteria that egg cartons beget is considering how many broken eggs leak onto each other during transport.

  171. Jake.88 says:

    Painting the cords the color of the wall would bear been the easiest and best step. I only second the awkward TV placement along with a chair facing the befriend of a sofa.The poster posted with the title of Bland to grand and – with leaving so grand unattended, it honestly made it glimpse worse.

  172. Mike Z. says:

    People are always asking when we are out so that they can inch in.

  173. Devonte says:

    job! Vastly improved from its novel state.My only would be to dash for high reflectivity in the splash of the kitchen. Or at least continue the satin of the cabinets down into the advantage splash. fair now, it looks luxuriate in you enjoy a matte which creates a bit of a cave. If you glass, for example, you would up reflections in the splash which would give that corner a bit of polish and depth, while collected preserving that maple/black you enjoy going. Relative to everything else, the cost would be inconsequential and it would consume the whole kitchen up a notch.

  174. Brylee Annalee Amayah says:

    Can someone who has done this me how grand fabric you needed for a wall? It sounds expensive

  175. Ava_Kenzie_Michaela says:

    @biancamaria Why would you the same napkin from a previous meal? I consume napkins and a one for every meal.

  176. Alani_Hadleigh_Amya says:

    looks to me. We honest contain one gargantuan office for the 4 of us, with 2 of us on a wall.I would rather contain that then being crammed into a cube/cage.Much more visually too.

  177. Peyton.Quinton says:

    There is no intention a faux fur throw compares with a Figue 15 candle.

  178. Jovanni_Adriel says:

    @JudyGirl! My thoughts exactly. No originality at all, but enough. And how can anyone who travels,and you would inquire of therefore that they other cultures, a Buddha on a toilet? disrespectful, would they a statue of Jesus on the loo too? I am not a Buddhist but that made me cringe tbh x

  179. Ross says:

    Got to agree that third-party app directories is a mammoth resource. Might want to include Tapscape on the list. They review iPhone, iPad and Android apps. They also a PageRank of 4 and an Alexa of less than 75k.Hoping for your consideration.Thanks!

  180. Makayla-Dakota says:

    Years ago, when I was in a exiguous apartment with an kitchen, I turned a lack bookcase on its end, added 4 ikea desk legs and voila! a long narrow kitchen counter. Of course, the mealamine surface was delicate, so chopping and other heavy kitchen duties had to be done on the “real” counter top, but it served as a fine plot to attach plates and platters while prepping a meal…. and even had storage beneath!

  181. Alejandro Ulises Fredy J. says:

    I savor it. At first glance, it seems devour there are a lot of things on the wall, but to my surprise they all appear to be extremely neatly organized at the same time. now.. the CD racks though.. one of them seemed to bear shifted..

  182. Chaz_Rocky_Fisher says:

    @cherylbuttons – it sounds your cat disapproved of your rug choices, and won the battle too!

  183. Nathan Lucian Z. says:

    Palmetto on Trilobyte: burrrrrrrrrned!Modernist houses from 12 million to 9!? Awesome! Let me if I bear some spare change lying around…These tough times did do a dent on my budget. I promised myself not to amble above 10.

  184. Sutton I. says:

    How create you bewitch a logo from a winter jacket (printed, probably PU) without ripping?

  185. Tyshawn I. says:

    @*spanky* We did the same thing. We a cork floor and with the legs, the cabinets seem to float. I it.

  186. Maximus.Pierce says:

    @eilonwy I engage that is (as I say in my comment), but nothing in the OP reflects how the BF cares about the Target Art vs the lamp vs other things. Only the John Wayne poster is specifically referenced as something he “adores.”

  187. Maximillian says:

    I am completely impressed. And not a TV in sight! This is a home, extremely personal and inviting!

  188. Broderick says:

    a few people above I value hospitality upon self and I try to the same for my guests. This past June we finished out basement into a guest apartment and beside the usual stuff, develop a helpful bed, tie the towels with a ribbon, soaps and the collection of hotel shampoos, I bought bath slippers made of cotton, a draw of flowers, one box a dark chocolate truffles and a bottle of champagne. I consider it was appreciated.

  189. Semaj.33 says:

    objective a cautionary note on my experience with a West Elm rug. I was seduced by one of their rugs and purchased it about a year and a half ago. It may contain been a plight specific to the rug I bought, but it totally disintegrated in about six months. I the was glued onto the backing, rather than woven into it, and it started shedding until I had to rid of it. It was delicate disappointing for me. So my advice is check how the rug is constructed before you purchase!

  190. Braylon Sterling says:

    Dramatic is word for that fireplace, but as the goes: what happens when the sparks fly?Perhaps best utilized in a concrete free of any carpeting!

  191. Drake says:

    followed the links and had fun investigating the realm of the sparkleball. nifty! and there are folks using drills, staplers, glues, what acquire you.thanks, again.

  192. Avery Karla Siena X. says:

    I former a Ben Moore color called Winter Solstice. Completely neutral gray color. On the paint chip the color looks a bit pale. However on the walls it came out a marvelous midtone gray. I absorb paired with yellows as well. It really helps to had warmer elements when using the grays: woods, fabrics and accessories.I tinting it too one shade could be perilous unless you were intentional with it.

  193. Malaki@2013 says:

    The Luggage Store has a photo gallery showing the area to when it was an alley chubby of garbage in 1989.

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