Really Fascinating Designs Distressed Wood Dresser

Distressed wood dresser come with old-fashioned design ideas. If you like unfinished and classic design, this kind of dresser is really suitable to you. Distressed wood dressing table is a furniture that is needed by the women of classic and vintage style. Surely because wood dressers has become a staple of women. According to the times dressing table already exist in various forms. A city must have its own characteristics such as customs, furniture or maybe the culture. Distressed own designs usually come with a classic style and vintage on the surface.

wonderful distressed wood dresser with 7 drawers

wonderful distressed wood dresser with 7 drawers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really fascinating designs distressed wood dresser. Dresser This distressed antique mahogany that has been through the process of drying and treatment to eliminate the pest mahogany. Dressing table is a product of classic furniture crafted by experienced craftsmen carved and finished with paint Duco with a distressed effect to give the impression of antique or shabby. Dressers distressed carving has high artistic value that may be able to use as a dressing table with a very unique and qualified to be your dressing table. Has classic furniture complement the unique zoom is an encouraging thing. To be sure dresser is a furniture that is needed by a woman to appear with a beautiful dresser. Because of the presence of the wooden table, will allow every woman when she was dressed up in front of the glass. Makeup woman also definitely not small. Not to mention the complementary tools such as for hair that can be placed on the table to apply makeup to make it look more organized.

luxurious distressed wood dresser mirrors with 4 drawer

luxurious distressed wood dresser mirrors with 4 drawer

cool distressed wood dresser antique designs

cool distressed wood dresser antique designs

You can choose the shape and the model table modern or minimalist. For modern-style tables are usually longer and there are some number of drawers that can be used to store all the needs of women in beautifying themselves. This table is made of wood that is strong and robust and not easily broken. That’s all about really fascinating designs distressed wood dresser.

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  1. DannyJasperMarcelo says:

    Gulliver crib from Ikea (got it in as-is for cheaper), slow white sheets from Ikea, baby quilts were baby gifts, sewed some of my bedding and curtains (there are no sew ways of making custom curtains, exercise stitch witchery to hem and a tunnel, using the same or a handstitch.) splurged $200 on a rocking chair, bought a expedient marimekko print (1 yd $40) and stapled it to a wood canvas frame and hung as art… I probably spent about $500 total including paint, lighting, etc…

  2. AdanDeon says:

    Perfection…seeming effortless and unaffected, personal expression that hits all the notes w/casual fashion and balance…just sublime. Would bolt in a heartbeat!

  3. Raelyn@666 says:

    I been looking for a reading chair this one! Where did it approach from?!

  4. August Kamren says:

    Waaaaaaaant. My Singer is from the 1950s… powder-blue steel. It runs fairly well for a machine that and sews perfectly adequate seams and hems, but making buttonholes is a trial and a half.

  5. Alex Elliott Neil I. says:

    Some other IKEA possibilities: Kajak Storage Unit (mirroed on one side, with swivel horrible allowing you to access storage, which, bedside, could also double as a night stand. 15-3/4″ W & D x 72″ Hor the more archaic Leksvik Linen Cabinet(21-5/8″ w x 24-3/8 d x 72-7/8 H). Also has mirror on the front (but correct a panel), and an overall antique stained/lacquered wood finish.

  6. Genevieve.33 says:

    well worth the stay…as a single parent…I had this that my children should not grow up devoid of any knowledge of the finer things in life…so I would something slowly and expose them. One year my daughter and I stayed one night in the Del. What fun we had in this classic luxury hotel and a memory we both delight in to this day…

  7. Ricardo.Cade says:

    @shiver thankfully, the tub next to the toilet should soap in it somewhere. In fact, pull it lawful out and leave it on the sink to remind the hosts to not be so yucky.

  8. Susan says:

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  9. EmmaSelenaNathalie says:

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  10. MikaelaAdele says:

    So charming, Elizabeth! Can you to Green Pond, NJ to decorate?!

  11. Ryleigh-Alaina-Alena says:

    Here are some more embellished stairs:

  12. Anabella S. says:

    I a secret fantasy of having a citrus-y kitchen done in white, yellow, orange, and green. I it would feel so and bright. 🙂

  13. Maxwell-Kayden-Amarion says:

    The furniture is exquisite – in fact the furniture is great.But the walls are drab and – thee to a paint store STAT with Debit card in hand and slap some color on those walls this weekend!Orange? Turquiose? Lime Green?

  14. Raul Efrain Duncan L. says:

    apt kidding it is probably a extremely business that does work and has quality service

  15. Jair@666 says:

    construct you acquire to consume clips or can you pull the wire through the top of the curtain … such as on a valance . . . where a curtain rod would normally be pulled through?

  16. Zoey Leila Celia says:

    Touch of dish soap in cider vinegar has kept my kitchen sans fruit flies for years now! I hid a itsy-bitsy mason jar of cider vinegar and dish soap in a part of pottery in the bay window above the sink and any flies depart there!

  17. Emelia Sharon says:

    amiencc, if you double sash windows, you can inaugurate the top sash alone a bit (which will let hot air escape) to absorb screenless breezes and protect your kitties at the same time.

  18. Cecelia.Adrienne.Bonnie says:

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  19. Chad says:

    Ooh! I beget the Built laptop case and it is wonderfully made! I would to absorb some of the other built products for my camera & the organizer. These are products!

  20. Levi-Bruce says:

    Everything looks and welcoming. I cherish the bed and nightstand. Is that one unit or separate items? Where is it sold?

  21. EzekielBrennanGiovanny says:

    Why you made me the one to say the obvious? The apartment is already LIGHT and BRIGHT. What they want is Light and colorful!

  22. Elliot-Laylah-Elin says:

    Not compelling IMO. But it looks expensive, so if you want people to know you spent a lot or really generous credit, this is one intention to create that.

  23. Grace B. says:

    ah, the chofa as we to call it in my household… not always the most attractive looking part of furniture, but nothing beats it when having a movie night in for two 🙂

  24. Jaime_Alessandro_Deacon says:

    elated you all enjoyed the tour of our place. Here are some answers to your inquiries.The kitchen/living room divider was existing.The fish wood block prints are by Budreski an artist and friend.The gray carpet in the living room is actually from IKEA.The blueprints were found in the basement of an industrial building in Norwood, MA. They engineering prints of the building dated 1913.Thanks for all of your comments.

  25. Aisha.1973 says:

    Lets see, the upstairs family has about 5-6 kids, ranging in age from toddler to 10 and are usually unsupervised. From about 4PM-10PM during the week and most of the day on the weekends, the kids treat the apartment a playground. Constant banging. Crazy neighbor lady in the building next to mine wont let anyone in to fix her contaminated smoke detector which beeps every thirty seconds and has been beeping for almost a year. People fall trash out their windows into the alley. The enormous number of discarded chicken glide bones on the sidewalk are like a buffet for my so I am constantly pulling chewed up bones out of her mouth. Ahhhh, city living.

  26. Ruben says:

    believe painting just the doors white & leaving the millwork/trim wood which would leave a more subtle that also compliments everything else you in your home. also, assume white washing the cabinets instead radiant white paint.

  27. Samantha Lylah Aubri says:

    I also wanted to vote for O-c-Chou and I could not manage…too bad.It is one of my celebrated blogs and it is part of my daily readings.

  28. Mavis_Veda says:

    travislessness -Go to the link below for the story.

  29. Luis_Brendan_Craig says:

    @kddomingue Moulinex is a French impress of kitchen appliances. I bought my limited kitchen machine one day, 35 years ago for 10 guilders (todays equivalent something luxuriate in 4 dollars or so) at a brocante market. It was secondhand, but not frail and level-headed in its box. It can grate, chop, slice, whip, blend, and also squeeze lemons. It is about 8 inches high, 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep, not to at but gleaming to use. Usually it takes me about 15 to 30 minutes to prepare even intricate meals from scratch. Partly thanks to this small, and frightful machine.

  30. Joslyn says:

    We are now a nation of movers! I”ve moved a bunch of times–with children and pets. A couple of things to add–start packing early. If you fifty boxes to pack and two months to it, if you pack just five boxes a day… I second the advice on using uniformly sized boxes. Also, clear you tape them up well. This made it easier on the movers–they replied these two things will immensely in keeping your things from getting damaged and makes loading more efficient. I color coded and labeled every box. Saved a bunch of stress. I esteem the first morning box idea!

  31. Justus says:

    wondering why this resource list was separated from her apartment tour?

  32. Kyla_Joselyn_Alyson says:

    My Christmas tree topper is a vintage-inspired (new but made from an frail mould) mercury glass pineapple. Everyone loves it.

  33. Jude T. says:

    I admire my Serif! If I beget to capture software, it is less than $100 and easy to use. And, they a downloadable version for us netbook users. That said, before Serif, I loved picnik and explain non-techy friends about it all of the time.

  34. Elliot_Aniya says:

    Whichever Anne It Was RE: Box Springs-In my 19 years of living in York, I YET to bear a box springs. I was on a captains bed in my early starving days, and then 2 different loft beds, and my last 2 acquire been Murphy beds. All normal, pleasant regular mattresses, but with no box springs, and I sleep a graven image.

  35. Jaidyn says:

    @Stream13 – or white up on the scallops, clean around the windows beside the door and repaint the door to something that works better with the blue.

  36. Tate.Augustus.Kylan says:

    This is the first Easter post I across and now I am EXCITED! Definitely the Fruity French Easter Eggs from the Alison Show.

  37. Van 666 says:

    What a and story. I bear to admit I really the kitchen! The bold artwork and awesome chandelier it chic, even if the cabinets are a dinky old.

  38. Jaime 1967 says:

    My ULTIMATE pet peeve – lighting options that finish no display what type of bulb they require and the maximum wattage. I be pleased that Jayson chandelier – but the information provided on the website (or LACK OF INFORMATION) means that I will never it.When I was remodeling my kitchen, this was my single biggest with online sources, so so that I for wattage and if it is not there, I discontinuance the and on.

  39. Brenda.Amya says:

    For those who believe difficulties hanging their curtains I can recommend putting a rod in the ceiling. I acquire floor to ceiling velvet drapes in my livingroom and then another layer of splendid white muslin that and can pull both all the intention away from the windows, layer them, or them pulled depending on how and hot it is outside.

  40. Camden.1963 says:

    Cookie magazine feature a London based architect that had a duel slide/staircase in his house.

  41. Celia says:

    I always arrive to a party with a case of craft * and the hosts are usually shocked/really I did since most of my friends are composed in the college mode of showing up with nothing hah.

  42. GabriellaGenevieveMontserrat says:

    Room and Board ( also sells tables in a modular way, similar to the IKEA does, so you may also be able to acquire legs there.

  43. Sergio Konner Sheldon I. says:

    I beget some natural fiber rugs that enjoy held up fine well for about 8 years now. The only dilemma I enjoy with them is the wide cotton banding on the edges. I got it in khaki, hoping to disguise as distinguished dirt as possible, but they blooming cruddy.

  44. Logan says:

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  45. Gavyn 2012 says:

    Bare Function is a term for this. This is on the verge of completely useless. Although it is a part of critical design.

  46. Michelle_Macie_Mercy says:

    @ Mama Gigi– GAH! I feel your pain. I abominate that! We were about to bewitch a plycraft lounge chair for $300 when the owner told us it was available, and then avoided our emails for a day and then told us it eventually sold. *.In those situations, I usually relish to send the “craigslist etiquette” website. The karma message is a excellent notion too.Those of people *. Hard.

  47. Tinley says:

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  48. Dominique-Aditya-Arnav says:

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  49. Skyla-Haylee-Kaelyn says:

    wow I cant how I this series! another good-looking couple!

  50. Marvin.696 says:

    narrate #4 makes me of Wall-E. dazzling spread. I might to try the chair idea. And I the same dresser from which the drawers in the last portray came.

  51. Sebastian Gary Y. says:

    Thank you great for the exposure! I admire the other examples too! Shelley at

  52. Kamren says:

    I bought one I loved a few months ago at Anthropologie with an applique yellow bird and fun, polkadots.

  53. Mariah-Olive says:

    This is a misconception – cork forests are plentiful and are only endangered if we using cork. This is because cork is a renewable and sustainably harvested material. Please check out these links for more information on cork:

  54. Elliana_Annie says:

    For DIY – the shape reminds me of a trifle bowl

  55. Dylan_Kendall_Amarion says:

    Thank you for letting the videos and to-do lists online !I loved the cure and forward towards the next one !

  56. Eileen.Reina says:

    Thanks for the comments. The 1st pic is my place. I had blinds over the expansive windows but wanted something to soften the hard edges. The ceiling were 14 feet tall. I actually correct bought 2 dash galvanized pipe and West Elm brackets for my novel place. (brackets on clearance for $4 and the pipe was $20) Custom rods for $24 instead of $350

  57. Stevie1960 says:

    Mr Green on the Sierra Club website says there is roughly 140 times more mercury in a household thermometer then there is an a CFL.

  58. Brenden E. says:

    i strongly agree with the article. i had cancer a few years ago at the age of 40 and it was quite and gape opening experince. It also prompted a inch that meant getting rid of alkot of things I had been holding onto. i ended up giving away furniture that was easier then trying to sell it and i gave it to various friends and relative whom I knew were in need of it or would it to noble use. Now I it easier to things simple and know that to many things can be overwhelming and although they may memories the memoried enact no hobble away because the items dit

  59. PatrickPierceDillan says:

    @textiles By your logic, no one should ever write advice articles because everyone is different. Lighten up.

  60. Addison W. says:

    @BrittanyEJ Yes! We had the same priorities and ended up with the same amount of guests and budget — and countless DIYS! About half of our budget went to the photography and food/*. There are things that I would differently now (four years, two babies and one less income), but I would never ever skimp on the either of those things. It was an amazing, fun, once-in-a-lifetime party with all our common people!

  61. Vanessa-Julie-Kassidy says:

    Could someone post links to online sources of silver leaf and Dutch metal leaf, plus info on how to design this inexpensively oneself. Thanks.

  62. Caroline Kassidy Milani L. says:

    extremely nice. The combination of broken-down charm with life-style up grades are so well done in this house. Kudos to the owner for putting in such an to this good-looking of architecture/history.

  63. Kameron G. says:

    this is a yet i want it delight in *.Oh, how many times I replied that about so many things!?

  64. IvoryLylahNancy says:

    So !I never knew that gray color could be so nice!

  65. Victor1986 says:

    I grew up arrive Yankee Candle and driving by there on a daily basis is enough to cure you of any desire whatsoever to be in the presence of a stanky candle for the rest of your life.

  66. Antonella.Louisa says:

    extraordinary space, I appreciate all the wood. What considerate of wood was frail for the kitchen cabinets? Where is the wood shower tower from in the bathroom? Thanks!

  67. Jacqueline says:

    Rugs rugs rugs! A thick one for the living room and another in the hallway. You can also hang a thick curtain your bedroom door and pull it shut when sleeping or studying.

  68. Makenzie Azalea says:

    I am making a mobile for my current niece, and I know they construct cat toys… one went missing and was found with many puncture marks!

  69. AliDavian says:

    cant benefit with similar styles, but i this in white and admire it

  70. Leland says:

    The crimson counter is scrumptious! But the CPU ter chairs are entirely too tall. No room for legs to fit under the counter…which is a pet peeve of mine.I fill been looking high and for comfortable, dazzling counter chairs that swivel and are the just height. hard to find.

  71. ElisaKallie says:

    @ScarletBillows : YIKES! is right! I the concept of grey grout with white tiles, but every time I leer a tile job that is poorly executed of the lines are too thick, it scares me!

  72. Payton.Dorian.Fredy says:

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  73. Marie-Sloan-Paityn says:

    Oh, I impartial the Scandinavian styles and the clean, bright, magazine homes – till I photos these, and it stirs up such a longing for a plot that is chubby of warmth, charm, and history. This is so beautiful! Thanks for giving us photos of so many different types of beauty in terms of homes.

  74. Leland V. says:

    Sons and Daughters has an awesome website for purhasing gifts for those of us not lucky enough to live in NYC

  75. Daleyza_Gracelyn says:

    I adore this idea! The pink bottom chairs from iVillage and the dipped table from The Inspired Room are extremely elegant. I would this for a dining room.

  76. Elias says:

    If you enjoy a hobby shop with model trains grasp the glass and give it to them. Modelers exercise the glass from cheap frames for the glass windows on the cars. Also microscope slides or the slips if you need some really thin glass for micro scale.

  77. Aya_Zion says:

    I wrote a tutorial for how to earn a simple scrap fabric baby book:

  78. Charlie.88 says:

    We also had elegant up time at the of the school day in CT. (just our classrooms)I everyday. Ussally sweeping and the kitchen counters…but always something beyond the call of duty.Every 10 days the cleaned create top to bottom. (everything must sparkle)A nail brush is colossal to bear for scrubing. I one in the bathroom.I to hold my spot realativly spotless though from time to time the desk can become semi-cluttered (new office in the works, impartial ordered the current wood floors.)

  79. Helen-Emmalyn says:

    I the 3M strips to hang up my plate collection in my kitchen! I them. I heavily textured, plaster walls and they worked out perfectly. I wrote up the entire process in my blog:

  80. JaylenElliot says:

    I chalkboard paint on the bottom of two crates and wrote the menu for our wedding on them. We build them on the card table instead of printing individual menus for each guest. You can ogle a photo here.

  81. Felicity_Rylan_Julianne says:

    Oops…I also want to know about the faces on the fridge. I call them “yam heads”, because they are the color of yams (I yams too).

  82. Jaquan@999 says:

    Does anyone remember the episode of The Simpsons where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball that says “Homer” on it? That would be me if I gave my husband flowers! =) But we often pace to the Flower Mart in DTLA and out flowers together.

  83. Bianca.Noor says:

    and lots of light beget ALL the difference.

  84. Andres-Bradyn-Finnegan says:

    A bachelor at 550 sq ft? I live in a one bedroom at 545 sq ft. I guess layout is key! A wall could be up to a one bedroom with room to spare for a living-room but the of the windows would be lost – and the windows are EVERYTHING. Lovely. xo

  85. Louis Austen I. says:

    My building is aid from the street, so I always fill to disclose people that I live at the slay of the walkway next to the music academy.

  86. WhitneyVienna says:

    A waffle is a waffle, right? So why I feel even heavier thinking about eating a whole waffle chair??? LOL

  87. Amira-Jaylah-Paityn says:

    AustrianinParis –We had interestingly different interpretations! I had they were suggesting an inflatable bed because it could be leaned against the wall during the daytime. We a 3-inch thick foam pad mounted on the wall in an unheated room–it makes the sofabed comfortable for overnight guests, it goes with us on camping trips, and it even provides a bit of extra insulation for the room when not in use.

  88. Ariel_Todd says:

    I wish I knew of specific devices/approaches that were more helpful.Color choices of furniture and walls could be really helpful, when I of daycares, I believe of many indispensable colors. Soothing blues or bold grays could help!Perhaps you could non-daycare ideas by looking into safety features or devices for the adults with higher of falling, e.g. features for those rehabilitating after a *, or that high-tail into retirements homes.

  89. George Kadin says:

    I asked a professional silversmith for more information on this and this is what they had to say:We not recommend the process especially with silver-plate as it cleans by galvanic action which the interaction between metals and chemicals. It works; however, the chemical process stays in the cells of the metal and keeps on working and corroding the metal long after it has been rinsed off. silver is safer to employ in this process than plate as silver plate is a combination of metals which is a mix for galvanic action.We calm recommend a honorable silver polish above and beyond anything else.

  90. Hattie.Malaya says:

    This is a knowing and the result is fantastic. Well done, Carolyn!

  91. Finley E. says:

    I am so motived to inaugurate sewing – I am the fair Beginner, I read the instruction book (only once so far though) and fill loaded up at a fabric sale and now just need a few nights in a row please of the kids all going to bed and staying asleep for me to plot up the machine. I absorb never frail a sewing machine before!! But I of swirly skirts for my diminutive girls and a superhero cape for my baby boy.

  92. Tristen says:

    i esteem so many things in your shop/studio <3 thanks for the descriptions in the tour, i appreciated 🙂

  93. Axel-Elian says:

    If our daughters are from similar cloth, then you already know how I indulge in you being supportive rather than judgmental. But I calm wanna say thank you so much! I believe no with her trying on different elements as she figures out who she IS. So, again, many thanks.

  94. Hadlee 99 says:

    Ok negative commentators you had your say about how cold or unadorned this house is.I know you appreciate the overwrought, over-decorated childish designs that regularly appear on this site.Whenever I critique these oh soooo spaces, my comments axed.I adore care for this house

  95. Harold Kennedy says:

    Multi-tasking is nothing new. I visited a collector of antique laundry equipment and saw a barrel on a bench (with a backrest) that had rockers underneath. The mother sat on the bench and rocked while she nursed her baby. Baby fed, laundry agitated and all the while, she could chat with her aunt!

  96. Tyler says:

    My post from AT in a long time. Thought-provoking, interactive, and educational. these coming AT! modern series!:)

  97. Elyse says:

    @MiddleofNowhere –the most flexible fixture is tub/shower combination. ADA compliancy will be addressed by handrails, grab bars, lower tub walls, which aid many children as well. please provide documentation that most people bewitch showers (without ever needing a bathtub to soak bodies, feet, laundry, or to store * for a party).

  98. TrinityAylinJulianne says:

    Wow, what an amazing region with such beneficial light and furnishings. Really well done. I live in Providence and eye the dog pillow on your sofa- I seen those at Comina!

  99. LaylaEloiseBrenna says:

    emily, thanks so grand for the info about room size and watts! i am absorbing into an house with central oil heat (and i bask in my room extra toasty) so i enjoy been trying to figure out what i need and what the difference between heaters is. shapely titanic help, i contemplate i may out and one of these today!

  100. Harrison.Warren.Gonzalo says:

    You might find a critical oil diffuser. The scents are extremely subtle and natural. Be you employ high quality oils for diffusing. I inexpensive considerable oils for most things (making soap, cleaning supplies, etc), but diffused oils need to be aromatherapy grade.

  101. Kenneth says:

    My studio apartment in Finland had a miniature sauna. I did not employ it that much, but my parents theirs every other night. It is something I miss now when I am lacking one.Good thing I can visit any relative or friend in Finland and consume theirs!

  102. Jamal Davin says:

    The artist for the pieces in that photo is Aurelie Tu, and those art interlocked pieces of felt rather than quilts. More info:

  103. Diego Kyan Royce O. says:

    I be pleased the notion of pops of crimson in there. When I first saw the image Polynesian or Hawaiian inspiration came to mind. Perhaps vintage Hawaiin post cards on the wall.

  104. Braxton Eugene I. says:

    Yes $130 is a lot of money but what is the health of your child worth? My son had reflux and could not sleep unless he was in an inclined position. All the wedges and other gadgets we tried left him at the bottom of the wedge crumpled into a ball. Not exactly safe. What is with a bouncer? The positioning is not correct for sleep and the babies can extinguish up with their neck too far forward cutting off their airway. The nap nanny was worth every penny for us. Our son slept better the first night we had him in it. It significantly helped with his reflux and he was a distinguished happier and healthier baby.

  105. Savanna Amayah says:

    the advice and indulgence! And the baseball cap on the bust might be one of my things ever! 🙂

  106. Nehemiah says:

    Pfft green cramped vase from Hobby Lobby…they went on sale recently because they were too expensive to with.

  107. Jamal says:

    That thing seems considerate of bulky. It would be frigid if it was:- Cheaper- Smaller- Able to be painted- Available in different colors/finishes/texturesI also someone could do something this fairly easily.

  108. Matilda Aadhya C. says:

    Let me look what I can about getting together the scans of the plans – they are a combination of the current fax from my father and my fast redrawing…

  109. Antwan 1962 says:

    Huh. The nearly identical conception from DWR got slammed on this not too terribly long ago…

  110. Gabriella Noelle Delaney K. says:

    i voted for the rug a quality part that is well cared for makes a heirloom. the ghost chair will beget a life.

  111. Paisley_Gracelynn_Hanna says:

    I accurate realized the first allotment of my previous post sounded a-holish. It was meant to be sarcastic.

  112. Chelsea L. says:

    LOL at FengShuiByFishgirl! Lowes sells a decent one where the blades are concealed in a drum, so it looks a regular ceiling light. At least more options are coming available…

  113. Briar says:

    @kariak I agree, but it depends on body type and climate. I really oily hair and skin, work as a grill cook, and live in the American South, so my cleaning habits are more rigorous out of necessity. But if one lives in a cooler climate, has a not-so-physically demanding job, and dry skin, my personal hygiene routine would probably atomize their skin and hair.

  114. Alijah-2014 says:

    Your links to the items from the AT Classifieds usually lead to the Classified page, not the individual item. Is this intentional?

  115. Lillianna@1964 says:

    oh goodness, I esteem that bathroom with the rock and the wood and the ooooh yes, that might beget to happen in a future apartment.340 is livable. I beget a 500 sq ft 2 bedroom (tiniest. rooms. ever.) and I rarely consume the spare bedroom. Granted, I live by myself and when my girlfriend comes to visit, it feels attractive — this is mostly because of the floorplan that makes exiguous sense.

  116. Angelo Eliseo A. says:

    I would NEVER want to attach my toilet cleaning sponge anywhere advance my utensil sponge…. you know how bacteria can pace across sponge material? Even separated by the fabric of the “house” sponge…. this is peaceful totally to me.

  117. Juliana Iris Blakely Y. says:

    Thank you for the comments.Had budget not been a colossal factor, we could purchased a tulip table, with a improper in the center. But, this table was gifted and we are grateful for it! Plus, painting is always done outside, so not about spills ;o)

  118. Reuben.Tyshawn.Maximillian says:

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  119. Ivy Brynn Perla says:

    The water heater in your apartment is a sneaky to hide emergency spare cash. Wrap current bills (easier to hide) inside foil. Then it underneath the insulated foam tubing which you can at any hardware store. Wrap the tubing aid around the hot and pipe lines.Viola, you a stash of chilly & hot cash for emergencies.

  120. Kaleb Kyler Harley X. says:

    Ditto on San Gabriel Nursery! longtime nursery with plants. Also California Cactus Center. Sweet place.

  121. Destiny Tiana says:

    I wont be entering the contest, Ive never consided it. Ive been coming to the for 3 years to explore the glorious sides on the apartments and various homes. I to peek how people live.I was disappointed at first, I concept they change their minds this year about the contest.Im so they change their minds and decided to develop a 2008 Apartment Contest!Im excited!!! I adore being the “Virtual Judge” each unit is as as the individuals who live in them.Im so they are having a 2008 Apartment contest!yahooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Kade says:

    My special room would be a multi functional work room for wood working and DIY projects, with a craft area, sewing area, etc. Someplace where I could all of my creative outlets in one spot.

  123. Alana-Jane-Rivka says:

    So and fresh. Très serene, I can almost here the echhoooo…

  124. Cameron Lincoln says:

    Man, my cats would be if I stuffed all of my throws into a basket (#3) or crate, as recommended above. I drape one over the abet of the chair, one over the back of the sofa, and one at the bottom of the bed. And I always buy washable throws (see above, re: cats).

  125. Sabrina Scarlet Lina says:

    @* nugget After that finale, the only episode I can quiet completely is “How Your Mother Met Me,” which focuses on Tracy. Man, Cristin Milioti is SO GOOD.

  126. EmmanuelDeandreRonnie says:

    I threw a party for a friend who was having a typical women-only type shower thrown by her mom later in the pregnancy. The “cooler” friends got together for food, games, and a bonafide “hang out” to celebrate their baby. We all chipped in and got a Visa gift card for their “babymoon” aka pre-baby vacation.

  127. Adalynn-Makayla says:

    Ooh, I care for rammed earth buildings! A larger in scale, but this church in Berlin is really nice, with an legend it.

  128. Ariadne says:

    What a gimmicky product! Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. If you live in California, there are regulations that are built into your faucet that force you to assign water, FYI.

  129. August Keshawn says:

    There is a Middle Eastern saying: If the guest stays for 3 days, that is a prize. If he stays more days, it becomes charity.Go with the air bed. Why a guest room up year long? And it lets your guests know that you affection them, in short term doses.

  130. Hamza S. says:

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  131. JohnNathen says:

    the before is kinda eerie for me… reminds me of slasher movies. but i to agree, the after was overdone.

  132. Victoria Kaitlyn Joelle says:

    from this blog: “It’s a fine made out of solid oak, with quality hardware, and not a dent or scratch to be seen. In fact, to be honest, it felt a dinky criminal to even painting such a beaut.” It was. The gold (brass) hardware is defined on blog as “beautiful,” then changed for low-income kitchen drawer pulls. It is not antique, but paint leaking into roll also will affect its usefulness.

  133. Gerardo Corbin K. says:

    What a refined, yet comfortable aesthetic! I admire the kitchen/dining residence – formal, yet perfect for every day. Living with elegance. Thank you for sharing.

  134. Isla Ariyah Aya says:

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  135. Beatrice 88 says:

    Lovely! I was drawn by the art works and became enamored of the whole apartment. kitchen transformation. One posthaste note: the before and after shots of the livingroom are at different angles, which were quite confusing at first.

  136. Ian Cortez Stephan says:

    A first-rate to affordable art is the The Lost Art Salon.The Poppy Art House fits well the description of “a where artists effect art work in a communal setting”, and they are going to a mute auction of art works this Friday (see link below).http://www.lostartsalon.com

  137. Cecilia Rosie N. says:

    everyone else, I assume the chandelier is great, but I esteem the pink chair and the zebra-print rug.Does anyone a recommendation for affordable (really, really affordable) re-upholstery in the LA area? Thanks!

  138. Alex_Collin_Jordon says:

    Not to be political, but we should be responsible citizens and ogle at the flip side:”Monday is known as Columbus Day, which is supposed to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the so-called “new world” in 1492. But the holiday has long caused amongst people of color, especially Native Americans, who object to honoring a man who opened the door to European colonization, the exploitation of native peoples and the * trade.” Source: democracynow.orgNot many employers actually give this day off anymore, except the government. An alternate name proposed has been Indigenous Peoples Day.

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