The Outstanding Designs Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

Reclaimed wood nightstand today come with outstanding designs and looks very cool with natural colors and display indeed. Nightstand reclaimed wood is wood taken from various sources of man-made pre-exists. It has many unique features and benefits compared with the new timber. Reclaimed wood has great potential due to the growing popularity of historic restoration and green building techniques. Take a look at the display nightstand? Does zoom attract you? If yes, you get answers to your problems! The answer is to use reclaimed wood.

awesome reclaimed barnwood nightstand with 2 drawers

awesome reclaimed barnwood nightstand with 2 drawers

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really outstanding designs reclaimed wood nightstand. Nightstand reclaimed wood is wood taken from the former equipment other timber. So in other words you have to help conserve nature and take part in eco living! You reusing old wood instead of using the new wood that fewer and fewer available in the environment. Excess use of reclaimed wood is because it comes from a variety of sources zoom so there will be the same between one and the other. The result nightstand so it can appear more rich and unique! Try it and see for yourself! Reclaimed wood nightstand has many useful features. Because of its age, this wood will not warp or swell as much as new wood. You can also find reclaimed wood from trees harvested old-growth has a certain grain and texture characteristics of hard to find in today’s wood comes from trees that are usually much younger and smaller.

contemporary reclaimed wood nightstand furniture designs

contemporary reclaimed wood nightstand furniture designs

fabulous reclaimed wood nightstand with 3 drawers

fabulous reclaimed wood nightstand with 3 drawers

Using reclaimed wood nightstand has both environmental and aesthetic advantages. Wood recycling reduces the need to cut down trees for new timber. Because the reclaimed wood is usually in the form of a board or boards, the energy saved by not having to lumber mills. Reusing old wood can provide a new building that looks, older classics. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really outstanding designs reclaimed wood nightstand.

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  1. Keagan Sheldon Vaughn says:

    Aww…I a 1 year Elise too! blissful Birthday one!

  2. Madison Joanna Kyra U. says:

    You can fabric printed at with any image you like, though it will be a bit pricier than IKEA. Their widest fabric is 54″, which is honest a smidge less than IKEA fabrics, but close.

  3. Brian Mariano says:

    I work for a carpet leaning Champaign business and am always looking for novel ideas to desirable floors. post

  4. Dustin.99 says:

    and calm–makes you want to assume a long deep breath and relax. It would be excellent to the “before” pictures. cherish the the different wood tones throughout.

  5. Jaiden.Hugo.Jadon says:

    It looks as is. But my first concept of color is a cobolt blue and as an accent wall where the china cabinet is. But then again the color you now is and airy and helps construct the room look bigger.

  6. Miriam.Tiana says:

    @daysleeper You can also shop at stored devour Homegoods, Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, etc and good curtains for less than the of sheets. You unprejudiced acquire to shop frequently and be prepared to when you come by something that works.

  7. Sage H. says:

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  9. Justus says:

    The colors are awesome! Not completely my but I can totally this. There is a lot of personality of the people who live there in a cohesive which is not always seen in homes.

  10. AbrahamMuhammad says:

    I this, it lets you in any headphone you want.

  11. JulioSkylarDamarion says:

    inexpensive ideas that peek great! Shelves are cheaper than buying the wood to them and the kitchen cart looks great….but what are you doing with your head in the oven?

  12. Jacqueline.Sariah.Zion says:

    This takes a lot of discipline. I admire your concentrate and commitment to the vintage style.

  13. Chaz L. says:

    Holly over at decor8 has quite a few links for generous shopping there..dwelling designsfinn styleindigoligne rosetpaper sourcepatinaroom + board outletwalsh design….check out her location for the links

  14. Annabella says:

    I never posted anything on these forums, but I felt compelled to so after reading this. This worked great! Thank you so for the advice!

  15. Rolando-Messiah says:

    I also effect my brushes in ziplock bags when I am in the middle of a project, and I been known to garbage bags as tray liners, covers, drop cloths etc. Simply lop the sides and you absorb quite a part of plastic to work with 🙂

  16. Javon says:

    You posted 3 pictures of your furniture. I recall you are really proud of them, and you should be because they are unique, but I fair do not assume they are appropriate photographs for us to be able to vote properly. From the sole portray showing how you laid out your furniture and mature your space, I did not anything interesting, and for that, I voted you down. Sorry.

  17. Emily_Esmeralda_Emmalynn says:

    @CanadianMango The grey is a warm grey and the walls are pink, so I can behold how some monitors or screens might reveal them as pink. The floor is accurate a cheap peel and stick tile.

  18. Faith says:

    My common deer item of the season:

  19. Aurelia-Zendaya says:

    @miranar “cat breath” is cracking me up so much

  20. Elianna_Esme says:

    where are all the cords and the outlets to provide the electricity needed? And how did she them? I an xbox and cable box and speakers, but no cords– except for a couple coming out of the TV.

  21. Tinley-1993 says:

    That pink bathroom in the first photo looks relish my bathroom, although, I must say, my bathroom is almost as nice, almost…

  22. Gracie.911 says:

    I agree that most landlords are not so fervent on allowing tenants to cables through the ceiling. A combination of strategically placed varied lighting solutions are probably the best bet in a rented space.

  23. Elliana says:

    I went on a photo shooting spree while in Japan. I took a picture of a temple gate in Shinguu, Wakayama while living in the prefecture.

  24. Ophelia Aliya N. says:

    everyone! proposal! I also one for you: gracious day xx

  25. Stephan Zack says:

    Oops! Meant to post the link to the mail bracket, not all the HTMLhouse-shaped mail bracket

  26. Brennen says:

    I came from LA and loved show (small construct store with items the Esque sleeping bird lamp and kilnenamel plaques) on Vermont in Silverlake and Sweet Lady Jane (bakery) in West Hollywood. And LA has truly authentic and fresh Korean food – I liked Chosun Galbi.

  27. Joanna says:

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  28. Ashton says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I both the cork and the starched fabric ideas. These cabinets are too high for me to observe the bottoms, but pattern across the might be nice.

  29. Brett Demarion Geoffrey R. says:

    This scene from “Mr. Blandings Builds His dream House” (1948) starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy is a discussion about interior paint colors, and the punchline is priceless! Enjoy, :>D

  30. Jordan-Wynter-Dalary says:

    I simple vector art so the Up and Fight Club images are my personal favorite. poster drives me insane…which makes sense, so I indulge in it in a ‘I can’t glimpse at it too long’ way. The only one I don’t care for is the Iron Man, it’s unprejudiced a severely over done parody poster.

  31. Maxwell says:

    PLEASE donate them. There is so many kids who contain nothing that your simple duplicate gifts could earn a kids day.

  32. Maia Ellis Nathalia says:

    We inherited a bathroom suite of a similar colour (believe it or not. We painted the wall a raspberry crimson and it worked well, if you want colour.

  33. Josie@99 says:

    For the same $5-6000 you pay in rent in your luxury rental you can live in a different position in the city–and your buys can their rooms. It seems awfully selfish and unfair unbiased so you can live in an over-priced luxury rental one union square so you canny to work. And hey, estimable gallop for your textile business.

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  36. Miracle-33 says:

    “…the artistic of out-of-focus backlight to surround your subject.” —>You may want to check your definition of Bokeh.From Wikipedia: “Bokeh is the blur, or the quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. Sometimes bokeh is misleadingly defined as “the arrangement the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.””

  37. JordynAlaniJayden says:

    @roslynholcomb acquire you considered cork tile? It has the warmth of wood but in the event of a leak or harm you could replace individual tiles.

  38. Julio.Rory.Maximo says:

    “I know there are a lot of IKEA fans in here but I would seriously inquire of the long-term durability of an IKEA cabinet.”why? because you fill first-hand experience with ikea kitchen cabinets and the blum hardware that accompanies them?

  39. AaronDevonBruce says:

    Wow!! Those after pictures amazing! Inexpensive upgrades for sure!Matt PecsonFine Art . Contemporary Paintings . Pop Art

  40. Sterling says:

    I worked with a woman (my boss) who clipped her fingernails almost every day at her desk and else! She also flossed her teeth after lunch. Another guy that I worked with walked in on his boss clipping his toenails while his feet were propped up on the desk. And then there are the people who drive while eating, combing their hair and applying make-up. Personally, I would rather they took public transportation!

  41. Alanna_Azaria says:

    Sweet! Kitchens, even designs tend to be datable as the years travel by. If you depart with a temporary backsplash and wait a few years you can eventually something tile with a nod to the next fashion transition and your kitchen from being tied to one of styles.

  42. Santiago_Maximus says:

    accept a cabinet from Ikea, lop off the bottom and the feet, and plod it over the refrigerator.

  43. Kaleb_Keshawn says:

    Slicing bread for a pumpkin bread pudding with caramel toffee sauce.

  44. Harleigh says:

    Our apartment overlooks our campus (

  45. Madelyn-Amanda-Jazlynn says:

    AT, so you managed to achieve text before pictures in this post. Bravo! Please apply the same for the rest of the posts.As for this post, thanks for the tutorial, will be using it for my christmas decor.

  46. Hayley says:

    I contemplate I the raw * in your previous post better, but, alas, I taught my cats to scratch a post of wood covered with *, and that post now looks delight in a evil hair day…

  47. Scarlette_Louise_Ayana says:

    @emr153 The beauty of glass door cabinets far outweighs the minimal upkeep. But then I tend to believe a designated for every cup, bowl, and plate. 🙂

  48. MateoAgustin says:

    The Bedroom is my celebrated of the home! The little details and creative placement of art and accessories prove you are a just professional. Great, fun tour! you sell pillows? Thanks.

  49. Kailyn-ZZZ says:

    You ask “Has anyone attempted it?” in regards to making faux rocks out of wool. The process is called felting–search on these three words and gain all kinds of instructions: felted wool rocks

  50. Harlee.Tegan says:

    haha yes, kitty litter and the hair (and hairballs) of 4 cats – 3 white ones included!Quick sweep each morning with a soft brush and treat with a damp cloth. beefy weekly vacuum, dust swiffer then disinfect with a mop.Sticky rollers from Ikea are a godsend – a posthaste roll over the furniture (and me) before leaving the flat every morning.

  51. Terrance Bradyn Z. says:

    I can crawl past the appearance of any vacuum if can truly * up pet hair off a rug. With a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd, I struggle to withhold up with them.Does the a friendly job without the attachment?

  52. Bailey.Nathen says:

    I savor this much. I am a turquoise fan ample to the color paired with a glorious landscape and I appreciate the gravel dirt surface around.

  53. Mavis C. says:

    Everyone… thanks for the colossal ideas so far!The posters bear been bought via collectors and a few galleries. Sadly, they are getting harder and harder to find!Agree on the archival concerns–I would limit the explain to those posters in the best condition.Thanks again!Jacqui

  54. Irving P. says:

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  56. AngelicaLibertySutton says:

    dazzling explore and her begin shelves inspired me to dapper mine this afternoon.

  57. Isabella-Dalary says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! One of my entries. I affection the color and your perfect sense of balance. I cherish house plants but am always annoyed when people absorb them all over the dwelling with mismatched pots – too cluttery. I admire the uniform arrangement you lined them up in the crimson pots. I also really adore the sleeping region you designed. Really beautiful. I would affection to live there. advantageous work.

  58. Cayden Cael Daryl B. says:

    Wow, I really this. What an and thorough job you did combining it all! enact you that the scale of the frame on the art is a bit small? Would an oversized white matted frame beget it pop more and it more wall space? Or would that away too from your comely pink wall?

  59. Aliana-Jazlynn says:

    I to say, the comments on this post were better than the article.

  60. Dillon.Kolby.Dylon says:

    I liked all the “befores” best but I the vintage look. If you want to up your kitchen or any other room on a budget, try shopping at thrift stores, stores and clearance sales. I got some vintage vinyl green & white ivy wallpaper for a tremendous total of fifty cents at a local thrift store and found some matching green paint to fade with it for a really crude clearance at a hardware store. I already had the wallpaper paste left over from another project so my kitchen re-do was done on the cheap. Yes, my whole kitchen looks vintage, but guess what, so I! We now match.

  61. BethanyRenataIngrid says:

    @Photogirlla ,,Hahaaa.. I would the same thing.. I really need to out the spice cabinet..So that is what I will be doing.. in a detached kinda way… LOL

  62. MalachiTuckerQuinn says:

    Your desire for warmth made me about apricot or yellow or cocoa, but anything in the orange/yellow/brown family is going to up fighting with your bricks, your sofa, or both.I vote for the light teal from the first comment. The greenness of it will prevent it from being excessively cool. You already delight in the color enough to contain it in your curtains and knickknacks on the antonym wall; matching the color on the wall the sofa will pull the room together and it more cozy, therefore warm. acquire something of the same value intensity as the sofa fabric.

  63. Aedan 999 says:

    The head for anyone eager with the Navy or Guard. I work in an office building far from the sea but there are a number of us who say “gotta hit the head.”

  64. Abel Aydan says:

    Ugh. I agree that this is the stuff of McMansions, but we are overlooking one other niche market: stuffy, pretentious college administration buildings! I can imagine all of this furniture at my alma mater.

  65. Travis Rigoberto says:

    @gui95 Yes – when I first got married in Brighton UK, our Victorian row house had encaustic floors in the entry. I loved them.

  66. Joselyn88 says:

    I exhaust a one of those over the door shoe organizers on the inside of my linen closet (the only storage in my bathroom) and it works great. Its perfect for sorting all the random stuff that you beget in the bathroom.I acquire also had experience with getting anything to stick to magnetic paint, even with 5 coats of paint.

  67. Analia says:

    on sale: faux fur water bottle cover

  68. Chloe Raelyn Aliza says:

    Thanks so much, AKB. You can gaze more photos here:

  69. Cohen-Zack says:

    this can totally be built for probably a third of the price. the box i was looking at having built was about 58″ and 24″ wide and 24″ deep and that was only going to cost me $600 and would absorb been more durable and acquire better hardware than this thing.

  70. Ainsley Francesca says:

    This article from Dwell has a cheaper alternative:…installing half-inch-thick mild fiber-cement panels instead of poured concrete. The contractors at Les Constructions JJL attached the Finex panels to the subfloor with stainless steel screws, finished them with a sealer by Sika, and piped a line of water-resistant exterior caulking between each one to allow for subtle expansion and contraction due to humidity.gofinex.comusa.sika.comRead more:

  71. LeilaniLeiaLizbeth says:

    I bear found that infamous apartment floors often impartial need to be cleaned really well to passable. Mop and scrub, and be distinct to also scrub baseboards as they contribute to scuzziness. Using a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water will also acquire a lot of dirt and redistribute wax evenly.

  72. Aniyah.Danna says:

    @caroline.sturges I live in England in a Victorian location and I mixer taps. Most people I know here opt for mixer taps when they renovate because, be pleased you said, they are much more practical. And most homes built in the last 10 years or so effect absorb mixer taps (at least the ones I viewed did when I was house-hunting in London a couple of years ago).

  73. Hadlee.66 says:

    You can also find these at The Container Store, which recently opened in York on Sixth Avenue between 18th and 19th. Their (item #10012607) is $9.99, but it would be cheaper than paying for shipping for ordering via a website.I cherish The Container Store – it was founded here in Dallas, my hometown. And if anyone reading this has Elfa shelving/storage and is thinking of expanding your collection, construct it now. All Elfa is on sale for 30% off throught Sunday, 2/6 at TCS.

  74. Aubree Madyson says:

    FF–As Maxwell has proven, three people can fit in diminutive space.What say you, Dave?

  75. Paris.Aubri says:

    Be careful with the halogen floor lamp your bed.They are a fire hazard because the bulb gets unusually hot quickly.There are other inexpensive choices out there that glimpse good.

  76. Pablo Darren Zaire S. says:

    Jatuchak weekend market in bangkok isnt technically a flea market, but it is the best market i ever been to. anything you want from cradle to to fabricate or outfit a house, etc can be found. it puts istanbuls bazaar, dallas galleria and the entirety of tysons corner, va to shame

  77. Adolfo.Luciano says:

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  78. Brynn River Rivka says:

    All of the above, and a list of the key functions that you need for your to performi.e. how many beds, you need office space, room for a dog crate, or whatever your needs are.You can be creative about answering the needs, but having a lists helps you to on which of your needs are addressed, and which might require compromise.

  79. Easton_Silas_Semaj says:

    Definitely agreed on layered curtains — we beget a first-floor apartment, and the first thing we did was do up lightweight curtains over every window (they let in lots of light, but completely protect our privacy). Then we layered on drapes in most rooms. And a wall of curtains can totally transform a space, especially when you small/oddly-placed windows — for instance, my living room before and after we added drapes:

  80. Ariah Ophelia says:

    These dolls arrive with a choice of facial expressions, some of which are better than others. The ones are really agreeable though – personality without the drag factor : ) (Seeing them in person makes a difference, too.)

  81. Scarlette Itzayana says:

    Plant a climbing vine, virginia creeper (full sun to chubby shade) or sliver lace vine (likes morning sun and afternoon shade) at the of the fences. Virginia creeper will also climb up the brick wall. the man hole with a table with a seeming solid enough to cloak the eyesore. Ask the land lord if he/she could refresh the pea gravel. location potted green plants that shade in various sizes of urns in groupings around the perimeter.

  82. Colette says:

    I was surprised to inspect this entry made it from the first round. In the entry the first photo was and well – the second…eh. Going advantage I noticed that Geninne had posted many links to other photos of her house. To me that isnt fudging the rules a little.. thats breaking them.Its a shame since this is a really house.

  83. Cale Daryl G. says:

    Maybe a medical kit for the most items? We beget gigantic boxes in the closet with every type of medicine thing we ever used, but it can be annoying to meander through it. Putting some of the most aged items in a comely hand and placing it somewhere convienent might be a solution.

  84. Aliya Estella J. says:

    I custom beget furniture….quality appreciate no other.I can build any chair, sofa, pull-out bed.,dinning chair,chaise ,padded walls ,head-boards… give me dimentions what your looking for, a fabric.stain of wood.its all made..very fair prices.please e-mail with any questions.

  85. Nevaeh Karter says:

    You can really nice tv mounts on amazon for considerable less than a couple hundred bucks!I got one for my 32 for ~$30 (fully rotating arm) and for my 46 go for ~$50 (tilt/low profile). Free shipping on both.

  86. Osvaldo-Maximiliano says:

    I must say Atelier BB is amazing! I got a of bowls for my mother and a situation of her Tapas plates for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She does work! The craftsmanship, the colors, GORGEOUS! I want a complete plot of my own. If I could unbiased now the lottery…

  87. AlexanderVaughnSidney says:

    AMy, I was objective at Hampton Chutney and they acquire marvelous copper table tops. Because of you, I started to at them closely and SKGR yelled at me for pulling the copper off the table and turning it over (it actually came off!). I contemplate you could conclude it or it done beautiful easily and suggest checking their tables out. They might even know who did it for them and could construct it for you….

  88. Evangeline_Lizbeth says:

    I bear 2 grandbabies born 4 months apart so I could exhaust this slick chair! Thanks for having it!

  89. Hadley says:

    Windswept, I hope you are seeing how many people contain loved your considerate and comment!

  90. Norah-Angelique-Meadow says:

    @Rachael – Nexus 88 Can you post a link to your source?

  91. Bronson Campbell M. says:

    @ebhome I was referring to RVs of comparable size to these sub 300 sq ft dinky homes. Class A and Class C RVs can come by up to 450 sq ft, which is the size of some NY apartments!

  92. Roland_Ronaldo says:

    This is by FAR my accepted apartment/space on AT. job! A total inspiration for how I want to decorate my modern place.

  93. GeorgeGunnarTravon says:

    Vintage Birthday: thank you on the downsize efforts! Sacrifice is hard at first but always gets easier and saves a ton of cash! indispensable when gearing up for such a gargantuan adventure. The drafting desk is from World Market and doubles as a big dining table for four when guests pop in to eat!

  94. Josie_Amanda_Alia says:

    @christab What about removable wallpaper?

  95. Cristopher says:

    The curtains beget such a difference. Window covering are to an extent depending on the floor you live on.. Unfortunately i acquire radiators under my windows which meant that i had to those half curtains. I framed them with floor to ceiling curtains however which makes them gape less bad.

  96. Marilyn-Harleigh says:

    (an attempt at a clarification)katie:far northside in city, not suburbs.cara:we were daunted by the dozens and dozens of neighborhoods, and our only holds 10 choices, so we divided it up generally with the hopes that you all would in the specifics. which you did!

  97. Skyler says:

    Completely off topic, but I am loving the stripey socks! Where did you rep them?

  98. Zuri Bria Kynlee says:

    And – if you at more Danish/Scandinavian interiors you will distinguished more of this – with warmth, natural materials etc.

  99. Amanda Sariah says:

    @madrabbit I completely agree. I loved High coarse Project and Ask Genevieve (I contemplate that was the name of it). What happened to interior that was always fresh and unique? With that “Fixer Upper” everyone in Texas now has the same begin floor conception farm house discover that the hosts contain in their home. Every single house comes out exactly the same. And those twins with 15 shows on HGTV… enough already. Yes they are nice, yes they are and handsome. But just.. enough already!

  100. LouisKelton says:

    There is something about the legs on the Andre that seems a diminutive off- they appear to be a bit and probably should contain been placed closer to the ends of the sofa.My vote is for Eugene, which looks more comfortable and less “Petrie”-like. And its proportions are spot-on.

  101. Leonardo Tobias B. says:

    Did this to be I peruse some similarities.

  102. Kaden-Harrison says:

    adorable! reminds me of my childhood- we had a similar purple martin house in our backyard. :)

  103. Alia says:

    I bear to know… Is George Michael the cat named after the singer or the Bluth family member? Beautiful, eclectic home!

  104. Jamari.Rogelio.Adolfo says:

    I individual poofs on my floor, too. I they are called dust bunnies.

  105. Jasmine says:

    THIS apt IN: Too Sitting Shortens Lives

  106. Gavin-Alan-Cash says:

    There is no design that or any book case shelf is supposed to that weight! This is a shelf meant for clothing and he a TV on it. And, it is IKEA and uses pegs for relieve in pine or fiberboard sides! He needs to review the weight limit for those shelves before his expensive TV crashes to the ground.And this post is completely pointless. It basically says, “if you a bookcase/wardrobe in which your TV will fit, it on a shelf” Well, no kidding!

  107. Xavier Ty Jayson D. says:

    wc_canuck: its youThat dresser is amazing after the redo. As I matter of fact I did one in this precise fashion about a month or so ago. I guess I will post mine as well and ogle what comes of it.

  108. Larry ZZZ says:

    Remember the snarky send ups of Martha Stewart “Better than you at, well, everything!”? I loved them.I the AT grounded in reality views/postings. The community (snarky comments and all) is the best!

  109. Nadia-Aliana says:

    simply lovely. I posts indulge in this! It lets the non-pro-designers of us look how we change our space!

  110. Eden_Parker_Edith says:

    Del Marcos – Worst ever. The first time we stayed there it rained… in our room. The second time, a couple of crackheads next door were bouncing off the walls all night long.Is the Orbit Inn quiet open? I know their other property, the Hideaway closed.My current fave is the Desert Star Bungalows.

  111. Emerson Fernanda Adilynn G. says:

    I forgot to add: Calling someone a trendy hipster for owning an Apple computer is *so* 2010. 🙂

  112. Karson-Dexter says:

    This position is amazing, it has elements that would accomplish you consider it was a formal and it is cozy and warm enough that you can in and fell comfy. I the mixing, the layers, the choice of art and the toile and the stripes…Love appreciate

  113. Lyla@696 says:

    I want a with the firepole, a spiral serving all levels, and a slideable, curving staircase bannister. A clothes chute to the laundry and a dumbwaiter to bring it benefit up would be nice. A human car wash shower with steambath and jacuzzi tub in the bathroom would for bathing. A hammock or suspended chaise on a porch would be fine for relaxing.

  114. Johan_Lamar says:

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  115. John.Jamal says:

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  116. Antony says:

    The ONLY reason I decided to visit this area this morning was to peek if you had come to your senses over night and taken down this ridiculous post. I guess not.

  117. Ashlynn-Kyra says:

    Your robin nest room is truly calming to at. You all beget a outstanding variation of furniture and are VERY, extremely lucky to contain all the region to assign them in. I can observe the mood and personality of the people living here. So peaceful. Im drooling over your medicine cabinet! Gosh!!!!!!That Red-cross/Swiss Cow figure is utterly captivating! Is that from Cow Parade?AT: I one major complaint to this House Tour–There are too many out of concentrate photographs.

  118. EstevanMalakiStefan says:

    Here we again Apartment Therapy. The bottom one is a monstera deliciosa, also known as a split leaf philodendron/swiss cheese plant/mexican breadfruit plant.

  119. Landen-Leonard-Maximiliano says:

    My daughter will be exciting into an apartment in August and this would be fantastic!!!!

  120. Tyree 777 says:

    Correction, wax has a smoking point of 390F. If your lights got this hot your whole tree would be on fire, regardless of whether you decorated with waxed snowflakes.

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  123. TessaNatalyChandler says:

    ooo fromthesource looks nice. also try this place

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