Very Attractive And Beautiful Chic Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho bedroom decor today come with outstanding shabby chic designing ideas. Classic with special pattern and ways to decor will make your bedroom looks attractive. Want to bring a different atmosphere for your bedroom? Perhaps the style of Boho Chic or bohemian style you can try on your bedroom. Boho chic bedroom design was designed by Studio Revolution to the bedroom couple in San Francisco, USA. Regular bedroom measuring 37 square meters is transformed into a bedroom which has a stunning design with all the accents and colors typical of boho chic.

fabulous refined boho chic bedroom designs

fabulous refined boho chic bedroom designs

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really attractive and beautiful chic boho bedroom decor ideas. The main characteristic that of the boho chic style is natural and ethnicity. Design of the bedroom accentuate the wood element mounted on the floor, walls and ceiling. Arrangement of wooden walls in the rooms are made with zigzagging Herringbone pattern contrasts with floor arranged vertically. To add natural impression of the room, adding horned animal head sculpture carving. On the other wall, given the wallpaper wild animals so that the impression becomes more apparent. Vintage theme black lights embedded in the walls of the room in order to get adequate lighting at night. One of the things that define the beauty of the bedroom is the theme of the room. One of the themes that we should try is the bohemian style. Although the Bohemian kingdom has long been extinct, the tastes of the world community in this style still has not faded.

Beautiful boho bedroom designs with white cushions

Beautiful boho bedroom designs with white cushions

beautiful chic boho bedroom with gorgeous designs

beautiful chic boho bedroom with gorgeous designs

Especially if you combine it with a minimalist style that is simple, but still cross-eyed. This is it, tip bedroom decor minimalist style Bohemian. Simple steps to perform  boho chic is to reveal your fashion accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves are usually stored in a box, put it on a hanger. That’s all we can discuss and share about how really attractive and beautiful chic boho bedroom decor ideas.

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    @BonnieProjects It is but I agree with the brightness of the exposure.

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  6. Hugh says:

    That hippo roman shade is wonderful! And I absolutely affection the mobile over the toddler bed. Where can I rep one?

  7. Emmeline2017 says:

    want to chime in to say- your house and would cherish to snap you up as a friend based on your charming residence alone. It is and I really adore your style, restraint and taste. Thrifters rule!Wise folks out in AT land: Please forward Murphy bed installer/sourcing recommendations to me as a friend in Boston is scratching her head about how to install one and who to call. Also, has anyone been able to source a current tub exactly or similar to the one in this apartment? We wish to bring our 1925 bungalow bathroom up to something of this caliber. Thanks all!

  8. Kylee says:

    Wow, painting that cement block wall a color was SUCH a idea– it completely offsets the plants! I also agree that $15K is nowhere advance a budget. I would call that a down payment on a house….

  9. Annie says:

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  11. Marshall_Jean_Colt says:

    My young son wanted his room painted blue-ALL blue. In fact, he wanted 3 different blues and blue bedding, a blue rug, etc. I esteem color and even I it was a bit too much-we even did the ceiling in a teal. After I saw this from Martha, I painted the edge of his door(natural cypress) orange. He loves it and it really helps the visual balance of the room. He really likes to surprise people with it when he shows off his room, too.

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  16. Jon says:

    I am a fan of white and this room reinforced that mentality in me. The organic touches of green leaves, and raw branches creates a extremely relax feeling. The outside world is chaotic enough but this is a sanctuary. BTW, my room is all-white, complete with white macbook :))

  17. AriellaAdelinaMadalyn says:

    Kiss * apartment– This shows creativity and sense of design. Is to someone not to choose some risks and really a their own. Cudos to you both. It is not always easy for friends to combine styles.

  18. Bella Kathleen Y. says:

    @hancThirding this. The loss of the upper cabinets has resulted in this odd, half-finished feel. Having everything on the one wall or running parallel to it actually makes the after smaller.

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  20. Rowan_Sloane_Tegan says:

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  21. VicenteCashJacoby says:

    either paint the mantel grey or replace the tiles on the floor but the tiles you now, as beautiful distinguished everyone else said, are the they are.

  22. Paisley.Everly.Elyse says:

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  23. GiovanniSageNathanial says:

    I agree with you about the glass dining table– I always advocate for glass in microscopic spaces, because glass takes up less visual space.

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  27. Paisley_Elaine_Jayden says:

    @amisdottir The door and window were removed to inaugurate up the “solarium”, which is fully enclosed to the outdoors with windows and wall and is also warm 🙂

  28. Carla says:

    This is engrossing – even if it only provides a intention of describing/thinking about color in a space.

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    I the bedding but I would not introduce another colour. I would mosey for solid colour curtains in the beige or off-white colour that is already in the bedding. The chevron-y pattern is quite considerable so I you need something composed to counterbalance it.Congrats on the – well done.

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    NOPA is one of my celebrated restaurant spaces in SF. I the materials they mature throughout, and the murals are awesome.

  41. Tanner Nelson says:

    Yay! I admire these, too. I two that I purchased on eBay.

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  44. Vanessa says:

    I be pleased the cabinet front treatment but I assume it would contain looked better if they had left the place above the cabinets white – that design there would be honest the patterned band.

  45. Elyse.1978 says:

    Simple, complex, beautiful, perfect – you really everything here. The speaks for itself. Thanks for the tour.

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    fresh England lake house. W/ a dock, a canoe and a sunfish. Heaven.

  51. JorgeLeo says:

    Sprouted Designs! botanical prints on textiles (and glowing onesies!).

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  53. Ronald Jan Dandre says:

    They discover and fit to several styles and places!

  54. JaydonDangeloAydin says:

    I agree on the dining room separation – my 30-year customary hipster-ish sister bought her first house and to my surprise, a formal dining room was on her must-have list. Whereas I delight in the commence kitchen with expansive farmhouse table thing. But having two informal spaces that are so similar seems odd. I would turned one of them into a seating dwelling or a mudroom or extra bathroom or something, depending on what the needs were.

  55. Sloane-Coraline says:

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  56. Dylan.Owen.Micah says:

    @Malinainparis I had the same when she threw those bananas away! I was thinking, “Noooooo….those are perfect for banana bread!”

  57. Brennen says:

    Ohhh – I the concept of a hidden door. create these work well for everyday use? In my apartment, the door to my bedroom is in the middle of the living room (no hall) and it really bothers me. I was wondering if this might be a solution.

  58. Emely.66 says:

    It looks good. But I might done a stone pathway rather than brick, and laid more sod. Personally I brick only belongs on driveways, not in a “backyard oasis”.

  59. Marcos says:

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  61. Angel.Kynlee.Nalani says:

    I really delight in it simple and clutter free, we lived in Germany (renting) and our apartment was the same no painting over the white. It really made you sit down and consider about what to space where instead of relying on painted walls.

  62. Ezra Humberto Domenic says:

    I cherish this apartment. May I ask how the floating shelves in the kitchen are supported? We similar ones on my house, and they are supported by steel rods embedded in the shelves that pass through the studs in the wall. But I would to attach some in my condo, and that apt. has steel studs which would the draw I previously difficult or impossible.

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  64. Winter A. says:

    I almost all of them and the research distress that went into this compilation.

  65. Lorenzo-Quincy-London says:

    Parnassus, I had the same belief about the asbestos. I did popcorn ceiling removal in one of my homes and boy was it a pain!

  66. Jayden Phoenix says:

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