Sleep Everywhere With Amazing Wearable Futon Mattress

Futon mattress come with an innovative idea today, you are able to sleep everywhere when you need to sleep easily. Put and get a futon mattress that wearable in your journey. King Jim, a company based in Tokyo has been producing wearable futon. This package can be converted between a jacket and a mattress. When he wanted to sleep, a layer of this product will provide a comfortable bed. Air mattress can also provide an extra layer when it was on the floor. Air Mattress Futon package Wearable this weird can be mounted on the neck and the back.

Organic futon mattress with 2 white pillows

Organic futon mattress with 2 white pillows

So, in this great occasion we are going to discuss and share about how really amazing wearable futon mattress that can make you sleep everywhere. You can fold up to fit different heights. Futon is only available in one size fit all, because the arm can be rolled to different sizes. This futon can also be a jacket, depending on the season. This package includes air mattress to provide a full blanket and futon device so you do not have to sleep on the ground. Futon prime coat can be rolled into the bag like a sleeping bag, air mattress can be folded into A4-sized bag. Arms and legs can also be folded so that you do not slip because oneself when taking a walk with fashion suits. This product is made from nylon, polyethylene and polyester. The amount of weight jacket around 700 grams, so it is quite easy to use and carry. This product is 1.6 meters long and 0.6 meters wide. While air mattress length of 2.88 meters and width of 0.7 meters.

Queen futon mattress red color

Queen futon mattress red color

awesome futon black mattress with white cushions

awesome futon black mattress with white cushions

These products certainly comfortable enough for most people, but if someone wants to share a mattress, they may need the air mattress Futon Wearable own. This mattress is able to withstand loads up to 200 kg without being damaged. This mattress is able to withstand loads. That’s all about how really amazing wearable futon mattress that can make you sleep everywhere.

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